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Innovations & Development The Innovator LTO SFLU District Office benefits from the new government center extension LTO-Vigan DO improves workplace for better service delivery New site for San Carlos DO soon to be fully constructed Survey: LTO-R1 continuously delivers outstanding services to clients LTO SFCLU DO scores 88.71% on Report Card Survey for 2013 DO, EO heads gain skills on workshop, retooling on operations Accomplishments Good Governance LTO-R1 4th Most Outstanding Regional Office of LTO Pocsidio, Cabrera LTO’s most outstanding employees New Beginnings in LTO Dagupan Urdaneta DO: Most Outstanding District Office nationwide LTO-Alaminos on track for development Agoo-EO exceeds target for Q1

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LTOR1-in-Action LTO-SFLU nets motor vehicles with fake documents Oplan Balik Eskwela Oplan Karatig Bayan Oplan Ligtas Biyahe: Kwaresma 2013

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Our Best Practices Systems go with automated queuing machine We give priorities to senior citizens SFLU-LC advocates good housekeeping 5S for quality workplace

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Employees’ Corner: Samu’t Sari Verano place 2nd for single’s table tennis competition Sa Ating Katigasan ng ulo 20 tips to become a successful employees Employees’ Enrichment Activities Tickle the Mind: Discover the Pattern

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Environmental Advocacy LTO-R1 compliant in protecting the environment LTO-R1 goes green Big Day for Batac-DO

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Frequently Asked Questions What is LTO? How was LTO created? What are the services offered by LTO? LTO Organizational Chart Our Vision, Mission and Main Functions

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Doing Business with Us LTO-R1 purchases seven breath analyzers Procurement

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Policies and Issuances Republic Act No. 10586 (Anti-Drunk and Drugged Driving Act of 2013)

LTO-R1 District Offices and Directory





TRANSPORTER...Putting Order on the Road

Editorial TRANSPORTER… Putting Order on the Road

A Semi-Annual Journal Published by the Land Transportation Office Region 1

Editorial Board ARD Francis Ray A. Almora, CESO VI Editor-in-Chief

Members: Ms. Jovita F. Dion

The first copy of any publication whether print, broadcast, television or electronic is the most difficult to realize. The TRANSPORTER, envisioned as the carrier of Land Transportation Office information on its activities and policies including the clients‘ feedback from its offices in region 1, is now coming out with its maiden issue through the collective effort of those who shared the vision of reaching out to the stakeholders and other interested entities. The journal shall be the medium of LTO-R1 to realize its mandate of registering road worthy motor vehicles, issuance of licenses and permits, enforcement of land transportation rules and regulations, adjudication of traffic cases and the LTO Quality Policy of leadership in government service, total customer satisfaction and organizational excellence. Succeeding issues of the publication will only be realized if all stakeholders will contribute their experiences and perceptions of the Land Transportation Office in Region 1 to be shared thru the ―TRANSPORTER‖.

Best Practices Mr. Amado A. Gomez Innovations and Development Ms. Kathleen Deanna G. Salayog Frequently Asked Questions Mr. Charlie A. A. Del Rosario Procurement/Environmental Advocacy Ms. Rosemarie P. Pocsidio Samu’t Sari/Good Governance Ms. Vilmaria B. Pacis LTO-R1 in Action/Policies and Issuances Ms. Camela M.Estrella Publication and Distribution Contributors Evangeline V. Agbunag Ronald N. Aquino Hipolito A. Arde Merlene C. Dumo Caridad Q. Dy Marilou C. Gapuz Joel C. Mabutas Arnulfo M. Maranan Johnny O. Pacis Luthgard P. Pascual Lorna C. Sotelo Eric Suriben Domingo C. Tominez. Jr.

A pearl buried inside a tightly-shut shell is practically worthless. Government information is a pearl, meant to be shared with the public in order to maximize its inherent value. The Transparency Seal, depicted by a pearl shining out of an open shell, is a symbol of a policy shift towards openness in access to government information. On the one hand, it hopes to inspire Filipinos in the civil service to be more open to citizen engagement; on the other, to invite the Filipino citizenry to exercise their right to participate in governance.

Lay-out designer Miriaflor B. Rimando

Editorial Adviser RD Atty. Teofilo E. Guadiz III, CESO V

January - June 2013


INNOVATIONS&DEVELOPMENT The Innovator By Amado A. Gomez It is with great pride that the Land Transportation Office Region 1 launch the first edition of its official paper, ―Transporter‖. As it is in its name, the journal is a vehicle that conveys the identity of the office, the purpose and directions it is embarking, and the things that it had accomplished in the field of public service. A part of this journal is a section on innovations and development which shall be called ―The Innovator‖. ―The Innovator‖ speaks and represents us the driver of the ―Transporter‖ that steers and conveys: fresh ideas -doing something different -introducing or bringing something new new methods -making changes in the processes established novel solutions -applying new approach to the existing modes of operation in addressing issues and challenges -finding and profitably serving unmet customer needs-accomplishing things through more effective designs, methods or devices

toward the direction best described in our tag-line: ―Putting Order on the Road.‖ Please send all contributions/articles to Innovations and Development Section, Transporter at or at

LTO-SFLU DO benefits from the new government center extension By Ronald N. Aquino SAN FERNANDO CITY, La Union – The continuous partnership established by the Land Transportation Office - San Fernando, La Union District Office (LTOSFLU DO) Chief Ernesto Jesus L. Samonte with the Provincial Government of La Union (PGLU) headed by Governor Manuel C. Ortega bore fruit with the grant of 1,158 square meter lot along the new Government Center Extension in Aguila Road, Sevilla, in this city. During the groundbreaking ceremony on March 1, 2013 of the Government Center Extension, the PGLU awarded lots to different line agencies for the purpose of building their proposed offices in order to provide a onestop shop of various government services in the area for the convenience of the transacting public. The different beneficiary agencies were the LTO-SFLU DO, Office of Civil Defense, Bureau of Internal Reve-

For the succeeding issues of our journal, ―The Innovator‖ is encouraging all men and women of the Land Transportation Office Region 1 to take a step, or even a little leap to come out from their shell and break out of their comfort zone of redundant routines and processes by sharing, and recommending actions, processes, and work steps that will redound to a more refreshing work environment and a new facet in the delivery of service by our office. All contributions, whether news features, experiences, significant signage, and the like that are new, different, and can be applied to gain solutions and introduce accomplishments will be collated and be published in this section. As driver-innovators of the ―Transporter,‖ we are all catalysts of change in our respective offices by steering


Representatives from the different beneficiary agencies witnessed the blessing of the new Government Center Extension during the groundbreaking ceremony led by Hon. Governor Manuel C. Ortega. Also in photo is LTO-SFLU DO Chief Ernesto Jesus L. Samonte (extreme left). Continue to page 5

TRANSPORTER...Putting Order on the Road

Innovations & Development

Vigan DO improves workplace for better service delivery

proper disposal of obsolete records and unserviceable properties and equipment in coordination with the National Archives of the Philippines,‖ she said.

VIGAN CITY, Ilocos Sur – Land Transportation Office - Vigan District Office (LTO-Vigan DO) continuously boosts the quality of its service delivery as it offers a better workplace standard for its clients.

