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2009 Annual Report & Membership Directory ■


Message from the Editor LAST YEAR, our association’s agreement with

Naylor, LLC, became a reality with our annual membership magazine that was published in late January 2009. The magazine turned out quite well as we received many, many compliments from our membership and the fire service. The magazine, delivered in plastic wrap, contained many interesting articles and product information. One of our members requested that his name be omitted from future publications, so “opt-out” notices were placed in the last two editions of The Five Trumpet Journal in preparation for this edition. I now welcome you to the second edition of the Five Trumpets Journal magazine. Within you will find messages from our president and vice president, reports from IAFC, VOAD and the New Jersey Commision on Fire Saftey. Our valor awards and a tutorial on how to aqcuire information on legislative activity are also covered. Please enjoy your copy of the magazine, and remember to support the advertisers who have made its publication possible. The New Jersey State Fire Cheifs’ Association, Inc. wishes you and your family happy holidays and a safe and prosperous New Year. God Bless America! Christopher H. Assenheimer Editor for the NJ State Fire Chiefs


New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Five Trumpet Journal

President’s Report

Success through Cooperation By Skip Carr


let me say how happy and excited I am to be the serving as President of your organization. I am also very thankful for your support, without which I would not be writing this column. I also wish to thank each of the members of the board of directors publicly for their invaluable help during the recent administrative transition.

a regular basis. Hazardous Materials, Technical Rescue, Firefighter Safety and New Fire Service Technologies will be part of my discussions in the future. We have many other members of our organization that have expertise and valuable information to share, and I urge all to write a paragraph or two

I look forward to the challenges of the office, and with your help I will be able to live up to them. There are some changes that I will be discussing with the board of directors that I feel will generate some new interest in our organization. We need to be more visible in the state and have more input in fire service activities. I believe the best way to do this is to get more active chiefs involved in our organization.

state and have more input in fire

To get these active chiefs and to (pardon the expression) “build a fire under some of our members,” we have to have something worth their while to interest them. In the next issue of the Five Trumpet Journal, I hope to announce a new initiative by the officers of your organization to provide you with a new plan to move our organization forward. It is premature to discuss this plan any further at this time; however, I urge all of you to share your thoughts with us for consideration. Contact information is found in the Five Trumpet Journal and on the Web site.

to provide the membership with current valuable information.

In serving on national committees, I am provided with important information that I will be sharing with you on

We need to be more visible in the

service activities. I believe the best way to do this is to get more active chiefs involved in our organization.

The fact that we only have one meeting a year makes it difficult to communicate on a regular basis. In today’s society, communication is vital for our organization to provide a worthwhile service to our membership. I pledge to all of you that you will hear from us more often, and with your help the New Jersey Sate Fire Chiefs will have the voice in the fire service it deserves. In closing, I wish to make myself clear. I in no way want to suggest that the recent officers have not done their job. Just the opposite, they have done a remarkable job to maintain the organization at the level it now has. It is only through their hard work and leadership that we are now in a position to move the New Jersey State Fire Chiefs into a new era to better serve its membership – an example is the new magazine. Thank you for your time and please consider taking a more active role in your organization. Again, the officers and I look forward to meeting the new challenges that we as an organization will face in the future. 2009 Annual Report & Membership Directory ■


Vice President’s Report By Jeffrey A. Betz

IN MAY I had the honor

of representing New Jersey at the 82nd Annual Eastern Division of the International Association of Fire Chiefs Conference in York, Pennsylvania. The Eastern Division of the IAFC represents fire and emergency service leaders from the states of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia. Please support the sponsors of this event. They can be identified at conference.html. Many had booths set up and were very willing to discuss the products. It had been many years since I had attended this event and it was very interesting to now participate in the interaction with representatives from the EDIAFC states at a portion of the Board of Director’s Meeting and then the Five State Summit.

country. Issues such as residential sprinklers, emergency operator’s qualifications, reductions of career firefighters due to budget reductions and rescaling of federal funding for the fire services were all common discussions. The key note speaker was Ed Mann, the PA State Fire Commissioner followed by a short business meeting and a very respectful Memorial service. Dr. William F. Jenaway, Executive Vice President of VFIS, presented “Distance Learning in the Fire Service: What is it? Why use it?” a very timely presentation that we should further research for our members. One of the most interesting and revealing presentations I have ever attended was presented by members of the City of Charleston Fire Assessment and Review Team: “Charleston, SC

Each state has it own issues while many cross state lines and are also issues in New Jersey. The sharing of information, ideas and actions was enlightening and offered possibilities for how we can respond to issues and options for our state. I found the reports from New York State and the IAFC Headquarters staff very interesting including issues such as book and reference materials sales, current IAFC positions regarding funding for the FIRE Act and SAFER, funding for the U.S. Fire Administration and National Fire Academy, job protection for volunteer firefighters and EMS as well as tax incentives for retrofitting fire sprinklers. I became more aware of the Fire Rescue Group Purchasing and the possibilities of earning funds for our state association. There was also review of the activities of the other Divisions across the 6

New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Five Trumpet Journal

Sofa Superstore Report.” This was a presentation that all fire officers and firefighters should attend. Not only did it highlight fire ground situations that any of us could encounter; it dramatically identified the critical need for good code enforcement to prevent fire service fatalities and injuries. The program closed out with a presentation by Capt. Lenny Carmichael, Trenton NJ FD, regarding “Implementing NIMS for the Fire Service.” There was time to socialize and meet new and old friends as well as good food and a ballgame. Next year it would be very beneficial for more of our members to consider attending the 83rd Annual Eastern Division Conference, May 13-15, 2010, at the Heritage Hills Golf Resort & Conference Center in York, Pennsylvania.

Valor Awards

Chiefs, At our last Board Meeting the Valor Award was discussed and it was the opinion of the committee that both James Wood and Robert Ventura would receive a citation from the New Jersey State Fire Chief’s Association for their action taken on September 14th 2008 in saving a life. Respectfully, Robert J. Cordes Valor Award Chairman

Faster, safer


Every second is critical in emergency response. That’s why communities all over New Jersey are adopting Opticom™ Infrared and GPS Systems to provide emergency vehicles with the green lights they need to lower response times, improve intersection safety and help save lives. Find out more about installing an Opticom™ Infrared or GPS System in your city. Contact Signal Control Products at 908-231-1133 or GTT at 800-258-4610. Opticom and the GTT logo mark are trademarks of Global Traffic Technologies, LLC. Used under license in Canada. © Global Traffic Technologies, LLC 2009



2009 Annual Report & Membership Directory ■ AM 7 10/6/09 10:27:14

Report from the

International Association of Fire Chi AS NEW

Jersey Director for the Eastern Division, I am attending Fire Rescue International held this year in Dallas, Texas. The International Association of Fire Chiefs has been very busy over the last year addressing many different concerns for the fire service and anticipates continuing to work on some very important fire service issues over the next year. The IAFC continues to work with various federal agencies to bring about the Public Safety Spectrum Trust, which would provide a permanently dedicated band of radio spectrum for public safety agencies. The current initiative may be our only opportunity to create such a band. This would allow greater interoperability between public safety agencies as well as to guarantee that other agencies’ (such as bus companies, cab companies, etc.) radio transmissions would not interfere with emergency transmissions of public safety agencies. This initiative is close to completion; however, IAFC 1st Vice President Jeff Johnson states that there are still some open items that need to be worked out. The Emergency Management Assistance Compact governs how resources are requested and sent to other states in a disaster situation and has been signed by every state in the union. Recent events such as the California wildfires and going back to Hurricane Katrina have demonstrated that the document needs work. The IAFC has a committee that is working with the National Emergency Managers Association to correct the fire related issues with the document. IAFC staff and officers continue to work Capital Hill to ensure that funding for the FIRE and SAFER Act grants are funded at an appropriate level. This year, despite a presidential budget that had the SAFER 8

funding increase and the FIRE Act funding decrease, the IAFC successfully worked with Congress to increase the FIRE Act funding to the same level as the SAFER funding at $320 million.

Delaware, as the Eastern Division Director.

Residential fire sprinklers will continue to be a high priority for the IAFC for the coming year, as sprinklers positively affect the safety of residents and firefighters alike. This past year, members of the International Code Council successfully passed into the code a requirement for sprinklers in one and two family dwellings despite extreme efforts by builders and developers associations to defeat it. The IAFC spent a great deal of time making sure that IAFC members had the information they needed, and were instrumental in getting this measure passed. In addition, the Board of Directors recently created a task force to study emerging technology that has fire service applications to enhance the safety of fire service members.

The Eastern Division will be hosting two training opportunities in the coming year: one in New York State and one in Delaware. These include International Code Council provided training as well as training provided by ISO on the new rating schedule. Once the plans for these two classes are firmed up, announcements will be made on dates, locations and cost. Look for this information in the Daily Dispatch.

This year, FRI will feature Janet Napolitano, Director of FEMA as one of its keynote speakers. She will swear in Kelvin Cochran as the United States Fire Administrator. Chief Cochran had been a long time IAFC member and speaker and has served as our 2nd Vice President. He left Shreveport LA fire department for the position of Fire Chief of the Atlanta Fire Department. He was recently nominated for the USFA post by the President and his nomination was quickly approved by Congress. The Board of Directors of the IAFC for the 2009-2010 year includes President Jeff Johnson of Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue in Oregon; 1st Vice President Jack Parow of Chelmsford, Massachusetts; Treasurer William Metcalf of Falbrook, California, as well as our own Bill Walton of Wilmington,

New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Five Trumpet Journal

Eastern Division

In addition, in May 2010, the Eastern Division Conference will be held again at the Heritage Hills Golf Club in York, Pennsylvania. The complete schedule has yet to be finalized; however, the educational opportunities afforded to members at such a close venue will be unmatched. Volunteer Fireman’s Insurance Services of York, PA has continued to support this conference as in the past. The Fire-Rescue GPO (Group Purchasing Organization) provides members of the Eastern Division the opportunity to obtain many regularly purchased items at group purchasing rates. The GPO then pays the Division an amount based on the total purchases made by Eastern Division members. Members can obtain everything from oxygen to electrical parts to office furniture. The GPO has contracts with such companies as Sprint, Grainger, Pitney-Bowes, Staples and Avis Rent a Car, and they are always adding to their list of providers and supplies. Please go to, sign up and start buying; you’ll save money for your department and make money for the Division.

hiefs – Eastern Division Volunteer Combination Officers’ Section The Volunteer Combination Officers’ Section of the IAFC continues to work on an Explorer/Junior Program best practices document. This document will give guidance on what junior firefighters can and cannot do in the fire service. It should be available in later this year.

not hesitate to contact me. I will very happy to pass on to the appropriate contact your interest and information. It is only through its members and their involvement that the IAFC can remain the premier fire service organization in the country.

By Jon B. Holcombe, New Jersey Director

Jon B. Holcombe, New Jersey Director Eastern Division-International Association of Fire Chiefs Fire Chief, Hamilton Township Fire District #2, 2711 Nottingham Way, Hamilton, NJ 08619-1836. Work (609) 586-0495 ex. 201; Cell (609) 309-2596

In addition, VCOS continues to provide training for volunteer and combination officers and their annual conference will be held in November 2009 in Clearwater Beach, Florida, from October 30th to November 2nd. Available classes include such titles as: “Leadership Boot Camp,” “Structural Tactics with Limited Manpower,” “Creating a Safety Culture in the Volunteer and Combination Department” and “Best Practices for Surviving the Next Three Years” and will feature such speakers as Shane Ray, John Buckman, former IAFC President and Bill Jenaway, ISFSI Executive Director. Jim Seavey, a long time member and former President of the IAFC’s Eastern Division will be teaching a class entitled, “Incident Command: I Can’t Hear You Because You are Screaming!” There are two scholarships available through VCOS for member(s) of a department that could not otherwise afford to attend this symposium. $1500 will be awarded to help defray travel and hotel costs. Applications can be found on the VCOS Web site. From the home page, click on the “Awards” page and scroll about halfway down.

Become Involved Each year, the divisions and sections as well as the IAFC itself struggle to find people to fulfill the myriad roles to run the organization. If you have any interest in assisting the IAFC, the Eastern Division or any of the IAFC Sections, Committees or Task Forces, please do 446984_Hale.indd


2009 Annual Report & Membership Directory 9 10/6/09■ 10:18:10 AM

Report from

Representative to VOAD VOAD stands for Voluntary

Organizations Active in Disaster. There is a national organization and a New Jersey VOAD. The word isn’t “volunteer.” Some participants in VOAD are paid employees of their organizations, but the organizations are non-profit groups. The mission of NJVOAD is “Bringing together New Jersey voluntary and community organizations to provide more effective service to people affected by disaster.”

Domestic Security Preparedness Planning Group About eight and a half years ago, the State Fire Chiefs were asked to send a representative to the Domestic Preparedness Planning/Coordinating Group. The Group had been tasked by Governor Whitman to prepare a Terrorism Annex to the State Emergency Operations Plan.

The State Fire Chiefs were invited to attend the meetings by several organizations that participated in the Domestic Preparedness Planning/Coordinating Group, predecessor of the Domestic Security Preparedness Planning Group.

After September 11, 2001, the Legislature created a Domestic Security Preparedness Task Force (DSPTF) and a Domestic Security Preparedness Planning Group (DSPPG) to advise the Task Force. In that legislation, the State Fire Chiefs’ Association was given a seat on the DSPPG. The Planning Group meets monthly.

NJVOAD continues to encourage the creation of County VOADs. I believe that the fire service should have stronger ties to County VOADs than to the State VOAD organization since most assistance requested for fire disasters will be at a local level. Many County organizations are using the acronym COAD – “C” standing for “Community.”

As part of the Planning Group, there are several Committees: Training, Funding, NIMS Integration, Technology, Exercise Support Team, Mental Health, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Agriculture (including Animal Welfare) and Department of Education.

The meetings have been moving around to member organization locations: the American Red Cross, Princeton; Salvation Army, Atlantic City; and the ROIC. Some members participate by conference call. The State Fire Chiefs have more to gain from VOAD than we have to contribute. Even so, there are materials and equipment that fire companies have that can be valuable to overall VOAD operations. I recommend that the Fire Chiefs continue their attendance at VOAD meetings and encourage the participation of Chiefs in their County VOADs. More information can be found at the Web site njvoad/index.html. It has links to the national association and, more importantly, links to the County VOADs. 10

The Planning Group makes recommendations to the Task Force. Also, the Planning Group takes assignments from the Task Force. There have been several presentations to the Planning Group from academic, governmental and private research groups showing things that can be in the Homeland Security “toolbox.” Domestic Security includes planning, preparedness, response and recovery. It involves many agencies. Governor Corzine signed Executive Order 5 on March 16, 2006, creating the Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness (OHSP). The goal of this Office is to coordinate emergency response efforts across all levels of government, law enforcement, emergency management, non-profit organizations, other jurisdictions and the private sector to protect the people of

New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Five Trumpet Journal

New Jersey. Director Richard Canas reports directly to the Governor as a cabinet-level official. Division of Fire Safety Director Larry Petrillo participates in the OHSP staff meetings. Other fire service representatives participating on the DSPPG are Hamilton Township Fire Chief Jon Holcombe who represents the Career Fire Chiefs Association and Tim Weiss, Principle Planner in the Division of Fire Safety. Many of the Planning Group representatives are from State Departments and Agencies. The State Fire Chiefs’ Association is one of the few organizations at the meetings representing local government groups. It is essential that the State Fire Chiefs continue active participation on the Planning Group. Information about the Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness can be found at ohsp/about.html. Information about the Domestic Security Preparedness Task Force and its constituent groups can be found at Information about the Office of Emergency Management can be found at www.state.

Publicity Committee The Publicity Committee has published five issues of the Five Trumpet Journal since the last annual meeting. The objectives of the newsletter are to provide the members with news about (1) the Association, (2) the Eastern Division and IAFC, (3) New Jersey legislative and administrative law, (4) relevant items about the New Jersey fire service and our members and (5) other topical items. The e-mail bi-weekly newsletter, The RELAY, is in its ninth year. There are 518 on the mailing list. Although The RELAY is published as a membership benefit, many members forward it to other members

By C. Kenneth Anderson

of their department or post it on the firehouse bulletin board. The objectives of this newsletter are similar to the Journal; it typically includes a “snippet” of an article with a link to the Web location of the full story if a member wants more information. The RELAY is sent Sunday evenings every other week. Members can have their name added to the list by sending an e-mail to kenander@ and include their name, membership number and e-mail address. The Association’s Web site is found at www. It is not a “current events” Web site. The Journal and The RELAY are posted. Contact information for the officers, rules and applications for membership, scholarships and valor awards are available. There is some historical information. The Eastern Division of the International Association of Fire Chiefs has created an e-mail newsletter called the Daily Dispatch. The Dispatch includes State news, National news, Announcements, Events, Job postings, Advertisers, Web sites and Fire GPO sections. Anyone can have their name added to the e-mail distribution by going to and completing the brief form. Notice of the Annual Meeting was included in the Daily Dispatch announcements.

Constitution and By-laws Committee No matters were submitted to the Committee.

The Constitution and By-law document can downloaded from the Web site, or obtained from the Secretary.

correspond with the President enclosing his contact information and a brief statement on why he would like to serve.

New Jersey Citizen Corps Citizen Corps was created to help coordinate volunteer activities that will make our communities safer, stronger and better prepared to respond to any emergency situation. It provides opportunities for people to participate in a range of measures to make their families, their homes and their communities safer from the threats of crime, terrorism and disasters of all kinds. Citizen Corps is coordinated nationally by the Department of Homeland Security. In New Jersey, Citizen Corps is coordinated through the Office of Emergency Management. CERT is a big part of Citizen Corps. There are many other opportunities including Neighborhood Watch and Fire Corps. In the latter, citizens can assist local fire departments in a range of activities including fire safety outreach, youth programs and administrative support. The State Citizen Corps Council has recently been reorganized. The State Fire Chiefs Association was asked to appoint someone to serve on the Council. The Council meets quarterly in West Trenton. On a temporary basis, I attended that meeting. However, any member who has a desire to represent the Association and provide input to the Council should

A number of Fire Departments have a Fire Corps unit, but that is not a prerequisite for appointment to the Council.

Eagle Scout Recognition Program In November 2005, there was the presentation of a Certificate of Commendation to an Eagle Scout who is also a member of the local fire brigade. There were many favorable comments received by the officers about this presentation. The Board of Directors felt that an Association program that would recognize scouts who earn Eagle rank and have an association with the fire service would be appropriate. Accordingly, a program was established to recognize any scout who achieves the Eagle Scout honor and is an active junior or cadet member of a Fire Department or if his parent, grandparent or guardian is a member of the State Fire Chiefs Association. The recognition is the presentation of a certificate by an officer or trustee of the Association at the Eagle Court of Honor. The process is initiated by a letter from a leader of the Scout Troop or the member of the Association whose child is to be recognized. The letter must include the name of the Scout, his address and phone, the name and address of the person making the request, the fire department membership of the Scout or the relationship to the Association member making the request and the date, time and location of the Court of Honor. The letter can be sent to the President or the Secretary. At least 30 days notice is necessary to prepare the certificate and schedule the presentation.

2009 Annual Report & Membership Directory ■


New Jersey Fire Safety Commission Sub-Chapter 3 There are a significant number of items within the Code that are viewed as retrofit requirements. The Division is working with Codes and Standards to address this issue. Retro-fit requirements in the new code are being looked at, as far as enforcement is concerned, and may be exempt for existing uses.

Firefighter1 Books Commissioner Joseph Doria was supportive throughout this process. The contract has been awarded to Jones and Bartlett and books should be in around September.

Firefighter Safety Regulations Due to the Line of Duty Death in Elizabeth, the use of back-up cameras for fire apparatus is being discussed. Funding could be an issue if they were required by the state. Assemblyman Wisniewski said that a law may be required.

of the new laws. It is thought that Governor Corzine may be looking to sign this Bill at the Firemen’s Convention in Wildwood in September.

NIFIRS In 2006 there was 98% reporting, 97% in 2007, 94% in 2008 and 70% so far in 2009. It was noted that a lot of small departments only report yearly, which may be some of the reason for the low 2009 numbers. In 2008, there were 83 civilian fire fatalities, half of which were in one- and two-family dwellings. The 2007 Fire in New Jersey report in currently on the Division of Fire Safety Web site and is accessible for download in PDF form. The 2008 Fire in New Jersey report is currently about half-way completed, but it is shaping up to be much larger than the reports from past years.

New Jersey Fire Safety Poster Contest The judging of the State Fire Safety Poster Contest took place at Springfield Fire Department Headquarters in Union County.

Fire Focus It is available again and is now being produced electronically. Going forward, Fire Focus can be found online on the Division’s Web site. The Division is sending out e-mail advisories when it is listed to the addresses they have on file. This notification is then being sent out to others that are not on the Division’s list.

Novelty Lighter bill passed both houses The Novelty Light Bill passed both Houses on June 25th, but without the matches provision. Assemblyman Wisniewski spoke on the evolution of this Bill and mentioned that you can always go back and try to get the matches provision included. There has been much discussion on the enforcement authority 12

Next year‘s theme is “Stay Fire Smart! Don’t Get Burned.”

Homeland Security Conference The Homeland Security Conference that took place at Kean University. The Conference was extremely wellattended, over 275 attendees, and was an overwhelming success. A main theme was the H1N1 virus (swine flu) and how to effectively combat the pandemic and its potential resurgence in our area. Speakers included representatives from the FBI, U.S. Attorney’s Office and United States Naval Academy.

New Jersey Weekend Division Computer System The current computer system is very old and outdated. The division is working with Codes and Standards to develop a system that can serve both entities effectively. The idea is to improve on the system and make it as user-friendly as possible.

Highway Traffic Safety Guidelines

New Jersey Weekend at the National Fire Academy was recently held down in Emmetsburg, MD. It was a great, successful weekend and continues to be a great tradition for New Jersey’s fire service. Director Petrillo feels this weekend is an excellent opportunity to ‘recharge your batteries’ each summer, and hopefully the tradition will continue into the future.

This is in the Attorney General Office for final approval.

Division of Fire Safety’s Staffing

It is expected that the guidelines will be issued as an Attorney General’s Directive

The unions accepted a total of 10 furlough days, which will impact Division productivity, but this will keep the

New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Five Trumpet Journal

n Report

Eye on tthe Legislature

By Lawrence D. Wood, Commissioner

Division from losing any employees through lay-offs or on a permanent basis. The Division recently lost two employees and with the hiring freeze still in place, they will not be replaced. Director Petrillo commended his staff for their hard work and innovative ways of filling the gaps and making up for being so understaffed.

Contractor Certification The Contractor Certification Advisory Board has been reorganized and is now meeting on a regular basis. They have also formed a Subcommittee to closely examine the residential sprinkler issue with respect to contractor certifications. The Unit is looking at ways to better educate and communicate with the contractors throughout New Jersey.

The One- and Two-Family Residential Sprinkler Regulations are being worked on to meet the January 1, 2012, deadline.

Arson Unit The Arson Investigations Unit was recently selected to participate in the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosive’s BATS program (Bomb Arson Tracking System). This is a nationwide computer system that enables your unit to enter data on arson/bomb incidents and investigations, and in turn that data is accessible from all across the country. This includes suspect information, conviction rates, etc. This will go a long way towards joining investigations agencies throughout the country, and therefore working to the advantage of the Arson Unit in all respects. Also, the Division of Fire Safety’s Arson Unit has been asked by the FBI to provide training. This will be taking place in either August or September. Also the Arson Unit has gotten seven convictions so far this year

A new tool to gather information on legislative activity concerning emergency services s


Fire Chiefs, information about legislation and “politicians” doesn’t have a high priority, and they leave those “non-fire matters” to the next guy to watch. Almost everything we do is under some kind of legislative control, and if we are not on top of it, we will either lose control of our field or be eliminated.

hearings and develop a program to keep the members of the public and the fire service in New Jersey informed. • The Institute will, by these informational services, assist in moving closer to eliminating the loss of life and property and the injuries caused by other emergencies.

The New Jersey Fire and Emergency Medical Services Institute represents the interests of the state’s volunteer and paid firefighters, first aid and rescue personnel. The State Fire Chiefs’ Association is a member of the Institute. Modeled after the Congressional Fire Services Institute, it supports the NJ Legislative Fire Services Caucus with information on issues concerning the fire and EMS communities.

The NJ Fire and Emergency Medical Services Institute has been looking for a way to expand its communications with the fire services where they don’t have to go to a Web site to get information − and with little cost. That has been accomplished by using a social network, LinkedIn, where you can use their privacy tools to your advantage − and there is no cost involved.

The Mission of the New Jersey Fire and Emergency Medical Services Institute • The Institute will serve to educate members of the New Jersey Senate and General Assembly and the Administration concerning fire and emergencies services issues. • The Institute will serve the educational needs of the New Jersey Fire Services Caucus specific to fire and allied emergency services in a non-partisan, unbiased fashion. • The Institute will track legislation, administrative proposals and monitor

The Group was created so (1) information of Legislative Activity can be relayed in a timely manner to members of the emergency services, (2) send other pertinent information and (3) establish a forum where discussions can be initiated and conducted. So, please sign up to support the Institute and have your bothers and sisters sign up so that you will all have a better understanding of what’s happening that can affect you. Here’s how to join: • Go to and click on “Account and Settings” • That takes you to the Sign In Page where you click on “Join LinkedIn” • Fill in the requested information • Click on “Join LinkedIn” • Join the “NJ Fire and EMS Institute” Group For information about the Institute, go to

2009 Annual Report & Membership Directory ■


Recent Calls



New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Five Trumpet Journal

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Recent Calls

2009 Annual Report & Membership Directory ■


The International Association of Fire Chiefs

Improving the Fire Service through Education THE INTERNATIONAL

Association of Fire Chiefs Foundation helps ensure first responders have the education needed to address the complex challenges of the fire service. The fire service is at a critical juncture. The need for an educated, well prepared, versatile first responder workforce has never been more crucial. The demands and challenges we in the fire service face have never been greater, whether it be wildfires, natural disasters, hazmat incidents, increasing demands for fire-based EMS services or budget cutbacks which require the fire service to do more with less. Add to this the potential for significant increases in retirements among veteran fire service chiefs and chief officers in the next several years, and it’s clear that we must act now to make certain we have adequately prepared the next generation of fire service leaders for the challenges ahead of them. Since its inception, the IAFC Foundation has awarded over 950 educational scholarships totaling approximately $600,000 to volunteer and career first responders and Fire Explorers. In 2009, the IAFC Foundation is awarding $30,000 to 33 deserving first responders seeking to advance their fire service related college level or above educations thus better preparing the future leaders of the fire service. In addition to the IAFC Foundation’s general educational scholarships, there are several named awards: • The Heather Westphal Memorial Scholarship Award benefiting women in the fire service. • The International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) Federal Military Section Award is for a qualified applicant who is a member of this IAFC section or who serves with a federal or military station. • The Garry L. Briese Scholarship Award, established with support from the Motorola Foundation, targets Driver/ Engineers or Lieutenants pursing an associates or bachelors degree. • Motorola Future Leaders Scholarship Fund recently established with generous support from the Motorola Foundation, targets first responders pursing fire service related degrees who are also enrolled in the International Association of Fire Chief’s (IAFC) Company Officer Leadership Development Program offered at FRI. 16

New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Five Trumpet Journal

The IAFC Foundation, originally founded by the IAFC in 1974, and the IAFC are working together to help company officers develop their leadership capabilities. The IAFC focuses on the preparation of the next generation of leadership for the fire and emergency service. The successful company officer program offered at Fire-Rescue International is an example of this leadership preparation. For more information, go to Chief Steven P Westermann, IAFC President 2007-2008 and IAFC Foundation board member and himself a past scholarship recipient, said, “The IAFC Foundation is proud to advance the fire service by helping first responders ensure they are well prepared to face the challenges of today’s increasingly complex world. I encourage first responders to seek out educational opportunities and apply to the IAFC Foundation for tuition assistance as I did many years ago. I ask those in the fire service community to support the crucial scholarships offered by the IAFC Foundation. Your support is greatly appreciated and will be long remembered.” With your help, the IAFC Foundation can offer more scholarships to deserving and inspiring first responders. Your donation makes a difference to a fellow first responder! To make a secure online donation go to displayemailforms.cfm?emailformnbr=115243. IAFC Foundation scholarship applications and guidelines can be found at or on in the Resources > Download Documents section. The IAFC Foundation also offers career development publications. The Company Officer Development Handbook, available for $15, developed by the IAFC’s Professional Development Committee, provides a clear roadmap for success as a fire service officer. This handbook melds diverse points of view into a professional development planning tool that serves both incumbent and aspiring officers. Fire Chief’s Checklist, available for $7.25, provides proven tips and tactics for career success. Visit and click on Resources > Publications for Sale to purchase copies. For more information about the IAFC Foundation, visit or contact Judy G. Kirk at or 703-537-4830.

Members A Abate III, Salvatore V Lieutenat Centerton 408 Fulton Street Millville, (Salem) NJ 08332

Abbruzzese, John B Asst. Chief Watchung 151 Risoli Terrace South Plainfield, (Somerset) NJ 07080

Abbruzzese, Joseph A

Adametz Jr, John A

Aiken, James

Allen, William

Amigliore, Joseph C

Andreazza, Dennis

Asst Chief Garfield # 3 22 Alpine Street Garfield, (Bergen) NJ 07026

Deputy Chief Sears Fire Brigade 158 Berthold Avenue Rahway, (Union) NJ 07065

Chief New Egypt 18 Cedar Street New Egypt, (Atlantic) NJ 08533

Asst Chief Laurence Harbor 8929 SW 94th Street Unit # B Ocala, (Monmouth) FL 34481-8511

Chief Fairview 718 Evans Street Paramus, (Bergen) NJ 07652

Adams, Arthur C

Aitken, Robert

Beverly 60 Princeton Lane Willingboro, (Burlington) NJ 08046

Chief Little Ferry 127 Lakeview Avenue Little Ferry, (Bergen) NJ 07643

Aller, Richard E

Ammann, William A

Andreazza, Rudy

Asst Chief Milford 363 Anderson Road Milford, (Hunterdon) NJ 08848

Chief Matawan / Midway Hose 173 Cornerstone Drive Marietta, (Monmouth) OH 45756-9024 wammann9465@suddenlink. net

Fairview 204 7Th Street Fairview, (Bergen) NJ 07022

Adams, Michael L Asst Chief Burlington City 406 Lawrence Street Burlington, (Burlington) NJ 08016

Dpty Chief South Plainfield 553 Harrison Avenue South Plainfield, (Middlesex) NJ 07080

Adams, Robert

Abbruzzese, Mario

Addison, J. Patrick

Dep Chief South Plainfield 120 Faulks Place South Plainfiels, (Middlesex) NJ 07080

Abramovitch, Martin

Chief Closter 26 Bucks Road Susquehanna, (Bergen) PA 18847-8921

R Denville 605 Belmont Drive Hackettstown, (Morris) NJ 07840

Asst Chief Little Falls 832 Spar Drive Forked River, (Passaic) NJ 08731

Addison, Philip C

Abrusci, Joseph

Adelman, Michael P

Chief Flanders # 1 9 Apollo Way Flanders, (Morris) NJ 07836

Acevedo, Jr., Tito C

Closter 352 Durie Avenue Closter, (Bergen) NJ 07624

Asst Chief Finderne Engine # 1 12 Elmendorf Circle Hillsborough, (Somerset) NJ 08844

Chief West Keansburg 41 3rd Street West Keansburg, (Monmouth) NJ 07734

Aguanno, Joseph R

Ackerson, Jr., Richard J

Agugliaro, Patrick

Dept Chief Ramsey 571 Shark Lane Manahawkin, (Bergen) NJ 08050

Adair, Robin J Chief Kontes 3079 Daldon Lane Vineland, (Cumberland) NJ 08361

Deputy Chief Denville 31 Base Road Denville, (Morris) NJ 07834

Avenel # 1 52 Cornell Street Avenel, (Middlesex) NJ 07001-1833

Aiello, Robert A Chief North Hudson 104 Hauxurst Avenue Weehawkin, (Hudson) NJ 07085-5835

Aker, Willam D Chief Belmar 3020 Grant Street Wall, (Monmouth) NJ 07719

Allmers, Herbert H Ammeraal, Glenn

Dumont 1648 Jupiter Cove Drive Jupiter, (Bergen) FL 33469

Asst. Chief Community Co. # 1 14 Longwood Court Wayne, (Passaic) NJ 07470

Alberti, Philip S Chief Lodi 182 Westervelt Place Lodi, (Bergen) NJ 07644

Alderton, John H Chief Brookside 527 Dell Road Landing, (Morris) NJ 07850

Aleksiewicz, Robert E Asst Chief South Belmar 410 R- Ocean Park Avenue Bradley Beach, (Monmouth) NJ 07720

Alleger, Charles Asst Chief Washington 37 Grand Avenue Washington, (Warren) NJ 07882

Allen, Robert J Chief Cranbury 60 Maplewood Avenue Cranbury, (Middlesex) NJ 08512

Allen, William J Chief Lumberton 6 Bella Road Medford, (Burlington) NJ 08055

Ally, Craig C Chief Finderne 29 Manville Blvd. Bridgewater, (Somerset) NJ 08807

Amodeo, Michael E Chief Berkeley Heights 23 Bolton Blvd Berkeley Heights, (Union) NJ 07922

Alpaugh, Steven E Asst Chief Washington 4 Mckinley Avenue Washington, (Warren) NJ 07882

Amos, Richard

Alvarez, Michael P

Anderson, C. Kenneth

Chief Newton 8 Hillside Avenue Newton, (Sussex) NJ 07860-2310

Delran # 1 43 Woodside Drive Lumberton, (Burlington) NJ 08048

Chief Garfield 411 Elizabeth Avenue Point Pleasant, (Bergen) NJ 08742

Anderson, George Chief Perth Amboy 434 Lawrie Ave. Perth Amboy, (Middlesex) NJ 08861

Alvine, James Deputy Chief West Caldwell 60 Park Street West Caldwell, (Essex) NJ 07006

Anderson, Gregory C Chief Annendale 454 Baxter Avenue Wyckoff, (Bergen) NJ 07481

Amato, Anthony F Dep Chief Fairview 211 Morris Avenue Fairview, (Bergen) NJ 07022-1513

Anderson Jr, William J

Ambrose, Frank D Chief South Bound Brook 132 Cedar Street So. Bound Brook, (Somerset) NJ 08880

Rockaway Twp. 75 Jacobs Road Rockaway, (Morris) NJ 07866

Andreano, Arthur N Chief Garfield 99 Willard Street Garfield, (Bergen) NJ 07026

Andreazza, Steven R Asst Chief Bogota 160 Beechwood Avenue Bogota, (Bergen) NJ 07603

Andreson, Kevin Chief Rumson 27 Park Avenue Rumson, (Monmouth) NJ 07760

Andretta, Anthony F Chief Fairview 60 Cecelia Avenue Cliffside Park, (Bergen) NJ 07010

Andrews, Robert Chief Fort Lee 130 Dyer Avenue Emerson, (Bergen) NJ 07630

Annunziata Jr, Francis A Chief Hamilton 711 Green Grove Place Neptune, (Monmouth) NJ 07753

Anthony, Joseph Asst Chief McAfee 13253 Delbarton Street Spring Hill, (Sussex) FL 34609-1025

Antonicelli, Michael Chief Lyndhurst 179 Delafield Avenue Lyndhurst, (Bergen) NJ 07071


2009 Annual Report & Membership Directory â–


Members Antozzeski, Mark D

Askenstedt, William M Auriemma, Louis

Badger, Kenneth E

Bain, Jr., Andrew G

Barnas, Gregory D

Chief Hamilton Twp. F. D. #9 412 Farnsworth Avenue Bordentown, (Burlington) NJ 08505

Chief East Windsor # 2 532 Nettleton Road East Windsor, (Mercer) NJ 08520

Chief Aberdeen 283 Washington Street Keyport, (Monmouth) NJ 07735

Pleasantville 1093 Ocean Heights Avenue Egg Harbor Twp, (Atlantic) NJ 08234

Chief Woodbury 104 West Center Street Woodbury, (Gloucester) NJ 08096-2309

Asst Chief Wallington 115 Johnson Avenue Wallington, (Bergen) NJ 07057

Anzalone, Ronald

Assenheimer, Christophe H

Avello, Patrick

Baker, H. Lee

Barnes, Ronald G

Captain Nutley 80 Evergreen Avenue Nutley, (Essex) NJ 07110

Belleplain 142 Broad Street Belleplain, (Cape May) NJ 08270

Chief Little Ferry 39 Brandt Street Little Ferry, (Bergen) NJ 07643

Appel, Raymond C Chief Elmwood Park 360 Blvd. Elmwood Park, (Bergen) NJ 07407

Appleby, Vernon D Chief Old Bridge 183 Kenneth Court Spotswood, (Middlesex) NJ 08884-1533

Apsley, Kenneth W Chief Readington 653 Route 523 White House Station, (Hunterdon) NJ 08883

Ardin, Walter J Dpty Chief Rockaway Township 16 Charles Street Randolph, (Morris) NJ 07867

Armenti, Vito C Chief Stirling 1343 Valley Road Stirling, (Morris) NJ 07980

Aron, David G Chief Oaklyn 408 Newton Avenue Oaklyn, (Camden) NJ 08107

Artus, Robert Chief Oakland 3045 Tindal Road Sumter, (Passaic) SC 29150

Ash, Jr., Walter R Chief Saddle River 116 Valley View Pompton Plains, (Bergen) NJ 07444



Captain Carlstadt 444 Central Avenue Carlstadt, (Bergen) NJ 07072

Atkins Sr., Thomas H Chief Hopatcong 40 Wildwood Shores Drive Hopatcong, (Sussex) NJ 07843

Atkins, Jr., James H Chief Keyport 579 Cherin Road Freehold, (Monmouth) NJ 07728

Augustino, John P Chief Mount Holly 110 Farmdale Road Eastampton, (Burlington) NJ 08060

Augustoni, Craig L Chief Pemberton Township 47 Alyssur Street Browns Mills, (Burlington) NJ 08015

Aulino, John M Asst Chief Totowa 62 Washington Place Totowa Boro, (Passaic) NJ 07512

Aumack, III, Harry M Chief Keyport 126 Herbert Street Union Beach, (Monmouth) NJ 07735

Aumick, Robert V Newton 117 Main Street Newton, (Sussex) NJ 07860

Asst. Chief Kinnelon 189 Beacon Hill Road Califon, (Morris) NJ 07030-3550

Badler, Keith A Chief Robertsville 11 Jackie Drive Morganville, (Monmouth) NJ 07751

Baez, David A Awtry, Marc Dpty Chief Bound Brook 512 Helfin Street Bound Brook, (Somerset) NJ 08805

Chief Allendale 40 South Railroad Avenue Mahwah, (Bergen) NJ 07430-2358

Ayers, James A

Bahr, Leonard L

Chief Mine Hill 17 Janet Drive Mine Hill, (Morris) NJ 07803

Chief Barnegat 18 Centre Street Barnegat, (Ocean) NJ 08005

Bahrenburg, David R

B Babcock, James R Park Ridge 32 West Park Avenue Park Ridge, (Bergen) NJ 07656

Babitz Jr, John J Chief Preakness Vol # 4 10 Hall Street Wayne, (Passaic) NJ 07470

Babula, John J Asst Chief Jefferson Twp. 1912 Highland Oakes Wylie, (Morris) TX 75098

Bader, Birger R Chief Matawan 24 Park Avenue Matawan, (Monmouth) NJ 07747

Bader, Robert L Woodbridge # 1 176 Sherry Street Woodbridge, (Middlesex) NJ 07095

New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Five Trumpet Journal

Chief Laurelton 313 Tina Lee Court Brick, (Ocean) NJ 08724

Barnes Jr., Earl G Baker, Michael T Dept Chief Englishtown 39 Old Mainshore Road Barnegat, (Monmouth) NJ 08005

