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The world is a big place with big questions to answer and big secrets to unlock. That’s where LSU comes in. We have a vision for tomorrow, one that shows what fierce can do. Here in Louisiana and in the farthest reaches of the globe, we will not hesitate to answer the call.




FIERCE WORKS AS ONE. Earning our distinction as an elite research university

university, LSU is a nexus of people, partnerships, and

did not happen by chance. It took passionate

ideas that fuel the engine of global progress from our

commitment for finding answers that others could

campuses in Baton Rouge, Alexandria, Eunice, New

not. It required courage and effort and strength of

Orleans, and Shreveport, and from our extension

will. That very same strength of will is what we are

offices in all 64 parishes.

channeling now as we show the world we are Fierce for the Future by raising $1.5 billion—because a tame

LSU has long been recognized for our athletic

spirit never changed the world.

success, and deservedly so. This campaign is the moment when our academic achievements shine

Our comprehensive education focuses not just on

just as brightly as our dominance in sports. Your

excellence in the classroom, but also on experiences

investment in LSU will reflect your dedication to

that position LSU graduates for fulfilling, impactful

shaping our role in leading Louisiana and impacting

lives. At this very moment, LSU is preparing the

the world.

leaders of tomorrow to make a name for themselves by making a difference in the lives of others.

Together, we form a vibrant, diverse, and rewarding community with a rich history and an even brighter

We are deeply committed to positive transformation of

future. Ours is a unique culture of celebration and

opportunity, resources, and well-being for all. Though

service—one that our shared passion will sustain for

our work begins here in Louisiana, our influence

generations to come.

extends far beyond our borders. More than just a

FIERCE LEADS THE CHARGE. LSU drives solutions to global issues that Louisiana knows better than most. No other state is home to a higher percentage of native-born residents. The sense of community for which we are known is rooted in the land upon which our campuses sit and is reflected in our alumni’s lifelong engagement with their university. LSU’s vision is the key to Louisiana’s future. Our state is counting on LSU to elevate our passion into purpose. Fierce for the Future answers that call. This is the largest and most far-reaching advancement campaign ever initiated for higher education in the history of Louisiana. It is also the first to unite all of our campuses statewide in pursuit of a common goal: to generate solutions for the people in Louisiana that hold the promise of making profoundly positive impacts around the world.



FIERCE RISES TO THE CHALLENGE. Louisiana’s most urgent and compelling concerns cannot be solved without the human capital LSU provides. The outcomes we yield together will respond to the needs of our friends and neighbors as we improve lives everywhere. But our mission is about much more than generating solutions. We are harnessing passions and knowledge to enrich our culture, improve our communities, and deliver an education that illuminates paths to a better tomorrow for everyone. LSU is a leader in global change for the innovative advancement of the arts and humanities, science, education, energy, the environment, business leadership, and wellness. Our students work with faculty who discover new species, develop crops that can feed the world, drive economic development through applied research and leadership, build everything from nanoparticles to bridges, perform on the world’s grandest stages, save our nation’s coastlines, provide hope for patients confronting chronic diseases, and champion the promise of social mobility.



ARTS & CULTURE LSU is a bastion of cultural expression. Across

For generations, our multicultural heritage

the state, our visual and performing arts programs

has enriched the state’s economic viability and

flourish; throughout the world, we create art and

enlivened the social fabric of our communities.

perform music and theater. Our faculty and graduate

We have a responsibility to enhance and preserve

students visit indigenous communities to document

it for generations to come.

and protect their histories. And our immersion programs prepare students to be globally engaged.

In looking toward the future, LSU encourages excellence, risk-taking, and an open-minded

The arts are an essential element of a well-rounded

approach to challenges. We nurture emerging

education and a purposeful life, inspiring new ways

talent. We reward ingenuity.

of thinking and cultivating the holistic skill sets our students need to excel in a global marketplace.

Our creativity is, in many ways, a natural resource

They deepen our understanding of one another

that never wanes—one we are passionate about

and strengthen our bonds, bridging subject matter

making accessible to all. Through our museums,

expertise with experiences that impact our ability

degree programs, partnerships with under-

to communicate, connect, and lead effectively.

resourced schools, and countless other ways that weave in and out of our thriving campuses, LSU

The culture of Louisiana is vibrant and multi-layered.

advances arts and culture. We help people lead

You hear it in our music, taste it in our food, and see

richer lives and become stronger critical thinkers

it in our architecture. By celebrating our uniqueness

and more creative problem solvers.

and raising awareness of global values and beliefs, we continually strengthen our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

JASON BOWERS, PHD, LSU ALUMNUS, INSTRUCTOR, AND KIDS’ ORCHESTRA DIRECTOR “Music is this great equalizing force—it provides opportunities for people to form emotional connections. In Kids’ Orchestra, students as young as five develop a sense of confidence and identity by collaborating with people from all different backgrounds. These experiences strengthen their social abilities and problem-solving skills. In turn, this impacts how they interact with their classmates in school, their families at home, the people in their communities. It’s a ripple effect. Music can positively shape their entire future.” S E E T H E F U L L S T O R Y AT F I E R C E F O R T H E F U T U R E C A M PA I G N . O R G



