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Volume 1 Issue 4 April 2012

Basileus Message Joyce L. Nelson, Ed.D. Greetings Sorors,

Upcoming Events 10th—TPF Board Meeting and LTO Executive Committee Meeting at Flossmoor Library 6:30 pm 14th—ZUMBA and LINE DANCING at 12:45 PM St. Andrew’s Church Homewood, IL. and Live Auction after chapter meeting. 14TH—TPF Membership Meeting and LTO Chapter Meeting at St. Andrews Church 18850 Reigel Road Homewood, IL. 2:00 PM LTO Chapter Meeting immediately following TPF meeting 21st—Earth Day see Sorors Caletha and Shawn for details 22nd—Miss Prominent Pearl Cotillion at Georgio’s Banquets 8800 West 159th Street, Orland Park, IL. 4:00 PM 25th - 29th—78th Central Region Conference in Madison, WI

Are you feeling STRESSED out? When was the last time you visited your physician? Well, the concept of stress is often confused with challenge, but these concepts are not the same. According to researchers, challenge energizes us psychologically and physically, and it motivates us to learn new skills and master our roles as a mother, educator, healthcare professional or corporate executive. When a challenge is met, we feel relaxed and satisfied. When the challenge has not been met, it turns into demands that cannot be met. This is when the stress starts pouring on. Relaxation has turned to exhaustion, and a sense of satisfaction has turned into feelings of stress. In short, the stage is set for illness, injury, and job failure. This year marks the 20th year in a row that April 1-30 has been officially designated as National Stress Awareness Month. During this thirty day period, our health care professionals and committee members of Lambda Tau Omega will encourage you to join forces with them and take advantage of this great opportunity to make your communities more aware of the different types of stress; how stress might be affecting their health, relationships, work life and what steps can be taken to manage it. Lambda Tau Omega will kick off the month as a chapter by participating in ZUMBA and Line Dancing at 12:45 PM on April 14, 2012. This event will occur before TPF Membership meeting at St. Andrews Church. The cost is $5 per soror. Come on out Sorors in your paraphernalia and relieve some stress. This will be an opportunity also for you to wear AKA workout attire and attend the meeting in a relaxed fashion. The Soror or Sorors in a group of no more than five with the cutest outfit(s) will win a prize. Lastly, research also supports when individuals are acknowledged for their hard work they feel more relaxed in that environment and work even harder. I would like to acknowledge six outstanding committees for their hard work demonstrated during the first four months of the year. January: Leadership Development Committee; February: Pan Hellenic Council Committee; March: Initiative Three - Global Poverty Committee and April: Social Justice and Human Rights and Scholarship Committees. Good Job! Sorors

REMINDERS submitted by Marilyn Hamb

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Soror Audrey in Who’s Who in Black America. Please limit walking and talking during meetings.

APRIL 15, 2012

Please review Fund-raising documents on website regarding sponsorship process. Congratulate our SILVER SORORS Sonya L. Bowen and Ellen Douglas. Others sorors will also be recognized who missed their recognition in June.

Scholarship Chairman, Rashea Ratliff and committee conducted approximately 17 interviews at Thornwood High School on Saturday, March 31, 2012. The committee is working hard to award scholarships to deserving youth throughout the south suburban communities.

Don't forget to wear your paraphernalia to ZUMBA and Line Dancing 4/14/12 at 12:45PM and bring paraphernalia 1 item for $15 LTO Bucks and 5 items for $100 . LIVE Auction after chapter meeting. Please review program reports on website for updates on events. Congratulations Initiative III and IV on your successful March events.

P i n k P e a r l s o f P ro t o c o l & R e g i o n a l C o n f e r e n c e U p dat e submitted by Marva Campbell=Pruitt and Carol Sharp

This month’s “tips” are taken from information provided by and adapted from the International and Regional Protocol Committees found within the Regional Conference Registration Booklet. We wish the Sorors of Lambda Tau Omega to be in great form at the upcoming Regional Conference so please take note of the “tips.”

1. Business attire, unless otherwise noted, is required for Plenary Sessions. Flip-flop type shoes are unacceptable. 2. Sorors must wear their badge for all meetings and events. 3. Only members with badges will be admitted to plenary sessions and workshops. 4. Stand for the procession of dais members. 5. Receive the Regional Director and Supreme Basileus by standing when they are introduced. 6. Refrain from walking during dais introductions, the meditation and when the Regional Director or the Supreme Basileus is giving her address to the delegation.

7. Respect designated seating for delegates, Diamond/Golden Sorors, the Sorors with physical disabilities, and reserved seating for conference guests.

8. Please wait to be acknowledged from the presiding officer when at the designated microphones. 9. Turn off all electronic communication devices. Please step out of the meeting if you must use a phone. 10. Table hostesses are beneficial during meal functions to remind us to keep quiet during presentations and/or performances at the dais.

11. Please be considerate of other conference attendees and take only ONE gift when they are distributed at functions. 12. Refrain from overloading your plate during receptions. One or two pieces of each food item are appropriate.

Sonya L. Bowen 1987 Soror Sonya L. Bowen was initiated into Epsilon Rho Chapter at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana on April 6, 1987. This year she along with her nine T.T.D sisters are celebrating 25 years of service to our great sisterhood. After graduating from Purdue, she transferred her membership to Lambda Tau Omega Chapter where she has held numerous offices; Basileus, Anti Basileus, Tamiouchos (3 terms), Pecunious Grammateus, and Parliamentarian. She has also chaired and served on numerous committees. Under her leadership as Basileus, “Twenty Pearls Foundation, Incorporated,” a 501(c)3 entity

was established and thus she became the 1st President of the foundation. On the regional level, she has served as Chairman of Time & Place Regional Conference Committee, General Chairman of the 68th Central Regional Conference, which was held in Chicago, Illinois. This conference was the first conference in the history of Central Region to have almost 2,000 Sorors in attendance. She has also served as Co-Chairman, Graduate Advisors Training Institute and Chairman of the Recommendations Committee. Presently, she is serving as the Central Region Protocol Chairman. Soror Sonya is currently em-

ployed by The University of Chicago, Department of Medicine as a Financial Administrator – Team Lead. She is the proud daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charles I. Bowen, Jr. and the God Mother to Paige McClam and Victoria Symoné Lewis. She is also a member of Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago, Illinois. A Christian and an Alpha Kappa Alpha woman on the go, her motto is “Treat others as you would want them to treat you,” and she truly believes in what is stated in Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ which strengthened me.”