The district office is continuously dissemi-

About 80 percent of the LTO-Vigan DO started to undergo renovations in April this year to provide clients a convenient and fast delivery of services. Among the facilities renovated were hallways, bulletin boards, fences, waiting areas, and other equipment such as gang chairs and filing racks. ―Clients are now comfortable at the waiting area because it is now provided with facilities such as television and air -condition for them to be entertained and be more comfortable while waiting for their transactions to be completed,‖ said District Chief Caridad Dy of the LTO-Vigan DO.

nating information and installs informative signages in conspicuous places to inform clients the updates of the service delivery processes on licensing and vehicle registration, Dy explained. “We hope that all plans and projects of LTO will be carried out towards the continuous improvement of the delivery of quality public service with commitment and strong determination with integrity and dedication to public service,‖ Dy added.

New site for San Carlos DO soon to be fully constructed By Joel C. Mabutas

―Also, as part of the environmental advocacy of the agency, the district office is strictly implementing the from page 4

LTO-SFLU DO benefits ...

nue District Office 3, Civil Service Commission Provincial Field Office, Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, Philippine Veterans Affairs Office, Bureau of Treasury, Parole and Probation Administration, Bureau of Plant Industry, and Maritime Industry Authority. Provincial Executive Assistant Mario C. Ortega reiterated during the event, that each beneficiary agency is given a timeframe of one year to develop and build its proposed office building. In the event that the agency does not comply with the given period, the granted lot will revert back to the provincial government and shall be awarded to other agencies in need.

SAN CARLOS CITY, Pangasinan – The Land Transportation Office - San Carlos District Office (LTO-San Carlos DO) will soon be offering a more spacious, comfortable, relaxing ambiance and a better systematic work flow of transaction to its clients once the construction of its new building will be completed by September this year. The building, which is located in Roxas Boulevard, San Carlos City, is being constructed in a 1,000 square meter lot donated by the city government of San Carlos. As of this date, around 90 percent of the building is already finished. January - June 2013


Innovations & Development

Survey: LTO-R1 continuously delivers outstanding services to clients By: Lorna C. Sotelo

resource needs in all District/Extension Offices that are necessary for the delivery of public service. From the customers‘ feedback, improvement of services and facilities were installed to provide requirement of additional human resources in order to meet the standard processing time. Continuous education of frontline services through attendance in seminars, training and workshops are required in order to enhance knowledge of employees that will help them in rendering quality service.

The Land Transportation Office Region 1 (LTO-R1) has been committed towards the rationalization of land transport services and facilities and to implement the various transportation laws, rules and regulations in Region 1. One of the plans and programs of management is to satisfy both external and internal customers and partners in service delivery to exceed customer satisfaction. Thus all customer‘s requirements, feedbacks, suggestion and complaints are carefully considered to identify current problems and future needs. As a tool, the office conducts a Customers‘ Satisfaction Survey which for this year was conducted on May 27-29. The survey is conducted once a year to determine the customers‘ perception of the effectiveness of the quality management system on License Process. It aims to ensure that the customers‘ evaluation of the QMS on Driver‘s License Processing at aligned sites are recorded and effectively handled with regards to the four categories: employees, service, system and the office. The required 30 percent sample size of customers, 2,362 or 69.65 percent actual sample size of the total transactions for the 3-day survey, were given a survey form. Out of the distributed forms, 87.38 percent customers responded correctly with the survey forms, 6.23 percent customers did not return the survey forms and 6.4 percent did not respond correctly with the survey forms. The over-all result of the survey shows that the LTO Region 1 has 97.94 percent customers‘ satisfaction rating, wherein 65.18 percent strongly agree and 32.76 percent agree, while 2.06 percent represented dissatisfied customers. The high level customers‘ satisfaction rating validates the effort of management for the continual improvement of the LTO quality management system. One of management commitments is to meet all the


Provision of waiting area, gang chairs, and electric/ceiling fans are also necessary to address the clamor of customers to have convenient and more ventilated waiting area. With the initiative of our management and only in this region, the electronic queuing system was provided in all District/Extension Offices in order to maintain and comply with the first come first serve policy. This is to eliminate the fear of customers that papers are being processed based on ‗palakasan‘ system. With the queuing system, transaction number of customers is shown in the monitor sequentially. Management is looking for the improvement on the use of this machine to benefit the customers. The result of the customers‘ satisfaction survey indicates the management commitment to understand customers‘ needs, meet the customers‘ requirements and strive to exceed customers‘ expectations. #

SFCLU DO scores 88.71% on report card survey for 2013 By Ronald N. Aquino SAN FERNANDO CITY, La Union – In an aim to provide more effective and efficient public service leading to client satisfaction, the Land Transportation Office - San Fernando, La Union District Office (LTO-SFLU DO) underwent the Report Card Survey (RCS) on February 19-20, 2013. Initiated by the Civil Service Commission together with the Civil Society Organization, the RCS was conducted thru an interview with thirty LTO customers/clients availing of the frontline services of the agency. Based on the outcome of the survey, it was seen that the agency fared excellently in terms of compliance with the provisions of the Anti-Red Tape Act (ARTA) which is Continue to page 7

TRANSPORTER...Putting Order on the Road

Innovations & Development from page 6

SFCLU DO scores ...

(left photo) LTO-SFLU DO Chief Ernesto Jesus L. Samonte receives the copy of the Report Card Survey final report of findings from Civil Service Commission La Union Provincial Director Violeta Nipal-Mendoza.

About 40 percent of the respondents claimed to be satisfied in terms of the employees‘ Knowledge, Competence, Courtesy and Extra Mile or extended service. As a whole, the LTO-SFLU DO scored 88.71 percent, with an equivalent descriptive rating of ―GOOD,‖ which fell short of 1.29 percent for an ―Excellent‖ rating. Thus, the district office passed in all areas of the Report Card survey, and will continue to improve on its general service for the realization of its vision to provide quality and excellent public service for a progressive land transport sector.

DO, EO, DLRC heads gain skills on workshop and retooling on operations By Kathleen Deanna G. Salayog (right photo) CSC LU Provincial Dir. Violeta Mendoza explains to San Fernando LU Dist. Office personnel the results of the Report Card Survey.

one of the major areas of the Scorecard, garnering an average rating of 91.16 percent. This was attributed to the perfect scores of the agency in areas like: wearing of ID/Nameplates by all the personnel, No Hidden Costs, and Observance of the No-Lunch Break Policy and other sub-areas namely, Anti-Fixer Campaign, provision of Public Assistance Complaints Desk (PACD), and the Citizen‘s Charter with ratings of 94.63 percent, 93.16 percent and 80.83 percent, respectively. The agency garnered a rating of 86.56 percent for the over-all Client Satisfaction with the Physical Set-up/ Layout topping the different sub-areas with a score of 93.25 percent. This was followed by Basic Facilities with 88.12 percent, Respondents-Client‘s Satisfaction Level with 85.60 percent, Frontline Service Provider with 85 percent, and Service Quality with 84.93 percent.

