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S E C O N D S PA C E S - F I R E P L A C E S - S P L I F F LY T T O N & S A M U E L FA L L E N - F E S T I V E TA B L E S - J O YA R D L E Y


LOV E T O DE C OR AT E – N OV / DE C 2 0 14



Where did 2014 go? I cannot believe that this is our final issue of 2014 and the year is coming to a close. What an amazing 12 months it has been though. LTD started it’s journey back in December 2013, where we held small meetings to recruit the very first members of our team. I think they all thought I was crazy when I said we have about 3 weeks to think of a content list, assign articles and product a quality magazine. I was very strict about our first issue being released in January, otherwise it wouldn’t have worked. Needless to say, we did it, and here we are today. I cannot thank my team enough for the work they have done and continue to do to make sure we produce a publication on the 15th of every other month that is not only quality, but something that gives YOU inspiration. I’d also like to give a thanks to my husband of both worlds, Rico, for his amazing support during both good and stressful times. He is my rock. I’m very excited for you to read this issue! Once again it is filled with wonderful decor for you to draw some inspiration from and to implement into your own SLives. So much happens during these final 2 months of the year and we wanted to make sure we covered as much of it as possible in this issue. Be in Christmas, Hannukkah or can find it all in this issue! I’m also very excited that we are featuring Second Life resident, Jo Yardley. Jo has been a key member of the Second Life community for a very long time and continues to be just that. In both worlds, Jo lives a very interesting yet amazing lifestyle. Not only is her Berlin sim set in the 1920’s, but so is her home in the real world. We thought it would be great to give an insight into how this wonderful person lives online and off. I thank you all for your continued support in LTD and I wish you all a very happy holiday season and we shall see you again in the new year. January 15th 2014, mark it in your calendars. It will just get better.

Ed i torial Clarity Editorial Clarity LTD PUBL ISHER & CEO



LOV E T O DE C OR AT E – N OV / DE C 2 0 14



Happy Holidays.. from me to you! I am very happy to bring to Second Life ® another issue of Love to Decorate! One of the things that I love about publishing magazines, especially this one, is seeing all our ideas and collaborations turn into realit -- a reality that is shared all over the world. Every issue, we use the ideas of our editorial team and staff to fill this magazine with decorative creations that awe and inspire. As an editor, I think the best works come from sharing ideas and everybody being able contribute to each issue. There are strength in numbers, and I am always overwhelmed with excitment when we start piecing together our work of art. I would like to personally thank Tippy Wingtips, Esther Bailey, Elvi Hartley, and Editorial clarity for providing ideas for this issue that helped to bring everything together. And, I would also like to thank our staff for their patience, dedication, and creativity that goes into the placement of every piece in their amazing, visually stunning scenes. This issue we’re sharing with you the coziness of fireplaces. However, we’ve decorated several types of fireplaces in creative ways! I’d like to welcome Elle Kirshner, the designer of Second Spaces, as our featured designer. Her store is cluttered with knick-knacks and furniture pieces that can make any home feel lived-in and warm. In addtion, we take reflect back to the 1920’s with Jo Yardley, and her quest to share a realistic view of Berlin with Second Life ® residents. Our winter issue touches on the holidays -- a time for kinship, friendship, and celbrations of happiness. Within these pages you will find tips on how to decorate for any holiday feast, and I hope that you find loved ones to share your time with. Remember, Second Life ® is what you make of it. From the people that you engage, to the activities you do, all the way to your outlook. Take time to give thanks to the wonders of this virtual enviroment, and the atmosphere that it provides -- a place where creativity is born, and dreams come true.


Absinthe (sinontherocks) LTD EDI TOR IN CHIEF



LOV E T O DE C OR AT E – N OV / DE C 2 0 14


LT D STA F F PUBLISHERS Editorial Clarity & RicoRacer Flux CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Editorial Clarity CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Elvi Hartley EDITOR IN CHIEF Absinthe Montenegro CREATIVE DIRECTORS Editorial Clarity Absinthe Montenegro Esther Bailey GRAPHIC DESIGN / CHIEF OF LAYOUT: Jett Aldrin

LT D CON T RIBU TORS INTERIOR STYLISTS: Esther Bailey Elvi Hartley Britain Knave Augusta Godenot Editorial Clarity Absinthe Montenegro Tippy Wingtips Tracei Moore Jaysun Dagger Liat Reina Samuel Fallen Spliff Lytton Abihaska Jett Aldrin Jordan Giant Sawa Gothly WRITERS: Zuleicca Resident Elvi Hartley Quan Lavender RicoRacer Flux Absinthe Montenegro Britain Knave Augusta Godenot Mozart Loordes VeronicaLynn Parx Liat Reina Esther Bailey PHOTOGRAPHERS: Elvi Hartley Morgan Faith Nariko Okawa Esther Bailey VeronicaLynn Parx Editorial Clarity Shawneese Offcourse Absinthe Montenegro Nikolai Warden Jordan Giant Sawa Gothly Astralia Resident Jett Aldrin

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Featured Designer

Focus on: Fireplaces

Designs by Lytton & Fallen

Second Spaces: items you never even knew you wanted until you see them.

Crackling wood, the smell of pine, and natural warmth that still brings families together.

A showcase of designs by Spliff Lytton & Samuel Fallen, just in time for the holidays.




Living in Technicolor

Resident Spotlight

100 Years of Decor

Inspiring creativity and growth, white is the most complete color that exists.

Jo Yardley, researcher of historical information for films, television, museums and more.

How to live with our planet in mind, and make our homes, “Pro-Earth”




Rico’s Corner: Unwrapped

LTD Lifestyle Journal

Low Prim Design

Take comfort in your favorite furniture and make those holiday blues much less.

Featuring Camtasia Resort & Spa: A beautiful place to rest and rejuvenate.

Decorating ideas to make your Second Life® space look great using less than 500 prims.



Guide to Design

Art Scene

Our LTD stylists have provided guidance on decorating some of the best holiday dining spaces.

Select artistic works from various SL artists for decorating and collecting.




From the first step through the open doors of Elle Kirshner’s quaint store front for Second Spaces, it’s easy to see she strives to offer something a little different to her customers. “I like the idea of providing items that you never even knew you wanted until you see them. For instance, I suspect it's unlikely that anyone would wonder to themselves ‘where can I find an old wooden abacus?’...but when they see it in the shop, they're going to think ‘I need that’.”

As an eight year veteran on the grid, Krishner was always likely to end up a virtual business owner. Her introduction to Second Life® (SL) came in the form of an unusual income prospect, after all. “…I saw a magazine ar ticle about someone who ran a ver y popular SL club… and was able to earn a real life (RL) living from it...and that intrigued me. Really, any thing that can bring me money intrigues me. ;) So I checked it out, and here I am 8 years later. I’ve done a lot of different things in SL, but for the past few years, it’s been all about the shop. Especially since I star ted creating mesh items, it’s the shop that keeps me here. That and the complete vir tual dollhouse experience - I’ve got an avatar to dress up and a house to decorate. How could I leave that behind?”

In RL, my primary passion is, oddly enough, creating 3d virtual furniture/decor for SL. -- Elle Krishner

So what was it which drew her to begin crafting home décor itself? “Honestly, I think it was when I first found The Loft furniture shop, by Colleen Desmoulins. Hers was the first shop where I was really blown away by how awesome furniture could be -- and keep in mind that this was late 2006/early 2007, even before we had sculpts. Once I saw her work, it really turned my attention to SL furniture.” Given her interest for interior design in both worlds, it was a ver y natural enough development indeed.

“Furniture and decor are huge interests for me in RL, so it made sense to bring that passion into SL. In world, it’s all decorating and shopping. I’m probably pretty tame in my fashion shopping, compared to some, but I do spend quite a bit on clothes and shoes and hair and skin...and then still never leave my platform. But I can dress up my little vir tual doll and I enjoy that. And of course, I have a HUGE inventor y of houses and furniture and decor. I want it all. My own house, honestly, is still a work-in-progress for decorating, and has been for over a year. That’s mainly because 90% of my time is taken up with building and creating -- so even though I love decorating and will pick up any thing and ever y thing that I may ever want to use in decorating - it gets neglected. In RL, my primar y passion is, oddly enough, creating 3d vir tual furniture/decor for SL. ;) As mentioned above, I’m also quite obsessed with homes and furniture and decor in RL. I tend to check real estate listings online ever y day -- not that we’re planning to move, but so I can see inside people’s houses. Not even ashamed.” All this passion laid out a clear path for Kirshner to create her brand, but how did she come upon the perfect name for her charming repur pose themed designs? “I originally toyed with the idea of naming it ELLEments - like elements of decor, but with my name in there. That was a terrible idea. Before I officially opened shop, though, I star ted my blog to highlight SL houses and decor...and I named that Second Spaces since it really was focusing on the spaces we create for ourselves within Second Life®. Then, when I opened the shop, I just used the same name because it just seemed a good fit.”