Joyce L. Duke 1994 I was initiated into Beta Gamma Omega Chapter on June 12th 1994. I transferred to Lambda Tau Omega Chapter in February 2000. Since becoming a member of AKA I have attended 10 Regional Conferences, 4 Boules, and 4 Cluster Retreats. After joining LTO, I have been chairman of the following committees: Connection 2001, Scholarship 2002, and Nominating 2009. I have also served as

the Chapter Grammateus from 2005 - 2006. I have always been interested in checking out a number of committees to become better acquainted with LTO. This has played a major role in me get acquainted with the member of Lambda Tau Omega during my 11 years with the chapter This year alone I am a member of the following Committees: Budget, June & December Luncheon, Fund -raising,

Membership, EYL and as a member of Miss Prominent Pearl Cotillion I am the Financial Secretary. I have also served twice on the Twenty Pearls Foundation Board from 2004-2007, and again from 2009-2011. 1 am honored to serve my Chapter wherever I am needed and this year I answered the call to be the Chapter’s Philacter, Whew!! That’s why I love to unwind with my new toy, the iPad. II, I love it.

Carol Sharp 2001 Carol Sharp was born on the Southside of Chicago and attended Chicago Public Schools. She received her BS from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and her MS from Chicago State University and Governor State University. She has worked for Chicago Public Schools for almost

34 years; she will be doing the “happy” dance when she retires this June. Soror Carol has been active in many organization such as Girl Scouts, NAACP, Church Groups, Top Ladies of Distinctions, etc. During her tenure with Lambda Tau Omega, she has served on

many committees. After she retires, she plans on indulging herself in activities she has put on the back burner waiting for that happy occasion. She is the proud parent of one daughter, Latryce and her dog, Anubis .

Silver Soror 2012


Chaplin’s Corner Jennifer Lyle Moore The Bible, in Job 13:5 it states, “If only you would altogether be silent that, would be your wisdom”. Different versions of the Bible replace the word silent with peace but it generally means the same thing. At this time, Job was frustrated with the supposed wise physicians. Each one of us can and probably will have our own Job like experiences in life. But in silence, there is the ability to listen to your “Divine Intuition”. It is within each one of us, some call it the still small voice but whatever the name, it is your advisor within. This advisor does not steer you wrong. It is what can take you from ego to enlightenment; from agenda to achievement. We would all agree this is the Technological Age, while this is a good thing, everything has its place. Daily, some more than others of us have phones and gadgets constantly beeping, singing, ringing, texting and twitting. And through these devices we are consciously and subconsciously influenced and manipulated to do this are that. We become consumed by the other peoples wants, needs, advice and on and on. Could it be that we are the last things we really want to work on? Could it be that it is easier to work on other people? Could it be that it’s too hard or not the in thing to do? Could it be that we don’t always want to hear that still small voice by not making ourselves available? How would it be if God did not make himself available to us? But that is not the case, is it? We are all on our own journey to spiritual enlightenment, while there will be friends and companions along the way, it is a solo undertaking. You get to choose, the scenic route, the bumpy ride, third class. Well, I’m trying to go first class, what about you?

Membership Update submitted by Saundra Jones Congratulations LTO Sorors, our reactivation efforts are on track! Our financial membership has increased from 82 to 87! Soror Andrea Tracy Browning was officially added to LTO’s roster after our March Chapter meeting. Welcome home Soror! Let’s continue our work to double the goal of reclaiming twelve “Lost Pearls” in 2012! Remember the ongoing goal for membership is to Reclaim, Reactivate & Retain all “Lost Pearls”. It is not too late to invite “Lost Pearls” to the Cotillion! This is a great opportunity to reintroduce Sorors to Lambda Tau Omega and to showcase one of our premier programs. Reminders…All Sorors are encouraged to complete a Sponsor/Co-Sponsor Application. If you plan to Sponsor, you must bring a completed [typed] application to the April chapter meeting. Applications will be sent via email. HAVE AN AWESOME APRIL!

Ashley Mitchell—April 8th Audrey Mc Farlin—April 10th Jennifer Moore - April 10th Paula Daniels - April 17th Andrea Turner—April 21st La Tasha Southall—April 24th Cheryl Cage—April 27th Bernice Deloney - April 29th

Wedding Anniversaries Sarah Lewis- Weaver & Honey- Do Steve -April 1st Leah Hill & Honey- Do Arthur April 10th Natalie Chadwell & Honey- Do Charles -April 24th

AKA Anniversaries Audrey Carter -April 1954 Sandra Perkins- Butler -April 1965 Jeanette Rogers -April 1967 Jan Reed -April 1969 Sharon Cruse- Armstead -April 1971 June Mitchell - April 1979 Sonya L. Bowen -April 6, 1987 Michelle Clark -April 14, 1990 Mary Reeves -April 4, 1993 Arlethia Wright -April 4, 1993 Donna Fowler- Canty -April 17, 1994 Michelle Moore -April 23, 1995 Equasta White -April 28

