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The Campaign for Louisiana State University



A few short years ago,


Thanks to you, more than $798 million was raised, endowing 794

vision was launched of LSU becoming a flagship university and

new scholarships, 429 new professorships, and 36 new chairs.

being recognized as a world-class institution. We knew we were

Also, the Business Education Complex is under construction,

on the cusp of becoming elite in terms of students, faculty, and

as is the LSU Band Hall. LSU has ascended to the top tier of

staff, but we had to find a way to fund that vision other than

American universities for the first time through your dedication

from increased state funding or tuition increases alone. We

and contributions. Now we have to stay there and continue to

needed to increase private financial support to really make that

improve, so our private support must also continue in the future.

vision a reality.

But through you, Forever LSU has reinforced for our flagship

Therefore, the university’s leadership made the historic decision to reach out to you to make the Flagship Agenda happen—to add

university a solid foundation from which to build as we enter our second 150 years.

endowed chairs and professorships, increase student scholarships,

Much like the iconic arches that line our beautiful campus, you

and build a new Business Education Complex and LSU Band

have provided support, stability, and a path forward to the future

Hall. The Forever LSU campaign was the vessel through which

of our great university. You are an integral part of the rich history

we would engage you to meet these historic goals, and we did.

and tradition of LSU...and you will be forever. The Honorable W. Henson Moore III Forever LSU Campaign Chair


You did it.

You made it possible for the Forever

It is with tremendous pride and gratitude that we share with you

LSU campaign to not just meet, but to greatly exceed the most

that more than 61,000 friends and alumni contributed almost

ambitious fundraising goal in LSU’s 150-year history. And, you did

$800 million to Forever LSU to support LSU, the LSU AgCenter,

it despite the extraordinary impact of major hurricanes and the

and the LSU Paul M. Hebert Law Center. That this community-

most difficult economic environment in decades.

wide support yielded such an outstanding result is nothing short

It has been a humbling, inspiring experience to usher in the

of remarkable.

successful conclusion of Forever LSU. We have been on campus

We hope you will enjoy reading this special publication, a

daily throughout the campaign, and that proximity has brought

celebration of just a handful of the myriad of achievements that

with it the privilege of being at the forefront of the countless

happened for one simple reason: Tigers gave.

successes Forever LSU has enjoyed. Yet, you have been the ones at the forefront of our minds throughout this journey. You are the reason for these successes. Forever LSU has been a successful partnership among the LSU Foundation, the LSU Tiger Athletic Foundation, and the LSU Alumni Association. On behalf of our organizations, we thank you for joining us in this historic effort.

Forever LSU, Maj. Gen. William G. Bowdon, USMC (Retired) President and CEO, LSU Foundation (Retired June 30, 2011) Maj. Gen. R.G. Richard, USMC (Retired) President and CEO, Tiger Athletic Foundation Dr. Charlie W. Roberts President and CEO, LSU Alumni Association



“This again proves what the faculty, staff, and students here already know: that LSU is one of the top universities in the nation. As Louisiana’s flagship university, being ranked in the top tier not only brings recognition to our institution but to the state as a whole.” ~LSU Chancellor Michael Martin on the U.S. News & World Report designation of the university’s top-tier status

STUDENT SUPPORT FACULTY SUPPORT PROGRAM SUPPORT CAMPUS INFRASTRUCTURE Forever LSU’s four pillars of support have reached across LSU, the LSU Paul M. Hebert Law Center, and the LSU AgCenter, touching everyone in a variety of ways. In the pages that follow, you will read about just a few of the many success stories that, without your contributions, would not have been possible.



$124,493,449 to establish 794 endowed scholarships and thousands of nonendowed scholarships, awards, and other support LSU’s academic standards have steadily risen over the past


based student scholarships and graduate fellowships, you

decade, which has resulted in a richer, more challenging,

have provided support to the next generation of problem

and intellectually stimulating environment for the entire

solvers, who are now better prepared to tackle our world’s

student body. Through your donations to merit- and need-

most pressing challenges.

A Covenant with In-Need Louisiana Students Established by LSU in fall 2007, the Pelican Promise Scholarship is awarded annually to students who are enrolled at LSU full time or are eligible for admission to LSU, are Louisiana residents, are eligible for a Federal Pell Grant, and come from families with an income less than or equal to 150 percent of the poverty level. Pelican Promise, the equivalent of tuition and the registration fee, makes attending LSU possible for more than 1,100 students, who may have never become Tigers otherwise. IMPACT: Rigoberto “Rigo” Herrera-Zelaya Rigoberto “Rigo” Herrera-Zelaya is one such Tiger. His humility and desire to give back to LSU is an inspiration to us all. Without the Pelican Promise, Rigo's dreams may have been deferred.