An especially good fit given the lovingly crafted, second chance appeal of her collections which mirrors her visions of the perfect home in her real life. “I love the idea of filling my real life house with repur posed pieces and quirky clutter, but that’s not always so easy to find. In SL, I can make exactly the kind of pieces I wish I could find at my local flea markets and thrift stores.” Indeed, simply wandering the showrooms of her shop gives abundant evidence to this fascination. Ever y nook and cranny holds a little something unique and sur prising which lends a feel of homey realism to the virtual surroundings. From little touches like the geeky office accessories with three styles of clean or cluttered power cords complete with outlet, to larger statement pieces such as the “Salvaged Console” with its ar tfully distressed finish and vintage feeling accessories. It comes as no sur prise that with so many diverse offerings already available and more arriving all the time, Kirshner is constantly on the watch for her next inspiration. “I get a ton of RL decor magazines...I follow several RL design blogs...and of course I’m on Pinterest. I keep a folder of pictures on my computer - just as I’m browsing around on blogs, Pinterest, etc, I’ll save pics that catch my eye. Then when I’m ready to star t building something new, I’ll per use those pictures for inspiration...or if I’m working to a specific theme, that’s when I’ll usually jump to Pinterest and search on key words. I star t saving any thing that’s interesting -- I keep a folder for that theme, and also use Trello® to keep myself organized. In Trello I can attach pictures, add checklists to keep track of



LOV E T O DE C OR AT E – N OV / DE C 2 0 14

ever y thing that needs to be done, and also add comments which are usually just bullet points of any thing and ever y thing that crosses my mind as I’m tr ying to decide what to make. I also enlist help for brainstorming, from friends or my husband, and we’ll just talk it out and I’ll see what comes from that. I like to have a finished picture in my head before I star t building, if once I know what I want to make, then I get all my inspiration pics in order and star t modeling.” All this planning and research leads to her favorite aspect about her entire venture in the end. “The best par t is getting to the point where I have a finished product and it turns out the way I envisioned it, and it makes me happy. Basically, if my finished product is something that I know I would buy, then I’m happy and feel quite accomplished.” Of course there are aspects that she’s less enthusiastic about with her work. “What I enjoy least -- honestly, it’s probably packaging and vendor ads. :) Once I’m done building and texturing, I just want to be done. It’s such a chore to take pictures and create the vendor ads, then box it all up, THEN communicate it all via the group and the blog, etc.” When asked what she considers her greatest accomplishment to date would be with regards to Second Spaces, Krishner shared some ver y respectable achievements. “Besides learning mesh -- not that I don’t still have A TON to learn - I think it’s being invited to par ticipate in The Arcade. It’s an amazing event, and since joining for the first time in June 2013, the ball has really been rolling with Second Spaces. Being in Arcade has gotten the shop more notice, which has led to other events and increased traffic at the main shop, and I feel like I’m a solid contender in the world of SL home/decor. Still not A-list :) but that’s okay. I’m happy with ‘solid contender’.” All standings in the scheme of in-world designers aside, there’s no denying that Second Spaces has become a beloved addition to many homes across the grid and residents are eager to see what will be unveiled next. Thankfully, the wait is never that long. ” I’ve always got events to prepare for, so that’s what I’m always working on. Of course, The Arcade is coming up again in December...I am also in my first month as a permanent designer for Collabor88, which I’m excited about...and I am par ticipating in Cirque de Seraphim next month. It’s a circus theme for Cirque, of course, and that’s a bit challenging. I can’t say too much about that since I’m still in progress with that set, so things could change...but I’m hoping that folks will appreciate the Second Spaces spin I’m putting on this theme.” Elle Kirshner’s Second Spaces’ spin promises to be as unexpected and endearing as ever with each new release. Indeed, even in her par ting thoughts there’s a light hear ted glimpse of her quirky personality. “I like chocolate and puppies. Not together. About Second Spaces: you need it all.” Whether customers have stumbled upon these designs while tr ying to complete one of the charming gacha collections from The Arcade or have found their way to the main store from Collabor88, the chances are excellent they’ll find something they fall in love with. Even if they never knew they were looking for it.

Fireplaces FOCUS ON:

Fireplaces were once an important aspect of the home from the 1600’s-1900’s. Without modern electricity and central heating systems, fireplaces provided homes with heat, a place to cook, to dry clothing, and to gather for evening stories. Considered a central zone for activities throughout the year, the fireplace mantel also held numerous purposes like a place to hang drying clothing, store pots and pans, or dry herbs prior to cooking. Gradually over time, mantels evolved into a focal point for portraits, art, and Christmas stockings as modern inventions entered into homes across the world. In this day and time, fireplaces are more of a luxury item instead of a necessity. And though fireplaces have become far less incorporated in daily activities, there is something about crackling wood, the smell of pine, and the natural warmth of nature that still brings families gathering around during the holidays. There are a variety of fire places available in Second LifeŽ and we have asked our stylists to design sets with their favorite ones! WRITER: ABSINTHE (SINONTHEROCKS)


LOV E T O DE C OR AT E – N OV / DE C 2 0 14

STYLIST: ABIHASKA PHOTOGRAPHER: ELVI HARTLEY Fireplace: Fireplace with Logs by PILOT, Plant: Dutchie Schefflera tall by DUTCHIE FURNITURE, Mirror on the wall: Maple Mirror by LISP, Box with pumpkins: Harvest box by Lisp, Cherries: Cherry Voulevants by Apple Fall, Lantern: Large Autumn Fall Lantern by Weddings By Nienna Wood, White Chair: Christmas ‘13 Thanksgiving chair by !! Follow US !!, Cat’s: Cat 11 sitting , Cat 16 in a box, Cat 19 Cuddling Pair by (fd) by Toast Bard, Vase: tarte. tin vase & twig by Tarte, Books: Book stack by .erratic, Photo frame : Nieve Photo Frame by {what next}, Wreath: Autumn’14 Pumpkins wreath by !! Follow US !!, Lantern/clock: railroad lantern / pewter by floorplan, Picture with leave: Framed Leaves by [Con.], Candles: Tall and small Autumn Hurricane Candleholder by Alouette, Cushion: Triangles cushion by [Brixley], Mirror: {vespertine}standing mirror/darkwood by {vespertine}, Hanging autumn bunting: Autumn Bunting by [Brixley], Pumpkin: Pumpkins & Red flowers by . a i s l i n g ., Iris on the table: Iris by [PM] Pixel Mode, Plant: Dutchie dracaena draco by DUTCHIE FURNITURE, Books under the chair: Dutchie mesh antique books by DUTCHIE FURNITURE, Mirror on the fireplace: Vanity Mirror by -Tres Blah-, Standing lamp behind chair: Beach Cottage Lamp by [what next], Table: Nieve Side Table by [what next], Rug: A.V Rover Carpet by Atelier Visconti, Fireplace Tool set: Fireplace Tool Set by Abiss Design, Cup with Coffee: Coastal Coffee Cup by [what next], Coffee Jug: Coastal Cottage Breakfast Room Cafetiere by [what next], Leaves: fallenleaf_mix3 by **forest feast** Mikatsuki Matova


STYLIST: EDITORIAL CLARITY PHOTOGRAPHER: ELVI HARTLEY Fireplace: Chateau Fireplace by Apple Fall, Chairs: Lucky 8 Armchair by Scarlet Creative, Bookshelf: Library Wide by Dutchie , Light: Brass Entry Light by La Galleria, Lamps: Ginger Jar Lamp by La Galleria, Accessories: The Loft, La Galleria, Arctic Greenhouse, Apple Fall



LOV E T O DE C OR AT E – N OV / DE C 2 0 14


Each year before the cold wind sweeps in from the north bringing its blanket of snow, woodland animals gather to celebrate their harvest in the ruins of an old monastery. Adorning the old fireplace with garlands of acorns and pine cones, they come together to give thanks for nature’s bounty.

