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First Year Experience Programs


Transfer Student Programs

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FYE Staff Highlights

Orientation Programs

Parent & Family Programs


First Year Experience Programs



The First Year Experience is here to provide the resources and support you need to succeed! FYE is a campus-wide initiative as well as a department within the LSU Student Life & Enrollment. Each year we work with Orientation to provide a seamless experience for you from admission through the first year to help connect you with the resources you need to succeed. Throughout the year, we deliver programs and connections to services and resources with the sole goal of helping you succeed. We want your first year to be a great foundation for the rest of your college experience and beyond. Let us know how we can help you.


First Year Experience Programs

“As a first year student, I felt lost in such a huge campus, but thanks to all the help FYE provided, my first year was a huge success!”- Shane Hall BENGALS BEYOND THE BAYOU


SophomoreAdventures. Two programs were offered throughout the

This programming series is designed specifically for first year out of

This programming series offered 5 programs during the fall semester

a night away from campus. Programs included a tour of the 13th Gate

state and international students. The series kicked off during Bengal

to assist students in understanding positive financial management and

and hiking at Tunica Hills.

Bound with What’s the Big Deal About Jambalaya and continued

fiscal responsibility while in college. First Year Finances is coordinated

throughout the fall and spring semesters. The programs connect the

in collaboration with the Student Financial Management Center.

students with each other, faculty/staff, LSU, and Louisiana.


academic year for second year students to kick back, relax, and enjoy

First Year Experience also coordinated Food for Thought, an opportunity for second year students to connect with faculty in various


disciplines over dinner.


High School Outreach coordinated and presented to Dutchtown High

In collaboration with Career Services, First Year Experience coordi-

School and New Orleans Charter Science and Math High School

nated the Sophomore Success Series. Several programs were offered

Juniors and Seniors on LSU’s FYE Program during both at their campus

to assist students in developing their career skills. Topics ranged from

115 students participated in the spring and fall. Read and discussed 6

and a class visit to LSU’s campus. Created Pinterest page for LSU

resume writing to finding an internship.

books (The Hunger Games, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Paper Towns,

Division of Student Life and Enrollment, and monitor FYE Facebook

First Year Experience also collaborated with Residential Life on

The Time Traveler’s Wife, Catch- 22, Atonement). 75 students participated

and Twitter page.

in the Hunger Games viewing along with a discussion following.





Student Tigers Rallying, Interacting, and Promoting Education and Service is a four day, three night program designed to assist first year students in their transition to LSU. Key components of the program include: academic success, college readiness, history & traditions, involvement, leadership development, relationship building, and student resources.




• 13 (20%) of the 66 staff members identified as a race other than

• 209 (33%) of the participants identified as male and 419 (67%)

• 96.71% had a greater appreciation for LSU after learning


identified as female

about the history and traditions

• S.T.R.I.P.E.S. surpassed 600 participants for the first time

• 36 (60%) of the staff members identified as female while 30 (45%)

• 398 (63%) participants of the 628 completed the post-program

• 94.45% developed good relationships with other first year students

identified as male

evaluation distributed through StudentVoice

• 93.20% knew how to get involved in campus life after


• 9 (14%) staff members were from out of state

• Of those students, 98.24% strongly agreed or agreed they learned

attending S.T.R.I.P.E.S.

• 1 (1%) staff members anticipated graduating in December 2014, 31

more about being a tiger and college life by participating in S.T.R.I.P.E.S.

• 96.99% would recommend S.T.R.I.P.E.S. to other incoming students

• A total of 66 students participated in a leadership position: 6 exec

(47%) in May 2014; 17 (26%) in May 2013; and 17 (26%) in May 2012

• 89.44% felt more comfortable starting classes because of the

• 75.07% were interested in serving as a small group leader, program

friends they made at S.T.R.I.P.E.S.

assistant, or exec staff member in the future

staff, 48 small group leaders, and 12 program assistants


• 95.98% felt more aware of the resources and services available on

had a positive impact on them

• S.T.R.I.P.E.S hosted 628 student participants during the two August

• 91.45% said the group mentors were helpful in making them feel

• Of the 66 staff members, 11 had no previous experience with

sessions (Session One 320; Session Two 308)

connected to University faculty and staff

S.T.R.I.P.E.S. and 41 (62%) were serving as a staff member for the

• 211 (34%) of the participants were from out of state or international

• 95.22% felt more confident about being a college student after

first time

• 146 (23%) of the participants identified as a race other than white.

attending S.T.R.I.P.E.S.