“The Pelican Promise was the deciding factor in my coming to LSU. I come from a low-income family; my parents weren’t able to pay for anything for me, and I had to manage my finances to get to college. The Pelican Promise really takes off a lot of that burden. It has allowed me to continue studying here, and that’s really important to me because if I didn’t have it, I’d probably be considering other options.” ~ Rigoberto “Rigo” Herrera-Zelaya


Merit-Based Scholarships Our merit-based scholarships have recognized and supported outstanding academic work of our brightest and most accomplished students. Rewarding these students for their academic accomplishments has been a key element in student recruitment and retention as our university has consistently improved the quality of our student body.

Recruiting Scholars and Leaders The LSU Alumni Association’s Leadership Scholarships and Top 100 Scholarships help LSU attract highly qualified and competitive students. The Leadership Scholarships allow LSU to offer $1,000 awards to high school students with a proven record of outstanding leadership in student organizations and community activities. The Top 100 Scholarship program, one of the university’s most established scholarship programs, has

“LSU was a central experience in my life and has led to many opportunities for me in my career. The Alumni Association Scholarship program was very important to me, and I hope that future generations of LSU students can have those same opportunities.”

awarded scholarships to more than 3,900 high-achieving incoming freshmen. Each fouryear scholarship includes a $2,000 annual cash stipend and a “Chancellor’s Student Aide” job.


~ Larry Franceski, a former Top 100 Scholarship recipient who recently provided a generous gift to support the program

Fulbright Scholar -France

IMPACT: Charlotte Gates “LSU has prepared me for this Fulbright Fellowship by providing a rich sense of Cajun culture and diversity that I will share with my community in France as the main focus of the Fulbright Fellowship. I have also been blessed to have incredible professors that have given training and guidance during college, as well as helping me to prepare my Fulbright application.� ~ Charlotte Gates Fulbright Scholar Honors College Student BS Psychology, 2010



“Our family bleeds purple and gold, loves rooting for the Tigers, and believes strongly in supporting higher education. Endowing the Foundation of Champions Scholarship in football for #15 and selecting Matt Flynn as the Legacy Player was a wonderful way to recognize an outstanding young man and give back to both LSU and the athletic program that have brought us much joy over the years.� ~Lee Boothby BS Petroleum Engineering, 1983

Foundation of Champions


Continuing Athletic Excellence The Tiger Athletic Foundation’s focus is leading the university in building a comprehensively superior athletic program. TAF created the Foundation of Champions, a general scholarship endowment fund, to provide a perpetual source of financial support for athletic scholarships in each sport. IMPACT: Matt Flynn Humanities & Social Sciences Graduate 2007 LSU Football National Champion

“I am honored to represent the Foundation of Champions Scholarship Program as a Legacy Player and to know the Boothby Family Scholarship will forever fund athletic scholarships. My time spent at LSU was very special to me, and I’m excited to know hundreds of others will have the same opportunity because of their special gift to endow an athletic scholarship.” ~ Matt Flynn


Family Association Scholarships


Turning a University into Home LSU might seem like a pretty big place to some incoming students. The Family Association is dedicated to helping families with their transition, making our university an extension of home, no matter where that might be. The LSU Family Association offers support, information, and problem solving for parents of LSU students, and a big part of that is evidenced in the inaugural scholarships a select group of students received. Twelve students comprised the inaugural class of LSU Family Association Scholars. Generous donations from members of the LSU Family Association made possible each student’s receipt of a $1,000 award for the 2010-11 academic year.


A Parent's Perspective “I have developed a profound sense of

the depth to which LSU’s administration

and faculty cares about each, individual

student. There is a personal touch that we never expected with a large, state university. Additionally, there are excellent resources for families and students. LSU is genuinely interested in, and committed to, each student’s success and no issue, however small, has been overlooked. Everyone we have met, students and administrators alike, has shown a genuine interest in my daughter’s happiness and welfare, and everyone, without exception, has been enthusiastic about the unlimited potential at LSU.” David Sapp Attorney at Law & LSU Dad Atlanta, Ga.