Bakera, Guy Asst. Chief Jefferson Township 9 Pulaski Drive Jefferson Township, (Morris) NJ 07438

Balak, Richard A Three Bridges 639 Old York Road Neshanic Station, (Hunterdon) NJ 08853

Baietti, Richard

Baldino, Joseph J

Chief Northvale 631 Woodland Avenue Northvale, (Bergen) NJ 07647

Chief Lodi 145 Arnot Street Apt. 3-A Lodi, (Bergen) NJ 07644

Bailey, Alfred W

Bangert Jr., Walter H

Chief Milltown 6 Marigold Lane Little Egg Harbor, (Middlesex) NJ 08087

Chief Neptune 109 Fulham Place Neptune, (Monmouth) NJ 07753

Bailey III, Howard A

Barber, Francis W

Asst Chief Villas 210 Marschall Avenue Fishing Creek, (Cape May) NJ 08204

Asst Chief Iselin 57 Michael Street Iselin, (Middlesex) NJ 08830

Bailey, Jr., Harvey L

Barber, Richard

Asst. Chief East Windsor 63 Covington Drive East Windsor, (Mercer) NJ 08520

Chief South Bound Brook 41 Van Syckle Blvd South Boundbrook, (Somerset) NJ 08880

Barger, George A Asst. Chief Town Bank 115 Avalon Road Lower Township, (Cape May) NJ 08204

Chief Mendham 114 Kings Highway Landing, (Morris) NJ 07850

Barnish, Eugene E Chief Montville Township Co. # 2 74 Taylortown Rd. Montville, (Morris) NJ 07045

Barone, James P Asst Chief Parsippany Troy/Hill 122 Plane Street Apt. 4-B Boonton, (Morris) NJ 07005

Barraud, Robert J Goodwill Hose 31 Racquet Road Wall Township, (Monmouth) NJ 07719-9404

Barthel, Joseph Chief Branchville Box 192-12 Main Street Branchville, (Sussex) NJ 07826

Bartholomey, Edward Asst Chief Hackettstown 1435 Southwood Drive Surfside Beach, (Warren) SC 29575

Bartlett, Richard E Battalion Chief Carlstadt 117 Carlyle Court Carlstadt, (Bergen) NJ 07072

Basler Jr., George F 30 Coachman Dr - Rd 1 Bordentown, (Burlington) NJ 08505


Members Bates, Donald Lee

Behnke, Joachim F

Benedict, Roger T

Berg, Raymond R

Beshada, James S

Bischoff, Thomas S

Netcong 1 Barone Street Netcong, (Morris) NJ 07857

Batt Chief Hillside 6145 Balboa Circle - Apt. 405 Boca Ranon, (Union) FL 33433-8126

Asst Chief Keyport 120 Main Street Keyport, (Monmouth) NJ 07735

Chief Schooley’s Mountain 2967 S.E. Cates Circle Port St. Lucie, (Morris) FL 34952

Chief South Amboy 25 A McCampbell Road Holmdel, (Middlesex) NJ 07733-2291

Chief Wood-Ridge 2011 Caracara Drive New Bern, (Bergen) NC 28560

Bathgate, David R Branchville Hose # 1 Lloyd Avenue-Box 74 Branchville, (Sussex) NJ 07826

Bauer, Walter A Delran 162 Antietam Road Delran, (Burlington) NJ 08075

Baumgartner, Robert G Haledon Co. #1 414 Mason Ave. Haledon, (Passaic) NJ 07508

Baumiller, Paul F Chief Independance 5 Roach Street Fulton, (Warren) NY 13069

Bausum, Charles J Chief Finders 15908 Homewood Lane Hudson, (Sussex) FL 34667

Bayard, John W Asst Chief East Keansburg 28 Baldwin Avenue Middletown, (Monmouth) NJ 07748

Beatty, Thomas A Denville 14 Valley View Drive Rockaway, (Morris) NJ 07886

Beck, George M Batt Chief Palisades Park 412 Glen Avenue Palisades Park, (Bergen) NJ 07650

Becker Jr., Charles D Chief Somerville 53 Eastern States Parkway Somerville, (Somerset) NJ 08876

Benham, Joseph L Bejarano, Robert S Chief Rainbow Lakes 2 Appletree Lane Morris Plains, (Morris) NJ 07950

Community Vol # 3 460 Catalpa Avenue North Plainfield, (Somerset) NJ 07060

Beslanovitz, John Bergner, William R

Chief West Keansburg P. O. Box 5176 Hazlet, (Monmouth) NJ 07730

Bishop, James R

Betz, Jeffrey A

Bissey, Wesley D

White Horse 1950 Kinter Avenue Hamilton, (Mercer) NJ 08610

Chief Mendham Township P. O. Box 109 Brookside, (Morris) NJ 07926

Chief Point Pleasant 13 Melville Lane Brick, (Monmouth) NJ 08724

Secaucus 734 3rd Street Secaucus, (Hudson) NJ 07094

Chief Matawan P. O. Box 449 Keyport, (Monmouth) NJ 07735

Bennett, Brian T Belles Jr., William A

Berkeyheiser, James E

Chief Rio Grande 6 Linden Circle Rio Grande, (Cape May) NJ 08242

Chief Iselin 58 Atlantic Stree Metuchen, (Middlesex) NJ 08840

Belles, Sr., Walter

Bennett, Dorothea M

Chief Rio Grande 309 Linden Lane Rio Grande, (Cape May) NJ 08242

Dept Chief Delran 8226 Springtree Road Boca Raton, (Burlington) FL 33496 chiefharley @

Berliner, Peter

Betzler III, William C

Chief Midway Co #2 175 Ravine Drive Matawan, (Monmouth) NJ 07747

Sayerville 1253 Kenneber Road Forked River, (Ocean) NJ 08731

Chief Neshanic 138 Otto Road Neshanic, (Somerset) NJ 08853

Bellis, Russell H

Bennett, Joseph E

Berry, James L

Beyea, Robert L

Black Sr., Edward M

Chief Branchville Hose Co. 33 Wantage Ave/P.O. Box 295 Branchville, (Sussex) NJ 07826

Unexcelled 17 Sherry Lane Neptune, (Monmouth) NJ 07753

Chief Montville 36 Taylortown Road Montville, (Morris) NJ 07045

Bergenfield 11 Coyne Court Bergenfield, (Bergen) NJ 07621

Chief Cliffwood 7315 Stone Crossing Drive Fredericksburg, (Monmouth) VA 22407

Bennett, Richard J Bellis Jr, Russell H Chief Branchville Hose #1 P. O. Box 2085 - Milk Street Branchville, (Sussex) NJ 07826

Mt Horeb # 2 2 Broken Arrow Road Warren, (Somerset) NJ 07060

Benz Jr., Frank F Bello, Frank Fairlawn # 3 521 Piermont Avenue - Apt. 216 Riverdale, (Bergen) NJ 07675

Closter 180 West Street Closter, (Bergen) NJ 07624

Bercy, Robert

Asst Chief Morristown 1049 Chatham Break Street Orlando, (Morris) FL 32828-6860

Chief Jacksonville 1344 Jacksonville -Smithville Road Bordentown, (Burlington) NJ 08505

Bender, Francis J

Berenbak, Thomas

Little Falls Co. #4 7 Notchcroft Drive Little Falls, (Passaic) NJ 07424

Asst Chief Mendham 1 Orchard Street Mendham, (Morris) NJ 07945

Bender, Edward J

Benedetto, Edward W Chief North Arlington 7 Noel Drive N.Arlington, (Bergen) NJ 07031

Beres, Stephen E Dept Chief Nottingham 118 Mieybrook Road Hamilton Square, (Mercer) NJ 08690

Bittle, Thomas A

Bickhardt, John Berry, James W

Fairview 71 Elm Street Clifton, (Passaic) NJ 07013

Chief North Haledon # 1 134 North Haledon Avenue North Haledon, (Passaic) NJ 07508

Bickmore, Richard V

Bertekap, Jr., Gerald R Chief Oceaport 121 Horseneck Pt. Road Ocean Port, (Monmouth) NJ 07757

Bertin, Edward Chief Hillsborough 385 Amwell Road Hillsborough, (Somerset) NJ 08844

Bertrand, Donald Chief Brick Township Breton Woods Fire Co. #1 P. O. Box 4158 Brick, (Ocean) NJ 08723

Asst. Chief Moorestown 705 Camden Avenue Moorestown, (Burlington) NJ 08057

Bird, Charles M Chief Liberty Corner 18 Paul Rene Drive W. Melbourne, (Out of State) FL 32904

Bird Jr., John C Chief Liberty Corner 2002 Pond Ridge Court #1404 Fleming Isle, (Somerset) FL 32003

Birdsall, Adrian H

Black, III, Howard I Asst Chief Medford 12 Travis Court Medford, (Burlington) NJ 08055

Blackford, Joel Chief Lafayette Township 30 Longview Terrace Sussex, (Sussex) NJ 07461

Blackford, John J Asst Chief Lafayette Township Po Box 213 Lafayette, (Sussex) NJ 07848

Blasse, Peter D Chief Bernardsville 8023 Pepperidge Lane Port Richey, (Out of State) FL 7924

West Milford 65 Marshall Hill Road W. Milford, (Passaic) NJ 07480 *(County) 2009 Annual Report & Membership Directory â–


Members Blauvelt, Richard J Chief Steamer 25 Fairview Ave. Newton, (Sussex) NJ 07860

Bliese, Ronald G Tri County 15 Frederick Street Gardenville, (Out of State) NY 10923

Bohnberger Sr, Frederick W Washington 402 Sweetwater Drive Cinnaminson, (Burlington) NJ 08077

Bohnberger Jr, Frederick W Delanco 5304 Sherwood Terr Pennsauken, (Burlington) NJ 08109

Blinn, William A Chief Hillsdale 175 Magnolia Avenue Hillsdale, (Bergen) NJ 07642

Blumenthal, Allen N Chief Old Tappan 615 Poplar Road River Vale, (Bergen) NJ 07675

Borowicz, Leon

Brand, Kenneth H

Brischler, David M

Chief South River 171 Willett Avenue South River, (Middlesex) NJ 08882

Asst. Chief Oaklyn 126 East Bettlewood Oaklyn, (Camden) NJ 08107

Chief Eatontown 21 Clinton Avenue Eatontown, (Monmouth) NJ 07724

Chief Lebanon Lakes 14707 Potterton Circle Hudson, (Out of State) FL 34667-4190

Boniface, Howard J West New York 3303 N Lake View Dr - Apt 2001 Tampa, (Out of State) FL 33618

Bononno, Carmine Morristown 13 Hazlett Street Morristown, (Morris) NJ 07960

Fairview Hose Co # 3 28 Van Buren Avenue Van Buren Apartments River Edge, (Bergen) NJ 07661

Boldizsar, John J

Booke, Steven C

Chief Good Will 106 Hanover St. Pemberton, (Burlington) NJ 08068

Deputy Chief East Brunswick Dist # 1 5 Pine Street East Brunswick, (Middlesex) NJ 08816

Bolcar, George F

Bolen, John C

Chief Perth Amboy 245 Rosewood Lane Port Reading, (Middlesex) NJ 07064-1240

Asst. Chief Montgomery 28 Heritage Way Belle Mead, (Somerset) NJ 08502 johnbolendmd@

Bocchino, Frank A

Bomba, Zbigniew

Chief Norwood 188 Hudson Ave Norwood, (Bergen) NJ 07648

South River 7 Valiant Road East Brunswick, (Middlesex) NJ 08816

Bobenchik, Joseph

Bongiovi, Dominick

Chief South River 19 Leland Ave. S. River, (Middlesex) NJ 08882

Bogardus, Donald F Chief Hopatcong Box 21 Glasser, (Sussex) NJ 07837

Borwegen, William A Raritan 60 Summerhill Road Riverton, (Middlesex) WY 82501

Dept. Chief Berkeley Heights 596 Country Road # 579 Hampton, (Union) NJ 08827-4346

Belmar P. O. Box 217 Belmar, (Monmouth) NJ 07719-0217

Brasko Jr., John

Lake Hiawatha 3 Navajo Ave. Lake Hiawatha, (Morris) NJ 07034

Chief Maple Shade 26 North Stiles Avenue Maple Shade, (Burlington) NJ 08052-2633

Booth, James R

Bowers, Jerome T

Brennan, Thomas R

Asst Chief Lincoln 70 Highview Avenue Totowa, (Passaic) NJ 07512

South Bound Brook 76 Stewart Street So. Bound Brook, (Somerset) NJ 08880

Chief West Keansburg 26 Brown Avenue Hazlet, (Monmouth) NJ 07730

Borden, Carlton

Bommelyn, Robert

Borden, John W

Chief Hawthorne 321 Smith Hill Road Franklin, (Out of State) NC 28734

Chief Marlboro 89 Gordons Road Marlboro, (Monmouth) NJ 07746

Chief Marlboro 11 N.Main Street Marlboro, (Monmouth) NJ 07746

Boychick, Walter S Chief Menlo Park 199 Monroe Avenue . Edison, (Middlesex) NJ 08820

Brennan, Thomas J Chief Wall 35 West Main Street Apt. 10-N Farmingdale, (Monmouth) NJ 07727

Boyer, Martin W Asst Chief Ramtown-Howell 38 Vivian Court Howell, (Monmouth) NJ 07731

Bridenburg, Daniel E Chief Fort Lee 930 Jamestown Avenue Indian Harbour Beach, (Bergen) FL 32937-2617

Bradford III, Edward L Bores, Andrew J

Asst Chief Cedarville 24300 Airport Road #46 Punta Gorda, (Cumberland) FL 33950

Chief Oakland 16024 Country Rt -3 East Line Clayton, (Bergen) NY 13624

Bogushefsky, Martin

Bongioui, Louis N

Brady, Donald E

Woodbine Po Box 199 Woodbine, (Cape May) NJ 08270

Chief South River 84 Wilcox Avenue South River, (Middlesex) NJ 08882

Asst Chief Fords #1 109 Joust Court Kill Devil Hills, (Middlesex) NC 27948-9142


Chief Belmar 512 8Th Ave. Belmar, (Monmouth) NJ 07719

Bove, Robert D

Chief Ridgewood 686 Midwood Road Ridgewood, (Bergen) NJ 07450

Deputy Chief Cliffwood 1517 Rainy Brook Schertz, (Monmouth) TX 78154

New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Five Trumpet Journal

Brister, Sr., Richard Chief Fair Haven 53 Navesink Avenue Fair Haven, (Monmouth) NJ 07704

Brand Sr, P. Robert

Brand Sr., Donald E Boss, Richard

Asst. Chief Ramtown 3 East Shenenduah Road Howell, (Monmouth) NJ 07731


Chief Eatontown 613-A Lake Poino Drive Lakewood, (Monmouth) NJ 08701

Chief Jefferson Twp/Milton 1 Margaret Road Oak Ridge, (Morris) NJ 07438

Bommer, William R Bogonian, Joseph

Deputy Cxhief Hillside 12 Mohawk Drive Cranford, (Union) NJ 07016

Boonstra, Richard

Bombace, James A Bodak, Robert A

Brand Jr, George E Borski, William S

Brigley, Keith W Cresskill 6 Cherry Court Cresskill, (Bergen) NJ 07626

Brink, Kevin W Chief East Windsoe 248 Hickory Corner Road East Windsor, (Mercer) NJ 08520

Brittingham, Craig W Chief Medford P. O. Box 166 Tilghman, (Burlington) MD 21671-0166

Britton, William K Asst Chief Flemington 21 Britton Drive Flemington, (Hunterdon) NJ 08822 cond_on_wheels@

Brock, William K Asst Chief Riverside # 1 271 Bayou Circle Debary, (Burlington) FL 32713-4000

Broderick, Thomas A Montague Box 1803 Montague, (Sussex) NJ 07827

Brooks, John Chief East Windsor 4 Brooktree Road East Windsor, (Mercer) NJ 08520

Brown, Clarence E Chief Pitman 635 Boundary Road Pitman, (Gloucester) NJ 08071

Brown, David Chief Readington 31 Locktown Road Frenchtown, (Hunterdon) NJ 08825


Members Brown, Donald A

Brunetti, Antonio

Buglione, Patrick D

Burk, Charles V

Butler, Myron

Cain, Stanley A

Asst Chief Mcguire Afb 20 Lyford Court Toms River, (Ocean) NJ 05755

Asst. Chief Totowa 104 Washington Place Totowa, (Passaic) NJ 07512

Batt Chief Fairview 289 Hudson Place Fairview, (Bergen) NJ 07022

Asst Chief Us Coast Guard 633 Jonathan Hoffman Road Cold Springs, (Cape May) NJ 08204 cvburk@tracewcapemay.

Chief Huntington 1431 Center St. Phillipsburg, (Warren) NJ 08865

Chief Eatontown 26 Corlies Ave. Eatontown, (Monmouth) NJ 07724

Bruno, Albert

Bundick, George W

Butschky Jr, Joseph H

Cain Sr., Ronald R

Brown, Edward W Woodbridge Po Box 3325 - Rd 3 Milford, (Out of State) PA 18337

Chief Pompton Lakes 104 Deckertown Turnpike Montague, (Passaic) NJ 07827

Chief West Berlin 309 Minck Avenue West Berlin, (Camden) NJ 08091

Burke, Francis J

Asst Chief Vineland # 1 119 Irene Avenue Buena, (Cumberland) NJ 08310

Brown, Francis T Bat Chief Salem 124 Chestnut Street Salem, (Salem) NJ 08079

Buono, Joseph A

Burlew, Robert

Totowa 8 Cambridge Street Totowa, (Passaic) NJ 07512

Lieutenant Woodbury 636 Montclair Avenue Wenonah, (Gloucester) NJ 08090

Pompton Plains 9521 Indigo Creek Blvd Murrells Inlet, (Morris) SC 29573-8626

Deputy Chief Jackson 848 Woodbury Drive Jackson, (Ocean) NJ 08527-5397

Burniston, Thomas H

Byrnes, Robert E

Asst. Chief Wood-Ridge 245 Windsor Road Wood-Ridge, (Bergen) NJ 07075

Bergenfield 158 South Prospect Ave. Bergenfield, (Bergen) NJ 07621

Chief West Keansburg 44 12Th Street West Keansburg, (Monmouth) NJ 07734

Byrnes, Jr., Robert E

Calimer, Richard L

Asst. Chief Bergenfield 382 Luhmann Drive New Milford, (Bergen) NJ 07640

Pomona # 3 264 S. Odessa Ave. Box 344 Pomona, (Atlantic) NJ 08240

Buchhart, Prosper W Chief Closter 51 Kennedy Circle Closter, (Bergen) NJ 07624 buchhartcompanies@verizon. net

Brown, Raymond S Chief Town Bank 611 Wilson Avenue N. Cape May, (Cape May) NJ 08204-2853

Brown, Raymond S Battalion Chief Town Bank 705 Wilson Drive North Cape May, (Cape May) NJ 08204

Brown, William G Chief Bogota 11188 Orangewood Drive Bonita Springs, (Bergen) FL 34135

Brown, William F Dpty Chief Cranford 223 Walnut Avenue Cranford, (Union) NJ 07016

Bruce, Ian M Chief Relif Co. # 1 145 Hulme Street Mount Holly, (Burlington) NJ 08060

Asst Chief Pine Brook Po Box 277-41 Bloomfield Av Pine Brook, (Morris) NJ 07058

Bruno, Anthony M

Dpty Chief Millville p.o. Box 1166 Amherst, (Out of State) VA 24521

Neshanic Vol. 548 Old York Road Somerville, (Somerset) NJ 08876

Cain Jr., Ronald R Byrnes, Kenneth

Brown, John C

Brown, Leonard

Chief Matawan Boro. 11 Schenck Avenue Matawan, (Monmouth) NJ 07747

Chief Pine Brook 10 Roe-Ri Rd.-Box 176 Pine Brook, (Morris) NJ 07058

Burd, Guy N Chief Washington 2005 Brookfield Glen Drive Belvidere, (Warren) NJ 07823

Buchney, Thomas Chief Highland Lakes 55 Lakeside Drive Highland Lakes, (Sussex) NJ 07422

Calamari, John J

Burns, Robert Burd, John W High Bridge 11844 Bandera Rd. #119 Helotes, (Hunterdon) TX 78023

Mt. Tabor 2 Ridgewood Avenue P.O.Box 48 Mt Tabor, (Morris) NJ 07878

Burd, Lawrence C Buck, George N Stafford Township 98 North Lamson Road Mayetta, (Ocean) NJ 08092

West Tuckerton 634 Nugentown Road Tuckerton, (Ocean) NJ 08087

Burdge, David R Buck, Karl R Upper Saddle River 233 Lynch Avenue New Hampton, (Bergen) NY 10958-4504

Chief Tri-County 211 Hazen Road Hackettstown, (Warren) NJ 07840

Buckenmyer, Ronald L

Burfeind, Frederick M

Chief Mountain Lake P. O. Box 37 Belvidere, (Warren) NJ 07823

Barnegat 602 Nautilus Blvd. Forked River, (Ocean) NJ 08731

Buckley, Edward T

Burg, Charles J

Barnegat 3 Driftwood Court Barnegat, (Ocean) NJ 08005

Chief Florence # 2 495 Delaware Avenue Roebling, (Burlington) NJ 08554

Burtt, Michael Asst Chief Monmouth Hose 13 Brookwood Drive Freehold, (Monmouth) NJ 07728

Busch Jr., William J Chief Palisades 211 East Harriet Avenue Palisades Park, (Bergen) NJ 07650

Bussiere, George A Millstone Twp. Box 311 Grand Gorge, (Out of State) NY 12434

Butcher, S. Lee Chief Mannington 199 Woodstown Rd. Salem, (Salem) NJ 08079

C Cadoo, Sr., Roy J Chief Keyport 83 Washington Street Keyport, (Monmouth) NJ 07735

Caffrey, Robert A

Callahan, Scott Asst. Chief Ancora 440 East Mill Road Maple Shade, (Burlington) NJ 08052

Callahan, William R North Wildwood 125 W.3Rd Street N. Wildwood, (Cape May) NJ 08260

Cannici, Ronald

Chief Newton 8 Lincoln Place Newton, (Sussex) NJ 07860

Asst Chief Lodi 504 Harrison Avenue Lodi, (Bergen) NJ 07644

Cahill, Daniel J

Cannizzaro, Louis H

Dpty Chief Ventnor 210 North Cambridge Avenue Ventor, (Atlantic) NJ 08406

Palisades Park 13 Wicklow Terrace Galloway, (Bergen) NJ 08205

Cannon Jr, George D Cain, John P Mahwah 121 South Hair Grove Lane Camden, (Passaic) DE 19934

Chief Ocean Grove 16 Ocean Avenue Ocean Grove, (Monmouth) NJ 07756

*(County) 2009 Annual Report & Membership Directory â–


Members Capron, Frank J

Carr, Henry K

Castagnoli, Raymond

Celentano, Joseph

Chervinsky, Howie

Cichy, Sr., Kenneth A

West Orange 28 Clonavor Rd. W.Orange, (Essex) NJ 07052

Chief Englishtown 25 Main Street Englishtown, (Monmouth) NJ 07726

Chief Vineland 3487 North East Blvd Vineland, (Cumberland) NJ 08360

Deputy Ch S. Plainfield 12 Stillwater Rd. Blairstown, (Middlesex) NJ 07825-9561

Asst.Chief Wayside 5 Flintlock Drive Tinton Falls, (Monmouth) NJ 07753

Asst. Chief Little Falls 13 Birch Road Little Falls, (Passaic) NJ 07424

Carbin, James

Carroll, Alfred

Castellano, John

Chief Millstone P. O. Box 118 Clarksburg, (Monmouth) NJ 08510

Bat. Chief Rochelle Park 175 Rochelle Avenue Apt.306 Rochelle Park, (Bergen) NJ 07662

Dept Chief Westfield 610 Fourth Avenue Westfield, (Union) NJ 07090

Cella, David R

Cheski, Philip

Cieciuch, Raymond

Asst Chief Newfield # 1 200 Rosemont Avenue/P.O. Box11 Newfield, (Gloucester) NJ 08344

Battalion Chief Elmwood Park 23 Reihl Street Elmwood Park, (Bergen) NJ 07407

Bat Chief Secaucus 163 Charles Street Secaucus, (Hudson) NJ 07094

Carlough, John E

Carroll, Cornelius J

Chief Upper Saddle River 75 Carlough Road Upper Saddle River, (Bergen) NJ 07458

River Edge 321 Wales Avenue River Edge, (Bergen) NJ 07661

Cattano, Jr., Lawrence

Centimole Jr, John J

Chiesa, John J

Cimini, Daniel J

Dpty Chief Aberdeen Twp. 193 Luppatatong Avenue Keyport, (Monmouth) NJ 07735

Ringoes Po Box 151 Ringoes, (Hunterdon) NJ 08551

Carlough Sr., David J

Carter, Robert T

Chief Runnemede 1101 Marley Street Conway, (Out of State) SC 29526-9018

Chief Upper Saddle River 10719 Old Grove Circle Bradenton, (Bergen) FL 34212-2655

Raritan 1028 Helene Place Raritan, (Somerset) NJ 08869

Carty, James J Carlson, Carl N Chief Wayne 6 Baldwin Drive Vernon, (Atlantic) NJ 07462

Carney, John T Asst Chief Moorestown 680 Cascade Drive South Mt. Laurel, (Burlington) NJ 08054

Carney, Paul J King Of Prussia 301 Jasper Road King Of Prussia, (Out of State) PA 19406

Chief Logan Box 251/6 Porcupine Road Pedricktown, (Salem) NJ 08067

Caruso, Jr, Howard R Asst Chief Niagara Hose 70 W. Fourth Street Burlington, (Burlington) NJ 08016

Casella, John L Chief Tri-County 105 Sunnyview Avenue Hackettstown, (Warren) NJ 07840-3417

Casey, Joseph T Carney, Raymond V Chief Millington 1863 Long Hill Road Millington, (Morris) NJ 07946

Chief Matawan 164 Jackson Street Matawan, (Monmouth) NJ 07747

Elizabeth Avenue 457 Elizabeth Avenue Somerset, (Somerset) NJ 08873

Chief Allendale 143 W. Orchard St. Allendale, (Bergen) NJ 07401

Carr, Arnold H Ass Chief Woodbine Dev.Ctr. 621 Fidler Hill Road P. O. Box 504 Woodbine, (Cape May) NJ 08270



Cassiello, Robert Chief Lodi 29 Blue Ridge Road Lodi, (Bergen) NJ 07644-2006

Chiurazzi, Andrew Cerone, Charles A

Caudill, Michael C Chief Hamilton 520 Pennsylvania Avenue Brick, (Monmouth) NJ 07724

Cavaliere, David Asst Chief Parsippany 17 Mid Vale Avenue Lake Hiawatha, (Morris) NJ 07034 dcavaliere403@msn.comn

Cavanagh, Eugene J Chief Belmar 576 West Olympia Street Hernando, (Monmouth) FL 34442

Cavanagh Jr., Eugene J Chief Goodwill Hose Co. 1840 Fernwood Road South Belmar, (Monmouth) NJ 07719

Cecchini, Louis V Cassidy Jr., Ernest W

Carney Sr., Jerry

Chief Perth Amboy 643 Adams Avenue Perth Amboy, (Middlesex) NJ 08861

Asst Chief Sussex Rd # 7 - 3 Debbie Drive Sussex, (Sussex) NJ 07461

Cecchini, Louis A Asst.Chief Sussex 24 Elizabeth Drive Sussex, (Sussex) NJ 07461-3402

New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Five Trumpet Journal

Saddle Brook 282 3rd Street Saddle Brook, (Bergen) NJ 07663

Bat Chief Palisades Park 17 Evergreen Street Waldwick, (Bergen) NJ 07463

Cioffi, Michael Englewood Cliffs 16 Bayview Ave. Englewood Cliffs, (Bergen) NJ 07632

Chace, Ronald D Captain Leonia 120 Leonia Avenue Leonia, (Atlantic) NJ 07605

Christensen, Carl S

Cione, Dominick P

Chief Iselin 190 Cooper Avenue Iselin, (Middlesex) NJ 08830

Chief Vineland # 1 512 Puritan Drive Buena, (Cumberland) NJ 083010

Chain, William B

Cirillo, Robert A Christensen, Dennis R Asst Chief

Chief Haddon Hts 317 West Creek Road Newburg, (Camden) PA 17240

Chief E.Rutherford Tr # 1 186 Everett Place East Rutherford, (Bergen) NJ 07073

Weekstown 5920 Pleasant Mills Road Egg Harbor, (Atlantic) NJ 08215

Champion Jr, Earl T

Christensen, John H

Clancy, Richard

Fairfield # 1 1616 Pennsylvania Ave #259 Vineland, (Cumberland) NJ 08361

Chief Chatham 28 Silver Lake Drive Barnegat, (Ocean) NJ 08005

Chief E. Freehold 28 Weaverville Road Freehold, (Monmouth) NJ 07728

Chvasta, Robert

Clar, Steven S

Batt Chief Elmwood Park # 4 109 Godwin Avenue Elmwood Park, (Bergen) NJ 07407

Chief Nutley 12 Myrtle Ave. Nutley, (Essex) NJ 07110

Chaney, Roger L Chief Washington Engine 33 Johnson Avenue Matawan, (Monmouth) NJ 07747

Chaplinski, Joseph S Chief Marlboro 4 Hillside Terrace Morganville, (Monmouth) NJ 07751

Clarke, Joseph P Ciampo, Nicolo J Wyckoff 669 Quackenbush Ave. Wyckoff, (Bergen) NJ 07481

Charlsen, Harold A Chief Matawan/ Midway Hose 161 Broad Street Matawan, (Monmouth) NJ 07747

Chief Hasbrouck Hts. 524 Hamilton Ave. Hasbrouck Heights, (Bergen) NJ 07604

Clarke, Thomas M Ciavarro, Anthony Chief Hazlet 149 Village Green Way Hazlet, (Monmouth) NJ 07730

Chief Readington 197 Byram Kingwood Road Stockton, (Hunterdon) NJ 08559 *(County)

Members Cleary, Patrick M

Colalillo, Michael N

Collins, Leland D

Conger, Gary R

Cooper, Gary R

Corso Jr., Frank M

Asst Chief Riverdale 9 Morris Avenue Riverdale, (Morris) NJ 07457

Chief Bound Brook 306 Codrington Place Bound Brook, (Somerset) NJ 08805

Asst. Chief Blenheim 3 Stone Leigh Court Laurel Spring, (Camden) NJ 08021

Chief Milltown 53 Herbert Avenue Milltown, (Middlesex) NJ 08850

Dept Chief Newton 4 Shade Tree Lane Newton, (Sussex) NJ 07860

Lodi 129 Terrace Ave. Lodi, (Bergen) NJ 07644

Clemente, Paul

Colandrea, Raymond

Chief Wood-Ridge 164 Columbin Street Wood-Ridge, (Bergen) NJ 07075

Batt Chief Hillside 542 Malcolm Road Union, (Union) NJ 07083

Clifton, Timothy

Colarusso, Donald M

Captain Matawan 30 Essie Drive Matawan, (Monmouth) NJ 07747-2706 timothy.w.clifton.ikeg@

Chief Glendola 1654 Glendola Road Wall, (Monmouth) NJ 07719

Clink, Charles F Chief Lafayette 60 Beaver Run Road Lafayette, (Sussex) NJ 07848

Cobb, Robert W Deputy Chief Jersey City 14 Upper Mount Glen Lake Drive West Milford, (Passaic) NJ 07480

Cobb, Walter B Wayside Community 1000 Wayside Rd. Asbury Park, (Monmouth) NJ 07712

Coder, Jon D Asst. Chief Manasquan 119 Church Street Manasquan, (Ocean) NJ 08736-3407

Cohan, Bernard T Chief Cheesequake 331 Knight Court Old Bridge, (Middlesex) NJ 08857

Cohen, Alan Dpty Chief South Old Bridge 4 Everly Street Old Bridge, (Middlesex) NJ 08857

Cole, Bruce Chief Hampton Twp. 1 Old Swartswood Road Newton, (Sussex) NJ 07860

Cole, Charles M Wyckoff 392 Fern Avenue Wyckoff, (Bergen) NJ 07481

Cole, James M Asst. Chief Westwood 670 Taco Avenue Westwood, (Bergen) NJ 07675

Cole, Milton R Continential H & L 670 Taco Avenue Westwood, (Bergen) NJ 07675-3414

Cole Jr., Norman Chief Cedar Grove 349 Little Falls Rd. Cedar Grove, (Essex) NJ 07009

Cole Jr., Jere E Asst. Chief West Caldwell 54 Woodledge Court Rockaway, (Essex) NJ 07866-2245

Coleman, Charles R Paterson 166 Oakwood Drive Wayne, (Passaic) NJ 07470

Colombaroni, Richard J Chief Bound Brook 24 W. Second Street Bound Brook, (Somerset) NJ 08805

Colucci, Alfred C Chief Rosellle Park 4748 Westbury Court New Port Richie, (Out of State) FL 34655

Coman, Michael P Chief South Amboy 124 South Pine Avenue South Amboy, (Middlesex) NJ 08879

Comi, Jerome Captain Iselin Dist. # 11 68 Harding Avenue Iselin, (Middlesex) NJ 08830-1641

Conard, Jeffrey M Asst Chief Riversdie 415 Ash Street Delanco, (Burlington) NJ 08075

Conard, Jr., George F Asst. Chief Riverside 630 Jefferson Street Riverside, (Burlington) NJ 08075-3008

Conaty, Jr., John C Bat. Chief Navy Lakehurst 20 Hemlock Drive Lanoka Harbor, (Ocean) NJ 08734-2203

Concato, Robert Chief Wood-Ridge 58 Spyglass Drive Jackson, (Bergen) NJ 08527-4010

Cooper Jr, Walter

Cosgriff, Sr, Stephen E

Chief Unexcelled 1321 7Th Avenue Neptune, (Monmouth) NJ 07753

Chief Washington Township 80 Little Philadelphia Road Washington, (Warren) NJ 07882

Chief New Point Comfort 50 Birchwood Avenue Keansburg, (Monmouth) NJ 07734

Conley Jr., Lewis H

Cope, James A

Cosgrove, Henry S

Chief Town Bank 28 Capewoods Road Cape May, (Cape May) NJ 08204

Chief Hamilton 70 Limewood Drive Hamilton Square, (Mercer) NJ 08690

Carlstadt 438 Jefferson St. Carlstadt, (Bergen) NJ 07072

Connell, Peter F

Coppola Jr, Daniel J

Chief Avenel 221 Rosewood Lane Port Reading, (Middlesex) NJ 07064

Asst Chief Middlesex 349 Cotswold Place Somerset, (Middlesex) NJ 08873-4963

Connelly, James

Coral, Louis J

Chief Cliffwood 366 Riverside Drive Keyport, (Monmouth) NJ 07735

Chief Haledon 31 Ida Street Haledon, (Passaic) NJ 07508

Connolly, William M

Corbo, Michael J

Chief Tenafly 11 Hillcrest Road Tenafly, (Bergen) NJ 07670

Deputy Chief Pleasantville 15 Broadway Somer Point, (Atlantic) NJ 08244

Conrad, Carlo R

Cordero, Ronnie

Chief Fords 13 Walsh Avenue Edison, (Middlesex) NJ 08837-3535

Asst. Chief Little Falls 60 Paterson Avenue Little Falls, (Passaic) NJ 07424

Constantine, William D

Cordes, Robert J

Conklin, Edward L

Chief Moorestown 259 E.Third St Moorestown, (Burlington) NJ 08057

Asst Chief Secaucus 1445 Paterson Plank Road Secaucus, (Hudson) NJ 07094

Cook, Hartson A

Corsaro, Vincent A

Chief Allenhurst 449 Branch Port Avenue Ocean Port, (Monmouth) NJ 07757

Chief Jefferson Township 1056 A Weldon Road Oak Ridge, (Morris) NJ 07438

Cosner, Arthur N Newton Hose Co. #3 Landmark West Apt. # 1 Newton, (Sussex) NJ 07860

Coss, David G Chief Montague P. O Box 1048 Montague, (Sussex) NJ 07827

Costa, Cary Asst Chief Wayside 23 Fennec Court Tinton Falls, (Monmouth) NJ 07753

Costa, Jack G Middlesex 318 B Street Middlesex, (Middlesex) NJ 08846

Costa, Samuel J Asst Chief Erskine Lakes 363 Lakeshore Drive Hewitt, (Morris) NJ 07421

Costello, Thomas A Asst. Chief Park Riddge P.O. Box 252 Clifford, (Bergen) PA 18413-0252

Cottingham, Thomas G Tinton Falls 216 Riverdale Ave. Tinton Falls, (Monmouth) NJ 07724 *(County)

2009 Annual Report & Membership Directory â–


Members Courtright, Herbert

Cripps, William J

Cullen, III, William H

Cwiklinski, Stanley

D’Amico, John A

Day, Gerald A

Past Chief Mcafee Po Box 137 Mcafee, (Sussex) NJ 07428

Asst. Chief West Wildwood 407 West Magnolia Avenue Wildwood, (Cape May) NJ 08260

Chief Elizabeth Avenue 436 Elizabeth Avenue Somerset, (Somerset) NJ 08873

Chief Brigantine 536 Caverly Drive Brigantine, (Atlantic) NJ 08203-2820

Chief Wildwood 17 Romney Place Cape May Court House, (Cape May) NJ 08210

Kiel Hook & Ladder Co. 431 Gleneagle Court Winter Haven, (Out of State) FL 33884

Crisman Jr., Ray

Culmone, Jr., Anthony F

D’Amore, Peter

Pine Brook 10 Phillips Manor Towaco, (Morris) NJ 07082

Cousin, George B Asst Chief Centerton 1283 Landis Avenue Pittsgrove, (Salem) NJ 08318

Cymansky, Henry A Chief Bloomsbury P. O. Box 57 Bloomsbury, (Hunterdon) NJ 08804-0057

Cox, George R Chief Haddon 301 Reillywood Avenue Haddonfield, (Camden) NJ 08033

Crothers, James E Asst. Chief Denville 18 Beaverbrook Lane Denville, (Morris) NJ 07834

Coy, Martin l Chief Fair Haven 80 Lake Avenue Fairhaven, (Monmouth) NJ 07704

Crothers, Robert S Denville 152 Franklin Rd. Denville, (Morris) NJ 07834

Crotsley, Charles D Coyle Jr., James J Chief Riverside 1037 Thistle Gold Drive Hope Mills, (Burlington) NC 28348-9079

Crabb, Phillip R Chief Franklin 31 Jenkins Road Franklin, (Sussex) NJ 07416

Chief Mendham 19 Maple Ave. Mendham, (Morris) NJ 07945

Crowell, Richard G Deputy Chief Sussex 4 Center Street Apt. 83 Sussex, (Sussex) NJ 07461

Crum Jr, Sidney W Crampton, Frank Paterson P.O. Box 215 Islamorada, (Passaic) FL 33036

Asst Chief Hamburg 19 Linwood Avenue Hamburg, (Sussex) NJ 07419

Cravello, Richard J Fire Marshall Port Authority-NY&NJ 165 Howard Avenue Rochelle Park, (Bergen) NJ 07662

Crum Sr., Sidney W

Crawn Jr., Raymond

Csider, Robert

Sussex 2 Ley Place Sussex, (Sussex) NJ 07461

Asst Chief Elmwood Park 47 Barley Court Willow Springs, (Bergen) NC 27592

Crine, Jeffery R Chief Washington 231 Stonehedge Drive Phillipsburg, (Atlantic) NJ 08865