Volume 1 Issue 5 May 2012

Basileus Message Joyce L. Nelson, Ed.D. Happy Mother’s Day Sorors,

Upcoming Events 5th—AKApollo at Beggers Pizza “Sisterly Relations” 6th— Emerging Pearls Hat Brunch 6th—Pan Hellenic Council Meeting at 3:00 PM Good Sheppard Church 8th—TPF Board Meeting and LTO Executive Committee Meeting at Flossmoor Library 6:30 pm 9Th—Deveine 9 at Illinois State Capitol Springfield, Illinois 9th—Sorors Saundra Jones and Sonya L. Bowen have lunch with First Lady Michelle Obama in Washington, DC. 12th —TPF Membership Meeting and LTO Chapter Meeting at St. Andrews Church 18850 Reigel Road Homewood, IL. 2:00 PM LTO Chapter Meeting immediately following TPF meeting 17th—EYL’s at Markham Court House Markham, Illinois 19th—”Walk for Lupus” at Bicentennial Park Olympia Fields, Illinois

A mother is someone to protect and guide us, to shower us with love in whatever we do, she has warm understanding and endless patience, and wonderful gentleness, too. How often a mother gives swift encouragement in soothing our worries. How lovingly mothers watch over our children and treasurer them all through the years! The heart of a mother is filled with forgiveness for any mistake, big or small, and she is kind always in helping her family whose needs she has placed before hr own. A mother can utter a word of concern and make all our worries go away. She can brighten a home with a smile on her face and make life delightful and gay. A mother possesses incredible understanding and wonderful insight and skill. Every heart has a special place which only a MOTHER can fill! Sorors take time to honor a mother today as well as yourself. Sorors as we move toward the mid-year, I am pleased that this administration’s theme “The Dream is Easy, The Journey is Not” is resonating throughout Central Region. Yes! The dream was easy but the journey was not. We worked hard for our awards at the 78th Central Regional Conference. Congratulations Lambda Tau Omega on capturing 1/8 individual awards and 5/5 Program Initiative Awards. You worked hard and the fruits of your labor was evident in Madison, WI. I am looking forward to presenting you with additional recognition at the June Luncheon. We had 53 sorors in attendance in Madison, WI and that is an all time high for our chapter in the past 10 years. Your are simply the BEST. Congratulations also to the stroll team lead by Soror Tracy Netter and Conference Chairman Soror Carol Sharp. The outfits were definitely memorable and the stroll was dynamic too. We also had seven delegates representing us and reports will be posted on the website. Please take time to review and see how your delegates worked on your behalf in Madison, WI. Thank you delegates for serving on behalf of LTO. Lastly, I would like to introduce a new selection to our newsletter. It is the “Ivy and Pearls Spotlight”. Sorors, if you have an accomplishment you would liked shared, please let an officer know so we can place you in the Ivy and Pearl Spotlight.

REMINDERS submitted Marilyn Hamb Welcome Home from the Central Regional Conference Delegates!! I trust you had an enjoyable conference. I sat with you as we received the information and I personally witnessed all taking copious notes. In order to receive your $150 Registration Fee reimbursement, you will need to submit a green voucher. Attached to the voucher should be your conference registration receipt along with your Plenary Report. Committee Chairmen and Committee Members, please remember that supporting documentation is a must. Per Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, original receipts with detail of the date, items purchased and costs are needed. This is true for both merchandise and services. The finance team greatly appreciates your timely submission of payments and vouchers. Please turn them in as early as possible so that we can process your payments equally as timely.

Sorors keep Soror Jackie Scott lifted up in prayer as she continues to recover from recent hospital stays. Soror Jackie is doing well with her physical therapy. Soror Jeanette spoke with her recently. Soror keep Soror Veneeta lifted up in prayer as she recovers from a recent surgery. Soror Veneeta is home resting. Please call before you visit so arrangements can be made to let you in.

submitted by Leadership Development Team Committee Chairmen submit five copies of your report to Grammateus at Executive Committee and Twenty Pearls Foundation Board Meetings. Committee Chairmen are to hold (2) live meetings a year. Teleconference calls do not count.

Former Precious Pearls Update Lambda Tau Omega had 53 Sorors registered for the Central Regional Conference and the bus ride down was fantastic. Although we were not recognized as having the largest percentage of chapter members present, we represented LTO well. We showed up and showed out; we looked fantastic and strolled equally as well. Our logo for this year was a big hit. I have two (2) vest sizes XL for sell and one (1) tee shirt size 3X for sale, they can be purchased at chapter meeting. If anyone else is interested in ordering either item, please let me know at chapter meeting. Chapter aprons can also be ordered at chapter meeting for $20.00. Thanks to the fabulous Sorors of LTO for making the 78th Central Regional Conference a memorable event. A special thanks to the conference committee for their help and support from the beginning to the end. Boule is around the corner July 21st thru 29th in San Francisco. In order to complete the directory, I will need to know who is going, when you are arriving, what hotel you are staying at, and emergency information. If you have any suggestions for a chapter social event, please let me know. Again thank you for your support and congratulations to all recipients who received awards.

Ambra Rogers, a 2011 graduate of Rich East High School, Park Forest, Illinois and former Precious Pearl just completed her first year at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She made the Dean's List both first semester and second semester. Congratulations Ambra. Submitted by Jeanette W. Rogers, Grandmother Tierney Smith a Precious Pearl from 2006 is currently studying at Joliet Junior College. She is majoring in Early Childhood Education and plans to attend University of Illinois upon completion at Joliet Junior College. You Cab Do It Tierney! Submitted by Tiffany Wicks, Sister Cherie Allen one of the first Precious Pearls to enter the group when it started and she is finishing up at Southern Illinois University. Cherie has a double major and will complete the second one May 2013. You GO GIRL! Submitted by Joyce L. Duke, Mentor

L a m b da Tau O m e g a m e m b e r s a r e Going to Washington, DC. Sorors we have an Ivy and Pearl Spotlight. Please join me in congratulating Sorors Saundrra Jones and Sonya L. Bowen on their invitation to the First Lady’s Luncheon. The invitation was extended by Congressman Danny Davis’s wife Soror Vera Davis on behalf of the Congressional Club. The luncheon will be held in the International Ballroom at the Washington Hilton in Washington, Dc on Wednesday, May 9, 2012. Sorors are expected to depart for Washington on Monday, May 7, 2012. Congratulations Sorors and we know you will represent Lambda Tau Omega with confidence and class.


