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GREETINGS Hello there!! We made it! The year is almost over! Countless all-nighters, cram sessions, study group sessions, thousands of papers wasted, millions of words read, and we’re here. We’re almost done. School is almost over and summer vacation is just around the corner. But with everything going on, parties to go to, places to go, people to see, books to read, please remember that service never stops. The world just doesn’t stop needing help during the summer. In fact, sometimes, summer is the best time to start a new service project. Look into volunteering jobs or charity organizations to work with; look for ways through which you can improve your community. With school over, perhaps you’ll have time to actually pour your heart into service. Then, when September comes around again, you can use what you learned and apply it to your school, your club, etc. However, some of us won’t be going back in September. Seniors, thank you for your service; thank you for your continued dedication; thank you for everything you’ve done for me, your school, and your community. Although this chapter of your life is ending, you’re about to embark on a fantastic journey and I wish you all nothing but the best! The world is your oyster and no matter your pursuits, I know you’ll make it. Also, please remember that the K-Family doesn’t stop after high school; there are so many ways to continue on with the K-Family after high school. You can join a Kiwanis Club or a Circle K if you’re going to college; perhaps you’ll meet some friendly former Key Clubbers! I’d just like to take a moment to thank all of the senior Key Clubbers of Division 32 that have helped me become who I am today. Words cannot possibly express how grateful I am of your continued support and kindness towards me and I know you’ll all go far. To Tina Chung, our time as the dynamic duo is slowly coming to a close and I just can’t thank you enough for your support as a friend and HHS Key Club officer. Through the laughs and rants, we’ve overcome so many obstacles and I’m going to miss you so much next year when you’re off changing the world and studying at UW. Make me proud, you unhealthy ramen and ham loving derp, you... To my outtie, Nguyen Huynh. I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do without you. I couldn’t have asked for a better outtie. Even to this day, you’ve helped me so much and I am so grateful to have you as my outtie. Thank you for being an amazing friend, Key Clubber, and individual. You’re going to be one of the greats, I know it.

In Love and Service,

Alan Yeh

Lieutenant Governor of Division 32


district project:

What is the ELIMINATE Project? The Eliminate Project is a joint project with Kiwanis and UNICEF to internationally ter-minate MNT. What is MNT? In 30 countries around the world, maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) can quickly turn the joy of childbirth into tragedy. MNT kills one baby every nine minutes. Its effects are excruciating– tiny newborns suffer repeated, painful convulsions and extreme sensitivity to light and touch. There is little hope of survival. And tetanus kills mothers too. Who suffers from MNT? MNT is caused when tetanus spores, found in soil everywhere, come into contact with open cuts during childbirth. The disease strikes the poorest of the poor, the geographically hard to reach and those without health care.


The Eliminate Project is a monumental

to protect one of the most intimate bonds on Ea your help, we can protect millions of lives... and crucial connection between mother and child.

DO YOUR PART EDUCATE yourself. ADVOCATE to the world. INVEST to save and protect. ELIMINATE maternal and neonatal tetanus. $1. 80 is enough to save the lives of a mother and her newborn


arth, With save the

PNW ELIMINATE Project PnwEliminateProject


Summer Service


Key Club and service doesn’t stop with school! Here’s 50 easy ways to serve over the summer!