Hamburg P.O. Box 343 Hamburg, (Sussex) NJ 07419

Cucchiara., Paul

Battalion Chief Bogota 171 Queen Ann Road Bogota, (Bergen) NJ 07603

Cunningham, Charles J Chief POL Fire Co. #2 3 Lockwood Avenue Pompton Plains, (Morris) NJ 07444

Curran, Richard J Dep Chief River Edge 490 The Fenway River Edge, (Bergen) NJ 07661

Current Sr, Walter Chief Andover Township 730 Limecrest Road Newton, (Sussex) NJ 07860

Curry, Steven J Chief Fort Lee 311 Glendale Drive Toms River, (Ocean) NJ 08753

Chief Caldwell 382 Woodland Circle Lugoff, (Ocean) SC 29078

Cymansky, Jeffrey Chief Breton Woods 4 Ebb Tide Drive Brick, (Ocean) NJ 08723

Czujko, John Chief Garfield #4 218 Cedar Street Garfield, (Bergen) NJ 07026

D Dale, James C Frankford Twp. 143 E. Shore Culver Rd. Branchville, (Sussex) NJ 07826

Daley, Michael Asst Chief Fords 35 Sheffield Avenue Monroe Twp., (Middlesex) NJ 08831-8561

Dalgakiran, Michael Lieutenant Totowa 31 William Place Totowa, (Passaic) NJ 07512

Custis, Clarence A Chief Gouldtown 601 Fordville Road Bridgeton, (Cumberland) NJ 08302

Cutter, Eugene D Hanover Neck 404 River Road E. Hanover, (Morris) NJ 07936

Chief Lake Parsippany 160 Everett Road Parsippany, (Morris) NJ 07054

New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Five Trumpet Journal

De Bell, John P Daneker, James L P.O. Box 1517 Burlington, (Burlington) NJ 08016

Danielson, Eric Chief Andover Twp. 20 Springdale Garden Road Newton, (Sussex) NJ 07860

Asst Chief Hawthorne 10 Garden Way Howell, (Passaic) NJ 07731-2240

De Filippis, Edmund J Bernardsville 9 Crowndale Place Smithville, (Somerset) NJ 08205

D’Ascensio, John

Curry, Walter R Atlantic Highlands 105 Asbury Avenue Atlantic Highlands, (Monmouth) NJ 07716

Chief Woodcliff Lake 49 Drayon Road Manchester, (Ocean) NJ 08759

Dayermanjian, Richard

Dalina, Stephen J Fords 451 Crows Mill Road Fords, (Middlesex) NJ 08863

Daly, Kenneth Howell Fire Co. #2 402 Donora Street N W Port Charlotte, (Out of State) FL 33948

Chief North Caldwell 190 Mountain Avenue North Caldwell, (Essex) NJ 07006

De Graaf, William J Chief Totowa 751 Twining Way Collegeville, (Passaic) PA 19426

Datz, Robert H Highland Lakes 5805 N W BurrI Court Port St. Lucie, (Morris) FL 34986-4103

Davenport, Douglas R Chief Wall Township 1703 Grove Street Belmar, (Monmouth) NJ 07719-0771

De Graw, Allen R Asst Chief Wayne 84 Passaic Avenue Ogdensburg, (Sussex) NJ 07439

De Groot, Walter E Chief Clifton 7 Castle Court Manchester Township, (Passaic) NJ 08759-6170

Davis, Richard C Chief Haddon Heights 605 Station Road Haddon Heights, (Burlington) NJ 08035

De Groot Jr., George

Davis, Thomas J

De Korte, John H

Asst Chief Highland Lakes 52 Red Oak Terrace Oak Ridge, (Sussex) NJ 07439-9189

Chief North Haledon 1347 Belmont Ave. North Haledon, (Passaic) NJ 07508

Hawthorne 3 Lynne Avenue Hawthorne, (Passaic) NJ 07506

De Lea, Alan Davis, William R Chief West Keansbueg 112 Hudson Ave. W. Keansburg, (Monmouth) NJ 07734

Chief Sandyston Township 4 Edwards Drive Branchville, (Sussex) NJ 07826 *(County)

Members De Pinho, Jr., David

Decker, Harold D

Dekovics III, Jules

Demme, David

Deuter Jr., Conrad W

Diddio, Vittorio

Asst. Chief Schering Plough 34 Emily Drive Old Bridge, (Middlesex) NJ 08857

Chief Hamburg P.O. Box 75 Sussex, (Sussex) NJ 07461

Chief Milltown 52 John F. Kennedy Drive Milltown, (Middlesex) NJ 08850

Chief Fanwood 11 Ridgewood Drive Bellemeade, (Union) NJ 08502

Asst Chief Tuckahoe 360 Old Tuckahoe Road #2 Petersburg, (Cape May) NJ 08270

Batt Chief Paterson 37 Pintail Drive Glassboro, (Passaic) NJ 08028

Denegar, Brian

Devenney, John F

Chief Eatontown 131 Wall Street Eatontown, (Monmouth) NJ 07724

Chief Moorestown 5 Hancock Drive Apt. D Maple Shade, (Burlington) NJ 08052

Decker, John A De Staffen, Robert A Chief Wanaque 63 Rhonda Place Wanaque, (Passaic) NJ 07465

Chief North Haledon 108 Central Avenue North Haledon, (Passaic) NJ 07508

Del Vecchio, Allen Chief Totowa 127 Sutton Avenue Totowa, (Passaic) NJ 07512

Decker, Joseph G De Virgilio, Robert J Chief Haledon 48 King Street Haledon, (Passaic) NJ 07508

De Vries, Jack Chief Kinnelon 308 Action Ridge Road East Wakefield, (Out of State) NH 03830

Dean, Earl W Kinney Hose 25 Carey Ave. Butler, (Morris) NJ 07405

Deasy III, Charles W Chief Liberty Corner 450 Mack Mountain Road West Danville, (Out of State) VT 05873

Dechert, Kurt H East Rutherford 6 Bolling Springs Ave. E. Rutherford, (Bergen) NJ 07073

Chief Arbor Hose # 1 327 Florence Ave. Piscataway, (Middlesex) NJ 08854

Decker, Kevin R Chief Hamburg 85 Mulberry Street Hamburg, (Sussex) NJ 07419

Decker, Richard J Asst Chief Green Township Box 71 Hamilton Road Greendell, (Sussex) NJ 07839

Decker, Ronnie L Asst Chief Lafayette 29 Morris Farm Road Lafayette, (Sussex) NJ 07848

Decker, Thomas F Asst Chief Bartholdi Hose 17 Myrtle Avenue Butler, (Morris) NJ 07405

Dedreu, Harold H Decker, Donald E Hamburg 23 King Cole Road Hamburg, (Sussex) NJ 07419

Lincoln Park 43 South Valley Rd. Lincoln Park, (Morris) NJ 07035

Decker, Frederick J

Deffler, Edwin C

Asst Chief Lafayette 15 Beaver Run Lafayette, (Sussex) NJ 07848

Fords 147 Pine Acres Milford, (Middlesex) PA 18837

Decker, George R Chief Prospect Park 79 West Prospect Street Waldwick, (Passaic) NJ 07463

Deffler, John J Fords 28 Linden Avenue Fords, (Middlesex) NJ 08863

Delaurentis Jr, Cassmiro Chief Atco 2259 Almira Avenue Atco, (Camden) NJ 08004

DeLisi, Richard Chief Millstone Valley 76 Welshs Lane Somerset, (Somerset) NJ 08873

Delnegro, Lawrence F Dept Chief South Plainfield 146 Daniel Street South Plainfield, (Middlesex) NJ 07080

DeLoreto, Michael J Asst Chief Jefferson Township 18 Brady Blvd. Lake Hopatcong, (Morris) NJ 07849-1403

Demarest, John W Batt Chief Little Ferry 88 Bertolotto Avenue Little Ferry, (Bergen) NJ 07643

Demarest, Warren C Chief Old Tappan 8 Demarest Lane Old Tappan, (Bergen) NJ 07675

Demartino, Luigi Asst Chief Arbor Hose Co #1 1431 Greenwood Drive Piscataway, (Middlesex) NJ 08854

Denman, Theodore J

Derickson, Raymond A

Chief Taunton 31 Fairview Road /Taunton Fire Co. Medford, (Burlington) NJ 08055-9169

Chief Park Ridge 60 Colony Avenue Park Ridge, (Bergen) NJ 07656

Dimsey, George H

Chief Hainesport 54 Mount Laurel Road Hainesport, (Burlington) NJ 08036-2712

Devlin, Ronald W

Derienzo, Jr., Thomas Captain Park Ridge 107 Highland Street Park Ridge, (Bergen) NJ 07656

Asst Chief Endeavor 133 West Federal Street Burlington, (Burlington) NJ 08016

Dey, Claude H Millstone Township 225 Stagecoach Road Millstone Township, (Monmouth) NJ 08510

Dermer, Daniel A

Di Masi, John W

Millstone Valley 28 Jensen Street East Brunswick, (Somerset) NJ 08816

Chief Parsippany/Dist 5 P. O. Box 455 Lake Hopatcong, (Morris) NJ 07849

DeRogatis, Donald E Chief N. Arlington Truck 3 39 Butler Avenue Bayville, (Bergen) NJ 08721

Park Ridge 36 Rivervale Rd. Park Ridge, (Bergen) NJ 07656

Diedtrich Sr, William I Devlin, Patrick J

Resolute 32 Shenandoah Place Morristown, (Morris) NJ 07960

Diedtrich, William

Di Pierro, Louis M Monroe Twp. 455 Grace Hill Road Monroe Twp., (Middlesex) NJ 08831

D’Errico, James Chief White Horse 129 Ely Crescent Robbinsville, (Mercer) NJ 08691

Diana, Frank B

Dester, Robert F

Diaz, Richard

Dept. Chief Keansburg 123 Park Avenue Keansburg, (Monmouth) NJ 07734-0000

Chief South Old Bridge 507 Moores Court Jackson, (Middlesex) NJ 08527

Deuter, John R

Dickson, Robert G

Chief Seaville 15 E - Katharine Ave. Ocean View, (Cape May) NJ 08230

New Vernon Long Hill Road P.O. Box 173 New Vernon, (Morris) NJ 07976

S. Plainfield 401 First Avenue Manasquan, (Monmouth) NJ 08736

Chief Laureance Harbor 15 Hilltop Blvd Cliffwood Beach, (Middlesex) NJ 07735

Dinicolantonio, Robert A Asst Chief Marmora 746 Ocean Crest Avenue Marmora, (Cape May) NJ 08223

Dittus, George W Chief Rochelle Park 54 West Oldis St. Rochelle Park, (Bergen) NJ 07662

Dixon, William R Asst. Chief Whippany 22 Maryland Road Little Egg Harbor, (Ocean) NJ 08087

Docherty, Richard D Asst Chief Barnegat 652 E Bay Avenue Barnegat, (Ocean) NJ 08005

Dodd Jr, Kenneth G Dept Chief Newton 109 W. Lakeview Road Newton, (Sussex) NJ 07860

*(County) 2009 Annual Report & Membership Directory â–


Members Doerner, Edward

Dondero, Dennis

Downs Sr., Edward J

Duffy, James P

Dunn Jr., James

Eckel, Danny F

Chief Helmeta 6402 Chapparel Street Central Point, (Out of State) OR 97502

Chief Wanaque 6 War Vetrens Place Wanaque, (Passaic) NJ 07465

Asst Chief Bordentown City 710 Point Breeze Apt. 7M Bordentown, (Burlington) NJ 08505 edownssr1582@msn>com

Chief Matawan 62 Ravine Drive Matawan, (Monmouth) NJ 07747

Chief Alert 15 Greenwich Drive Bergenfield, (Bergen) NJ 07621

Chief Morganville 126 Crine Road Morganville, (Monmouth) NJ 07751

Duffy, Robert C

Dupre, Vincent E

Eckert, Edward J

Chief Washington Township 590 Hickory Street Township of Washington, (Bergen) NJ 07676

Donio, Anthony J

Doyle, Stephen A

Asst Chief Elm P O Box 197 Winslow, (Camden) NJ 08095

Chief Perth Amboy 319 Henry Street South Amboy, (Middlesex) NJ 08879

Chief Morris Township 50 Lake Valley Road Morristown, (Morris) NJ 07960

Union 20 Hughes Lane Watchung, (Somerset) NJ 07069

Chief Manahawkin 198 Division Street Manahawkin, (Ocean) NJ 08050

Durante, Vincent M

Eckman, Paul D

Doherty, William

Donnan, Robert B

Chief Griffin Pipe Brigade 49 Meadowbrook Drive Browns Mill, (Burlington) NJ 08015

Chief Metuchen 33 Memorial Parkway Metuchen, (Middlesex) NJ 08840

Asst Chief Carlstadt Engine # 2 45 Yeoman Drive Upper Saddle River, (Essex) NJ 07458

Chief Herbertsville 2612 Shady Glen Ave. Point Pleasant, (Ocean) NJ 08742

Doherty, John R

Duffy, William E Drake, Benjamin W Chief Chester 497 North Mill Ridge Nebo, (Morris) NC 28761

Captain Fairchild 8 Mendham Avenue Morristown, (Morris) NJ 07960

Eddy, William J Durie, Keith I

Morris Twp. 26 Pine Tree Lane Morris Plains, (Morris) NJ 07950

Hillside 57 Conkin Avenue Hillsdale, (Bergen) NJ 07642

Chief Union - Frenchtown 8749 Beacon Street Ft. Myers, (Ocean) FL 33907

Duffy Jr., James J

Dymarczyk, Joseph W

Edwards, William H

Chief Matawan H & L # 1 251 Harding Blvd. Matawan, (Monmouth) NJ 07747

Asst Chief Garfield 542 Mac Donald Street Garfield, (Bergen) NJ 07026

Chief Neptune 9 Sherry Lane Neptune City, (Hunterdon) NJ 07753-3429

Doidge, Edward C

Donohue, Thomas J

Drake, T. Donald

Duffy Jr., Edward F

Hose # 2 30500 Greenbriar Court Canyon Lake, (Bergen) CA 92587-7526

Asst Chief Hawthorne #4 129 Cold Indian Springs Road Ocean Township, (Passaic) NJ 07712

Chief Stanhope P. O. Box 75/29 Rt. 183 Stanhope, (Sussex) NJ 07874

Doidge, Robert Engine # 2 P. O. Box 815 Hamlin, (Out of State) PA 18427

Dolaghan, Thomas Chief Harrison 515 Williams Street Harrison, (Hudson) NJ 07029

Dolan, Joseph G Chief Randolph Engine # 5 16 Forrest Road Randolph, (Morris) NJ 07869

Dolan III, Leonard R Chief Cranford 500 Central Avenue Cranford, (Union) NJ 07016-2305

Doland, Newman V Chief Sussex 21 Willow Street Sussex, (Sussex) NJ 07461

Donatello Jr, Peter Chief Rochelle Park 131 James Street Rochelle Park, (Bergen) NJ 07662



Drimones, George Donovan, Howard J Deputy Chief Palisades Park 146 East Central Blvd. Palisades Park, (Bergen) NJ 07650 howard.donovan@dot.state.

Dorio, Ralph Chief Washington Township 161 Springgtown Road Washington, (Warren) NJ 07882

Dorsey, Jr., Thomas R Chief West Keansburg 181 4th Street Keansburg, (Monmouth) NJ 07734-2915

Doty, Harold A Asst Chief Matawan 62 Ivy Way Aberdeen, (Monmouth) NJ 07747

Douglas, James D Lake Hiawatha 33 Comanche Court Palm Coast, (Morris) FL 32137

Chief Englewood Cliffs 71 John Street Englewood Cliffs, (Bergen) NJ 07632

Edwards Jr., Robert Dukes Sr, William D

Drozd, Robert W Asst Chief South River 10 Rex Place South River, (Middlesex) NJ 08882

Chief Mount Laurel 129 Ramblewood Pkwy. Mount Laurel, (Camden) NJ 08054

Dubell, Joseph H

Dunfee Jr., Frank J

Chief Union # 1 Box 46 - Margerum Road Crosswicks, (Burlington) NJ 08515

Barnegat 16 Maple Ave. Barnegat, (Ocean) NJ 08005

Dunlap, Jr., William DuBois, Christian B Captain Centerton 865 Burlington Road Pittsgrove, (Salem) NJ 08318

Asst.Chief Kiel H&L Butler 26 Terrace Ave. Butler, (Morris) NJ 07405

Dunn, John B Duff, Michael W Chief Peapack-Gladstone P.O. Box 242 Pluckemin, (Somerset) NJ 07978-0242

Chief Leonia 205 Fairview Avenue Bogota, (Bergen) NJ 07603

Duffy, Edward J

Dunn, Leo R

Chief Rumson 5 Church Street Rumson, (Monmouth) NJ 07760

Vineland 528 Grandview Ave. Vineland, (Cumberland) NJ 08360

New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Five Trumpet Journal

E Eannone, Robert V Chief N.W.S. Earle 520 San Juan Drive Toms River, (Ocean) NJ 08753

Eastmead, Lewis B Chief Tinton Falls 25 Mulberry Lane Tinton Falls, (Monmouth) NJ 07724

Eaton, William R Chief Martinsville 354 Palmetto Drive Easton, (Somerset) PA 18045

Ebersole, Donald E Chief Magnolia 1012 Coronet Lane Somerdale, (Camden) NJ 08083

Asst Chief Bloomsbury 5437 Lamb Terrace Allentown, (Hunterdon) PA 18106

Egbert, John J Asst Chief Denville 69 Riverside Drive Denville, (Morris) NJ 07834

Egbert, Richard E Asst. Chief Lake Hiawatha 286 Edwards Road Parsippany, (Morris) NJ 07054

Egbert, Tracy S Asst Chief Denville 16 Brookview Road Denville, (Morris) NJ 07834


Members Egbert, William A

Elwell, Jr., Robert W

Evangelista, Albert

Falco, Michael J

Fedor, Eric

Ferrelli, Pasquale

Chief Roxbury 25 Little Lane Wharton, (Morris) NJ 07885

Lieutenate Cape May 709 Sunset Blvd. West Cape May, (Cape May) NJ 08204

Pompton Lakes 51 Ringwood Court Pompton Lakes, (Passaic) NJ 07442

Asst Chief East Rutherford 266 Laurel Place East Rutherford, (Bergen) NJ 07073

Asst. Chief Wayne 50 Dubel Road Wayne, (Passaic) NJ 07470

Chief Hope Steam 219 Stacy Street Burlington, (Burlington) NJ 08016

Fedorisin, Nicholas M

Ferrigno, Douglas J

Eggers Jr., Herbert H

Elwell, Sr, Robert W

Pine Brook 30 Maple Ave. Pine Brook, (Morris) NJ 07058

Asst Chief Cape May 808 Columbia Avenue Cape May, (Cape May) NJ 08204

Bat Chief Elmwood Park 28 Maplewood Avenue Elmwood Park, (Bergen) NJ 07407

Deputy Chief Hillside 330 Sunset Drive North Pelican Island, (Ocean) NJ 08751

Evans, Robert C

Eible, Jr., Joseph E Chief Mendham 5 Nalron Drive Ledgewood, (Morris) NJ 07852

Eidson, David S Asst Chief Avenel 88 Second Avenue Port Reading, (Middlesex) NJ 07064

Ely, Ronald K Chief Neptune 6 Arthur Court Jackson, (Monmouth) NJ 08527

Emmetts, Robert M Chief Jefferson Township 14 Madoc Trail Oak Ridge, (Morris) NJ 07438

Emmons, Robert R Schooley’S Mtn. 2034 Old Salisbury Rd. Winston-Salem, (Morris) NC 27127

Eifler, Harold R Asst Chief Totowa Boro 444 Riverview Drive Totowa, (Passaic) NJ 07512

Ekelburg, David C Chief Burlington 324 Brown Street Burlington, (Burlington) NJ 08016

Englehart, Wallace Chief Eatontown 26 Rock Hill Road Clarksville, (Monmouth) VA 23927

Erickson, Hobart D Denville 416 Devore Road Donald, (Out of State) SC 29638

Elenio, Paul J Ridgefield 401 Dercole Court Apt. 215 Norwood, (Bergen) NJ 07648-1565

Elliker, Ivor H Old Tappen 1109 Kea Court New Bern, (Bergen) NC 28560-7230

Ellis, Richard Asst Chief Sussex P. O. Box 7 Augusta, (Sussex) NJ 07822

Falco Jr, Carmen J Chief Keansburg # 1 55 Hart Street West Keansburg, (Monmouth) NJ 07734

Evans, Robert J

Eichinger, Stephen H Asst. Chief New Gretna 2 Leektown Road Egg Harbor City, (Burlington) NJ 08215-4804

Flemington 18 Bonnell Street Flemington, (Hunterdon) NJ 08822 bobevans6548@embarqmail. com

Essing, William J Asst Chief Butler 9609 Indigo Creek Blvd. Murrells Inlet, (Morris) SC 29576

Euler, Thomas C Chief Magnolia 410 W. Evesham Ave. Magnolia, (Camden) NJ 08049

Evan, John A Chief Fords 76 South Oak Avenue Fords, (Middlesex) NJ 08863

Rusling Hose P.O. Box 216 Florence, (Burlington) NJ 08518

Evans, Robert W Chatham Twp 35 Pinnel Court Berkele Heights, (Morris) NJ 07922

Falk, Allen E Chief Aberdeen Twp. 12 Ferland Lane Aberdeen, (Monmouth) NJ 07747

Feldman, Edward Fairlawn 12701 S W 13th Street Apt. 204 Pembrook Pines, (Bergen) FL 33027

Ferry, Robert S Asst Chief Fire Patrol P O Box 272 Keyport, (Monmouth) NJ 07735

Fennimore, Robert J Ferry, Thomas J

Emerson 25 Henry Street Emerson, (Bergen) NJ 07630

Chief Basking Ridge 143 Rainbow Drive Fort Walton Beach, (Out of State) FL 32548

Falzo, Anthony G

Fenton, Jr., Russell J

Filippine, John A

Chief Wayne 3 Almadera Drive Wayne, (Passaic) NJ 07470-1916

Chief Egg Harbor City 408 Liverpoole Avenue Egg Harbor City, (Atlantic) NJ 08215

Burlington City 5 Village Drive Columbus, (Burlington) NJ 08022

Falotico, Michael D

Asst Chief Wood-Ridge 535 Grandview Drive Highland Lakes, (Bergen) NJ 07422-1605

Everson Jr., David H Ringwood 168 Skyline Lake Drive Ringwood, (Passaic) NJ 07456

F Fair, James E Chief Millstone Valley 633 Northham Terrace The Villages, (Somerset) FL 32162

Fajnor, John W Chief Bernardsville 51 Mayor Lane Felton, (Somerset) DE 19943-9219

Falato, Leonard B Chief South Hackensack 364 Chestnut Street South Hackensack, (Bergen) NJ 07606

Falco, James P Chief Keansburg 164 East Road Belford, (Monmouth) NJ 07718

Fary, Harry K Eatontown 19-A Eatoncrest Drive Eatontown, (Monmouth) NJ 07724-1229

Fasciano, Saverio V Chief Twp. of Washington 192 Hickory Street Twp. of Washington, (Bergen) NJ 07676

Fashaw, Dekon W Deputy Chief Town Bank 833 Seashore Road Cape May, (Cape May) NJ 08204

Fauci, Larry J Sparta Twp. 1031 Singer Drive Singer Island, (Out of State) FL 33404

Fear Sr., William C Chief Bloomingdale 41 Highland Ave. Bloomingdale, (Passaic) NJ 07403

Ferber, H. Terry Asst Chief Upper Saddle River 32 Glenwood Road Upper Saddle River, (Bergen) NJ 07458

Ferguson Jr., James C Chief Verona 29 Greenbrook Road - Unit # 113 Fairfield,, (Essex) NJ 07004

Ferraiuolo, Michael R Chief Cedar Knolls 2308 Eden Terrace Rock Hill, (Morris) SC 29730

Filling, Richard D Galloway Twp. R.R. 1 Box 130-B Granville Summit, (Out of State) PA 16926

Fillius, Harry H Chief Mount Holly 31 Dogwood West Tabernacle, (Burlington) NJ 08088

Finch Jr., Wallace Mahwah 212 Bonnie Drive Portland, (Bergen) TN 37148

Finnegan, Kevin B Chief Wharton 81 St. Mary’S Street Wharton, (Morris) NJ 07885

Ferrante, Louis J Chief Bernardsville 3 Timber Rock Terr. Bernardsville, (Somerset) NJ 07924

Fiocchi, Donald L Chief Vineland # 5 1118 Panther Road Vineland, (Cumberland) NJ 08360

*(County) 2009 Annual Report & Membership Directory ■


Members Fitzpatrick, John J

Forbes, Joseph

Foy, Jr., Richard H

Frato Sr., Anthony

Frerichs, Michael

Futcher, Jr., John B

Chief Spotswood 61 Irving Ave. Spotswood, (Middlesex) NJ 08884

Asst Chief Paterson 13 James Court North Haledon, (Passaic) NJ 07508

Chief Carlstadt 614 Jefferson Street Carlstadt, (Bergen) NJ 07072

Asst Chief Branchville Box 514 - Broad Street Branchville, (Sussex) NJ 07826

Asst. Chief Pompton Falls 19 Joyce Lane Wayne, (Passaic) NJ 07470

Lieutenant Butler 10 Hillcrest Avenue Butler, (Morris) NJ 07405

Forstenhausler, Mark H

Frake Jr, Harvey C

Fretz, Jason

Fyfe, George T

Asst. Chief Holland Twp. 168 Preston Road Apt. A-5 Milford, (Hunterdon) NJ 08848

Asst Chief Morristown 20 Colonia Road Parsippany, (Morris) NJ 07054

Fizer, Robert R Chief Fords 37 Paul Street Fords, (Middlesex) NJ 08863

Fladung, John D Dpty Chief Hose # 1 75 Arlington Blvd No. Arlington, (Bergen) NJ 07032

Fleck, William Ringwood 15 Summit Ave. Ringwood, (Passaic) NJ 07456

Flenner Jr., Charles F Asst. Chief East Rutherford 383 Patterson Avenue East Rutherford, (Bergen) NJ 07075-1312

Florek, Stephen A Chief Cheesequake 2 Florek Lane Matawan, (Middlesex) NJ 07747

Flynn Jr., John J Middletown Twp. 384 Navesink Avenue Atlantic Highlands, (Monmouth) NJ 07716

Foerch, Richard F Asst Chief Woodbridge # 1 104 Schoder Avenue Woodbridge, (Middlesex) NJ 07095

Foley, Kevin J Asst. Chief Hawthorne 214 Pasadena Place Hawthorne, (Passaic) NJ 07506

Foley, Robert Hawthorne 126 Watchung Drive Hawthorne, (Passaic) NJ 07506

Frech, Bruce D Chief Randolph Township 4 Heather Lane Randolph, (Morris) NJ 07869 mforstenhausler@vandolphnj. org

Forsyth, Robert S Martinsville 17 Frohlin Drive Basking Ridge, (Somerset) NJ 07920

Asst Chief Goodwill 212 Valley Drive Browns Mills, (Out of State) NJ 08015

Frame, William G Goshen Po Box 472-Rt 47 Goshen, (Cape May) NJ 08218

France, Thomas E Fosdick, George D Chief Ridgefield Park 549 Teaneck Rd. Ridgefield Park, (Bergen) NJ 07660

Fairchild 21 Meslar Rd. Morris Plains, (Morris) NJ 07950

France, Victor J Foster, III, Robert A Asst Chief Laurence Harbor 97 Roosevelt Avenue Laurence Harbor, (Middlesex) NJ 08879

Asst Chief Humane # 2 37 Lake Road Morristown, (Morris) NJ 07960

Asst. Chief North Haledon 89 Ruff Court North Haledon, (Passaic) NJ 07508

Fournier, Christopher Chief Mansfield Township 808 Rockport Road Hackettstown, (Warren) NJ 07840

Fowler, John C Chief Lincroft 113 Viburnum Terrace Red Bank, (Monmouth) NJ 07701

Fox, Herbert S Chief Montville 34 Valhalla Rd. Montville, (Morris) NJ 07045

Freeman, Donald R Asst. Chief Huntington 673 Sayer Avenue Phillipsburg, (Warren) NJ 08865

Freeman, Pete Asst Chief Chester 202 Dover - Chester Road Randolph, (Morris) NJ 07869

Freeman, Ronald E Batt Chief Headquarters Co. 10 Lori Road Monmouth Beach, (Bergen) NJ 07601

Freeman, Theodore F

Frey Jr., Edward Chief Carlstadt 515 Summit Ave. Carlstadt, (Bergen) NJ 07072

Frino, Joseph Chief Lodi 34 Gunther Avenue # 1 Lodi, (Bergen) NJ 07644-2015

Fritz, Anthony M Deputy Chief Arbor Hose Co. # 1 1937 West 7th Street Piscataway, (Middlesex) NJ 08854

Chief Lodi 9 Wisse St. Lodi, (Bergen) NJ 07644

Asst. Chief Ancora P. O. Box 560 Manasquan, (Monmouth) NJ 08736 mil

Frangipane, Donald

Freeman, II, Albert E

Furtak, James

Asst Chief Community #1 P. O. Box 247 Brick, (Passaic) NJ 08723

Chief Medford Farms 29 Washington Way Tabernacle, (Burlington) NJ 08088

Asst Chief Wallington 289 Mount Pleasant Avenue Wallington, (Bergen) NJ 07053

Frank Jr., Henry G

Frelish, William J

Chief Little Ferry 53 Kaufman Ave. Little Ferry, (Bergen) NJ 07643

Chief Woodbridge Po Box 84 Sewaren, (Middlesex) NJ 07077

Franco, Louis Foti, Joseph

Sussex 45 Lakeshore Dr. Sussex, (Sussex) NJ 07461

Franklin, Gary P Sweetwater 2341 Elwood Raod Sweetwater, (Atlantic) NJ 08037

Franzoi, Glenn Chief Vineland # 4 574 Royal Drive Vineland, (Cumberland) NJ 08360

Frosco, Raymond Chief Northvale 436 Clinton St Northvale, (Bergen) NJ 07647

Fusco, George J Woodcliff Lake Co. #1 161 Werimus Street Woodcliff Lake, (Bergen) NJ 07677

Fusco, George L Frenenski, Edward Chief Stanhope 128 Main Street Stanhope, (Sussex) NJ 07874

Deputy Chief Woodcliff Lake 161 Werimus Road Woodcliff Lake, (Bergen) NJ 07677

G Gaal, William H Chief Stillwater Box 127-Cedar Ridge Rd. Stillwater, (Sussex) NJ 07875

Gabel, Henry B Randolph # 2 44 Center Grove Rd. Apt M21 Randolph, (Morris) NJ 07869-4480

Gable, Darren Chief Pochuck Valley 4 Huntier Ridge Road Sussex, (Sussex) NJ 07461

Gabliks, Maris G Chief Adelphia 1777 Ridge Avenue Lakewood, (Ocean) NJ 08701

Gabriel, John J Chief P.O.L. # 2-Wayne 76 Bolton Road Wayne, (Passaic) NJ 07470

Gadaleta, Vito D Dpty Chief Neptune # 1 81 Kendall Drive Ringwood, (Monmouth) NJ 07456

Gaetano, Anthony S Asst Chief Eatontown 1 Alexandria Court Eatontown, (Monmouth) NJ 07724




New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Five Trumpet Journal

Members Gaetano, Joseph P

Galya, John J

Garth Sr, James A

Genovese Jr., John

Gerstner, Robert

Gibson, William

Chief Eatontown 72 South Street Eatontown, (Monmouth) NJ 07724

Chief Fords 136 Spruce Street Port Reading, (Middlesex) NJ 07064

Asst Chief Farmington 308 Rhodes Avenue Farmington Eht, (Atlantic) NJ 08234

Dep Chief Hook & Ladder 9130 Seasons Terrace Vero Beach, (Bergen) FL 32963

Asst Chief Franklin Township 164 Halfway House Road Washington, (Warren) NJ 07882

Deputy Chief Cape May Point P. O. Box 434 Cape May Point, (Cape May) NJ 08212

Gaggero, Richard G

Gannon, John J

Gartner, Eric P

Gentile, Anthony J

Asst Chief Lodi HC12 Box 510 Dingmanns Ferry, (Bergen) PA 18328

Dep Chief West New York 41 Grist Mill Road Wanaque, (Passaic) NJ 07465

Asst.Chief South River 49 New Street South River, (Middlesex) NJ 08882

Asst Chief Wood-Ridge 138 9Th Street Wood-Ridge, (Bergen) NJ 07075

Gartner, Randall C

George, Peter

Deputy Chief Woodbury 138 Lupten Avenue Woodbury, (Gloucester) NJ 08096

Chief Freneau 7 Tina Street Matawan, (Monmouth) NJ 07747

Gawron, George J

George, William P

Chief Sayerville 23 Lee Avenue South Amboy, (Middlesex) NJ 08879

Asst Chief Mcafee 22 Mohalk Avenue Hawthorne, (Sussex) NJ 07506

Gervato, John P Chief Garfield 400 Midland Avenue Garfield, (Bergen) NJ 07026

Truck # 1 28 Pleasant View Terr. Wallington, (Bergen) NJ 07057

Chief Green Brook 11 Camelot Drive Monrow Twp., (Middlesex) NJ 08831

Galka, Anthony J

Gardner, John W

Asst Chief Wallington 209 Mt. Pleasant Avenue Wallington, (Bergen) NJ 07057

Chief Montclair 77 Hillside Ave. Verona, (Essex) NJ 07044

Gardner, Joseph P Gallagher, Edward J Chief Mountain Lake 12 Park Street Belvidere, (Warren) NJ 07823 bertedgallagher@embarqmail. com

Gallagher, Patrick Asst Chief Parsippany Troy Hill 22 Longport Road Lake Parsippany, (Morris) NJ 07054

Gallo, Neil J Chief Elizabeth Avenue 72 Welshs Lane Somerset, (Somerset) NJ 08873

Gallo Jr., Fortunato Batt Chief Summit 35 Trent Drive Toms River, (Morris) NJ 08757

Galvach, Kenneth A Chief Port Reading 77 Fourth Avenue Port Reading, (Middlesex) NJ 07064

Verona 124 Driftwood Drive Bayville, (Ocean) NJ 08721-1953

Garofalo, Sam J Asst Chief Lodi 8 Shady Lane Lodi, (Bergen) NJ 07644

Garofalow, Gerard M Chief Ridgefield Park 86 Highland Place Ridgefield Park, (Bergen) NJ 07660

Garretson, Wayne Bogota 277 Prospect Avenue - Unit 16-A Hackensack, (Bergen) NJ 07601-2566

Garrett, Ronald W 1st Asst Chief Hamburg 14 Veron Avenue Hamburg, (Sussex) NJ 07419

Chief Fredon 3 Condit St. Newton, (Sussex) NJ 07860

Asst Chief Millstone 51 Douglas Drive Jackson, (Monmouth) NJ 08527

Gebauer, John E Chief North Arlington 95 Albert Street N. Arlington, (Bergen) NJ 07032

Geier, Scott Asst. Chief Hawthorne 66 Elberon Avenue Hawthorne, (Passaic) NJ 07506

Gennett, Martin E Chief Beverly 46 Coleman Lane Titusville, (Mercer) NJ 08560-1610

Genovese, Matthew S Chief Cassville 104 Thompson Bridge Road Jackson, (Ocean) NJ 08527

Batt Chief Little Ferry 58 John Street Little Ferry, (Bergen) NJ 07643

Gerber III, Alfred Chief Little Ferry 18 Garden Street Little Ferry, (Bergen) NJ 07643

Gilmartin, Francis X

Ghent, Jr., Lester H

Gilsenan, Joseph F

Fort Lee P. O. Box 2153 Fort Lee, (Bergen) NJ 07024-2153

Chief Ramtown 78 Burnt Tavern Road Brick, (Ocean) NJ 08724

Asst. Chief Madison Park 595 Kingfisher Circle Brick, (Middlesex) NJ 08723

Giannone, Michael G

Germinder, Douglas

Gibbs, Clifford W

Captain Fanwood P.O. Box 381 Fanwood, (Union) NJ 07023

Chief Independence Twp. 9 Mount Rascal Road Hackettstown, (Warren) NJ 07840

Gibbs, Michael W Chief Port Authority of N.Y. & N. J. 2 Lanza Lane Secaucus, (Hudson) NJ 07094

Asst Chief Flemington 57 North Main Street Flemington, (Hunterdon) NJ 08822

Giacolone, Frank G

Old Bridge 254 State Route 34/#1 Matawan, (Monmouth) NJ 07747

Gerould, Frank J

Chief Hopelawn 13 Richard Avenue Hopelawn, (Middlesex) NJ 08861

Dept. Chief Metuchen 105 Harvard Avenue Metuchen, (Middlesex) NJ 08840

Asst Chief Pattenburg 328 Woolf Road Milford, (Hunterdon) NJ 08848

Gerity, Thomas P

Gillespie, Robert E

Getty, Tim

Georgeou, George A Gayda, Robert

Chief Hamilton 428 Maple Avenue Neptune, (Monmouth) NJ 07753

Gessitz, George

Garbarini, Michael Gajda, Kenneth J

Gifford, Thomas E

Deputy Chief Hackettstown 119 Mine Hill Road Hackettstown, (Morris) NJ 07840

Gindlesperger, David D Chief Jacobstown 46 Carter Lane New Egypt, (Burlington) NJ 08533

Giordano, Pasquale Chief South Orange 418 Lenox Place South Orange, (Essex) NJ 07079

Gipple, Donald J Asst Chief Villas 118 Lower Mulberry Street Apt. A Danville, (Cape May) PA 17821

Gitto, Edward M chief Beverly 1320 Bridgeboro Road Beverly, (Burlington) NJ 08010

*(County) 2009 Annual Report & Membership Directory â–


Members Glowacka, Thomas E

Gorman, Thomas J

Green, Anthony S

Grieder, Franklin J

Gross, John

Gugger, Jason

Asst Chief Morganville 14 Station Road Morganville, (Monmouth) NJ 07751

Chief Enterprise Snorkel 255 Connors Drive South Amboy, (Middlesex) NJ 08879

Asst Chief Moorestown 320 Farmdale Road Moorestown, (Burlington) NJ 08057

Chief Ho-Ho-Kus 8 Addison Place Ho-Ho-Kus, (Bergen) NJ 07423

Asst Chief Hillsborough # 2 1103 Millstone River Road Somerville, (Somerset) NJ 08876

Chief Washington Township 142 Walnut Street Washington Township, (Bergen) NJ 07676

Gorr, Robert

Green, Frank M

Griffin, Jefferson L

Chief Fortescue New Jersey Avenue Fortescue, (Cumberland) NJ 08321

Maple Shade Box 160 Ewan, (Gloucester) NJ 08025

Chief Wood-Ridge 326 Columbia Blvd Wood Ridge, (Bergen) NJ 07075

Gugger, Richard L

Chief North Stelton 160 Farragut Avenue Middllesex, (Middlesex) NJ 08846

Griffith, Lemoyne E

Grosso, Corbyn

Guiliano, Mark P

Gotthardt, William C

Green, Jeffery E

Deputy Chief Woodbury 26 North Horace Street Woodbury, (Gloucester) NJ 08096

Captain Hope Steam 26 Powder Lane Burlington, (Burlington) NJ 08016

Parsippany Troy Hills 710 Smith Rd. Parsippany, (Morris) NJ 07054

Chief Engine Co # 3 319 Chase Avenue Lyndhurst, (Bergen) NJ 07071

Deputy Chief Nutley 135 Forest Avenue West Caldwell, (Essex) NJ 07006

Gluckler, Franklyn C Hillsdale 234 Ell Road Hillsdale, (Bergen) NJ 07642

Goble, Kenneth R Keyport 1020 Fisherman Avenue Port St. Lucie, (Monmouth) FL 34953

