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October 2016

Volume I Issue 8

Greetings Sorors,

As it relates to End of the Year Reporting, leaders required to sub-

mit reports include: Basileus, Anti-Basileus / Program Chairman, The last two months of the year are action packed. I hope that the Tamiouchos, Grammateus, Standards Chairman, Membership information provided in this article will be helpful to you as you Chairman, Archives Chairman/Historian, Technology Chairman, prepare for LTO Chapter Business including End Of the Year Re-

and Connection Chairman. In the folder provided to leaders at the


July 25, 2016 “A Conversation With Your Basileus,” information

In November we should anticipate the following:

was provided relating to the 10 reports to be submitted as part of the End of the Year Reporting, the process for filing reports to the

Chapter Self - Evaluation

Corporate Office electronically and to the Central Regional Direc-

Chapter Elections

tor via Dropbox. Lastly, the Officer(s) responsible for filing each

Chapter Budget Approval

report is/are listed. I hope that you enjoy this newsletter as much

Chapter Program Adoption

as we have enjoyed bringing it to you.

Strategic Plan Adoption In December: Fiscal Year Ends Installation of Chapter Officers TPF Elections Chapter Transition Meeting END OF THE YEAR REPORTING

Sisterly, Soror Barbara,s Basileus

“Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about”

As we prepare for chapter elections, keep in mind the characteristics of a second century leader described in our document, “So

In This Issue:


trustworthy, honest and candid. The document further describes

Spiritual Oversight


what a leader must do to establish and maintain a culture of trust.

Golden Soror Brunch


A leader must:

Pearls of Wisdom


So You Want to Run for Office


Now You Are Elected.” Second Century Leaders have integrity, are

Lead by example, seek first to understand then to be understood;



focus on the issue and interest related to it, not the individual;

Voter Forum


keep all players strong---commit to the success of all team mem-



bers; maintain positive relationships by eliminating fear; being

Quiet Giant


honest when asked for an opinion; valuing the people with whom

Cotillion Informational Tea


you disagree; take the initiative to make things better and clarify



goals, roles and processes.

Lincoln-Gavin School 100 Backpacks



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“When all members understand and share the same goals, high performance is much more likely.”

Lto october 2016 newsletter