• Of the 628 participants that completed the post-program evaluation, 98.49% strongly agreed or agreed that the student staff

This is an increase from 16% in 2009



Transfer Student Programs



It can be challenging to transition to a new university, so FYE has programs designed just for transfer students! Our programs and workshops help students navigate the university, become more involved on campus, and make better grades.


Transfer Student Programs

ThriveLSU assists in the transition to LSU, both inside and outside of the classroom. It provides an opportunity for transfer students to build meaningful relationships with other transfer students. TRANSFER TRACK NEWSLETTER This monthly newsletter for transfer students was started in spring 2010. It includes all of the month’s programs and activities for transfer

incoming transfer students. Sixty-two members were inducted fall

exploration of campus resources through personal interviews with

2011 program. The LSU chapter has 140 members.

student affairs professionals, career exploration and introduction to


resume-writing, leadership development and self-awareness activities, and peer interaction fostered by class discussions, a group presentation, and participation in a University Recreation challenge course.

students. It also provides advice on various topics relevant to transfer student success at a new institution. The newsletter is delivered to

Workshops intended to help transfer students transition easily to

students by email monthly and is archived on the FYE web site.

Louisiana State University and to experience on-going academic


success. Workshops include resume writing, assistance with the

TAU SIGMA NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY This organization began at LSU in spring 2010 and inducted 48 members. Tau Sigma is an academic honor society that recognizes students who have at least a 3.5 GPA or are in the top 20% of

graduate school application process, and many other topics.


• 90% of the students that participated in the program felt that they would succeed at LSU • 90% of the student agreed that the seminar helped them understand LSU’s academic and career resources available at LSU

Jourmeys is a non-credit transfer seminar that met for an hour per

• 50% of those participating were out-of-state students

week for nine weeks. The seminar focused on the development of

• 90% agreed that they would recommend participating in the

higher-level thinking skills through reading and writing assignments,

program to other transfer students

Courtney Barr


TIGER TRANSITION TEAM A peer mentoring program designed to help new students as they transition into the university by partnering with upper-level students in similar majors or similar career paths. The older students serve as a mentor to provide support and guidance to first year students to foster a successful first year. Mentors and mentees have at least one face-to-face meeting per month and remain in touch through e-mail, phone and social networking sites on an ongoing basis. Fall 2011 Tiger Transition Team events included: semester kick-off event, how to do LSU football pep rally, game day tailgate, mid-term study sessions, pumpkin carving on the Parade Ground, and a closing luncheon.


BENGAL BOUND Bengal Bound is LSU’s official fall Week of Welcome. It is a time where

Transfer Student Programs

of transition into LSU, offer an opportunity to learn about LSU and the community, and to introduce students to the academic culture, campus resources, history and tradition of LSU.

• The fall 2011 program had 287 mentees and 154 mentors

the campus community unites to welcome new Tigers to campus.

• Mentees mean fall GPA was 2.65

Students have time to become better acquainted with campus,

• Retention from fall to spring was 78.7%

the Baton Rouge community, and their new classmates. There are

• Fifty-nine percent of mentees responding to the survey felt

numerous activities coordinated to expand upon what the student

• Bengal Bound events/activities increased by 13% from previous year

supported at LSU

learned during orientation, showcase campus services, and allow

• 86% percent of those responding to the survey felt more connect

• 72% percent of mentees responding to the survey felt a sense of

students to meet and relax before the start of classes. Academic

to LSU

belonging at LSU

seminars, service opportunities, and social activities are a just a few

• 89% percent established new connection with other first-year students

• 67% percent of mentees responding to the survey agreed that they

of the events that take place. The program’s goals are to provide

• 75% percent felt more familiar with campus resources offered by LSU

had developed plans and goals for their collegiate experience at LSU

an opportunity for new students (first-year and transfer) to get

• 90% of program present reported an increase in attendance at

• 91% percent of the mentees plan on completing their degree at LSU

acquainted with their peers, faculty and staff, to reduce any anxiety

their event


Transfer Student Programs


“Transfer Student Programs helped me connect outside of the classroom with fellow students transitioning to LSU. It was nice to meet other new transfers in my program and make friends!” - Allie Jones

FIRST YEAR FINANCES This programming series offered 5 programs during the fall semester to assist students in understanding positive financial management and

The SophomoreGOLD students success series was coordinated in collaboration with Career Services.


fiscal responsibility while in college. First Year Finances was coordinated in collaboration with the Student Financial Management Center.

