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Kurt Kep ppler serve es as Vice Chancelllor for Stud dent Life & Enrollment a at Louisiana a State Un niversity, where n which inc cludes the e departm ments he leadss a division of Caree er Servicess, Center for Acade emic Succ cess, Enrollment Mana agement (including g Admissions, Recruitm ment, Stud dent Aid and Scho olarships), First Year Exp perience (including Orientatio on and Pa arent & Family y Programss), Office o of the Dea an of Stud dents (including Campu us Life, Di sability Se ervices, Greek Life, and d Studen t Advoca acy & Ac ccountability), Residential Life, an nd Universitty Recreattion. Prior to his a ppointme ent, Keppler was V Vice President for Stud dent Affa airs at Va aldosta SState University y, Associa ate Vice P President and Dean of Studentts at Geo orgia State e University, Associiate Dean n of Student Affairrs at Virginia Commo onwealth University y, and Assistant Director of Stud dent Development at the Univerrsity of Missouri. He h held adjun nct teachin ng position ns at each in nstitution and has taught le eadership seminars and cou urses in grroup dynamiics, organiizational behavior, and a leaderrship theorry. Kepp pler holds degrees from the University of Wiscon nsin-La Cro osse (B.S.) and the Uniiversity of Missouri (M.S., Ph.D D.). He w was the 20 005-06 Pre esident of the Nationa al Association of Sttudent Personnel A dministrato ors and w was name ed a NASPA “Pillar of the Profession” in 200 07. He has been acttive in the Associatio on of Public and a Land--Grant Universities’ Student S A Affairs Council and tthe Urban 20+ Senior Student Affairs A Gro oup and data exc change. H He comple eted NASSPA’s Richard d F. Steve ens Institute and its Academ my for Lea adership a and Execu utive Effectiveness, as well w as Harvard’s Ma anagemen nt Develop pment Program. Kepp pler has made mo ore than 150 prese entations at state, regional and nationa al conferences and has consulted on m more than n 30 colleg ge campu uses. He co-e edited NA ASPA’s monograph, Partnering g with Pare ents of Today’s Colllege Studentts (Keppler, Mullendore & Carey, 2005).

www.stu udentlife.LSU w dents

Vice Chancellor Kurt Keppler bio 2012