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September 2016

Volume I Issue 7

Greetings Sorors, As we continue our journey together toward the end of 2016, let us remember and continue to pray for our Sorors who had loved ones whose life journey has ended. To each of you I say: “It’s faith that lifts us up, love that brings us comfort, and strength that allows us to move on. May you be touched by the healing power of prayer, feel the warmth of those who love you, and realize you have the courage to carry on. My thoughts and prayers are with you.” We have been quite busy since the June Luncheon. Com-

was palpable. Thanks to Sorors who served as delegates and to all other LTO Sorors who attended and represented LTO well. We are blessed to have three LTO Sorors who are members on International Committees - Sorors Sonya Bow-

en, Lynda Tarver and Toya Harvey - all of whom were presenters at Boule. As we prepare to enter our election season, I encourage all Sorors, especially those who are interested in seeking office, to review LTO documents (Chapter By-Laws and Standing Rules). We want to be informed candidates and voters. Thanks so much Sorors for all that you do. We are some hard working volunteers!!

mittees continued to meet as plans were being made for

Sisterly, Soror Barbara, and the Ms Prominent Pearl Cotillion, which will be officially Basileus kicked off by the “Hats, Heels and Ties Informational Tea” on September 25, 2016. Please review the event calendar on “Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a battle LTO’s chapter picnic, AKAKlassic, The Gospel and Jazz Brunch

our website for details regarding dates, times and places.

you know nothing about”

Speaking of dates, time and places, this is the information needed on all events prior to posting on the Event Calendar.

In This Issue:


My sincere thanks to all LTO Executive Committee Members

Spiritual Oversight


who attended “A Conversation with Your Basileus” on July

Quiet Giant


A Conversation with Your Basileus


67th Boule


Chapter Picnic


Soror Muriel’s Graduation Reception


LTO Movie Night


Soror Donica’s Wedding


Upcoming Events


Your cooperation is appreciated.

25, 2016. A special shout out to those Sorors who made presentations. This unofficial Executive Session was the first of its type to be held by LTO. I look forward to at least one official LTO Executive Session (officers only) yearly. th

The 67 Boule held in Atlanta, GA was an awesome experience. Over 22,000 Sorors gathered from around the world to conduct the business of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. A wealth of information was imparted during workshops, plenary sessions, forums, etc. The excitement


Spiritual Oversight Committee

"If you want to discover who you truly are, lose yourself in the service to others." Anonymous Continued from the June 2016 Newsletter…….. 6. Those with the gift of service have a strong desire to be with other people. These are the least likely people to be loners. Though they never neglect to spend time alone with God, they truly enjoy being with others. They cannot serve people unless they spend time with them, so they are always looking for opportunities to meet people and become involved in their lives. 7. Those with the gift of service need approval and recognition. Affirmation and recognition do not inflate the ego of the servant; these signs of approval confirm that the service has been effective. When we thank someone who has served us in Christ, we have given them evidence that they provided significant help. These believers need to be reminded that the smaller tasks can be important, too, because they enable others to perform the “higher profile” ones.

people turns to isolation and loneliness. Generosity becomes stinginess, and the joyful nature becomes self-pity. The servant’s availability gives way to a self-centered aloofness, and endurance is replaced by a tendency to give up. We live in a world that glorifies celebrity, fame, and highly visible achievement. People work toward goals to bring credit to themselves or gain power for themselves. Meanwhile, God’s servants quietly but effectively build the kingdom of God and bring glory to His name through their consistent, dependable, and loving work. They know that nothing worthwhile can be accomplished in their own power, but through the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit, there are no limits to what might be done. My friend, you may recognize the gift of service in your life, and you may already be reaping the joys that come with it. Even if you have some other gift, you can discover what God’s servants already know: that there is nothing in life more fulfilling than meeting the needs His Spirit shows us. Excerpt from Dr. Charles Stanley