CLINT WILLSON, PHD, LSU CENTER FOR RIVER STUDIES DIRECTOR “So many of our students grew up playing or working along our coasts. They understand the importance of the Mississippi River to our industries and culture. With LSU’s resources and expertise, we can channel their passion and their desire to make a difference. Here in Louisiana or far from home, our students are prepared to face the challenges and implement the solutions, because they know what it means to the people in coastal communities all over the world.” S E E T H E F U L L S T O R Y AT F I E R C E F O R T H E F U T U R E C A M PA I G N . O R G

COAST, ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT Louisiana is a working coast, home to nearly five of the Earth’s population, share the common challenges, benefits, and vulnerabilities of living


million residents who, along with a large percentage

near the water and within close proximity of a delta. LSU is uniquely situated, both geographically and

in terms of our expertise, to investigate the complex relationship of land, sea, and air.

For generations, LSU has focused on finding more

effective ways to protect the environment and more

efficient methods for utilizing natural resources. The

tenacity with which we’ve faced these challenges has garnered international recognition. Given Louisiana’s emphasis on energy, firsthand understanding of

the risks of severe weather, and fragile coast, LSU’s

faculty must continue to address these critical issues with urgency.


Strategic investments in our intellectual capital in

science, engineering, agriculture, energy, and coastal studies will expedite our success. Coupled with

increased support for observation, modeling, and forecasting, these investments will solidify LSU’s

place as a global leader in transformative research, education, and engagement in the coast and

environment. We are committed to protecting and

sustaining our shared natural resources, not only for

the benefit of Louisiana but for the good of the planet.

LSU students conduct research on the Lower Mississippi River Physical Model.


RESEARCH & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT globe, LSU is driven to lay the foundation for building

university and the passion of our global scholars to

a 21st-century innovation economy for Louisiana, while

deliver breakthroughs that address today’s societal

at the same time serving the industries that form our


LSU harnesses the power of being an elite research

needs. As the state’s flagship university, LSU is

state’s economic backbone.

uniquely positioned to serve as an economic engine. We leverage our research prowess to drive outcomes

LSU will catalyze the innovation cycle and

in areas ranging from cybersecurity to biodegradable

develop a strong culture of invention by fostering

Mardi Gras beads. Our faculty and student researchers

transformational science and interdisciplinary

make daily discoveries that positively impact

research. We are fully committed to supporting and

businesses around the world. LSU’s annual economic

incentivizing the creation of intellectual property.

impact tops $5.1 billion in Louisiana alone.

Across our campuses, students, researchers, and faculty members are developing patented and

Pivoting from established and emerging areas of

licensable technologies that will continue to provide

research expertise, LSU will promote an ecosystem

revenue streams for LSU and our faculty for years

of collaboration focused on basic, translational, and

to come. Their entrepreneurial spirit is a linchpin for

applied research. In partnership with the State of

building momentum to generate further discovery

Louisiana, local economic development organizations,

and economic development.

and corporate partners across the nation and the



J O H N M O R E L LO , L S U A L U M N U S AND CYBERSECURITY ENTREPRENEUR “LSU’s support of entrepreneurs is critical. If we can grow the start-up ecosystem in Louisiana and establish a culture of entrepreneurship, then we will see everybody’s standard of living rise. The most important ingredient is human capital. LSU graduates have both the skills and an intrinsic desire to succeed. By creating opportunities to do work that is meaningful, that has a global impact, you not only build a more effective, stable business—you transform lives.” S E E T H E F U L L S T O R Y AT F I E R C E F O R T H E F U T U R E C A M PA I G N . O R G

LEANNE REDMAN, PHD, LSU PENNINGTON BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH CENTER PROFESSOR AND RESEARCHER “Louisiana is a living laboratory for the rest of the world. Chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes are prevalent here. They affect our communities, our neighbors, our family members. Here at LSU Pennington Biomedical Research Center, we are focused on understanding how these chronic diseases begin. As a world-renowned center of nutrition and metabolic research, people everywhere are relying on Pennington Biomedical to make discoveries that empower men, women, and children to lead healthier lives today and benefit the health of future generations.� S E E T H E F U L L S T O R Y AT F I E R C E F O R T H E F U T U R E C A M PA I G N . O R G

HEALTH & WELL-BEING cancer treatments that limit exposure to radiation,

to each other is unstoppable. LSU believes the people

to launching the state’s first systems-engineering

of our state deserve access to the best care, and

collaborative for addressing health care-related

we are relentless in our pursuit to deliver on their

problems, to developing Louisiana’s first music

urgent needs for improved health and well-being.

therapy program at a public university.

