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Dean Richard White Jr.

From the Dean One of my favorite things to say about the E. J. Ourso College of Business is that my goal is not for our students to graduate or find a job, but to find the right job upon graduation. I also like to say that, while we graduate 1,100 students per year, we graduate them one at a time. Both of these concepts are at the heart of the newly created Office of Business Student Success (OBSS). Staffed by some of the most capable people within the College of Business, OBSS is a comprehensive and fully integrated approach to student services. It is one operational unit housed in the Business Education Complex including academic advising and counseling, Business Residential College programming, diversity and inclusion initiatives, study abroad planning, and professional development opportunities. We are also making a full court press on internships within OBSS, having hired a full time manager to work with students on internship experiences of all types. I look forward to seeing the new levels of success our students can achieve with help from OBSS. Geaux Tigers!

Welcome to the Office of Business Student Success! At the E. J. Ourso College of Business we are changing the way that we provide student services, and I couldn’t be more excited to be at the helm of this new initiative. We have always put the needs of our students first with academic counseling, diversity programs, and opportunities for international experiences. OBSS will allow us to take our services to the next level with a new, more holistic approach including our additional focus on professional development. Please come visit us at our new home on the second floor of the Rotunda. You will see familiar faces of staff who have been providing excellent guidance for years and some new faces that have been added to support our wonderful new programs. Visit us early in your academic career and visit us often. We want to help you with your academic journey by providing the support that you need for success in making decisions about your future. My staff and I are here for you. Take advantage of the opportunities provided within OBSS and I promise that you will be pleased that you did. — Ashley Junek Assistant Dean

Melanie Buchmann Director of Undergraduate Academic Services

Seth Thibodeaux Interim Director of Professional Development

Ye-Sho Chen Director of International Experience


Angela Guidry Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Through the Office of Business Student Success (OBSS) we offer a comprehensive collection of services to enhance your academic and professional development from your first year through graduation. OBSS offers undergraduate advising and counseling, career coaching, internship advising, study abroad planning, student recruitment activities, scholarship opportunities, Business Residential College programming, diversity initiatives, communication training, and a professional development course. Our goal is to provide the tools you need to succeed academically and professionally so you can be prepared to enter the workforce in careers that are well matched to your talents, interests, and values.


Together with the Olinde Career Center, the LSU Center for Academic Success, and dedicated faculty members within each department at the E. J. Ourso College, we offer services that will give you a competitive advantage and set you apart in the job market. We are structured in four operating areas:

Undergraduate Academic Services

> Helps you design an academic path that suits your needs

> Assists in the development of an academic plan consistent with your stated goals, interests, and abilities

> Helps you understand academic rules and policies

International Experience

> Provides you with a competitive edge and necessary skills to participate and thrive in the complex and ever-changing global society

> Educates and prepares future global business leaders

> Promotes international business education in Louisiana in order to cultivate more entrepreneurial potential in a global marketplace

Diversity and Inclusion

> Embraces diversity and helps to build an inclusive campus culture while emphasizing the recruitment and retention of diverse students, staff, and faculty

> Provides an environment free of intolerance or discrimination

> Hosts workshops on professional attire, social media use, rĂŠsumĂŠ writing, and interviewing skills for all business students

Professional Development

> Provides the information that you need to make critical career decisions

> Invites you to attend professional development events and career fairs

> Encourages you to join a student organization that will add to your network

> Gets you in front of potential employers who are looking to hire the right candidate

> Helps you with internship opportunities and communications skills

Consider your options. Information sessions and networking events help you evaluate potential career choices.

Experience gained through internships helps you make wise choices about your future.


Undergraduate Academic Services Overview A New York Times article states that “students rarely think about academic advising until that frantic moment when they need someone to sign forms for next semester’s classes or they are not able to register for a class needed for graduation.” The article concludes that the cost of bad academic planning is considerable: “Take the wrong class to satisfy a requirement and you may not have enough credits to graduate on time. Withdraw from a course and you may put financial aid in jeopardy because you aren’t taking enough credits.” In the E. J. Ourso College of Business, we offer undergraduate degrees in nine major disciplines, plus minors, and concentrations in additional areas. All programs are based on coursework that includes prerequisites that must be taken in succession. While it sounds complex and potentially confusing, you will not travel this road alone. Academic Services is here to help. Our knowledgeable advisors understand the curriculum and can help chart an academic path that suits your needs. If you want to graduate in four years, we can help you with a strategy to meet your goal. If you are working while attending school and need to design a plan that works around your schedule, we can help with that too.

Our talented faculty members contribute to student success through insightful lectures and hands-on learning.


Your Responsibilities > Think Participant, Not Recipient — You must take an active role in the academic counseling process. Share your plans and passions, your counselor will provide advice to help you achieve your goals. The counselor’s role is not decision maker, that’s your job. Instead, he or she is here to ensure you have information and guidance necessary to put ideas into action. > Get help early and often — Make counseling appointments in advance, especially during busy registration periods, by accessing the online appointment system available on our website (business.lsu.edu/appt). Then keep up with the process at least once a semester to make sure you are on track. > Ask for help from several sources — The 2017 National Survey of Student Engagement says that 45 percent of the students surveyed received academic advice from academic counselors, 17 percent from family members, 15 percent from other students, 8 percent from faculty not formally assigned as an counselor, and the rest from miscellaneous sources. When the advice you receive does not meet your goals or feels wrong, get another opinion. But remember that ultimately, all decisions are yours. > Do your homework — Read the university and college policies, procedures, and practices, and do your best to think through a plan before you arrive at your counseling appointment.

