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As one of the most important 4G vendors, ZTE has released many 4G LTE modems. ZTE MF820T and MF880 are two of the popular TDD models. Just like other 4G LTE modems from ZTE, ZTE MF880 and MF820T followed the same design as ZTE MF820 4G LTE FDD Surf stick. The modem body is a little bit larger than usual 3G USB stick. And taking them in hand, users can feel the weight is more than 3G modems.

What is a pity that both ZTE MF820T and MF880 don't have the connectors for external antenna. Perhaps at the big inning when engineer designed the mode, they didn't take this factor into their blueprint. As we can see, in the serials of ZTE MF820D, MF821, MF821D, MF820S2, MF820T, MF880, they all incorporates no antenna ports. As the key features of MIMO connection, we are afraid it may not be as good as the modems with MIMO antenna for data transmission.

ZTE MF820T and MF880 both work for 4G LTE TDD network, perhaps due to for different providers, they support different TDD frequency bands as below:

ZTE MF820T 4G LTE TDD Single Mode USB Modem: * Single mode LTE TDD 2300/2600MHz ZTE MF880 4G FDD TDD USB Modem: * FDD 800/2600MHz * TDD 2300/2600MHz * DC-HSPA+/HSPA+/HSPA/UMTS 2100/900MHz * EDGE/GPRS/GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz

This should the key difference between ZTE MF820T and MF880. Per current information, ZTE MF880 had need presented to public under provider "3" from UK. And ZTE MF820T should be for

China Mobile. What should focus is that ZTE MF880 could also support FDD LTE band 800/2600MHz. It means MF880 could switch between FDD and TDD networks, so ZTE MF880 is somewhat like a enhanced ZTE MF820T.

Regarding the data transmission speed, they both support download speed at 68Mbps and upload at 17Mbps under TDD –LTE network. ZTE MF880 seems more powerful because when working at FDD network, the peak speed could reach to 100Mbps for downlink while uplink could reach 50Mbps. In conclusion, ZTE MF880 seems more powerful than ZTE MF820T, so if you want to want buy ZTE 4G LTE TDD USB Modems, welcome to

ZTE MF880 and MF820T 4G LTE TDD USB Modem  
ZTE MF880 and MF820T 4G LTE TDD USB Modem  

ZTE MF880 and MF820T 4G LTE TDD USB Modem