Chaplin’s Corner Jennifer Lyle Moore Mother or not, You are a “Powerhouse” A familiar quote by an unknown author reads,” I never knew how much love my heart could hold until someone called me Mommy”. I would like to give a special tribute celebrating “mother hood”. The principle involved in being a mother biological or otherwise is a principle of love and nurturing. It is this principle that is most important in bringing forth a child, an organization or a project. Mothering is necessary prior to and during the birthing process. So to all Mothers, I salute you for all you do: for your families, your organizations and the world. We are all aware of the power of a mother’s love, this month I’d like to briefly take a look at Spiritual Power. In II Timothy 1:7, Apostle Paul writes, “For God has not given us the spirit of fear: but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind”. In this scripture I believe Paul is telling us that we can all have freedom. We are not bound by any one, in any way and are encouraged to act and react from a position of love and inner spiritual direction. Not only are we directed to appreciate our freedom but that others in our spiritual path must be allowed freedom also. In an organization you may think this may be a difficult thing to do, not so. Yes, any organization needs a governing body and protocols to run smoothly but this should not and does not hamper your individual spiritual power. I f you can stay centered in your own spiritual power, take time to spiritually discern situations and act and react from your own indwelling spirit you retain your integrity. Remember, this is your life and earth experience how will you choose to live, in fear or love?

Soror Jaronda Hall—May 7th Soror Sandra Lee—May 9th Soror Kim Mitchell—May 20th Soror Stacy Oates—May 22nd Soror Katrina Randle—May 30th

Wedding Anniversaries Michelle Clark & Honey- Do Frank May 24th Audrey Carter & Honey-Do Edward May 28th

Pink Pearls of Protocol submitted by Sandra Perkins-Butler What is Protocol in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated? The method in which every soror should conduct business at the chapter, regional or international levels. Protocol is the graciousness and courtesies passed throughout our elite organization’s glorious history. Protocol Points to Remember The term “former” will be used to refer to officers who have completed their term of office. Examples: the former Supreme Basilei or the former Regional Directors. “To Madame Supreme Basileus [Madame Regional Director at Regional Conferences], to our Former Supreme Basilei, Members of the Directorate, (and all others who love and serve Alpha Kappa Alpha-this phrase should not be used in public), Good Morning… This greeting, or other appropriate wording, is stated only by the first speaker of the event. All others who follow, need only acknowledge the leader – our Supreme Basileus or at Regional Conferences, the Regional Director and the Supreme Basileus (if she is in attendance.) The phrase, “Protocol having been established…” is out of order and should never be used. Use the term “Chairman” or “Chairmen” not “chair,” “chairperson” or “chairwoman.” Reference our Manual of Standard Procedure not Manual of Standard Procedures.

AKA Anniversaries Soror Ethel Brown - 1960 Soror Toni Austin Johnson—1971 Soror Marilyn Hamb—1977 Soror Maurice Jones—1978 Soror Toya Harvey—1988 Soror Pam Martin—1989 Soror Tracey Netter— 1991

MEMBERSHIP UPDATE submitted by Saundra Jones

Volume 1 Issue 6 June /July 2012

Basileus Message Dear Sorors,

Upcoming Events

With a current membership of over 87 diverse, renowned and gifted women, it is evident that our sisterhood boasts a sincere love for Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. We possess a strong sense of sisterhood and commitment to our communities and the Chicagoland areas. Our chapter members share these attributes within the chapter and the community as they work to implement Global Leadership Through Timeless Service, as mandated by our International President, Carolyn House Stewart, Esq.

June 3rd—Pan Hellenic Council Meeting at Good Shepherd Church 3:00 PM

This is our last meeting before we go on our summer break and return in September, but we still have several activities and events that we must complete. At the conclusion of this month’s meeting we will host our June LunchJune 5th—Twenty Pearls Foundation eon which will showcase our Signature Program: Emerging Young Leaders Board of Directors and LTO Executive Committee Meetings at Flossmoor Library Graduates, Mentoring Groups, Scholarship Recipients and Sorors. You do not want to miss this very exciting and well planned program. A special thank you 6:30PM is extended to Soror(s) June and Ashley Mitchell and the June Luncheon Committee for their hard work. If you have not done so, please secure your ticket June 9th—Twenty Pearls Foundation today. Monday, June 4, 2012 is the deadline to purchase tickets. Membership and LTO Chapter Meetings at Matteson Holiday Inn and Convention Center 8:30 AM—11:30 AM and June Luncheon at Matteson Holiday Inn and Convention Center 12:00 PM—3:00 PM June 10th—Pan Hellenic Council Picnic: See Soror Cheryl Cage for details June 23—Global Poverty Event. See Sorors Caletha and Shawn for details July 22-27th—65th Boule Conference in San Francisco, CA August 18th—Chapter Picnic

Please contact Soror Carol Sharp, Conference Chairman if you plan to attend the 65th Boule in San Francisco, Ca. She will make sure your information is forwarded to the committee and placed in the directory that will be distributed. In addition, keep your fingers crossed as we are a contender in the first International judging of programs in San Francisco. As we continue to move forward we will face new challenges that will require us to mount with renewed fervor and tenacity. We must keep open minds and a willingness to do tasks differently to achieve maximum success. Each of us is a valued member, and collectively we are becoming even greater than what we have been. I look forward to seeing you at chapter meeting on Saturday, June 9, 2012 at the Matteson Holiday Inn in Matteson, Illinois and congratulations to 2012 graduates, scholarship and soror award recipients.