Heads of District, Extension Offices and Drivers License Renewal Centers nationwide joined the recently conducted seminar workshop and retooling on Land Transportation Office (LTO) operations. The seminar workshop was conducted to extensively discuss issues and concerns on some specific transactions of LTO; update on the motor vehicle plate standardization; updates on filing up of vacant position and the office‘s major final output This was spearheaded by the Office of the Asst. Secretary in coordination with the Transportation District Officers Association of the Philippines held on April 21-24, 2013 at the LTO Central Office. Present during the seminar were Chief of the Operations Division Menelia C. Mortel, Chief of the Administrative Division Maribel T. Salazar, and Chief of the Finance and Management Division Irenea D. Nueva.

The performance of the agency in this particular area was justified by the percentage of respondents who claimed that they are very satisfied (30 percent) and satisfied (63.33 percent) with the services given. As to the overall satisfaction time, 26.67 percent and 66.67 percent are very satisfied and satisfied, respectively. The basis for satisfaction speaks of: Timeliness (Response Time), Timeliness (Attention), Knowledge, Competence, Courtesy and Extra Mile. Fairness and Ethical Treatment factor was the highest number of very satisfied respondents with 46.67 percent.

LTO DO/EO/DLRC heads of offices receive their Certificates of Attendance after the Seminar Workshop and Retooling on LTO Operations. (From left to right: Hipolito A. Arde, Johnny O. Pacis, Merlene C. Dumo, LTO Asst. Secretary Virginia P. Torres, Kathleen Deanna G. Salayog, Domingo Z. Tominez, Ricardo P. Ribleza. Not in the picture are Daniel Glorioso Z. Martinez and Arnulfo M. Maranan.)

January - June 2013


Innovations & Development

ACCOMPLISHMENTS By Regional Internal Audit Section / Vilmaria B. Pacis

“The achievement of an organization is the results of a combined effort of each individual”

REGION I – With a new tandem at the helm, LTO Region 1 (LTO-R1) buckled up for 2013 with renewed confidence and commitment as it set out its sail to deliver on its mandate to: PUT ORDER ON THE ROAD, LICENSE QUALITY DRIVERS, and REGISTER ROAD WORTHY and EMISSION-COMPLIANT MOTOR 14.17 percent compared with 2012 figures for the same VEHICLES. period. Driver‘s License issuances totaled to 89,995, while Student Permits comprised of 52,029. Of the total From January to June this year, LTO-R1 operations gen- driver‘s licenses issued, 21,427 (15 percent) were new, erated revenues amounting to P370.496 million, posting a while 68,568 were renewals. (see figure 2 ) 14.50 percent increase over last year‘s collections for the same period. Law enforcement operations covering four provinces yielded 15,501 apprehended drivers violating various Motor vehicle (MV) registration accounted for almost 81 Land Transport laws, rules and regulations. Failure to percent of LTO-R1‘s income which reached 234,848 Wear the Prescribed Seatbelt (Sec. 10a of R.A. 8750) was units for the 6-month period, up by 7.04 percent from the most frequently committed violation at 3,608 apprelast year‘s figures. hensions. (see figure 3 ) Of the total, 41,852 units (17.82 percent) were new motor vehicles, while 192,996 units (82.18 percent) were renewal transactions. Motorcycles/motorized tricycles posted the largest number of registered vehicles at 162,106 units or 69 percent of the total MV population. (see figure 1 )

The onset of the election period on March 2013 slowed down regular operations, however, penalties from apprehensions from January to June this year amounting to P12.4M buoyed up law enforcement collections to attain 91 percent of the region‘s target.

With the Quality Management System for Driver‘s Li- Having adopted the ―one step ahead‖ attitude towards cense processing in place, there were 142,024 Driver‘s work, LTO R-1 may well be on its way to a good finish Licenses and Permits issued, with a marked increase of this 2013. Fig. 1: Motor Vehicles Registered by Type

Fig. 2: Licenses and Permits Issued


Fig. 3: Frequently Committed Violations

TRANSPORTER...Putting Order on the Road

GOODGOVERNANCE LTO-R1 4th Most Outstanding Regional Office SAN FERNANDO CITY, La Union—In line with the celebration of its 101st Foundation Anniversary conducted at the Bulwagan Edu, Quezon City, Land Transportation Office (LTO) Region 1 was awarded one of the Most Outstanding Regional Office for year 2012. With a rating of 75.5 percent, the office was pronounced fourth out of the 16 LTO regional office contingents nationwide. The award aimed to recognize the efforts, performance and achievements of regional offices pursuit to the Civil Service Commission Resolution No. 01-0112. Among the awardees were: Region VI with 80 percent1st; Region IX with 77.5 percent-2nd; Region IV-B with 77 percent-3rd; and Region II with 75 percent rating-5th. The winners were chosen based on the improvements and projects implemented in relation to LTO mandates, efforts and physical contribution to the accomplishment of the major final output, quality management system. Thankful for the award received, the regional office is determined to strive more, implement programs and projects effectively and enhance service delivery to clients to be the most outstanding regional office while providing service satisfaction to clients in the upcoming years.

Receiving the plaque of recognition is Atty. Teofilo E. Guadiz III (3rd from left) handed by LTO Executive Director Alfonso V. Tan, LTO Asst. Secretary Virginia P. Torres and DOTC Secretary Emilio Joseph A. Abaya.

“Good governance never depends upon laws, but upon the personal qualities of those who govern.”

Pocsidio, Cabrera LTO’s most outstanding employees for CY 2012

SAN FERNANDO CITY, La Union – Rosemarie Pocsidio and Amy Cabrera was awarded as two of the most outstanding employees for year 2012 during the awarding ceremony of the Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE) in line with the celebration of the 101st Foundation Anniversary of LTO held at the Bulwagan Edu, Quezon City last April 23-26 . This is to maintain, retain and recognize government employees who work with competence, efficiency and integrity and think with dynamism and dedication for the people, the organization and the country. Rosemarie P. Pocsidio, head of the Regional Internal Audit Section and a consistent awardee for three consecutive years, bested again 10 nominated employees for the 2nd level category nationwide and received a P20,000 cash incentive On the other hand, Amy R. Cabrera, bookkeeper, was awarded fourth place for the 1st level category and received P5,000 as cash incentive. They were chosen based on their status of government service, good moral character, previous ratings, derogatory report and accomplishments. Both have showed an exemplary performance on their assigned functions and proven their dedication, hardwork, efficiency and passion for the office. The awards and incentives conducted yearly by the agency is pursuant to the Civil Service Commission (CSC) Resolution No. 01-0112 and CSC MC No. 1, series 2001 aims to recognize employees of their hardwork and dedication and to motivate and inspire government employees to improve the quality of their performance and instill deeper involvement in public service. January - June 2013


Good Governance

New beginnings in LTO-Dagupan DAGUPAN CITY — The year 2013 heralds new beginnings in LTO Dagupan District Office as it welcomes its newly renovated office and newly designated Officer-inCharge in the person of Engr. Eric C. Suriben. LTO Dagupan DO is opportune and thankful that the long planned, designed and conceptualized renovation projects have come into fulfillment. Among the renovated facilities were: Lecture Room for driver license applicants, Clients‘ Waiting Area, Supply Room for Registration Section, Comfort Rooms and more spacious working area for employees. These tangible innovations and new head of office infused enthusiasm for the staff to strive more and demonstrate their commitment in delivering excellent public service in line with the LTO vision, mission and quality policy for the effective implementation of its mandates. With the promotion of activities that would improve the delivery of service to the motoring public, this pave the way for a new start of this office. The 1st quarter of 2013 appears to have given a new lease of dynamism in the office as it performed reasonably in all aspects of its operation that led to increase in revenue collection. Whether this can be taken as a litmus test of a good performance under the new leadership and revitalized employees remains to be seen not only in the coming months of the year but in the years to come. Moreover, A thanksgiving mass and blessing of the newly renovated office was held in LTO Dagupan District Office on March 15, 2013. This was officiated by Rev. Fr. Socrates Villegas. Present during the occasion were RD Atty. Teofilo Guadiz III, ARD Francis Ray Almora, district chiefs, and other personnel from the regional office.