• Hosted welcome event for student veterans, family, and local dignitaries during Bengal Bound


• Advised the Student Veterans of LSU student organization • Sat on Homecoming Committee for LSU Salutes Veterans Day event • Planned the 2011 LSU Remembrance Roll Call Event for

First Year Experience piloted the SophomoreGOLD Student Success

Veterans’ Day

Series. Seven programs were offered, focusing on career planning

• Coordinated 2 faculty, staff, and student roundtables on veterans’

and preparation for second year students. Topics included resume


writing, internships, career options by major, and ettiquette dinner.

• Managed Veterans’ Social Work Intern

• Coordinated webinars to increase veterans’ awareness on campus From Enlisted to Employed: Educating Military Veterans for Civilian Careers

o Remembrance Roll Call 2011: Honoring the Fallen Webinar


CHECKPOINTS (with LSU Ambassadors)


In preparation for spring semester registration, FYE staff and

LSU Book Clubs for faculty staff were planned and coordinated

Ambassadors were strategically located across campus to assist over

during the fall and spring session 12:10. Thirty individual faculty and

300 students and answer questions as they prepared to register for

staff members from various departments and colleges participated

the next semester on their own.

in a series of bi-weekly discussions (The Checklist Manifesto, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks).

GEAUX GREEN INITIATIVES (with University Auxiliary Services)

With the support of various sponsors, over 600 first-year students received a refillable mug that qualified for discount refills at all campus dining locations. Students were also encouraged to be more environmentally conscious.

FYE Staff Highlights




Darrell C. Ray Assistant Vice Chancellor

LSU Service: • Presenter to International Student Exchange Orientation and National Student Exchange Program students • Served as liaison to the Higher Education Administration program • Participant for Undergraduate Admissions and Student Aid recruiting trips • University-Wide Retention Committee (2010 – Present) • Sub-Committee Co-Chair to examine personal issues related to student attrition • Division Representative to the Student Required Fee Committee (2010 – 2011) • LSU Academic Affairs Committee on Student Diversity (2010 – 2011) • Division Representative to the Safety, Security, & Preparedness Committee (2010 – 2011)

• Member of Black Male Leadership Initiative Core Committee (2009 – Present) College of Education: • Member of 2 dissertation committees • Courses taught: Fall 10 – Legal Issues & Ethics in Higher Education Spring 11 – Practicum in Higher Ed. & Student Affairs

Presentations: Ray, D. & Korduner, M. (July, 2011). Developing a first year transition camp. Webinar presented for Higher Ed. Hero. Malvern, PA. Norman, E. & Ray, D. (February, 2011). Reframing the role of student conduct: Shifting your campus culture. Webinar presented for Innovative Educators. Thornton, CO. Ray, D. Boyles, P., & Robinson, D. (March 2011).

FYE Staff Highlights

LSU Service: · Co-Coordinated IMPACT Program · Homecoming Planning Committee – Member · Union Art Gallery Committee – Member · Family Weekend Planning Committee – Member · Emergency Operations Center Support Staff Committee- Member · Student Life Calendar Committee- Member · Marketing & Communications CommitteeMember Off Campus Service: · Broadmoor Baptist Church Missions Committee · Broadmoor Baptist Church New Members Committee

Developing Purpose: Preparing New Professionals for Fundraising. Presented at the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators in Philadelphia, PA. Ray, D., Korduner, M., & Boyd, W. (March 2011). Purposeful Transition: Developing a First Year Transition Program. Presented at the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators in Philadelphia, PA. Norman, E., Ray, D., Kneubuehl, E., & Biddix, P. (March 2011). Identify Your Purpose: Moving Beyond Middle Management. Presented at the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators in Philadelphia, PA. Ray, D. & Korduner, M. (February 2011). Developing a First Year Transition Camp. Preconference Session. Presented at the Annual Conference on the

Maggi Spurlock

First Year Experience Conference in Atlanta, GA.