Godfrey, James F Dept Chief Town Bank 909 Scott Avenue North Cape May, (Cape May) NJ 08204

Gogal, Louis W Dpty Chief Roselle Park 700 Beacon Street Toms River, (Ocean) NJ 08757

Golden, Sean T Asst. Chief Lake Hiawatha 799 Knoll Road Boonton, (Morris) NJ 07005

Goodell, William J Chief Bergenfield 318 East Johnson Avenue Bergrnfield, (Bergen) NJ 07621-1854

Gross, Robert J

Gotto, William J Chief Avenel 18 Abraham Drive Howell, (Monmouth) NJ 07731

Chief Independence Ketcham Road-Rd 2 Hackettstown, (Warren) NJ 07840

Haworth 241 East Main Street - Init # 1-C Bergenfield, (Bergen) NJ 07621-2246

Asbury Park 9 Sorrel Run Mt. Laurel, (Monmouth) NJ 08054

Goodwin, Alfred B

Grau, Paul H

Chief Closter 30 Maple Lane Lake Ariel, (Bergen) PA 18436

Sussex 68 Lewisburg Road Sussex, (Sussex) NJ 07461

Chief Barnegat 344 S. Main Street Barnegat, (Ocean) NJ 08005

Graziano, James B


Lumberton 17 Chestnut Street Lumberton, (Burlington) NJ 08048

Grenci, Anthony M Asst Chief Caldwell 22 Westville Avenue Caldwell, (Essex) NJ 07006

Graham, Wynne S

Grant, Richard A


Greenwald Sr, Ernest J

Grady, Thomas J

Asst. Chief Verona 12 Wilton Terrace Verona, (Essex) NJ 07044

Asst Chief Perth Amboy 646 Carlock Avenue Perth Amboy, (Monmouth) NJ 08861

Chief OAKHURST 1 Ferncliff Drive Eatontown, (Monmouth) NJ 07724

Grabinski, Tony

Goodman, Harvey S

Goodwin Sr, Robert E

Greene, Roger E

Asst Chief Metuchen 79 Rose Street Metuchen, (Middlesex) NJ 08840

Grennan, George B Chief Guttenberg 7004 Adams Street Guttenberg, (Hudson) NJ 07093

Greszczak, Paul T Asst Chief Hackettstown 101 Hamilton Drive-P.O. Box 661 Hackettstown, (Warren) NJ 07840

Greves, Gary B Chief Watchung 14 Fawn Lane Watchung, (Somerset) NJ 07069

New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Five Trumpet Journal

Griffith, Robert M Chief Tri-County 508 Watters Road Hackettstown, (Warren) NJ 07840

Grout, Francis J

Grimm, Karl W

Grove, George A

Little Falls 94 Jacobus Avenue Little Falls, (Passaic) NJ 07424

Chief Consolidated 70 East Park Street Bldg. 1 Condo # 8 Bordentown, (Burlington) NJ 08505-0696

Griner, Corville Chief Tuckahoe Box 93 Tuckahoe, (Cape May) NJ 08250

Grobelny, Dennis C Chief Sayreville 178 Main Street Sayreville, (Middlesex) NJ 08872

Grockenberger, Walter O Chief Pinewood Estates 108 Redwood Drive Barnegat, (Ocean) NJ 08005

Upper Saddle River 11 Ackerson Lane Upper Saddle River, (Bergen) NJ 07458

Growney, Gary E Asst Chief Medford Lakes 38 Mahiah Trail Medford Lakes, (Burlington) NJ 08055-1204

Grube, Donald R Chief Pohatcong Township 15 Shimer Blvd Phillipsburg, (Warren) NJ 08865

Gruccio, Barry W Chief Vineland 3098 Hansbridge Road Vineland, (Cumberland) NJ 08360

Grogan, Fred J Netcong 3 Church Street Netcong, (Morris) NJ 07857

Grosjean Jr., Jules E Chief Brookside 529 North Dexter Road Lansing, (Out of State) MI 48910

Chief Washington Township 146 Walnut Street Washington Twp., (Bergen) NJ 07676

Gulley, Roger A Chief Mine Hill 203-A Highland Avenue Dover, (Morris) NJ 07801

Gunsauls, Frederick Chief Union Beach 615 Park Avenue Union Beach, (Monmouth) NJ 07735

Gunson III, Frank B Chief Enterprise 18 Lee Lane Bordentown, (Mercer) NJ 08505

Gunther, Charles Chief Watchung 482 Watchung Avenue Watchung, (Somerset) NJ 07069

Gunthner, Herbert A Chief Iselin # 1 Lot 89 5707 45th Street East Bradenton, (Out of State) FL 34203-5536

Gruver, Joseph E Chief Lafayette Twp. P.O. Box 283 Henderson, (Sussex) NY 13650

Guy, Richard Chief Hamilton 494 Lynwood Avenue Hamilton Twp., (Mercer) NJ 08629

Gudel, Morton Aberdeen Twp H/C #1 71C Dorchester Drive Lakewood, (Monmouth) NJ 08701


Members Guyre, Gerard

Hallock, Peter V

Handlin, Lawrence J

Hare, James L

Hart Jr., James V

Hazelton, Edward

Asst Chief Eclipse 305 68Th Street Guttenberg, (Hudson) NJ 07093

Chief Matawan 216 Lambertsville-Hopewell Rd Hopewell, (Mercer) NJ 08525

Chief East Newark 19 Trinity Place Kearney, (Hudson) NJ 07032

Chief Chester Po Box 66 Chester, (Morris) NJ 07930

Chief Cedar Grove 8 River Street-Pob 363 Saranac Lake, (Essex) NY 12983

Chief Stafford Twp. 59 Srafford Avenue Manahawkin, (Ocean) NJ 08050

Halsey, James W

Handy, Jr., Francis J

Asst Chief New Vernon 201 Lees Hill Rd Basking Ridge, (Morris) NJ 07920

Chief Randolph 13 Clover Lane Randolph, (Morris) NJ 07869

Halstead, James

Hankins, Joseph T

Asst. Chief Haledon 153 Church Street Haledon, (Passaic) NJ 07508

Chief Manchester Township 532 Commonwealth Blvd. Toms River, (Ocean) NJ 08757

Harker, Lester K

H Haborak Sr., Thomas J Perth Amboy 440 Neville Street Perth Amboy, (Middlesex) NJ 08861

Hackett, Edward W Asst Chief Northfield 751 Pasadena Avenue Northfield, (Atlantic) NJ 08225

Haffler, Charles E Asst Chief Westwood 109 Cypress Street Westwood, (Bergen) NJ 07675

Hahola Jr, Frank J Chief Quakertown 79 Mt Salem Road Pittstown, (Hunterdon) NJ 08867

Halke, Pete W Asst Chief Newton 83 Knoll Drive Blackwood, (Burlington) NJ 08012

Hall, Michael A Chief Collingswood 349 Park Avenue Collingswood, (Camden) NJ 08108

Halligan, Paul J Chief Sea Bright/Rumson/Long Br. 112 Prospect Avenue Atlantic Hightslands, (Monmouth) NJ 07716

Hamburg, Thomas R Chief Point Pleasant Boro #2 1189 Brookfield Drive LeCanto, (Ocean) FL 33461-9278

Hanley, David Chief Bogota 1206 Bewick Street Toms River, (Bergen) NJ 08753

Hebrank. Jr., Robert A

Chief Neptune 8 Larrabee Blvd. Howell, (Monmouth) NJ 07731

Hartmann, Michael A Battalion Chief Fairview 16 Walnut Street Fairview, (Bergen) NJ 07022

Asst. Chief West Calldwell 112 Lane Avenue West Caldwell, (Essex) NJ 07006

Harlow, William P

Harto, Brian E

Hediger, Adolf A

Chief Roselle 11325 Stoneybrook Path Port Richey, Fl 34668, (Union) NJ 07204

Dept Chief Milltown 81 Albert Avenue Milltown, (Middlesex) NJ 08850

East Rutherford 55 Uhland Street E. Rutherford, (Bergen) NJ 07073

Harmetz, Ronald

Hedley Sr., Robert E Hausner, Richard S

Dept. Chief Randolph 21 Willow Drive Randolph, (Morris) NJ 07869

Chief Newpoint # 1 50 Creek Road Keansburg, (Monmouth) NJ 07734

Harper Jr., Robert L Hamill Jr, Raphael E

Hansche, William P

Fanwood 35 Farley Avenue Fanwood, (Union) NJ 07023

Erial 1775 New Brooklyn Rd. Erial, (Camden) NJ 08081

Hamilton, John H

Hansen, H. Douglas

Fair Lawn Co. # 1 3 Cohocton Road Highland Lks, (Bergen) NJ 07422

Hauss, John J

Chief Lawnside 330 Tillman Avenue Lawnside, (Camden) NJ 08045

Chief Somerset #1 161 Linden Street Bridgewater, (Somerset) NJ 08807

Harpster, Jr., Robert L

Hefferon, John C Asst Chief Laurelton # 1 225 Colonial Drive Brick, (Ocean) NJ 08724

Heflich Sr., George H Hawekotte, Robert M

Asst Chief Ridgefield Park 605 Teaneck Road Ridgefield Park, (Bergen) NJ 07660

Asst Chief Town Bank 608 Caspian Avenue North Cape May, (Cape May) NJ 08204-1830

Hansen, John

Harrington, Dennis F

Hay, Richard A

Park Ridge 261 Park Avenue Park Ridge, (Bergen) NJ 07656-2435

Asst Chied Franklin 23 Taylor Road Franklin, (Sussex) NJ 07416

Chief Phillipsburg 78 Heckman Street Phillipsburg, (Warren) NJ 08865

Harrington, William

Hayes, Jeff

Chief Readington 194 Teasel Court Whitehouse Station, (Hunterdon) NJ 08889

Chief Verona 28 Brentwood Drive Verona, (Essex) NJ 07044

Chief New Egypt 68 Evergreen Road New Egypt, (Ocean) NJ 08533

Hazel, Alfred C

Heller, James T

Chief Belmar 1739 Melrose Avenue South Belmar, (Monmouth) NJ 07719

Chief Rahway 823 Midwood Drive Rahway, (Union) NJ 07065

Hopatcong 534 C. U. Mosley Blvd. Lyons, (Sussex) GA 30436-2040

Hammer, Gerald C Fairlawn 106 Stonewall Drive Springfield, (Bergen) TN 37172

Chief West Cape May 276 Sixth Avenue West Capemay, (Cape May) NJ 08204

Secacus 291 Lincoln Avenue Secaucus, (Hudson) NJ 07094

Heinzinger, Stuart

Hampton-Saul, Kimberly J

Hapstak, Michael W

Asst Chief Hillsdale 74 Crosley Terrace Hillsdale, (Bergen) NJ 07642-2807

Asst Chief Woodbridge 111 Alwat Street Woodbridge, (Middlesex) NJ 07095

Hancock, Kevin

Harding, Robert G

Deputy Chief Paterson 365 Diamond Bridge Avenue Hawthorne, (Passaic) NJ 07506

Kearny Manf. 3344 Park Avenue So Plainfield, (Middlesex) NJ 07080

Hardy, David

Chief River Edge 236 Madison Avenue River Edge, (Bergen) NJ 07661

Heller, Aaron J

Harris, Elmer R Asst Chief Tuckahoe Po Box 515 Tuckahoe, (Cape May) NJ 08250

Lieutennant Secaucus 3 Mallard Place Secaucus, (Hudson) NJ 07094 *(County) 2009 Annual Report & Membership Directory â–


Members Heller Sr., John W

Hensley, James R

Hewitt, Jr., Paul W

Higgins, Robert L

Hochberg, Bernard

Hoitsma, John N

Chief Erlton 36 Augusta Court Marlton, (Camden) NJ 08053

Chief Bordentown 601 2 1/2 West Burlington Street Bordentown, (Burlington) NJ 08505-1723

Asst. Chief Ancora 109 Orchard Drive North Cape May, (Cape May) NJ 08204

Chief Laurence Harbor 62 Ocean Blvd Cliffwood Beach, (Monmouth) NJ 07735

asst Chief Manalapan 6868 Balboa Island Court Delray Beach, (Monmouth) FL 33446

Chief Fair Lawn 11-02 Gardiner Road Fairlawn, (Bergen) NJ 07410

Herbert, David E

Heyniger, Donald A

Holcombe, Jon B

Chief Goodwill Hose # 1 608 6 Th Avenue - Rear Belmar, (Monmouth) NJ 07719-2152

Chief Woodcliff Lake 10 Pond Road Woodcliff Lake, (Bergen) NJ 07675

Hoffman, George H

Old Bridge 14 Marshal Court Plainsboro, (Middlesex) NJ 08536

Chief Montville 261 Route 202 Montville, (Morris) NJ 07045

Herbert, Peter D

Hibbitts, Warren H

Higgins Sr., William C

Chief Hamilton Township 342 Washington Crossing Pennington Rd. Titusville, (Mercer) NJ 08560

Chief Boonton 118 Wooton Stret Boonton, (Morris) NJ 07005

Chief Wayside Community 205 Silver Wind Court Lancaster, (Monmouth) PA 176033

Colonia 178 Archangela Ave. Colonia, (Middlesex) NJ 07067

Herdman, Mark S

Hickerson, William R

Chief South Amboy 149 Stockton Street South Amboy, (Middlesex) NJ 08879

Chief Hardyston 132 Big Spring Road Hamburg, (Sussex) NJ 07419

Hellman, Donald S Westhampton Twp. 1437 Turnpike Road Darlington, (Out of State) SC 29532

Hendrickson, Robert D Chief Wall Township 1832 Hwy. 35 Wall, (Monmouth) NJ 07719

Higgins Jr, Joseph A

Hengeveld, Jon C Asst Chief Little Falls 60 Bergen Drive Little Falls, (Passaic) NJ 07424

Hickey, John W

Hennig, Bryan R Asst Chief Lyndhurst 213 Tontine Avenue Lyndhurst, (Bergen) NJ 07071

Hess, David E

Henry, Brian P

Hess, Kurt C

Dep. Chief Woodbridge Township 62 Gordon Ave. Fords, (Middlesex) NJ 08863

Batt Chief Millville 435 Crest Avenue Millville, (Cumberland) NJ 08332

Lake Hiawatha 799 Knoll Road - Rd 1 Boonton, (Morris) NJ 07005

Henry, Dennis

Hessler, Kevin

Fords 100 Mary Street Fords, (Middlesex) NJ 08863

Asst. Chief Old Bridge 51 Charles Street South River, (Middlesex) NJ 08882

Henry, Donald L Us Navy 612 Mc Clellan St. Long Branch, (Monmouth) NJ 07740

Henry, John J Chief Green Creek Box 41 Burleigh Green Creek, (Cape May) NJ 08219

Henry, Paul V Chief Green Twp. Box 5-Wolfes Corner Rd. Greendell, (Sussex) NJ 07839

Heuser, Allan Chief Winfield 7-B Gulfstream Avenue Winfield, (Union) NJ 07036

Hewitson, James T Asst. Chief Neptune City 102 5th Avenue Neptune, (Monmouth) NJ 07753

Harrington Park 812 Dunlap Farm Road Arlington, (Bergen) VT 05250

Hill, Robert F Peapack-Gladstone Box 78 Gladstone, (Essex) NJ 07934

Hill, Ronald R Asst. Chief Hawthorne 16 Taylor Avenue Hawthorne, (Passaic) NJ 07506-7217

Hillermeier, William Hicks, Roy W Keyport 2720 J R Drive Knocksville, (Monmouth) TN 37921

Higbie Jr., George W Chief Allendale Box 44 Allendale, (Bergen) NJ 07401

Higgins, Charles R Chief Sergeantsvills Po Box 6 - Rt. 604 Sergeantsville, (Hunterdon) NJ 08557

Dpty Chief Teaneck 403 Teaneck Road Ridgefield Park, (Bergen) NJ 07660

Hitzelberger, Jr., Benjamin W Chief Elmer 119 State Street Elmer, (Salem) NJ 08318-2145

Hliboki, Joseph G Old Tappan 35 Deberg Dr. Old Tappan, (Bergen) NJ 07675

Higgins, George Chief Arbor 62 Top Sail Court Bayville, (Middlesex) NJ 08721

Higgins, Nolan Asst Chief Freehold 117 West Main Street Freehold, (Monmouth) NJ 07728

Hnidj, George P Chief Hillsborough 134 South 4Th Avenue Manville, (Somerset) NJ 08835

Hoffman, Robert A Chief Burlington 13 Stagecoach Drive Little Egg Harbor, (Burlington) NJ 08087

Holden, Charles M Chief West Caldwell 92 Park Street West Calldwell, (Essex) NJ 07006

Hoffman, Walter T Chief North Centerville P. O. B. 6284 Freehold, (Monmouth) NJ 07728

Holley, William R Battalion Chief Little Ferry 221 Liberty Street Little Ferry, (Bergen) NJ 07643-1726

Hoffman Jr, Robert F Asst Chief Point Pleasant Boro 806 South Street Point Pleasant, (Ocean) NJ 08742

Hoffmann, Jacob F Chief Atlantic Highlands 25 Naversink Avenue Atlantic Highlands, (Monmouth) NJ 07716

Hoffmann Jr, George H Asst Chief Greystone Park 73 Llwellyn Drive Sparta, (Morris) NJ 07871

Hogan, Richard W Chief Manapalan Twp. 188 Oaklandmills Road Manalapan, (Monmouth) NJ 07726

Hogh, Joseph R Boonton 500 Rockaway Valley Road Boonton, (Morris) NJ 07005

Hollingsworth, Robert B Chief Rockaway Township 4217 13th St. Nags Head, (Morris) NC 27959

Hollingsworth, Jr., William A Chief West Tuckerton 20 Spruce Drive Leht,, (Ocean) NJ 08087

Holmes, Charles L Chief Morganville Ind. 16 Village Road Morganville, (Monmouth) NJ 07751

Holowath, Cheryl A Asst. Chief Independence Twp. P.O. Box 276 Great Meadows, (Warren) NJ 07838




New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Five Trumpet Journal

Members Holtje, Bruce R

Hopping, Albert W

Hourihan, Willian F

Huebsch, Edward G

Hundt, Donald

Iannantuano, Joseph

Chief Fort Lee 32 Spring Drive Dumont, (Bergen) NJ 07628

Morristown 926 West Meadow Drive Bound Brook, (Morris) NJ 08805

Asst Chief Morganville 193 Tennent Road Morganville, (Monmouth) NJ 07751-1026

Guttenburg 210 69Th Street Guttenberg, (Hudson) NJ 07093

Asst Chief Mauricetown Box 34 Mauricetown, (Cumberland) NJ 08329

Guttenberg 2 Forrest Drive East Windsor, (Mercer) NJ 08520

Horner, Thomas B

Huff, Albert C House, Robert E

Fort Lee Po Box 1159 Fort Lee, (Bergen) NJ 07024

Captain North Centerville 22 Buttonwood Place Hazlet, (Monmouth) NJ 07730

Holzwarth, Carl G

Horsch, Peter C

Howell, Edward R

Chief Roxbury Townshiip 123 West Palmetto Avenue De Land, (Out of State) FL 32720

Asst Chief Bloomsbury P.O Box 137 Bloomsbury, (Hunterdon) NJ 08804

Dep. Chief Warren 5 Mitchell Road Hackettstown, (Warren) NJ 07840

Horton, Richard G

Howell, Todd

Chief Riverside 412 Heulings Avenue Riverside, (Burlington) NJ 08075

Chief Woodbridge #1 155 Downing St. Woodbridge, (Middlesex) NJ 07095

Holtje, Terry R

Chief Unexcelled 1903 Logan Road Ocean, (Monmouth) NJ 07712

Holzworth, Thomas W Milford 984 Milford-Warren Glen Road Milford, (Hunterdon) NJ 08848

Hooey, Thermond J Chief Andover Boro 125 East Street Litchfield, (Sussex) MI 49252

Horton, William

Hruska, Mark

Chief Millville 7351 NE 185th Court Williston, (Cumberland) FL 32696

Asst Chief Carteret 89 Savannah Road Jackson, (Middlesex) NJ 08527

Hoover, Robert H Chief Audubon 564 Maple Avenue Audubon, (Camden) NJ 08106

Hopf, Charles Chief Valley Brooks 255 Peabody Avenue Lyndhurst, (Bergen) NJ 07071

Hopf, Raymond W Wyckoff 349 Voorhis Ave. Wyckoff, (Bergen) NJ 07481

Hopkins, Jim Captain Berkele Heights 31 Snyder Avenue Berkeley Heights, (Union) NJ 07922

Hopler, Lowell J Rockaway Corp. 6706 Bandera Street Port Richey, (Out of State) FL 34668

Horvath, Bruce R Asst Chief Woodbridge 592 Linden Avenue Woodbridge, (Middlesex) NJ 07095

Hubbs, Ronald L Chief Delran 430 Rout 9 South - Lot # 140 Marmora, (Burlington) NJ 08223

Horvath, Paul R Truck # 1 4448 Golf Club Lane Brooksville, (Bergen) FL 34609

Horvath, Paul N Chief Lyndhurst 347 Lake Avenue Lyndhurst, (Bergen) NJ 07071

Houlihan, Robert J Chief Basking Ridge 116 South Maple Avenue Basking Ridge, (Somerset) NJ 07920-1217

Huber, Donald M Chief Irvington 103 Reinman Road Warren, (Essex) NJ 07059

Hudson, Curt Chief Oaklyn 6 East Haddon Avenue Oaklyn, (Camden) NJ 08107

Huff Jr., Theodore 314 Park Springs Circle Palm City, (Bergen) FL 33566

Hughes, Edward G Chiefs Hillsdale 171 Magnolia Avenue Hillsdale, (Bergen) NJ 07642

Asst Chief Caldwell 17 Westover Avenue B-6 Caldwell, (Essex) NJ 07006

Berkeley Heights 145 Washington St. Berkeley Heights, (Union) NJ 07922

Imbimbo, Stephen Chief Hazlet 323 Egrets Walk Orange Park, (Monmouth) FL 32073

Dept Chief Berkeley Heights 100 Forest Avenue Berkeley Heights, (Union) NJ 07922

Ingraham, Charles F Hutchinson, Richard M Chief Cranbury 506-A Sheldon Way Monroe Township, (Middlesex) NJ 08831

Hughes, Richard Asst Chief North Arlington 100 Beech Street North Arlington, (Bergen) NJ 07031

Hutton, James B

Huhn Sr., Victor C Chief West Long Branch 127 Hollywood Avenue West Long Branch, (Monmouth) NJ 07764

Park Ridge 238 W. Valley Brook Rd. Califon, (Hunterdon) NJ 07830

Illge, William H

Dpty Chief Absecon 718 Breakers Avenue Absecon, (Atlantic) NJ 08201

Hussmann Jr., A. Fred

Asst Chief Erma 933 Towerview Road Cape May, (Cape May) NJ 08204

Hult, Gary E

Hunter Jr, R. Thomas

Chief New Vernon 1848 Southeast Drive Point Pleasant, (Morris) NJ 08742-5260

Hughes, Kurt K

Asst Chief Atlantic Highlands RR 2 Box 116-C Belington, (Monmouth) WV 26250

Chief Newton 160 Main Street Newton, (Sussex) NJ 07860

Imbimbo, Dominick

Asst. Chief Erma 345 Willow Drive Cape May, (Cape May) NJ 08204

Hull Sr, David M

Chief Lafayette Township 320 Vreeland Avenue Boonton, (Sussex) NJ 07005

Hurley, Jr., Hugh T

Hughes, Karlson F

Hudson, Robert J Dep.Chief Pequannock Engine 55 Starmond Avenue Clifton, (Morris) NJ 07013

Iliff Jr., Fred C Hunt, William A

Lafayette Box 37 Lafayette, (Sussex) NJ 07848

Dep Chief Bloomfield Park 4679 Springfield Avenue Pennsauken, (Camden) NJ 08109

I Iacono, Philip Chief So. Hackensack 46 Williams Ave. S. Hackensack, (Bergen) NJ 07606

Chief Hillsborough # 2 114 Devonshire Court Hillsborough, (Somerset) NJ 08844

Insetta, Peter Chief Washington Township 519 Monroe Avenue Washington Twp., (Bergen) NJ 07676

Intile, Joseph L Chief Bloomfield 33 Bonnieview Lane Towaco, (Essex) NJ 07082

Intili Jr., James Asst Chief Caldwell 301 Central Avenue West Caldwell, (Essex) NJ 07006-6523

Iandolo, Gene Chief Lake Hiawatha 288 Horseneck Road Fairfield, (Morris) NJ 07004 *(County) 2009 Annual Report & Membership Directory â–


Members Iseman, Frank J

Jackson, Lawrence J

Jansen, Douglas A

Jensen, J. Chris

Jones, Lawrence K

Kairys, Robert A

Robertsville 1825 Ranchland Drive Lakeland, (Monmouth) FL 33809

Asst Chief Freehold 35 Kennedy Street Freehold, (Monmouth) NJ 07728

Batt Chief Little Ferry 7 Franklin Street Little Ferry, (Bergen) NJ 07643

Ex- Chief Relief Hose Co. # 2 5 Miya Lane Sandy Hook, (Somerset) CT 06482

Hightstown 148 Stockton Street Hightstown, (Mercer) NJ 08520

Deputy Chief North Arlington 71 Fairmont Avenue North Arlington, (Bergen) NJ 07031

Issler, James R

Jackson, Paul

Ast. Chief Newton 19 Ashford Street Newton, (Sussex) NJ 07860

Chief Edgewater 6 Armstrong Road Wantage, (Bergen) NJ 07461

Itinger, William Chief Freehold 36 McLean Street Freehold, (Monmouth) NJ 07728

Jaegge, Franklin O

Iurato, Paul J

Jakubowski, Thomas R

Dpty Chief Hose # 1 50 William Street Little Ferry, (Bergen) NJ 07643

Chief Waldwick 3 Van Dan Walwick, (Bergen) NJ 07463

Fire Marshal New York One Jared Drive Mendham, (Morris) NJ 07945

Iurato III, Frank C

James, David A

Asst. Chief Totowa 24 Vita Road Totowa, (Passaic) NJ 07512

Chief Pequannock Township 30 Garden Place Pompton Plains, (Morris) NJ 07444

Ivanicki, Joseph A

James, William B

Chief Wallington 33 Main Street Wallington, (Bergen) NJ 07057

Burlington Twp 105 Northlake Drive - Apt 318-A Orange City, (Burlington) FL 32763-9006

J Jaccard, Richard J Morganville 87 Beacon Hill Road Morganville, (Monmouth) NJ 07751

Jack, Lawrence E Delran 22 Frech Avenue Delran, (Burlington) NJ 08075

Jackson, Joseph M Chief West Berlin 361 Cleveland Avenue West Berlin, (Camden) NJ 08091

Jardines, Thomas R Asst. Chief Jefferson Twp. 11 Waterside Drive Lake Hopatcong, (Morris) NJ 07849

Jarvis Jr., Edgar W Eagle Hose #3 230 Bryn Mawr Avenue Lavalette, (Ocean) NJ 08735

Jasinski, Martin J Chief Burlington 206 Pine Street Burlington, (Burlington) NJ 08016

Jaskula, Mark Deputy Chief Roselle Park 347 West Clay Avenue Roselle Park, (Union) NJ 07204-1807

Jelliff, Harold C Hamilton 22 Hemlock Drive Neptune, (Monmouth) NJ 07753

Jamieson III, Robert S

Jelliff, Kenneth G

Chief Par-Troy Dist. # 1 10 Craydon Street Morris Plaine, (Morris) NJ 07950

Asst Chief Sea Girt 410 Beach Blvd. Sea Girt, (Monmouth) NJ 08750

Janecko, Thomas

Jenkinson, Douglas J

Chief Franklin Township 2586 Route 57 Stewartsville, (Warren) NJ 08886-3154

Chief Marlboro 1830 Deer Head Lake Drive Forked River, (Ocean) NJ 08731

Jennings, Morton Jankowski Sr, Richard Chief Ho-Ho-Kus S Atco 14651 West Crocus Drive Surprise, (Camden) AZ 85379

Jones, William J Jepsen, Wayne

32 Linden Rd Ho-Ho-Kus, (Bergen) NJ 07423

Finderne 109 Avon Ridge Road Raritan, (Somerset) NJ 08869

Chief Mcguire AFB 119 Hough Street Pemberton, (Burlington) NJ 08068

Jimenez, Sr., Roy Captain Keyport 157 Third Street Keyport, (Monmouth) NJ 07735

Jones Jr, Garvin L Chief Breton Woods 198 Albion Road Windham, (Ocean) ME 04062-4551

Johnsen, Roy N Asst.Chief Bamber Lakes 1013 Trenton Ave. North Forked River, (Ocean) NJ 08731

Jorgensen, Andrew N

Johnsen, Todd R

Joughin, Harry M

Deputy Chief Delanco 412 Middletown Street Riverside, (Burlington) NJ 08075 rlm@juno.com321

Ocean Grove 151 Stockton Avenue # 17 Ocean Grove, (Monmouth) NJ 07756-1067

Johnson, David A

Asst Chief Eagle H & L 129 Stephen Road Brick, (Monmouth) NJ 08724-7033

Milford 5300 Jeffrey Ave. W. Palm Beach, (Out of State) FL 33407

Johnson, Thomas J W. Keansburg #1 74 Bethany Road Hazlet, (Monmouth) NJ 07730

Johnson Jr, Wylie C Asst Chief Beverly City 207 Hendrickson Avenue Edgewater, (Burlington) NJ 08010-2018

Jolly, Raymond F Milltown 67 South St. Milltown, (Middlesex) NJ 08850

Jones, Charles W Roxbury #3 497 Honeysuckle Drive Fruitland Park, (Morris) FL 34731

Stillwater 947 South Shore Terrace Newton, (Sussex) NJ 07860

Joughin Sr, Maurice W

K Kaar, Jesse T Batt Chief Fairchild 24 Raymond Road Morris Township, (Morris) NJ 07950

Kaczkowski, Leonard Chief West Keansburg 15 Thorne Place West Keansburg, (Monmouth) NJ 07734

Kadlubowski, Kevin Chief Barnegat 61 Water Street Barnegat, (Ocean) NJ 08005

Kaiser, Richard F Deputy Chief Holland Township 308 Anderson Road Milford, (Hunterdon) NJ 08848-1641

Kalman , Jr., Kenneth J Batt. Chief Bogota 477 Larch Avenue Bogota, (Bergen) NJ 07603

Kammer, Edward R Northvale 418 East Avenue Northvale, (Bergen) NJ 07647

Kanka, Donald P Chief Hamilton 15 Lilac Drive Ewing, (Mercer) NJ 08638

Kanzler, William J Chief East Freehold 209 E. Pleasant Grove Rd Jackson, (Monmouth) NJ 08527

Kaplan, William J Readington 357 Readington Road Somerville, (Hunterdon) NJ 08876

Karabinchak, Andrew Chief Warren Twp 13 Euclid Avenue Hillsborough, (Somerset) NJ 08844-3818

Karcz, Scott J Batt Chief Elmwood Park 17 Lincoln Avenue Elmwood Park, (Bergen) NJ 07407

Karpowicz, Frank J Asst Chief Franklin 160 Main Street Franklin Boro, (Sussex) NJ 07416




New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Five Trumpet Journal

Members Karsay, Thomas S

Keeley, Richard F

Kelly, Robert J

Kepler, Wayne C

Kilroy, Raymond F

Kirwin, John F

Chief Montgomery Twp. 255 Bridge Point Road Belle Mead, (Somerset) NJ 08502

Chief Ho-Ho-Kus P.O. Box 192 Ho-Ho-kus, (Bergen) NJ 07423-1122

Asst Chief Ramtown-Howell 41 Roberta Drive Howell, (Monmouth) NJ 07731

United # 1 4884 East Branch Road Huntington, (Monmouth) PA 16652

Asst. Chief Keyport 129 Washington Street Keyport, (Monmouth) NJ 07735

Chief Old Bridge 808 Trinity Avenue Chowchilla, (Middlesex) CA 93610

Keena, John V

Kelly, Thomas D

Kisby, Charles E

Chief Burlington City 301 Stacy Street Burlington, (Burlington) NJ 08016

Asst Chief Bogota 23 Oakwood Avenue Bogota, (Bergen) NJ 07603-1717

Kimbiz, Chris

Chief Whippany 27 Harriet Dr. Whippany, (Morris) NJ 07981

Chief Lodi 12 Cottontail Drive Bricktown, (Ocean) NJ 08724

Chief Linwood 215 Van Sant Avenue Linwood, (Atlantic) NJ 08221

Kendra, Charles S

Kertes, Robert J

Kimmel, John E

Chief Wantage Township 244 Meyer Road -Box 305 Branchville, (Sussex) NJ 07826

Chief Delran #2 48 Darthmouth Drive Delran, (Burlington) NJ 08075

Chief Arbor 1468 Cedarwood Drive Piscataway, (Middlesex) NJ 08854

Dpty Chief Hillside 54 Beechwood Place Watchung, (Somerset) NJ 07069

Keleigh, Alfred J

Kennedy, George R

Keuler, Jr., John W

Chief Hamilton 19 Cedar Terrace Neptune, (Monmouth) NJ 07753

White Meadow # 5 3 Mountain Avenue Rockaway Township, (Morris) NJ 07866

Asst. Chief Woodbury 18 Tattersall Drive Mantua, (Gloucester) NJ 08051

Katawick III, Anthony Chief East Windsor 12 Davidson Road East Windsor, (Mercer) NJ 08520

Kern, Louis W

Kays, Gary W Asst Chief Hamburg 23 Linwood Avenue Hamburg, (Sussex) NJ 07419

Kazawic, Jr., William P Lieutenant Fords 218 Woodland Avenue Fords, (Middlesex) NJ 08863

Keesler, Stanley E

King, Frank P

Kennedy, Gregory H Keller, Edmund G Chief Westwood 10 Kingsberry Avenue Westwood, (Bergen) NJ 07675

Chief Pioneer Hose Co. 63 Reflection Road Toms River, (Ocean) NJ 08753

Kelley,III, J. Raymond

Kennedy, James T

Asst. Chief Manalapan Township 121 Kingsl,ey Way Freehold, (Monmouth) NJ 07728

Chief Highland 125 Pitman Avenue Pitman, (Gloucester) NJ 08071 kelleyfuneralhome@comcast. net

Dover 61 New St. Dover, (Morris) NJ 07801

Kearon, Daniel F

Kellogg, Alban C

Chief Lake Hiawatha 35 Hotalen Road Branchville, (Sussex) NJ 07826

Dept Chief Florham Park 8 Felch Road Florham Park, (Morris) NJ 07932

Kazimir, Robert Avenel # 1 360 Outlook Avenue Colonia, (Middlesex) NJ 07067

Keaney, Adam M

Keating, John P Asst Chief Garfield 159 Chestnut Street Garfield, (Bergen) NJ 07026

Kelly, Constance E Asst. Chief Montgomery Twp. #2 345 Sunset Road Skillman, (Somerset) NJ 08558

Keefe, Michael W Neptune 109 Taylor Avenue / Apt. 44 Neptune, (Monmouth) NJ 07753-5143

Kelly, James G Chief Morganville P. O. Box 53 Wickatunk, (Monmouth) NJ 07765

Paramus 95 Mapleridge Road Nobleboro, (Bergen) ME 04555

King, T. Steve Chief Mcguire AFB Po Box 112/461 Lewistown Rd Juliustown, (Burlington) NJ 08042

Keyes, Vincent Chief Morristown 2312 Juniper Drive Edgewater, (Out of State) FL 32141

Kircher, Franklin R Kiefte, Barend Chief Pompton Falls 109 Linden Road Wayne, (Passaic) NJ 07470-6269

Chief Pitman Fire Patrol 24 Woodland Ave. Pitman, (Monmouth) NJ 08071

Kiely Jr., John F

Kirk, Robert C

Chief Long Branch 149 Bingham Avenue Rumson, (Monmouth) NJ 07760 jfkiely@jfkiely

Asst. Chief Apshawa 22 Navajo Trail West Milford, (Passaic) NJ 074802

Kienhofer, Wilhem M

Kirkland, Ralph C

Chief Laurence Harbor 442 Vine Street Brick,, (Middlesex) NJ 08723-6220

Englishtown 45 Freehold Road Manalapan, (Monmouth) NJ 07726

Kenney, Jr., William F Chief Iselin 6 Falmouth Road Iselin, (Middlesex) NJ 08830

Kenny, John C Asst Chief Woodbridge 81 Church Street Woodbridge, (Middlesex) NJ 07095

Kensek, James G Asst. Chief Highland Lakes P. O. Box 507 Highland Lakes, (Sussex) NJ 07422-0507

Kirkland, Timothy D Kilpatrick, Robert R Chief Northvale 107 Eidner Way Northvale, (Bergen) NJ 07647

Chief Englishtown 61 Tracey Station Road Englishtown, (Monmouth) NJ 07726

Kepler, John

Kirsch, Robert E

Rockaway Twp 118 Oak Street Dover, (Morris) NJ 07801

Bergenfield 107 Roosevelt Avenue Bergenfield, (Bergen) NJ 07621

Kishbaugh, Elwood D Chief Kinnelon 67 Evansville Road Berwick, (Morris) PA 18603

Kitchen, Donald A Chief Green Brook Po Box 425 Dunellen, (Middlesex) NJ 08812

Klecha, Joseph M Asst Chief Sussex Boro 150 Lower Unionville Road Sussex, (Sussex) NJ 07461

Klein, Herbert F Chief Union Beach 1 Belleview Road Homdel, (Monmouth) NJ 07733

Klein, John T Chief Fort Lee P. O. Box 3392 Fort Lee, (Bergen) NJ 07024

Klein, John A Dept Chief Stillwater 39 Possaghi Road Newton, (Sussex) NJ 07860

Kline, Charles T Roxbury Township 43 Kenvil Avenue Succasunna, (Morris) NJ 07876


2009 Annual Report & Membership Directory â–


Members Klinsky, Charles L

Koenemund, William

Komitas, George

Kotora, Sr., Joseph G

Kral Sr, George A

Kronyak, Christian R

Chief West Keansburg 14 12Th Street West Keansburg, (Monmouth) NJ 07734

Bat. Chief Paramus 14 Aspen Court Paramus, (Bergen) NJ 07652-3301

Chief Belmar 111 3Rd Avenue Belmar, (Monmouth) NJ 07719

Chief East Brunswick Dist. # 1 16 Green Acres Avenue East Brunswick, (Middlesex) NJ 08816

Little Ferry 91 Woodloch Springs Hawley, (Bergen) PA 18428

Bat. Chief Carlstadt 437 6th Street Carlstadt, (Bergen) NJ 07072 kronyak@gmail;.com

Koeniges, Albert W

Kopec, Gregory

Kovac, Andrew S

Haworth 9 Summit Ave. Haworth, (Bergen) NJ 07641

Lieutenant Wallington 396 Main Avenue Wallington, (Bergen) NJ 07057 wallingtonfireprevention@

Raritan Relief Hose #2 623 1St Avenue Raritan, (Somerset) NJ 08869

Chief Matawan 85 Village Road Morganville, (Monmouth) NJ 07751

Kovach, John

Kranz, Michael V

Chief Randolph 21 Iroquois Street C/O Van Wagoner Staten Island, (Morris) NY 10305

Chief Riverside 700 Harrison St Riverside, (Burlington) NJ 08075

Kovach, Raymond S

Krautwurst, Charles T

Asst Chief Garfield 96 Spring Street Garfield, (Bergen) NJ 07026

Arbor Hose Co. #1 82 Cypress Blvd. West Homosassa, (Middlesex) FL 34446-4501

Knapp, Robert J Roselle Park 215 E. Clay Ave. Roselle Park, (Union) NJ 07204

Knaub, Albert S Chief Ridgefield Park P. O. Box 314 Ridgefield Park, (Bergen) NJ 07660