8. Those with the gift of service enjoy short-range projects. Believers with this gift can be frustrated by hearing that a project will require a great deal of time. They are eager to see progress and constant achievement, so short-range projects bring them a great deal of pleasure. Gifted servants can undertake more extended projects by dividing them into smaller sections and focusing on the goals that are more readily attained. 9. Those with the gift of service meet needs quickly. Believers with the gift of service are never procrastinators. They are quick to action when they observe a practical need. Committee approaches and bureaucratic delays are highly frustrating to those with the gift of service. They want to get to work. 10. Those with the gift of service often feel unqualified for spiritual leadership. These believers are unlikely to be overconfident. They are more often unsure of themselves but these feelings of inadequacy never prevent them from stepping forward to fill a need.They know they may lack some of the information or some of the skills they require, but what counts is that the need must be met. What are some misunderstandings about this gift? Often a readiness to meet needs of others can seem like mere pushiness. A desire to avoid bureaucracy and “red tape” may seem exclusionary. The eagerness to serve can resemble a drive for self-advancement. The insistence upon serving will seem like an unwillingness to be served. Meeting practical needs may be seen as apathy toward spiritual ones. Finally, the servant will stop to meet needs, yet appear to be sidetracked from an employer’s assignment. What if someone with this gift fails to walk in the Spirit? The wonderful impulses of servanthood take negative forms when the believer walks in the flesh rather than the Spirit. For one thing, the servant’s natural alertness to need becomes an insensitivity to it. A love of being with

Tina Hughes-Burke Spiritual Oversite Committee, Chairman


Greetings from Soror Jacquelyn L. Young Sorors of LTO, I am humbled to be highlighted in our chapter newsletter and share my personal story. Hope you enjoy!

Born in Chicago, IL

Brother Stephen & Soror Stefanie Lewis Brother Gregory & Willie Ann Lewis

Spouse, Walter Young, Sr. Son, Walter & Khalilah Young, Jr. and Granddaughter Lauren Son, Stephen & Amy Young

New Faith Baptist Church International Matteson. IL

Evanston, IL Bachelor of Science Speech Communication Studies


Loving Parents, Robert and Elizabeth Lewis

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

Chicago, IL Master of Public Administration Nonprofit Management

Gamma Chi Chapter

Lambda Tau Omega Chapter

Initiated April 26, 1975

1984 - 1989 & 2015 - Present Recipient of the Jeanette W. Rogers Award, 1985

Co-Membership and Membership Intake Chairman

Archives Committee Chairman, 2016

Sorors Drella Savage (Co-initiate) & Marilyn H. Hamb

•Silver Star • Life Member• Supreme Basilei

Corporate Office

Executive Directors

Janet J. Ballard Mary Shy Scott Eva L. Evans Norma S. White

Membership Director, 1989-1990

Nan D. Johnson Alison Harris Alexander Emma L. Henderson Carey B. Preston (Acting) Betty N. James

Deputy Director, 1990-1999 Attorney Ellen Douglass

Leisure Activities Walking, Watching Football, HGTV and DIY Listening to Herb Kent, The Tom Joyner Morning Show and Michael Jackson

When life gets too hard to stand KNEEL


A Conversation with Your Basileus July 25, 2016

End of Year Reporting


Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. COVERSATIONS AGENDA LAMBDA TAU OMEGA CHAPTER La Banque Hotel - 2034 Ridge – Homewood, IL 60430 July 25, 2016 – 6:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m. Welcome Meditation Overview of “Conversations With Your Basileus” Sisterly Relations Activity

Soror Barbara Pearson-McCreary Soror Jacqueline Toler Soror Ruby E. Roberson Soror ChaVale Conner

Dinner CONVERSATIONS: Characteristics of a Second Century Leader Roles of Officers and Committee Chairmen Soror Code of Ethics Ten Myths & Facts About Hazing Process for Changing Bylaws and Standing Rules Strategic Planning Process End of Year Reporting

Soror Marilyn Hamp Soror June Mitchell Soror Toya T. Harvey Soror Anntionette Austin-Johnson Soror Esceniath Jan Rankins Soror Mary Reaves Soror Barbara Pearson-McCreary

Closing Remarks Announcement 5

A Conversation with Your Basileus





Muriel’s Graduation Reception




Sept. 10th: TPF General meeting 1-2pm, LTO Chapter meeting 2pm, Southland Prep High School, 4601 Sauk Trail, Richton Park, Illinois Sept. 18th: AKA Klassic, Chi Sox Bar & Grill, 320 W. 35thStreet Chicago, Il 60616 Sept. 25th: “Hats, Heels and Ties” Cotillion Informational Tea 2016 Olympia Fields Country Club, 2800 Country Club Drive, Olympia Fields, Ill 60461 3pm –5pm Oct. 30th: A Gospel & Jazz Brunch, The Serbian Social Center, 18550 Stony Island Ave. Lansing, Il 60438 Joint Founders Day Luncheon

Newsletter submissions are due to the Basileus on the first Monday of each month. The October newsletter submissions must be in by October 3, 2016. Please send all submissions to: Be sure to Cc Soror Ruby Roberson at Next month, featured articles will include: October Quiet Giant 12

LTO September 2016 Newsletter