Fireplace: AF Stature Fireplace (Rare) by Apple Fall, Church: Monastery Church Ruins by [Tuff], Wreath: Branch Wreath by Trompe Loeil, Pinecone: Pinecone 1C_Prim by Anthonys Republic, Acorn: Sculpted Acorn by FLECHA, Garland: Pinecone-Acorn Garland by Tippy Wingtips (nfs), Owl: Great Horned Owl v1.3 by Animania, Squirrel: Red Squirrel nt by Scrulpty Creations Animals, Birds: Cardinal M and Chickadee by Birds in Motion, Fox: 9 fox FVF by Sculpty Creations Animals, Weasels: Weasel - Brown (m) v1.0 and Weasel - Brown (s) v1.0 by HPMD, Rabbits: Standing Rabbit L and Sitting Rabbit L by HPMD, Frog: Frog by Zooby, Deer: Mule Deer Family by Sculpty Creations Animals, Raccoon: Raccoon 09 anim 1 nt rep by Sculpty Creations Animals, Log: Fallen Log by HPMD, Vine: Grape Vine - small leaf by [Tuff], Mushroom: Mushroom No. 2 by T-3D Creations, Evergreen Tree: T2C Fir 01 by Botanical, Fern: T2C Sword Fern by Botanical, Bushes: Shrub - yellow*a and Shrub orange*b by HPMD, Grass: Sweet Garden Grass 05 - Olive by HPMD


STYLIST: ABSINTHE (SINONTHEROCKS) PHOTOGRAPHER: ELVI HARTLEY Ivy: Ivy A by Frog’s Garden, Wall Art: Tribal Print by Apple Fall, Mantel Art: Paxton by Trompe Loeil, Flowers: White Iris by Apple Fall, Squirrels: Ceramic chubby squirrels by Apple Fall, Bird Cage: Ansel by Cheeky Pea, Candles: Plaster Candles by Apple Fall, Plant: AF Grass by Apple Fall, Plant: Lavender by Dutchie, Plant: Rosemary by Apple Fall, Books: Leaning book stack by floorplan, Table: Meribel Cabinet by Scarlet Creative, Table: Recycled wood parquet by Apple Fall, Vase: Wooden urn by mudhoney, Fireplace: Mathis by the loft, Pine cones: by Rekka Whiteberry



Fireplace: Attic Skybox by Trompe Loeil, Walls: Wall Mount headboard by The Loft, Wreath: Twig by Apple Fall, Vase: LineMesh by Vandelo, Candlesticks: Plaster by Apple Fall, Ophelia by MudHoney, Casolare Hurricane by The Loft, Additional deco: Caged Pumpkin by Ispachi, Arti-choke candle by MudHoney, Egrets Sculpture by The Loft, Center table: Marshall ottoman by The Loft, Renaissance fur by Apple Fall, Cow tow-tone by Picnic, Seahorse Vase by Apple Fall, Chelsea Glam and Leslie Milkglass by MudHoney, Lola Bowl by The Loft, Fruit plate by Aria, Charlotte Pears by Apple Fall, Priya Serving Bowla by MudHoney, Nomnom cutting board by Vespertine, Tea cups by Apple Fall, Squash Soup Plate by MudHoney, Decorative Artichokes by Apple Fall, Brutus Lamp by 22769, Grizzly Rug by FANATIK


LOV E T O DE C OR AT E – N OV / DE C 2 0 14

STYLIST: JETT ALDRIN PHOTOGRAPHER: ELVI HARTLEY Fireplace: Coby. Fireplace W. Specular and Normal map by Cobydot Product, Fireplace Grate, Tools & Logs: Luxury Fireplace Screen by Padre Loco, Accessory Model A Rack by Padre Loco, Indoor Firewood Rack by Padre Loco, Hanging on front of Fireplace: Fall Garland 1 (1 prim) by {what next}, PineKnot Pinecone String by {what next}, On the Mantle: *Picture Panel* Blooms by Dreamscapes Decor, Pop-Shot Camera Decor & Photo Frames by {what next}, Photos in the frames by Jett Aldrin and Bear River Art Studio, Crochet Turkey Mesh Animated Plushie by Persephone Meads, Anna Birds - Beige by LISP, PineKnot Shadow Box & Candle by {what next}, Twisty Twigs Vase Duo L - Pinstripes Aj by StoraxTree Mesh, PineKnot Pinecone Candle by {what next}, Caso Candle by The Loft, Autumn centerpiece with autumn leaves, & pinecones by Aphrodite, caramel apple platter by floorplan, Rug & Flower Petals: Rustic Rug1 by StoraxTree Mesh, Rose Petal Runner - Orange by Special Moments, Lanterns: Rustic Lantern Bars Natural by Trompe Loeil, PineKnot Candle Lantern by {what next}, Barrels & Crates: Barrel Pumpkin Display by PILOT, 2 empty crates / pumpkin ale by floorplan, Chair, Pie & Coffee Mug: Louis Chair Stripes PG F1 Trompe Loeil, Slice of Pumpkin Pie Decor by {what next}, Mug With Coffee Black by ROMAH, Coat Racks: TA Trend Wall Rack by Tartessos Arts, Connolly Coat Rack by PILOT, Ladder: You Light Up My Ladder by Second Spaces, Table & Food: Buffet Food ~Wedding~ by :DH:, Pumpkins & Sunflower: Pumpkin Cluster by PILOT, Crate Pumpkin Display by PILOT, Weathered Teapot Planter Sunflowers B by StoraxTree Mesh, Barrel Pumpkin Display by PILOT, Candles on Floor: Mesh01y01Mesh (part of another fireplace) by Vandelo, Blocks on Floor: autumn blocks by floorplan


STYLIST: LIAT REINA PHOTOGRAPHER: ELVI HARTLEY Fireplace: Anna Fireplace Oak Orange by LISP, House: The Karin Cottage Sky by Trompe Loeil, Joy Bottles: Joyful Bottle Decor - White/Silver [MESH] by DIGS, Angel Chime Candelabra: LAQ Decor ~ Angel Chimes (Gift!) by LAQ Décor, Owls: The Arrival - The Wisest Owl by ISPACHI, Box & Diamond: MudHoney Wooden Boxes w/ Metal Diamond by MudHoney, Rabbit Greeting Card: Vintage Hare Card by LISP, Landscape Painting: AF Gilt Frame (Landscape) by Apple Fall, Framed Leaves: framed leaves-secret prize by {vespertine}, Winter Hanger Art: Snow Scene Hanger –CBOX by [Tia] Rough, Paper Ornaments: hanging paper ornament by {vespertine}, Basket Kitty: SLEEPING KITTY (Mesh) by URBAN DASIES, Tea Pot & Cup: AF Tea Time Teaset by Apple Fall, Side Table: . maroccan table . green by Zigana, Telephone: 11 Antique telephone by Zaara [home], Feather Jug: AF Pheasant Feathers by Apple Fall, Ornament Box: Boxed Ornaments by PILOT, Tulip Jug: Tulip Jug RARE by MudHoney, Rocking Chair: rocking chair/wood by {vespertine}, Knitting Basket & Bear: knitting basket. by {vespertine}, Rug: skyrug.dreamblue 2Li by {anc}, Festive Watering Can: Watercan Twig Deco –CBOX by [Tia] Rough, Mirror: Bacall Mirror Copper by The Loft, Sled: Let It Snow Decorative Sled by Trompe Loeil