1. Volunteer your time at a local soup kitchen to help feed the homeless 2. Sign up to read to children at your local library 3. Donate time to your local animal shelter 4. Volunteer at a local retirement or nursing home. The elderly love the company! 5. Check with your local hospital. They are usually more than happy to find you a volunteer position 6. Volunteer at your local food bank helping collect, organize, and pass out food. 7. Check opportunities with Habitat For Humanity 8. Grab some friends and organize a community clean up project clearing trash and debris from a beach, lake, park, or neighborhood! 9. Volunteer at a local summer camp as a counselor 10. Churches in your area usually need volunteers for summer bible camp, their daycare center, etc. 11. Plant a community garden 12. Help coach a youth sports team 13. Cook and bring meals to your local firehouse 14. Start a school supply drive for needy children 15. Send a card or a care package to a soldier overseas through 16. Volunteer to help out with your local Special Olympics! 17. Just type in your zip code at the United Way website and find local volunteer opportunities 18. Mentor a child through Big Brothers Big Sisters 19. Inquire about volunteering at one of your local daycare centers 20. Volunteer for an American Red Cross chapter 21. Gather your old toys and clothing and donate them to your local homeless shelter. 22. Deliver bagged lunches to homeless living on the street. (Have a parent accompany you for this one) 23. Help clean up a neighbor’s yard who is unable to 24. Teach a young child to read 25. Find out about volunteer opportunities at your local county fair 26. Become a volunteer at your local museum! 27. Volunteer at your local zoo 28. Collect unused makeup, perfume, and other cosmetics and donate them to a woman’s shelter 29. Join a group that loves to volunteer such as The Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, or 4-H!

30. Set up a walk to benefit a particular charity, or consider joining one. 31. Teens can volunteer to do office work at a non-profit agency 32. Help neighbors paint and repair their homes 33. Clean up a trail during the National Trail Day in June 34. Collect aluminum cans and donate the money to your favorite charity 35. With the help of a parent, start a neighborhood watch program 36. Organize a neighborhood car wash for your favorite charity 37. Grab some friends and have a garage sale with proceeds going to your favorite charity 38. Put on a cheerful puppet show for sick hospitalized children 39. Do you have a knack for sewing? How about sewing some simple pillow case dresses for young girls in African orphanages? 40. Volunteer to teach a class on something you know like karate, crafting, dance, etc. at your local community center 41. Volunteer to lend a hand at a local farm 42. Join the Youth Volunteer Corps of America! 43. Become a GoodGuide Youth Mentor through Goodwill! 44. Organize a dog and cat food drive for your local animal shelter 45. Start a pet therapy program in your local nursing or retirement home 46. With parent approval, consider fostering a dog or cat from your local animal shelter until a forever loving home is found 47. Do you knit or crochet? How about knitting hats for cancer patients? 48. Grab some friends and make some homemade cards to send to sick kids. 49. Have you heard of Terracycle? This company takes recycled wrappers and turns them into reusable items. Why not start a Terracycle recycling program in your community? Details here 50. Still need more ideas? is a huge database that will connect you to local volunteer opportunities!

FOR CHILDREN’S HOSPITALS Hospitalized infants and children special ACROSS THEneedNATION

pharmaceuticals and equipment engineered to work with their small stature. From the tiniest Hospitalized infants and childrenof need special pharmaceuticals tube or milliliter medication to ECMO, a and equipment engineered work their small stature. formidableto device thatwith acts as an artificial lung outside the body, medicines and machines that From the tiniest tube or milliliter of medication to ECMO, sickacts kids as getan wellartificial are specialized and high the a formidable devicehelp that lung -outside priced. Skilled pediatric professionals armed with body, medicines and machines thatand help sick kids well evolving treatments expensive toolsget work to are specialized - and high pediatric save priced. more thanSkilled 14 million childrenprofessionals annually from life-threatening birth defects, cancer, and to armed with evolving treatmentsinjuries, and expensive tools work other ailments. save more than 14 numerous million children annually from life-threaten-

ing injuries, birth defects, cancer, and numerous other ailments. Children’s Miracle Network Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) was established nationally in 1983 to help children by actively supporting improved health care for millions of young people around the world. CMN’s mission is to generate funds and awareness programs for the benefit of children served by its associated hospitals, now numbering more than 170 nationwide.

HOW KEY CLUB HELPS In 2009-10 Key Club and the Kiwanis family raised almost $1.8 million for Children’s Miracle Network and their affiliated hospitals. For more than a decade, Key Club International has been supporting CMN by sponsoring fundraisers and participating in service projects involving CMN children’s hospitals.