Program Coordinator

Professional Development: · First Year Experience Annual Conference 2012, San Antonio, TX


Randy Fontenot Program Coordinator

LSU Service: · Community Bound Planning Committe - Member · Black Scholars Awards Program Coordinator · Summer Scholars Program Selection Committee – Member · Black Faculty & Staff Caucus - President · Multicultural Leadership Conference Planning Committee – Member · Tau Sigma National Honor Society- Advisor · SpringFEST- Panel Moderator · Collaborating with SA&A on Helping Skills and Applied Suicide Intervention Training presentation · Black Male Leadership Initiative Planning Committee – Retention and Performance (sub-committee) · University Council on Women- Member · Presented Applied Suicide Intervention Skills

FYE Staff Highlights

LSU Serivce: · Assisted in the development of a peer mentoring program for first year students, the Tiger Transition Team · Advised a student advisory board to aid in programming and development of the Tiger Transition Team · LaCUSPA-Monday, September 19, 2011- I, along with Jared Avery, presented on: How to develop a Black Male Leadership Program · SACSA- November 5-7, 2011- I, along with Aleidra Allen, participated in the Case Study Competition NASPA 2012- Conference Participant

Training at Baton Rouge Crisis Center · Attended 2012 National Institute for Study of Transfer Students- Fort Worth, TX · Attended Louisiana Association of College and University Student Personeel Administration Lafayette, LA · University Judicial Hearing Panel · Diversity Action Team - Member Off Campus Service: · YMCA Board of Management – Board Member · Educational Testing Services Scholarship Reviewer Professional Development · Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

Ray James Graduate Assistant


Missy Korduner Assistant Director

LSU Service: • Pi Beta Phi Faculty Advisor – LA Beta • Coordinated First Year Finances series in collaboration with the Student Financial Management Center • Coordinated SophomoreAdventures in collaboration with Residential Life as part of the SophomoreGOLD programming • Coordinated the Sophomore Success Series in collaboration with Career Services as part of the SophomoreGOLD programming • Oversaw coordination Food for Thought, a SophomoreGOLD program for second year students • Oversaw coordination of Bengals Beyond the Bayou series • Advised and oversaw the S.T.R.I.P.E.S. 2011 program • Served as program reviewer for Students in Transition Conference, ACPA Annual Convention,

and Annual Conference on the First Year Experience • Attended the Donna A. Bourassa Mid-Level Management Institute • Inducted into Gamma Sigma Delta and Phi Kappa Phi Honors Societies • Recognized as ACPA’s Commission for Administrative Leadership’s Outstanding Mid-Level Professional • S.T.R.I.P.E.S. received Bronze Honoree recognition with the NASPA Excellence Awards • Membership with ACPA, NASPA, and ASTD Off Campus Service: • Pi Beta Phi Collegiate Regional Programming Specialist – Region 1 • Pi Beta Phi Alumnae Club of Baton Rouge – Vice President

Presentations: • Attended ACPA Annual Convention and Annual Conference on First Year Experience • Facilitated a webinar on “Developing a Transition Camp” for HigherEd Hero • Presented general program session on “Creating a First Year Transition Camp” at the ACPA Annual Convention • Published on “Developing a Transition Camp” in the Journal of College Orientation and Transition

FYE Staff Highlights

LSU Service: • Advised S.T.R.I.P.E.S. executive staff and student leaders • Presented Effective Communication session to LSU S.T.R.I.P.E.S. staff during training • Coordinated Bengals Beyond the Bayou programming series • Coordinated Food for Thought events in collaboration with Residential Life as part of the SophomoreGOLD programming • Recognized as Love Purple Live Gold Awards LSU graduate student of the year

April Anderson Graduate Assistant, S.T.R.I.P.E.S.


Orientation Programs



To provide first-year and transfer students with a comprehensive orientation program offered by the Office of Orientation. The program will offer incoming students an opportunity to take placement exams, earn college credit, schedule first semester classes with the assistance of academic advisers and orientation leaders and become oriented to campus life at LSU. The primary objective of the Orientation Office is to develop outstanding orientation programs and activities in conjunction with other campus departments that prepare students and parents to adjust successfully to their new environment.