John Maxwell Hamilton Fellowship for

Media and Public Affairs Research Big News Day Manship School of Mass Communication student Ashley

Research,” said Kirzinger. “I am extremely grateful for the

Kirzinger is the inaugural recipient of the John Maxwell

opportunity to delve deeper into my dissertation research

Hamilton Fellowship for Media and Public Affairs Research,

and look forward to sharing my results.”

which will provide Kirzinger up to $2,500 in support of her fellowship research. Kirzinger’s Hamilton Fellowship research will examine the role of Twitter in the American press system. She will explore what Twitter reveals about the social networks of political reporters and how it affects norms and routines in collecting and disseminating news stories. “I am truly honored to be the inaugural recipient of the Hamilton Fellowship for Media and Public Affairs

Kirzinger plans to publish her fellowship research in a toptier political communication journal, as well as present her findings at one or more national conferences. “Ashley’s research is important and interesting, and I think it will make a contribution to the study of media and public affairs,” said Amy Reynolds, PhD, associate dean for graduate studies and research. “It was the creativity of her research design and potential significance of the work that made her proposal rise to the top.”




was raised in faculty and research support. 429 endowed professorships funded 36 endowed faculty chairs funded A university cannot recruit the best students without having qualified faculty to educate and mentor them.

honor to LSU, upholding our long tradition of employing

Forever LSU raised funds for endowed chairs and

dynamic, innovative professors and researchers to educate

professorships, providing our faculty with the proper work

our students.

environment, complete with sophisticated, modern, well-equipped laboratory and research facilities.


Our outstanding faculty continues to bring recognition and

A Pryor Commitment The Dr. William A. Pryor Professorships were begun in

Dr. Pryor’s research on smog and oxidative stress led to

2004 by Michael Griffith (PhD, 1968, chemistry), who

new insight into the toxicity of ozone. His studies of

was Dr. Pryor’s first doctoral student. Griffith began the

the chemistry of nitric oxide (NO) are also relevant to

professorship as a tribute to his friend and mentor. Friends,

biochemistry because of the discovery that cells in the

family, and Dr. and Mrs. Pryor themselves, have generously

body produce NO and use it as a hormone. He also made

contributed to the fund with the goal of honoring Dr.

numerous contributions to the use of antioxidants, such as

Pryor’s legacy by reaching an endowed chair level of

vitamin E, in disease prevention.

funding. And what a legacy it is. Boyd Professor Emeritus William A. Pryor is a pioneer in the field of free radical research. In the early part of his career, Dr. Pryor studied the role of free radicals in a variety of organic reactions. He showed early on that several kinds of free radicals are important in biochemistry as well, and also that similar reactive species in smog can enter the body through the lungs and damage cells.

Dr. Pryor was the founding director of both the Biodynamics Institute and the Pennington Biomedical Research Center. His research group has been supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, the National Foundation for Cancer Research, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Health Effects Institute, and a substantial number of national and international corporations. Research grants awarded to Dr. Pryor exceed $50 million. Pictured: Dr. William A. Pryor (left) and Dr. Michael Griffith (right)



Program Su�ort $31,116,648

was raised in support of programs at LSU. LSU is committed to excellence across the spectrum,

that state funding could not. Both endowed and direct

offering curricula of the highest quality at the

gift opportunities have assisted nearly every department

undergraduate and graduate levels and in the arts,

at LSU.

humanities, business, law, agriculture, military sciences, and sciences. University-wide support includes endowments that have assisted the furthering of projects


Here are but a few of the programs that have been impacted by Forever LSU.

“The donation to S.T.R.I.P.E.S. more than doubled the number of participants. I would like to definitely say thank you because it does more than just get students excited. We’re hoping to cultivate the future leadership of LSU… and there’s nothing better.” ~Kelsi Moore S.T.R.I.P.E.S. Leader

Bleeding Purple and Gold There is a lot to think about when you are going away

In the past few years, S.T.R.I.P.E.S. has expanded through

to college. The S.T.R.I.P.E.S.—or Student Tigers Rallying,

the generosity of a $1.1 million gift from Charles Barney,

Interacting, and Promoting Education and Service—

an LSU alumnus. The first S.T.R.I.P.E.S. program welcomed

program is offered through the LSU First Year Experience

a modest 65 incoming freshmen, but since the expansion,

department. S.T.R.I.P.E.S. is a four-day, three-night retreat

the program has grown into one of the most popular

designed to prepare incoming students for the transition to

programs on campus, bringing in more than 500 incoming

LSU. The program instills in first-year students the spirit of

students each year.

LSU and teaches them what it means to be a Tiger not just while they are enrolled…but for life.


IMPACT: Since the program began, 5,500 students have planted more than 46,000 restoration plants on nearly 130 trips to Louisiana’s coastal areas. Coordinated by Associate Professor Pam Blanchard of the LSU College of Education, the program touched more than 40 schools in 18 parishes last year.

Strengthening Roots The LSU Coastal Roots Program received $11,337 from Plow & Hearth Country Store as part of the company’s “Campaign to Reforest America.” In July 2009, Plow & Hearth pledged to donate a tree for every transaction completed between October 15 and December 31 of that year. Thanks to higher than expected sales, the company donated more than 729,000 trees to be planted in Louisiana, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. The amount LSU received is the equivalent of 226,739 seedlings. The LSU Coastal Roots program provides handson learning in environmental studies and science for grades 2-12. Students grow seedlings and grass plugs, which are transplanted to sites across Louisiana.