Urdaneta DO: Most Outstanding District Office nationwide SAN FERNANDO CITY, La Union – The Land Transportation – Urdaneta District Office in Region 1 was awarded Most Outstanding District Office for the year 2012 in the celebration of 101st Foundation Anniversary of LTO last April 23 to 26 held at Bulwagan Edu., East Avenue, Quezon City. The Urdaneta District Office continuously bring clients the mandate of the agency considering the excellent practice of good governance, property and records management, as well as the commitment to the implementation of the Quality Management System of LTO. With a rating of 95 percent, The district office bested 10 nominees from various regional offices who competed. Among the other winners were: 2nd – Makati DO (NCR); 3rd – Baybay EO (Region VIII); 4th – Butuan DO (CARAGA); and 5th – Malolos DO (Region III) and Calamba DO (Region IV-A). Winners were selected by the Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE) Committee of LTO based on the practice of good governance, property management, records management, quality of workplace, and customer feedback on district offices. Furthermore, the regional office 1, all its district and extension offices as well as center and its lone kiosk is determined in maintaining its good standing by continuously striving and improving its service delivery to both internal and external clients to attain its vision of excellent and quality public service for a progressive land transport sector.# LTO Quality Policy In LTO, we are dedicated to provide quality service to the transacting public and to our employees and partners in service delivery. In order to achieve the above, we are committed to: Leadership in government service: We shall be a model frontline government agency, continually striving to improve our performance to remain as such. Total customer satisfaction: We shall satisfy both our external and internal customers, and our partners in service delivery.

LTO-R1 staffs and clients joined the thanksgiving mass and blessing of the newly renovated LTO-Dagupan District Office.


Organizational excellence: We shall involve all our employees in formulating and improving our service delivery system and processes, and be objective in agency decision-making.

TRANSPORTER...Putting Order on the Road

Good Governance

LTO-Alaminos development




ALAMINOS CITY — The Land Transportation Alaminos City District Office is currently making its share towards development and enhancement of public service. With the excellent effort of the leaders of LTO-R1 and this DO, a remarkable development and progress were noted such as renovation of the LTOAlaminos City District Office building, sustained

Agoo-EO exceeds targets for Q1 AGOO, La Union – As a result of diligent management, Land Transportation-Agoo Extension Office (Agoo-EO) has exceeded its targets and accomplishment for the first quarter of 2013 vis-à-vis accomplishment for the same period of 2012. ―This is because of the improved office structures and facilities, modern technological gadgets and advancement of personnel which came up with prompt and efficient services to our clients,‖ District Chief Merlene Dumo of the Agoo Extension Office said. As compared to the first quarter of 2012, the extension office has surpassed the following areas of accomplishments for the year 2013: · Registration transactions handled – monthly average increase of 15.36 percent. · License transactions handled – monthly average increase of 10.40 percent. · Apprehensions handled - monthly average increase of 350 percent · Revenue collection - monthly average increase of 18.67 percent.

computerized operation of the major functions of the office and modernized queuing system for a better service delivery to the clients. To bring service closer to the public and enhance community involvement, various activities are being carried out like information dissemination and outreach programs in coordination with other government agencies and representatives from the transport sectors. Presently, the office is adopting and implementing the Quality Management System on Driver‘s License Process which is a clear manifestation of the dedication of the LTO in providing quality services to the public. Although it encounters normal problems concerning its operations, the District Office has always been aggressive in solving these problems so as not to hamper its daily operations and will continuously deliver an excellent service to its clients. The District Office is committed to provide quality services, implement transportation laws and regulations incorporated in the policies of the office concerning motor vehicle registration, licensing and law enforcement. #

We are also guided by the programs and policies of the office, and actively complying with all the directives cascaded from higher authorities, Dumo added. Likewise, Agoo EO was awarded BEST in the Quality Workplace Monitoring during the four (4) rating quarters of 2012 and envisions to maintain the rank up to the next rating periods. The extension office is presently manned by eight (8) personnel consist of four (4) permanent employees, one (1) casual and three (3) job orders. With the continuous efforts, the office is on the process of constructing additional customer comfort room for female to address the necessity needs of its clients and is now aspiring for the construction of a new office building on the lot donated to the office recently. # January - June 2013



LTO-SFLU DO nets motor vehicle with fake documents By Ronald N. Aquino

SAN FERNANDO CITY, LA UNION - The strict advocacy of the LTO SFCLU District Office against the proliferation fake motor vehicle (MV) documents led to the seizure of a Mitsubishi Adventure GLS2 Wagon bearing plate number RFW-663, in partnership with Police Regional Office 1 Criminal Investigation & Detection Group (PRO1-CIDG). On March 27, LTO SFLU DO Chief Ernesto Jesus L. Samonte received a courtesy call from former Luna Mayor George Pinzon, co-owner of a car depot engaged in buy and sell of second hand motor vehicles. Pinzon requested verification on the status of two motor vehicles, one Honda Jazz and 1 Mitsubishi Adventure Wagon bearing plate no. RFW-663, sold to him by 2 male persons. Upon verification from the LTO IT database, records of the Honda Jazz Motor vehicle appeared to be in good standing. On the contrary, records of the Mitsubishi Adventure Wagon showed that the original Certificate of Registration (CR) shown by the vendors did not match with the CR No. on the database. Thus, Mr. Pinzon sought Samonte‘s advice on the issue and he was told to bring the subject motor vehicle to LTO SFDO together with the vendors of said vehicle. The Mitsubishi Adventure Wagon was brought to LTO by PCInsp Silverio Ordinado, Bangar Police Station Chief upon Pinzon‘s request. Upon arrival at the agency, the vehicle‘s documents were scrutinized by Samonte together with SPO2 Gacayan of PRO1 CIDG. When Chief Samonte asked the vendors why they had in their possession the MV and documents, they replied that it was also sold to them in Baguio City. When further asked to present the acknowledgement receipt for payment of said vehicle, the supposed vendors could not present any but assured that they will show the


documents on the next working day which would be April 1, 2013. The scenario triggered suspicion on the part of the LTO-San Fernando LU DO Chief and took the initiative to verify the authenticity of the registration documents thru a request confirmation from the originating agency, LTO Olongapo City District Office. On the 1st of April 2013, the vendors did not appear at the LTO San Fernando District Office as agreed from the previous meeting. On that same day, the LTO Olongapo City District Office confirmed that CR No. 11355715-0 is fake and not included in their series and sent the scanned copy from their file with latest CR No. 8510851-6 dated April 3, 2009, and encumbered to Philippine Savings Bank. Based on the confirmation from LTO Olongapo City District Office, Mr. Samonte concluded that the Certificate of Registration presented by the alleged vendors was counterfeited. As of this writing, complaint charges against the vendors were filed by Mr. George Pinzon for falsification of public documents and attempted estafa at the provincial prosecutor‘s office. In addition, official communications had been sent by LTO San Fernando LU DO to the registered owner and PS Bank Olongapo City Branch Manager to clarify issues on the documentation of the subject MV. The actions undertaken by the LTO San Fernando LU DO Chief Samonte in partnership with other law enforcement agencies, will serve as a warning to organized crime groups that the agency is dead serious in pursuing perpetrators including those attempting to engage in the falsification of MV registration documents.

