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Volume 1: Issue 2

February, 2016

Greeting Sorors, We are so delighted to welcome all of our Sorors who have transferred into Lambda Tau Omega Chapter (LTO). You have the opportunity to participate in continuous learning through our Leadership Training, committee involvement and our robust Programs of Service. We want to make sure your experience in LTO is a productive one. Again, welcome to LTO. To our New Initiates, you will be featured in the March edition of the Heart to Heart Newsletter. Your active participation in committees and Service Projects has not gone unnoticed. I encourage you to continue your active engagement and don’t hesitate to ask someone and check our documents when you have a question. We are all continuous learners and it is expected that as a new Soror there will be a lot of questions. Even “seasoned” Sorors have questions. “We help each other, for we know there’s no other...” Sorors, thank you for your submissions to our Heart To Heart Newsletter. Your response to the call for newsletter submissions has been awesome. Our goal is to provide a quality publication that is reflective of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. As our chapter continues to grow our submissions will continue to grow. We might have to establish a word limit to avoid a newsletter that is too lengthy, but one that maintains quality information. Please feel free to send 1-2 photos which capture the essence of your article. Kudos to our Leadership Team for designing Leadership Training that personally benefits each Soror. Effective leaders are crucial to the ongoing sustainability of our sisterhood at all levels. Madam Supreme Basileus, Dorothy Buckhanan Wilson, has stated: “The right combination of knowledge and skills applied appropriately throughout the organization ensures continued stellar service delivery…” Thanks for the good turn-out we have had thus far. It is expected that each member of LTO avails themselves of this opportunity for leadership development as well as continuous learning designed for all members.

LTO February 2016 Newsletter