LOV E T O DE C OR AT E – N OV / DE C 2 0 14



Fireplace: Old Orchard Fireplace by The Domineaux Effect, Wreath: Branch Wreath by Trompe Loeil, Mirror: Mara Mirror Ocre by The Loft, Calla Lillies: Athena Dining Set - Calla Lily by Consignment, Pinecone Globe: Gretchn Big Cloche with Pinecones by ARIA, Vase 1: Chelsea Glam Vase by MudHoney, Vase 2 + 3: Chelsea Skinny Vase by MudHoney, Candles: Plaster Candles by Apple Fall, Clock: Carriage Clock by Apple Fall, Candles 2: Emerson Log Candle Holder by ISPACHI, Clonch: Pumpkin Clonch by Apple Fall, Garland: Mesh Garland by Mimmi, String Lights: String Lights by Apple Fall, Bird Cage: Vanite’ Bird Cage Hanging by Atelier Visconti, Drapes: Bennet Drapes White by The Loft, Bird Cage 2: Emerson Caged Pumpkins & Pinecones by ISPACHI, Fireplace Tools: Bailey FIreplace Tools by Alouette, Chairs: Ines Chair Branch by Trompe Loeil, Pillows: Roxy Square Pillows by The Loft, Plant: Reaching Plant by Apple Fall, Book: Book with Glasses by Dutchie, Candles: Hurricane Candles by Alouette, Rug: Fabrique by Apple Fall, Ottoman: Paxton Ottoman with Blanket by Trompe Loeil, Tray with Vases: Vases Tray by MudHoney, Mistletoe: Mistletoe Vial by Apple Fall, Willows: Chloe’s Milk Can Willows by Cheeky Pea, Screen: Ines Weave Screen Natural Plain by Trompe Loeil, Plants: Schefflera Tall and Medium by Dutchie, Plants: Philodendron Yearlings by Dutchie, Side Tables: Spool Table Bronze by The Loft, Table Lamps: Bamboo Ring Lamp by Trompe Loeil, Books: Design Books by Apple Fall, Cookies: Christmas Cookies by by Apple Fall, Books: Covered Books by MudHoney, Books: Bon Voyage Books by Tres Blah, Teacup: Teacup Pearls RARE by Apple Fall, Bucket of Roses: Brise’ White Roses Bucket by Atelier Visconti, Step Stool: Mont Blanc Step Stool by Atelier Visconti, Breakfast Tray: Florian Breakfast Tray by ISPACHI, Voulevants: Cherry Voulevants by Apple Fall, Teapot and Teacup: Tea Time Teaset by Apple Fall, Tree: Christmas Tree RARE by Apple Fall, Letters with Wreath: NOEL Letters With Branch Wreath by Trompe Loeil, Gifts: Give a Gift by Apple Fall



LOV E T O DE C OR AT E – N OV / DE C 2 0 14

STYLIST: AUGUSTA GODENOT PHOTOGRAPHER: ELVI HARTLEY Building: Old Greenhouse by TLG (The Looking Glass), Rug: Theo’s Rug by Lame, Fireplace: Darden Stone Fireplace by Trompe Loeil, Chairs: Dapper Chair (Golden Linen), Dapper Chair w/ Deco (Golden Linen) by Apple Fall, Logs/Side of Fireplace: Belted logs by Kuro, Blinds: Mesh Blinds Wide Short - Chestnut by LISP, Hanging Lamps: Upcycled Metal Bucket Lamps by Sari-Sari, Side Table: Rohan Pallet Shelf by {what next}, Side Table: Rolling wood table by Oyasumi, Buffet: Stephanie Buffet by Apple Fall, Candles: [EMERSON] Log Candle Holders (LIT) by Ispachi, Sign: “Fall is coming” Sign by Kalopsia, Brambles: Brambles Section 6 v3 by Cube Republic, Wreath: Fall Wreath by Kalopsia, Wreath: Twig Wreath by Apple Fall, Pumpkin Planter: Fall Planters by {what next}, Log Box: Pallet Log Box by {what next}, Golden Fern: Autumn landscaping-1 prim Autumn foliage by Jorja Giano, Urn: AF Urne de Terra Cuite by Apple Fall, Candleabra: Candle Holder Short (3 candles)~ Gold [1.1] by Libertine, Planter: Pumpkin Planter by 11th Hour, Pumpkins in Jar: [EMERSON] Caged Pumpkins & Pinecones by ISPACHI, Pumpkins: Lighting pumpkins [light&dark green] by striped mocha, Latterns: Lantern bronze L and S by Revival, Decor1: Halloween jar “Vampire remains” by Aphrodite, Decor2: Chloe’s Milk Can Willows by Cheeky Pea, Decor3: Sculpted and mesh ceramic bowl by Flecha, Decor4: Pumpkin cats by Dust Bunny, Decor5: Natural Apples by Apple Fall, Decor6: Pumpkin Clonch (Colours) by Apple Fall, Decor7: Basket full of summer by Vespertine, Flowers: Mums in Bucket - by MudHoney, Books: Books by Banana Mellow, Plant: Pumila by miyu adder, Critters: Mr.vampire bat, Blackbird king, Boo! piggy by Vespertine


Lytton &Fallen Spliff Lytton & Samuel Fallen




LOV E T O DE C OR AT E – N OV / DE C 2 0 14




LOV E T O DE C OR AT E – N OV / DE C 2 0 14

STYLISTS: SPLIFF LYTTON & SAMUEL FALLEN PHOTOGRAPHER: ABSINTHE (SINONTHEROCKS) HOUSE/PREFAB: Luton Manor by Redgrave Homes FOYER: Cabinet: Fleur Sideboard by Apple Fall, Chairs: Wicker Bentwood Chair by Apple Fall, Lamps: Trophy Lamp by Galleria, Medicine Cabinet: Petit Ami Medicine cabinet by Apple Fall, Rug: Green Zebra Rug by Mudhoney, Rug: Grafik Rug by Mudhoney, Table: Harvest Table by Meshworkx, Fireplace: Cast Iron Victorian Fireplace by Apple Fall, Clock: Ivory Mantle Clock by Galleria, Coral Object: Coral by The Loft, Nautilus Object: Nautilus by The Loft, Lamp: Buffet Lamp White Metal by Galleria, Armchairs: Wingback Chair by Apple Fall, Mirror: Sunrise Mirror by Apple Fall LIVING ROOM: Sofa: Hayden Sofa by Redgrave Interior, Sidetables: Mathis Console Walnut by The Loft, Library: Charlotte Cabinet by Apple Fall, Secretary: Charles Desk by Redgrave Interior, Chair: Max Chair white by Redgrave Interior, Lamps: Blue and White Pottery Vase Lamp by Galleria, Coral Lamps: Red Coral Lamp by Galleria, Fireplace: Fireplace Luton. Addon for Luton Manor by Redgrave Homes, Big Rug: Jonas Rug by Redgrave Interior, Small Rug: Pine Knot Cabin Decor Rug by What Next, Armchair: Alexand Porter Chair by The Loft, Sidetable: Designer Table White by Apple Fall, Cage Object: Table Birdcage Winter by Lisp, Lamp: Highwayman Lamp by Lisp, Window treatment: Maison Drapes by What next SUN ROOM: Sofas: Roxy by The Loft, Armchairs: Dapper Chair by Apple Fall, Table: Dunham Coffee table by The Loft, Sidetables: Emerson Side Table by Ispachi, Lamps: Round Celadon Lamp by Galleria, Floor reading lamp: Blagg Floor Lamp by Redgrave Interior, Table reading lamp: Task Lamp by The Loft, Paravent: Athena Paravent by Redgrave Interior, Pillow basket: Ashdon Pillow Basket by Trompe Loeil, Bust: Dinmael Bust by Theosophy, Candle jar: Cloche Lantern White Star by Lisp