(Inset photo: the Subject Motor Vehicle being inspected at the LTO impounding area in Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union)

TRANSPORTER...Putting Order on the Road

LTO-R1 in Action


Atty. Teofilo E. Guadiz III, new LTO-R1 Regional Director, leads in checking school conveyances in various school zones of the region during the school opening in June this year.


To strengthen the Anti-Colorum campaign, the Naguilian Extension Office conducted a one-day activity to discuss and disseminate RA 4136 or Land Transportation and Traffic Code and other services of LTO to the local government officials and transport sectors of Burgos, La Union recently.

OPLAN Ligtas Biyahe: KWARESMA 2013

LTO R-1 male and female enforcers and mobile vehicle inspectors conduct a weeklong safety audit for public utility vehicles and inspect transport terminals during the OPLAN LIGTAS BIYAHE: Kwaresma 2013 to ensure safe and efficient travel for all passengers and motorists during the Lenten Season.

January - June 2013


OURBESTPRACTICES Systems go with automated queuing machine

“An empowered organization is one in which individuals have the knowledge, skill, desire, and opportunity to personally succeed in a way that leads to collective organizational success.”

We give priorities to senior citizens...

By Jovita F. Dion LINGAYEN -- To improve the processing of transactions and the queuing of clients during the acquisition of driver‘s license and registration of motor vehicle, Automated Queuing System machines has been installed in all of the district offices, extension offices and licensing centers of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) in the region. With the new system, clients became more comfortable as they will just have to remain seated at a wellventilated/air-conditioned area while waiting for their turns in filing their motor vehicle registration, driver‘s license applications, photo-taking, paying the fees, and claiming their driver‘s license, plates, stickers in accordance with their queue number which they themselves have generated from the queuing machine. Before, clients have to fall-in-line and wait for their turns to be served which creates sometimes problems and inconvenience. Now, clients will just get a number on the machine and wait for their numbers to be announced and flashed on the queuing monitor.

Laoag District Office takes pride in giving priority treatment to senior citizens not only in compliance to Memorandum Circular –ACL 2009*1241 but more on the humane reason. Senior citizens are offered to stay inside the office while waiting for their transaction to be completed. Licensing personnel readily acts on their needs while their applications are being processed. MC-ACL 2009-1241 was signed by the former Land Transportation Office (LTO) Assec. Arturo C. Lomibao in the year 2009 to give priority to senior citizens and pregnant women in the processing of their transaction. #

The implementation of the automated queuing system, which is also the first queuing system installed in all LTO offices nationwide elicited appreciation from customers as it enhanced their convenience. Having the new machine, transparency, as one of the thrusts of the Philippine government is also being promoted because customers will be able to keep track on the flow of processing transactions by the office.


Regional Monthly Conference: LTO-R1 conducts regional monthly meeting to discuss issues on operations, programs and projects, directives, administrative concerns and other issues arises from the divisions and district offices. In this way, the regional office can plan, strategize, identify updates and solve problems arising. This strategy will craft a smooth flow of operations while carrying out its mandates.

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Our Best Practices

SFLU-LC advocates good housekeeping By Johnny O. Pacis

San Fernando City, La Union — Since its ISO certification in 2007, the San Fernando LU Licensing Center (SFLU-LC) prides itself in its records room and records management which always almost drawn out praises from third party auditors especially when retrieving records and doing audit trails of drivers‘ licensing (DL) transactions. As a result of its function to process various driver‘s license transactions, records are created at an estimated rate of five (5) kilograms per day at the San Fernando La Union Licensing Center which may add up to tons of paper when accumulated. By strictly following the 5S (Sort, Systematize, Sweep, Sanitize and Self-discipline) of good housekeeping in records management, the center saves itself from being buried under mounds of paper through regular disposal of drivers' license records that have passed their retention period. Having religiously done this since April 2009, the SFLULC have maintained the ―benchmark state‖ of its records room, saving on storage space and making traceability and retrievably of DL records at a fast rate.

5S for a quality workplace The Land Transportation Office Region 1 has strictly been conforming to the implementation of Quality Workplace Program adopting the 5S good housekeeping concept. 5S, stands for Sort, Systematize, Sweep, Sanitize, and SelfDiscipline, is a system adopted by the LTO to reduce waste and optimize productivity through maintaining an orderly workplace and using visual cues. Implementation of this method "cleans up" and organizes the workplace basically in its existing configuration. Each employee is responsible in maintaining his/her area and items in the workplace. A monitoring team was also assigned to conduct a regular check-up if the method is properly and regularly followed. Through this method, employees are encouraged to improve their working conditions and help them to learn to reduce waste and in-process inventory enjoying an organized, orderly and quality workplace. January - June 2013


Sa Ating Katigasan ng Ulo Ni Luthgard P. Pascual

SAMU’TSARI Verano place 2nd for single’s table tennis competition MANDALUYONG CITY - Representative from the Land Transportation Office-Region 1 Liezel Verano was awarded first runner-up for the table tennis women‘s single competition recently. As part of the celebration of the annual Foundation Anniversary of the Land Transportation Office, a competition of basketball (men), Volleyball (women), table tennis (men and women, singles) and choral was held. Verano is designated as Supply Officer in Batac District Office. The celebration is to showcase not only to recognize the skills and performance of employees but to show their talents while engaging in a healthful activity.

“Honesty is the Best Policy” aniya sa English. Sa aking palagay at wala naman sigurong kokontra sa akin kapag sinabi kong “Self-Discipline is still the Best.” Sabi ni Father Luc Colla, isang misionaryo dito sa Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte aniya, “Filipinos have everything except selfdiscipline.” Sa Filipino daw, lahat na mabubuting asal ay nasa atin na pero may isang kaugalian ang wala sa atin ay ang “kawalan ng sariling disiplina. Dito sa Pilipinas niya nakita ang kawalan ng disiplina ng mga kabataan at mga may edad na sa paghawak ng sasakyan lalung-lalo na sa motorsiklo. Dito siya nagtanong sa akin. Ang aking nasagot lamang sa kanya ay “Father, our office has a strict policy for not letting our young ones and anybody without drivers license to drive any vehicle. But I do not know if the parent of these children allows them to drive.” Dito ko napagtanto sa tagal ko sa trabaho sa lansangan sa tanang buhay ko, kung bakit maraming disgrasiya, angalan sa parking space, talunan sa violation at iba pa. Saan kaya ang pagkakamali natin? Nasa BATAS ba o nasa PAGPAPATUPAD? Sa isip ko, saan kaya nagsisimula ang disiplina? Sa BAHAY ba? Sa ESKWELAHAN? O sa TRABAHO ba? O itanong muna sa SARILI natin? Ang gaganda ng batas natin. Kagaya ng RA 8750 o ang Seat Belt Act Law at RA 10054 o ang Helmet Law. Tanong ko lang… Tayo ba na nasa Kagawaran ng Land Transportation Office? lalung-lalo na sa Region 1, GINAGAWA O TINUTUPAD BA NATIN ANG MGA ALITUNTUNIN NG BATAS TRAPIKO? “BATO BATO SA LANGIT ANG TAMAAN AY MATAPILOK SANA”