Knauer III, Carl Asst. Chief Totowa 800 River Place Butler, (Passaic) NJ 07405

Kneipher Jr., Frank West Keansburg 14 6Th Street West Keansburg, (Monmouth) NJ 07734

Knight, Roy E Branchville Hose Box 150 Branchville, (Sussex) NJ 07826

Knipper Jr., William H Chief Jefferson Twp. 1 Petersburg Court Oak Ridge, (Morris) NJ 07438

Knott, David C Deputy Chief Evesham 3 Boswell Road Evesham, (Burlington) NJ 08053 dknott@evesham

Kobilarcik, John A Chief Boonton 316 Church Street Boonton, (Morris) NJ 07005

Kociolek, Robert J Chief Woodbridge 196 Clinton Woodbridge, (Middlesex) NJ 07095



Koerner, Jeffrey J Chief Martinsville 620 Talamini Road Bridgewater, (Middlesex) NJ 08807

Kohler, Christopher W Asst. Chief Eatontown 131 Wall Street Eatontown, (Monmouth) NJ 07724

Kopec, John F Chief So. Hackensack 1504 Cartecay Drive Cary, (Bergen) NC 27519

Kornmeier, Eric W Asst Chief Engine # 2 699 Reach Road Sargenville, (Bergen) ME 04673

Kohls Jr., Valentine E Skyline Lakes P.O. Box 241 Hewitt, (Passaic) NJ 07421-0241

Koisa, Joseph K Deputy Chief Harris Gardens 321 Park Avenue Union Beach, (Atlantic) NJ 07735-2925

Korsen, Robert W Chief Carlstadt 723 Fifth Street Carlstadt, (Bergen) NJ 07072

Captain Secaucus 760 Golden Avenue Secaucus, (Hudson) NJ 07094

Koisa, Jr., Joseph F Chief Harris Gardens 321 Park Avenue Union Beach, (Monmouth) NJ 07735

Kosky Sr, Ronald A

Kokoszka, Jacek

Kosky Jr., Ronald A

Asst. Chief Cheesequake 17 Portsmith Drive Old Bridge, (Middlesex) NJ 08857

Asst Chief Secaucus 276 Born Street Secaucus, (Hudson) NJ 07094

Secaucus 845 Seventh Street Secaucus, (Hudson) NJ 07094

Chief Waldwick 102 Cotuit Court Smithville, (Bergen) NJ 08205-6630

Asst. Chief Garfield 236 Banta Avenue Garfield, (Bergen) NJ 07026

Chief Montvale 15 Pine Street Montvale, (Bergen) NJ 07645

First Ward Hose 11 Shady Lane Morristown, (Morris) NJ 07960

Batt Chief Hillside 12 Tabor Street Little Silver, (Monmouth) NJ 07739

Kozak, Walter M

Krill, Robert P

Enterprise 239 West Gilbert Street Hampton, (Middlesex) VA 23669

Chief Butler 36 South Gifford Street Butler, (Morris) NJ 07405

Kozik Jr., Michael W Chief Lincoln 2056 Walker Drive Valparaiso, (Middlesex) IN 46385

Sayreville 61 Wilson Ave. Parlin, (Middlesex) NJ 08859

Deot Chief North Arlington 3213 Cohocton Avenue Point Pleasant, (Bergen) NJ 08742

Koster, Edward J

Krachun, Stephen J

Chief Netcong 38 Dell Avenue Netcong, (Morris) NJ 07857

Dpty Chief Relief Hose # 2 21 North Richards Avenue Somerville, (Somerset) NJ 08876

New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Five Trumpet Journal

Kross Jr, Edward Chief Carteret 14 Harrison Avenue Carteret, (Middlesex) NJ 07008

Krouse, Albert J Asst. Chief Franklin Township 934 Liberty Street Belvidere, (Warren) NJ 07823

Krushinski, Daniel Chief East Franklin 638 Nassau Street North Brunswick, (Middlesex) NJ 08902

Krynski, Alfred Chief Merck & Co. Inc. 5338 Shalley Circle Fort Myers, (Out of State) FL 33919-2212

Kreszl, Robert

Kriney, Gregory A Chief Defender # 1 542 South Avenue Dunellen, (Middlesex) NJ 08812

Kozlowski, Robert J Kosmoski, Richard

Kolb, Henry

Krazit, Kevin J Kovacs, James E

Koyce Jr., John P Kosky, Albert A

Kramer, Philipp C

Krohe, Kenneth G Asst Chief Keyport 454 S. Main Street Keyport, (Monmouth) NJ 07735

Krynski, Matthew Asst Chief Carteret 27 Ridge Avenue Sayreville, (Middlesex) NJ 08872

Kuder, John R Asst Chief Washington Twp. 329 South Pleasant Ave ne Ridgewood, (Bergen) NJ 07450

Kuehlke, Herbert K Asst Chief Woodcliff Lake 187 Woodcliff Avenue Woodcliff Lake, (Bergen) NJ 07675

Kuehlke, Robert Chief Woodcliff Lake 99 Park Avenue Hillsdale, (Bergen) NJ 07642


Members Kuenzel, Waldemar R

LaBar, Bruce D

Lambing, Francis J

Laube, Brian W

Leahy, Joseph J

Leibowitz, Allen L

Chief Ho-Ho-Kus 3 Pitcarin Avenue Ho-Ho-Kus, (Bergen) NJ 07423

Pochuck Valley 85 Newton Avenue Sussex, (Sussex) NJ 07461

Chief Williamstown 872 S. Main Street Williamstown, (Gloucester) NJ 08094

Chief North Haledon 978 Stanley Court North Haledon, (Passaic) NJ 07508

Asst. Chief Woodbridge 501 Leon Avenue Woodbridge, (Middlesex) NJ 07095

Chief Madison Park 1399 West Enfield Way Channdler, (Middlesex) AZ 85286-6946

Lampariello, James A

Lavalley, Richard W

Chief Preakness 7 Gannett Court Wayne, (Passaic) NJ 07470-8465

Chief Rockaway Neck 903 Alpine Street Forked River, (Morris) NJ 08731

Chief Woodbridge 8 DeKalb Place Morristown, (Morris) NJ 07960

Lavene, Charles R

Leaman, Alfred F Laurence Harbor 121 Morningside Ave. Laurence Harbor, (Middlesex) NJ 08879

Lacasale, Joseph Kuiken, Jack R

Leahy, Norman

Asst Chief Hawthorne 24 North 9Th Street Hawthorne, (Passaic) NJ 07506

Asst Chief Hopelawn 3338 Banta Road So. Plainfield, (Middlesex) NJ 07080

Kulig, Ronald S

Laietta, Robert

Lake Hiawatha 340-B Mountain Rd Union City, (Morris) NJ 07087

Chief Verona 76 Derwent Avenue Verona, (Essex) NJ 07044

Lander, George Asst Chief Stafford Twp. 1281 Jennifer Lane Manahawkin, (Ocean) NJ 08050

Chief Eatontown 51 Lafetia Ave. Eatontown, (Monmouth) NJ 07724

Lake Jr., Joseph F

Lane, Daniel

Lawrence, Jacob J. L

Chief Hackettstown 220 Pine Street Hackettstown, (Warren) NJ 07840

Chief Lisbon 1 Harold Brock Road Petersburg, (Out of State) NY 12138

Lieutenant Middletown 18 South Lake Drive Red Bank, (Bergen) NJ 07701

Lane, John V

Lawrence Jr., Robert P

Kuncken, Robert J Chief Allamuchy Twp. 65 Wood Duck Court Hackettstown, (Warren) NJ 07840-1511

Kutsch Jr., William E Bogota 297 C Faller Dr. New Milford, (Bergen) NJ 07646

Kuzmack, Stephen A South River Po Box 253 S. River, (Middlesex) NJ 08882

Kyte, Robert Chief Boonton 20-B Lexington Drive Whiting, (Morris) NJ 08759-1540

L La Canna, Ralph J Chief Watchung 73 Spencer Lane Watchung, (Somerset) NJ 07069

La France, Steven M Asst Chief Hillsdale 46 Lawrence Street Hillsdale, (Bergen) NJ 07642 stlafrance@optonline.nt

Lalley, Timothy Chief North Haledon 15 Robert Street North Haledon, (Passaic) NJ 07508

Leary, Clifford S

Leber, Edward M Hawthorne 30 Watchung Dr. Hawthorne, (Passaic) NJ 07506

Chief Holmdel Twp Rt. 34 & Bray Street - Box 208 Holmdel, (Monmouth) NJ 07733

Lane, Jr., Franklin C Lally, Edward A Chief Lake Parsippany 11 Hilsinger Road P. O. Box 345 Mount Tabor, (Morris) NJ 07878

LaMagna, Nicholas J Chief Nutley 1840 Lake Glen Drive Fuquay Varina, (Essex) NC 27526

Lambert, Kenneth R Asst. Chief Parsippany 21 Rutgers Lane Parsippany, (Morris) NJ 07054

Lambertson, George Asst Chief Fords P. O. Box 152 Albrightsville, (Middlesex) PA 18210

Chief Maple Shade 20 Amberwood Way Lewes, (Burlington) DE 19958

Dep Chief Unexcelled 202 Hamilton Avenue Neptune, (Monmouth) NJ 07753

Lanza, Patrick M Chief Rainbow Lakes 2 Bunker Hill Place Whippany, (Morris) NJ 07981

Lapp Sr., Walter E No. Brunswick 263 Edwards Place N. Brunswick, (Middlesex) NJ 08902

Larkin, William A Captain Eagle Hose Co. 31 Washington Street Keyport, (Monmouth) NJ 07735

Laws, John E Asst Chief Dividing Creek Po Box 108 Dividing Creek, (Cumberland) NJ 08315

Lieutenate Wayne 111 Stevens Avenue Little Falls, (Passaic) NJ 07424

Lees, John J Asst Chief Northfield 423 Jackson Avenue Northfield, (Atlantic) NJ 08225

Layton, Reginald C Sea Bright 232 Admiral Avenue Beachwood, (Monmouth) NJ 08722

Lehman Jr., Harold A

Layton Jr., Edward F

Le Buis, Jr., Arthur J Asst. Chief East Brunswick 609 Milford Road Frenchtown, (Middlesex) NJ 08825-1128

Chief New Milford 301 Trensch Drive New Milford, (Bergen) NJ 07646

Chief River Vale 3626 North River Road Gainesville, (Out of State) GA 30506

Chief East Whitehouse P.O. Box 172 Route 22 Whitehouse, (Hunterdon) NJ 08888

Laskowski, Gregory A

Lebrun, Daniel J

Leeman, George W

Layton, Allan R

Chief Mercerville 255 Fenwood Avenue Trenton, (Mercer) NJ 08619

North Haledon 41 Louise Place N. Haledon, (Passaic) NJ 07508

Chief Burlington Township 1501 Rancocas Rd. Burlington, (Burlington) NJ 08016

Lehmann Jr, Joseph A Dpty Chief Delran # 1 20 Nottingham Way Mount Laurel, (Burlington) NJ 08054-4846

Leider, Jr., Donald J Bat. Chief Defender Co. # 4 25 Stone Avenue Elmwood Park, (Bergen) NJ 07407

Lejda, Michael Chief Ramtown 88 Ramtown-Greenville Road Howell, (Monmouth) NJ 07731-2790

Leminelle, Jr., Ronald T Chief Woodbridge 872 Adelaide Avenue Woodbridge, (Middlesex) NJ 07095

Lenhardt, George F Colonial 845 Kuser Road Hamilton, (Mercer) NJ 08619

Lenhardt, Joseph G Colonial 196 Fishtail Palm Lane Naples, (Mercer) FL 34114

Lenhardt, Raymond W Colonial 4555 Mandi Avenue Little River, (Mercer) SC 29566

Lenhardt Jr., John A Chief Mercerville 215 Lansing Ave. Mercerville, (Mercer) NJ 08619

Leonard, Michael T Asst. Chief Denville 20 Harriman Avenue Denville, (Morris) NJ 07834

*(County) 2009 Annual Report & Membership Directory â–


Members Leonard, Pete

Li Pera, Martin J

Lips, Joseph W

Lombardi Jr., Nick

Lucido, Clifford M

Lynch, Daniel J

Chief Cape May 540 New England Road Cape May, (Cape May) NJ 08204-4115

Asst. Chief Matawan 61 New Brunswick Avenue Matawan, (Monmouth) NJ 07747

Chief Guttenberg 561 St. Paul Ave. Cliffside Park, (Bergen) NJ 07010

Chief New Market 76 Carlton Avenue Piscataway, (Middlesex) NJ 08854

Chief Glaxosmithkline 15 Buford Road Trenton, (Mercer) NJ 08619-2327

Chief West Keansburg 50 13th Street West Keansburg, (Monmouth) NJ 07734

Lopez, Demora J

Lummer, Richard F

Chief Liberty 1210 9Th Ave. Neptune Twp., (Monmouth) NJ 07753

Chief Kinnelon 8 Banta Road Kinnelon, (Morris) NJ 07405

Leonard, William M Chief South Amboy 130 David Street South Amboy, (Middlesex) NJ 08879

Leonardi, Ralph Chief New Milford 431 James Street New Milford, (Bergen) NJ 07646-1021

Leone, Frank Chief Cliffside Park 416A Washington Avenue Cliffside Park, (Bergen) NJ 07010

Lepor, David A Chief Erma 217 Lennox Avenue Fishing Creek, (Cape May) NJ 08204-4615

Lepore, Nicola A Chief Old Tappan 304 Pitchea Court Northvale, (Bergen) NJ 07647

Levine, James J Chief Upper Saddle River 162 Carlough Road Upper Saddle River, (Bergen) NJ 07458

Lewis, Jeff Asst Chief Branchville Hose #1 Po Box 48 - 20 Church Road Branchville, (Sussex) NJ 07826

Lewis, Robert H Chief Squankum 5 Gant Street Farmingdale, (Monmouth) NJ 07727



Litchult, Edmond R Lichtenberger, Frank H Chief Maywood 4 Fairway Maywood, (Bergen) NJ 07607

Lightbody, John F Inspector Dover Township 3116 Victor Avenue Toms River, (Ocean) NJ 08753

Lima, Jack Chief Community Co. # 1 10 Cardinal Lane Lincoln Park, (Passaic) NJ 07035

Limon, Joseph M Chief Franklin 26 Cummins Street Franklin, (Sussex) NJ 07416

Lincke, Fred O Chief Mine Hill 3347 Brodhead Road - Suite 7-B Aliquippa, (Morris) PA 15001

Lindsley, John P Chief Lambertsville 48 Elm Street Lambertville, (Hunterdon) NJ 08530

Linke, Albert R Chief Jamesburg 8 Lincoln Ave. Jamesburg, (Middlesex) NJ 08831

Linz, Steven C Asst Chief Franklin Lakes 680 Franklin Lakes Road Franklin Lakes, (Bergen) NJ 07417

Chief Ramsey 8404 14th Avenue NW Bradenton, (Bergen) FL 34209

Lynch, William

Little, Martin Chief Colesville 743 Route 23 Sussex, (Sussex) NJ 07461

Lori, Anthony

Little Sr., Richard W

Lorusso, Charles N

Chief Roxbury 28 Little Lane Wharton, (Morris) NJ 07885

Chief Belmar 604 12Th Ave.` Belmar, (Monmouth) NJ 07719

Littley, Joseph L

Lott, Harold A

Chief Cedar Brook 22 Villa Drive - Rd 1 Berlin, (Camden) NJ 08009

Chief Pochuck Valley 106 Lk. Wallkill Road Sussex, (Sussex) NJ 07461

Whippany 10 Troy Hills Road Whippany, (Morris) NJ 07981

Loudon, Wayne R Llewellyn, Thomas J Batt Chief Carlstadt 327 7Th Street Carlstadt, (Bergen) NJ 07072

Chief Mount Tabor 55626 Keith Street Astor, (Morris) FL 32102-2831

Lowden, Thaddeus T Loesner, Mark C Battalion Chief Little Ferry 20 Bruno Street Moonachie, (Bergen) NJ 07074

Chief Evesham 3 Eustace Ter Evesham, (Burlington) NJ 08053

Loesner, Marty A

Lubrano, Vincent A

Batt. Chief Little Ferry 4 Velock Drive Little Ferry, (Bergen) NJ 07643

Chief Lake Hiawatha 6 Midvale Ave. Lake Hiawatha, (Morris) NJ 07034

Loh, Michael

Lucia Sr., George E

Deputy Chief Bristol Myers Squibb 169 Edmund Street Hamilton, (Mercer) NJ 08610

Asst Chief Hillsdale 1009 Foxglove View Carlsbad, (Bergen) CA 92009

New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Five Trumpet Journal

Lundell, Philip A Eagle Truck Co. #3 246 Bryn Mawr Ave. Lavallette, (Ocean) NJ 08735

Chief Little Ferry 5428 E. 111 Th Drive Thornton, (Out of State) CO 80233

Lyon, Daniel E Chief Brenton Woods 361 Elm Lane Brick, (Ocean) NJ 08723

Lyons Jr., John J Lunden, Kenneth Chief Mountain Lake 35 Lewis Lane Belvidere, (Warren) NJ 07823

Lundgren, Janet M Lieutenant Laurence Harbor 167 Route 35 South Laurence Harbor, (Middlesex) NJ 08879-4182

Lunn, Ronald A Chief Rainbow Lakes 116 Pavilion Street Summerville, (Morris) SC 29483

Luposello, William J Dept Chief Hamilton 3205 Scarlet Tanager Court Port St. Lucie, (Monmouth) FL 34952-6365

Luyke, William C Parsippany P.O. Box 684 Inian Lake, (Sussex) NY 12842

Luzzi, Richard A Chief Verona 25 Derwent Avenue Verona, (Essex) NJ 07044

Lynch, Brian Asst Chief Highland Lakes 2 High Ridge Drive Highland Lakes, (Sussex) NJ 07422

Chief Fair Lawn 3-01 Plaza Road Fair Lawn, (Bergen) NJ 07410

M Mac Daniel, Bruce P Chief Mount Horeb 4 Brookside Drive Warren, (Somerset) NJ 07059

Mac Queen, Gary J Chief Pottersville 404 Antler Road Glen Gardner, (Hunterdon) NJ 08826

MacDonald, Jr., David C Captain Riverview Park 63 Norwood Terrace Totowa, (Passaic) NJ 07512

Machala, Chester Bound Brook 17 Vinson Drive Flemington, (Somerset) NJ 08822-3402

Mackey, Kenneth Asst Chief Butler 108 Maple Lake Road Butler, (Morris) NJ 07405


Members Mackin, Joseph A

Maiocchi, Craig J

Mangold, Ed

Marchioni, Jeffery D

Marsh, Michael J

Masiello, Richard N

Chief Somers Point 123 Ambler Rd. Somers Point, (Atlantic) NJ 08244

Chief New Milford 223 Cedar Road New Milford, (Bergen) NJ 07646

Asst. Chief Jefferson Township 34 Schoolhouse Road Oak Ridge, (Morris) NJ 07438

Chief Mansfield Township P. O. Box 111 Port Murray, (Warren) NJ 07865

Asst. Chief Garfield 142 Plauderville Avenue Garfield, (Bergen) NJ 07026

Chief Emerson 156 Clinton Street Emerson, (Bergen) NJ 07630

Maiolo, Anthony M

Manke, Lou G

Marciano, Vincent A

Marson, Joseph E

Asst. Chief Lodi 17 Park Avenue Lodi, (Bergen) NJ 07644

Asst Chief Upper Saddle River 27 Rising Ridge Road Upper Saddle River, (Bergen) NJ 07458

Chief Totowa 28 Melissa Drive Totowa, (Passaic) NJ 07512

Englewood 79 Nagno;ia Avenue Cresskill, (Bergen) NJ 07626

Mackin Jr, Martin J Morristown 407 Phoenix Duryea, (Morris) PA 18642

Macones, Joseph W. Paterson Fire Dept. 778 Rifle Camp Rd West Paterson, (Passaic) NJ 07424

Macones, Joseph A Asst. Chief West Paterson 1045 McBride Avenue Apt. B West Paterson, (Passaic) NJ 07424

Masterson, Frank J

Maisch, Harry M

Mann, Frank H

Marcotte, Lee

Asst Chief Hasbrouck Heights 132 Division Ave. Hasbrouck Hts, (Bergen) NJ 07604

Captain Elizabeth 1113 Aspen Drive Toms River, (Ocean) NJ 08753

Chief Cape May Point 411 Beach Drive North Cape May, (Cape May) NJ 08204 leebythesearealtor@comcast. net

Makar, James Cedar Knolls 182 Hazelton Loop Mooresville, (Out of State) NC 28115

Madsen, Michael T Chief Randolph 147 Point of View Drive Mooresville, (Morris) NC 28117-9454

Makroulakis, George Chief Fort Lee 432 Myrtle Ave. Fort Lee, (Bergen) NJ 07024

Magatti, Charles V Asst Chief Verona 63 Cumberland Avenue Verona, (Essex) NJ 07044

Maldony, Ronald W Chief Fords 10 Marigold Lane Little Egg Harbor, (Middlesex) NJ 080879

Magaw, John A Asst Chief Aqualon 44 James Street South River, (Middlesex) NJ 08882

Malloy, Donald B Chief Cookstown 107 Bunting Bridge Road Cookstown, (Burlington) NJ 08511

Magaw, Jonathan D Chief South River 106 Niclel Avenue Sayreville, (Middlesex) NJ 08872

Magnusson, Willaim Captain Newark 644 Mark Manor Drive Brick Township, (Ocean) NJ 08723-6347

Maloney, Kevin J Chief Budd Lake 18 Waterloo Road Budd Lake, (Morris) NJ 07828

Mandeville, John R Chief Flagtown 1072 US Hwy 22 Bridgewater, (Somerset) NJ 08807

Mann, Thomas B Chief Madison Park 10 Brown Court Parlin, (Middlesex) NJ 08859

Manneback, Charles J Asst Chief Pompton Lakes 32 Walnut Avenue Pompton Lakes, (Passaic) NJ 07442

Marcoux, Clayton River Edge # 2 200 Zabriskie Place River Edge, (Bergen) NJ 07661

Bat Chief Palisades Park 537 5Th Street Palisades Park, (Bergen) NJ 07650

Manz, Rudolph M Chief Franklin Lakes # 1 Long John Silver Way Waretown, (Bergen) NJ 08758

Mara, Joseph R Asst Chief Emerson 186 Jefferson Avenue Emerson, (Bergen) NJ 07630

Chief Ridgefield 1165 Royal Tern Drive Hampstead, (Bergen) NC 28443-7139

Marr, Jr., Kenneth J Mara, Raymond Chief Pompton Plains 21 Lockwood Ave. Pompton Plains, (Morris) NJ 07444

Asst. Chief Keyport P.O. Box 112 Keyport, (Monmouth) NJ 07735

Asst. Chief Paramus 176 Birchwood Road Paramus, (Bergen) NJ 07652

Martin, Michael P

Matarazzo, Anthony J

Chief Old Bridge 2 Altori Court Little Egg Harbor, (Middlesex) NJ 08087

Chief East Hanover 80 River Road Hanover, (Morris) NJ 07936

Martin, Jr., James

No. Arlington 5502 Blackbeard’s Lane New Bern, (Bergen) NC 28560

Marotto, Felix J

Choef Mount Horeb 20 Third Street Warren, (Somerset) NJ 07059

Chief Monroeville 40 New Freedom Road Monroeville, (Salem) NJ 08343

Chief Manalapan 10 Summit Avenue Manalapan, (Monmouth) NJ 07726

Chief Madison Park 3 Amherst Ct. Parlin, (Middlesex) NJ 08859

Mastrofilipo, Thomas N

Materia, James

Marini, John J

Marks, Edward J

Martin, C. Joseph

Martin, William F

Maris, Rolf C Mantone, John

Chief Berkeley Heights 78 Marion Ave. Berkeley Heights, (Union) NJ 07922

asst. Chief Parsippany-Troy Hills 190 North Beverwyck Road Lake Hiawatha, (Morris) NJ 07034

Martuscelli, Frank Chief Shark River Hills 547 Wayside Road Neptune, (Monmouth) NJ 07753

Martz, Alfred G Chief Green Knoll 8650 South Ocean Drive Apt 301 Jensen Beach, (Somerset) FL 34957

Masi, Guy Asst Chief Newton 371 Ridge Road Newton, (Sussex) NJ 07860-5368

Dpty Chief Liberty Hose 443 Myrtle Ave. Garwood, (Union) NJ 07027

Mathis, Gordon Chief Anglesea 107 E. 2Nd Avenue N. Wildwood, (Cape May) NJ 08260

Mathisen, William J Chief Wayne 155 Kiwanis Dr. Wayne, (Middlesex) NJ 07470

Matlack, Paul H Delran 80 Springcress Drive Delran, (Burlington) NJ 08075

Matlock, Keith Chief Franklin Township 2584 Route 57 Stewartsville, (Warren) NJ 08886

Matschke, Robert C Chief Denville 103 Ford Road Denville, (Morris) NJ 07834 *(County)

2009 Annual Report & Membership Directory â–


Members Matthews, Christopher M

Maute Jr., Raymond W

Mc Aleavy III, Francis P

Chief Clark 49 Meadow Road Clark, (Union) NJ 07066

Chief Riverside 247 Bermuda Beach Drive Fort Pierce, (Burlington) FL 34949

Matthews, Douglas H Chief Hillsborough 19 Onka Drive Hillsborough, (Bergen) NJ 08844

Mattison, Richard J Chief Dover 85 Oram Drive Dover, (Morris) NJ 07801

Mau, James R Chief Cranbury 27 Summit Bridge Ropad Middletown, (Out of State) DE 19709

Maugeri, Jr., Brian Asst. Chief Hope Hose Humane Co. # 1 111 Mary Street Bordentown, (Burlington) NJ 08505

Maul, William H Chief Washington Township 149 Walnut Street. Township of Washington, (Bergen) NJ 07676

Mauren, Alan Chief Asbury 251 West Portal Road Asbury, (Hunterdon) NJ 08802

Mauro, Peter Asst Chief Park Ridge 238 Knickerbocker Avenue Hillsdale, (Bergen) NJ 07642-2036

Mc Corkell, Fred W

Mc Gowan, Noel J

Mc Knight, Austen B

Dpty Chief Somerville 129 Bartine St. Somerville, (Somerset) NJ 08876

Chief Pohatcong Twp 16 Fayette Court Easton, (Warren) PA 18045-5273

No. Arlington Schuyler Eng. 2 659 Finn Swamp Road Lakeville, (Bergen) PA 18438-9704

Chief Middletown Township 26 Majestic South Lincroft, (Monmouth) NJ 07738

Mautz, Bruce

Mc Aleer, James R

Mc Cormick, Paul S

Chief Woodcliff Lake 192 Pascack Road Woodcliff Lake, (Bergen) NJ 07675

Asst Chief Washington Boro 110 Stewartsville Road Stewartsvill, (Warren) NJ 08886

Chief Slackwood 70 Hughes Avenue Lawrenceville, (Mercer) NJ 08648

Mc Grath, Harold

Maw Jr., Ernest E Chief Brookside Cold Hill Rd. Brookside, (Morris) NJ 07926

Mawdsley, James J Westwood 101 4Th Avenue Westwood, (Bergen) NJ 07675

May, Frank E Chief Winslow Twp.-Albion 504 N. Surrey Ave. Albion, (Camden) NJ 08009

Mayberry, Barry M Chief Hackettstown 401 Center Street Hackettstoiwn, (Warren) NJ 07840

Mazuco, Robert E Chief Berkeley Heights 86 Park Avenue Berkeley Heights, (Union) NJ 07922

Mazzarella, Andrew Avenel #1 18 Chase Avenue Avenel, (Middlesex) NJ 07001

Mazzei, Albert H Lake Parsippany 444 North Main Street Teleford, (Morris) PA 18969

Mauro Jr, Joseph F Chief Park Ridge 60 Terrace Street Park Ridge, (Bergen) NJ 07656

Mazzucco, William Chief Towaco 8 Woodhill Rd. Towaco, (Morris) NJ 07082

Mc Andrew Jr., John Chief Randolph Twp. 77 Logan Road Randolph, (Morris) NJ 07869

Mc Ardle, John J Asst Chief Protection H/L Co. 857 Barry Avenue Perth Amboy, (Middlesex) NJ 08861

Mc Grath, Peter J Mc Cormick, Richard E Boonton 705 Upper Green St. Boonton, (Morris) NJ 07005

Mc Curdy, Horace E Chief Delran 23 Center Ave. Delran, (Burlington) NJ 08075

Asst Chief Hawthorne 14 Watchung Drive Hawthorne, (Passaic) NJ 07506

Chief Newton 18 Landmark West Newton, (Sussex) NJ 07860

Chief Hillsdale 1506 Ashley Drive Lebanon, (Bergen) IN 46052

Chief Dover 60 Windsor Avenue Randolph, (Morris) NJ 07869

Chief Millstone Valley 37 Bear Meadow Drive Hamilton, (Somerset) NJ 08691

Chief Rockaway Twp 17 Calabash Drive Carolina, (Morris) NC 28467

Mc Closkey, Robert

Mc Gary, Roger A

Asst Chief Villas 40 West Drumbed Road Villas, (Cape May) NJ 08251

Chief East Franklin Twp. 7305 Baltimore Road Takoma Park, (Out of State) MD 20912

Mc Coll, William V Pompton Lakes 59 Bulger Avenue New Milford, (Passaic) NJ 07646

Chief Neptune 2305 West Bangs Avenue Neptune, (Monmouth) NJ 07753

Dpty Chief Bloomfield 22 Black Pine Lane Lumberton, (Camden) NJ 08048

Chief Freewood Acres 200 Portland Road - Unite-24 Highlands, (Ocean) NJ 07732-1953

Mc Keon, Joseph M Mc Garva, William S

Mc Carthy, Joseph L

Mc Grath Sr., William H

Mc Kay, John T Mc Dougall, Paul C

Mc Call, Ronald R

Captain South Plainfield 117 Elizabethtown Court South Plainfield, (Middlesex) NJ 07080

Mc Grory III, James T Mc Dermott, Robert J

Mc Auliffe, Richard M

Chief Franklin 7 Walsh Rd. Franklin, (Sussex) NJ 07416

Mc Ginty, John Cliffwood 18 Village Road Morganville, (Monmouth) NJ 07751-1165

Asst Chief Denville 55 Eagle Drive Newton, (Morris) NJ 07860

Mc Keown, Eugene J Chief Pequannock Twp # 1 277 Boulevard Pompton Plains, (Morris) NJ 07444

Mc Kishen, Elmer Chief Seabrook 1003 School Village Seabrook, (Cumberland) NJ 08302

Mc Mahon, Lawrence J Chief South Amboy 347 John Street South Amboy, (Middlesex) NJ 08879

Mc Mickle, Charles Hamburg 16 Edsall Hamburg, (Sussex) NJ 07419

Mc Nally, James P Asst Chief Bogota 139 Jennifer Drive Rotonda West, (Bergen) FL 33947

Mc Namara, Thomas H Chief Closter 325 Oakdale Road Johnson City, (Bergen) NY 13790

Mc Nulty, Robert E Chief Erma 103 Florida Avenue Egg Harbor Township, (Cape May) NJ 08234

Mc Quade, John Chief State of New Jersey 301 Seafarer Drive Carolina Beach, (Out of State) NC 28420

McBrinn, Thomas C Battalion Chief Taunton 1201 Cedar Drive Marlton, (Burlington) NJ 08055

McCann, James Chief East Windsor 1 Cypress Court East Windsor, (Mercer) NJ 08520 *(County)



New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Five Trumpet Journal

Members McCleaster Sr., Frank V

Mcpherson, Charles R

Meisberger, David A

Merrill, George E

Milewski, Stanley C

Mitchell, James M

Chief West Cape May 1088 Shunpike Road Cape May, (Cape May) NJ 08204-4141

Asst Chief Little Falls 80 First Avenue Little Falls, (Passaic) NJ 07424

Chief Lake Hiawatha 76 Ridgewood Ave. Lake Hiawatha, (Morris) NJ 07034

Chief Riverside 109 21St Street Surf City, (Ocean) NJ 08008

Chief Matawan 48 Ninth Street West Keansburg, (Monmouth) NJ 07734

Captain Bogota 332 Berry Avenue Carlstadt, (Bergen) NJ 07072

Mesisca, John

Miller, George W

Mitchell, Mark H

McDermott, John L

Mead, John

Melillo, Robert G

Chief Peapack-Gladstone P.O. Box 243 Gadstone, (Somerset) NJ 0 jmcdermott@

Chief Bradley Gardens 12 Huxley Circle Marlton, (Somerset) NJ 08053

Chief Bloomfield 8650 S.W. 94th Lane - Unit # A Ocala, (Essex) FL 33481-9450

Dpty Chief Fairview 127 Elm Avenue Fairview, (Bergen) NJ 07022 lusare@aol/com

Chief Dunellen 133 Second Street Dunellen, (Middlesex) NJ 08812

Chief River Edge 177 Jefferson Avenue River Edge, (Bergen) NJ 07661

Mesisca, Michael D

Miller, Glenn

Mobus, Robert A

Mecsey III, Joseph

Mell Sr., Carl H

Asst Chief Stewartsville 602 South Main Street Stewartsville, (Warren) NJ 08886

Chief Somers Point 1017 Pier Avenue Egg Harbor Twp, (Atlantic) NJ 08234

Battalion Chief Fairview 428 7th Street Fairview, (Bergen) NJ 07022

Chief Garwood 88 Second Avenue Garwood, (Union) NJ 07027

Chief Washington Valley 1 Dock Watch Hollow Rd. Warren, (Somerset) NJ 07060

Miller, Michael J

Mobus, Robert G

Melofchik, Henry S

Messer, Richard B

Chief Schooleys Mtn 677 Brockton Way Melbourne, (Morris) FL 32904-7549

Chief Caldwell 24 Hillside Ave. Caldwell, (Essex) NJ 07006

Chief Bound Brook 33-21 Bloomingdale Drive Hillsborough, (Somerset) NJ 08844

Chief Washington Valley 1157 South Ruler Avenue Kuna, (Out of State) ID 83634-5145

Meyer, Richard J

Miller, Robert

Chief Neptune 28 West Jumping Brook Road Neptune, (Monmouth) NJ 07753

Chief Riverside 615 Butler St. Riverside, (Burlington) NJ 08075

McDonnell, Sr., Patrick E Chief Schooleys Mountain 84 Hillcrest Heights Drive Moneta, (Morris) VA 24121

Medina, John N McEvoy, Raymond P Asst. Chief Verona 147 Woodland Avenue Veroan, (Essex) NJ 07044

McFadden, Christopher D Chief East Windsor 484 Dutch Neck Road East Windsor, (Mercer) NJ 08520

Mcfadden, James F Chief Demarest 44 Highland Avenue Demarest, (Bergen) NJ 07627

McGonigal, Jim E Depty. Chief Taunton 26 Stanwood Court Medford, (Burlington) NJ 08055

Mcluskey, Charles T Dpty Chief Berkley Hts 651 Plainfield Avenue Berkley Heights, (Union) NJ 07922

McNemer, Erin K Asst, Chief West Tuckerton 124 Revere Drive Little Egg Harbor, (Ocean) NJ 08087

Asst Chief West Caldwell 8 Woodrow Place West Caldwell, (Essex) NJ 07006

Megill Jr, Ervin

Melofchik Sr, Robert K

Dpty Chief Unexcelled 133 Clark Avenue Ocean Grove, (Monmouth) NJ 07756

Chief North Arlington Boro 58 Melrose Avenue North Arlington, (Bergen) NJ 07031

Mocharski, John R

Mego III, William A

Memmolo, Louis B

Chief Eatontown 45 Villa Place Eatontown, (Monmouth) NJ 07724

Chief Southhard 222 Sunset Lane Howell Township, (Monmouth) NJ 07731

Megonigal, Lewis M

Memoli, Carl B

Deputy Chief Town Bank 403 Howland Avenue North Cape May, (Cape May) NJ 08204

Dpty Chief Relief Hose # 2 806 Lynwood Street Raritan, (Somerset) NJ 08869

Meier, Christopher

Merefield, Robert L

Asst. Chief Washington Township 323 South Chestnut Street Washington Township, (Bergen) NJ 07676

Chief Union 403 Lark Drive Mt. Laurel, (Burlington) NJ 08054

Meininger, Edward G

Merefield, Sr., John W

Chief Millington 36 Overlook Avenue Basking Ridge, (Somerset) NJ 07920

Asst Chief Union 18 Chapel Avenue Medford, (Burlington) NJ 08055

Mohl, Henry R Miller, Roy A

Meyers, Ronald A Chief Franklin Lakes 589 Ewing Avenue Franklin Lakes, (Bergen) NJ 07417

Fords P. O. Box 1044 Gouldsboro, (Middlesex) PA 18424-1044

Chief Butler 21499 Withers Way Lincoln, (Morris) DE 19960-2500

Mohring, Glenn A Miller, Thomas

Michalski, Walter H

Dpty Chief South Plainfield 118 Leonard Avenue South Plainfield, (Middlesex) NJ 07080

Asst Chief Protection H & L 114 Madison Street Dover, (Morris) NJ 07801

Chief East Rutherford 1702 Queen Ann Layne Toms River, (Bergen) NJ 08753

Miesch, Raymond

Miraglia, John S

Wyckoff Co. #3 469 Ridge Road Fredon, (Bergen) NJ 07860-5227

River Vale 701 B Westwood Avenue River Vale, (Bergen) NJ 07675

Migliaccio, Ralph

Missel, Robert D

Chief Mount Arlington 11 Portside Road Hopatcong, (Morris) NJ 07843

Chief Ridgewood 3 Mulberry Street Old Saybrook, (Bergen) CT 06475

Miklovic, Joseph M

Mitch, John P

Bat Chief Elmwood Park P.O. Box 558 Elmwood Park, (Bergen) NJ 07407-0558

Asst Chief Vineland 2524 South Main Road Vineland, (Cumberland) NJ 08860

Chief Maywood 5-04 5th Street Fair Llawn, (Bergen) NJ 07410

Mohrmann, Keith D Chief Washington 205 Creek Road Delanco, (Burlington) NJ 08075

Mollenkof, Robert T Rio Grande P.O. Box 367 Rio Grand, (Cape May) NJ 08242-0367

Mollis, Joseph Past Chief Laurence Harbor 202 Shoreland Circle Laurence Harbor, (Middlesex) NJ 08879 *(County) 2009 Annual Report & Membership Directory â–


Members Molnar, Richard T

Moore, William N

Morgenfruh, Robert S

Mueller Sr, James C

Murphy, George

Myers, Kristofer

Chief West Amwell Po Box 243 Ringoes, (Hunterdon) NJ 08551

Chief Neptune 23 Tremont Dr. Neptune, (Monmouth) NJ 07753

Asst Chief Packanack Lake 37 Elmwood Terrace Wayne, (Passaic) NJ 07470 mgmorgenfruh@optonline. com+

Chief Old Tappan 175 Ellington Lane Pawleys Island, (Bergen) SC 29585

Chief Union City 56 Turnberry Circle Toms River, (Ocean) NJ 08753

Captain Centerton 49 Upper Neck Road Pittsgrove, (Salem) NJ 08318

Murphy, William J

Myers Jr, Robert H

Asst. Chief West Milford 25 Elm Street Hewitt, (Passaic) NJ 07421

Chief Goshen 410 Rt 47 North Cape May Court House, (Cape May) NJ 08210

Moots, Charles J Monahan, Robert

Mulder, Howard J

Chief Fairview 24 Meadowbrook Drive Browns Mills, (Bergen) NJ 08015

Chief Ridgefield 908 Linden Ave. Ridgefield, (Bergen) NJ 07657

Monks, Dennis E

Moran, Michael

Asst Chief Carlstadt 148 Everett Place East Rutherford, (Bergen) NJ 07073

Asst Chief Point Pleasant # 1 300 River Avenue Point Pleasant, (Ocean) NJ 08742

Montegari, Scott

Moran, Robert G

Asst Chief Wanaque 62 Townsend Road Wanaque, (Passaic) NJ 07465

Dep Chief Leonia 425 Closter Dock Road Closter, (Bergen) NJ 07624

Monteleone, Fred

Moravick, Jr., Stephen Morrissey, Wayne Chief J

Chief Asbury Park 1615 Park Avenue / Apt. 4-A Asbury Park, (Monmouth) NJ 07112

Morris, Bertram H Chief Keyport P. O. Box 186 Gouldsboro, (Monmouth) PA 18424-0186