Community Service Oliver “Rick” Richard and his wife Donna pledged

students practice under close faculty supervision.

$500,000 to the Forever LSU campaign. Half of their

By representing real clients with important legal issues,

gift helped to fund the LSU Paul M. Hebert Law Center’s

students practice in local courts before administrative

Clinical Legal Education Program, which expands

agencies and other venues. This clinic is but one of many

experiential learning opportunities for students, while also

reasons that the LSU Paul M. Hebert Law Center is a top

providing a secondary benefit to lower-income populations

tier law school according to U.S. News & World Report.

and local, state, and federal governments.

“The basis for lifetime learning I received provided me

Through the Law Clinic and the program, the Law Center

the opportunity throughout my career to interact with

offers second- and third-year students the opportunity to

wonderful people in business, government, and the media

practice law and represent in-need clients in the Baton

to affect judicious change,” said Rick Richard.

Rouge community. Like a medical school residency,


4-Ever 4-H LSU AgCenter employees are a generous bunch. Since

accounts each year. Employee donors have often shared

2006, employee giving through payroll deduction has

that the impetus to start giving was a desire to support the

almost tripled, with 112 employees now making monthly

future leaders of Louisiana. Last fiscal year, 22 percent of

donations to endowed and nonendowed 4-H Foundation

4-H donors were LSU AgCenter employees.

accounts. Their contributions support a range of 4-H programs, including scholarships, educational trips, awards, and recognition programs. In addition to gifts received via payroll deduction, many LSU AgCenter employees and retirees contribute to 4-H


Since 1908, more than four million young people have been involved in the LSU AgCenter’s Louisiana 4-H youth development program.

“Career Services is vital. All of these resources are free to students and that is directly because of funding to the STAR Employer Program.“ Andrea Guevara Mass Communication

STAR Search The STAR Employer Program was created to recognize and

Plans are underway for the new Olinde Career Center that

thank those employers that make significant contributions

will bring together LSU Career Services’ two locations. The

to LSU Career Services. Employer gifts have played

Olinde Center will be a state-of-the-art environment better

an important role in building and sustaining services

suited for preparing LSU students and alumni for the world

essential to its success, such as assisting students and

of work. This new home will be a better place for students

alumni in choosing careers, obtaining career-related work

to engage in career planning, a better place for employers

experiences while in school, developing job search skills,

to recruit…a place befitting Louisiana’s flagship university

and securing employment or admission to graduate or

and those who recruit here.

professional school.




$399,774,397 was raised in support of facilities at LSU. LSU has one of the most beautiful campuses in the United

research-intensive universities in America. Your generous

States. It is a botanical joy that illustrates the heights of both

donations have helped us beautify, strengthen, and innovate

natural and human design. But it is not just about aesthetics;

our campus for the LSU of the future.

thanks to you, LSU now competes with some of the best


Opening with an Impact On March 19, 2010, the Business Education Complex,

“Once the BEC opens, LSU will no longer be the only

future home of the LSU E. J. Ourso College of Business,

university of its kind that doesn’t have a freestanding

began to take shape at the official groundbreaking. And

business school,” Maurin said. “For our students, it will

“groundbreaking” is the perfect word to describe the

bring to an end the necessity to walk back and forth across

state-of-the-art learning environment.

campus on a daily basis for business classes. The students

Jimmy Maurin, chairman of Stirling Properties and co-chair of the Louisiana Business Building Oversight Committee (LBBOC), was elated that day. The LBBOC is a part of the Dean's Advisory Council. “With this groundbreaking, we’re dealing with one of the greatest needs that LSU has,” Maurin said. “The LSU E. J. Ourso College is one of the best in the country. It’s one of the biggest colleges on campus, and for the first time it’s going to have its own home, and that’s great.” Completion of the BEC is on target for spring 2012, and for Maurin, the ribbon-cutting ceremony cannot come soon enough.

will have more time to prepare for their next task at hand, will be able to prepare with their peers, and will have all the amenities they will need to accelerate their learning. That is invaluable.” Comprising 156,000 square feet of space, the BEC will accommodate undergraduate and graduate business students, executive education, and business community and college functions that previously have had to be held off-site. Even when the BEC is finished being built, however, the act of building will continue. The BEC will allow the strengthening of programs, initiatives, and the world’s future business workforce. By providing our faculty and students this tremendous advantage, the LSU E. J. Ourso College is giving them the means to compete with anyone.