LOV E T O DE C OR AT E – N OV / DE C 2 0 14

Living in TECHNI





LOV E T O DE C OR AT E – N OV / DE C 2 0 14

STYLIST: BRITAIN KENNEDY PHOTOGRAPHER: SAWA GOTHLY Fireplace: Ember Fireplace (Modified) by Aria, Sofas: Frezza Sofa (White) by The Loft, Coffee Table: Octopus Table Marble White by Trompe Loeil, Flower Bowl: Flower Bowl White by The Loft, Chairs: Wingback Chair 4 by Apple Fall, Side Table: Designer Table - White (Modified) by Apple Fall, Lamp: Icon Tower Lamp - Elegant (Modified) by Apple Fall, Console Table: Trestle Table Silver Birch by The Loft, Table Runner: Casolare Table Runner by The Loft, Candle: Seaside Candle by Apple Fall, Books: Design Books by Apple Fall, Lightbulb: Lightbulb Terrarium by Apple Fall, Rug 1: White Lattice Geometric Rug by La Galleria, Rug 2: Mimi’s Rug - Ironwork by Lame, Magazines: Magazine Pile by MudHoney, Clock: Rico’s Clock by Apple Fall, Mirror (On Table): Rosalind Bracket Mirror by Aria, Wall Mirrors: Casolare Mirror - White by The Loft, Fireplace Mirrors: Alders Mirror Silver & Mathis Mirror by The Loft, Letter ‘K’: Letter Press K by Scarlet Creative, Vase: Seashorse Vase (Cracked) by Apple Fall, Topiary: Tyler Mini Topiary by The Loft, Candle: Antler Candle (Small) by The Loft, Candle: Caso Candle by The Loft, Candle: Alder Cande - White (Modified) by The Loft, Candle: Casolare Hurricane Glass by The Loft, Vase: Chelsea Glam Vase (Modified with candle) by MudHoney, Mantle: Carved Corbel Shelf (Modified) by Apple Fall, Christmas Stockings: Monogram Stocking by Commoner, Logs: Mountain Lodge Birch in Belts by Scarlet Creative, Orchids: Orchids dipped in silver by Kalopsia, Shrub: Vase Shrub by Kalopsia, Vase: Vase w/Branches by The Loft, Planter: Interior Plant by Apple Fall, Drapes: Tribeca Drapes (Modified) by The Loft, Chandelier: Chandelier - White (modified with crystals) by Pilot, Chandelier 2: Roxanne Pendant - White (modified) by The Loft, Christmas Tree: Christmas Tree RARE (Modified) by Apple Fall, Gift Boxes: Holiday 2012 Giftboxes by Trompe Loeil, Sleigh: Decorative Sleigh by Trompe Loeil

JoYardley T I M E T R AV E L E R



LOV E T O DE C OR AT E – N OV / DE C 2 0 14


“Second Life allows me to do what I can’t in real life – time travel!” So says Jo Yardley, researcher

of historical information for films, television, museums and anybody who wants to portray authenticity and realism in their creative art. The 1920-1930s period of history is dear to Jo’s heart. She lives a vintage lifestyle for real and one of the few modern day pieces of furniture in her first life home is her computer. Otherwise, it’s all pre World War II and there is not a television in sight. In Second Life Jo has created “The 1920s Berlin Project”, a sim based on the historical period known as the Weimar Republic which ran from 1919 until 1933. The constitution for this post war republic was drawn up at the town of Weimar in South Eastern Germany which was peaceful compared to revolution torn Berlin and also served as a signal to the Allied peacemakers in Paris. The hope was that the Allies would treat more leniently a new peaceful German Republic rather than the militaristic empire that had led Germany into the First World War.   The Weimar Republic, however weak its economy and its political system, generated a fertile ground for the modern arts and sciences. The republic saw greater sexual freedom and tolerance. Already the gay capital of Europe by the late 1920s, Berlin had at least 160 flourishing gay bars and clubs. Although they were illegal, sheer economic necessity encouraged people to flout the law. Berlin, in particular, became a thriving centre of many new art movements such as expressionism. Its status in the world of the arts resembled New York after 1945.  The Bauhaus school near Weimar, revolutionized architecture and the theatres in Berlin and Frankfurt led the way internationally in the types of plays that were performed. Thomas and Heinrich Mann and Bertolt Brecht were world famous writers. Great film companies made German cinema one of the most notable in the world and director Fritz Lang’s work was regarded as pioneering at the time. Leading composers of music taught and heard their works first performed in Weimar Germany. Cabaret became very popular and the singer Marlene Dietrich became world famous. In the academic world, the Weimar Republic ‘inherited’ excellent universities and science centres from the Wilhelmine period. Göttingen was the world’s most famous centre for physics, and German was the international language in physics and chemistry. Albert Einstein lived and taught in Berlin.   So that was the situation. On the one hand there was this thriving hedonistic society out of which creativity flowed with relish and on the other, hyperinflation caused a proportion of the population to live very hard and depressing lives.  Jo has represented these two sectors of society in her project so for instance, a visitor will find the amazing modern houses near Unter Den Linden where the upper echelon lived a life of leisure but also the dirty, narrow streets with tiny apartments where the poor tried to survive. She says, “Most historical sims show a somewhat romanticised, clean and charming view of the past where everyone lives in big houses and walks around in lovely clothes all the time.  They offer the past up as they would have liked it to be.  We wanted to show our visitors both sides of the coin.”  The sim naturally leads itself to role play. Visitors are asked to wear 1920s

In Second Life Jo has created “The 1920s Berlin Project�, a sim based on the historical period known as the Weimar Republic which ran from 1919 until 1933.


LOV E T O DE C OR AT E – N OV / DE C 2 0 14

clothing (which is provided free of charge) and to join in! There’s plenty to do. Visitors arrive at the Berlin Alexanderplatz Station by steam train which is a fascinating experience in itself. One may spend an evening dancing the Charleston in the mirror room of the luxurious Hotel Adlon or alternatively spend it in a damp basement Tanzlokal where visitors will be served lukewarm beer in dirty glasses. Jo herself role plays as the bartender of the “Der Keller” night club and she can be found during Happy Hour - 2pm to 3pm SLT Mondays to Thursdays.  Jo describes herself as, “Very European, bohemian but also brought up on proper manners

and etiquette.” She expects, “All to do their duty, be polite, respectable and civilized, or pretend to be”. A tall order and perhaps best adhered to in role play situations. She’s also a historical DJ so visitors and role

Consult the Events Calendar on the website for up-to-date information. players alike can expect that the music they hear on the sim will be a perfect atmospheric setting for the era. Think vintage jazz, smoky

nightclubs and charismatic singers holding the rapt attention of their audience and you’ll be a good part of the way there. Zeppelins fly visitors precariously around the city and there are many wonderful sights to see. There’s a 1:1 recreation of the Brandenburg Gate – the only one in Second Life, some of the best and most enticing vintage shops in second life, a recreation of the infamous Eldorado club which held many a saucy cabaret back in first life, the slums of the Rote Wedding area faithfully reproduced, the Hindenburg Schule which holds German language classes, the Odeon which puts on theatre, opera and cabaret productions,


Visitors arrive at the Berlin Alexanderplatz Station by steam train which is a fascinating experience in itself. Zeppelins fly visitors precariously around the city and there are many wonderful sights to see.

nudist hour at the Volksbad Bath House... and much more. Consult the Events Calendar on the website for up-to-date information - http:// At the present time, Jo and her collaborators are being kept very busy changing the entire Build over to mesh. This is somewhat of a preparation for Second Life 2 which is due to Beta next year but also Jo is at pains to show folks exactly how good Second Life architecture can look. She uses Mesh Studio to translate the sculpted buildings and decor to mesh. Some of the buildings are rented homes with around 25 prims allowed for decorating, so furniture has of necessity to be low

prim. Needless to say, the available rentals are always in demand since it’s a case of total immersion for the role players who inhabit this captivating virtual city. We wondered about the amount of visitors the sim receives. Jo was refreshingly honest in saying, “Berlin has a reasonable amount of visitors, especially for a historical role playing sim and the subject of our sim isn’t really that popular or mass market. We have daily events and a very active community and residential space is always occupied. We rarely have apartments available. Yes, we’re doing very well, all thanks to the community!”  

