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LSU Eunice provides an accessible, affordable education that enriches the lives of our diverse students, enhances economic development throughout Louisiana, and improves the vitality of the communities we serve. We are deeply committed to positive transformation of opportunity, resources, and well-being for all.

or more than 50 years, LSU Eunice (LSUE) has been a pathway for students who might not otherwise have access to a high-quality, affordable education. We respond to the needs of high school graduates who are eager to pursue their career ambitions in an environment that prepares them to transition to a four-year university or directly into the workforce. Many of our students come to LSUE without a strong academic foundation, limited by the educational resources available to them. We harness and unleash their potential, and they leave LSUE ready to enter not just today’s workforce, but also to adapt to changing employment needs. From classes taught by subjectmatter experts to extracurricular activities that enhance coursework, we offer a robust experience consistent with LSU’s role as Louisiana’s state university. As LSU’s only comprehensive two-year campus, LSUE is a critical driver for the vibrancy of our rural community, the health care industry throughout our region, and LSU’s family of campuses statewide. We are also a diverse, inclusive campus, with 31 percent of our student body comprising traditionally underrepresented populations. And while our student base remains predominantly female, we are making strides in gender diversity. In our first half-century, we’ve grown to a student body of nearly 3,300, delivering an impact that is seen daily in the professions our graduates lead throughout Louisiana and beyond. As we evolve to meet changing higher education needs—expanding our online programs, introducing new courses, and strengthening our student programming—we are steadfast in our commitment to maintaining the highest academic and professional standards and recruiting and investing in our faculty. Philanthropy is an increasingly important partner for higher education institutions nationwide. Here, our philanthropic assets are modest, but our impact is nothing short of transformative. Daily, we are transforming our educational experience to stay relevant in a rapidly shifting, increasingly global economy—and to ensure that LSUE students are not left behind. We are their springboard into lifelong professional and personal success.




SUE is an engine for upward social mobility, and our capacity to open the door to opportunity is directly tied to our ability to award meaningful scholarship support. Our scholarship needs are pervasive. With less than $1 million in endowed scholarships today, we cannot meet the growing, varied needs of our students, nor can we ensure their access to experiential learning programs. Our comprehensive education focuses not just on excellence in the classroom, but also on offering experiences that prepare graduates for fulfilling, successful lives in any path they choose. Growing LSUE’s scholarship endowment is one of the most important outcomes we can create together through the Fierce for the Future Campaign. An LSUE education is a gateway to transitioning to four-year degree programs, careers in health care, and professional school environments like law school. Our modest endowment limits the college’s ability to support bright students who cannot afford to pursue higher education—students who can lead tomorrow if we invest in them today. While TOPS scholarships offer significant recruiting leverage and defray the costs of college, growing the size of LSUE’s scholarship endowment is necessary to recruit and retain Louisiana’s resident scholars and student athletes into our full slate of academic programs. Gifts toward a scholarship endowment will increase the number of scholarships available to LSUE students in all fields of study, supplementing TOPS awards and providing critical funding for those in programs not eligible for TOPS support. Scholarship support will ensure an excellent education remains accessible to Louisiana’s future workforce in high-demand fields.



My choice to fund an endowed scholarship was based on my desire to help students who may not have the financial resources to venture far from home for college or simply desire a great educational experience on a smaller campus. My father recognized how fortunate we were to have LSUE in our backyard, and the scholarship is a way to honor his appreciation for this campus as a tremendous asset to Acadiana. “At LSUE I had a great, academically challenging college experience at a reasonable cost and developed lifelong friendships. It provided me a solid foundation for my final two years on LSU’s main campus. As my professional career advanced, I reflected on the choices individuals and families made to invest in students like me growing up in rural South Louisiana and decided to pay it forward and help others achieve their goals. That’s what legacy is all about, leaving a gift for those who follow you.”

Pete Burney, Vice President - Diversity, Inclusion, and Compliance, JE Dunn Construction Company - Kansas City, Missouri

WE NURTURE INGENUITY TO DEVELOP LEADERS. his is an exciting time for LSUE because our enrollment is growing and we are adding new degree programs. Our experienced, dedicated faculty are working to meet the needs and interests of LSUE’s student body, but we cannot keep pace with our growth unless our faculty cohort also expands. New faculty protect our ability to offer customized support and small class sizes, hallmarks of how we meet the unique needs of our student base. Importantly, they also bring subject-matter expertise that enables us to broaden our degree programs. Many of our faculty are practitioners in their fields who coach and prepare our students for success far beyond the classroom and the pages of their textbooks. They are problem-solvers and healers, creative thinkers and leaders. With each new faculty member, LSUE diversifies the perspectives represented on our campus and expands the scope of our research—and our students’ access to participate in it. Teaching at LSUE is, for many of our faculty, a reflection of their passion for higher education, and this intersection of passion and purpose makes our