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Samu’t Sari 9. Be part of the solutions. Quit whining about what's wrong and start being vocal about what's right! A positive attitude goes a long Being a successful employee is similar to running a sole proprietor-

way with many supervisors. When you go to the boss with a prob-

ship with low risk and limited customers. Here are 20 tips on How

lem, go with at least one suggestion in mind for a solution. Even if

to survive and keep your job and be a successful employee:

the boss doesn't take your suggestion, you will look like a problemsolver, not a complainer.

1. Behave professionally. People talk, and workers know the difference between a person who is fun to work with and a person

10. Don't drag your feet. Pick your feet up and walk proud, and

who is always fooling around. Fun means a good personality, a joke

get right to your work - don't procrastinate or let things drag up to

or two, and a smile. Fooling around is wasting your time and that of

the deadline, and then jump in to get it done in a fast flurry at the

others, being frequently off-task, and often being seen standing in


the workspace of others instead of in your own. 11. Be quiet and work. Quit gossiping and get to work. 2. Learn to take criticism gracefully. It will provide you with valu-

12. Always be productive. Get the work done and move on to the

able ideas about what people expect from you, any weak areas, and

next thing as quickly as possible.

what you need to work on first. If a boss or coworker criticizes you in a way that hurts or angers you, wait until you cool/calm down

13. Don't dress like your co-workers, dress as well or better

and ask them if you can talk with them. Tell them how you

than your boss.

felt, but tell them that you would like to fix the issue and want them to talk with you about what needs to be changed.

14. Hold your head high and be confident. A calm, assured energy will take you much farther than carrying yourself in a hunched

3. Learn to do your job, and do it well. Whether it's menial and

up ball.

tedious, or tough and high-paying, learn how to do the job, regardless of how difficult you think it might be. If you don't know how to

15. Volunteer or be active in projects to get the job done. Be a

do something, go find out; don't make excuses for why you didn't

team player. Volunteering allows you to choose the part you will

do it.

play. If you don't choose, chances are it will be chosen for you. Either way, you'll be responsible for some facet, so be one of the first

4. Cultivate good relationships with the people in your organi-

to step forward when you can.

zation; they are the experts in their departments. Treat all coworkers with courtesy, respect, and kindness because they hold

16. Don't spend a lot of time on personal phone calls. Work is

more power than you realize, and your reputation with them mat-

for work.

ters. Do not hang out with other employees who mistreat, disrespect, or talk down to others.

17. Stay late, even if it is only 15-20 minutes. People notice who runs for the door at 5:30 pm. One of the best uses of this time is to

5. When you get the opportunity to learn a new skill, receive

organize your work space for tomorrow. Do 5S.

training for a different activity, or take a study course paid for by your employer--do it! Cross-training, new skill sets, and further

18. Offer junior employees guidance and encouragement. Offer

education show that you are intelligent and value life-long learning.

to show them the ropes or offer training tips. Remember how it felt

If push comes to shove, and people are let go, you stand a better

to be the newbie. Be a mentor. If you are not sure someone under-

chance of being retained than those who can only do one thing.

stood something, be willing to ask if they need assistance. Don't do the work for them, teach them instead.

6. Maintain a clean job performance record. Do a good job, show up on time, keep a good attendance history.

19. Acceptance is the Key. Don't argue a lot, your boss's opinion is always right for her or him, so if you found something wrong, try to

7. Be on time. Always arrive early. Be at least 15 minutes early

understand your boss's perspective, but without arguing. Use a

every day. If your client is early, you will be there to greet him or

good and quiet way to understand the problem point. Policies are

her, and not leave someone waiting for you.

implemented for reasons of the good of the whole.

8. Ask your supervisor what the expectations for productivity

20. Be appreciative, always say THANK YOU whenever a boss or a

are. This will immediately make you stand out from 95% of the

co worker does something good to you, it will always motivate

other employees. Mean what you ask and follow through on your

them to do more good to you.



January - June 2013


Samu’t Sari


Fun Walk and Fun Run: The regional office actively participates fun walk and fun run activities not only to support its counterparts in the government but to advocate good health and environment protection. This year’s activities were San Fernando City, LU—Civic Grand Parade, Sillag Fun Run and Environment Month Fun Walk.

AREX Tournament: Being a member of the Association of Regional Executives, the LTO-R1 never give its back on sports activities such as bowling and basketball.

Skills Enrichment: Law Enforcement Seminar Workshop— To be more competitive, LTO-R1 provides seminars, trainings and workshops to its employees. Recently, the office conducted a two-day seminar-workshop in Capitol Resort Hotel in Lingayen Pangasinan last March 15-16 to all the Law Enforcement Officers to nurture them an additional knowledge and skills they need to become a more effective law enforcers in the region.

Skills Enrichment: Basic Customer Service Skills: Job Order employees undergone a two-day seminar workshop to boost the level of competency on service delivery to both internal and external clients held at the Civil Service Commission Region 1 in July 4-5, 2013.


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Samu’t Sari

TICKLE THE MIND: By: Evangeline V. Agbunag

With the numbers 1 to 9 and using and each number once, the table on the right (3 x 3 grid) is already filled in that if the numbers are added in every row and every column the sum will all be equal to 15.




= 15




= 15




= 15

=15 = 15 = 15 11





= 65






= 65






= 65






= 65






= 65

= 65

Using the same pattern, with the numbers 1 to 25 and using each number once, the table on the left (5 x 5 grid) is already filled in that if the numbers are added in every row and every column, the sum will be equal to 65.

= 65 = 65 = 65 = 65 = 175 = 175 = 175

Have you discovered the pattern? Then, you are now ready to fill in every row and every column of the table on the right (7 x 7 grid) with the numbers 1 to 49, that if the numbers are added in every row and every column, the sum will all be equal to 175. Always remember that each number will be used only once.

= 175 = 175 = 175 = 175 =175 =175 =175 =175 =175 =175 =175

This pattern applies to tables with odd numbers grid such as 9 x 9 grid, 11 x 11 grid, 13 x 13 grid and so on. Having discovered the pattern, you can now fill in the table grids stated in less than 15 minutes.