JOINT DCM (D26/27/28 The joint DCM at Coulon Park was a huge success and we got to bond and meet Key Clubbers from a multitude of divisions. There was a wide variety of food with Lindbergh’s ratchet KFC fried chicken as a major hit. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and made a lot of friends from throughout the Seattle area and beyond! During the Miracle Minute, we raised about $314.81! Just enough to have Immediate-Past Lieutenant Governor Nguyen Huynh to pie me in the face, much to my dismay, and for me to jump into the duck-poop infested lake. For the rest of the day, my hair remained greasy and I reeked of rotten milk, but it was alright because it was for a good cause. I hope you all enjoyed seeing me in pain. There will definitely be more joint DCMs in the future and I’m looking forward to what’s to come. I hope to see you all at the next DCM or perhaps the July one!


8/32/33) RECAP



CLUB: Hazen High School BIRTHDAY: February __, 1996 GRADUATING YEAR: 2014 FAVORITE COLOR: Well red duhhhh FAVORITE BOOK: The World According to Garp, The Art of Racing in the Rain, Seabiscuit, Memoirs of a Geisha FAVORITE SONG: Jack’s Mannequin - Swim FAVORITE FOOD: Anything and everything (figuratively speaking) FAVORITE QUOTE: “That which you manifest is before you.” - Enzo from The Art of Racing in the Rain GUILTY PLEASURES: Singing in the shower, dancing to music in the bathroom, eating really really really unhealthy foods POSITIONS HELD: HHS Secretary 2013-Present

If you could spend the day with anyone (living or dead), who would it be and why? Nat Tran or some musician (I can’t decide which musician) Cheuk-Ning and her dog, Harriet.. When asked which photo she wanted to use for her Dragon of the Month page, she replied: “use a picture of Harriet because Harriet and I are one anyway.”


What is your spirit animal and why? Puppy cuz I cute Why do you love Key Club? I love volunteering with people I love and people I have yet to know that I love

Why Cheuk-Ning? Early in her term, Cheuk-Ning has showed immense amounts of effort and high levels of organization. She sends weekly emails to club advisors, officers, and members with updated events and her minutes even when there’s no meeting. Additionally, all of her secretary reports are sent in on time, if not early and she effectively communicates with all members of the club. Her hard work ethic and dedication to Key Club are both admirable and much appreciated.

CLUB SPOTLIGHT LINDBERGH HIGH SCHOOL Lindbergh was selected for their creative efforts to raise money for the district project, The Eliminate Project. In addition to promoting the cause and educating others, at their meetings, Lindbergh’s Key Club has “Happy/Sad Quarters,” in which members donate quarters and share news. Also, for the month of May, the board and some club members carried around jars to collect spare change every school day. Both fundraisers have raised a total of about $275.82 for The Eliminate Project in just a couple of months! WHAT DOES YOUR CLUB DO FOR THE DISTRICT PROJECT? Submit a response to this question to Lieutenant Governor Alan Yeh and maybe your club can be featured in the next newsletter!

KENT-MERIDIAN AND KENTRIDGE Kent-Meridian High School and Kentridge High School’s Key Clubs successfully put together Kent’s Amazing Race, a race of epic proportions around the city of Kent. I applaud them for their hard work and many stressful months of planning.With difficult challenges like filling a bucket of water only with our hands and having to eat a hot wing from the Wing Dome, Kent’s Amazing Race was definitely an event to remember. If you were unable to go, you missed out on a day full of fun, sweat, pain, and glory. Perhaps, we can look forward to a Renton’s Amazing Race in the near future? RENTON SCHOOL DISTRICT OFFICERS! Are you up for the challenge?!




2013 DIVISION 32 INSTALLATION/AWARDS BANQUET As the school year is coming to a close, it is time to officially install our new officers, retire former officers, and give out awards for the amazing accomplishments this year by clubs and individuals. It is with great pleasure that I invite you to the 2013 Division 32 Installation/ Awards Banquet. The Installation/Awards Banquet will be at The Old Spaghetti Factory in Southcenter on June 19th from 5:30PM-7:30PM. The cost is $15 per person which pays for the meal, as well as tax and an automatic gratuity. Soft drinks are to be ordered separately from the group and cost $1.50. On the day of the event, please bring your exact payment. Order forms have been released and the link to the Google form can be found at the end of this email. They must be submitted by Friday, June 14th, 2013. There is, however, a 70 person cap since the Old Spaghetti Factory can only accommodate 70 people max for banquets so please fill out the form as soon as possible.