Weimar! is Jo’s store where she sells some of the decor that she makes for the sim. This is the less glamorous side of vintage, and Jo specialises in cheap, low prim basic items for the common workers, absinth drinkers, opium smokers and starving artists in role play situations. Shoppers will find all sorts of vintage decor from sash windows to box cameras, old fashioned cash registers to 1920s electric stoves. Choose a well-worn bed, rez your own opium den for the ultimate historical high, wash in an old battered tub and write your recollections down later in a secret diary. The authentic portable gramophone and music playing records are a must, as are the Art Deco chairs, fireplace


and rug for vintage of a slightly later era. The textural detailing is excellent. In addition, as Jo says, she will not go overboard on details if the land impact is compromised. If customers have need of any decor pre 1950s Jo is very willing to take commissions depending on her workload. What of the future? Apart from moving The 1920s Berlin Project to Second Life 2, Jo would like to recreate another arena. She says, “My next project will be The 1940 London Project, the Blitz.” This will hopefully take place sometime next year or, depending on timeframes, the Blitz project may come to fruition later on in Second Life 2. Jo says, “If only there were more hours in the day!” Indeed. The new project sounds fascinating and another huge venture into that historical time machine Jo is so fond of portraying. Do go and visit the existing 1920s Berlin sim, though, you won’t be disappointed.  There’s a huge amount of fun to be had, both as a visitor and a role player alike. “We started the 1920s Berlin Project over 5 years ago, I’m very proud that we’ve managed to keep it going for such a long time but wouldn’t have been able to do this without Mila Edelman, Sonatta Morales, Sein Loire, Morganic Clarrington, Cuthbert Helendale, and many others. The sim has attracted a fantastic crowd of amazing people who do so much for the community!” Social media Website: Flickr: Facebook: Facebook: Marketplace:



EcoDesign 100 YEARS OF DECOR

Personal health and environmental sustainability has become large part of our social consciousness. An eco-friendly home uses natural resources such as wood and stone to form its structure, and large windows for natural light. Interior decorator Jordan Giant shows us how to live with our planet in mind, and make our homes, “Pro-Earth”. WRITER: ESTHER BAILEY


LOV E T O DE C OR AT E – N OV / DE C 2 0 14

STYLIST & PHOTOGRAPHER: JORDAN GIANT House: Lavender Brown House by Scarlet Creative, Bed: Pallet Bed by Apple Fall, Lamps ( in Pallet Planters ): Headlight Track Lights by Stockholm & Lima, Books: Library Shelf Books by Dutchie, Wheels: Bicycle Wheels by Stockholm & Lima, Plants in Pallet Planters: Plants are by Dutchie, Apple Fall and Artillerie, Plants in Shelf: Cactus Planter by PILOT / Succulent Plant by ARIA, Sofa: Ryan Sectional by Mudhoney, Coffe table: Diedra Coffee Table by ARIA, Fruits: Satsuma Mandarin from Mikan Set by #NuLL, Art: Owl Pictures by LeeZu!, Fire Pit: Curve Patio Fire Pit by Trompe Loeil, Trunks: Birches by Heart


LOV E T O DE C OR AT E – N OV / DE C 2 0 14












The Holiday Season is here and the holiday craziness is about to befall us again this year. Gifts to wrap. Decorations to put up. Parties to throw and attend. Holiday cards to write and send. The list of things to do just keeps growing while your stress levels are rising. Take time to relax and unwind. Treat yourself and be kind. Unwrapped yourself from all the worries and stress. Take comfort in your favorite furniture and make those holiday blues much less.


“Enjoy the comfort of sleep in your bed while you dream of sweet things in your head.” Stockholm & Lima - Autumn's End Bed • MODEL & PHOTOGRAPHER: Astralia


LOV E T O DE C OR AT E – N OV / DE C 2 0 14

“Light up your life in style, chase away the darkness for awhile.” 22769 ~bauwerk - Brutus Lamps MODEL: Bastien Berboral PHOTOGRAPHER: Astralia

“Feel the luxurious leather sofa in your skin as you forget all the worries of what’s been.” Consignment - Hippopotamus Seat • MODEL: WrenNoir Cerise • PHOTOGRAPHER: Astralia

“Melt the tensions away with a warm bath; drain away all of life’s wrath.” Bazar - Toronto Bathtub • MODEL: VeronicaLynn Parx • PHOTOGRAPHER: Astralia

“Relax in your throne and forget all your frustrations. Be free and unwrap your layers of inhibitions.” 22769 ~bauwerk - The King Black/Silver Throne MODEL: Carley Benazzi • PHOTOGRAPHER: Astralia

Camtasia Resort & Spa L T D T R AV E L J O U R N A L E N T R Y


Dear Diary...

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CH EC K OU T Date:O ct 28t h Time: 10:00 AM SLT

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L OW PRIM DECOR AT ING IDE A S While exploring a small village in the country, I discovered a neglected cottage and fell in love. Originally a Federal-style schoolhouse built in the 1840's, it was just waiting to become my weekend retreat. Finally, after months of work, I packed up my childhood treasures and Granny's antiques and moved into my comfy home.