January - June 2013


ENVIRONMENTALADVOCACY LTO-Region 1 compliant in protecting the environment By: Charlie AA del Rosario SAN FERNANDO CITY, La Union — Republic Act 8749, otherwise known as the ―Philippine Clean Air Act of 1999‖ placed upon different government agencies the responsibility and ensuring the protection and advancement of the right of the people to a balanced and healthful ecology in accord with the rhythm and harmony of nature in recognition of the principle that ―polluters must pay‖. Among the sources of pollution identified under the law are those coming from motor vehicles. The Department of Transportation and Communications through the Land Transportation Office (LTO) is tasked to inspect and monitor the emissions of motor vehicles through authorized private testing emission testing centers duly accredited by the Department of Transportation and Communications. As of July 2013, there are 52 authorized Private Emission Testing Centers (PETCs) in Region 1. These PETCs are being inspected and monitored by the LTO in partnership with other government agencies such as the Department of Trade and Industry, Technical Skills and Development Authority (Tesda), and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to insure compliance of the standards to ensure that motor vehicles being tested are emission compliant.

Through this activity, the office is able to prohibit smoke belchers, from polluting the environment. Those found violating the emission standards are penalized. #

LTO-R1 goes green

SAN FERNANDO CITY, La Union – Environment advocates from various government agencies, environmental groups, schools, and local government units joined the simultaneous tree planting activity during the Arbor Day in celebration with the Environment Month dubbed ―Think. Eat. Save.‖ conducted in barangay Cadaclan, this city in June 20, 2013. Arbor Day by virtue of Presidential Proclamation 643 Series of 29004, is an event in which individual and groups are encouraged to plant and care for trees. It aims to encourage support and educate the community in environmental management activities which will promote the conservation and protection of resources thru simultaneous activities and provide community building and partnership in various environmental programs in the city. The Land Transportation office in Region 1 has been always supportive in the protection, conservation and restoration of the environment through actively joining activities for its improvement such as tree planting.

Through Tesda, Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) of LTO-Region 1 are trained in operating smoke emission testing equipment of the office. At present there are 12 units comprising of six (6) gasoline and six (6) diesel smoke emission testing equipment, being utilized by the LTO-R1 LEOs for inspection and monitoring the emissions of motor vehicles in the region.


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Environmental Advocacy


A DAY for LTO-BATAC… WITH A CLEAN AND GREEN ENVIRONMENT Employees of LTO Batac District Office bonded altogether in conducting its big day or clean-up day in support to the nationwide program of the agency for the cleanliness and orderliness of the office. The clean up drive was done based on the implementation of the 5S standards (Sort, Systematize, Sweep, Sanitize and Self-discipline). Batac District Office implement 5S not just to become one of the best offices but also to maintain a clean, organize, and qualitycentered workplace. Last year, Batac District Office ranked second entire region 1 in the implementation of 5S.

“A Clean Environment is a productive environment. Keeping a clean office will help employees to be motivated and focused. Employees who work in a chaotic mess will undoubtedly produce work that mimics their environment. So, keep employees happy and focused by keeping the office organized and clean.” January - June 2013


FREQUENTLYASKEDQUESTIONS What is LTO? The Land Transportation Office or LTO (Filipino: Tanggapan ng Transportasyong-Lupa), is a Sectoral Agency under the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) responsible for optimizing the land transportation service and facilities and to effectively implement the various transportation laws, rules and regulations. The LTO promotes the safety and comfort of the traveling public with respect to motor vehicles. It is tasked with collecting various fees from the registration of motor vehicles, the issuance of licenses to qualified motor vehicle drivers, the collection of fines and penalties for motor vehicle related infractions, and the sale of motor vehicle license plates.

How LTO was created? In order to regulate and provide regulation and licensing of operators for motor vehicles in the Philippines then, Act No. 2159 was enacted in 1912. This was the first formal law on land transportation in the country. It created the Automobile Section under the Administrative Division of the Bureau of Public Works.[2] In 1926, Act No. 3045 compiled and incorporated all laws governing motor vehicles. The Automobile Section was upgraded to the Automobile Division but still under the supervision of the Bureau of Public Works. Act No. 3992 (Revised Motor Vehicle Law) was enacted in 1933, amending Act No. 3045. The Automobile Division was renamed Division of Motor Vehicles. In 1945, the Department of Public Works and Highways issued Department Order No. 4 for the reorganization of the Division. It took effect after the liberation of the Philippines from the Japanese invasion. Executive Order No. 94 was promulgated in 1947, reorganizing the different executive departments, bureaus and offices. Under Section 82 of E.O. 94, the Division of Motor Vehicles was upgraded into the Motor Vehicles Office (MVO) with the category of the Bureau. However, the Motor Vehicle Office was abolished in 1964 by Republic Act No. 4136 (Land Transportation and Traffic Code). Executive Order No. 546 was promulgated in 1979, creating the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC). The Land Transportation Commission was renamed into Bureau of Land Transportation (BLT) and was absorbed by said ministry. The creation of the Board of Transportation (BOT) and the Bureau of Land Transportation was nullified in 1985 by Executive Order 1011. The E.O. established the Land Transportation Commission, which was tasked to perform functions such as registering motor vehicles, licensing of drivers and conductors, franchising of public utility vehicles and enforcing land transportation rules and regulations. The Land Transportation Commission was abolished in 1987, and two offices were created, namely the Land Transportation Office (LTO) and the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB). The LTO took over the functions of the former BLT while the LTFRB took over the functions of the BOT. The MOTC was likewise renamed as the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC).


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the services offered by LTO?    

Driver‘s Licensing Mobile Vehicle Registration Manufacturer, Assemblers, Importers, and Dealers Accreditation Law Enforcement and Adjudication of Cases Our Mission We are committed to work towards the rationalization of Land Transportation Office services and facilities, and to implement effectively the various transportation laws, rules and regulations in coordination and collaboration with other government agencies, business sector, civil society and other stakeholders. Towards this end, we are determined to:   

Put order on the roads License quality drivers Register roadworthy and emission – free motor vehicles

Our Main Functions     

Inspection and Registration of Motor Vehicles Issuance of Licenses and Permits Enforcement of Land Transportation Rules and Regulations Adjudication of Traffic Cases Collection of Revenues for the Government

Our Vision The LTO envisions a model government agency showcasing excellent and quality public service for a progressive land transport sector.

Vision Functions


January - June 2013


DOINGBUSINESSWITHUS LTO-R1 purchases seven breath analyzers By Charlie AA del Rosario

SAN FERNANDO CITY, La Union -- How can one scientifically determine Driving Under the Influence (DUI) of Alcohol? In the past years, law enforcement officers can only verify that a driver is under the influence of alcohol after an accident or a problem on the road if brought and tested to the hospital for blood examination, which takes time and would require additional government expenses and resources. According to statistics, road accidents are mainly due to driving while under the influence of alcohol. In order to minimize the risks of road accident, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) Region 1 has purchased seven (7) Breath Alcohol Tester known as breath analyzer - a reliable gadget that would determine faster if a driver is under the influence of an alcohol, in December 2012.

With scientific evidence, it is now easier for LTO to find drivers liable for DUI of alcohol. Furthermore, drivers found liable will face stiff penalties such as administrative fines, revocation of driver‘s license and if warranted, imprisonment of not less than three (3) months. The LTO again remind drivers and operators that vehicles are for conveyance and not for killing, so DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE.

PROCUREMENT: Notices Awarded posted on PhilGEPS from January to June 2013.