What: Get together with the division, celebrate a fantastic year with awards for outstanding clubs and individuals, and install new officers. When: Wednesday, June 19th, 2013; 5:30-7:30PM Where: The Old Spaghetti Factory 17100 Southcenter Pkwy #160 Tukwila, WA 98188

The event will also double as our June DCM and at least semi-formal attire is expected Thank you so much for your service! I hope to see you there!


ORDER LINK (due by June 14th):

DRAGON CUP Points will be awarded throughout the year to each school based on their accomplishments. The school with the most Dragon Cup points will receive an awesome trophy and ice cream/ pizza extravaganza!

NEW MEMBERS TO THE FB GROUP =3 POINTS groups/62898434515/


»»Attending DCMs—10 points per member »»Reading my newsletter—5 points per member (you must answer the question correctly) »»Secretary report filled out on time—20 points »»Secretary report filled out late (better late than never)—5 points »»Weekly emails from the secretary—5 points per email »»Weekly bulletins or monthly newsletters from club editor—5 points per bulletin/20 points per newsletter »»Attending Kiwanis meetings—10 points per member »»All officers of a club attending a DCM—50 points




Trang Tran {District Governor} Lincoln High School (D34) Email:

Hakikat Bains {District Secretary} Omak High School (D9) Email:

John Jay District Administrator Email:

Eric Grewal {District Treasurer} Monroe High School (D21) Email:

Sara Thomas {District Editor} Kodiak High School (AYS) Email:

Tom Saunders Asst. District Administrator Email:

Kiwanis Lt. G

Denny Lim {Convention Chair} Steilacoom High School (D35) Email:




Caitlin Stroup {PNW District Liaison} Minnesota-Dakotas District Email:

Wayne Triplett Kiwanis D32 Lt. Gov Email:



President: Allen Truong Email: Vice-President: Cindy Truong Email: Secretary: Cheuk-Ning Li Email: Treasurer: Jacquelin Huang Email: Bulletin Editor: J.A. Ong Email:

President: Morgan Lucena Email: Vice-President: Justin Danao Email: Secretary: Lisa Lai Email: Treasurer: Jessica Tiamzon Email: Bulletin Editor: Jenny Zhang Email:

President: Jennifer Vuong Email: Vice-President: Hang Bui Email: Secretary: Quynh Nguyen Treasurer: Wan Na Huang Email: Bulletin Editor: Lilian Vo Email:

President: Morgan Olson Email: Vice President: Nicolette Olson Email: Secretary: Michelle Perry Email: Treasurer: Allegra Sundstrom Email: Bulletin Editor: Mallory Kennedy Email:


President: Yen Le Email: Vice-President: Raphael Enrico Email: Secretary: Junelle Palisoc Email: Treasurer: Emily Ly Email: Bulletin Editor: Marquel Gapuz Email:

President: Shanna Antonio Email: Vice-President: Zia Wanalista Email: Secretary: Hailey Vandeventer Email: Treasurer: Hieu Nguyen Email: Bulletin Editor: Alexa Agustiano Email:

Lt. Governor

Alan Yeh Lt. Governor 425-829-7787

President: Tracy Tran Email: Vice-President: TBD Secretary: Jenny Feng Email: Treasurer: Jessica Lou Email: Bulletin Editor: Erik Anguiano Email:

President: Navid Azodi Email: Vice-President: Shannon Parmley Email: Secretary: Pranitha Maganty Email: Treasurer: Paula Whitmire Email: Bulletin Editor: Erin Lawyer Email:


THANKS FOR READING! “How much is enough to save a mother and her future children from tetanus?”

Email, text, or Facebook message me with the answer by June 14th for Dragon Cup Points!

The Toasty Times | June 2013  

Official Newsletter of Division 32 of the Pacific Northwest District of Key Club International

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