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Official Newsletter of Key Club Division 14 Edition 1 Volume 2 July Newsletter

’ It’s July and as

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term as LTG is over.

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Since our time is short

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Washington, D.C.! I

best year EVER!

hope everyone’s summer is AMAZING! For some of us, this is the beginning of the end; for others, this is the beginning of the beginning of a very fulfilling journey with Key Club. Key Club has been in my heart for so long and

In this issue! Page 1 – Introduction Page 2 – Key Club Events (ICON, PCMS, RALLY) Page 3 – Get your Hands on Service!

Summer is half way over. Can you believe it?! Make use of your

Page 4- The 411 on Key Club

extra free time while you can! Sit down with your officers and make plans and goals for the upcoming school year. Make plans to expand

Future Key Clubber, Konnor Sydow, and I at our last PCM.

Page 5- Fun Center / Contact Information

and become more active.


Key Club Events

#KCDC13 International Convention is a time for all Key Clubbers to gather together. The main purpose of ICON is to elect a new International Board, but it is so much more than that! Key Clubbers enjoy a variety of workshops to better themselves as a leader and exciting dances. We meet with thousands of other Key Clubbers that share a passion for service. Each district has a District Tour. LaMissTenn’s District Tour is 3 days long and we are going to see a lot of national landmarks! ICON is going to be a week to remember. Follow the excitement on Twitter and Instagram using #KCDC13.


Our next PCM is TBA. I have to find a new date and location for our meeting. Please if you have any suggestions or preferences let me know!

Division 14 Rally

Service Cove October 12, 2013 West Harrison High School 10399 County Farm Rd. Gulfport, MS 39503


The official LaMissTenn Division 14 Newsletter

Get your Hands on Service GOAL: $110 MILL. BY Summer 2015 As of May : $29 MILL.

CURRENTLY RAISED: Project ELIMINATE is this year’s Governor’s Project. Our goal as a district is to raise $25k!

$35 MILL. The humane Society

The Humane Society of Southern Mississippi is always looking for help! As a club, you could run a fundraiser for them. Get creative!  Tape a Teacher  Smash a Car  Cook-Off  Sell T-shirts All hands-on volunteers MUST be at least18 years old! Sorry underclassmen, but it looks like this is an event for Seniors only. Give them a call at(228) 863-3354!

The 411 on Key Club! I need ALL officers’, and

All monthly reports need to

your sponsor’s address,

be emailed to me, Regan

phone numbers, and email!

Sandoz (Secretary-Treasurer

If you send them to me,

please be sure to include

and your local Kiwanis.

their position.

They are due the first of every month for the

Do not forget about dues!

preceding month! (If it’s for


May, I should receive it on


June 1st.)

$6.50 International dues

So far, only 1 school has sent

This is Governor Cameron

in their report. This needs to

Clatterbuck (left) and

be filled out by your

Secretary-Treasurer Regan

SECRETARY even if your club

Sandoz! (right) I am so

has not done anything this

blessed to be able to work

month! I cannot stress how

with them. They’re really

important these are!

sweet and helpful!

$6.50 District dues Total: $13.00 Early bird due date: Oct. 1st. Delinquent dues: Dec. 1st.

If you need the template please email/text/call me.



Fun Center Summer is half way over! Enjoy the rest of it~

Important contacts

{ } LTG Loren Huynh

Governor Cameron Clatterbuck

Secretary- Treasurer Reagan Sandoz

Follow the action on Twitter!

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