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LTEN PROJECTS Team description :)


LICSANDRU ELENA Architect Interior designer

Business Owner/Architect/Interior Designer, Elena Licsandru has an experience of more than 10 years in architectural and interior design and graduated from the Bucharest University of Architecture . With a deep passion for integrating arts and beauty into practical concepts, Elena successfully designed and finalized several projects, such as: • Interior design • Residential projects • Office buildings • Private homes • Hotels • Restaurants and bars Her design philosophy maximises value for money whilst inspiring better living for the clients. After graduating, she started working for an architecture office for a couple of months, but quickly decided to go independently and build a new company focused on a daring and dynamic approach, surrounding herself with young talent. The decision proved to be the correct one as the team constantly grew along with the number of customers. Mother of 3 boys, Elena is spending her free time playing with light sabers, assisting with homeworks or cooking healthy dinners. She also makes sure to attend major international design fairs and exhibitions to check new trends and find ways of integrating these with her teams’ unique vision.

POPA ALEXANDRA MIHAELA Architect Interior designer

Architect/Interior Designer, Mihaela (Miki) Popa graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, Bucharest University and joined the company at the beginning of 2017, after working previously for a residential architectural firm. Miki is highly skilled in Archicad, Rhinocerus, Autocad making her a key team member in aligning customer expectations and requirements with the best conceptual proposal. Having been working on different types of projects, ranging from residential homes to offices and restaurants, an interest in interior design grew and developed into a new way of expressing her creativity. Miki is a big animal lover and enjoys spending time with friends and family over a good meal. She does see architecture as a way of channeling her creativity and passion for design into something practical

BARBU ELENA-ADELINA Architect Interior designer

Architect/Interior Designer, Adelina Barbu graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, Bucharest University and joined the company in 2015. Adelina has a beautiful personality and a versatile working style, making her very comfortable with a wide range of projects, from small interior designs to large architectural concepts. She has a strong practical knowledge, a constant desire to learn new things and excellent CAD, 3D Studio Max,Rhinoceros, Autocad ,Vray and Sketchup modelling skills. In her spare time, Adelina enjoys building LEGO and wondering the historical streets of Bucharest in search of hidden wonders. Young, talented and creative are few of the qualities that make Adelina a valuable member of our team.


Business Development/Alexandra Panfil, graduated from the Political Science Faculty in Bucharest and has extensive experience in the aviation field. Alexandra is the last acquisition to our team and brings important international and national experience. Having been working in several countries from EU as well as the UAE, she brings a deep understanding of the Western and Eastern culture, as well as a deep understanding of customers needs and expectations. Within the aviation field, Alexandra held several roles varying from: • • • • •

Security manager Head of Operations People manager Airport Agreements Manager Key Account Manager

Making full use of her cross-skills, she demosntrates strong negotiation and influencing skills, market orientation and a general potential of market growth During her spare time, she practices Kickboxing, is a human rights activist and enjoys reading.


Project Manager/Nicu Panfil, graduated from the Architecture University of Bucharest and joined the team from early days. With a broad national and international experience, Nicu provides sustainable solutions and has a strong capacity of persuading clients in choosing the best solutions tailored to their needs. Professionalism and high ethics are qualities that describe him best and were shown while overseeing several large projects: • Kaufland Navodari • Sela Ploiesti • Bucharest Pantelimon Olympic pool During his spare time, Nicu enjoys reading, wri ting and taking photos, making him the group photograph during team informal gatherings. Being highly organized and detail oriented, he is a key person in the successful delivery of projects.

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Team presentation