“We’ll have one of the best facilities in the country for business. Not only are all the students going to see beautiful buildings, they’ll also know that this was a private-public partnership. The donors lead by such a good example, so thank you for setting that example for me.” ~Anne-Marie Fontenot Business


Knocking It Out of the Park The LSU baseball team opened its new Alex Box Stadium in 2009. With a school record for attendance, the Tigers have now led the nation in total home attendance for 15 straight years dating back to 1996. Generous donors to the Tiger Athletic Foundation helped to fund the new Alex Box Stadium. It seats nearly 3,000 more fans and has 6,000 additional square feet of locker and meeting room space than its previous incarnation some 200 yards away, as well as new batting cages to help hone the skills of generations of Tigers to come.

“The stadium that we’ve been given is unbelievable. It’s second to none around the country. With 10,000 screaming fans every weekend, it’s a really special place. Thank you so much for spoiling us.” ~ Mikie Mahtook

Sport Administration LSU Outfielder, 2009 National Championship Team


“It’s had a significant impact on the mechanical engineering students here at LSU. It really mirrors what we’d expect in a professional setting…we’ll be better prepared for what we do in the future because of it.” ~ Evan Ledet Mechanical Engineering

Walk This Way A $500,000 gift to the LSU Foundation for the LSU College

“The first thing that attracted me to engineering was the

of Engineering's Department of Mechanical Engineering

shops. I made straight A’s in shop work. I am very proud

enabled the late Frank H. Walk Sr., DE, PE, and 1942 ME

of my degree from LSU. Everywhere I’ve been in the world,

graduate, to present engineering students with a state-

I have bumped into engineering grads from LSU who have

of-the-art presentation room for the ME capstone senior

been successful. That speaks well of the university and the

design course sequence, in addition to three new CNC

degree attained.”

lathe machines for students to engineer their designs. Walk, former chairman/CEO emeritus of Walk, Haydel & Associates, Inc. and former consultant to URS Corporation, was a true “LSU Engineer” who combined the highest standards of professional excellence and accomplishment with seemingly limitless energy and a deep commitment to his community, state, and alma mater. The result was a life full of engineering achievement and a distinguished record of selfless service. Before his death, Mr. Walk explained his experience at LSU.

IMPACT: LSU mechanical engineering students face a formidable challenge prior to graduation by competing in a Senior Design Capstone Program. For the capstone projects, teams of students devise solutions to engineering problems submitted by industry, faculty, and the community at large. These design solutions require consideration of all aspects of engineering. Alternative designs are investigated during the first semester, and a functioning prototype must be manufactured by the close of the second semester. Engineering seniors then devise a solution to a problem in society and fabricate the result.


"We think there are about 100,000 people that visit him on an annual basis, and it’s just really a top-notch facility. We can’t thank you enough.” ~ Nicholas P. Cross Veterinary Medicine Mike VI’s Caretaker

We All Like Mike! The “I Like Mike” campaign began in 2001, uniting

planting, a large live oak tree, a waterfall, a stream, and

fans, students, and members of the LSU community to

a swimming pond.

raise money that gave our former mascot, Mike V, a new home. On August 27, 2005, Mike V moved from his old 1,100-square-foot home to a 15,000-plus–square-foot habitat. In so doing, he stepped into one of the largest and finest tiger habitats in the nation, featuring lush


Now, Mike VI is enjoying the fruits of all the generous donations and labor that went into the “I Like Mike” campaign. With constant care and attention from his caretakers at the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine, Mike is one lucky and well-taken-care-of cat.

For veterinary medical students Randee Monceaux and

on experience in an incredible research environment.

Nick Cross, Mike the Tiger’s student caretakers, Mike

While the role of caretaker is a popular one within the

VI is more than just the LSU mascot: he is a 450-pound,

LSU School of Veterinary Medicine—one in every seven

five-year-old tiger that needs to be cared for 365 days a

students applied for the current rotation—it is one that is

year. And caring for him, while simultaneously thrilling

only filled after careful deliberation.

and rewarding, is not an easy job. The habitat provides a unique opportunity for these students to gain hands-



Business Education Complex

Football Operations Center, including indoor and outdoor turf fields

Shaw Center for the Arts

Rural Life Museum Visitors Center

Veterinary Medicine Equine ICU

LSU Olinde Career Center

Clarence P. Cazalot Jr. Marathon Oil Corporation Atrium in the Howe-Russell Geoscience Complex