Morris, John H Chief Closter 14 Romford Lane Manchestere, (Bergen) NJ 08759

Chief Iselin 60 Jefferson Avenue Metuchen, (Middlesex) NJ 08840

Morris, Robert H

Muller, Kenneth J

Cinnamison 1616 Jefferson Street Cinnaminson, (Burlington) NJ 08077

Chief Washington Twp. 63 Piney Pt. Lane Union Hall, (Bergen) VA 24176

Chief Lodi 126 Burnes Avenue Lodi, (Bergen) NJ 07644

West Milford 3 Marion Street West Milford, (Passaic) NJ 07480

Morcom, Terry W

Moscetti, Louis N

Chief Neptune City 180 Summerland Place Neptune City, (Monmouth) NJ 07753

Beechwood 6 Granetz Place Raritan, (Middlesex) NJ 08869

Mosher, Walter G Monton, James

Morgan, Lawrence J

Dpty Chief Ridgewood 323 East Glen Avenue Ridgewood, (Bergen) NJ 07450

Dept Chief Allendale 8 Franklin Tpke. Allendale, (Bergen) NJ 07401

Moore, Judson Chief Port Elizabeth P. O. Box 22 Mauricetown, (Cumberland) NJ 08329-0022

Morgan, Richard A Roxbury 1 Morgan Terr. Wharton, (Morris) NJ 07885

Moore, Robert Deputy Chief Carlstadt 445 Summit Avenue Carlstadt, (Bergen) NJ 07072

Chief Chester 84 Rabbit Valley Road Oxford, (Out of State) ME 04270

Moslak, Lemoyne K Chief Middlesex 928 East Walnut Street Palmyra, (Middlesex) PA 17078-2840

Mosner, Dave Morgan, Steve Chief New Egypt 173 West Colliers Mill Road New Egypt, (Ocean) NJ 08533

Murphy Jr., John J Mullen, Edward R

Montemano, William Chief Asbury Park 23 Osborn Avenue Manasquan, (Monmouth) NJ 08732

Chief Saddle Brook 149 Danna Way Saddle Brook, (Bergen) NJ 07663-4451

Chief Andover Township 17262 Valley Drive Lewes, (Sussex) DE 19958

Mulligan, Daniel P Chief Point Pleasant 223 River Edge Drive Point Pleasant, (Ocean) NJ 08742

North End # 3 1214 West Camplain Road Manville, (Somerset) NJ 08835

Myers Jr., Edward G

Murray, Floyd D

Myers Sr., Edward G

Chief Woodbridge 813 Champlain St. Toms River, (Ocean) NJ 08757

Chief Centerton 49 Upper Neck Road Pittsgrove, (Salem) NJ 08318

Murray, Michael M

Myslinski, Terry

Deputy Chief Union Beach 712 Park Avenue Union Beach, (Monmouth) NJ 07735 unionbeachfireco#1

Chief Pochuck Valley 42 Summit Circle Sussex, (Sussex) NJ 07461

Lieutenate Pittsgrove 115 Upper Neck Road Pittsgrove, (Salem) NJ 08318

Mushinski, Lyle Mulligan, Robert S Chief Union Camp Corp. 280 Lincoln Avenue Secaucus, (Hudson) NJ 07094

Chief Groveville 23 Allen Street Groveville, (Mercer) NJ 08620

Musicant, Alan Mullins, John T Chief Jersey City 10 Ferncliff Road Jersey City, (Hudson) NJ 07305

Asst Chief Park Ridge 22 Poplar Grove Terrace West Milford, (Bergen) NJ 07480

Mycek, John A Mundy, Paul R Chief South Amboy 349 Parker Avenue South Amboy, (Middlesex) NJ 08879-1550

Muoio, John Mroz, David J

Captain Leonia 236 Overlook Avenue Leonia, (Bergen) NJ 07605-1519

Chief Little Falls 76 Coney Rd. Little Falls, (Passaic) NJ 07424

Asst Chief Franklin Lakes 774 Aspen Way/P. O. Box 151 Franklin Lakes, (Bergen) NJ 07417

Myer, John W Chief Wyckoff 49 State Route 284 Wantage, (Sussex) NJ 07461

N Nafziger, John R Asst Chief Lafayette P.O. Box 301 Lafayette, (Sussex) NJ 07848

Nagel, Laurence W Chief Randolph Township 9 Overlook Avenue Randolph, (Morris) NJ 07869

Nagle, Alan P Chief Vernon Twp #1 3 Irving Court Lafayette, (Sussex) NJ 07848




New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Five Trumpet Journal

Members Nagy, Raymond L

Negvesky, Walter

Newbon Sr, John L

Nile, James R

Novsak, David S

O’Dwyer Jr., Robert E

Deputy Chief Bristol-Myers 18 Quince Court Lawrenceville, (Mercer) NJ 08648

Chief Somerset 39 North Clark Ave. Somerville, (Somerset) NJ 08876

Hamilton 24 Victor Avenue Trenton, (Mercer) NJ 08609

Chief Mount Kemble 4A Winthrop Pl. Whiting, (Morris) NJ 08759

Chief West Wildwood 724 Spring Lane Cape May, (Cape May) NJ 08204

Chief Derby 5 Valerie Lane Hamilton Square, (Mercer) NJ 08690

Novsak, Kenneth A

Oehlman, David R

West Wildwood 3300 New Jersey Avenue Apt. 203 Wildwood, (Cape May) NJ 08260-2354

Chief Rutherford 93 Clark Road Wantage, (Sussex) NJ 07461

Oehlmann, Christopher S

Newhall, Robert E Neiberlien, Russell H

Najarian, Jonathan D Chief Hillsdale 257 Liberty Avenue Hillsdale, (Bergen) NJ 07642

Naples, Dominick Dept. Chief Hillside 15 Meszaros Road Stockton, (Hunterdon) NJ 08559

Narciso, Gerard J Chief Hamilton 107 Green Grove Road Neptune, (Monmouth) NJ 07753

Narciso, John M Chief Hamilton 9 Roberts Drive Neptune, (Monmouth) NJ 07753

Naused Jr., William J Chief Laurence Harbor 16 Clayton Rd. Howell, (Monmouth) NJ 07731

Naused III, William J Chief Laurence Harbor 14 Middlesex Blvd Cliffwood Beach, (Middlesex) NJ 07735

Naylis, Gerard J Chief Bergenfield 21 South Taylor Street Bergenfield, (Bergen) NJ 07621

Nebesnak, Edward Mine Hill 42 Edith Place Mine Hill, (Morris) NJ 07803

Chief Bound Brook 2495 South Coleman Avenue Homosassa Springs, (Somerset) FL 34448

Nixon, M. Eston

Marlboro 30 Minerva Ave. Manasquan, (Monmouth) NJ 08736

Nelidin, Michael

Newman, Jeff

Noble, Albert B

Deputy Chief East Windsor 40 Woodside Avenue East Windsor, (Mercer) NJ 08520

Asst. Chief Pedricktown 85 North Railroad Pedricktown, (Salem) NJ 08067

Chief West Cape May 198 Eighmy Road Honesdale, (Cape May) PA 18431

Nowalsky, Ronald

Nelsen, Jr., Donald H

Newman, John C

Noctor, Matthew V

Nunziato, Michael

Chief Morristown Airport 15 East Grove Avenue Woodbridge, (Middlesex) NJ 07095-3409

Dept Chief Marmora 559 South Shore Road Marmora, (Cape May) NJ 08223-5031

Asst Chief Washington Township 66 Coleman Hill Road Washington, (Warren) NJ 07882

Little Ferry I 58 Marshall Ave. Little Ferry, (Bergen) NJ 07643

Nelson, Christopher S

Nichols, Jr., Robert A

Nolan, Gerald

Asst. Chief Mendham 10 Horse Shoe Bend Road Mendham, (Morris) NJ 07945

Asst. Chief Ramtown-Howell 967 Lakewood-Farmingdale Road Howell, (Monmouth) NJ 07731

Asst. Chief Singac 50 Grove Street Little Falls, (Passaic) NJ 07424-1123


Neuner, Richard G Chief Ringwood 36 Kraft Place Ringwood, (Bergen) NJ 07456

Neuner Sr., Richard G Dpty Chief New Milford 425 Madison Avenue / Apt. 110 New Milford, (Bergen) NJ 07646

Nevius, John D Asst Chief Neshanic 408 Olive Street/P.O. Box 385 Neshanic Station, (Somerset) NJ 08853

Newberry, George K Chief Wall 1662 M Street Wall, (Monmouth) NJ 07719-3455

Nicolette, Jr., Philip F Asst Chief Nutley 264 Park Avenue Nutley, (Essex) NJ 07110

Nielsen, John C Asst. Chief Manasquan 1919 Atlantic Avenue #26 Manasquan, (Monmouth) NJ 08736

Nielson, Frederick Chief Old Tappan 278 Sand Hill Road Peterborough, (Out of State) NH 03458

Chief Liberty 145 7Th Street Salem, (Salem) NJ 08079

O’ Connor, Michael W

Nolan, James J Chief Westwood 16300 Pine Ridge Road - X-1 Fort Myers, (Bergen) FL 33908

Nordtveit, Helge Protection # 1 28 Crane Parkway Cranford, (Middlesex) NJ 07016

Norris, Michael A Chief Hamilton 3136 West Bangs Ave Neptune, (Monmouth) NJ 07753

Norton, Frank H West Caldwell 49 Washington Ave. West Caldwell, (Essex) NJ 07006

Niland, Brian J Batt Chief Paramus P. O. Box 8070 Paramus, (Bergen) NJ 07653

Chief Finders 16 Chelsea Way Bridgewater, (Somerset) NJ 08807

Norton, Joseph G Rainbow Lakes 26 Porcupine Drive Palm Coast, (Warren) FL 32164-6736

Asst Chief Alpine 3326Hemlock Farms Long Valley, (Bergen) PA 18428

Obertlik, John Chief Englewood Cliffs 5 7Th Street Englewood Cliffs, (Bergen) NJ 07632

O’Brien, Edward

Asst. Chief Carlstadt 611 2nd Street Carlstadt, (Bergen) NJ 07072

Oisborne, John Chief Montville 14 Highland Avenue Montville, (Morris) NJ 07045

Olejarz, Barry G Chief Jackson Mills 89 E. Commodore Blvd. Jackson, (Ocean) NJ 08527

Oliva, Jr., Frank Chief Hazlet Township 582 Holmdel Road Hazlet, (Monmouth) NJ 07730-1305

Olivieri, Sr., Mark A

Chief Ridgefield Park 38 East Johnson Avenue Bergenfield, (Bergen) NJ 07621

Asst. Chief Wanaque 42 5th Avenue Haskell, (Passaic) NJ 07420

O’Brien, Richard T

Olson, Gustave E

Chief Gordons Corner 45 Pease Road Englishtown, (Monmouth) NJ 07726

Chief Wildwood Crest 2000 Old Burnt Mountain Road Jasper, (Cape May) GA 30143-2608

Oddo, Darin R Asst. Chief Wood-Ridge 380 Simons Avenue Hackensack, (Bergen) NJ 07601-1825

Ondrof, John J Chief Carlstadt 558 Summit Avenue Carlstadt, (Bergen) NJ 07072

*(County) 2009 Annual Report & Membership Directory ■


Members Ondrof, Thomas J

Osborne, Richard A

Otterbein, Richard C

Palazzi, Louis

Panzella, William

Parsell, Arthur G

Bat. Chief Carlstadt 429 Union Street Carlstadt, (Bergen) NJ 07072

Chief Maxfield Hook/Ladder 307 Green Street Boonton, (Morris) NJ 07005

West Caldwell 18 Sunset Road West Caldwell, (Essex) NJ 07006

Chief Middlesex 642 Lorraine Ave. Middlesex, (Middlesex) NJ 08846

Dpty Chief Teaneck 61 West Harwood Terrace Palisades Park, (Bergen) NJ 07650

Chief Montgomery 10 Coppermine Road Princeton, (Somerset) NJ 08540

Owen, George W

Palicia, Michael J

Paolini II, Daniel J

O’Neill, John T

Osborne, William R

Asst Chief Upper Deerfield # 3 25 Orilla Drive Bridgeton, (Cumberland) NJ 08302

Chief Washington 6105 N. Moore Portland, (Bergen) OR 97217

Chief Sussex 115 Bierskill Road Montague, (Sussex) NJ 07827-5115

Chief Riverdale 33 Riverview Terrace Riverdale, (Morris) NJ 07457

Chief Eastampton 29 Windham Drive Easthampton, (Burlington) NJ 08060

O’Neill Jr, John T

Oser, William F

Chief Upper Deerfield # 3 52 Orilla Drive Bridgeton, (Cumberland) NJ 08302

Chief Jersey City 35 Towers St. Jersey City, (Hudson) NJ 07305

Ordway, Robert F

Osgood, Bruce

Asst Chief Rutherford 126 Vanderburgh Avenue Rutherford, (Bergen) NJ 07070

Chief Wyckoff 83 Maryann Lane Wyckoff, (Bergen) NJ 07481

Orfe Sr., Bernard L

O’Shaughnessy, Richard N

Chief Riverside 511 Howard St. Riverside, (Burlington) NJ 08075

Chief Middletown 44 Monroe St. Red Bank, (Monmouth) NJ 07701

Ortega, Linda K Chief Norma- Alliance 31 Central Avenue Pittsgrove, (Salem) NJ 08318

Ost, Paul R Chief Watchung 19 Maple Street Watchung, (Somerset) NJ 07069-6312

Ortyl, Edward F Asst. Chief Garfield 389 Semel Avenue Garfield, (Bergen) NJ 07026

Osback, Theodore O Asst Chief Lyndhurst 211 Newport Court Fords, (Middlesex) NJ 08863

Osborn, Barry J Herbertsville 580 Herbertsville Rd. Brick Township, (Ocean) NJ 08724


Oswald, Kevin P Chief Union 490 Washington Crossing Pen Rd Titusville, (Mercer) NJ 08560

Ott, Jr., Ellsworth A Captain Linwood 17 West Edgewood Avenue Linwood, (Atlantic) NJ 08221

Otten, Kenneth Asst Chief Morganville Ind. 101 Springlawn Avenue Aberdeen, (Monmouth) NJ 07747

Palmer, Charles W

P Paci Jr, Salvatore Rescue Truck 178Midland Avenue Saddle Brook, (Bergen) NJ 07663-6409

Pacifico, Jr., James J Chief Voorhees 109 Cornwell Drive Voorhees, (Camden) NJ 08043

Padian, Robert E Chief Morristown 2 Milton Place Morristown, (Morris) NJ 07960

Padovano, Jr., Anthony Deputy Chief Berkeley Heights 1075 Plainfield Avenue Berkeley Heights, (Union) NJ 07922

Pakla, Dennis F Asst Chief Hopelawn # 1 9214 Falston Circle old Bridge, (Middlesex) NJ 08857

Paladino, Francis J Chief Goodwill 862 Stapelton Avenue Brick, (Monmouth) NJ 08723

Palatucci, Robert W Chief Wanaque 28 Burnside Place Haskell, (Passaic) NJ 07420

New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Five Trumpet Journal

Chief Park Hose # 3 53 Reservoir Avenue Wallington, (Bergen) NJ 07057

Paschal, John J Chief Winfield 19-A Wavercrest Avenue Winfield Park, (Union) NJ 07036-6621

Paras, Michael S Chief Waldwick 70 W. Prospect St. Waldwick, (Bergen) NJ 07463

Passalacqua, Ray

Chief Wallington 3 Primrose Drive Wallington, (Bergen) NJ 07057

Parasugo, Paul A

Passarella, Samuel F

Chief Chester Mountain View Drive Chester, (Morris) NJ 07930

Dept. Chief Rockaway 280 East Main Street - Apt. 1-B Rockaway, (Morris) NJ 07866

Palombi, Anthony

Parenteau, Sr., Raymond A

Pastor, Michael

Deputy Chief Faitoute Hose Co. # 3 614 Chester Avenue Roselle Park, (Union) NJ 07204

Captain Wallington 31 Park Row Wallington, (Bergen) NJ 07057

Parisi, Robert

Patterson, Marcus H

Bat. Chief Secaucus 769 Minnie Plaace Secaucus, (Hudson) NJ 07094-3425

Town Bank 303 Deland Ave. N. Cape May, (Cape May) NJ 08204

Chief Fords 123 Grant Ave. Fords, (Middlesex) NJ 08863

Palmer, Matthew J

Chief Beverly H-11 Cooper Valley Village Edgewater Park, (Burlington) NJ 08010

Panagia, William Chief South Hackensack 9 Williams Ave. S. Hackensack, (Bergen) NJ 07606

Panasiuk, Jr., Michael Asst Chief Lodi 66 Kipp Avenue Lodi, (Bergen) NJ 07644

Paulos, Richard F Parks, William T Chief Chester 525 State Route 24 Chester, (Morris) NJ 07930

Chief Leonia 620 Cedarstream Place Brick, (Bergen) NJ 08724

Parlapiano, Ralph J

Pavese, Jr., Robert A

Chief New Providence 57 Charnwood Road New Providence, (Union) NJ 07974

Emerson 230 Eagle Drive Emerson, (Bergen) NJ 07630-1356

Pandolfo Jr, Gerard V Chief M. E. Haley Hose # 1 54 Memorial Pkway Atlantic Highlands, (Monmouth) NJ 07716

Pandorf Jr., John F Wallington Hose Co. #3 43 Reservoir Ave. Wallington, (Bergen) NJ 07057

Pankok, Eric J Batt. Chief Salem 187 Cook Avenue Salem, (Salem) NJ 08079

Pavlik, Mark Parrish, Raymond C Asst Chief East Rutherford 160 Park Avenue E. Rutherford, (Bergen) NJ 07073-1702

Asst Chief Maywood Engine Co. P. O. Box 295 Tenafly, (Bergen) NJ 07670


Members Pawlak, Joseph R

Peirano, William J

Perrine Jr., Thomas M

Peters, Thomas A

Pfluge, David E

Pickell, James E

Asst Chief Plainsboro 2 Ashford Drive Plainsboro, (Middlesex) NJ 08536-0206

Park Ridge 29 Park Ave. Park Ridge, (Bergen) NJ 07656

Chief Freehold 62 Broadway Freehold, (Monmouth) NJ 07728

Chief Nutley 63 Kenzel Avenue Nutley, (Essex) NJ 07110

Chief North Arlington 10 Vander Bilt Place North Arlington, (Bergen) NJ 07031

Chief Bernardsville P.O. Box 185 Bernardsville, (Somerset) NJ 07924

Pawlowicz, Jr., Joseph J

Lieutenant South Plainfield 2012 Grant Avenue So Plainfield, (Middlesex) NJ 07080

Peterson, Brian

Pfluge, Frank J

Chief Franklin Lakes P.O. Box 565 Franklin Lakes, (Bergen) NJ 07417

Chief North Arlington 42 Canterbury Ave. N. Arlington, (Bergen) NJ 07032

Chief Paramus 59 Forest Avenue Paramus, (Bergen) NJ 07652

Phelan, Brian J

Piemonte, Joseph F Captain Fort Lee 1287 Inwood Terrace Apt. C Fort Lee, (Bergen) NJ 07024

Chief Laurelton 205 Colonial Drove Bricktown, (Ocean) NJ 08724

Payne, Philip C Chief West Long Branch 11 Walnut Place West Long Branch, (Monmouth) NJ 07764

Pearson, Joseph Chief Lumberton 58 Sherwood Place Southampton, (Burlington) NJ 08088

Peck, David B Asst Chief West Cape May P.O. Box 533 Cape May, (Cape May) NJ 08204-4530 firecowestcapemay@comcast. net

Peel, Joseph H Chief Madison Park 6 Yale Road Parlin, (Middlesex) NJ 08859-1250

Pellegrino, Jr, Michael A

Peer, Robert H Chief Towaco 33 Churh Lane Montville, (Morris) NJ 07045

Lieutenant Netcong 14 Delaware Avenue Stanhope, (Sussex) NJ 07874

Pellettiere, William T Dept. Chief Hillside 51 Orchard Road Florham Park, (Morris) NJ 07932

Pennell, John J Washington 320 Walters Avenue Delanco, (Burlington) NJ 08075

Pennock, Howard F Chief Mount Holly 66 Marborough Drive Southampton, (Burlington) NJ 08088

Perelli, Robert A Chief Fort Lee 2155 Center Ave. Fort Lee, (Bergen) NJ 07024

Perez, Christopher Chief Kendall Park 4 Greenridge Lane Monmouth Junction, (Monmouth) NJ 08852

Perfetto, Raffaele G Chief So. Hackensack 17 First St. So. Hackensack, (Bergen) NJ 07606

Pegg, David T Chief Maywood 54-West Magnolia Avenue Maywood, (Bergen) NJ 07607

Chief Prospect 125 Mallard Lane/ Pinehurst Terrace Pinehurst, (Out of State) NC 28374

Pellek, Michael A

Peer, Mark E Chief Towaco 33 Church Lane Montville, (Monmouth) NJ 07045

Perrone, Carmine

Perkins, Frank G Upper Saddle River 8 Birch Hill Lane Blairstown, (Bergen) NJ 07825

Picone, Guy J

Perrone, Ryan J Asst. Chief Manalapan 71 Sweetmans Lane Manalapan, (Monmouth) NJ 07726

Petillo, John A Asst Chief Lake Hiawatha 8 Madison Avenue Lake Hiawatha, (Morris) NJ 07034

Chief Brookside 69 Woodland Rd. Brookside, (Morris) NJ 07926

Perry, David P

Petrecca, James J

Phillips, John R

Pierro, Sr., Brian W

Chief Town Bank 410 Baywyn Rd. Villas, (Cape May) NJ 08251

asst Chief Pompton Falls 84 Pinecrest Terrace Wayne, (Passaic) NJ 07470

Asst Chief Milford Po Box 325 Milford, (Hunterdon) NJ 08848

Asst. Chief Closter 168 Herbert Avenue Closter, (Bergen) NJ 07624

Perry, Richard D

Petrick, William

Phillips, Richard

Pierson, Joseph W

Chief Jefferson Twp. # 2 1 Log Road Lake Hopatcong, (Morris) NJ 07849

Asst Chief Garfield/P.A.V.F.D. 710 Pfeiffer Blvd. Perth Amboy, (Middlesex) NJ 08861

Elizabeth Avenue 507 Elivabeth Avenue Somerset, (Somerset) NJ 08873

Cranberry Lake 16 Hawthorne Trail Andover, (Sussex) NJ 07821

Peseux, Malcolm

Petrillo, Lawrence

Phillips, Ronald

Chief Hazlet 816 Holmdel Road Holmdel, (Monmouth) NJ 07733

Director Division of Fire Safety 386 Carterer Avenue Carteret, (Middlesex) NJ 07008

Chief Wood Ridge 55 Madison St. Wood Ridge, (Bergen) NJ 07075

Pierson, Kenneth A

Pierson, Robert L

Pesler, William E Dept Chief New Milford 299 East Johnson Avenue Bergenfield, (Bergen) NJ 07621-1854

Peters, Jason Chief Consolidated Fire 8 West Union Avenue Apt. # 2 Bordentown, (Burlington) NJ 08505

Peters, John L Chief Leonia 142 Park Avenue Leonia, (Bergen) NJ 07605

Piana, Michael D Petschauer, Michael E Asst. Chief Cheesequake 203 Madison Gardens Old Bridge, (Middlesex) NJ 08857

Deputy Chief New Providence 35 High Street New Providence, (Union) NJ 07974

Piccinini, Robert Peverley, Martin J Deputy Chief Annandale 8 Center Street Annandale, (Hunterdon) NJ 08801

Pfitzner, Harold C Mahwah Co. #4 P.O. Box 519 Unionville, (Bergen) NY 10988

Asst Chief Steamer 171 Tulip Street Dingmans Ferry, (Sussex) PA 18328

Asst Chief Lodi 23 Rockport Road Wantage, (Bergen) NJ 07461

Pickard, Charles R Asst Chief South Amboy 327 David Street South Amboy, (Middlesex) NJ 08879

Leonia 110 Hillcrest Ave. Leonia, (Bergen) NJ 07605

Pieszcynski, Henry M Eatontown 7 Turner St. Eatontown, (Monmouth) NJ 07724

Pignatello, Peter J Cedar Grove 47 Greenbrook Road Apt. 218 Fairfield, (Essex) NJ 07004

Piltzecker, George M 1st Asst. Chief Roseland 17 Fourth Avenue Roseland, (Essex) NJ 07068 chief@roselandfire.oorg *(County)

2009 Annual Report & Membership Directory â–


Members Pinckney, William

Pizzuti, Richard R

Poling, Robert M

Popielarski, Edward

Powers, Charles J

Preston Jr., Joseph J

Chief Lodi 65 Kipp Avenue Lodi, (Bergen) NJ 07644

Chief Lyndhurst 433 Fern Avenue Lyndhurst, (Bergen) NJ 07071

Chief Keyport 39 Oak Street Keyport, (Monmouth) NJ 07735

Chief Madison Park 27291 Jardines Mission Viejo, (Out of State) CA 92692

Chief Greenwich 9 Powers Lane Bridgeton, (Cumberland) NJ 08302

Chief Colonia 40 Conduit Way Colonia, (Middlesex) NJ 07067

Pink, Stephen G

Plante, Dewey G

Powers, Daniel

Preston, Jr., Robert

Asst Chief Upper Saddle River 14 Cottage Lane Up Saddle River, (Bergen) NJ 07458

Chief Caldwell HC 1 Box 1249 Blakeslee, (Essex) PA 18610-9449

Polito, Robert

Porch, Ralph J

Asst Chief Hawthorne #4 879 Macopin Road West Milford, (Passaic) NJ 07480

Chief Rio Grande 65 Mimosa Drive Rio Grande, (Cape May) NJ 08242

Chief Woodbridge 83 South Robert Street Sewaren, (Middlesex) NJ 07077-1329

Chief North Centerville 21 Dartmouth Drive Hazlet, (Monmouth) NJ 07730

Portale, Amor R

Powers, Thomas W

Asst. Chief Pomona 454 South Willow Avenue Galloway Township, (Atlantic) NJ 08205

Chief Montvale 51 Pine Ridge Drive South Littleton, (Bergen) NC 27850

Plasket, John T Pinter, Richard A Chief Fords 207 Summit Avenue Fords, (Middlesex) NJ 08863

Merchantville 2140 North Route 9 Cape May Court House, (Ocean) NJ 08210-1115

Plavier, Robert W Pinto, David A Asst Chief Wallington 153 Reservoir Avenue Wallington, (Bergen) NJ 07057

Pinto, John P Chief Hackensack 3 Locust Court West Milford, (Bergen) NJ 07480

Pinto, Robert G Chief Burlington City 436 Locust Ave Burlington, (Burlington) NJ 08016

Packanack Lake 50 Sunset Terrace Wayne, (Passaic) NJ 07470

Plennert, David S Chief Three Bridges # 1 2500 Treeline Drive Easton, (Hunterdon) PA 18040-7530

Plennert, Peter M Chief Three Bridges #1 17 Plennert Road Flemington, (Hunterdon) NJ 08822-1908

Plicinski, Edward A Mahwah 102 Sherwood Avenue Mahwah, (Bergen) NJ 07430

Piombo, Albert M Chief Preakness # 4 32 Grover Drive Wayne, (Passaic) NJ 07470

Plotts, Robert A Asst Chief Lafayette 2808 Fox Worth Drive Monroe, (Sussex) NC 28110

Polo, Dennis Chief E. Freehold 37 Willow Brook Rd Freehold Twp, (Monmouth) NJ 07728

Porter, Thomas R Polster, George S Chief Mahwah 19 Malcolm Place Mahwah, (Bergen) NJ 07430

Polverino, Samuel Chief E. Freehold 124 Cannon Road Freehold, (Monmouth) NJ 07728

Pomponio, Edmund R Chief Little Falls 130 Donato Dr. Little Falls, (Passaic) NJ 07424

Pongratz Jr, Bernard L Elizabeth Avenue 110 Bell Street Somerset, (Somerset) NJ 08873

Popejoy, Gene R Pittenger, Robert A Chief Watchung 13 Jenning Lane North Plainfield, (Somerset) NJ 07060

Pivornik, Kenneth A Chief Jefferson Township 179 Baker Street Dover, (Morris) NJ 07801

Chief Lafayette Township Po Box 113 Layfayette, (Sussex) NJ 07848

Batt Chief Carlstadt 450 Summit Avenue Carlstadt, (Bergen) NJ 07072

Policastro, Richard

Popek, Edward A

Plotts III, William E

Asst Chief Lodi 15 Robert Court Lodi, (Bergen) NJ 07644

Presutti, Anthony J

Asst Chief Garfield # 3 23-11 Broadway Fair Lawn, (Bergen) NJ 07410-3054

Asst Chief Mendham 23 Maple Avenue Mendham, (Morris) NJ 07945

Pringle, Glenn Pratzner, Joseph L Chief Weekstown 2620 Green Bank Road Egg Harbor, (Atlantic) NJ 08215

Porter Jr., Thomas E S. Bound Brook 169 Forest Hills Road Rogersville, (Out of State) TN 37857-5103

Portsmore, Paul E Chief Ho-Ho-Kus 152 Ackermann Avenue Ho-Ho-Kus, (Bergen) NJ 07423

Post, Bruce E Chief Franklin Lakes 587 State Hwy. 208 Franklin Lakes, (Bergen) NJ 07417

Post Jr., Howard J Chief Point Pleasant 1001 Oak Preserve Lane Osprey, (Union) FL 34229

Potanka, Frank M Asst Chief Wanaque 401 Ringwood Avenue Wanaque, (Passaic) NJ 07465

Pouzenc, Alfred J

Dpty Chief West New York Hdqts 221 Swathmore Drive Nutley, (Essex) NJ 07110

Chief Goodwill Hose 1707 I Street West Belmar, (Monmouth) NJ 07719

Procter, Barry K Presser, Roy F Chief Neshanic 315 Three Bridges Road Hillsborough, (Somerset) NJ 08844

Pressler, Arthur F Asst Chief Cresskill 187 Broadway Cresskill, (Bergen) NJ 07626

Pressler, Kenneth S Bat. Chief Elmwood Park 123 Hamilton Avenue Elmwood Park, (Bergen) NJ 07407

Pressler, Michael Bat. Chief Elmwood Park 134 Goodwin Avenue Elmwood Park, (Bergen) NJ 07407

Pressler, Ronald H

120 Jay Place Middlesex, (Middlesex) NJ 08846

Prybeck, Jerome T Asst. Chief Fords 32 South First Street Fords, (Middlesex) NJ 08863

Pugliese, Pat Chief Elmwood Park 6 Oak Street Elmwood Park, (Bergen) NJ 07407

Pujat, Christopher P Chief Howell Township 774 Adelphia Road Freehold, (Monmouth) NJ 07728-8822

Pulis, William H Frankin Lakes 86 Winghaven Hgts Wayneville, (Bergen) NC 28786

Batt Chief Elmwood Park # 1 10 Second Street Elmwood Park, (Bergen) NJ 07407

Cliffwood 966 Woodmere Dr. Cliffwood Beach, (Monmouth) NJ 07735 *(County)



New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Five Trumpet Journal

Members Q

Reddington, Kevin M

Regan, Richard M

Reighard, Douglas

Remo, Wayne P

Chief Watchung 701 Willow Run Road P. O. Box 302 Gwynedd, (Somerset) PA 19437

Chief Vernon Twp 1621 Route 565 Sussex, (Sussex) NJ 07461

Deputy Chief New Milford 18 Bright Street South River, (Bergen) NJ 08882

Chief Wyckoff 91 Pine Wood Drive Ringwood, (Bergen) NJ 07456

Redmon, William T

Regan, Timothy

Reighard, Ted

Remy, Richard C

Chief Emerson 54 Seneca Avenue Emerson, (Bergen) NJ 07630

Chief Mc Afee 50 Florence Avenue Hawthorne, (Sussex) NJ 07506

Chief Englewood Cliffs 25 Mercer Street Englewood Cliff, (Bergen) NJ 07632

Batt. Chief Rochelle Park 109 Rochelle Pky Saddle Brook, (Bergen) NJ 07663

Chief Northvale 1003 Grand Central Avenue - #4 Lavallette, (Bergen) NJ 08735

Rasmussen, Edwin A

Reed, James W

Regavich, Robert D

Reilley, Maurice F

Chief Fords 104 Grant Avenue Fords, (Middlesex) NJ 08863

Chief Oldwick 12 William Street-Box 262 Oldwick, (Hunterdon) NJ 08858

Asst Chief Sussex 1 Larch Avenue Sussex, (Sussex) NJ 07461

Plainfield 7 Howard Court Lebanon, (Somerset) NJ 08833

Chief Readington 115 Hillcrest Road Flemington, (Hunterdon) NJ 08822

Reed, James L

Regelski, Joseph

Chief Three Bridges 72 Summer Road Flemington, (Hunterdon) NJ 08822

Chief Dover 2 Schley Street Dover, (Morris) NJ 07801

Dpty Chief Leonia # 1 624 D Grand Avenue Leonia, (Bergen) NJ 07605

Rabbai, Kevin L

Rau, Kenneth J

Reed Jr, Edward R

Regenthal, Richard F

Reilly, James P

Captain Centerton 103 Dealtown Road Pittsgrove, (Salem) NJ 08318

Chief Eatentown 14 Clavendon Court Middletown, (Monmouth) NJ 07748

Chief Millstone Twp 44 Clarksburg Road Clarksburg, (Monmouth) NJ 08510

Dpty Chief Fanwood 408 Roberts Lane Scotch Plains, (Union) NJ 07076

Chief Morris Township 15 Woodland Ave. Morristown, (Morris) NJ 07960

Chief Three Bridges Po Box 67 - High Street Three Bridges, (Hunterdon) NJ 08887

Rauch, Lawrence R

Reedy, Richard A

Reichert, George A

Upper Saddle River 8 Parker Place Upper Saddle River, (Bergen) NJ 07458

Asst Chief Middlesex 743 Voorhees Avenue Middlesex, (Middlesex) NJ 08846

Asst.Chief Quakertown 392 Main Street / P. O. Box 72 Pittstown, (Hunterdon) NJ 08867

Rabouin, Paul E

Rauch, Scott L

Arbor Hose #1 11 Morris Ave. Piscataway, (Middlesex) NJ 08854

Batt Chief Mahwah 1411 Transit Avenue Jaehson, (Bergen) NJ 08527

Reese, Jeffrey Chief Blenheim 17 Poplar Avenue Blackwood, (Camden) NJ 08012

Chief Chews Landing 21 Maple Ave. Hilltop Blackwood, (Camden) NJ 08012

Rech Jr., Albert W

Reeves, Glen A

Reider, John L

Batt Chief Union Twp. 363 Martin Road Union, (Union) NJ 07083

Chief West Cape May P. O. Box 533 Cape May, (Cape May) NJ 08204 firecowestcapemay@comcast. net

Chief Clark 1 Lionel St Clark, (Union) NJ 07066

Quakenbush, William J Chief Belmar 7 Cherry Pl. Manasquan, (Monmouth) NJ 08736

Quigley, Ronald S Asst Chief Washington Boro 190 Broad Street Washington, (Warren) NJ 07882

Quinter, Mark Chief Oaklyn 17 West Park Avenue Oaklyn, (Camden) NJ 08107


Raimondi, Christopher S Chief Ho-Ho-Kus 15 Beechwood Road Ho-Ho-Kus, (Bergen) NJ 07423 chrisr@raimondihg,com

Ramagli, A. William

Reilly, Brendan P

Rathborne, John

Reilly, Paul W

Rabosky, William

Radcliff Sr., Harold S Chief Washington Boro 40 Taylor Street Washington, (Warren) NJ 07882

Radcliffe, James E Asst Chief Englewood Cliffs 7 Franklin Street Woodcliff Lake, (Bergen) NJ 07677-7914

West Paterson 769 Rifle Camp Road West Paterson, (Passaic) NJ 07424

Reda, Samuel West Patterson 95 Newby Ave. West Patterson, (Passaic) NJ 07424

Reinbold, Taylor C Reichert Jr, Joseph A

Reda, Arthur Reeves, William L Battalion Chief Carlstadt 431 7th Street Carlstadt, (Bergen) NJ 07094

Chief West Milford Po Box 251 West Milford, (Passaic) NJ 07480

Chief Pohatcong Township 1511 Center Street Phillipsburg, (Warren) NJ 08865

Reisfield, Wayne R Chief Fort Lee 97 Cherry Tree Lane Saranac Lake, (Bergen) NY 12983

Reitsma, Andrew P Reiff, John W Dept. Chief North Arlington 22 Church Place North Arlington, (Bergen) NJ 07031

Chief Community Co. # 1 42 Van Duyne Ave. Wayne, (Passaic) NJ 07470

Rekemeier, Thomas H Reigel, Raymond Hillsbourgh 2826 Palo Verde Drive Avon Park, (Out of State) FL 33825

Union Twp. 668 Lehigh Avenue Union, (Union) NJ 07083

Resciniti, Joseph J Chief Mount Tabor 5 Dartforth Road Morris Plains, (Morris) NJ 07950

Reynolds, Edward A Washington 532 Burlington Avenue Delanco, (Burlington) NJ 08075

Reynolds, Robert H Chief United 117 Neptune Avenue Neptune City, (Monmouth) NJ 07753

Ribbe, Alan R Chief Hawthorne No 2 28 Manzer Road New Milford, (Passaic) PA 18834

Ricciardi, Andrew W Asst. Chief North Haledon 12 Rosslee Avenue North Halrdon, (Passaic) NJ 07508

Rice, Frank M Chief Edison 68 Melbourne St. Edison, (Middlesex) NJ 08817

Rice, William A Chief Paramus 200 Lawrence Drive Paramus, (Bergen) NJ 07652

*(County) 2009 Annual Report & Membership Directory â–


Members Richard, Jr., Edward L

Riedel, Christopher E

Rivera, Carlos

Roe, Raymond R

Romer, Keith F

Ross Sr., Charles

Asst Chief Barnegat 12 Cedar Street Barnegat, (Ocean) NJ 08005

Chief Washington Twp. 547 Palm Street Washington Twp., (Bergen) NJ 07676

Asst. Chief Perth Amboy 323 Keene Street Perth Amboy, (Middlesex) NJ 08861

Chief Mahwah 124 Catherine Ave Mahwah, (Bergen) NJ 07430

Chief Sayreville 8 Stella Court Sayreville, (Middlesex) NJ 08872

Chief Somers Point 113 E. Johnson Ave. Somers Point, (Atlantic) NJ 08244

Richards, Patrick W

Rieger, Jr., William E

Rivera, Jose

Rogers, George W

Beverly 533 Broad Street Beverly, (Burlington) NJ 08010

Asst. Chief Woodbury 420 King Street Woodbury, (Gloucester) NJ 08096

Asst Chief Perth Amboy 46 Herbert Avenue Spotswood, (Middlesex) NJ 08884

Chief Gibbsboro Po Box 213 Gibbsboro, (Camden) NJ 08026

Rieth, John H

Rizzitello,Sr., Joseph

Rogers, Kenneth A

Captain Atlantic Highlands 53 Avenue “D” Atlantic Highlands, (Atlantic) NJ 07716

Chief Belmar 1209 Oakwood Road Belmar, (Monmouth) NJ 07719

Chief Beverly 428 Melbourne Ave Beverly, (Burlington) NJ 08010

Ronchetti, Lloyd

Richards, Robert M Chief Elmer 209 State St Elmer, (Salem) NJ 08318

Richardson, John Chief Fredon 110 Hunts Pond Road Newton, (Sussex) NJ 07860

Rogers III, Charles Rinaldi, Joseph

Roberto, William J

Chief Washington Township 16 Jacob Road Township of Washington, (Bergen) NJ 07676

