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Quirkey Division 16 Newsletter

Important Dates 

Volume 1, Issue 2

The Lieutenant Governor Lowdown


Club Rosters due 

May 15th, 2012


May CMRFs due (you can submit your summer CMRFs early if your club is not active over the summer!)

Inside this issue: Important Dates LTG Low-Down


Spring RTC Wrap-up


Eliminate: Raising the Bar


Officer Spotlight: Emerson President


Who’s Nearby?: LTG Spotlight (21, 20, 19)


How-To: Understand Key Club Lingo


Important Contacts


Hi everyone! I hope you are all healthy and happy! As the school year winds down, the service year just starts to pick up! This is a great time to ramp up the number of events and projects you do. In these next two months, I will be holding Officer Training

Conferences, Club Visits, and first President’s Council Meeting. If you ever have any questions, feel free to call me, e-mail me, Facebook chat me, etc. My contact information is on the last page of this newsletter. I look forward to seeing you all soon!

This is my board photo!


Spring Regional Training Conference Wrap-up On May 20th, Montville High School hosted Spring Regional

Couldn’t make it to Montville? Not to worry, there will be

Training Conferences. At RTCs, officers and general members learned about their posi-

another Regional Training Conference in the fall! Remember, attend-

tions, the district, and International, as well as many other facets of Key Club.

ance at one RTC is mandatory for each officer. General members are

encouraged to attend if they are looking to learn more about Key Club or interested

LTG Diti Shah and I caught off-guard as we taught the Fundraising workshop.

in running for a position next year.

The ELIMINATE Project: Raising the Bar

Tracy Vollbrecht, cochairperson of the District Project Steering Committee

This past service year, the goal of the New Jersey District was to raise $79,180.38 for the ELIMINATE Project. We surpassed that goal by over $20,000! This year,

we’re raising the bar—the fundraising goal of this service year is $100,602.23. The “100” stands for the 100 million mothers that still need vaccination. The “60” stands for the 60 thousand mothers and infants that die each year from MNT. The “2” stands for the two organizations, the Kiwanis Family and UNICEF, working together to eliminate MNT. Lastly, the “23” stands for the 23 divisions of the New Jersey District that are joining together, in caring and service, to eliminate MNT.

By LTG Tracy Vollbrecht

Although it is the beginning of the service year, it is NOT too early to start fundraising for ELIMINATE! A great way to end the school year is with a fun event

that everyone will enjoy and that will raise money for ELIMINATE! On the District level, the District Project Steering Committee is planning this year’s district-wide event to raise money for ELIMINATE. In addition, we also decided

that the “Eliminate Hands” will be continued this service year! While fundraising is important, it is also extremely important to advocate the ELIMINATE Project! Spread the word around your home, school, and communities! Tell everyone you know about what a great cause the ELIMINATE Project is. Advocacy is the first step in making a difference. Together, we CAN eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. Advocacy + Fundraising Eliminating MNT from the world!

Officer Spotlight - Joe Viola, Emerson President I am going to be com-

organizations, however it betes, held a Dance-a-thon

pletely was not the main reason honest: why I had signed up. I joined Once my freshman Key year in Key Club unfoldClub at Emerson Jr./Sr. High School solely for the purpose of building my resume for college. I was all for helping and fundraising for the community and large

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ed, I was introduced to an exciting new club full of friendly and kindhearted people, whom I aspired to be. As the years have gone by, we have participated in the JDRF Walk for dia-

for a student with cancer, and many more events

Now, as president of Emerson High School’s Key Club, I plan to lead my senior year off with an

that have optimistic state of Emerson Key Club was built just last helped supmind and use the year! port whatevskills that I have acer organization or person quire throughout the that we intended to help, years to do whatever I can but also shaped members to make this a productive into students with strong and satisfying year for character and leadership. Key Club.

Meet the Neighbors New Jersey: 12,000 Key Clubbers, 23 lieutenant governors. Who are these 23 lieutenant governors? Every newsletter, I will feature three lieutenant governors and ask them one question. This newsletter’s question: What does service mean to you? Eric Smuda Division 21 LTG “I find service to be an inspiring part of my life. I have been to South Africa, New Orleans, Washington D.C. and have started my own antibullying club and mentoring program. I'm thrilled to be division 21's LTG so I can continue to serve!”

Rocky Trifari Division 20 LTG “I love service because it is an opportunity to make new friends while helping others. Last summer, I volunteered to be a tour guide and translator for a group of 50 kids from China. It was an amazing experience. I met a lot of people and came home with so many crazy stories. Memories from things like that will definitely stick with you forever. I look forward to serving this year as your LTG of Division 20!” Penny Xu Division 19 LTG “Ever since I was little, I was searching for that perfect niche to be in. It was challenging at first, and rather discouraging to find out that none of them was the right for me. However, serendipity found its way to Key Club, and it has literally changed my life. Like how there is a theme for Key Club, service became the theme of my life. I realized how giving back to the society made me feel more content than receiving them. Seeing that vivacious smile on the children's faces or a mere thank you from a stranger can warm my heart. This reminds me how the simple things in life matters, and I want to live a life that I cannot regret.”

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How-To: Understand Key Club Lingo OTC, PCM, RTC, whaaaat? With all the jargon that Key Club uses, sometimes it’s hard to keep track! The following is a list of common Key Club acronyms to help you out: CKI: Circle K International

NJDB: New Jersey District Board The New Jersey District Board is comprised of 23 lieutenant governors and 5 executive board members. OTC: Officer Training Conferences

Circle K is the college version of Key Club. DCON: District Convention Every year, the district of New Jersey convenes at District Convention to celebrate a year of achievements and service! LTG: Lieutenant Governor A lieutenant governor (that’s me!) helps to build and support clubs in a division, or his/ her specified geographic area. MEP: Major Emphasis Program The Major Emphasis Program is the type of service we choose to focus on. Since 1946, our Major Emphasis has been: “Children: Their Future, Our Focus.”

Officer Training Conferences are given by your LTG to go over your duties and ensure you understand them. PCM: Presidential Council Meeting Presidential Council Meetings are held by a lieutenant governor at least fives times each service year to communicate district and divisional information. RTC: Regional Training Conferences Regional Training Conferences are held twice every service year. They are a supplement to your training as an officer. At RTCs, you not only learn about your position, but about Key Club, the district, and International.

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Joe Toumanios

Christina Xiao

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May Newsletter  

A monthly newsletter reporting district happenings, future events and deadlines, and tips and tricks pertinent to division 16 of the distric...

May Newsletter  

A monthly newsletter reporting district happenings, future events and deadlines, and tips and tricks pertinent to division 16 of the distric...