campus richer. Yet, we must invest in them financially if we expect to retain them. Philanthropic support provides resources to nurture faculty ingenuity throughout all areas of campus, creating a culture that encourages and rewards excellence, risk-taking, and an open-minded approach to challenges. LSUE values collaboration at all levels: across disciplines; among faculty, staff, and students; with other universities and institutions; and in support of those we serve. Our thriving dual enrollment programs, powered by faculty, engage area high school students in earning college credit before graduation. Without LSUE, these students would not have such a seamless pathway into higher education. We are changing students’ lives before they even earn a high school diploma. Each $60,000 gift to LSUE to create a professorship is eligible for $40,000 in state matching funds until we reach 15 funded professorships. Donor support is the only path for seizing this opportunity to provide a year-after-year stream of reliable funding for the people who form the very backbone of LSUE.

There are so many aspects that I love about my job. As the director of the surgical technology program, I most enjoy the journey that I accompany each student on. LSUE has a critical role and obligation to the local and regional medical community. As an institution that offers nursing and health care programs, we must produce safe, best practice-minded practitioners with very high ethical and moral fundamentals. Being a part of students’ progression and then finally seeing them in the field providing the best standard of patient care to our community is very rewarding. “The endowed professorship funding is an excellent way to recognize faculty and assist in retention. Faculty are able to not only enhance their program with models, supplies, or software, but they are also able to attend conferences and professional meetings to better enhance their ability to teach and relate to their students.”


Renee Guillory, MBA, CST, CSPDT Director of Surgical Technology

s prospective students matriculate to LSUE, we believe that the foundation of their student experience should be rooted in a curriculum that embodies the values of LSU—not just through traditional classes, but also through the synthesis of traditional teaching, co-curricular experiences, and experiential learning opportunities. Our athletics program is one way we forge that link, and an important one given that our only on-campus residents are our student athletes. LSUE’s highly successful intercollegiate athletics program attracts prospective students and fosters a sense of community spirit that is especially important for a mostly commuter campus like ours. As part of our commitment to promoting students’ health and well-being, LSUE recently added three new athletic teams. Facility enhancements and expansion are important to accommodate increased demand for team practices and games; they help our athletes achieve peak performance. This multi-phase effort, funded in part by donor support, will start with construction of the new LSUE Soccer Complex. The complex will support the college’s successful soccer program and be home to the area’s recreational youth soccer teams. The complex is, at its core, a community-minded investment: it will improve access to recreational facilities that LSUE students and rural residents can use to engage in safe, affordable activities that positively impact their quality of life. When our athletes take the field, it’s more than a game. They appreciate what it means to compete as a team for LSUE, where they gain skills, experiences, and knowledge that prepare them to succeed no matter where their careers take them.




hen Angelo Fabricio moved from his hometown of Jundiaí, Brazil, to participate in a foreign exchange program at St. Amant High School, he began a journey that led him to LSUE. Fabricio’s athletic prowess in high school positioned him to join the LSUE Men’s Soccer team as a midfielder/forward while continuing his education in the U.S. Fabricio was soon selected to the All-Region 23 Men’s Soccer Team and sealed the Region 23 Championship with the game-winning penalty kick in overtime against Jones College. Support for our new soccer complex and thriving athletics programs attracts outstanding scholar-athletes like Fabricio year after year.



SUE is a deeply connected community with unwavering dedication to the betterment of life for Louisianans. Our connection to our community began the moment the Arnold LeDoux family donated 50 acres to establish the LSUE campus, and it informs every goal we set. We know that, far more than an institution that awards degrees, we are one of the most important factors in Southwest Louisiana’s future. Here on a rural tract of land in Acadia Parish, we are creating an experience that prepares LSUE graduates to lead purposeful lives as community leaders, professionals, and global citizens. LSUE is fiercely committed to the principle that every bright student who considers LSU to be a university of choice should have the opportunity to develop themselves through education, regardless of financial resources. We provide a pathway for responding to diversified interests, aptitudes, talents, needs, and goals. Your support as a donor will open that pathway to the next generation of LSUE students to achieve and excel. Whether an LSUE student aspires to transition to a four-year LSU campus, earn an associate degree, attend medical school, or achieve any range of goals, we are focused on offering the flexible support needed to bring those dreams to life. Our faculty are personally invested in the advancement of our region, our state, our students, and each other. Ours is a vibrant, diverse, and rewarding community with a rich culture and history and an even brighter future. Together with you, we are a catalyst for transformation—a force for good that changes lives and makes a significant, positive impact on the world around us, starting here in our home state.



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