Soror Joyce


December Luncheon submitted Ruby Roberson

Olympia Fields Country Club Olympia Fields, Illinois December 8, 2012 Ticket Price: Adult $50.00 Child $20.00 Tickets will be available for purchase beginning in September

Sorors keep Sorors Jackie Scott , Rosel Washington, Jeanette W. Rogers, Karla Barton and Toni AustinJohnson lifted up in prayer.

submitted by Leadership Development

All contracts should be reviewed by a chapter attorney (Sylvia T., Kim M., Ellen D. or Toya H.) before submitting to Basileus for approval Remember to bring your documents to chapter meeting

submitted by Carol Sharp

San Francisco, CA July 21-27 2012 Gateway to Global Leadership through Timeless Service General Information All activities will be held at the Miscone Center in San Francisco There will be NO ON SITE REGISTRATION You must have your badge to be admitted to ALL events. Lost badges are subject to a $15.00 replacement fee Badges are to be worn by registered attendees only. There will be a $50.00 fee to have a confiscated badge returned to you Only financial sorors can participate in activities sponsored by the sorority Neither financial or non-financial sorors can be guest of financial sorors at Boule Sorors please bring your chapter vest so we can wear them at our social event and refer to your directory and conference program for final itinerary and schedule of events. See you there!

 Lambda Tau Omega member is escorting her honey-do to Washington, dc. On June 27, 2012, Golden Soror Audrey Carter’s Honey Do, Edward Carter will receive the esteemed Congressional Gold Medal of Honor from President Barack Obama. Soror Audrey and Honey Do Edward CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Chaplin’s Corner


Jennifer Lyle Moore

Soror Sarah Lewis-

Image This! Spring is here and if you are anything like me you are looking forward to the lazy days of summer. How that idiom came to be is unclear to me because to me June represents a time to relax and imagine all the things you wish to accomplish. It is a time to visualize enjoying a life full of love, peace and joy. Whether you know it or not everything that you have accomplished in life has had its origin in your imagination. This is why you need to consistently hold positive thoughts and visual pictures in your mind concerning your life and affairs. While your imagination starts the manifestation of the desires of your heart, it takes a lot more. Your attitude, aptitude and altitude pay a major role. Hopefully you are still with me but if not here’s a brief explanation. Your attitude is your way of thinking or behaving toward a certain situation. This has little to do with how you will be perceived by people but more about you maintaining your upward and positive feelings (energy) about anything and everything in spite what may be going on around you. In truth you will succeed. Your aptitude is determined by your willingness to work, learn and stay in tuned with your indwelling spirit through prayer and meditation. Notice, I am not talking here about working on others. This is your evolution on your journey. Your altitude is determined not by how many people you can influence or manipulate it is determine by your own spiritual thoughts. Thoughts in mind manifest after their own kind. Visit that upper room of your spiritual consciousness. Listen to the direction. There are no hurt feelings or agendas there. We must always tender our thoughts and actions with discernment remembering as in Matthew 22: 36-39. To love is the most important instruction given to us. And so it is.

Pink Pearls of Protocol

Pronunciation Key: Basilei

Baa suh lee


Hah de goss


Fi (tie)


Tah (saw)



Day us


June 1st

Soror Angela Bailey

June 18th

Soror Ethel Brown

June 20th

Soror Veneeta Phelps

June 24th

Soror Millicent Borishade

June 27th

Soror June Mitchell

June 30th

Soror Linda Varnado Soror Jacqualine Scott

June 30th July 7th

Soror Carol Sharp

July 12th

Soror Carol Harris

July 15th

Soror Mary Reeves

July 17th

Soror Vivian Hudson-

July 20th


Wedding Anniversaries


June 15th



June 15th



June 17th



June 21st



June 21st



June 30th



July 9th



July 12th



July 21st




July 28



July 29th


Submitted by Cheryl Cage, Ed.D.

As we prepare for the 65th Boule in San Francisco let’s all speak and dress properly. Please review the following:




Business Attire: Closed toe shoes or peep toe always with hose, knee length, no sleeveless, pants suits ok.


Business Casual: May be bare legged, sleeveless

Soror Joyce D.

June 12th

Rituals: Unadorned white dress or suit, white shoes (peep toe or sling back), white or flesh tone hose, sleeves, no pants.

Soror Caletha

June 19th

Soror Rashea

June 28th

Soror Lynda


Tentative Schedule: Sunday, Thursday and Friday-Business Attire; Global Leadership Scarf on Monday; Shades of Green on Tuesday; Formal Attire (conservative, no cleavage showing) Have a wonderful and safe journey.

Volume 1 Issue 7 August/ September 2012

Basileus Message Dear Sorors,

It has been a long, meticulous, hot and FUN-filled summer!. I trust that each of you have enjoyed some time away via vacations and or breaks from your busy schedules. First, a special thank you to Lambda Tau Omega members that traveled to the 65th Boule in San Francisco, CA. “Gateway to Global Leadership Through Timeless Service” July 21– 27, 2012. Sorors enhanced their leadership experience by attending plenary sessions, thought provoking workshops and forums. The interactive sessions were designed to enrich Sorors personal Upcoming Events and professional growth in the sorority and in the community. Reports are Sept. 2nd —Pan Hellenic Council Meeting posted under August. Please review at your leisure. at Good Shepherd Church 3:00 PM

Second, I am proud to say that Lambda Tau Omega continues to respond to the

Sept. 4th—Twenty Pearls Foundation world’s increasing complexity and continues to empower our communities Board of Directors and LTO Executive Committee Meetings at Flossmoor Library through exemplary service initiatives and progressive service programs. Congratulations to Soror Jan Reed and the program committees as they continue to 6:30PM Sept. 8th—Twenty Pearls Foundation Membership and LTO Chapter Meetings at St. Andrew Church in Homewood , IL. 2:00PM Sept. 15th—Precious Pearls “Feed My Starving Children”: See Soror Jennifer for details Sept. 29th—EYL Summit: See Soror Jan for details

Millicent Borishade, Chairman

October 14, 2012

keep our programs alive and serving all mankind kind. The June Luncheon, Scholarship, Health, EYL and Global Poverty committees did a fantastic job highlighting the good things our youth are doing academically and socially in the south suburbs during the summer months. Third, sorors this is my ninth month serving as your Basileus and our first year journey together is swiftly approaching an end. Therefore, I need you to put yourself in over drive. We must finish the year with a bang as we begin our fall program activities. In addition, we are in the preliminary phase of a membership intake process. Sorors remember membership in Alpha Kappa Alpha is an investment and we must focus on the “New Century Membership Process:” Alpha Kappa Alpha is a SERIOUS MATTER! I encourage each of you to embrace positive attitudes and actions. Kudos to our Membership Chairman and Co-chairman Sorors Saundra and Audrey and the membership committee on providing an inclusive process involving the entire membership. Lastly, congratulations to Committees of the Month: June — June Luncheon Committee; July—Health (Back To School Rally) and Internal Leadership (Boule) and August—Sisterly Relations ( LTO and Kappa’s Picnic) and Fundraising ( AKA Klassic).