Chief Wanaque Boro 5 Brook Street Haskell, (Passaic) NJ 07420

Richart, Frederick A Chief Hamilton 18 W. Jumping Brook Rd. Neptune, (Monmouth) NJ 07753

Ring, Jason T Asst. Chief Woodbridge Co. # 1 205 Clinton Street Woodbridge, (Middlesex) NJ 07095

Roberts Jr., Harold B Chief Bradley Gardens 71 Walnut St. Bridgewater, (Somerset) NJ 08807

Rickenbaugh, Frank Chief Alpine 186 Rockland Avenue Norwood, (Bergen) NJ 07648

Ring, Robert C

Robertson, Kenneth D

Asst Chief Middlesex 183 Dunnellen Avenue Piscataway, (Middlesex) NJ 08854

Chief Garfield 345 Mac Arthur Avenue Garfield, (Bergen) NJ 07026

Rinker, James A

Rocco, Peter J

2nd Asst. Chief Middlesex 501 Fairview Avenue Middlesex, (Middlesex) NJ 08846

Asst Chief Garfield 85 Pawnee Avenue Oakland, (Bergen) NJ 07436

Ritter, Keith W

Rodgers, Dennis J

Battalion Chief Mahwah 115 Catherine Avenue Mahwah, (Bergen) NJ 07430

Asst Chief East Rutherford 120 Gray Road Toms River, (Bergen) NJ 08753

Ritzer, William F

Rodzinka, Joseph A

Wharton Fire Co. 146 Nicklaus Blvd No. Fort Myers, (Out of State) FL 33903

Asst Chief Perth Amboy 303 Eagle Avenue Perth Amboy, (Middlesex) NJ 08861

Rider, Walter M Sparta 45 Springbrood Trail Sparta, (Sussex) NJ 07871

Ridge, Walter J Chief Westfield 214 Grove St. Westfield, (Union) NJ 07090

Riebel, Sr., Gary J Dept Chief Magnolia 97 Winding Way Road Stratford, (Camden) NJ 08084


New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Five Trumpet Journal

Asst Chief Middletown Twp. Po Box 212 Port Monmouth, (Monmouth) NJ 07758

Chief Vineland 1132 Valley Ave Vineland, (Cumberland) NJ 08360

Ross, Sr., Karl J Bat Chief Carlstadt 309 Division Avenue Carlstadt, (Bergen) NJ 07072

Rose, Robert R Ast Chief Country Lakes 20 Elizabeth Street Pemberton, (Burlington) NJ 08068

Rossi, Michael A Chief Elizabeth Ave 505 Elizabeth Avenue Somerset, (Somerset) NJ 08873

Rose, Jr., William B Chief Martinsville 1725 Woodfield Road Martinsville, (Somerset) NJ 08836

Rossi, Robert Roxbury 47 Iroquois Ave. Landing, (Morris) NJ 07850

Roth, Barry E

Rohllf, Robert C

Rosenbergen Sr, Edward J

Chief Wanaque 6 Rhinesmith Avenue Wanaque, (Passaic) NJ 07465

Chief Pine Brook 24 Maple Ave. Pine Brook, (Morris) NJ 07058

Rohrbach, Jerry P

Rosenhagen, Joseph E

Chief Eatontown 14 Cortelyou Road Jackson, (Ocean) NJ 08527

Rothenberger, John J Asst Chief Schooley’S Mountain 1500 Harbor Blvd. LHYC Weehawken, (Essex) NJ 07086

Chief Bogota 6386 Barfield Road Macon, (Bergen) GA 31216

Romandetti, John M Chief Highlands 32 Highland Ave. Red Bank, (Monmouth) NJ 07701

Roskey, Edward J Barnegat 593 East Bay Avenue Barnegat, (Ocean) NJ 08005

Romano, Anthony P Dpty Chief Morris Twp 171 Mt. Kemble Ave. Morristown, (Morris) NJ 07960

Romano, Vincent Bat. Chief Scotch Plains 19561 Oak Forest Road Fort Myers, (Union) FL 33912

Rome, Jr., Virgil R Asst. Chief Fredon P. O. Box 3015 Newton, (Sussex) NJ 07860

Rosolen, Ernest P Chief Garfield 25 Pershing St. Garfield, (Bergen) NJ 07026

Ross, Michael A Asst Chief Hilltop # 2 12 Ledgewood Avenue Netcong, (Sussex) NJ 07857

Totowa 166 Bogert St. Totowa, (Passaic) NJ 07512-1943

Rothenberger, Jr., Jack Asst Chief Totowa 166 Bogert Street Totowa, (Passaic) NJ 07512

Rothfritz, Richard A Chief Garfield 306 Gaston Avenue Garfield, (Bergen) NJ 07026

Rottau, P. Hans Chief Magnolia P.O. Box 11 Birmingham, (Burlington) NJ 08011

Roughgarden, Jack A Bat. Chief Carlstadt P. O. Box 103 South Plainfield, (Bergen) NJ 07080-0103 *(County)

Members Rowe, Lester J

Runkel II, Earl A

Ruzicki, Stanley

Ryll Sr., George E

Salomone, Jr., Paul

Savio, Harold J

Goodwill 56 Mountain Lake Road Belvidere, (Warren) NJ 07823

Asst Chief Avenel Fire Co. I 485 East Woodbridge Avenue Avenel, (Middlesex) NJ 07001

Chief South River 10 Sheldon Avenue South River, (Middlesex) NJ 08882

Chef Eagleswood 391 Dock Road West Creek, (Ocean) NJ 08092-9710

Asst Chief West Paterson 30 Taylor Lane West Paterson, (Passaic) NJ 07424

Chief Picatinny 1030 West Brook Rd. West Milford, (Bergen) NJ 07480

Ryan, Clarence

Rzempoluch, Stanley A

Sammartino, Bryan

Rowe Jr., Edward J Chief West Tuckerton 708 Dale Lane Williams Town, (Ocean) NJ 08094

Runyon, George D

Rowe Jr., George T

Rush, Robert A

Chief South Belmar 11287 Copley Court Spring Hill, (Out of State) FL 34609-9671

Chief Netcong 33 Ledgewood Ave. Netcong, (Morris) NJ 07857

Clinton Fire Dept. 116 Leigh St. Clinton, (Hunterdon) NJ 08809

Rowlinson, Donald E Chief East Freehold 36 Greenwood Drive Freehold, (Monmouth) NJ 07728

Roy, Clinton A Stillwater 130 Stillwater Station Rd Newton, (Sussex) NJ 07860

Ruberts, Earl E Dept Chief Bridgeton 189 West Broad Street Bridgeton, (Cumberland) NJ 08302

Rudd, James M Chief Vineland # 1 957 Tanglewood Lane Vineland, (Cumberland) NJ 08360

Rue, F. Douglas Chief Country Hills 21 Jeffrey Court Somerville, (Somerset) NJ 08876

Ruglio, Gary Elmwood Park 24 13th Avenue Elmwood Park, (Bergen) NJ 07407

Russano, Dominic A Asst Chief West Tuckerton 249 Center Street Tuckerton, (Ocean) NJ 08087

Russell III, William L Asst Chief Metuchen 5 Hofer Court Metuchen, (Middlesex) NJ 08840

Russo, Lawrence J Peapack & Gladstone Po Box 145 Gladstone, (Somerset) NJ 07934

Russo, Vincent A Chief Colonia 48 Limerick Lane Lopatcong, (Middlesex) NJ 08865

Rutkowski, Gerald M Chief Waldwick 4017 N W 72nd Avenue Coral Springs, (Bergen) FL 33065

Rux Jr, John G President Park 3 Abigail Court Jackson, (Middlesex) NJ 08527

Ruhl, Steven M Deputy Chief Hillside 899 Lafayette Avenue Union, (Union) NJ 07083

Ruzicki, John Asst Chief Engine # 1 44 Cleveland Avenue South River, (Middlesex) NJ 08882

Sawler, Francis J Chief Woodbine P. O. Box 358 Woodbine, (Cape May) NJ 08270

Chief Guttenberg 293 Westbrook Dr. Toms River, (Ocean) NJ 08757

Chief Ridgefield 502 Lincoln Ave Ridgefield, (Bergen) NJ 07657

Ryan, Lee T

Rzomp, William J

Sampson, Dennis E

Chief Oaklyn 1001 Mansion Ave. Collingswood, (Camden) NJ 08108

Deputy Chief Florence Twp. 21- 7th Avenue Roebling, (Burlington) NJ 08554-1209

Chief Matawan 10 Center Avenue Matawan, (Monmouth) NJ 07747 thegreatescape25@hotmail. com

Ryan, Robert A Asst Chief New Milford 114 Holland Avenue New Milford, (Bergen) NJ 07646

Ryan Jr, Joseph P Batt Chief Newark 2020 Waterton Lane Apex, (Monmouth) NC 27502

Ryan III, James W Asst. Chief Rutherford 22 Wood Street Rutherford, (Bergen) NJ 07070

Ryan Sr., John F Chief Southard # 1 61 Crest Drive Howell, (Monmouth) NJ 07731

Ryan, Jr., Henry W Chief Mercerville 22 Guilford Lane Trenton, (Mercer) NJ 08819

Ryder, Jr., John F Chief Grenloch 5 Downs Street Clayton, (Gloucester) NJ 08312

S Sabo, Jr., Bertram Chief Ventnor City 402 North Harvard Avenue Ventnor, (Atlantic) NJ 08406

Sacco, Joseph B Chief Hopatcong 6123 Applegate Drive Spring Hill, (Sussex) FL 34606

Sadlon, Bruce R Asst Chief Washington Valley 37 Saw Mill Road Warren, (Somerset) NJ 07059

Salin, Charles A Chief Chatham Borough 51 Hedges Avenue Chatham, (Morris) NJ 07928

Sallick, Willaim R Bat. Chief Secaucus 291 Center Avenue Secaucus, (Hudson) NJ 07094

Salomone, Paul Rifle Camp 227 Salomone Avenue West Paterson, (Passaic) NJ 07424

Saniewski, Jr., Edward Deputy Chief Denville 10 Aerie Wynde Drive Denville, (Morris) NJ 07834

Sanzalone, Edward G Chief North Arlington 924 Del Webb Blvd. E Sun City Center, (Bergen) FL 33573

Sanzari, Lawrence Asst Chief Chicora Park Engine 958 Schopmann Drive Apt. C Secaucus, (Hudson) NJ 07094-4098

Sarracino, Thomas A Asst. Chief Wood-Ridge 142 Eleventh Street Wood-Ridge, (Bergen) NJ 07075

Sauer, Christophe F Chief Pattenburg 53 Buttermilk Bridge Road Washington, (Hunterdon) NJ 07882-4300

Sauer,Sr., Lawrence N Chief Neptune City 44 Ridge Place Neptune City, (Monmouth) NJ 07753

Iselin #1 Dist #9 905 Hideaway Court Keller, (Middlesex) TX 76248

Sbarra, Anthony M Chief East Windsor P. O. Box 61 Hightstown, (Mercer) NJ 08520

Scalera, Frederick Deputy Chief Nutley 35 Gerard Sreet Nutley, (Essex) NJ 07110

Scalera, Thomas E Dept. Chief South Plainfield 150 Ivy Street South Plainfield, (Middlesex) NJ 07080

Scalera Jr, Robert V Chief Watchung 107 Park Place Watchung, (Somerset) NJ 07069

Scalione, Richard M Chief Ridgewood 314 Allen Place Ridgewood, (Bergen) NJ 07450

Scangorella, Natal L Asst Chief East Rutherford 56 Mc Kenzie Avenue East Rutherford, (Bergen) NJ 07073

Scarlato, Gregory Lieutenate Ramtown 25 Independance Way Howell, (Monmouth) NJ 07731

*(County) 2009 Annual Report & Membership Directory â–


Members Schaed, Walter B

Schilling, Charles W

Schneider, Joseph D

Schultz, Gerard T

Scott, Leonard E

Sefchek, Michael S

So. River P. O. Box 4058 Pinehurst, (Middlesex) NC 28374

Chief Livingston 113 Meadowbrook Rd Livingston, (Hunterdon) NJ 07039

Chief Rutherford 22 Columbai Road Little Egg Harbor, (Bergen) NJ 08087

Chief Highland Park 478 Anchor Avenue Tuckerton, (Middlesex) NJ 08087-2401

River Vale 702 Westwood Avenue River Vale, (Bergen) NJ 07675

Asst Chief Woodbridge 559 E. Maple Avenue Woodbridge, (Middlesex) NJ 07095

Schaf, William H

Schleifer, Kenneth C

Schneider, Michael S

Scott, Jr., Arthur J

Seifert, Harry

Jackson Mills 580-B Kevin Court Manchester, (Ocean) NJ 08759

Chief Whippany 134 Reynolos Avenue Whippany, (Morris) NJ 07981

Asst Chief Hamburg 7 No. Governor Haines Street Hamburg, (Sussex) NJ 07419

Chief Elizabeth Avenue 262 Center Street Somerset, (Somerset) NJ 08873

Chief Weekstown 400 Bert Gray Road Sullivan, (Out of State) ME 04664

Scotti, Donald R

Sekulic, Franklin P

Chief Watchung 18 Maple St. Watchung, (Somerset) NJ 07069

Chief Cedar Grove Co. # 2 120 Anderson Pkwy Cedar Grove, (Essex) NJ 07009

Scull, William F

Semanchick, John E

Chief Ventnor City 6210 Winchester Avenue Ventnor, (Atlantic) NJ 08406

Chief Millstone Township 133 Stillhouse Road Freehold, (Monmouth) NJ 07728

Schaible, Robert J Chief Ramtown-Howell 88 Ramtown-Greenville Road Fire Dist.# 4 Ramtown Howell, (Monmouth) NJ 07731-2790

Schmeelck, William H Deputy Chief New Providence 38 The Fellsway New Providence, (Union) NJ 07974

Scharibone, Frank C Chief Rusling Hose 25 Barbary Lane Columbus, (Mercer) NJ 08022

Scheer, Robert R Chief Millstone Valley P. O. Box 2112 East Millstone, (Somerset) NJ 08875

Schmidt, Frederick Asst Chief Westwood 471 Fairview Avenue Westwood, (Bergen) NJ 07675

Schmidt, George A Chief Upper Greenwood Lake 120 Aiemont Avenue Mahwah, (Passaic) NJ 07430

Schmidt, Henry W Chief Washington Townshiip 3400 Bay Drive Villlas,, (Bergen) NJ 08251

Scheideler, Jr, Andrew Asst Chief Ridgefield Park 23 Gordon Street Ridgefield Park, (Bergen) NJ 07660

Schertel, John R Chief Ramsey 27957 Gaines Mill Way Farmington Hills, (Bergen) MI 48331

Asst Chief Bordentown City 202 Klolkner Road Hamilton, (Burlington) NJ 08690

Schomp, John R Chief Wharton 74 West Dewey Avenue Wharton, (Morris) NJ 07885

Schopperth, Richard Asst Chief Totowa 54 Highview Avenue Totowa, (Passaic) NJ 07512

Schott, Lewis J Schmidt, William Chief Skyline Lakes 24 Serpentine Road Ringwood, (Passaic) NJ 07456

Scheidle, Stephen R Asst Chief Woodcliff Lake 103 Forest Road Dumont, (Bergen) NJ 07628

Asst Chief Secaucus 76 Central Lane Secaucus, (Hudson) NJ 07094

Scholey, Steven C

Scheideler, Andrew J Chief Ridgefield Park 816 Gray Road Walton, (Out of State) NY 13856-9542

Schoenrock, George R

Schnackenberg, Thomas J Chief Fort Lee 951 N. W. Fresco Way - 208 Jensen Beach, (Bergen) FL 34957 thomasjschnackenberg@msn. com

Chief North Haledon 27 Chalmers Avenue North Haledon, (Passaic) NJ 07508

Schramm, George C 2948 Bethany Court Supply, (Monmouth) NC 28462

Schreiber, Richard E Hillsdale 24 King Fisher Lane Toms River, (Bergen) NJ 07642-2551

Schulze, Christopher Captain Berkeley Heights 212 West End Avenue Bridgewater, (Somerset) NJ 08807

Schumacher, Robert R Chief Greystone Park 291 West Hudson Avenue Englewood, (Essex) NJ 07631

Schumann, Warren G Asst Chief East Rutherford P.O. Box 26 East Rutherford, (Bergen) NJ 07073-0026

Schwarz, Kenneth A Batt.Chief Carlstadt 541 Union Street Carlstant, (Bergen) NJ 07072 kschwarzjr@aol.0017

Schweizer, Brandon Chief Parsippany Dist. # 5 7 Glenwood Avenue Lake Hiawatha, (Morris) NJ 07034

Schwertzler, Ronald L Chief Easthampton Twp 1504 Tasker Avenue Mt Holly, (Burlington) NJ 08060

Scollay, James Chief Wanamassa 1 Wanamassa Pt. Rd. Ocean, (Monmouth) NJ 07712

Scott, Bruce E Schneider, Bruce Undine Engine 86 Orchard Pl. Maywood, (Bergen) NJ 07607

Schroeder, Peter H Asst. Chief Netcong 88 Wiltop Road Netcong, (Morris) NJ 07857

Chief Wyckoff 647 Quackenbush Avenue Wyckoff, (Bergen) NJ 07481

Searby Jr., Frederick G East Freehold 100 Village Road Morganville, (Monmouth) NJ 07751

Semancik, Stephen J Asst. Chief Garfield 390 Boulevard Garfield, (Bergen) NJ 07026

Sears, Thomas J Asst Chief Washington Twp. 600 Beech Street Washington Township, (Bergen) NJ 07675

Semenza, Anthony Chief Chevron 983 Morello Avenue Martinez, (Out of State) CA 94553

Sedita, James Chief Lodi 1501 North 12th Court Bldg. 13 Hollywood, (Bergen) FL 33019

Sergent, H. William Chief Schooley’s Mountain 85 Rock Rd. Long Valley, (Morris) NJ 07853

Sedor, Richard J Asst Chief Wallington 141 Anderson Avenue Wallington, (Bergen) NJ 07057

Serra, Raymond Chief East Hanover 16 Grant Avenue East Hanover, (Atlantic) NJ 07936

Seelman, Ellwood Chief Dorothy Tuckahoe Road - Box 126 Dorothy, (Atlantic) NJ 08317

Serrecchia, Joseph P Asst Chief Parsippany Troy Hill 96 Hamburg Road Parsippany, (Morris) NJ 07054

Seelman, Kevin E Asst Chief Dorothy Po Box 83 - Aspin Avenue Richland, (Atlantic) NJ 08350 *(County)



New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Five Trumpet Journal

Members Seugling, Christian D

Shauger Sr., Leslie R

Shotwell, John

Asst. Chief Denville 315 Palmer Road Denville, (Morris) NJ 07834

Stillwater 25 Mohican Road Blairstown, (Sussex) NJ 07825-9688

Chief Ocean Grove 125 Broadway Ocean Grove, (Monmouth) NJ 07756

Severns, Jr., Elwood S Batt. Chief Maple Shade 9 East Broadway Maple Shade, (Burlington) NJ 08052

Seyfried, Bruce F Asst Chief Point Pleasant Boro 2417 Mallow Street Point Pleasant, (Ocean) NJ 08742

Shafer, Kenneth A Asst Chief Ho-Ho-Kus # 1 125 Elmwood Avenue Ho-Ho-Kus, (Bergen) NJ 07423

Shafto, Joseph M Chief Neptune 1110 Corlies Avenue Neptune, (Monmouth) NJ 07753

Shanabrook, Jack A Asst Chief Milltown 91 S. Main Street Milltown, (Middlesex) NJ 08850

Shannon, Robert Chief Hawthorne 396 N. 4Th Ave. Hawthorne, (Passaic) NJ 07506

Shapiro, Jared Dep. Chief Woodcliff Lake 9-E Franklin Avenue Montvale, (Bergen) NJ 07645

Sheehan, Raymond F Freehold Boro Co. #1 30 Plaza De Las Flores Apt. F Freehold, (Monmouth) NJ 07728-5232

Wharton 21 Downs Avenue Wharton, (Morris) NJ 07885

Sheldon, Robert Chief East Hanover 8 Knollcraft Terr. E. Hanover, (Morris) NJ 07936

Shute, John S Allendale 9 Wilson Terrace Waldwick, (Bergen) NJ 07463

Siccardi, Jack C Shelley, Karl A Moorestown 11 Pinehurst Lane Moorestown, (Burlington) NJ 08057

Chief Fort Lee 454 Capitol Road New Milford, (Bergen) NJ 07646

Shepanski, Robert P

Sickels, Robert

Chief Cape May Point 630 Sunset Blvd. Cape May, (Cape May) NJ 08204

Chief Huntington 4 Shackletown Road Bloomsbueeg, (Warren) NJ 08804-3400

Shevlin, Vincent J Chief Haworth 8444 Philadelphia Avenue Spring Hill, (Bergen) FL 34608

Sickels, Stanley J Chief Red Bank 88 McLaren Street Red Bank, (Monmouth) NJ 07701 stanleysprinker@aol.coml

Shirley, R. Glenn Chief Highland Chemica Co. 601 Ardmore Pitman, (Gloucester) NJ 08071

Shmegelski, Leonard Asst Chief Garfield # 2 26 Pershing Street Garfield, (Bergen) NJ 07026

Short, William L Randolph Township 14 Country Lane Randolph, (Morris) NJ 07869

Sharples, Wesley Captain Denville 22 Witt Avenue Denville, (Morris) NJ 07834

Shupe, William C

Shotwell, Carl R Chief Washington Twp 7 Lanning Terrace Washington, (Warren) NJ 07882

Sickels Jr., Leroy H Asst Chief Washington Eng. Co. 2 Fawn Drive Matawan, (Monmouth) NJ 07747

Sidney, Richard G Chief West Paterson 88 Grandview Drive West Patterson, (Passaic) NJ 07424

Siebold, Alvin R Chief Glen Rock 142 N. Evergreen Drive Greentown, (Bergen) PA 18426-7668

Siedenburg, Charles R Chief South Plainfield 121 Oak Manor Prwy S. Plainfield, (Middlesex) NJ 07080

Simone, Albert

Slieker, Caspert

Dpty Chief Fairview 284 Madison Street Fairview, (Bergen) NJ 07022

Asst Chief Carlstadt 635 8Th Street Carlstadt, (Bergen) NJ 07072

Simpkins, Keith D Asst Chief Elsinboro 15 South Gabriel Drive Estates of Red Lion Bear, (Salem) DE 19701

Siegman, Earl H Chief Evesham 46 Mill Park Lane Marlton, (Burlington) NJ 08053

Slimm, Jr., William T Captain Endeavor 19 Karemark Drive Burlington, (Burlington) NJ 08016-4140

Simpson, Warren F Chief Chews Landing 1914 Cherrywood Apt. Clementon, (Camden) NJ 08021

Siegrist, William J Asst Chief Wayne # 4 99 Wilson Avenue Wayne, (Passaic) NJ 07470

Sinfield, Arthur J

Siemonsma, Thomas Pequannock Twp Eng Co. #1 22 May Avenue Pompton Plains, (Morris) NJ 07444

Asst Chief Vernon Twp. 835 Rt. 517 Glenwood, (Sussex) NJ 07418

Smeraldo, Jr,, Peter F Chief West Orange 21 Wakeman Street West Orange, (Essex) NJ 07052

Smestad, Lincoln A Chief Green Knoll 615 Foothill Rd Bridgewater, (Somerset) NJ 08807

Singleton, Larry Asst Chief Skyline Lakes 148 Moramarco Court Mahwah, (Monmouth) NJ 07430

Smires, Thomas J

Sinibaldi, Anthony A

Smith, Bruce R

Chief Roselle Park 625 Woodland Avenue Roselle Park, (Union) NJ 07204

Chief Bound Brook 12960 W. Cornell Drive HCR#1 Box 1597E Tucson, (Somerset) AZ 85736-1602

Asst Chief Old Bridge 28 Shetland Road East Brunswick, (Middlesex) NJ 08816

Silverman, Alan J

Sisson, Carlton A

Smith, Bruce E

Chief New Milford Co. #2 650 Princeton St. New Milford, (Bergen) NJ 07646

Chief Lenola 431 East Erie Drive Ft Pierce, (Bergen) FL 34946

Chief Somerset Vol #1 34 John E. Busch Avenue Somerset, (Somerset) NJ 08873

Simmons, Donald

Skwira Sr., Ronald E

Community 366 Fairfield Rd Wayne, (Passaic) NJ 07470

Chief Sayerville 8 Rhode St Sayreville, (Middlesex) NJ 08872

Chief Lincoln Park 206 Main Street / Box 178 Lincoln Park, (Morris) NJ 07035

Simmons Jr, Donald

Slafer, J. Richard

Smith, Charles E

Chief Community 366R Fairfield Road Wayne, (Passaic) NJ 07470

Chief East Windsor 76 Garrison Place East Windsor, (Mercer) NJ 08520

Chief Jackson 330 South New Prospect 5-A Jackson, (Ocean) NJ 08527

Signorelli, Joseph F Chief Morris Plains 57 West Hanover Avenue Morris Plains, (Morris) NJ 07950

Signorello Jr, Joseph

Asst Chief Slackwood 16 Tartan Court Lawrenceville, (Mercer) NJ 08648

Smith, Bruce R

*(County) 2009 Annual Report & Membership Directory â–


Members Smith, Christopher A

Smith, Robert H

Snyder, Clyde

Sooy, Albert C

Speranza, Joseph

Stalling, Richard H

Asst. Chief Lake Hiawatha 16 Hoffman Avenue Lake Hiawatha, (Morris) NJ 07034

Chief Somerset 34 John E. Busch Ave Somerset, (Somerset) NJ 08873

Asst Chief Independence 116 East Prospect Avenue Hackettstown, (Warren) NJ 07840

Dpty Chief Bridgeton 411 Irving Avenue Bridgeton, (Cumberland) NJ 08302

Asst. Chief Hawthorne 861 Lafayette Avenue Hawthorne, (Passaic) NJ 07506

Chief Ramtown-Howell 36 Jessica Drive Howell, (Monmouth) NJ 07731

Smith, Robert J

Snyder, Glenn C

Soper, Robert L

Sperry, Jon

Stanek, James P

Morganville 26 Brown Rd Morganville, (Monmouth) NJ 07751

Asst Chief Independence 621 Brass Castle Road Belvidere, (Warren) NJ 07823

Asst Chief Middlesex 180 Misty Land Middlesex, (Middlesex) NJ 08846

Chief Dover 58 North Essex Street Dover, (Morris) NJ 07801

Chief Chatham Township 412 Nelson Avenue Beach Heaven, (Union) NJ 08008

Snyder, Paul R

Sorger, Robert V

Chief Possumtown 155 Normandy Drive Piscataway, (Middlesex) NJ 08854

Chief Little Ferry 8 Pomeroy Court Jackson, (Bergen) NJ 08527

Smith, Donald E Mendham Boro Mountain Side Road Mendham, (Morris) NJ 07945

Smith, Timothy J Smith, Frederick Asst Chief Westwood 1713 Moraga Way Roselville, (Out of State) CA 95661

Chief Ocean Township 78 Monmouth Road Oakhurst, (Monmouth) NJ 07755

Smith, Vincent R Smith, Jeffrey M Chief High Bridge 214 City Road Route 513 Glen Gardner, (Hunterdon) NJ 08826

Smith, Jerone J Wanamassa 16 Park Blvd Wanamassa, (Monmouth) NJ 07712

Chief Washington Boro 62 W. Johnston Washington, (Warren) NJ 07882

Smith, William Chief Cliffwood 11485 1st Street, E. Treasure Island, (Out of State) FL 33706-4623

Smith, William C Smith, John L Asst Chief Mendham 16 East Main Street Mendham, (Morris) NJ 07945

Smith, Kurt A Chief Fredon 341 Routh 94 Newton, (Sussex) NJ 07860

Smith, Lee A Asst. Chief Wanaque 8 East Street Wanaque, (Passaic) NJ 07465

Smith, Rev. Richard Mercer County Airpor St. Luke,St.Andrew Church 14401 Sinepuxent Avenue Ocean City, (Mercer) MD 21842

Chief Hasbrouck Heights 35 Mac Arthur Ave Hasbrouck Heights, (Bergen) NJ 07604

Smith, William W Sparta 348 E. Benjamin Street Hernando, (Out of State) FL 34442

Smith Jr., Martin F Chief Morganville 90 Tennent Road Morganville, (Monmouth) NJ 07751

Sneath, Kenneth Lt. Eatontown 43 Malibu Drive Eatontown, (Monmouth) NJ 07724

Snyder, Bruce Chief Bradley Gardens 87 Brahma Avenue Bridgewater, (Somerset) NJ 08807

Sperry, Louis F

Spevak, Joseph F Soriano, Robert A

Snyder Jr., Grover Chief Frenchtown 17 South Harrison Street Frenchtown, (Hunterdon) NJ 08825-1203

Asst Chief Fords 31223 Fooks Lane Painter, (Middlesex) VA 23420

Soules, Thomas J Sochulak, Kenneth J Chief Mahwah 46 North Railroad Avenue Mahwah, (Bergen) NJ 07430

Chief Butler 7 Guenter St Butler, (Morris) NJ 07405

Chief Emerson 138 Highland Avenue Emerson, (Burlington) NJ 07630

Solimando, Jr., Joseph Chief Emerson 17 Palisades Avenue Emerson, (Bergen) NJ 07630

Soltys, Michael Asst Chief Metuchen 519 West Chestnut Avenue Metuchen, (Middlesex) NJ 08840

Somerville, William G Chief West Belmar Bearmore Mob Pk1820 Rt 35 #7 Wall, (Monmouth) NJ 07719

Manalapan 49 Millhurst Road Englishtown, (Monmouth) NJ 07726

Spiegel, E. Robert Chief Seaville 36 Route 50 Seaville, (Cape May) NJ 08230

Spohn, Donald Southard, Jr, Floyd W

Solimando, Allen

Asst Chief Dover 16 Park Place Dover, (Morris) NJ 07801-0972

Asst Chief Sussex 38 Longview Terrace Wantage, (Sussex) NJ 07461

Spalt, Peter H Chief North Haledon 81 Hillside Drive N. Haledon, (Passaic) NJ 07508

Palisades Park Vol. 44 West Edsall Blvd Palisades Park, (Bergen) NJ 07650

Spolarich, Stephen P Chief Finderne 48 Hope Street Somerville, (Somerset) NJ 08876

Springer, Donald Spann, Dean Chief East Orange 152 Alyssa Drive Mount Royal, (Gloucester) NJ 08061

Chief Fanwood 3156 Gracefield Road - Apt. 422 Springfield, (Out of State) MD 20904-8026

Stabile, Paul J Speigel, Daniel F Chief West Wildwood 211 West Glenwood Avenue Wildwood, (Cape May) NJ 08260

Spera, George E Kenilworth 11 Commonwelath Kenilworth, (Union) NJ 07033

Chief Carlstadt 80 Willowbrook Court Paramus, (Bergen) NJ 07652

Stagg, Robert J Chief Annandale 1 North Road Annandale, (Hunterdon) NJ 08801

Stanley, J. Gordon Chief Wyckoff 491 Sicomac Ave. Wyckoff, (Bergen) NJ 07481

Stately, Jr., Joseph M Chief North Haledon 76 Ruff Court North Haledon, (Passaic) NJ 07508-2709

Steel, Jr., James A Deputy Chief Taunton 8 Persimmon Court Medford, (Burlington) NJ 08055

Steele, Kenneth W Asst. Chief Park Ridge 1380 Beringer Drive Hoschton, (Bergen) GA 30548-3445

Stefanick, Dennis J Asst Chief Perth Amboy 9317 Nile Drive New Port Richie, (Middlesex) FL 34655

Stefanoni, John R Asst Chief Burlington Township 11 Harvest Lane Columbus, (Burlington) NJ 08022

Steger, George W Chief West New York 93 Stelling Avenue Maywood, (Bergen) NJ 07607




New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Five Trumpet Journal

Members Stein, Robert R

Stockton, Willard

Stormer, Jr., John W

Streeter, Michael

Sullivan, Paul J

Sweezy, Jr., Jack

Batt Chief Millville 2315 Buttonwood Lane Millville, (Cumberland) NJ 08332

Chief East Brunswick 29 Oxford Road East Brunswick, (Middlesex) NJ 08816

Deputy Chief New Milford 70 River Road New Milford, (Bergen) NJ 07646

Chief Newton 3 Trenton Place Newton, (Sussex) NJ 07850 mstreeter1213@embarqmail. com

Dover 69 Princeton Ave. Dover, (Morris) NJ 07801

Chief Little Falls 30 Taylor Avenue Little Falls, (Passaic) NJ 07424

Stokes, Ronald W

Stormes, Jr., Robert W

Steinhauser, John J Batt Chief Boonton 51 Toner Road Boonton, (Morris) NJ 07005

Sternberg, Walter Chief Highland Lakes 4098 Kessler Terrace North Port, (Sussex) FL 34287

Stevens, Robert A Roselle Park 163 Union Road Roselle Park, (Union) NJ 07204

Stevenson, William F Point Pleasant 1012 Philadelphia Avenue Point Pleasant, (Ocean) NJ 08742

Stewart, Alfred A Cief West Milford 15 Applegate Court West Milford, (Passaic) NJ 07480

Stewart, Richard W Chief Andover 108 Hillside Drive Newton, (Sussex) NJ 07860

Stewart, Robert I Dept. Chief Hazlet Township 15 Garrison Drive Hazlet, (Monmouth) NJ 07730

Stewart, Stephen J Dep. Chief Edgewater 18 Garden Pl. #222 Edgewater, (Bergen) NJ 07020

Stinson, Edward A Chief Denville 27363 Shawnee Court Millsboro, (Morris) DE 19966

Chief New Milford 245 Eagle Avenue New Milford, (Bergen) NJ 07646

Asst. Chief Sussex 9 Smith Road Sussex, (Sussex) NJ 07461

Stolarz, Stuart A

Sullivan, Robert hief Pepack Gladstone Box 234 Peapack, (Somerset) NJ 07977

Streeton, Richard L Chief Warren Township P.O. Box 466 Indian Lake, (Somerset) NY 12842

Sullivan, William J Chief Counrty Hills 309 Milltown Rd Bridgewater, (Somerset) NJ 08807

Struble, Terry L

Asst. Chief Wallington 41 Geranium Place Wallington, (Bergen) NJ 07057

Storms, Walter J Asst Chief Sussex 28 Haggerty Road R.R. # 3 Sussex, (Sussex) NJ 07461

Chief Cinniminson 1524 Freestone Drive Pflugerville, (Out of State) TX 78660

Stoll, Jack O

Stoughton, William B

Stuart, John

Franklin Boro 46 Mabie Street Franklin Boro, (Sussex) NJ 07416

Chief Laurelton 101 Fireside Court Toms River, (Ocean) NJ 08755

Wyndham Hills Rd 1 - Box 24 Cresco, (Out of State) PA 18326

Asst. Chief Goshen 757 Dias Creek Road Cape May Court House, (Cape May) NJ 08210

Stults, Brian C

Svrchek, Robert J

Chief Plainsboro P. O. Box 206 Cranbury, (Middlesex) NJ 08536

Garfield 152 Chestnut Street Garfield, (Bergen) NJ 07026

Stolz, Philip J Chief Hillsborough 57 Claremont Dr Hillsborough, (Somerset) NJ 08844

Strabone, James

Stone, Dave

Strangfeld, Richard W

Chief Fairfield Volunteer 112 Franks Creek Drive Hertford, (Essex) NC 27944

Chief Ramsey 64 Darlington Avenue Ramsey, (Bergen) NJ 07446

Asst Chief Park Ridge 38 West Park Avenue Park Ridge, (Bergen) NJ 07656

Straniero, Salvatore J Stone Jr., Calvin W Stat Chief Nws Earle 28 Oakwood Road Leonardo, (Monmouth) NJ 07737

Stoner, Richard H Chief Belmar 1601 West Maplewood Road Belmar, (Monmouth) NJ 07719-2840

Stonerock, Lawrence C Asst Chief Keyport 325-A First Street Keyport, (Monmouth) NJ 07735

North Centerville 340 Middle Road Hazlet, (Monmouth) NJ 07730

Strauch Sr., Robert W Southard Fire Dept. #1 1429 Poor House Road Rice, (Monmouth) VA 23966

Strauss, Marc H Chief Annandale 35-B East Street Annandale, (Hunterdon) NJ 08801-3075

Svitak, Frank E

Svrchek, Ronald M Stutz, Bryant W Asst Chief Milford Po Box 422 Milford, (Hunterdon) NJ 08848

Chief West Milford 111 Highland Avenue Monroe, (Passaic) NY 10950

Stutz Sr., Edward A

Swecanski, Peter V

Chief North Haledon Co. # 1 92 Lee Drive North Haledon, (Passaic) NJ 07508

Chief South River 4 Serviss Street South River, (Middlesex) NJ 08882

Sudol, Stanley

Sweeney, Dennis J

Batt Chief Elmwood Park 111 Martha Avenue Elmwood Park, (Bergen) NJ 07407

Edgewater Vol 1120 Korfitsen Avenue New Milford, (Bergen) NJ 07646

Sugar, Joseph

Sweeney, Elizabeth A

Dep Chief Stillwater Area 908 Five Points Lane Newton, (Sussex) NJ 07860

Chief Union Hose Co. 1 707 Clark Avenue Union Beach, (Monmouth) NJ 07735

Sulick, Jr., Michael J Batt Chief Elmwood Park 246 Martha Avenue Elmwood Park, (Bergen) NJ 07407

Sweeten, Richard J

Swift Sr, Colin C Chief East Rutherford 181 Uhland Street East Rutherford, (Bergen) NJ 07073

Swiston, William C Asst Chief Wallington 140 Maple Avenue Wallington, (Bergen) NJ 07057

Szafranski,III, John Chief Lanoka Harbor 422 Chustnut Drive Lanoka Harbor, (Ocean) NJ 08734

Szczepaniak, Stanley J Chief M.E. Haley Hose # 1 49 U1Union Street Matawan, (Monmouth) NJ 07747

T Table, Kevin R Chief West Caldwell 45 Parkview Avenue West Caldwell, (Essex) NJ 07006

Tammen, Jeffery W asst Chief Washington Twp. 667 Mc Kinley Avenue Washington Twp., (Bergen) NJ 07676

Tansey, Robert M Chief Morganville 77 Tennent Road Morganville, (Monmouth) NJ 07751

Asst. Chief Rio Grande 41 Mimosa Drive Rio Grande, (Cape May) NJ 08242 *(County) 2009 Annual Report & Membership Directory â–


Members Taormina, Sr., Dennis

Telep, Gregory A

Thiel, Jr., Lawrence

Tiger, Raymond H

Tomko, Mark W

Tovey, Louis W

Asst Chief East Rutherford 100 Prospect Terrace East Rutherford, (Bergen) NJ 07073