LSU Service: • Participant for Undergraduate Admissions and Student Aid recruiting trips • Participant/Presenter for Undergraduate Admissions Kickoff LSU Programs • University Retention Committee • Division representative for LSU Course Scheduling Advisory • Served on search committee for Director of Student Health • Division representative on Assessment Committee • Black Male Leadership Initiative Planning Committee

Orientation Programs

Professional Development: • Freshman Year Experience conference • National Association Directors Association • Webinar: Increasing Student Retention, Success and Institutional Support • Webinar: Supporting the Engagement, Learning and Success of African American and Latino Males • Webinar: Assessing Why Students Stay and Why They Leave • Webinar: The Broken Spoon: How To Use High Impact, Interactive Practices To Develop Higher Order Thinking

Bonnie Alford

Joyce L. Turner

Cherita A. Lee

Director, Office of Orientation

Administrative Coordinator, Office of Orientation

Administrative Coordinator, Office of Orientation


LSU Service: • LSU Ambassadors Advisor • Diversity Expert Panel member for Vice Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor Katrice Albert’s ELRC Diversity Class • Student Life Professional Development Committee – Member • Diversity Action Team – Member • 2012 S.T.R.I.P.E.S Mentor • LSU’s Student Health Center’s Health Promotion Team’s Wellness Wheel Event’ Committee Member Off Campus Service: • 2011 DSAG Buddy Walk Planning Committee – Student Volunteer Chair

Kelli Webber Assistant Director, Orientation

Professional Development: • 2011 National Orientation Director’s Association Conference – New Orleans, LA • 2012 Southern Regional Orientation Workshop – Charlotte, NC • 2011 Campus Life Leading EDGE Advisor Training • FYE/UCFY Joint Training Session: Social/Cultural Capital & Student Success – October 2011 • Webinar: Building Leaders, Coaching for Success, and Advising and Guiding Student Organizations – December 2011 • Webinar: Academic Advising – December 2011 • Tools for Supervision III: Managing Conflict, Staff Development and Team Performance – March 2012 Presentations: • Noda Leadership and You! Co-Presenter – 2012 Southern Regional Orientation Workshop, Charlotte, NC

Orientation Programs

LSU Service: · Coordinated editing of Experience LSU publication · Coordinated Early Bird Orientation · Presented Stereotyping presentation during Orientation Leader training · Co-Advised LSU Ambassadors & Orientation Leaders · Served on LSU Family Weekend planning committee · Maintained LSU Office of Orientation email account · Student Life & Enrollment GA Orientation planning committee

Kyle Nixon Graduate Assistant, Office of Orientation

Professional Development: · Attended Southern Regional Orientation Workshop (SROW) · Attended National Orientation Director’s Association (NODA) Annual Conference


Orientation Programs

The LSU Ambassadors constitute a unique organization of student leaders chosen to aid the University’s orientation and recruitment programs, encourage pride and spirit in the LSU community, and provide diligent service to the LSU campus. LSU Ambassadors assist students throughout their time spent under the oaks and arches - from orientation to graduation.

LSU Ambassadors:

All LSU Ambassadors:

Associate class stats: 511 attended LSU Ambassador Information Meetings 333 applied for LSU Ambassadors 69 selected for LSU Ambassadors 68 inducted into LSU Ambassadors

(182 reporting) Male 28.6%/Female 71.4% Out of state 24.3%/In state 75.7% Greek 16.5% Service Learning participants 32.4% Honors College 12.1% Lived on campus 73.6%

(63 reporting) Male 30.2%/Female 69.8% Out of state 31.7%/In state 68.3% Greek 15.9% Service Learning participants 20.6% Honors College 11.1% Lived on campus 69.8%

Money raised by LSU Ambassadors for National Down Syndrome Society – $1520.34 4 LSU Ambassadors selected for Mortar Board’s Top 10 Freshmen – Meredith Keating, Kelsey Bradberry, Nathan Macaluso, Tuan Tran 2 LSU Ambassadors selected for the Dean of Students Tiger Twelve – Eve Marie Franchebois, Stewart Humble


Parent & Family Programs



Throughout the college years, out team is here to communicate, educate, and support LSU families along the way. While you may not be able to join us on campus every day, you are a vital member of our campus community and critical to student success. We help families stay connected through events, ongoing communication, and membership in the LSU Family Association.

Parent & Family Programs




• During Roaring into the Halls on Thursday, August 18, 2011, Parent &

• Parent & Family Programs hosted the annual LSU Family Weekend

Family Programs hosted a Family Banana Split Party for families to have

on November 11-13, 2011.

a chance to cool off, mingle with other families and enjoy time with

• Close to 2300 family members were on campus for a weekend of

their son/daughter before it was time to “split.” This event was held

activities, programs, and the chance to see the LSU Tigers play a home

in the LSU Student Union once again this year, which led to increased

football game under the lights of Tiger Stadium. Family Weekend

number of attendees who came from Transfer Orientation as well as

activities allowed parents and families to reconnect with the university

families participating in Move-In Day.

and enjoy the campus energy on game day.