STYLIST: TIPPY WINGTIPS PHOTOGRAPHER: JETT ALDRIN House: Schoolhouse Cottage by Thistle, EXTERIOR FACADE: Lamps: Cordts Wall Light Black SU by Cordts Lights and Lighting, Mailbox: Vintage Porch Mailbox by Botanical, Planter: Garden Planter Natural by Trompe Loeil, Topiary: Mesh Topiary 3 Round by Trompe Loeil, Bench: Branch Bench by Oyasumi, Hanging Heart: Home Sweet Home by Apple Fall, Rake: Leaf Rake by ArchiTech Design, Pumpkin: ‘Welcome’ Pumpkin by What Next FOYER: Rug: Chelsea Black Floral Rug by Finishing Touches, Chest: Mother of Pearl Inlaid Chest by Apple Fall, Mirror: Zoe Mirror Black by MudHoney, Lamp: Key Lamp (Nickel) by Apple Fall, Cornucopia: Autumn Cornucopia by Dysfunctional Designs, Chair: Wingback Chair by Apple Fall, Prints: Amaryllis A & B (nfs), Frame: Single Frame/ Portrait by Floorplan, Planter: Boho Ivy Planter by Floorplan, Coat Rack: Antique Hallstand by Dutchie, Chandelier: Ornate Brass Entry Light by La Galleria LIVING ROOM: Sideboard: Ryan Dining Sideboard by MudHoney, Lamps: Bronze Buffet Lamp Black Shade c by La Galleria, Bowl: Charlotte’s Pears by Apple Fall, Books: Books and Reading Pile by Apple Fall, Art: Botanical Art Prints by Thistle, Drapes: Maison Drapes (long) by What Next, Hanging Prints: Rope Suspended Gallery by Apple Fall, Bench: Sweetwater Bench Sky by Cheeky Pea, Hanging Plates: Willow Plates by Apple Fall, Rug: Taylor Rug Rust by The Loft, Table: Half Moon Table Bloo by Culprit, Bonsai: Bonsai Shihosu by MadPea - Arcade Gacha, Cabinet: Candy Co. Cabinet - Slate by Consignment, Books: Books with Deer Head Bookends by Apple Fall, Print: Schoolhouse 1900 (nfs), Print: Thistle Schoolhouse Cottage 2014 (nfs), Frame: Single Frame / Landscape by Floorplan, Bookcases: Jacob Bookcase by Lisp, Books: Book Stack 2.0 by Theosophy, Books: Row of Books 7 and 3 by Dutchie, Figurine: Pug Ceramic Decor by Apple Fall, Jars: Temple Jar by Apple Fall, Plant: Schefflerra Tall by Dutchie, Logs: Woodstock by Apple Fall, Chair: Beloved Chair 1 by Culprit, Books: Floria Book Stack by Bazar, Fireplace: Anna Fireplace White Yellow by Lisp, Mirror: Devon Mirror Red by The Loft, Candles: Pinecone Votive Candles by Dysfunctional Designs, Bonsai: Bonsai Majo by MadPea – Arcade Gacha, Prints: Bird Prints, Burl Frame 1-4 by La Galleria, Rug: Neve Rug by MudHoney, Chairs: Wingback Chair Plain and With Pillow by Trompe Loeil, Couch: Sailor’s Sofa / Leather by Floorplan, Tables: Annan Sidetable by Apple Fall, Lamps: Wireframe Lamp by The Loft, Coffee Table: Captain’s Coffee Table / Ink by Floorplan, Terrarium: Fern Specimen by Apple Fall, Crown: Crown (Aged) by Pilot, Book: Anna Book Open by Lisp KITCHEN: Cabinets: Plantation Kitchen Set (Pea Soup) by Apple Fall, Plate: Oval Rooster Plate by Cozy Homes, Plates: French Wall Plates by BoatHouse Home Furnishings, Plates: Ceramic Plates Mustard, Aqua, Red and Green Leaves by Vespertine, Plates: China Ming Dynasty, Wedgewood Plate 3, Wedgewood Plate. Victorian Fruitbowl and Strutting Birds by Forest Floor, Plates: Decorative Plates by Dutchie, Dishrack: Vintage Metal Dishrack by Dutchie, Canisters: Glass Jars with Coffee, Tea, and Sugar by Dutchie, Coffee Grinder: Coffee Grinder by Dutchie, Towel: Hanging Towel Red by Dutchie, Basket: Toronto Lemon Basket by Bazar, Jug: Jug with Handles by MudHoney, Daisies: Mesh Potted Yellow Daisies by Alesta, Utensils: Pot with Kitchenware by Dutchie, Cookbook: Cookbook by Dutchie, Stove: Toronto Gas Stove by Bazar, Air Vent: Toronto Air Vent by Bazar, Spices: Toronto Magnetic Condiments by Bazar, Pie: Pie - Apple (Lattice) by Dysfunctional Designs, Pumpkins: Pumpkin Decor (Pie Recipe) by What Next, Clock: Parisienne Horloge by Apple Fall, Refrigerator: Modern Fridge by Bazar, Chest: Apothecary Chest / Herb by Floorplan, Plant: Forget Me Not by Dutchie, Plant: Lavender 3 by Dutchie, Painting: Poppies by Sargent (nfs), Print: Cape May (nfs), Print: Giving Thanks (nfs), Frame: Mesh Art Print Frame - Builder’s Kit Set by Meli Imako, Chalkboard: Toronto - Recipe for Love on Chalkboard Backsplash by Bazar, Hutch: The Shiloh Cabinet - Yellow by Alouette, Plates: Decorative Standing Plates by Dutchie, Glasses: Oland Stemmed Glasses by Post, Plates: Stacked Plates by Post, Bowl: Ceramic Green Mixing Bowl by Post, Trough: Wooden Trough with Flax by Post, Crockery: Stoneware Canister Antique by Post, Feathers: Pheasant Feathers by Apple Fall, Pussy Willows: Prosperity Sake Jar (Pussy Willow) by Post, Plant: Philodendron Full by Dutchie, Chair: Wheelback Chair (Country) by Apple Fall, Chair: Pottery Dining Chair by Apple Fall, Chair: Ladderback Chair (Vintage) by Apple Fall, Chair: Wheelback Chair (French) by Apple Fall, Table: Pottery Dining Table by Apple Fall, Centerpiece: Pumpkin Clonch (Colours) by Apple Fall, Place Settings: Pumpkin Place Setting by Apple Fall, Pie: Pumpkin Pie and Slice of Pumpkin Pie by What Next, Candles: Cohen Candle 1 by Pixel Mode, Leaves: Scattered Leaves by What Next, Curtains: The Arcade Love Curtains (Gacha) by Scarlet Creative, Rug: Linen Trim Rug Beige bye The Loft, Rug: Simple Elegance Mesh Braided Bold by StoraxTree, BEDROOM: Painting: Girl with Dog by Benson (nfs), Screen: Ygritte Reclaimed Divider - White by Lisp, Hook: Crawford Wall Hook & Slip by Lark, Drafting Table: Miyazaki Drafting Table and Chair by Standby Inc., Hanging Heart: Enjoy the Little Things by Apple Fall, Mirror: Bacall Mirror Black by The Loft, Bureau: Pearl Chest of Drawers by Apple Fall, Chalkboard: Life is Beautiful by Floorplan, Jewelry Box: Nostalgia Jewelry Box - Pink by MishMish, Mirror & Brush: Dear John - Mirror & Brush by O.M.E.N., Jewelry Box: Dear John - Jewelry Box & Trinkets by O.M.E.N., Perfume: Dear John - Locked Bottles by O.M.E.N., Desk: Writing Table and Chair by Dutchie, Lamp: Antique Brass Library Lamp by La Galleria, Print: Nude with Seashell by Retro Store, Print: La Vie Parisienne – Armond Valle 03 by Retro Store, Bow and Arrows: Sagittarius 1 by Pilot, Table: Baybrooke Fancy Table by Trompe Loeil, Lamp: Buff Lamp White Metal v Eggshell Shade by La Galleria, Vase: Rose Bouquet by Apple Fall, Teacup: Teacup Pearl RARE by Apple Fall, Letters: Dear John – Letters from John by O.M.E.N., Bed: Roanna Bed Leather by Trompe Loeil, Dress Form: Dress Form by Apple Fall, Bookshelf: Low Bookshelf White by R(S)W, Wall Art: Sweet Dreams by Apple Fall, Mannequin: Toronto Painters Mannequen by Bazar, Terrarium: Dandelion Fairy Terrarium by !Ohmai - Arcade Gacha, Books: Dear John - Diaries & Love Letters by O.M.E.N., Plane: Dear John - Toy Plane by O.M.E.N., Doll House: Victoria’s Dollshouse by Apple Fall, Trunk: Florian Trunk (Cyan) by Ispachi, Book: Sketchbook by Apple Fall, Bear: Friendship Bear by Damien Fate (nfs), Houses: Small Wooden Houses by Apple Fall, Doll House: Cornish Doll House by Apple Fall, Rug: Sailor Stripe Rug by Floorplan, Sofa: Mesh Lucky 8 Sofa by Scarlet Creative, Chairs: Wingback Chair 4 by Apple Fall, Chest: Painted Black Chest by La Galleria, Bouquet: Bacall Bowl of Roses Coral by The Loft, Rug: Woven Rug 49 by StoraxTree, Floor Lamp: Roanna Lamp Tall by Trompe Loeil



Now is the time of year when celebrating becomes a sport! From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, people, primarily in the western hemisphere, are partaking in the holiday festivities. However, some of these well celebrated events are well rehearsed and happen across the world. In the spirit of family and communion with close loved ones, our LTD Stylists have provided guidance on how to decorate some of the best holiday dining spaces. So! Take a seat, tuck a napkin into your collar, and enjoy the visual feast. WRITER: ABSINTHE (SINONTHEROCKS)


LOV E T O DE C OR AT E – N OV / DE C 2 0 14


Building: Autumn Love Nest by <Heart Homes>, Font: Baptism Font by CUDA, Candle: Black Rose Pascal Candle on Stand by CUDA, Buffet: Deluxe Dinner Buffet by Special Moments, Candle Vase at buffet: Table Decor Cream by Special Moments, Candle Vase at table: Table Decor Pink by Special Moments, Table: Virginia Dining Table by Cheeky Pea, Chairs: Virginia Dining Chairs by Cheeky Pea, Place mats: Virginia Place Settings by Cheeky Pea, Light Cupcakes: Cupcakes by 8f8, Sweets: Marshmallows by 8f8, Candelabra: Deluxe Table Candelabra White (dk pink rose) by Special Moments, Napkins: Napkin Holder Décor by Special Moments, Cuttlery: Cuttlery Holder by Special Moments, Cake: Wedding Cake Red Rose & Lily Octagon Double Tier by Special Moments, Teacup: Charlotte Home Teacup & Macaroon with Steam by LISP, Cupcakes: Cake Stand with Cupcakes by ANE, Apples: Apple of the forest by poche, Tea Cup: Teacup Pearls by Apple Fall, Tea Cup: Teacup Rose by Apple Fall, Cake: Chocolate Cake Platter by Special Moments, Roses: Rose Bouquet by Apple Fall, Light: Cupcake Light by 8f8, Cross: Church Cross by Special Moments, Candle: Church Candle Tall w/cross by Special Moments, Candelabra: Church Candelabra X7 Ornate by Special Moments



STYLIST & PHOTOGRAPHER: EDITORIAL CLARITY All Food by The Edge, Dining Table: Plantation Dining Table by Apple Fall, Chairs: Plantation Dining Chairs by Apple Fall, Plant: Poinsettia Red - Arctic Greenhouse, Casolare Place Setting - The Loft, Candles: Casolare Hurricane Gold - The Loft, Goblet w/Hydrangea by FLECHA, Wine Glass by Bazar, Wine Bottles by Dutchie



Walls: Wall Mount headboard by The Loft, Drapes by The Loft, Mirrors: Trellis and Flower mirror by Pilot, Wall Lights: Livingroom wall lamp by Vandelo, Chandelier: Baroque Crystal by DD, Table: Farmhouse by ililo, Chairs: Chelsea Side by MudHoney, Fusion Dining by Apple Fall, and Roxy sectional by The Loft, Cushions: LTD Ruffles and Studded by Apple Fall, Centerpiece: Modifiable Ceramic Jugs and Priya Carnations, Golden candlesticks, Orbs by MudHoney, Decorative Artichokes by Apple Fall, Place Settings: Casolare by The Loft, Food: Thanksgiving dinner by Dekute, Rug: Jerry by MudHoney


