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March 2016

Volume I

My Dear Sorors, It has been said in the title of an article by Bud Bilanich, “Honor Yourself and Those Close to You for Success.” He

goes on to say that if you want to become interpersonally competent, you must do three things. 1.) Become selfaware. Use self- awareness to better understand and communicate with others. 2.) Build solid, long term, mutually beneficial relationships with the people in your life. 3.) Resolve conflict positively – in a manner that enhances not distracts from your relationships.

Our last highlight of this Newsletter is the recognition of LTO Legacy’s… and they are many. Please see the following pages for details on the Honorees for this month. With relationships come responsibility. Like it or not, you are seen as a representative of the group(s) with which you are associated. Your behavior positive and negative, reflects on the group(s) and their members as much as it does you. Act honorably, and people will associate honor with the group(s) with which you are asso-

This edition of the Heart to Heart Newsletter honors our

ciated. Act dishonorably and people will form negative

New Initiates of Lambda Tau Omega Chapter of Alpha Kap-

opinions of the group(s).

pa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. This honor is not be-

Strong relationships create the “We” mentality…”Many

stowed upon them solely for accepting the invitation to

Hearts Beating as One.”

join our awesome sisterhood, but also for recognizing that they did not come to sit but rather to serve. We applaud each of our new Initiates for their active involvement in Programmatic and non-Programmatic committees.


new members, you are encouraged to remain steadfast

In This Issue:


Spiritual Oversight


Prayer List


Golden Soror of the Month


interest and I hope this will guide you in serving in those

Welcome Sorors


areas for which you have a passion.

Leadership Committee


In this edition, we also honor our three (3) LTO Sorors who are members of International Committees. 1.) Soror Lynda Tarver, International Risk Management Task Force. 2.) Soror Sonya Bowen, International Protocol Committee. 3.) Soror Toya Harvey, International Building and Properties. Each of these Sorors either conducted workshops at Central Regional Conference or gave a lecture. Additionally, each served a term as Basileus of LTO.

Tamiochus Tips


International Committee


Legacy Parade


Mark Your Calendars


March Birthdays


and to stay focused on the mission of our organization rather than personal ambition. With this edition of the Newsletter, we get a glimpse of what you identify as your


LTO March 2016 Newsletter