Basketball Practice Facility

New Softball Tiger Park

University High Renovations and Gym

Women’s Basketball Locker Room

Mike The Tiger’s New Habitat

University Club Golf Course Renovations


Major Building Projects not pictured include: Cox Communications Academic Center for Student-Athletes LSU Band Hall LSU Soccer Stadium Tiger Stadium-West Side Pete Maravich Assembly Center Renovations New Alex Box Stadium (see page 30) Old Alex Box Parking North Stadium Window Replacement LSU Golf Practice Facility Chemical Engineering Building Multiple classrooms, laboratories, and research space Frank H. Walk Design Presentation Room










233,595 Gifts & Pledges

Faculty Support


Campus Infrastructure


Student Support


Program Support


Unrestricted $5,214,261

$764,177,300 Private Giving 34

Regional Forever LSU Campaign Locations (Listed Alphabetically by State) California Los Angeles San Francisco Colorado Denver Florida Tampa

Louisiana Acadiana Alexandria Baton Rouge Florida Parishes Houma/Thibodaux Lake Charles Monroe New Orleans Shreveport

Georgia Atlanta

New York New York Tennessee Nashville Texas Austin Dallas Houston Washington, D.C.

$700,000,000 $600,000,000 $500,000,000 $400,000,000 $300,000,000 $200,000,000 $100,000,000 0 Total Raised by Category

$122,551,853.76 Endowed

$641,625,438.96 Nonendowed

Private giving consisting of cash, pledges, in-kind gifts, and planned and testamentary giftsÂ

$34,040,000.00 State Match

Generated in-state matching funds (professorships & chairs through 6/30/2010)

As of December 31, 2010, donors to Forever LSU gave:

$798,217,300 Total raised from all funding sources


An ancient

Chinese proverb states, “A journey

LSU student. The piggy bank has been in the campaign

of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Similarly, a journey

office since the beginning as a reminder. I realized then that

toward $798 million begins with a single donation. This is the

philanthropy is taught.

story of how the historic Forever LSU campaign received ours.

Since that first donation, the generosity expressed by donors

My first day as director of the campaign was April Fool’s Day,

like you has been overwhelming. It has been an extraordinary

2006. I was busy moving everything in with the help of my sons

honor to serve as a member of the stellar campaign team Forever

when my oldest, Brennan, then eight, asked me what my new

LSU. Between Shelley Favre Zeringue, Danielle Nienaber, and me,

job would entail. I explained to him that we were beginning a

we hold five LSU degrees. We bleed purple and gold. We are all

campaign that would propel LSU, Louisiana’s Flagship University,

grateful to have been able to represent our alma mater across the

into the top tier of national universities and that our mission was

country and beyond in such a worthwhile endeavor.

very important to the future of not only LSU, but the state as well.

Together, we would also like to give a special thank you to the

When Brennan asked how this would be accomplished, I told him

three foundations and three campuses. A very personal thank you,

that it would take a lot of money, but luckily there were hundreds

specifically, to Congressman Henson Moore and his wife Carolyn,

of people just like us who loved LSU and who would be willing

whose leadership, steadfast vision, and personal sacrifice for

to help us reach our goal. The next day, as I was leaving for work, Brennan handed me his piggy bank, which contained $83.47, and said that he was thankful for the scholarship he received at his school and figured if he could help a student go to LSU, he wanted to help. Tears

LSU have been inspiring. They are a joy to work with. Thank you, Katherine Kennedy Burlette for all of your hard work. Thank you to the entire Forever LSU Campaign Cabinet, who we have grown to know as personal friends and comrades-in-arms. Last but not least, a very personal thank you to Shelley and

of pride and humility fell from my eyes. Someone believed in

Danielle. You are, quite simply, the BEST. It has been a privilege

Brennan, and because of that, he believed in the future of an

to work with you. Many blessings in your future endeavors. Sincerely, Beverly Brooks Major, LSU ’93, ‘05 Director, Forever LSU


Forever LSU Campaign Cabinet Dr. Mary Lou Applewhite

Mr. Mark L. Hefter

Mr. Jon D. "Jay" Babb

Mr. Thomas M. Hontzas

Dr. and Mrs. Terence Beven

President Emeritus William L. Jenkins

Mr. Jamie B. Bice

Honorable J. Bennett Johnston Jr.

Mrs. Linda H. Bowsher

Mr. Kip Knight

Dr. Bert R. Boyce

Mr. Gary L. Laborde

Mrs. Laura Boyce (deceased)

Mr. Edward A. Landry

Honorable John B. Breaux

Mr. Richard A. Lipsey

Ms. Claire L. Cagnolatti

Dr. John V. Lombardi

Mr. Ronald C. Cambre

Mr. Harry J. Longwell

Mr. E. R. Campbell Jr.

