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Quirkey Division 16 Newsletter

Important Dates

January 14th, 2013

 1/19 Lieutenant Governor Elections (Fairview Library), President’s Council Meeting

dear officers!

service year, we have

Lieutenant Governor

 2/10 January Club Monthly Report Forms Due

two big district events

elections! There’s some

still to go: The District

tough competition, so

Eliminate Games, and

it’s going to be rather

the 69th Annual


The Lieutenant Governor Lowdown Salutations, my With the final homestretch of the

District Convention. Inside this issue:

Volume 1, Issue 6

But on a divisional level, we will have an

March and possibly another divisionwide event in February! And this Saturday?

See you all this Saturday for our Elections/PCM!

Important Dates


awards dinner in

CMRF Reminder


Club Monthly Report Form Reminder

Key Leader Recap


Officer Spotlight: North Bergen Vice President


Who’s Nearby?: LTG Spotlight




Important Contacts


This is a reminder for all club secretaries: if you have not submitted a club monthly report form for any month, regardless of how long ago...


Me at Childrens Specialized Hospital!


Key Leader Recap Key Leader is an

by Treasurer Hayley Austin

You listen to inspiring lec-

dating, but

amazing weekend for high tures and stories, and partici- you are welschool

students who

pate in bonding activities

comed and

want to be leaders. The

that are fun and silly, but

made com-

camp focuses on helping

teach you the importance of fortable right

you improve qualities such communication and coopera- away. as leadership, integrity,

tion. You also have time to


growth, and respect—all

relax, socialize, and partake

the weekend, you break

crucial in the makings of a in camp-like activities such as off into your neighborgood Key Clubber.

making s’mores. (Yum!)

Throughout the

At first, a three day

creating a song, drawing a poster, to coming up with

hood groups for activities. plans to help theoretical I was in a group called the communities, we laughed

weekend, you meet people camp experience with

“Spontaneous Combust-

a lot and bonded like

from all over New Jersey.

ing Bunnies” and from


strangers may seem intimi-

Officer Spotlight - Denisse Peralta, North Bergen Key Club Hey, my name is Denisse Peralta and volunteer-

Key Club has been a great part of my life

ing is my life! I'm 17 years old and a junior, but that

since my brother explained the immense amount of

doesn't stop me from making a difference in my town! I

activities I could volunteer in through years as a

don't believe in joining a variety

member in Key Club. Attending

of clubs but to join as many

monthly meetings, helping the

clubs in which you will be able

executive board, and finally being

to make a difference.

the head of the executive board

My town has plenty of activities during October through December. For exam-

after two years as a general member has put a smile on my face. I am honored to serve as

ple, Winter Fest takes place eve-

the vice president and officer of

ry December and all ages of peo-

the month for Key Club, and I

ple enjoy it. I have been going

look forward to making the Key

to this event since I was five

Club in my school reach its full

years old, and now have the

potential and continue to be great

pleasure to lead others.

for years to come.

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Meet the Neighbors New Jersey: 12,000 Key Clubbers, 23 lieutenant governors. Who are these 23 lieutenant governors? Every newsletter, I will feature three lieutenant governors and ask them one question. This newsletter’s question: Why have you stayed with Key Club for so long? Tracy Vollbrecht

Brittany Kraft

Division 8 LTG I've stayed with Key Club for so long because of the amazing opportunities to serve, lead, and help others that Key Club has provided me with!

Division 6 LTG I think the real question here is why wouldn't I stay with Key Club! Key Club has been an opportunity to grow as a person and as a leader. Through Key

Throughout my Key Club career, I have also met many great people and made many great friends. I’ve had so many amazing, fun experiences

Club, I have been able to challenge myself with new positions while having the time of my life. My home club, my division, and my district are my family; I

through Key Club, and will continue to stay with this organization.

could never leave this amazing organization.

Ali Perri

Eric Yoon

Division 5 LTG There really is no absolute reason why I have stayed within Key Club—there just hasn’t ever been a reason for me to leave. I joined Key Club during my sophomore year because my older sister had been a part of it at the time. Since

Division 20B LTG

that day when I decided to join her at a Key Club meet-

continue to serve others because I want to return all the benefits I earned from Key

ing, it has become a part of who I am and nobody can ever take that away from me.

LTG Capital District Although I have been in U.S. for only three years, Key Club allowed me to be part of American society and to become a servant leader. I love service and people I meet through Key Club are simply amazing. I will

Club. Key Club truly brings inspiration, motivation, and an opportunity for a change.

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How To: Apply for Scholarships

Are you: □ A HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR? □ INVOLVED IN KEY CLUB? □ APPLYING TO COLLEGE? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to apply for a Key Club Scholarship! These scholarships range from $1,000 to $2,000, and 18 are available. Attached in my e-mail is the scholarships packet that you must fill out. Also, some require transcripts as well as signatures. Send everything in by FEBRUARY 20TH to: Tracy Vollbrecht c/o Key Club Scholarships 11 Moak Drive Hazlet, NJ 07730 Contact Tracy at (732)-632-7071 or for questions!

Important Contacts

Nicole Ventrone


Celina Baquiran secretary.baq


Joe Toumanios

Christina Xiao

Lucas Dos Santos

Zak DeGiulio




Quirkey - January Newsletter  

In here, you'll find a Key Leader wrap-up, a spotlight on North Bergen's Denisse Peralta, and most importantly for SENIORS, SCHOLARSHIP INFO...

Quirkey - January Newsletter  

In here, you'll find a Key Leader wrap-up, a spotlight on North Bergen's Denisse Peralta, and most importantly for SENIORS, SCHOLARSHIP INFO...