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ravel is a rather an emotive subject and can be experienced variously as an exciting adventure, the culmination of a longing to be here or there, and even a master class in stress should journeys not go to plan. Train stations are not only termini for the trains themselves but on a philosophical level they can encapsulate our emotions, expressing the arrivals and departures of life. Architecturally speaking, train stations consist of tracks, platforms, subways, train sheds and a station building known as the head house. It's where we pick up our tickets and while away the time waiting for trains to arrive and depart. There's often a tingle of exhilaration or conversely trepidation in the air, as folks eat hurried lunches and sip at teacups in waiting rooms or pretend to read the headlines of the day or simply think about the journey ahead of them. If they are waiting for dear ones to arrive, then the whole atmosphere can seem dreamy and cosy, the subdued sunlight trickling in through station windows leaving puddles of light on the utilitarian platforms. Or maybe the season outside has turned colder and the soft snow that may even alleviate the noise of cities, is huddled up

conspiratorially against the glass panes. The head house is usually a well thought out element of the station it supports and may range from a simple ground floor building as in the more rural stations, or it may be a grand thing of epic proportions that can leave us unmoved as we scurry about like ants beneath its imposing structure intent on getting somewhere, if only time would stand still. A station building may actually turn out to be a true masterpiece of architecture, in which case we ourselves may stand still for a while and take it all in. The arches and porticos rising high above us, the artfully placed windows that enable light to flow down into the concourse like a veritable waterfall even on a rainy day, the dominant facade suggesting strength and security of purpose – yes, the company has been here for decades, dear passengers, and we'll get you safely to your destination on time and in comfort. Well, at least the suggestion is there if not always the action! Typical station buildings have side entrances off the adjoining road or square where they are located, and

LTD Magazine: November/December 2016  

Our last issue for 2016 and what a fabulous issue it is, we have Cheeky Pea, Revival, Train Stations, Christmas themed food, Outdoor Hot Tub...

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