Mr. Roy O. Martin III

Mr. Guy Campbell III

Mr. James E. Maurin

Mr. Jeff K. Carbo

Mr. W. Shelby McKenzie

Mr. James Carville

Honorable W. Henson Moore III

Ms. Sarah Clayton

Mr. Shaquille R. O’Neal

Mr. William Conti

Mr. J. Rock Palermo III

Mr. Lodwrick M. Cook

Dr. James R. Peltier

Mr. Robert H. Crosby III

Mr. Roy A. Pickren Jr.

Mr. John L. Daniel Jr.

Mr. Eddie N. Pullaro

Dr. Cheryl C. Fasullo

Mr. Milton J. Reese Jr.

Mrs. Ashley S. Fox-Smith

Mr. Gordon E. Regan Jr.

Mr. Edward G. Galante

Mr. Kevin P. Reilly Sr.

Mr. G. Lee Griffin

Mr. C. Stewart Slack

Dr. Arthur M. Halbrook

Dr. Steven V. Slaton

Mrs. Margaret Womack Hart

Mr. Donald J. Waguespack

Mr. Harry T. Hawks

Mr. Rick Wolfert

Mr. R. Brian Haymon

Mr. J. Lanier Yeates


Development Staff Tammy Abshire, CFRE Danny Aguirre Krista Allen Chaunda Allen Connie Anderson Wes Ardoin Melissa Argrave Laura Balden Marco Barker Kristin Batulis Mona Becnel Danny Belanger Casey Bennett Randa Bordelon Beverly Brooks Major, CFRE Ben Broussard, CFRE Katie Bulot Katherine Kennedy Burlette Rhett Butler Cary Byrd Bunnie Cannon Joe Carvalhido Pam Coltharp Nancy Colyar Julie Cooper Meredith Cothern Sara Courtney Steven Covington Laura Cox Jacquelyn Craddock Jeff Crow Melissa Daly Kushal Dasgupta Derek Denton Karen A. Deville Josh Dicharry Cathy Dodge, CFRE Lori Dowden Jane Dunn Chandler Dupont Pat Edwards Don Eisenberg, CFRE Jennifer Eller


Tia Embaugh, CFRE Eric Eskew Tracy Evans Gwen Fairchild Shelley Favre Zeringue Charlotte Fruge Gigi Gauthier Lisa Geddes Emi Gilbert Russ Greer John Grubb Eric Guerin Angela Guidry Jeff Hale Stacey Halphen Amanda Haralson Stephen Harmon Courtney Hart Emily Heinroth Jane Henslee Martin Hernandez Tiffany Hess John Hightower Ernie Hill (deceased) Stephen Holliday Betty Karlsson, CFRE Michelle Kasischke Lindsey Kelly Vicki King Norisha Kirts Bryan Landry Laura Lanier, CFRE Kelly Lastrapes Mimi LaValle Wendy Leudtke Brenda Macon Ann Marie Marmande, CFRE John McGehee Jeffery McLain, CFRE Wayne Miller Adrienne Moore Gretchen Morgan, CFRE Ky Mortensen, CFRE

Carol Newman Lindsay Newport Danielle Nienaber Charlotte Nordyke Tonja Normand Lisa O’Beirne Michael Oblinger Wendy Overton Lori Patterson Kelly Pepper Rick Perry Cecil Phillips Harriet Pooler Quinn Rainwater Lee Rayner Mike Robinson Malcolm Robinson Lahna Roche Arlette Rodrigue, CFRE Jill Roshto Ben Ross Raychel Roy Nicole Rozas Cynthia Sandefer Todd Sandeman Brian Schmolke Emma Schneider Dick Schneider Georgia Scobee Jamie Segar David Senior Mila Sexton, CFRE Lynn Shields Stacey Simmons Karen Soniat Dennis Spring Laura St. Blanc Ed Steimel Cliff Vannoy Frances Watson Judyth Wier, CFRE Jensen Young Bobbi Zaunbrecher

List reflects everyone who served as development staff during the campaign

LSU Foundation Board of Directors

LSU Tiger Athletic Foundation Board of Directors

LSU Alumni Association Board of Directors

Mr. Mark K. Anderson Mr. Jeff H. Benhard Mr. J. Herbert Boydstun Mr. J. Terrell Brown Mr. Robert H. Crosby III Mr. Robert W. Daigle Mrs. Laura L. Dauzat Mr. William T. Firesheets II Mr. T. Cass Gaiennie Mr. G. Lee Griffin Mr. Frank W. Harrison III Mr. Gary L. Laborde Mr. Gene W. Lafitte Sr. Mr. Charles A. Landry Mrs. Laura A. Leach Mr. David B. Means III Mr. William B. Owens Dr. James R. Peltier Mr. John F. Shackelford III Mr. Robert M. Stuart Jr. Mrs. Sue W. Turner Mr. Burton D. Weaver Jr. Mr. Felix R. Weill Mr. William H. Wright Jr. Mr. J. Lanier Yeates