Table: Antique Kitchen Table by Trompe Loeil, Dining Chairs: Plantation Dining Chair by Apple Fall, Place Settings: Virgina by Cheeky Pea, Bowl: Matte Bowl by The Loft, Menorah: Silver Menorah by Heart Homes, Bread: Saled bread board by Heart Homes, Dreidel: Dreidel Blue by VKC, Table Menorah: Rustic Menorah by Cheeky Pea, Fireplace: Christmas Fireplace Blue by Follow Us, Cupcakes: Hanukkah Cupcakes by ASD Holiday Market, Couch: Single Couch by Heart Homes, Gift Boxes: Hanukkah by Zoeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Garden, Dining Chair: Virginia Dining Chair by Cheaky Pea, Sink: Antique Kitchen Sink by Trompe Loeil, Pitcher: Coastal Comfort Pitcher by Zen Creations, Oils: Well Stocked Pantry by Second Spaces, Canisters: Well Stocked Pantry by Second Spaces, Vase: Decorative Autumn Vase by Heart Homes, Lamps: Winter Garden Tree Lamp by What Next, Curtains: Curtains by Loire Antique, Side Table: Side Table by Heart Homes, Mezuzah: Mezuzah by Vimzo Starship, Dreidel Game: Holiday Games Bag by Cheaky Pea


LOV E T O DE C OR AT E â&#x20AC;&#x201C; N OV / DE C 2 0 14


Table: Casolare Table Bleached by The Loft, Chairs: Bacall Chair in White by The Loft, Neve Chair in White by Mudhoney, Sofa: Roxy Sectional in White by The Loft, Cushions: The Loft, Place Setting: Casolare Place Setting in White by The loft, Table Runner: Casolare Table Runner by The loft, Eva Centerpiece - Mudhoney, Candles: Caso Candle by The Loft, Mirrors: Mara Mirror Patina by The Loft, Rugs: Erhan Rug - Redgrave, PineKnot Cabin Decor Rug by What next, Snowflakes: A.V. Snowflake byAtelier Visconti, Stars: Star light 2 - Previous Christmas gift by Bazar, Side tables: Tribeca Desk by The Loft, Lamps: La Galleria, Drapes: Maison Drapes by What next, Christmas Tree: Antreas Alter, Christmas props provided by Christmas Gatcha from: Trompe Loeil & Apple Fall



Table: Charlotte Dining Table by Apple Fall, Caviar: Champagne Bublissimo Caviar Rare by Keke, Table Runner: Casolare Table Runner by The Loft, Candles: Caso Candle by The Loft, Tall Candle: Cohen Candle by Pixel Mode, Candles: Emerson Coasters and Candles by ISPACHI, Vegatable: Decorativce Artichokes by Apple Fall, Fruit: Blueberries by Apple Fall, Place Settings: Casolare Place Setting by The Loft, Champagne Glass: Champagne Glass Tulip by Keke, Calla Lillies: Calla Lillies by Apple Fall, Salad: Darya DIning Plate + Salad Spring by Trompe Loeil, Iron Jacks: Jacks Iron by The Loft, Champagne Bucket: Champagne Bubblissimo Bucket by Keke, Step Ladder: Stepladder by Apple Fall, Chairs: Wingback Chair by Apple Fall, Cushions: Ikat Throw Cushion by Apple Fall, Rug: Copenhagen Rug White by Just Design, Branches and Glass Ornaments: Not for sale. Glass Lantern (on branches): Glass Lantern by MudHoney, Chandelier: Pearl Chandelier by Apple Fall, Horse: Plaster Horse by Apple Fall, Candle Vase: Alderan Candle Vase by The Loft, Vases: Uno Vases by Truth Home, Mirror: Taylor Mirror by The Loft, Squirrel: Ceramic Chubby Squirrel by Apple Fall, Firewood: Victor Basket with Firewood by Sway’s, Birds: Grey/Red/Green Birds by The Loft, Porcelain Animals: Fatty Animals by ISON HOME, Fireplace Candles: Fireplace Candles by Trompe Loeil, Lamp: Aldern Lamp by The Loft, Pinecone Basket: Pine Cone Basket by A.D.D.Andel!, Cabinets: Charlotte Cabinet by Apple Fall, Books in Cabinet: Books by Apple Fall, Drink Cart: Drink Cart by The Loft, Tea and Teapot: Tiffany Teapot and Lemon Tea by Apple Fall, Cake: Fall Harvest Cake by Apple Fall, Cutting Board: The Odyssey Cutting Board by ISPACHI, Platter: The Odyssey Vineyard Platter by ISPACHI, Plants: Schefflera Tall and Medium by Dutchie, Couch: Hester’s Attic Couch by Junk, Music Box: Music Box GACHA: Isvandt’s Waltz No. 1 by ContraptioN, Floor Lamp: Gyroscope Floor Lamp by Trompe Loeil, Picture: Copenhagen Wood Panel by Just Design




LOV E T O DE C OR AT E – N OV / DE C 2 0 14

Art Scene



An avatar cannot feel cold, but nevertheless we want our virtual home more cozy in the cold season. This artworks are all stand alones but

are meant to match especially well a seasonal

home decoration. A photo never can replace the 3D impression. Therefore you are invited to see

and to enjoy the works in the Love to Decorate Gallery Shop at Aakriti Arts.



LOV E T O DE C OR AT E – N OV / DE C 2 0 14


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LOV E T O DE C OR AT E – N OV / DE C 2 0 14

001 – PICTURE PANEL: BLOOMS Carlotta Ceawlin is one of the few who create art and interior in Second Life and combine them. Many of her artworks are therefore a perfect match to any decoration like Blooms it matches the colours of modern interior and shows at the same time that nature creates constantly „artistic“ shapes. Artist: Carlotta Ceawlin 002 – ANGEL Year by year, Patron has the maybe most spectacular Christmas decoration in Second Life and it is timeless art at the same time. This angel comes in left and right orientation and rotates slowly on click. The marble stand is optional. Artist: Eliza Wierwight 003 – OUR TREE Every cat lover knows how their tail moves when they watch something interesting as the tails of this virtual cats do. Super cute! Artist: Cica Ghost 004 – THE DRAGONFLY - FIRE LILLIES – METAMORPHSPHERES Slowly moving textures make these spheres an eye catcher. The texture is fractal art by the artist which is available as image in the Gallery Shop too. Artist: Aurora Mycano 005 – BRUTUS LAMP Animal as lamp holders have a long tradition This is the funny version by 22769 – Bauwerk. Size and brightness is adjustable. Artist: Paco Pooley 006 – THE JAZZ COMPLEX Great idea! Brass instruments as wall decoration with only 3 prims. Artist: Isabeau Baragula 007 – EFFERVESCE This tryptichon reminds of the lighting at parties, raindrops in a shopping zone or sequin dresses. Just looking at it brings everyone in a festive mood. Artist: Bloo Ansar 008 – RIDLEY LIGHT Virtual metal in organic forms. This light is a great wall decoration for interior and outside. Artist: Bryn Oh 009 – THE KISS The costumes of the Pierrots in a warm red make this painting a beautiful eye catcher especially in the dark season. Artist: Liza Lemondrop 010 – CROWS ON TREE In Winter the forms are more in the focus compared to the colours in other seasons. The crows on the bush in this real life photo seem to enjoy their place. The artist is specialised on wintry and foggy scenes. Artist: Rodriguez Munro 011 – XMASTREE GREENWHITE This tree is fascinating because it is not possible in real real life. The softly floating and partly transparent surfaces give the idea of a Christmas tree without being. 012 – TREES OF AUTUMN AND WINTER The trees look organic and lively with the decent moving textures. On second view the form exposes a female body. The sculptures look great as table decoration as well as room height. Spring and Summer are available in the Gallery Shop as well. Artist: Milly Sharple



10 9




LO V E TO D E C O R AT E – N O V/ D E C 2 014 L OV E T O D E C O R AT E S L .C O M

C O P Y R I G H T © 2 0 14 F Y R I A N L L C . A L L R I G H T S R E S E R V E D.

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LTD Magazine November/December 2014  

Our most festive issue yet and our last of 2014. We have features on SECOND SPACES, take a trip to the 1920's with JO YARDLEY and more. We a...