By providing solutions that improve health, quality


When all is said and done, Louisianans’ commitment

Every day, on our campuses throughout Louisiana,

diseases. With increased philanthropic funding, we

we leverage our collective expertise and research

can positively affect the socioeconomic outlook for

capabilities in the health care arena to create and

individuals from all walks of life who are in need of

implement strategies that transform health and well-

leading-edge care and compassion.

being through research, education, clinical studies,


of life, and longevity, we will reduce chronic

interventions, and outreach. More important still, the LSU has the intellectual capital to make Louisiana

students we educate and support today will build on

a role model for improving the world’s health

our successes as they continue this vital work in the

outcomes, and we must meet that potential. Our

decades to come.

innovative approach is broad and far-reaching, ranging from using 3-D scanner technology to create

EDUCATION LSU’s unmatched spirit drives us to push ourselves and our students to new heights. We are transforming the educational experience through enhanced teacher development, elevated course standards, and expanded community access to university expertise. Our deans, directors, and faculty are agents of change, steadfastly turning vision into action—ensuring the rigor and relevance of our academic curricula. While our educational efforts will continue to be anchored


by undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs, LSU must be more than an institution that offers degrees. We must serve our citizens and communities as a partner for lifelong learning. As more nontraditional students seek to transform their lives through higher education, LSU must enhance online and distance programs, protocol, and educational opportunities to support their unique needs and goals. Likewise, our two-year programs must offer pathways for students who might not otherwise have access to a highquality, affordable education. LSU will proactively impact the educational journey of Louisiana’s pre-K through 12th grade student population, and the solutions we develop will have global applications. We will provide relevant, transformative, and innovative education at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Beyond the gates of our campuses, LSU will significantly expand our online presence and further strengthen our commitment to widening the availability of educational opportunities. By doing so, LSU will equip and inspire more citizens to play a role crucial to the success of Louisiana.



D E M E T R I A FA I R C LO T H - I V O R Y, L S U O N L I N E A L U M N A A N D AC T I V E D U T Y S O L D I E R I N T H E A R M Y N AT I O N A L G U A R D “I want my daughters to understand the importance of education. To me, the best example is for my husband and me to have our degrees. To go the traditional route would have taken much longer because I’m juggling family, as well as being an active duty soldier. Earning a master’s degree online made it possible to work from anywhere. I already have over 20 years of experience in human resources. However, this degree means that when I leave the military, my opportunities will be endless.” S E E T H E F U L L S T O R Y AT F I E R C E F O R T H E F U T U R E C A M PA I G N . O R G


LEADERSHIP LSU has produced outstanding leaders since 1860. As times change, so do modern leadership qualities. We believe that our undergraduate education should be rooted in a curriculum that embodies the values of the university—not just through traditional classes but also through experiences. We will shape our students’ ability to understand and communicate with others, analyze and solve problems, and make socially responsible decisions based on literacies in the arts, humanities, and sciences. Every day at LSU, students are participating in research that improves lives, pursuing experiences that enhance learning, studying abroad, and serving their communities to fill resource gaps and effect change. Just as when our athletes take the field, all of our students appreciate what it means to compete for LSU: ours is a spirit and a community without equal, driven to make our big world a much better world. Here, they graduate equipped to succeed and serve no matter where their careers take them. As but one example, six of the seven Louisiana Supreme Court Justices are LSU alumni. Every bright student who aspires to attend LSU and earns admission should have access to the opportunities we offer, regardless of financial resources. We believe that one’s background should not stand in the way of pursuing higher education at LSU, where we prepare students to live purposeful lives as leaders in their communities and as global citizens in a complex world.

SEVETRI WILSON, LSU ALUMNA AND BUSINESS OWNER “As a first-generation college student, LSU was an entirely new world for me. As a kid, I was shy and quiet, and coming from a small town I had no idea how many career paths were open to me. When I was 19, I founded an online newspaper while a student at LSU. At 23, I started a communications management firm. Two years ago, I launched a technology start-up. I was the first African American female from Louisiana to raise over $2 million in venture capital. We have customers now in over 40 states. LSU helped me find my voice and my path.� S E E T H E F U L L S T O R Y AT F I E R C E F O R T H E F U T U R E C A M PA I G N . O R G

FIERCE DELIVERS RESULTS. Powered by the generosity of our alumni, friends, parents, and corporate partners, LSU will be a catalyst for social mobility. Now is the time for us to show the world what fierce can do. Together, we will be unstoppable. Our statewide campuses will leverage philanthropic initiatives to drive outcomes that contribute to research, infrastructure, the economy, and our knowledge base. Our graduates will be part of the reason people and organizations choose to live and work in Louisiana. We will earn a reputation as an exemplar for scientific discovery and a premier destination for living and leisure that advances and celebrates our home state’s unique arts, culture, and humanities. We will position LSU as a global leader in coastal preservation and restoration and the role model for improving the world’s health outcomes. We will lead innovative partnerships that help students graduate from high school and gain acceptance into college. United across disciplines and campuses, propelled by your engagement and investment, we will address global issues that face Louisiana, the region, and our world—issues that Louisiana’s state university is uniquely positioned to solve. We lead with a spirit innate to LSU, charged with tenacity and purpose. We bring our all for the future of Louisiana and the world, because the stakes are too high for cautious ideas. Louisiana State University. Fierce minds. Fierce hearts. Fierce for the future.

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