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anticipated: 15 school outreaches/assemblies, 16 community outreaches and 11 Parent University trainings, allowing OO to reach more people than expected. Already existing Bible study groups in Houston provided immediate discipleship for beneficiaries; plus two additional Bible study groups were started. In Dallas, the Parent University program provided leadership training to parents and students in the Carrollton Farmers Branch School District. In Kansas City, OO partnered with three other churches on outreach and follow-up. Distribution of Scripture included Bibles, New Testaments, Elementz of Life magazines, CDs and books, which allowed follow-up opportunities.

Urban youth need help and direction to make wiser lifestyle choices. Parents need resources so they can help correct dysfunction in their families. Through its City Sweep program, Otra Onda (OO) worked with at-risk youth in Dallas and Houston, Texas; Kansas City, Mo.; and Kansas City, Kan., helping them make positive changes and plan for the future. School and community outreach programs used God’s Word to address challenges, while classes for parents helped improve family relationships. This was the second phase of a project that began in 2007.

ASSESSMENT & RECOMMENDATION During Otra Onda’s Parent University, held in February 2010 at Vivian Field Middle School, parents and their children learn skills together.

OO achieved or exceeded its goals as a result of its good relationships with schools, administrators and community leaders. To achieve greater impact, each city coordinator targeted different areas of the cities, identified and contacted community leaders and schools to plan the outreach. During the second phase, OO conducted more outreach events than



Otra Onda




United States

OO improved its monitoring and measurement mechanisms in this phase and was able to better track and follow up with those who responded to questionnaires.

Expected cost

$19.44 per beneficiary

Actual cost

$15.70 per beneficiary


United States





Evaluation date

May 14, 2010


Shamalia K. Snipe

Global Scripture Impact recommends OO for further funding of the third phase of the project, based on its demonstrated ability to connect people with local churches and engage people with Scripture, while meeting their physical and social needs.


DEFINITION OF RESULTS Exceeded Achieved Below Not achieved

Implementer exceeded goal by more than 20% Implementer solidly achieved the goal +/- 20% Implementer partially achieved the goal Goal was 100% not achieved




7,850 PEOPLE demonstrate increased willingness to engage with Scripture after attending outreach events or requesting materials, prayer or counseling


[+] ACHIEVED A total of 8,395 people showed willingness to engage with Scripture after attending City Sweep Community Outreaches and School Outreaches. OO was able to achieve this goal as a result of the credibility and reputation it has built with the schools and apartment complexes through this program.

1,500 PEOPLE demonstrate increased


understanding of Scripture after participating in parenting classes, Bible studies or discipleship groups

300 PEOPLE take action inspired by Scripture, including joining a local church, demonstrating more positive behaviors or improving family relationships; 350 people receive training to become community leaders


[++] EXCEEDED A total of 1,863 people showed an increased understanding of Scripture after they became connected through Bible study groups and parenting classes. Through the relationships with the schools, school administrators and community leaders, OO was able to connect with parents and families and encourage Scripture engagement. Distribution of the Scripture resources at the events, including Bibles, Elementz of Life magazines, CDs and books, allowed OO to follow up with recipients of these materials and encourage ongoing learning through Bible studies or parenting classes.

[++] EXCEEDED A total of 891 people took action as a result of the program: 130 joined a local church and 761 registered for student leadership classes and received training to become community leaders. Through partnerships with local churches, volunteers and counselors were made available for participants. In some cases, personnel were provided by local churches to work alongside OO in the follow-up and discipleship process. Although only 130 out of the anticipated 300 joined churches, many were involved in Bible studies or parenting classes where they were increasing their knowledge of Scripture and being discipled.


FINANCE REPORT ITEM Salaries, benefits Outreach Houston Kansas City Dallas Scripture Research and evaluation






$25,060 $14,880 $13,640 $20,055 $10,714

$26,566 $13,247 $17,715 $22,769


“All I can say is God changed me today. I struggled with unforgiveness toward my dad. But today, I feel I can forgive him now. My heart — I don’t know — it feels kind of strange, so strange. I’m no longer tense. I’m no longer feeling angry. And I literally feel that a whole weight has been lifted up. I really liked the program and [I am] happy I came.” — Janet Rodriguez, who participated in a community outreach event in Kansas City


NOTES: *An additional $94,349 was raised by OO through local funds and other sources to cover salaries, benefits and other increases.

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Ltm 2009 2010 impact report  
Ltm 2009 2010 impact report