Chief Lodi 4 Blue Ridge Road Lodi, (Bergen) NJ 07644-2007

Chief Highland Park 37 Suydam Avenue Edison, (Middlesex) NJ 08817

Lake Hiawatha 344 Lakeshore Dr Lake Hiawatha, (Morris) NJ 07034-1116

Asst Chief Wallington 46 Reservoir Avenue Wallington, (Bergen) NJ 07057

Chief Manalapan 315 Pennsylvania Avenue Johnstown, (Monmouth) NY 12095-2709

Tasker Jr, Gordon R

Tempe, Daniel L

Thom, Charles

Tomlinson, Donald R

Townsend, Bruce E

Chief Boonton Township 553 Powerville Road Boonton, (Morris) NJ 07005

Chief Green Brook 7575 Boxwood Drive Prescott, (Out of State) AZ 86301

Chief Newton 68-B Woodside Ave Newton, (Sussex) NJ 07860

Dept Chief Marmora 29 Elmwood Avenue Marmora, (Cape May) NJ 08223

Chief Erma 120 Charles Street N. Cape May, (Cape May) NJ 08204

Tatka, Albert S

Tempe, Henry M

Chief Franklin 151 Maple Road Franklin, (Sussex) NJ 07416

Oaktree 65 Tingley Lane Edison, (Middlesex) NJ 08820

Toris, Michael J

Trabalka, Kenneth A

Protection 411 Louisa Street South Amboy, (Middlesex) NJ 08879

Asst Chief Cheesequake 110 Athens Avenue South Amboy, (Middlesex) NJ 08879

Tencza, Edward C Taylor, Howard H Batt Chief Summit 419 Goodman’S Crossing Clark, (Union) NJ 07066

Chief Mendham Boro 125 Parker Road Long Valley, (Morris) NJ 07853

Thompson, Robert O Chief Laurel Springs P.O. Box 620 Elmer, (Camden) NJ 08318

Thompson, Ronald J Matawan H & L 49 Village Road Morganville, (Monmouth) NJ 07751

Terebetsky, Stephen Taylor, Robert G

Tillou, Charles S Deputy Chief Hackettstown 505 Valentine Street Hackettstown, (Warren) NJ 07840

Tilt, Harold W Batt Chief East Rutherford 42 Vreeland Avenue East Rutherford, (Bergen) NJ 07073

Tisa, Jr., John M Asst Chief Cedarville 390 Main Street/P. O. Box 649 Cedarville, (Cumberland) NJ 08311

Tornquist, Robert J Hightstown Engine Co. #1 218 Sunset Avenue Hightstown, (Mercer) NJ 08520

Torrey, Jr., Barker Titsworth, Clarence R

Asst Chief Ramsey 2815 Leisure Drive Boise, (Bergen) ID 83704

Chief Avenel 6 George Street Avenel, (Middlesex) NJ 07001

Thomson, Lawrence

Teresi, Philip F

Thomson, Robert Chief Laurence Harbor 405 Orchard Avenue Laurence Harbor, (Middlesex) NJ 08879

Tomaino, Raymond

Chief Neptune Township 401 Locust Street Neptune, (Monmouth) NJ 07753

Chief Preakness 359 Daw Road Pleasant Mount, (Passaic) PA 18453

Chief Eatontown 750 Oak Street - Apt. 603 Jacksonville, (Monmouth) FL 32204

Asst. Chief Wayne 6 Old Newark Pompton Turnpike Wayne, (Passaic) NJ 07470

Taylor, Wilfred

Tether, Charles W

Thornhill, Michael J

Tomaino Jr., Peter

Totten, George S

Randolph Twp 103 E. Cedar Lake Denville, (Morris) NJ 07834

Demarest 18 Demarest Ave Demarest, (Bergen) NJ 07627

Chief Closter 25 Divison Street Closter, (Bergen) NJ 07624

Chief Eatontown 215 Wyckoff Road Eatontown, (Monmouth) NJ 07724

Tedesco, Jr., Nicholas J

Theilen Sr., Louis E

Chief Marmora P. O. Box 604 Townsend, (Out of State) TN 37882

Thornton, Joel T

Tomaro, Matthew

Bat.Chief Hackensack 165 Ross Avenue Hackensack, (Bergen) NJ 07601

Asst. Chief South Bound Brook 78 Franklin Street South Bound Brook, (Somerset) NJ 08880

Asst Chief Freehold 13 Kiawa Avenue Freehold, (Monmouth) NJ 07728

Taylor, Thomas M

Asst Chief Totowa 20 Columbus Avenue Totowa, (Passaic) NJ 07512

Teets, Michael D Asst. Chief Newton 23 Sparta Avenue Newton, (Sussex) NJ 07860

Goodwill Hose Co. 501 15Th Avenue Belmar, (Monmouth) NJ 07719

Thibaut, David C Asst. Chief Laurence Harbor 24 D Matawan Road LauranceHarbor, (Middlesex) NJ 08879

Chester 110 Center Street / Apt. 5 Hackettstown, (Morris) NJ 07840

Thorpe Jr., Harold B Chief New Vernon 64 Millbrook Road New Vernon, (Morris) NJ 07976

Thiel, Susan Asst. Chief Highland Park 37 Suydam Avenue Edison, (Middlesex) NJ 08817

Asst Chief Hamburg 153 Coykendall Road Sussex, (Sussex) NJ 07461-3015

Thorsen, Glen M Chief Fairfield 322 Stoney Brook Lane Marlton, (Essex) NJ 08053-2148

Toth, Steven W

Asst Chief Nutley 17 Weston Street Nutley, (Essex) NJ 07110

Eatontown 53 Corlies Ave Eatontown, (Monmouth) NJ 07724

Traynor, James G Chief Three Bridges 17 Forest Hill Drive P. O. Box 133 Three Bridges, (Hunterdon) NJ 08887

Trebino, Louis A Chief Belmar 502 12Th Avenue Belmar, (Monmouth) NJ 07719

Treloar, Charles D Chief Roxbury 786 Route 46 / P.O. Box B Kenvil, (Morris) NJ 07847

Totten, Ronald Amwell Valley 56 Wertsville Road Ringoes, (Hunterdon) NJ 08551

Touchette, Gordon J Tomburo, Jr., John F

Trask, Rudolph

Ridgefield Park # 2 1878 Roxbury Road Roxbury, (Morris) ME 04275-3112

Toulson Jr., Benjamin Chief Pennsville 357 E. Pittsfield Street Pennsville, (Salem) NJ 08070

Tremble, James A Dept. Chief North Arlington Canterbury Gardens - Apt. 60 North Arlington, (Bergen) NJ 07031

Tremitiedi, Richard Dep Chief Hoboken 2 Constitution Court/Unit # 509 Hoboken, (Hudson) NJ 07030-6727




New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Five Trumpet Journal

Members Treon, Arthur E

Tynan Sr., David L

Van Arsdale, Edwin S

Van Glahn, Thomas

Van Velthoven, John

Velardi, Frank

Dept Chief Townbank 110 Bayridge Road North Cape May, (Cape May) NJ 08204

Asst Chief Hackettstown 118 Water Street Hackettstown, (Warren) NJ 07840

Chief Peapack 15 Pottersville Rd. Gladstone, (Somerset) NJ 07934

Asst Chief Neshanic 148 Fairview Avenue Neshanic Station, (Somerset) NJ 08853

Ridgefield 25 Grand Avenue/Unit 2-A Hackensack, (Bergen) NJ 07601-4638

Asst Chief P.O.L. Volunteer Fire Co. #2 61 Joseph Place Wayne, (Passaic) NJ 07470

Van Baaren, Richard Truex, William J Chief Wayside 5076 Asbury Avenue Tinton Falls, (Monmouth) NJ 07753

Tuno, Kevin Asst Chief Burlington City 815 Columbus Road Burlington, (Burlington) NJ 08016

Tuohy, James M Deputy Chief Ventnor City 131 North Troy Avenue Ventnor, (Atlantic) NJ 08406

Turcotte, Bruce A

U Ubertaccio, Peter N Chief Morristown 9 Arthur Terrace Hackettstown, (Morris) NJ 07840

Ubl, Anthony M Chief Northvale 161 Scharer Avenue Northvale, (Bergen) NJ 07647

Usinowicz, Joseph M Chief Kiel 96 Kakeout Road Butler, (Morris) NJ 07405

Chief Hopelawn 122 Hornsby St Fords, (Middlesex) NJ 08863


Turner, Jr., John R

Vaccarella Jr, Joseph P

Chief Quinton P. O. Box 223 Quinton, (Salem) NJ 08072

Chief M. E. Haley Hose Company 88 Saint Peter Place Keyport, (Monmouth) NJ 07735

Turro, Louis J

Vahaly, Peter J

Protection H & L 591 Palmer Avenue Maywood, (Bergen) NJ 07607

Chief Franklin 8 Lehigh St Franklin, (Sussex) NJ 07416

Tvaroha, Stanley W Chief Fernwood Acres Fire Company 39 Addison Road Howell, (Monmouth) NJ 07731

Tynan, Bruce J Asst Chief Hackettstown 406 West Valley View Hackettstown, (Warren) NJ 07840

Van Gorden, Gerald W Branchville Hose Co. # 1 Po Box 160 Branchville, (Sussex) NJ 07826

Chief Parkway Iron & Metal 97 Ploch Road Clifton, (Passaic) NJ 07013

Van Buskirk, Clark J

Van Hook, Brian

Vanacore, Salvatore

Asst Chief Huntington 225 Liberty Blvd Phillipsburg, (Warren) NJ 08865

Deputy Chief Hawthorne 91 Elberon Avenue Hawthorne, (Passaic) NJ 07506

East Hanover 326 Ridge Dale Ave E. Hanover, (Morris) NJ 07936

Van Kirk, Walter A

Asst Chief Lincoln 86 Grant Avenue Totowa Boro, (Passaic) NJ 07512

Deputy Chief Palisades Park 100 East Edsel Avenue Palisades Park, (Bergen) NJ 07650

Vallauri, Shawn S Asst. Chief Ancora 4820 Drosera Avenue Mays Landing, (Cape May) NJ 08330

Vander Berg, Richard W

Van Der Groef, Adrian Green Township 140 Pequest Road Andover, (Sussex) NJ 07821

Van Dusky, Robert J Asst. Chief Fords 13 Mary Street Fords, (Middlesex) NJ 08863

Van Dyke, Cornelius

Valente, Michael A

Van Winkle, Roland L

Chief Wallington 140 Tackle Avenue Brick, (Bergen) NJ 08724

Chief Jefferson Township Po Box 85 Oak Ridge, (Morris) NJ 07438

Van Dyke, Mark Chief Jefferson Twp # 1 7 West Elro Drive Oak Ridge, (Morris) NJ 07438

Van Ek, Jared Asst. Chief Hawthorne 118 Maitland Avenue Hawthoorne, (Passaic) NJ 07506

Chief Stillwater Box 222 - Verga Lane Stillwater, (Sussex) NJ 07875

Asst Chief P.O.L. # 2 156 Vincent Street Wayne, (Passaic) NJ 07470

Vena, Vincent F Chief Ridgefield Park 114 Hazelton St. Ridgefield Park, (Bergen) NJ 07660

Venettone, Eugene J Chief Lambertville 200 South Franklin Street Lambertville, (Hunterdon) NJ 08530

Van Note, Gerald E

Vander Vliet, Howard H

Ventura, Robert A

Chief Neptune 4013 N. E. 13Th Amarillo, (Out of State) TX 79107

Chief Park Ridge 117 Glendale Rd Park Ridge, (Bergen) NJ 07656

Asst Chief Wallington 31 Wadsworth Street Wallington, (Bergen) NJ 07057

Vanderhoof, James H Van Orden, John C Morris Plains 27 Glen Brook Rd Morris Plains, (Morris) NJ 07950

Chief Hopatcong 15 Ithanell Rd Hopatcong, (Sussex) NJ 07843

Van Orden, Mark J

Vanderwerf, Theodore

Chief Morris Plains 31 Beech Drive Morris Plains, (Morris) NJ 07950

Chief Hamburg 10 Woodland Avenue Hamburg, (Sussex) NJ 07419

Varady, Michael A Van Pelt, Richard Chief Morganville 93 Tennent Rd Morganville, (Monmouth) NJ 07751

Chief Martinsville 205 Stillhouse Road Millstone Township, (Somerset) NJ 08510

Van Sickle Jr, James

Vasto Jr, Saverio D

Chief Haledon 10 John Ryle Ave Haledon, (Passaic) NJ 07508

Asst Chief Atlantic Highlands 8 Wesley Avenue Atlantic Highlands, (Monmouth) NJ 07716

Van Eykeren, Louis A Chief North Haledon 1498 Rancho Navarro Street Hendeson, (Passaic) NV 89012

Velardi, Gregory J

Ver Hage, Edwin R Chief Pequannock P O. Box 303 Pompton Plains, (Morris) NJ 07444

Vergos, James G Asst. Chief Washington Township 102 Rymon Road Washington, (Warren) NJ 07882

Vieten, Kurt E Denville 341 Libby Street Sequim, (Out of State) WA 98382

Vietri, Michael P Bat Chief Palisades Park 436 B First Street Palisades Park, (Bergen) NJ 07650

Vaxmonsky, Albert Elmwood Park # 3 118 Fencsak Ave. Elmwood Park, (Bergen) NJ 07407


2009 Annual Report & Membership Directory â–


Members Vincent, Edward

Volk, Jr., William J

Wagner, Roy

Wallace, Paul E

Ward, Alfred E

Warnet, Donald

Asst Chief Absecon # 1 905 Navajo Avenue Absecon, (Atlantic) NJ 08201

Chief Woodbury 435 Hemlock Terrace Woodbury, (Gloucester) NJ 08096

Dpty Chief Plainsboro P.O. Box 206 Plainsboro, (Middlesex) NJ 08536-0206

Asst Chief Vigilant Hook 22 Mitchell Road Hackettstown, (Warren) NJ 07840

Chief Caldwell 2600 S.E. Ocean Blvd. Apt. JJ-8 Stuart, (Essex) FL 34996-3474

Asst. Chief Totowa Boro 168 Bogert Street Totowa, (Passaic) NJ 07512

Vinhage, August F

Voorhees, Garrett

Wallace, William H

Ward, Bryan E

Warnet, William J

Chief Hamburg 624 Dundee Lane Holmes Beach, (Sussex) FL 34217

Chief Marlboro P.O. Box 35 - 14 North Main St Marlboro, (Monmouth) NJ 07746-0035

Burlington City 208 Center Avenue Delanco, (Burlington) NJ 08075-4702

Asst. Chief Evesham 13 Arrowhead Drive Marlton, (Burlington) NJ 08053

Chief Totowa Boro 80 Garfield Place Totowa Boro, (Passaic) NJ 07512

Ward, David J

Warr, Edward

Asst Chief Roxbury 181 Eyland Avenue Succasunna, (Morris) NJ 07876

Chief Hawthorne 45 Jeffrey Road Gordonville, (Passaic) PA 17529

Wagner, Theodore J

Voorhis, James P Virgens, Bruce V Chief Mahwah 2110 Hilltop Road Mahwah, (Bergen) NJ 07430

Visakay, Robert W Asst Chief Woodbridge 558 Linden Avenue Woodbridge, (Middlesex) NJ 07095

Viviani, Donald G Batt Chief Bogota 23 Maplewood Avenue Bogota, (Bergen) NJ 07603

Vladyka, Ronald S Chief Elizabeth Avenue 15 Norfolk Road Somerset, (Somerset) NJ 08873

Vliet, H. Ray Chief Edison 25 Irving St. Edison, (Middlesex) NJ 08817

Vogt, Richard A Battalion Chief Taunton 125 Indian Pipe Trail Medford, (Burlington) NJ 08055

Asst Chief Westwood 422 Fairview Avenue Westwood, (Bergen) NJ 07675

Vorp, Douglas C

Plainsboro P.O. Box 206 Plainsboro, (Middlesex) NJ 08536-0206

Wahl, Edward P Hose Co. # 4 R. P. 29 Hobart St. Apt 3B Ridgefield, (Bergen) NJ 07660

Wakemen Jr., William C

Wallace Jr., James A Chief Metuchen 25 Newman St. Metuchen, (Middlesex) NJ 08840

Chief Woodbury 22 South American Street Woodbury, (Gloucester) NJ 08096

Walls, John J

Asst. Chief Plainsboro P. O. Box 206 Plainsboro, (Middlesex) NJ 08536-0206

Vreeland, Stephen J

Walczak, Kenneth M

Walsh, Thomas P

Chief Far Hills/Bedminster 3 Brookside Lane Bedminster, (Somerset) NJ 07921

Chief South Amboy 354 4th Street South Amboy, (Middlesex) NJ 08879

Walis, Gerald P

W Wadiak, Eugene J Chief Fords 521 Airport Road New Holland, (Ocean) PA 17557

Wagner, Frank E Chief Chews 10 Batten Avnue Blackwood, (Camden) NJ 08012

Wagner, Leonard D Bradley Gardens 140 Brahma Ave Bridgewater, (Somerset) NJ 08807

Wagner, Matthew A Deputy Chief Plainsboro P. O. Box 206 Plainsboro, (Middlesex) NJ 08536-0206

Asst Chief Garfield # 4 77 Hartman Avenue Gerfield, (Bergen) NJ 07026

Asst Chief Consolidated 234 Spring Street Bordentown, (Burlington) NJ 08505

Cedar Grove 6400 Taylor Road # 23 Punta Gordo, (Ocean) FL 33950

Englishtown 356 Main Street Manalapan, (Monmouth) NJ 07726

Chief Bogota 1 Hideaway Drive - P.O. Box 2317 Long Beach Twp., (Bergen) NJ 08008

Wardell,Jr., Willis D

Wascha, Alan

Chief Neptune City 606 Fletcher Drive Neptune, (Monmouth) NJ 07753

Dept Chief Little Ferry 24 Abend Street Little Ferry, (Bergen) NJ 07643

Walters, David W

Wargacki, Walter G

Chief Allendale 328 Brookside Avenue Allendale, (Bergen) NJ 07401

Wallington 115 Reservoir Ave Wallington, (Bergen) NJ 07057

Watt Jr, Leonard J

Walters, Frank J Deputy Chief Secaucus 311 Centre Avenue Secaucus, (Hudson) NJ 07094

Wallace, Douglas Bat. Chief Fairview 352 Jersey Avenue # 1 Fairview, (Bergen) NJ 07022

Asst Chief Fanwood 19 Midway Avenue Fanwood, (Union) NJ 07023

Warner, David G

Wallace, Anthony Chief Highland Lakes 211 Mohican Road Highland Lakes, (Sussex) NJ 07422

Warshany, Charles Ward Jr., William F

Walton, Robert C Chief Graystone Park 24 Dayton Rd Morris Plains, (Morris) NJ 07950

Engine #2 Dover 30 Sixth St. Dover, (Morris) NJ 07801

Watters, Thomas W Wharton 134 Barre Drive Port Charlotte, (Out of State) FL 33952

Warner, Raymond P Chief Bogota 353 Leonia Ave Bogota, (Bergen) NJ 07603

Wattley, Peter Asst Chief Erskin Lakes 75 Crigger Road Wantage, (Passaic) NJ 07461

Watts, Larry R Wallace, George Chief Metuchen 25 Newman Street Metuchen, (Middlesex) NJ 08840

Chief Ventnor City 630 Zion Road Egg Harbor Township, (Atlantic) NJ 08234-5926




New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Five Trumpet Journal

Members Waywell, Richard A Chief Ho-HO-Kus 16 Dana Road Forestdale, (Bergen) MA 02644-1704 richwaywell

Weiserth, Jr., William H Asst. Chief Chews Landing 89 Lampost Lane Somerdale, (Camden) NJ 08083-2301

Weber, Frederick D Birchwood # 4 21 Gaydos Street Dover, (Morris) NJ 07801

Weber, John H Chief Waldwick 349 Chicken Farrm Hill Road Cooperstown, (Bergen) NY 13326-4041

Weber, Max P Chief Watchung 25 Maple Street Watchung, (Somerset) NJ 07069

Weber, William A Chief Little Ferry 2 Carlson Place Little Ferry, (Bergen) NJ 07643

Weber, Sr., John O Battallion Chief Little Ferry 62 Christina Streer Little Ferry, (Bergen) NJ 07643

Weil, Robert H Chief Silverton 2248 Hovson Blvd Toms River, (Ocean) NJ 08753

Weiss, Gary Chief Gordons Corner 33 Tarrytown Rd Englishtown, (Monmouth) NJ 07726

Chief Verona Co. # 1 4 Balston Dr. Verona, (Essex) NJ 07044

Weirman, Jr., Alvin F Dept. Chief Manasquan 328 Euclid Avenue Manasquan, (Monmouth) NJ 08736

Wiemer, Edwin W

Williams, Clarence D

Wilson, William R

Deputy Chief Evesham 36 Manchester Avenue Marlton, (Burlington) NJ 08053

Chief Bogota 45 Chestnut Ave. Bogota, (Bergen) NJ 07603

Chief Fleetwing P.O. Box 325 Normandy Beach, (Monmouth) NJ 08739

Asst Chief Goodwill 65 Elizabeth Street Pemberton, (Burlington) NJ 08068

Westenberger, George T

Wiemer, Richard

Williams, David D Battalion Chief Boonton P. O. Box 313 Boonton, (Morris) NJ 07005

Welling, III, John A Chief Bristol-Myers Squibb 50 Oak Leaf Court Tabernacle, (Mercer) NJ 08088

Asst. Chief Old Bridge 105 Seagoin Road Brick, (Middlesex) NJ 08723

Whalen Sr., James J Weltner, Christopher C Asst. Chief Millstone 244 Millstone Road P.O. Box 55 Perrineville, (Monmouth) NJ 08535-0055

Wemple, Scott M Chief Chester 11504 Trafalgar Street Hayden Lake, (Out of State) ID 83835

Weniger, Christophe C Chief Elizabeth Avenue 26 Seelys Run Somerset, (Somerset) NJ 08873-2820

Chief Wallington 301 Church Street Lodi, (Bergen) NJ 07644

Wernicki, Michael J Chief Three Bridges 5 Pittenger Road Three Bridges, (Hunterdon) NJ 08887-2301

Werring, Kenneth F Chief Mahwah 34 Beveridge Road Mahwah, (Bergen) NJ 07430-1407

Chief Howell BOFC - Dist. # 4 Ramtown 88 Ramtown-Greenville Road Howell, (Monmouth) NJ 07731-2790

Wilsusen, Eric F

Asst. Chief Lake Hiawatha 5 Midvale Avenue Lake Hiawatha, (Morris) NJ 07034

Williams, Leonard A

Winkler, Matthew S

Wharton 23 Lafayette Street Wharton, (Morris) NJ 07885

Chief Protection Co. #1 185 Mary Avenue Fords, (Middlesex) NJ 08863

Wiesner, Donald E

Williams, Robert T

Chief Beachwood 347 Neptune Ave Beachwood, (Ocean) NJ 08722

Chief Wharton 21 Church St Wharton, (Morris) NJ 07885

Wightman, Kenneth A

Williams, Thomas C

New Vernon 1111 Mount Kemble Avenue Morristown, (Morris) NJ 07960

Asst Chief Continental Hose #1 53 Euclid Avenue Westwood, (Bergen) NJ 07675

Chief Bogota 39 Beechwood Avenue Bogota, (Bergen) NJ 07603

Chief Jefferson Twp. # 2 2 Island Trail Wharton, (Morris) NJ 07885

Wieners, John J Whalen, Jaysen A

Werner, William O Weinberg, Sanford I

Westcott, Mark J

Chief Old Bridge 688 Old Bridge Tpke East Brunswick, (Middlesex) NJ 08816

Wharton, Wayne E Chief Cookstown 7 Gradlyn Drive Cookstown, (Burlington) NJ 08511

Wheeler, Emery W Chief Ocean Fire Co. # 1 802 Orchard Ave Pt. Pleasant Beach, (Ocean) NJ 08742

White, Lawrence W Chief Hamilton 714 Fernmere Avenue Inter Laken, (Monmouth) NJ 07712

Whitehead, Andrew J Asst. Chief Denville 22 Witt Avenue Denville, (Morris) NJ 07834 awhitehead@hanoversupply. com

Whitley, Timothy W Goodwill Hose Co. 1015 14Th Avenue Belmar, (Monmouth) NJ 07719

Wiik, Kenneth Asst. Chief Highland Lakes 79 Hickory Road Highland Lakes, (Sussex) NJ 07422

Wills, Charles E NWS Earle 1306 Barton Ave Pt. Pleasant, (Ocean) NJ 08742

Wilson, Allen R Wilcox, George Chief Woodbridge 106 Hillside Avenue Woodbridge, (Middlesex) NJ 07095

Chief Harris Gardens 722 Beachview Avenue Union Beach, (Monmouth) NJ 07735

Wilson, Harry H Wilk, Philip T Chief Morris Plains 34 Seventh Avenue Mine Hill, (Morris) NJ 07803

Wilkinson, Donald Asst Chief Laurence Harbor 3918 Herbertsville Road Point Pleasant, (Middlesex) NJ 08742

Willever, Stewart W Chief Huntington 5 James Avenue Phillipsburg, (Warren) NJ 08865

Chief Divided Creek 151 Church Street Divided Creek, (Cumberland) NJ 08315

Wilson, Kenneth E Chief Plainsboro P. O. Box 206 Plainsboro, (Middlesex) NJ 08536-0206

Wilson, Ronald W Chief Harris Gardens 726 2nd Avenue Union Beach, (Monmouth) NJ 07735

Winkler, Robert Chief Hose Co. #2 Bogota 219 Serpent Lane Manahawkin, (Bergen) NJ 08050

Winters, Edward L Chief Middlesex 1 Fitzsimmons Ave. Middlesex, (Middlesex) NJ 08846

Wisse, Robert Parsippany Troy Hills #5 143 Eyland Avenue Succasunna, (Morris) NJ 07876

Wittig, John L Chief West Paterson 40 Marcellus Ave. West Paterson, (Passaic) NJ 07424

Woegens, Scott Asst. Chief Bogota 62 Oakwood Avenue Bogota, (Bergen) NJ 07603

Wojton Jr., John J Green Knoll P O. Box 616 Gladstone, (Somerset) NJ 07934

*(County) 2009 Annual Report & Membership Directory â–


Members Wolbert, Edward W

Woods, Richard

Wurst, Jr., Lee D

Yehle, Brian C

Zaconie, Thomas

Zimmer, Richard J

Chief Atlantic County 4301 Webster Lapidum Rd. Havri De Grace, (Out of State) MD 21078

Asst Chief Westwood 87 Cottage Place Westwood, (Bergen) NJ 07675

Asst. Chief Laurence Harbor 45 Rozalyn Lane Laurence Harbor, (Middlesex) NJ 08879-2913

Chief Emerson 58 Kinderkamack Road Apt. 27 Emerson, (Bergen) NJ 07630-1896

Washington Twp. 12 Garrity Terrace Pine Brook, (Bergen) NJ 07058

Deputy Chief Cranbury 11 Meadowview Drive Cranbury, (Middlesex) NJ 08512

Woods, Robert Wolf, Michael Asst Chief Magnolia 219 East Washington Avenue Magnolia, (Camden) NJ 08049

Chief Westwood Hose 56 Keene Street Whiting, (Bergen) NJ 08759

Wyckoff, Thomas C Chief Somerset 1975 Amwell Road Somerset, (Somerset) NJ 08873

Woodward, Gerard W Wolfe Jr, George H Chief Presidential Lakes P.O. Box 386 Sunbury, (Burlington) PA 17801

Woltman, James H Chief Montville 43 Boonton Ave Boonton, (Morris) NJ 07005-8902

Chief Rancocus 781 Terrace Road Denedin, (Out of State) FL 34698

Asst Chief West Caldwell 40 Taylor Drive West Caldwell, (Essex) NJ 07006

Wypler, II, Jean A Deputy Chief West Caldwell 40 Taylor Drive West Caldwell, (Essex) NJ 07006

Worrell, James M Chief Branchville P. O. Box 2706 / 9 Mattison Ave Branchville, (Sussex) NJ 07826-2706

Chief Wayside 7 Pal Drive Wayside, (Monmouth) NJ 07712

Wood, David L

Wotanowski, Robert

Wood, Allen M

Asst. Chief Allamunchy 39 Oriole Drive Hackettstown, (Warren) NJ 07840

Asst Chief Rockaway Twp. 5011 90th Avenue Circle -E Parrish, (Morris) FL 34219-5404

Wood, Francis J

Wright, Charles F

Chief North Centerville 4 Fir Place Hazlet, (Monmouth) NJ 07730

Washington Boro #2 186 Broad St. Washington, (Warren) NJ 07882

Wood, Lawrence D

Wright, Frederick R

Chief Carlstadt 410 Madison Street Carlstadt, (Bergen) NJ 07072

Woods, Arthur Chief Lodi 75 Grove Street Lodi, (Bergen) NJ 07644

Asst Chief Westwood 90 Van Buren Avenue Westwood, (Bergen) NJ 08675

Wright, James W Chief Garwood 200 Van Horne Road Apt. 214 Whitehouse Station, (Union) NJ 08889-3272 jameswright70@embarqmail. com

Chief Wharton 76 Plant Street Ogdensburg, (Morris) NJ 07439

Wypler, Jean A

Woodward, Michael A Chief Florence 309 West 2nd Street Florence, (Burlington) NJ 08518-1301

Zalarick, Glenn Yellinski Jr, Constantin

Wyss, Carleton W Chief Butler 55 Spring Street Butler, (Morris) NJ 07405

Y Yaeger, Frederick N Chief West Keansburg 5 Olive Place West Keansburg, (Monmouth) NJ 07734

Young, Garrett S Asst Chief Hook & Ladder 58 Steiner Avenue Neptune City, (Monmouth) NJ 07753

Young, Kevin M Asst. Chief Stewartsville 1305 Brian Circle Stewartsville, (Warren) NJ 08886-2600

Young, Robert A Chief Florham Park 28 Keyes Street Florham Park, (Morris) NJ 07932

Younghans, Kenneth J Chief Old Tappan 7232 Shellburne Drive Raleigh, (Bergen) NC 27612

Yankowski, John R Chief Highlandd Lakes Po Box 266 Highland Lakes, (Sussex) NJ 07422

Yannetti, Emil J Chief So. Hackensack 1447 Honor Drive Holiday, (Bergen) FL 34690-5744

Yeager, Robert Lake Parsippany 28 Quaker Road Parsippany, (Morris) NJ 07054

Woods, John R Westwood 26 Sycamore Court Westwood, (Bergen) NJ 07675

Z Zabransky, William T Upper Saddle River 59 Mill Glen Road Upper Saddle River, (Bergen) NJ 07458

Asst. Chief Garfield 138 Belmont Avenue Garfield, (Bergen) NJ 07026

Zawistowski, Joseph Chief Perth Amboy 990 Capstan Drive Foeked River, (Middlesex) NJ 08731

Zech, John W Chief Bradley Beach 610 1/2 Evergreen Avenue Bradley Beach, (Monmouth) NJ 07720

Zeidler, William Captain Secaucus 12 Ridgemont Lane Whiting, (Ocean) NJ 08759

Zellars, John W Chief Hackettstown 124 East Prospect Avenue Hackettstown, (Warren) NJ 07840

Zeller, Francis G Chief Old Bridge 27 Madeline Ave. East Brunswick, (Middlesex) NJ 08816

Ziatyk, Anthony B Chief Cedar Knolls 850 E. Landing Ridge Circle B-2 Jefferson, (Morris) NC 28640

Zimmerman, William C Chief Ocean Grove 55 Cookman Ave Ocean Grove, (Monmouth) NJ 07756 washingtonfireco#1

Zuber, John E Chief Washington 617 Laurel Street Delanco, (Burlington) NJ 08075

Zujkowski, Edward Chief Manville # 2 51 North 16Th Avenue Manville, (Somerset) NJ 08835

Zukowski, Chester Chief Newton 14 Dupont Court Toms River, (Sussex) NJ 08757

Zukowski, Edmund A Chief Newton 19 Hemlock Avenue Branchville, (Sussex) NJ 07826

Zyla, Timothy A Chief Fairfield 15 Mayhew Drive Fairfield, (Essex) NJ 07004-3806

Zaccaria, James V Dept Chief Fairview 2 Glen Rock Road Cedar Grove, (Essex) NJ 07009

Ziegler, Robert L Chief Matawan 47 Little Street Matawan, (Monmouth) NJ 07747

Zach, Rory R Asst Chief Sayreville Eng # 1 461 Main Street Sayreville, (Middlesex) NJ 08872 *(County)



New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Five Trumpet Journal

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60 ■ New Jersey 404444_telelite_Blue.indd 1 State Fire Chiefs Five Trumpet Journal 10/29/08 3:22:55 450099_NewJersey.indd PM 1

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Builder of Aluminum Work, Patrol, and Excursion Boats National Association of Fire Investigators 857 Tallevast Road, Sarasota, FL 34243 Phone: (941) 359-2800 Fax: (941) 351-5849 E-mail: Web: The National Association of Fire Investigators, a non-profit organization, was established in 1961 by fire and explosion investigation professionals. These professionals recognized the need for an organization which would provide technical training and education for its members. NAFI members are involved with the investigation and analysis of fire and explosion incidents, and the civil and criminal litigation which ensues from such investigations. The primary goal of NAFI is to increase knowledge and improve skills of its members.




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2009 Annual Report & Membership Directory ■ 61 8/12/09 9:51:40 AM

Architects Marketplace

Index of Advertisers ARCHITECTS Bergmann Associates ............................ 62 H2M Group ........................................... 62 ASSOCIATIONS National Association of Fire Investigators ...................................... 61

CHEMICAL-PROTECTIVE CLOTHING Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. ............ 60

GLOVES Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. ............ 60

CO DETECTION Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. ............ 60

HEAD PROTECTION Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. ............ 60

CONCRETE CUTTING EQUIPMENT Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. ............ 60

HOSE PRODUCTS Harrington Inc. ................ inside front cover Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. ............ 60

CUSTOM-BUILT TANKERS Fire & Safety Services, LTD ............. outside back cover

INFLATABLE & RIGID HULL BOATS Fire & Safety Services, LTD ............. outside back cover Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. ............ 60

DEFIBRILLATORS Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. ............ 60

INSURANCE VESO Life.............................................. 61

EMERGENCY SCENE LIGHTING Tele-Lite, Inc. ........................................ 60

LIGHTING Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. ............ 60

EMERGENCY VEHICLE PREEMPTION Global Traffic Technologies ...................... 7

MARINE - OUTDOOR MOTORS Tele-Lite, Inc. ........................................ 61

EMERGENCY VEHICLES & APPARATUS Fire & Safety Services, LTD ............. outside back cover SeaArk Marine, Inc. ............................... 61

PUMPS Hale Products, Inc. .................................. 9 Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. ............ 60

EXHAUST FILTRATION Air Vacuum Corporation ......................... 59 FIRE APPARATUS SERVICES Fire & Safety Services, LTD ............. outside back cover 8/18/09

GEAR DRYERS CMJ Manufacturing Inc. ........................ 60 GENERATOR SYSTEMS Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. ............ 60

EXHAUST EXTRACTION Air Vacuum Corporation ......................... 59


GAS MONITORS Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. ............ 60

BREATHING APPARATUS Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. ............ 60

CONFINED SPACE RESCUE Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. ............ 60


FOOTWEAR Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. ............ 60

11:47:44 AM

RESCUE VEHICLES Fire & Safety Services, LTD ............. outside back cover SELF-CONTAINED BREATHING APPARATUS SYSTEMS Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. ............ 60 SPECIALTY TOOLS Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. ............ 60

FIRE EXTINGUISHERS Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. ............ 60

SPILL-CONTROL PRODUCTS Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. ............ 60

FIRE HOSE & WATER SYSTEMS Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. ............ 60

TRAFFIC CONTROL PRODUCTS Global Traffic Technologies ...................... 7 Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. ............ 60

FIRE HYDRANT CONNECTIONS Harrington Inc. ................ inside front cover FIRE RESCUE SAWS Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. ............ 60 FIRE SPRINKLER ADVISORY BOARDS New Jersey Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board .................... 61 FOAM NOZZLES/PROPORTIONERS Hale Products, Inc. .................................. 9 Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. ............ 60 FOAMS & FOAM EQUIPMENT Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. ............ 60

TRAINING MANNEQUINS Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. ............ 60 TURNOUT GEAR - CLEANED, REPAIRED, REFURBISHED Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. ............ 60 VEHICLE ACCESSORIES Harrington Inc. ................ inside front cover VENTILATION Air Vacuum Corporation ......................... 59 Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. ............ 60 Air Vacuum Corporation ..........................59 Bergmann ......................62 CMJ Manufacturing Inc. ............. 61 Fire & Safety Services, LTD ...........outside back cover Global Traffic ...................................... 7 H2M Group ..................................62 Hale Products, ....................... 9 Harrington Inc. ........ inside front cover National Association of Fire Investigators 61 New Jersey Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board .................................60 SeaArk Marine, Inc. .............................. 61 Tele-Lite, Inc. .......................60, 61 VESO Life ............................. 61 Witmer Public Safety Group, .......................60

62 ■ New1Jersey State Fire Chiefs Five Trumpet Journal 448116_Bergmann.indd 10/1/09 8:00:41 PM

For Secretary’s use only

Date Received _____________________________________________________ Applic No _________________________________ Date Mailed _______________________________________________________ Fee Ree’d__________________________________

NEW JERSEY STATE FIRE CHIEFS ASSOCIATION ________admission I wish to apply for

to the following classification(s): ________transfer

_____ Active Membership

(Chiefs, Assistant Chiefs, Deputy Chiefs, Battalion Chiefs; current and former; of any Fire Department, Company, Brigade; paid, volunteer or industrial)

_____ Associate Membership

(Captains and Lieutenants who take an active part in administration and fire fighting operations)

_____ Benefit Fund

(Must be applying for Active Member before age 56 or within five years of becoming an Active Member and before age 56)

Name ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Home Address ________________________________________________________________________________________________ City ___________________________________ County ________________________ State __________________ Zip __________________

E-mail Address _________________________________________________ Are you a former member of the NJ State Fire Chiefs’ Association? ____ Date of Birth _______________________ Social Sec No ___________________________ Phone ( _____ ) ____________________ Highest Rank Held _________________________________ from ______________ ,19_________ to ______________ , 19 ______ Name of Company, Dept, or Brigade ____________________________________________________________________________ Municipality __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Applicant’s Signature ____________________________________________________________ Member Number ________________________________________________________________ Recommended by _______________________________________________________________ Signature

Application Fee for Active and Associate Membership is ........................................................ which includes the dues for the remainder of the calendar year of $17.50




Only fill out this portion of the Application if you are applying for the Benefit Fund Applicants for the Benefit Fund must apply (1) at the time of becoming an Active Member and before the age of 56 or within 5 years of becoming an Active Member and before age 56. Associate members are not eligible for the Benefit Fund

Full Name of Beneficiary ____________________________________________________ Relationship _______________________ Home Address _________________________________________________________________________________________________ City ______________________________________________________ State ____________________Zip _____________________ Entrance Fee to the Benefit Fund is ............................................................................................. $1.35 Make checks in the full amount due, payable to “N. J. State Fire Chiefs’ Association” and mail with application to: Jere E. Cole, Jr., Secretary, N. J. State Fire Chiefs’ Association P. O. Box 1309, West Caldwell, NJ 07007-1309

(973) 366 8613

For all your fire service vehicle needs:

Fire & Safety Services, Ltd.

200 Ryan Street South Plainfield, NJ 07080 800-400-8017 908-412-0513 fax Exclusive New Jersey vendor of:

Also vendors of:


Rapid Attack Truck line of products

An Oshkosh Corporation Company

And the following Marine products:

MetalCraft Marine INCORPORATED

Builders of High Speed Aluminum Fire, Rescue, Patrol and Work Boats


Inflatable boats


2009 Annual Report Membership Directory New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Five Trumpet Journal President’s Report • Resolutions • Membership Dire...


2009 Annual Report Membership Directory New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Five Trumpet Journal President’s Report • Resolutions • Membership Dire...