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The Bitko Bulletin #9

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Letter From Your LTG

Hello Division 22! Key Leader is tomorrow! I hope to see some of you over the weekend! Seniors make sure you look at the scholarship information, the New Jersey District is offering $500-$2000. Holiday season is upon us all! Make sure your club still remains active and does food drives for our district project, Hunger in NJ! If you need any help feel free to ask me.

Attention Seniors! New Jersey Key Club International is offering up scholarships! There are fifteen to twenty scholarships, ranging in value from $500 to $2000 that will be awarded to the members of the New Jersey District of Key Club who have exemplified incomparable dedication to serving the children of our world, and have been upholders of the objects of Key Club International during their high school years.

THIRSTY 30 Key Club is teaming up with Thirst Project to dominate the global water crisis! This January, we will participate in Thirsty 30. Clubs will collectively commit to raise money for clean water projects, especially in Swaziland. Feel free to join in the fun anytime before the official launch in January! We've broken it down to make it super digestible! Check out three easy steps that will guarantee to make Thirsty 30 a success!

Complete clean water fundraising domination in thirty days starts with identifying how many people you want to participate!

Have your members pick an envelope with a number on it. The number you choose means you are committed to raise that amount of money!

Some insider scoop...

If 5 classes each gave out 20 envelopes, that’s already $1,050 raised for clean water projects!

Have each participant ask 10 people in their personal group or neighborhood to help!

Give with confidence. Know that 100% of public donations go DIRECTLY towards building water projects in the field. You can save lives. It IS that easy!

Elections for Future LTG It is that time of year, where I ask all freshman, sophomores, and juniors to start thinking about your future with Key Club and if you would be interested in serving on the NJ District Board! Also for your future general meetings start asking your general members if they would be interested in becoming LTG for division twenty-two. If you have members or you yourself are interested in becoming an LTG please contact me by email, so I can tell you exactly what the position entails. The election will be held on January 21st at the Jefferson Public Library starting at 11am. After the election will be having a Divisional Council Meeting (DCM) TWO OFFICERS FROM EACH CLUB MUST BE PRESENT (Preferably President and Vice President) This is to ensure that all clubs have the maximum amount of voting rights for the election. All officers are welcome to watch the election and meet their future LTG, but there will only be 2 delegates (having voting rights) per club. At your next general meeting make sure to publicize the election and get many people interested in running for LTG. Each club must send me a name of someone interested in running by mid-December.

Join Division 22’s Remind Account Text @22division To 81010

Important Dates ➔ November Club Monthly Report Form (CMRF) ◆ Due December 6th ➔ Dues Collection ◆ December 1st: Regular Deadline ➔ Key Leader ◆ December 2-4, 2016 ➔ LTG Election ◆ January 21st, 2017

Contact your District Board

Luke McGeown, District Governor

Meghan Nevola, District Secretary

Ciara Clarkin, District Treasurer

Julien Rosenbloom District Editor

Akshaya Dinesh District Webmaster

Sasha Bitko Lieutenant Governor

The Bitko Bulletin #9