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Quirkey Division 16 Newsletter

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Volume 1, Issue 3

The Lieutenant Governor Lowdown — PCM


June President’s Council Meeting 

June 20th, 2012


June CMRFs due

Inside this issue:

Salutations! I hope your finals seasons aren’t too harsh and that you are all resting well. At this stage, I have trained and visited half of you. I will be finishing up OTCs and club visits in the fall as some clubs transition to new executive boards. Tomorrow, June 23rd, I will be holding a President’s Council Meeting (PCM) at the

Leonia Public Library at 2:00 PM. I hope to see you all there! At this PCM, I will be discussing how you can keep your club active over the summer and discussing the service year in brief. I will also be training any officers that have not been trained yet and answering any questions you may have. Hope to see you there! Sincerely,

Important Dates


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Advocacy Focus: SAIL


Officer Spotlight: North Bergen President


Did you know that division 16 is

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ECLC Ho Ho Kus

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Fort Lee

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Hasbrouck Heights

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comprised of seven Key Clubs? From Ho Ho Kus to Emerson, division 16 is pretty spread out!

North Bergen



A picture of me at prom!

What Does Division 16 Look Like?


By LTG Eric Smuda

 Eric Smuda, co-chairperson of the District Programs Committee

Advocacy is speaking  on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves.  This year’s advocacy focus will be on the areas of self-image, anti-bullying and suicide prevention in order to make a difference  in these areas.

Why? 30% of teenagers have an eating disorder and 58% have tried to change their body. 90% of kids have been bullied and in 85% of these cases no one intervened. Bullying includes physical, cyber, verbal attacks and social alienation. Over 1 million teens commit suicide each year; that’s one person every 40 seconds. 20% of teens have considered suicide while 14% have planned a suicide. Suicide is the third leading cause of death.

The Two Seasons: Season one started in May, and will end at Fall Rally. The focus is on self and body image. Season two starts at Fall Rally and ends at DCON. The focus is on anti-bullying and suicide prevention. How are we going to change this?

SAIL Support. Awareness. Inspire. Lead. Together, through two seasons, we can help end these issues:

The first step is to support those who you see suffering and be there for them. Secondly, we will raise awareness by educating your school and community about these problems and statistics through assemblies and days of silence. Inspire others through your actions and the stories of those who have been bullied, suffered from eating disorders or almost lost their life to suicide. Lead the way and take the initiative to help save lives and make a difference.

Officer Spotlight - Albert Diaz, North Bergen President North Bergen High son is that I love to dedi- more and more each day. School Key Club. I am a cate my time in helping We have many members sophomore this year. I’m out others and being joining our club each 17 years old and I have a lot of leadership in me to run Key Club in North Bergen. I got involved in Key Hello everyone! My Club for many reasons. name is Albert Diaz and I But for me, the biggest am president of the and most important rea-

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there for them. Key Club is a very important club for us at North Bergen and I’m proud to be a part of it. I’m honored to serve as the President at our Key Club, and it is growing

year. We at North Bergen believe that everyone should be involved in helping out those in need, and Key Club is an excellent way for everyone to do so.

Meet the Neighbors New Jersey: 12,000 Key Clubbers, 23 lieutenant governors. Who are these 23 lieutenant governors? Every newsletter, I will feature three lieutenant governors and ask them one question. This newsletter’s question: Why is the job of lieutenant governor important? Heather Krannich Division 18 LTG By the textbook definition, being a Lieutenant Governor means being a liaison between club and district level. This is important because without constant communication, Key Clubbers may not hear about the Advocacy Focus or the Eliminate project. Yet the true importance of our job is not to lead a division, but to serve it: to serve our officers and help them serve their Key Clubs, to provide the tools and guidance our clubs need to flourish in whatever endeavors they pursue, and to help make the best Key Club experience for every member out there. Ashna Vijay Bhatia Division 17 LTG My job as lieutenant governor is important because we are the connection between the clubs and the district. Kind of like the wires that connect your cable box to your TV, LTGs are the middle people who pass information from one end to the other. Now imagine if you didn’t have that wire, how would you watch your favorite TV shows? Just like being unable to stay on top of the new episodes, clubs won’t be able to stay on top of district projects and events. Rather than being on whole district, we would just be several clubs with no connection. Melika Behrooz Division 15 LTG An LTG is absolutely crucial to the world of Key Club. They are the behind-thescenes jack-of-all-trades that get things done on the district and divisional level. Regional Training Conferences, Fall Rally, District Projects, even District Convention… these events don't happen without the efforts of the board. Then there's divisional events, club building, updates and organization that wouldn't happen without your lieutenant governor.

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What Is: ICON? In lieu of a “How-To” this month, I will be explaining your district than by spending some quality time with them? A few days before International Convention (ICON). convention, districts visit and So, what is International Convention? ICON is a huge, enjoy local food and places. annual gathering of Key Club- This year, the New Jersey district is spending three days at bers from all over the world! ICON is “like DCON, but on Disney World! steroids.” At ICON, Key ClubKey Club TV. Every day, bers and districts receive awards from the previous social media teams at ICON service year, elect a new international board, meet other districts, attend workshops, and much more. With 33 districts and over 1,200 Key Clubbers, ICON is huge. It’s also got its quirks, like...

I am an avid pin trader. These are only a few of the 36 I collected!

Joe Toumanios and I

will make videos of the con- were part of the Key vention, with interviews, foot- Club TV intro last year. age of dances, and more! Every night, ICON attendees can tune in and see the day summed up in a succinct video.

High-profile speakers. This year, Eden Sher Pin trading. Each district designs and gives pins to its of The Middlemen and Sonny with a Chance will be attending members. Those the Keynote speaker, and Cupcake Wars’ Justin pins can be traded around Willman will be the featured entertainer.

with other districts! It’s a fun way to get souvenirs and meet new people. District tour. What better way to bond with

Sound like fun? Not to worry, I will be covering ICON on my Twitter and Facebook throughout convention, so you won’t miss a single mi-

Important Contacts

Nicole Ventrone


Celina Baquiran secretary.baq


Joe Toumanios

Christina Xiao

Lucas Dos Santos

Zak DeGiulio




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