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LTEN Projects IND is an award-winning architecture and design company, which specializes in residential work, hotels and office buildings. With a presence of over a decade on the market, the firm built long terms relationships based on trust and strong ethics. Founded by Elena Licsandru, the practice creates personalized interiors, inspired by the culture and nature of the location, by the team travels and personal experiences. As professionals and promoters of intelligent living and workplace design, the team assist customers to articulate and align their visions, core values and business strategies with the dynamic use of space.

CLIENT I Alfa Centre LOCATION I Otopeni YEAR I 2017 PROJECT I Offices

This offices design concept focuses on transparent and adaptable spaces. The proposed design is industrial with color accents and geometrical elements. Space dynamics is suggested by the colors used, by the natural materials such as wood, metal and greenery. Natural light was a must hence we used wood vertical curtains which create a rest space but also allow light to enter.

CLIENT I Private LOCATION I Bucharest YEAR I 2017 PROJECT I Office for business owner

The design concept for this project is in a loft and was thought as a creative space for an engineer. The proposal was adjusted to client’s needs.

CLIENT I Leading Life LOCATION I Bucharest YEAR I 2016 PROJECT I Office/desk

Leading Life is a life coach company and the business owner needed an office to promote wellbeing and assist people with improving their lifestyle. In order to achieve this, we split the office space into two areas: one area for consultations and the other one for discussions. The desk is the focus of the room and we decided to create it with white Corian with the legs made from natural oak. The quench behind the desk is designed to highlight the company logo and to create a balanced mixture of light and shade between company colors and the space itself. Storage spaces are hiding the electrical cables and other related technology accessories in order to compliment the entire space.

CLIENT I Private LOCATION| Bucharest YEAR I 2016 PROJECT I Business Owner office Private industrial office for business owner. For the fit-out we used raw materials such as brick, metal and wood accompanied by warm colors.

CLIENT I Ava Clinique LOCATION | Bucharest YEAR I 2017 PROJECT I Clinic Reception Through innovation, technology and design, we created a dynamic reception made from Corian, a composite used in medical clinics and hospitals due to its highly hygienic properties and low-cost maintenance. Our concept design focuses on usage of white, wood and natural light. Corian reflects our vision of creating a warm, familiar atmosphere for patients as a first impression when stepping inside the clinic.

CLIENT I Steel Cladding Systems LOCATION | Bucharest YEAR I 2018 PROJECT I Business owner office The client requested a concept design for a practical space, able to accommodate more people and to suggest creativity and professionalism. We proposed and implemented a desk able to fit 4 people in the same time, with straight clean lines, without making the space look overcrowded. We used beechwood to create a warm, neutral atmosphere.

Unit Tables

For this project we proposed an assembly of unit tables with irregular hexagonal design, which are fit for any type of space. The materials used are Corian for the surface and wooden timbers. We try to implement, for each of our projects, our own designpieces which transform the space into a charming and elegant one.

Picioare Am ales sa folosim ca material panelul din fag, in ideea de a crea o ambianta neutra si calda .

CLIENT I Hotel Caro LOCATION | Bucharest YEAR I 2018 PROJECT, I Lobby & rooms

The client wanted to move away from the classical hotel design into a more progressive interior design, adapted to the history of the location and modern times. Our concept design proposal was to match the building’s exterior with its interior and the result was an industrial design with art deco influences. We made sure to create a living space separated from the sleeping area by a bookcase, following the same industrial pattern,

PROJECT I Parametric Ceiling for coffee shop LOCATION I Bucharest YEAR I 2016 This was a proposal for a coffee shop and their goal was to show diversity at two levels: shapes and coffee flavors as for everyone there is a different coffee type. We tried to find different connections between each grid point and the center of each grid’s cell. The more complex the grid, the more intriguing the pattern. We decided to select cork, as the best raw material to use for this kind of interior installation, because of its fire resistant properties and light weight. We decided that a parametric design would best suit the owner’s idea of diversity and that is how the idea for those multiple onnections between points and grid cells was born. The height was optimum for this type of geometry and the colors were inspired by the lattes and coffee assortments. .

CLADIRE BIROURI-3s+P+6 The building is 4.110 sqm, and it has 3 parking levels which can accommodate 132 parking spots. For the ground floor there is designed a cafeteria and coffee shop for the future employees as well as for by passers. The future office building is thought with an open floor plan with the second floor as a lobby or foyer. This was created using a material which suggests the impression of a high ceiling and helps air circulate optimum for the whole building. On the 4th floor there is a generous terrace with a beautiful mountain view for the employees to relax and enjoy. For the exterior we used glass which reflects the nature and allow people inside to enjoy plenty of natural light as well as greenery. Interior and exterior finishing are made from wood which is a specific element for the area and assists with integrating the building in the social context of the city.

CLIENT I City Business LOCATION| Timisoara YEAR I 2017 PROJECT I Office building

For this project we got inspired by the Art Deco current where there is a natural flow of elements, the geometry creates harmony, the raw materials balance one another, and the colors have the role to suggest both a public space and intimacy. The proposal had the main purpose of creating a rather welcoming environment than a overwhelming one, through size and shape. We used strong colors such as blue, yellow which suggest life and harmoniously compliments the green walls. The proposed raw materials were marble, hammered glass and polished copper, with the purpose of balancing out the space.


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