Soror Joyce

Submitted by Marilyn Hamb

December Luncheon Ruby Roberson, Chariman Olympia Fields Country Club Olympia Fields, Illinois December 8, 2012 Ticket Price: Adult $50.00 Child $20.00

Sorors, our summer is coming to an end, (sigh!),and now we must turn our attention to Fall Planning and the preparation of the 2013 Budgets for Lambda Tau Omega and Twenty Pearls Foundation. September: The Budget Committee will meet Wednesday, September 26, 2012 to prepare the Proposed Budgets for Lambda Tau Omega Chapter and Twenty Pearls Foundation, Incorporated. October: The Proposed Budget for LTO will be submitted to the Executive Committee and general membership for review. The Proposed Budget for TPF will be submitted to the TPF Board and general membership for review.

AKABirthdays Wedding Anniversaries AKAVERSARIES

November: The LTO membership will vote on the proposed budget and upon approval, it will become final. December: The proposed TPF Budget will be presented at the TPF Board Meeting for approval. Upon the approval of the TPF Board, the TPF budget will be final. Effective January1, 2013 the approved LTO and TPF budgets will be in affect. Call to Action! If you are a Committee Chairmen or Officer, please submit your budget requests for 2013 to Soror Marilyn Hamb, by Friday, September 21, 2012. Your requests should be detailed with your planned spending for the year. Please don’t hesitate to contact Soror Marilyn Hamb with questions.

Protocol submitted by Vivian Hudson-Davis

Hello Sorors,

Happy Birthday and Anniversary to all sorors with birthdays and anniversaries in August and September. Your names will be featured in the Hodegos Report for September

Submitted by Carol Sharp th

The 65 Boule is over and it was fantastic!!! San Francisco was inundated with over 8,000+ ladies in PINK and GREEN from all over the country including the newly chartered graduate chapter in the Bahamas. Lambda Tau Omega was well represented by 26 sorors. The plenary sessions (all 7) were packed with the business of Alpha Kappa Alpha and sometimes even had some spirited discussions. The weather was quite chilly but despite that and the full agenda, the Sorors of Alpha Kappa Alpha found time to do one of the thing they love to do..”SHOP”. Plenty of money was left in San Francisco. There were several sightseeing tours available and restaurants all around.

This is a message from the Protocol Committee. It is our responsibility and purpose to ensure that each event committee looks their best and is successful. We are not here to criticize or impose on your committee, but to assist in any way possible because we know if you look good then Lambda Tau Omega looks good.

Central Region showed up and showed out; we were over 800 strong. Our overall theme was based on the nautical concept. There were treasure chest, pirate hats, big earrings, etc at each event. We had two hospitality suites, a gathering and of course the luncheon. Central region sorors had an opportunity to collect pearls to win a prize at the luncheon. Three of your chapter sorors were on the committee that made this happen. I think I can speak for all of As your chapter Protocol Committee, our Pre-Event planning roles consist of the following according to “The Official Guide us when I say we worked hard to make this happen and enjoyed to Alpha Kappa Alpha Protocol’’. Please check the website. every minute.

 Lambda Tau Omega CONGRATULATES Sorors Shawn Jackson, Principal and Stacy Oates, Assistant Principal in Glenwood and Country Club Hills, Illinois and Retirees Sorors Saundra Jones and Carol Sharp

Chaplin’s Corner Jennifer Lyle Moore

Your Will or God’s? I believe it is Darius Brooks that so aptly says in his well known song, “Your Will” it is God’s will that is best for us. We often hear and sing along with the words, but are we listening. When we hear something, that means the hearing structures in our ears are present and working properly but when we listen, we give careful attention to what is being said. I often and will continue to talk about the importance of listening to that still small voice within all of us. This voice is constantly leading, teaching and communicating to us in an always positive and upward direction. There are numerous accounts of people who for some unknown reason have changed plans because of what they recall as an intuition and because of this; they have saved themselves from catastrophe. We must be mindful that our personalities are governed by the ego which can be full of loud and at times verbose ramblings that are geared for its protection and the perpetuation of human thoughts and feelings. Ego often serves no purpose but to E- edge - God, O- out. Give yourself time to carefully process what you hear to know God’s will, remembering God’s will comes quietly as positive thoughts and words in a positive upward movement. Ego based thoughts are not consistent in this way. I picked this topic this month because there are many scriptures that refer to the will of God and these alone attest to the importance of this to our spiritual growth. All require a submission process. Part of that submission process involves giving up your control. So I submit to you. Where do you stand? Will or willful ?


