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KEY CLUB   New York District Key Club Division 8  

KEY CLUB   Table Of Content I.   IP Lieutenant Governor Farewell II.  Lieutenant Governor Greeting III.  Executive Board Greetings IV.  Divisional Training Conference V.  Spotlight Articles VI.  International Training Conference ( ICON) VII.  Leadership Training Conference (LTC) VIII. Youth Opportunities Fund ( YOF ) IX.  District Projects X.  Major Emphasis Projects XI.  Social Media XII.  Club paperwork status XIII. Contact Information

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Upcoming Events May 31: Color Run

May 31: Relay for Life June 1: Drums along Hudson Great Strides June 7: Family Fun Day June 25: June Divisional

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KEY CLUB   Immediate Past Lieutenant Governor Farewell Hello and goodbye division 8, As the years go by in our club, a certain event must occur. Graduation. And although tearyeyed, I’d like to say farewell to the division that changed my life. I entered key club as a freshmen thinking only about what it can do for me, but now I leave as a senior, wracking my brain to see what I can do for it. Though not everyone had the same experience I did, I pray it had the same effect. This club was pivotal to my life, and it can be for to anyone that let it. I'm am grateful for being allowed serve this club and all those a part of it as your Lieutenant Governor. Thank you for the greatest years of my life.

Yours in Service, Eric Young Immediate Past Distinguished Lieutenant Governor New York Key Club Division 8 Email:  

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KEY CLUB   Lieutenant Governor Greeting Hey Ninjas, I am Henry Wang, your Lieutenant Governor for the 2014-2015 service year. I am proud to say, we are off to a wonderful start for this new service year! I am ecstatic for the upcoming key club events, where we will all bond and get to know one another. One of my goals as Lieutenant Governor is to strengthen the bonds that we have with other key clubbers. Although we are connected, no one is connecting. In order to do so, we should support our community through volunteer work. During events, you are able establish new connections and build upon old ones. In doing so, you will not only be building better relationships, but also making the community a better place. This is a win-win situation. Like honestly, what could be better than meeting new people and giving back to the community? NOTHING! Well now that you know that, I hope to see you all Key Clubbers at more events! Remember we are family that is always here to help. When you fall, we will help you get back on your feet!

Yours in Service, Henry Wang Lieutenant Governor New York Key Club Division 8 Cell: (347) 881-8068 Email:

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KEY CLUB   Divisional Executive Assistant Greeting

Happy Key Clubbing! Kelly Song Divisional Executive Assistant New York Key Club Division 8 Cell: (347) 439-3271 Email:

Hey ninjas! How do you feel? My name is Kelly song and I will be serving as Divisional Executive Assistant for the 2013-2014 service year. Two years ago, I decided to join Key Club to not only serve my community, but to also make the best out of my high school experiences. Little did I know, that this became one of the best decisions I have ever made. Through tears, laughter, smiles, and memorable experiences, I have become a part of a new family; one that I cherish greatly. As Divisional Executive Assistant I will not only be the Lieutenant Governors right hand but YOUR right hand as well. In addition to publishing monthly newsletters, writing biweekly's, and running committees, I want to build a better relationship with each and every key clubbers within Division 8. This service year, I plan on visiting individual club meetings and expanding the division through social media such as YouTube, Instagram,, and much more! Caring is my way of life but there is more to me than just being a humanitarian. Who is your right hand gal really? I am currently a sophomore attending Benjamin N. Cardozo High School. I have a peculiar interest for "s" initialized sports such as snowboarding, skating, and skiing. Furthermore, I make YouTube videos featuring my journey through different campaigns I have participated in. I am extremely sociable and outgoing and I am so excited to begin another amazing service year with amazing people!

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KEY CLUB   Divisional Secretary Greeting

Yours in service, Porsche Hon Divisional Secretary New York Key Club Division 8 Cell: (917) 349-1250 Email:

Hey Guys! My name is Porsche and I'm your new Division 8 Secretary! I am looking forward to the year of 2014-2015 being able to serve another year with Key Club. I am currently a junior and I hope to be an important part to many of my fellow Key Clubbers, by interacting and making relationships with them. Some of the things I'll try implementing during my service with you guys is to keep you guys updated and of course make sure each individual clubs receive the necessary information to keep their club going! Although it may be hard at first to adapt to me, I'll be sure to be your next best friend! Some of the favorite things I enjoy doing are playing volleyball, guitar, listening to music and of course you guessed it , being a KEY CLUBBER! I am a very sociable person and if you ever have a question or issue, you can always address it to me. I will always try my best to resolve it! One thing for sure is that this division is a family and if one member, club, board member or anybody needs help, we will always be there for them!