Mr. Al Adams Mr. Bruce A. Adams Mr. H.F. “Hank” Anderson Mr. Woody D. Bilyeu Mr. Guy Campbell III Mr. Brian P. Cheramie Mr. William T. Drost Mr. Jerry D. Dumas Sr. Mr. Eric Edwards Mr. G. Archer Frierson II Ms. Theresa M. Gallion Dr. Eric T. Geist Mr. Jamie Howard Mr. James Fleet Howell Mr. Patrick A. Juneau Mr. Leonard K. “Lenny” Lemoine Mr. Roy O. Martin III Mr. James E. Maurin Mr. Markham R. McKnight Chris Miciotto, MD Mr. Scott Moran Mr. Jake Netterville Mr. Tyron D. Picard Mrs. Stacey Paretti Rase Mr. William W. “Billy” Rucks IV Mr. Gordon L. “Gordy” Rush III Mr. Todd Schexnayder Mr. Jerry Shea Jr. Mr. Steven J. Sherman Mr. Eulis Simien Jr. Mrs. Aimee Simon Mr. Robert M. Stuart Jr. Mr. Collis B. Temple III Mr. E. Robert “Bobby” Theriot Mrs. Beth Tope Mr. Craig Webb Mr. Charles S. Weems III Mr. Charles S. “Burney” Williams Mr. Brian H. Woodard Mr. Richard E. Zuschlag

Scott L. Anderson Jack A. Andonie, MD Mary Lou Applewhite, MD Jon D. “Jay” Babb J. Hals Benhard Patricia C. “Pat” Bodin Carney A. “Buddy” Brice III, DDS John S. Butler, PhD Guy Campbell III Lodwrick M. Cook Gregory J. “Gregg” Cordaro Robert W. Dugas, MD Theresa M. Gallion Ronald M. Johnson Jan K. Luizza Ted A. Martin Louis R. Minksy, MD Charles H. Moniotte, CPA Richard C. “Ricky” Oustalet John T. Shelton Jr. Carl J. Streva Susan K. Whitelaw, CPA Michael H. “Mike” Woods

LSU Foundation Ex Officio Board of Directors Maj. Gen. William G. Bowdon Mr. Jeffery McLain, CFRE Mr. George Moss Ms. Gina Dugas Mr. Bill Silvia

List reflects board membership as of December 31, 2010


I LSU System Board of Supervisors Mr. Ronald R. Anderson Dr. Jack A. Andonie Mr. R. Blake Chatelain Mr. Garret H. Danos Honorable Ann D. Duplessis Mr. Anthony G. Falterman Dr. John F. George Mr. Stanley J. Jacobs Mr. Alvin E. Kimble Mr. Raymond J. Lasseigne Mrs. Laura A. Leach Mr. James W. Moore Jr. Mr. Ben W. Mount Mr. Roderick K. West Mr. Robert V. Yarborough Ms. Ali V. Lieberman

University Administration Chancellor Michael V. Martin Chancellor Jack M. Weiss Chancellor William B. Richardson Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost John Maxwell Hamilton Dean Jennifer Cargill Dean Kevin R. Carman Interim Dean Kenneth E. Carpenter Dean Nancy L. Clark Dean William David Constant Dean Christopher F. D’Elia Dean Gaines M. Foster Dean Peter F. Haynes Interim Dean Ralph S. Izard Dean Eli Jones Dean Laurence D. Kaptain Dean Kenneth L. Koonce Dean Richard Koubek Interim Dean Laura F. Lindsay Dean Christian E. Molidor Dean Beth M. Paskoff Vice Chancellor and Athletic Director Joseph Louis Alleva Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer Brian D. Voss Vice Chancellor Cheney C. Joseph Jr. Vice Chancellor Christopher M. Pietruszkiewicz Vice Chancellor Eric N. Monday Vice Chancellor Paul D. Coreil Vice Chancellor John S. Russin Interim Vice Chancellor Thomas R. Klei Vice Chancellor Isiah M. Warner Vice Chancellor Kurt J. Keppler Vice Provost Katrice A. Albert Vice Provost Jane W. Cassidy Vice Provost T. Gilmour Reeve Special thanks to former LSU chancellors Mark Emmert and the Honorable Sean O'Keefe, President Emeritus William Jenkins, and former LSU Law Center Chancellor Emeritus John Costonis.


List reflects leadership as of December 31, 2010

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Forever LSU Thank You  

Forever LSU Campaign Report

Forever LSU Thank You  

Forever LSU Campaign Report