Submitted by Saundra Jones

Greetings Sorors of Lambda Tau Omega! I am pleased to report that your Membership Committee has been hard at work during our summer break! …Plans are being “fine-tuned” for a chapter RETENTION activity. Soror Audrey and I are planning an informal “Movie, Munchies & Margarita’s” activity that will take place after our September chapter meeting and repast location TBD. …In an attempt to REACTIVATE… REACTIVATE…Post cards were mailed to inactive Sorors inviting them to ‘party’ with LTO Sorors at the AKA klassic, compliments of the Membership Committee! …MIP UPDATE: We had a successful Chapter Orientation on August 23 rd, followed by 2 make up sessions. Special thanks to Sorors who helped to plan and present at the orientation and make up sessions. Our MIP documents have been delivered and are under review by our Regional Director. Stay tuned! JUST A THOUGHT… If you want to always get the last word…just apologize - UNKNOWN

Submitted by Toya Harvey

Sorors, after many annoying reminders from the Leadership Development Committee, you’ve read your Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Bylaws and Constitution, Manual of Standard and even the Lambda Tau Omega Chapter Bylaws. You regularly attend chapter meetings having attended over the 50 percent necessary to run for office, although frequently a “little” late. You attended Boule, Central Regional Conference, area retreat or Leadership Conference and now you’re ready to take that leap into the leadership ring. You can’t wait to host the executive meeting at your glamorous downtown high rise office so you can show sorors how you really do it. Don’t move to fast Sorors because how you really do it is to read ALL of your documents. The Standing Rules of Lambda Tau Omega, state in Meetings, Section 2: A soror must sign in within one (1) hour of the start of the meeting to receive credit for attendance. So simply showing up at a meeting before it adjourns is not sufficient to qualify for running for office. So you say I didn’t know about the Standing Rules but I still made my required meetings so Willis Tower here we come. Not so fast! Section 3. of that same heading states that “All Lambda Tau Omega Chapter, Executive Committee meetings will be held within a 15 mile radius of Park Forest, Illinois. These are just examples of the rules included in the Standing Rules which, in addition to the other documents mentioned, govern the functioning of LTO and its members. You will also have additional information provided at this month’s meeting regarding the offices up for election and the qualifications. As we prepare for upcoming nominations and elections, we encourage each of you to read ALL of the national and chapter documents so that you are fully equipped as you jump into leadership.

Volume 1 Issue 8 October 2012

Basileus Message Do you resist change or embrace it? Why is it that some people can easily embrace change while others will do everything in their power to prevent it?

Dear Sorors, Upcoming Events Oct. 9th—Twenty Pearls Foundation Board of Directors and LTO Executive Committee Meetings at Flossmoor Library 6:30PM Oct. 13th—Twenty Pearls Foundation Membership and LTO Chapter Meetings at St. Andrew Church in Homewood , IL. 2:00PM Oct. 14th—Gabbay Douglas Mother/ Daughter Luncheon 12noon and Miss Prominent Pearl Tea

We are in transition from summer to fall, from having the summer off to getting back to school or work. Our focus should be changing from the energy of warmer days and desire to be outside, to moving our activities inside and drawing our attentions inward and focusing on being of service to all mankind. Nevertheless, many of us have a preconceived notion about change i.e. it represents pain, failure, or rehashes negative experiences. From a learning perspective, you can't change something you don't understand. Seek first to understand, then the possibility for change is greater. Remember sorors, change can be hard but good for all those involved overall.

Over the next few months we will be making some decisions and preparing for some changes. We have recommended by-law changes, nominations for new Oct. 19th—Economic Security Networking officers, nominations for individual soror awards and a budget to approve event 7:00 PM. See Melody Ferguson for that will effect many of us financially. Please note change can be the most details powerful tool for us to tap into and empower ourselves to realize our true potential. Personally, I love the change of seasons, and the changes I have seen over Oct. 21st.—Strands of Pearls Book Club the years that have made Lambda Tau Omega a premier chapter. Sorors I am prepared to continue to work side by side with you as we continue to serve Chicago’s south suburban communities and continue to bring positive CHANGES to our communities.

Millicent Borishade, Chairman

October 14, 2012

Lastly, please keep Golden Soror Lois Parks in your prayers along with all sorors in need of prayer.

Soror Joyce

Submitted by Marilyn Hamb

December Luncheon 2012 submitted by Ruby Roberson

As 2011 draws to a close, please be reminded that all 2012 unspent budgets revert to $0. Please submit all 2012 outstanding expenses requiring reimbursement prior to December 22, 2012.

We are not quite ready to sing “let it snow…”, but it is time to start planning to attend the Twenty Pearls Foundation December Luncheon. The luncheon will take place on Saturday December 8, 2012 at the Olympia Fields Country Club at noon, following Foundation and Fundraising Credit summaries are published by the TPF Finan- Chapter meeting. cial Secretary each month. Please access the report at Adult tickets are $50.00 each and tickets for children 12 and under to determine if you have an outstanding balance. All payment should be made to Twenty Pearls Founda- are $20.00. Luncheon payments will be accepted at Foundation and tion, Inc. and submitted to Soror Angela Bailey, TPF Financial Chapter meetings and Paypal. Payment can also be made by mail to Secretary. Any questions should be sent via email to angelthe Chapter PO Box. The meal choices for adults are Chicken Caesar Salad or Salmon Caesar Salad and Chicken Fingers and French Fries for children 12 The Budget for 2013 has been prepared by the Budget and under. Committee. All prior year obligations must be satisfied before 2013 Per Capita payments can be paid. The absolute last day to pay for the luncheon will be November 30, 2012. NO money will be accepted the day of the event.


This event is an opportunity to celebrate the holidays with sorors, family and friends. Don’t miss it!!!!!

Greetings Sorors of Lambda Tau Omega!

Chaplin’s Corner

Stay tuned for officially voting date for MIP.

Jennifer Lyle Moore

Submitted by Soror Saundra Jones LTO Membership Chairman

Pink Pearls of Protocol Disposal of AKA Documents Submitted by Leah Hill, Protocol Committee Member

It takes every member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated to prevent improper use of materials by non-members. This month’s on-line issue discuss: Placement of Documents, Materials to shred, What to do with unused/no longer needed Paraphernalia and our beloved Badge. Please be sure to read and keep current on how to handle our sensitive items.

AKABirthdays & Anniversaries Happy Birthday and Anniversary to all sorors with birthdays and anniversaries in October. Your names will be featured in the Hodegos Report for October.