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KEY CLUB   Divisional Bulletin Editor Greeting

Yours in service, Emilly Tan Divisional Bulletin Editor New York Key Club Division 8 Cell: (646) 267-8446 Email:

Hey Key Clubbers! I’m Emilly, your new Divisional Bulletin Editor! I’m a current sophomore in QHSSYC and I was my home club’s editor last service year. Being editor was so much fun that I ran for an even higher position! I’d like to set an example for the next Divisional Editors after me, because I know Division 8 hasn’t had one in a very long time. I’m going to try to be as helpful as possible to all the other editors, and know that we’re one big creative family! A big reason why we have club newsletters now, is because there's so many of us in Division 8, but we all don’t know what each school is doing. So by submitting newsletters, we can give a TL;DR issue of our monthly activities. In my free time, I like to paint, sculpt, draw and scrapbook. I’m not very social like the other board members, but I would like to help you as much as possible no matter what it is. Feel free to talk to me about your problems with life, if you need some food or if you just have a technical problem. Chances are, I’ll be available. Keep in touch Ninjas!

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KEY CLUB   Divisional Webmaster Greeting

Yours in service, Gulam Islam Divisional Webmaster New York Key Club Division 8 Cell: (646) 240-1334 Email:

What’s up Ninjas! I’m Gulam Islam, and I will be your Divisional 8 Webmaster for the ’14-’15 service year. Currently I’m a junior at Benjamin N. Cardozo High School where I am also the Vice-President. As Webmaster for Division 8, I’ll be updating the website bi-weekly keeping all information up-todate and organized. I am also the immediate past webmaster for my home club, so you can put your faith in me to get the job done! Key Club has always been such a big part of my life before high school even started. I used to see my brother go out and come home on weekends not knowing why; until I found out he was with his school’s key club. He had told me all these stories about the events and trips he attended. That’s what inspired me to become so involved. But, don’t worry! I’m not all about Key Club. I enjoy playing music, playing games, and hanging out with friends as much as you guys! I’ve played both Jazz and Classical trumpet for 6 years. I also play guitar, beat box, and sing, so expect a lot of jam sessions at our divisional events! Feel free to come up and talk to me, key club related or not, I promised I won’t bite. I’m excited to meet each and every one of you and eager to create some amazing relationships!

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KEY CLUB   Divisional Training Conference (DTC) Bayside President Gina Chen On May 17 we had Divisional Training Conference (DTC). It was my first DTC and I had a lot of fun. I love that is was in Bayside High School. It’s not because Bayside is my school. Everyone knows where Bayside is. I loved the ice breaker. It was hilarious when we call tried to sit on each other’s laps. The workshops were very informative and helped me out a lot. My board really likes the EA of Division 8, Kelly Song, for bringing cookies to the workshops she was helping. I met some people I haven’t seen in a long time. And I met a lot of people. I strongly recommend this event to key clubbers next year!

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Service Spotlight

Benjamin N. Cardozo President Michelle Tam On May 4th, my home club went to the Spaghetti Luncheon to give back to those who served in the military. We attended as volunteers to help serve food. I was so happy being able to see other Key Clubs and Kiwanians come together to make the fundraiser as successful as it was. Since it was at Fort Totten, I felt this great feeling in my heart, knowing that I was able to give back, even if It just meant serving pasta or meatballs to a veteran. It made me realize one of the important reasons why I love being in Key Club; I felt like the more you give to your society, the more happiness you can receive in return. I really enjoyed the event because of how we were able to truly come together as a K-family to work on such an amazing project. One unforgettable moment was when the staff members told us to make sure that we handed out and got rid of all the cookies and desserts. I found it so hilarious how we were all walking around trying to get veterans and their family members to take cookies; they kindly rejected our offers because they were already full from how much pasta we gave them. I would really recommend members to go to this event because you really get to see what can happen when a few people come together to create an impactful change in their lives.

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KEY  CLUB   Service Spotlight Francis Lewis President Ashley Leung What's a good way to raise money for a good cause and to get some exercise while doing it? Being involved in the walkathon fundraiser, AIDS Walk! The day of the walk, Francis Lewis Key Club arrived at 9:00AM to meetup with other schools of Division 8 to walk together. At first, we couldn't find the other schools so we walked a good half mile before the walk even started. It was absolutely amazing to see thousands of other people coming out to support the cause. The route was well planned out and if you don't live in Manhattan, AIDS Walk is a great way to go sight-seeing. At first, 6.2 miles seemed long and unbearable, but after spending the day walking with friends, talking about life, being handed out free food, and just enjoying the atmosphere of the walk, I thought, "hey, this isn't so bad after all." It took two and a half hours for us to finish and get to the finish line where volunteers handed out certificates of completion which made us feel really good about ourselves. But, there was no denying we were all tired and ended up giving way to our limbs to rest on the bench for another hour. There was also delicious salted caramel and vanilla bean ice cream at the end of the race to replenish ourselves on that hot day. This year was my first time participating in AIDS Walk, and I loved every moment during my time in Central Park. It truly is a rewarding experience that I'll be looking forward to next year.