·Materials for the renovation of proposed LTO Naguilian Office Bldg. ·Seminar for the year-end assessment corp. planning workshop ·11 TV,11 Ref. 1 set sala set, 1 A/C ·Purchase of 2 unit copier - glass tinting of doors & windows ·Midyear assessment & forward planning workshop ·3 unit touchscreen notebook ·1 unit laptop & 1 comp. workstation

Breath analyzers at hand will able Law Enforcement Officers and other LTO deputized agents to have a scientific way of determining whether a driver is driving while under the influence of alcohol from a breath sample. This initiative of the LTO-R1 will strengthen the implementation of section 53 under the Republic Act 4136 or Land Transportation and Traffic Code on drunk driving and will further improve its road safety advocacy for all road users in the region.


“A basic principle of a healthy democracy is open dialogue and transparency” TRANSPORTER...Putting Order on the Road

"A policy is a temporary creed liable to be changed, but while it holds good it has got to be pursued with apostolic zeal."


Republic Act No. 10586 (Anti-Drunk and Drugged Driving Act of 2013) According to statistics most accidents involve drivers who were driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence of alcohol and dangerous drugs (DUI). It is high time then that a law be released to curb this problem. Fortunately, President Benigno S. Aquino III, just signed the Anti-Drunk and Drugged Driving Act of 2013 to prevent or at least reduce the incidence of accidents caused by these reasons. Here are some guides to assist you in understanding the provisions of this new law. What is being prohibited by this law? The law states that it shall be unlawful for any person to drive a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, dangerous drugs and/or other substance. (SEC. 5 ) How can a law enforcement officer know if I am drunk? If he has probable cause to believe that you are drunk then he can order you to stop your vehicle to conduct a test on you. (SEC. 6) May a law enforcement officer do a random check? No. The law is clear that there must be probable cause before the officer could ask you to stop your vehicle. (SEC. 6 ) What are these probable causes? These are apparent indications and manifestations including overspeeding, weaving, lane straddling, sudden stops, swerving, poor coordination or the evident smell of alcohol in a person’s breath or signs of use of dangerous drugs and other similar substances. (SEC. 6 ) What kind of test will be conducted on me? These are field sobriety test to initially assess and determine intoxication, such as the horizontal gaze nystagmus, the walkand-turn, the one-leg stand, and other similar tests as determined jointly by the DOH, the NAPOLCOM and the DOTC. (SEC. 4 (g)) What if I fail this field sobriety test? If you fail that, the law enforcement officer will implement the mandatory determination of your blood alcohol concentration level through the use of a breath analyzer or similar measuring instrument. (SEC. 6) What if I am under the influence of drug and the law enforcement officer finds out about this? The law enforcement officer will bring you to the nearest police station to be subjected to a drug screening test and, if necessary, a drug confirmatory test as mandated under Republic Act No. 9165. (SEC. 6)

May a police officer stop my car and conduct this test? Only those deputized by LTO can conduct this test. (SEC. 10) What is the penalty for violation of this law? (SEC. 12) a. No physical injury or homicide Imprisonment – 3 months Fine – Php20,000 – P80,000 Driver’s license Non-professional: First conviction – confiscation and suspension for 12 months Second conviction – perpetual revocation Professional: First conviction – perpetual revocation b. Resulted to physical injury Imprisonment – prision mayor to arresto mayor depending on the gravity of the injury caused or reclusion temporal, which ever is higher Fine – Php100,000-Php200,000 Driver’s license Non-professional: First conviction – confiscation and suspension for 12 months Second conviction – perpetual revocation Professional: First conviction – perpetual revocation c. Resulted to homicide Imprisonment – reclusion temporal (12 years – 20 years) Fine – Php300,000-Php500,000 Driver’s license Non-professional: First conviction – confiscation and suspension for 12 months Second conviction – perpetual revocation Professional: First conviction – perpetual revocation Will the owner/operator of the vehicle be liable? (SEC. 13) Yes. The owner/operator shall be directly and principally held liable together with the offender for the fine and the award. Are there exceptions to this rule? (SEC. 13) Yes. If the driver/operator could convincingly prove that he or she has exercised extraordinary diligence in the selection and supervision of his or her drivers in general and the offending driver in particular. Does this mean that if someone borrowed my car, I will also be liable in case the borrower, while drunk, ran over someone? (SEC. 13) No. This rule applies only to owners and/or operators of public utility vehicles and commercial vehicles such as delivery vans, cargo trucks, container trucks, school and company buses, hotel transports, cars or vans for rent, taxi cabs, and the like.

January - June 2013


Land Transportation Office Region 1 Aguila Rd., San Fernando City, La Union Tel. Nos. (072) 700-2544 / 242-7407 / 888-4962

Atty. Teofilo E. Guadiz III, CESO V Regional Director

Francis Ray A. Almora, CESO VI Assistant Regional Director

Division Heads Evangeline V. Agbunag OIC, Administrative Division

Lorna C. Sotelo Chief, Finance and Mgmt Division

Hilario Sabado Asst. Chief/Sr TRO, Operations Division

District Offices, Extension Offices, Licensing Center and Kiosk Heads Agoo Extension office Head: Merlene C. Dumo San Agustin Sur, Agoo, La Union Tel. No.: (072) 7101364

Alaminos District Office Head: Domingo C. Tominez, Jr. Tanaytay, Alaminos City Tel. No: (075) 5527068

Burgos Extension Office Head: Luthgard P. Pascual Poblacion, Burgos, Ilocos Norte Tel. No.: 09162298767

Naguilian Extension Office Head: Marilou C. Gapuz Cabaritan, Naguilian, La Union (072) 710 1364

San Carlos District Office Head: Joel C. Mabutas New PublicMarket, Roxas, Blvd., San Carlos City, Pangasinan (075) 532 3173

San Fernando LU Licensing Center Head: Johnny O. Pacis Aguilia Rd., San Fernando City, La Union (072) 22 5651

Batac District Office Head: Arnulfo M. Maranan Quiling Sur, Batac City (077)7924719

San Fernando District Office Head: Ernesto Jesus L.Samonte Aguilia Rd., San Fernando City, La Union (072) 242 1036

Candon District Office Head: Amado A. Gomez San Nicolas, Candon City (077) 7426167

Rosales Extension Office Head: Kathleen Deanna G. Salayog Pine St., Zone V. Rosales, Pangasinan (075) 5823561

Dagupan District Office Head: Eric C. Suriben AB Fernandez West Ave., Dagupan City (075)5220892

Urdaneta District office Head: Glorioso Daniel Z. Martinez Alexander St., Urdaneta City (075) 568 2390

Laoag City District office Head: Hipolito A. Arde P. Gomez St., Laoag City (077) 7713828

Vigan District Office Head: Caridad Q.Dy Tamag, Vigan City (077) 722 7130

Lingayen District Office Head: Jovita F. Dion Capitol Compound, Lingayen, Pangasinan (075) 5426188

Bayambang Kiosk (E-Patrol) Head: Ricardo P.Ribleza CSF Cmpd. Quezon Blvd., Poblacion Sur, Bayambang, Pangasinan 09993132953


A Semi Annual Publication of the Land Transportation Office Region 1


A Semi Annual Publication of the Land Transportation Office Region 1