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February, 2014


Happy February! Historically, February contains many firsts not just for Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated but also for African Americans. 

In February of 1909, Alpha Kappa Alpha’s first ritualistic initiation occurred at Miner Hall, Howard University. Six new members were initiated.

In February of 1914, Beulah Burke chartered Gamma chapter at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, IL. This was the first chapter established on a predominately white campus. 

February 1926 marks the first Negro History Week, established by historian Carter G. Woodson. He chose February because this was the month of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday and the accepted month of the birthday of Frederick Douglass.

In February of 1988, Debi Thomas was the first African American to win a medal in Winter Olympics, winning the Bronze medal in women’s figure skating. In February of 2002, Vonetta Flowers was the first African American woman to win the Gold in Winter Olympics.

Lambda Tau Omega joins this illustrious list of firsts for the month of February. On February 26, 1978, the aspirations of the 18 members of the Far South Suburban Associates of Alpha Kappa Alpha became a reality. Sorors Ethel T. Brown, Audrey Carter, Jeanette W. Rogers, and Jacqualine F. Scott are still active with us today. We thank our charter members for their vision and for all of their hard work. Lambda Tau Omega is now over a 100 strong due to your efforts.

2/22 – CRC Registration closes 2/24 – New Member Orientation 2/25 – Initiative V Meeting 2/26 – Standards Meeting 2/26 – Conference Committee Meeting 2/27 – Protocol Meeting

Sisterly, Jan Reed

Soror Sonya L. Bowen is a Certified candidate for the office of Central Regional Director. Congratulations Soror Sonya!

LTO Celebrates our 2014 Golden Soror Barbara McCreary, M.D. & 2014 Silver Sorors Melody Ferguson Sarah Lewis Weaver Pamela Martin

Congratulations to our Health Committee, a presenter at the 80th Central Regional Conference

Correction Sonya L. Bowen also attended JFD on 1/18/14.

Greeting Sorors, As our chapter enrollment increases we would like to continue to support each other through good times as well as through life’s challenges. Please do not hesitate to reach out if: You are receiving a promotion at work You are earning a Higher Education Degree You recently became engaged or married You are expecting You adopted a child You are a proud aunt or grandparent You are under the weather or having surgery You have experienced a loss in your family You would like prayer, or words of encouragement Then LTO wants to support you! Please feel free to send your correspondence to Soror Rashea at Sisterly, Soror Rashea Lambda Tau Omega Hodegos

CRC Delegates

CRC Alternates

Jan Reed

Cynthia Robinson

Barbara McCreary

Ellen Douglass

Leah Hill

Gail James

Sarah Lewis Weaver

Donna Fowler Canty

Toya T. Harvey

Saundra Jones

Sonya Bowen

Deshirnette Walker

Laura Young

Veneeta Phelps

Marva Campbell Pruitt Jeanette W. Rogers

Sharon Cruse Armstead Ursula Carter

Tamiouchos Tips The 2014 financial team is working hard to meet your needs. You can greatly assist the team by adhering to these three P’s: Plan, Prepare and Present.  Plan  Assess your need in advance to prevent last minute pressure.  Prepare  Complete your voucher in advance (this includes obtaining the necessary signatures). o LTO Operating vouchers are to be printed on green paper. o LTO Program Initiative vouchers are to be printed on bright green paper. o TPF vouchers are to be printed on pink paper.  Present  Submit your vouchers at the beginning of the meeting. This allows the team time to review your request and provide a check to you in a timely manner.  The Lambda Tau Omega Operating, Lambda Tau Omega Program Initiatives and Twenty Pearls Foundation budgets are on the website. Please visit the financial section of the website to review. $oror $arah Lewis-Weaver 2014 Tamiouchos

Congratulations Rituals, History, and Membership committees. You made our Rededication ceremony memorable.

Fabulous job Protocol Committee! Thanks for helping us to identify our sorority crest.

The Strands of Pearls used the Flossmoor library to research the successes of females in a program called HERstory. Material learned was presented to the group.

Our EYL attended the 6th District Mock Trial Competition at Prairie State College and served as hostesses for the event. They also witnessed the trial.

The Emerging Pearl kicked off 2014 with a “Meet and Greet Pizza Party.�

     

Chapter photos will be taken at the March chapter meeting. Please arrive by 1:15 wearing black with pearls. Our “Create an Event” link is being revamped. Send all date requests to me. Program requests can be sent to Soror Barbara. When requesting a meeting or activity date, check the calendar for conflicts. In most cases, two events won’t be scheduled for the same day. CRC registration begins on Wednesday evening, 3/26. This allows those living in the Chicago area to register early. Please complete online committee sign-ups and profile pages by chapter meeting so that we can finalize these lists. Contact Soror Evita if you are having difficulty. Stroll practice times and dates will soon be announced.

LTO Sorors attending Gamma Chapter’s Centennial Celebration

LTO February 2014 Newsletter  

February 2014 Newsletter for Lambda Tau Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated

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