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KEY CLUB   Another Service Spotlight                                                              QHSS President Ayushya Amitabh On the 11th May, New York City hosted probably one of the biggest cultural events, Japan Day. I was lucky enough to be able to volunteer at the events along with my Key Club family. I volunteered at the Yukata tent which was probably, after the food tent, the most popular tent. As a volunteer I was lucky enough to cut the line and got to put on a Yukata. I had an amazing time, posing for pictures and explaining to people difference between Yukata and Kimonos. Kimonos are meant to be the fancier of the two but honestly, I felt fancy enough wearing a Yukata. Apart from the Yukata tent there was a lot going on all around us, there was a fashion show going on, people were crowding around the face painting tent, the line for the Ramen Noodle was growing longer, and Hello Kitty was walking around stopping every now and then to take pictures with her ‘fans’. It was amazing to see how many Key Clubbers from our division had came out for this incredible event. Japan Day, organized by the Japanese Consulate aims at showing people the Japanese culture, from serving one of the best known foods, sushi, to playing Japanese traditional music. There was so much we could learn about Japan and its culture just by spending an hour or two walking around. I feel like Japan Day was a great way of showcasing the Japanese culture to NYC. I think it would be remarkable if a day such as Japan Day could be organized to bring out all the cultures that exist here in New York City.

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KEY CLUB   International Convention ( ICON ) The International Convention or ICON is an annual event where Key Clubbers from across the country meet and share their ideas and experiences. This year ICON is held at Anaheim, California from June 30th to July 5th. The deadline for the deposit has passed but members may attend the event next year!  

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KEY CLUB   Leadership Training Conference (LTC) Save the date! The 2015 Leadership Training Conference will be held during March 27-29, 2015 at the Desmond Hotel. The theme will be Spies/ Espionage, so get excited beavers! Also, it’s never too early to start fundraising!

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KEY CLUB                Youth Opportunities Fund (YOF)     The Youth Opportunities Fund (YOF) is an endowed fund for Key Club International held within the Kiwanis International Foundation. This fund uses earned interest to help Key Clubs and Key Club members serve the world by providing grants for service opportunities. The fund also provides academic scholarships for higher education. The Youth Opportunities Fund is established through a portion of your Key Club International dues and through the purchase of G. Harold Martin Fellowships. YOF grants can help you take action. Look around and identify the things that need to get done in your school, community or world. More info : Application Examples : examplesofsupport.aspx   Page 15

KEY CLUB                            District Projects                    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital There’s no place like St Jude. St Jude Children’s Research Hospital is the first and only National Cancer Institutedesignated Comprehensive Cancer Center devoted solely to children. It’s mission is to advance cures through research and treatment. The Facts: 1)  Families never receive a bill from St. Jude 2)  St. Jude has treated children from all 50 states and around the world. 3)  On average, St. Jude has more than 67,000 patient visits each year. 4)  St. Jude has helped increase the survival rates for acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) from 4% before opening in 1962 to 94% today. 5)  Treatments invented at St. Jude have helped push the overall childhood cancer survival rate from 20 percent to more than 80 percent since it opened in 1962. 6)  Because the majority of St. Jude funding comes from individual contributors, St. Jude has the freedom to focus on what matters most – saving kids regardless of their financial situation.

Goals: Service Hour Goal: 65,000 service hours Fundraising Goal: $75,000

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KEY CLUB                            District Projects  

Make a Wish Foundation

The Make a Wish Foundation grants the wishes of children diagnosed with terminal diseases or with life-threatening medical conditions in the United States every 38 minutes. “A wish can be a game changer.” Whether it is granting them a chance to meet their favorite celebrity or giving them a toy, the volunteers in this foundation can fill a child’s life with happiness. The Facts: 1)  The Make-A-Wish Foundation grants a wish every 38 minutes. 2)  The Make-A-Wish Foundation relies on the grassroots support of nearly 25,000 volunteers to deliver the organization’s mission. 3)  The Make-A-Wish Foundation granted the wishes of 13,007 children in 2007, the most 4)  ever in the organization’s history. Since inception, the Foundation has granted more 5)  than 164,000 wishes.

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KEY CLUB   Major Emphasis Projects To fulfill the mission of the Major Emphasis, Key Club International serves children in many ways. Members participate in the hands-on service initiative, currently The Eliminate Project, and fundraise for Key Club International’s partner organizations: Children’s Miracle Network, March of Dimes and UNICEF.


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Social Media

Facebook: New York District Key Club Division 8 Website: Humans of Key Club: To be published in June!

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KEY CLUB   Paper Status Chart

Division 8

Election Report Forms

Marc April h MRF MRF

April LTG Evaluations


Aviation High School




Bayside High School






Cardozo High School






East West High School






Francis Lewis High School












RFK High School






John Bowne High School

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KEY  CLUB   Contact Information Name


Kiwanis Committee Representative Mrs. Rebecca Ovadia

Kiwanis Committee Representative Mr. Jason Steiner

District Administrator Mr. Goldstein

Lieutenant Governor Henry Wang

District Governor Jacob Spencer

District Executive Assistant Kiera Solomon

District Executive Assistant Theresa Lin

District Secretary Heather Farley

District Treasurer Anusha Syed

District Bulletin Editor Sharon Lin

District Webmaster Danny Qiu

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KEY CLUB   Ending

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Division 8's May newsletter