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Hello, My name is Tina and for the longest time, student government has been something I wanted to reach out and get involved in. The reason why I joined so late is due to the fact that I am scared of stepping out of my comfort zone. I was able to get myself to place an interview appointment with Troy. I wanted to join student government because I felt like my ideas would be heard and I was finally going to be able to get myself involved with the community much more. I have always been a quiet kid, but I genuinely love serving my community and helping others. And that's what I believe what student government is about. I wanted to contribute to the many projects student government holds and I was able to fulfill it this past year, and I am forever grateful for the experience! In Love and Service, Tina Chau

For the past two semesters, I have been involved with our publicity committee. We are basically in charge of distributing any important events, sporting games, or sponsored events on social media and around school. Most of the time, I do digital images and make posters announcing any important dates, games and dances that students need to be aware of. I also support our sport teams by going to their games with fellow student government members and get heavily involved when

dance season starts, especially for homecoming, MORP, and prom! I would help out with decorations and make multiple

decorative posters after school days before the dance along with the student government kids.

I have been involved in key club since freshmen year. I

definitely feel like I fit in there as an individual. I was recently elected to be the key club lieutenant governor of Division 65. Basically, my responsibility is to maintain the key clubs in the Beaverton and Hillsboro district. This position is probably the most stressful thing I have ever countered, but it comes about with many blessings, growth

and improvement. Because I am passionate about serving our community, this has pushed me to run for this huge position and now I always put my best efforts in newsletters, service projects and fundraisers for my division. I am also involved in the National Honor Society. By maintaining my GPA, along with a part-time job and spring sport and a high number of volunteer hours, I was able to

make in into this society I've been looking forward to ever since I was in eighth grade. This opportunity has given me the chance to work with blood banks, food banks as well as many service projects in downtown Portland serving the homeless. I love the key club and NHS community because students are able to grow with like-minded individuals through service and love.

Raising awareness for Audrey's treatment and for #thekindwest

The Metro Leadership Conference

The fall student government bonding trip

The lieutenant governor election of Division 65

Division 65 attending the 69th annual Key Club District Convention

Volunteering at the Portland's Children's Museum for NHS

Student Government Leadership Profile 2017-2018  
Student Government Leadership Profile 2017-2018