• Promoted the LSU Family Association with an information table and

• LSU Family Weekend was held in conjunction with Homecoming and

LSU Family Weekend with “Save the Date” giveaways.

Parent & Family Programs staff collaborated with Campus Life to offer

a Student Life Jazz Brunch at the Maddox Field House featuring guest

speaker, Head Baseball Coach Paul Mainieri.

Leader (compared with 11 POLs in 2011)

• Over 50 door prizes were donated and given out during the Student

Life Jazz Brunch

students (VA and CA) and one transfer student

• Families also received Family Weekend souvenirs throughout the

• POLs created a new video showcasing a “Day in the Life of a Tiger”

weekend, including a tote bag, stadium blanket, lanyard, koozie, hand

and enhanced this evening activity session for parents by breaking into

sanitizer, lapel pin, and pralines.

small groups divided by senior colleges at the end of the presentation.


This addition was a huge hit among parents and the Parent Orientation

events for the university community, including visiting families.

• In the spring semester Parent & Family Programs had the largest

• The weekend featured a Check-in and Welcome Dinner at The Tiger

applicant pool and selected the largest and most diverse Parent

Lair, Tailgate on the Parade Ground featuring a live Zydeco Band, and

Orientation Leader (POL) team to date.

o 12 Parent Orientation Leaders and 1 Head Parent Orientation o Team included 6 former Orientation Leaders, 2 out of state

Leaders and helped alleviate concerns regarding scheduling the next day. • POLs also facilitated Coffee & Conversation with Parent Orientation Leaders on the afternoon of Day 2. This session gave the parents a chance to relax and have casual conversations among each other and with the POLs. • Emphasized cohesion efforts among POLs throughout training and the summer


Parent & Family Programs

“As parents living internationally, our experience has been extremely positive! We greatly valued the connection to everyday student life through the monthly newsletter.” - Joanne & Juan LSU Parents from Dubai/ Baton Rouge • Enhanced the “Uniform Ceremony” for the POLs to create lasting traditions • Held 3 strategically timed debriefing sessions for POLs: after Spring Invitational and twice during the Freshman Orientation, Advising and Preregistration Program over the summer. • Committees were enhanced to include three committees (Cohesion, Preview LSU and Evening Activities) with a POL in charge of each committee. • All POLs were assigned leadership roles including serving on Parent/


member or family highlighting an experience/program on campus. The

• Continued to send electronic monthly email updates to LSU families


which highlight services and programs of departments across campus. • Over 15,377 LSU family members are currently subscribed to the Parent & Family Programs email list.


Student Panel, presenting Commuter Student Success, serving as Committee Chairs, etc.

• Facebook currently has 2,362 parents who “like” the page. • Twitter currently has 550 followers and continues to grow. • LSU Parent & Family Programs blog launched in the fall of 2011. Each week the blog features a new post written by an LSU student, staff

average views per post are typically about 25-30 views a day.

• Separate Parent Guide enhanced in the Experience LSU Handbook

ASSESMENT • Utilized Student Voice to assess all Family Orientation programs, Family Weekend, and Parent Orientation Leader Learning Outcomes




The LSU Family Association collaborated with the Office of

FAMILY ASSOCIATION CALENDAR • Created the 2012-13 Academic Wall Calendar which was distributed

Undergraduate Admissions to host an event in Dallas on Friday,

The LSU Family Association hosted dinners in New Orleans

September 2, 2011, prior to the first LSU football game. Current LSU

(September 29, 2011) and Lafayette (October 27, 2011) for area

Family Association members were invited to attend and mingle with

members. This allowed Family Association members to meet other

incoming families. Family Association staff members were also on

families in their area and allowed staff to share new initiatives such as

hand to share information about the Family Association with incoming

the creation of the Family Association Council.


Parent & Family Programs

to all new Family Association members • Made the calendar available for sale to Family Association members who joined in previous years.



• During the spring semester, the LSU Family Association held its annual application and selection process for the Family Association Scholarships.


Parent & Family Programs

“The LSU Family Association provides a wealth of information about what is happening on campus and what resources are available to aid students as they progress toward their degree.” - Ken & Nancy LSU Parents from Houston, TX • Due to generous donations from Family Association members during

• The Family Association also sponsored a shuttle to transport

the 2011 spring Tiger Talk Campaign, the number of scholarships

members to and from the LSU Baseball game which concluded their

increased from twenty to thirty $1,000 scholarships.

fun filled day on campus.