Huggable Change: We are about to usher in the Fall season which for many years was not my favorite time of the year. My mother used to love this time of year with the beautiful earth tones, the cooler weather and the excitement of going back to school. In preparing this article I took the time to examine just why I had felt this way about this season. With some discernment I came up with this reason which is by no means an excuse. I raised my family for the most part as a single parent and as the primary person responsible for all the duties that holds a household together it was a stressful time. I was stuck reacting the same way to the same experience every time. When I think about it now, I wasted my time and probably some else’s time complaining. I once read an article that stated, “Before you can create, you must forget.” With my children grown I allow myself to forget the stress, and create a new feeling. I learned that being wedded to how things have always been is an impediment to growth and innovation. I also learned individuals that can’t release the past find that they are unable to remain viable. T.D. Jakes puts it this way” God can’t force a big idea into a mind that’s stuck on small thinking. I’d like to add small and negative thinking. Well, those old feelings are gone now. Thank God I’ve changed, just like my appreciation for the colors of Fall. I’ve always loved orange, yellow and red; I realize I spent years ignoring the things I loved that were present all around me. I now feel charged and enthusiastic about the Fall season.

The big tip for today: If you are having difficulty embracing change don’t say or do anything, just allow change to give you a hug.

Volume 1 Issue 9 November 2012

Basileus Message “Why VOTE” Greetings Sorors,

Upcoming Events Nov. 4th — Pan Hellenic Council Meeting at Good Shephard Church 3:00 PM Nov. 6th—TPF Board of Directors and Executive Committee Meetings at Flossmoor Library 6:30 PM Nov. 10h—Twenty Pearls Foundation Membership and LTO Chapter Meetings at St. Andrew Church in Homewood , IL. 2:00PM Nov. 14th—Cotllion parent meeting. See Soror Millicent for details Nov. 22nd—Happy Thanksgiving

November 6, 2012

Make your voice heard ... Every Vote Counts! We have elections this month and you have the opportunity to have your voice heard. So, if you are asking yourself, why vote? The answer is BECAUSE YOU CAN and we control our future through the power of our vote. Sorors VOTE November 6, 2012 and November 10, 2012. Please check website under nominating report for candidates running for office in chapter elections. Sorors all campaign literature should be submitted at Executive Committee meeting on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 for approval. Lastly, as we near our Thanksgiving Holiday, I would like to share a few things that I am thankful for in Lambda Tau Omega Chapter: I am thankful for sorors who fervently choose to be of service to all mankind. I am thankful for an amazing chapter where sorors can learn and grow within our sisterhood. I am thankful for chapter officers and committee chairmen who give many hours of their day to provide quality programs to our deserving communities. Last time I looked no one is on payroll. I am thankful for members who care and show support by attending our programmatic events. I am thankful for our business partners and friends who assist us as needed. I am thankful for my Anti-Basileus who has assisted and shared in leading our chapter on a journey to be remembered. Five things to remember in November: set your clocks back November 4, 2012, remember to vote November 6th and November 10th , get your turkey before it is too late, call a soror who you have not spoken to this year via phone and pray we have a record turn out to elect a president who cares about 100% of Americans and not just 47%.

Submitted by Marilyn Hamb Proposed 2013 Budget During the November meeting we will vote to adopt the 2013 LTO Budget. The balanced 2013 Budget includes income of $32,915 and expense of $32,915. Included in the Budget is the following proposed 2013 Dues structure: Graduate Members Graduate Members (62*)

$310 $290

Graduate Life Members $220 Graduate Life Member (62*) $200

Note: 1. 2.

All prior year Fundraising assessments must be met prior to paying 2013 Per Capita. (62*) = Members that are 62 years or better, and have been financial with LTO for 2 years are eligible for a 10% discount off the LTO dues.

We Help Each Other …In 2008 LTO established a fund to assist Sorors in need. We refer to this fund as the LTO Help Fund. Any Soror with a need may request a grant (no need to pay it back) to assist with paying their 2013 Chapter Dues. To make a CONFIDENTIAL request for assistance, please submit your documented request to Basileus, Soror Joyce Nelson. The We Help Each Other form can be found on the Financial Information Page on

Membership Submitted by Saundra Jones


Pink Pearls of Protocol What is your PQ ?

Nominating Committee

Submitted by Marva Campbell-Pruitt

There is a lot of activity surrounding elections during November. We all realize the importance of voting at the local, state and national levels. Just like we urge our members to take part in the electoral process governing the community, it is equally as important that you exercise your right and privilege to vote at the Chapter Level as well. November is busy, busy, busy!!! The Polls will be open from 3:15 – 4:00 p.m. during the November LTO Chapter meeting for Chapter Officers. It is always a wonderful time to nominate our dear hardworking Sorors who have shown outstanding leadership and service. We will be accepting nominations for Individual Soror Awards at the November meeting. Please make certain to reflect on deserving sorors and be prepared to submit nominations. We will be busy! There will be one, possibly two additional slates presented. One, to fill three (3) seats on the Twenty Pearls Foundation Board and the other possibility is for the Graduate Advisor.


Submitted by Ruby Roberson

The luncheon will take place on Saturday December 8, 2012 at the Olympia Fields Country Club following the Foundation and Chapter meetings. Adult tickets are $50.00 each and tickets for children 12 and under are $20.00. Luncheon payments will be accepted at Foundation and Chapter meetings and Paypal. Payment can also be made by mail to the Chapter PO Box. 1516 Matteson, IL 60443.

(Protocol Quotient)

Take Part I of our Protocol Quiz on the LTO Website to discover how polished your pink pearls are where Protocol is concerned. Sorors, we ask that you take a minute and answer the questions prior to attending Chapter Meeting in November. The answers will be provided at the meeting! Submitted by Sandra P. Butler

AKABirthdays & Anniversaries Happy Birthday and Anniversary to all sorors with birthdays and anniversaries in November. Your names will be featured in the Hodegos Report for November.

Prayer Corner Sorors please remember to keep our chapter and sorors in your prayers and check the hodegos report for any soror names not listed here for prayer. Soror Lois Parks Soror Audrey McFarlin Soror Angela Bailey Soror Jackie Toler Soror Toya Harvey

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