• These recipients were honored at the Spring Event Scholarship


Recognition Ceremony in March.

Family Association to award 25 scholarships to students of Family HIRED ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Association members. OF DEVELOPMENT FOR THE LSU FAMILY ASSOCIATION SPONSORSHIP Josh Garland began working with the LSU Family Association in


Spring Event

• The LSU Family Association Council hosted two meetings during

• Collaborated with Student Government to sponsor the Holiday May 2011.

the year. The first occurred during the 2011 Family Weekend and the

• The Family Association hosted its third annual Spring Event on

second occurred during the 2012 Spring Event.

Saturday, March 10, 2012.

• Initiatives discussed included establishing an Emergency Fund,

• Approximately 200 Family Association members enjoyed a

Campus Collaboration Grants, volunteering during upcoming events

complimentary dinner at the LSU Faculty Club, where the 2012 Family

(i.e. Family Orientation) and recruiting new Council members.

Shuttle which transported students to and from the New Orleans and Baton Rouge airports during the Thanksgiving and Winter Breaks.

TIGER TALK FUNDRAISER • During the spring semester the Family Association raised $23,000

Association Scholarship recipients were recognized for

during the Tiger Talk Fundraising Campaign.

their achievements.

• This is a decrease in funds from last year but will allow the

• Collaborated with First Year Experience to sponsor several programs including Bengals Beyond the Bayou, Journeys, Transfer Student Meet & Greet and the Minority Male Mixer.


LSU Service: • Homecoming Planning Committee • Family Weekend Planning Committee • Marketing and Communications (MARCOM) Committee, Division of Student Life & Enrollment • Orientation Team Leader Selection Committee • S.T.R.I.P.E.S Mentor • Assessment Committee, Division of Student Life & Enrollment • Spring Fest Parent Panel, April 2012 • Supervised two FYE interns through the LSU School of Social Work

Aimee Frierson Assistant Director, Parent & Family Programs

Professional Development: • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) • National Orientation Directors Association (NODA) - Member • Association of Higher Education Parent/Family

Program Professionals (AHEPPP) Member 2011 National Orientation Directors Association National Conference - New Orleans, LA • Presented, “A Renewed Parent & Family Communication Plan” with Amanda Gulino • 2012 Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) Regional Conference Thibodaux, LA

Parent & Family Programs

LSU Service: • Presented to LSU Ambassadors during associate training • Presented True Colors presentation and Customer Service/Empathy training the POLs • Advised Head Parent Orientation Leader and POL team • Coordinated 2011 Banana Split Party • Served on Family Weekend Planning Committee • Coordinated the Spring Invitational, FOAP and Transfer Orientation Information Fairs

Amanda Gulino Graduate Assistant, Parent & Family Programs

Professional Development: • Planned Southern Regional Orientation Workshop (SROW) 2011 Song, Skit & Dance competition with committee of LSU Ambassadors • Attended Southern Regional Orientation Workshop (SROW)

• Attended National Orientation Directors Association National Conference in New Orleans, LA • Presented, “A Renewed Parent & Family Communication Plan” with Aimee Frierson


LSU Service: • LSU Ambassadors • LSU Ambassador Council – Training Chair • Campus Life – Volunteer LSU (past Director) • Leadership LSU • Family Weekend Planning Committee • Family Association Scholarship Selection Committee • Service Learning Student Assistant – Center for Community Engagement, Learning and Leadership • Tiger Twelve • Happy Excellence in Service-Learning Award

Millena Williams Student Assistant, LSU Family Association

Professional Development: • NUFP (NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program) – fellow • Attended NASPA Annual Conference & NUFP pre-conference

LSU Service: • LSU Ambassadors • Leading Streak • PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) • Student Government (Assistant Director of Academics)

Parent & Family Programs

LSU Service: • LSU Ambassadors • LSU Ambassador Council – Funding & Financial Chair Professional Development: • Distinguished Communicator Candidate

Professional Development: • LSU PRestige (student-run Public Relations firm); Account Executive • Summer internship with the Mississippi Governor’s School • Intern for Bite and Booze Radio Show

Erin Kenna

Taylor LeBlanc

Student Assistant, LSU Family Association

Student Assistant, Parent & Family Programs

Student Life & Enrollment 128 Johnston Hall Baton Rouge, LA 70803

LSU FYE Annual Report 2011-12