Our Responsibilities > We are here to help — By learning about your goals, interests, and abilities, we assist in the development of your academic plan. We are also here to explain academic rules and policies. Our online scheduling system makes it easy to arrange a one-on-one appointment. > Keeping you on track — We understand the curriculum and can provide useful information about courses while keeping you informed of important deadlines during our appointments. > Providing assistance when needed — If things do not go as planned and you experience academic difficulties, we can tell you about tutoring, study groups, and other resources available to you. We want you to succeed!

Other Resources Each department has assigned a dedicated faculty member to serve as an advisor for students pursuing a major, minor, or concentration within that department. Faculty advisors are here to augment the services provided by the professional staff in Academic Services. Faculty advisors are particularly helpful in situations involving credits from another university or a study abroad trip, course substitutions, or the waiver of prerequisites. These faculty members can also speak with you about course requirements within your major and can help when you are having difficulty with coursework or with your instructors. business.lsu.edu/Advising Center for Academic Success (CAS) — CAS offers valuable tools and strategies, both online and in person, to help you achieve your academic goals. Services include private consultations, workshops, tutoring, and peer-led study sessions to maximize your learning potential. CAS provides strategies for time management, test preparation, test anxiety, notetaking, as well as concept-mapping and college-level reading strategies. lsu.edu/cas


Guide to Majors Stephenson Department of Department of

Department of



BS Accounting


Internal Auditing (Available to any LSU Major)

Minor Internal Auditing (Available to any LSU Major)

Entrepreneurship & Information Systems

Concentration Empirical Economic Analysis

Concentration Empirical Economic Analysis



BS International Trade & Finance

BS Economics

Department of



Paired Degree

BS Finance

BS/BA Other

Concentrations Business Intelligence Information Technology

Minor Energy

Information Technology


(Available to any LSU Major)

(Available to any LSU Major)

(Available to any LSU Major)



Minor Personal Investing (Available to any LSU Major)

MS Finance Accelerated MS Finance

JD/MS Finance

Master of Accountancy

Specializations Internal Auditing, Financial Reporting & Assurance, Forensic Accounting Services, Taxation Services



Internal Auditing

PhD Accounting


MS Economics

MS Analytics

Graduate Certificate in Econometrics

Graduate Online Certificate in Analytics







PhD in Business

PhD Economics

Masters Programs

With Concentration in ISDS

Flores MBA


Specializations Investments, Corporate Finance, Internal Auditing, Accounting, Economics, ISDS, Statistics, Actuarial Science


Specialization Global Entrepreneurship

MBA Specialization


PhD in Business

With Concentration in Finance


General Business Major (BS) General Business Minor (Not Available to Business Majors — See Academic Counselor)

Specialization in Internal Audit Open to all LSU majors. Students must take a minimum of three to four internal audit courses to be considered as qualifying for the specialization. Students should consult with their department for specifics.


Rucks Department of

Department of



BS Management

BS Marketing


Concentration Professional Sales

Human Resource Mgt International Mgt Strategic Leadership

Public Administration Institute


Specializations Public Policy Public Management

Minor International Business


MBA Program


Full Time 8 Available Specializations are Listed Under Departments + Customized

Specializations offered by the Flores MBA Program Management Consulting Sports Business

(Available fall 2018)



Professional MBA

Executive MBA


Online MBA

Specialization Human Resource Management

PhD in Business

With Concentration in Management

PhD in Business

With Concentration in Marketing


Professional Development Overview The OBSS Professional Development staff compliments the work of advising staff by helping you reach your career goals. We work together with the Olinde Career Center to develop tailored employer opportunities while promoting Careers2Geaux as the one stop for internships, full-time and part-time jobs, and career events on campus. Our focus is to help you land in the right career. We can provide information necessary to make critical career decisions, help you prepare for professional development events and career fairs, encourage you to join a student organization that will add to your network, and get you in front of potential employers. One of our biggest initiatives is to promote and coordinate internships. These experiences allow you to see an industry from an insider’s perspective, leading to better career choices.

OBSS and the LSU Olinde Career Center work with employers creating opportunities for students to find internships and other employment opportunities.


Career Coaching Are you struggling with big issues like figuring out who you are and what you want from your education? There is nothing wrong with that if you catch it early, we will refer you to the career counselors in the Olinde Career Center for guidance. If you have determined that there is something about business that you like, and you know you want to make it your career, our OBSS career coaches can help you from there. Here are some of the issues that you can discuss with our career coach:

> I have narrowed my choices to a couple of options

within my major, but I am struggling to make a decision — While we cannot make the decision for you, we know the current employment market and can provide the perspective that you need to make a decision.

> What kinds of jobs can I get with my major? — Again, this is where we shine. We keep up with the job market and know who is hiring students within a particular major.

Bryson Livingston, finance major, interned as a summer analyst at BlackRock: “My time within the E. J. Ourso College of Business has been nothing short of amazing. It is a place that provides so many great opportunities for its students and sets you up for excellence wherever you will go.”

> I have tons of experience and want to build on

those skills to better my career options — Our relationships with employers allow us to understand the skills and experience required for positions at several career stages.

> I don’t know where to find a network of

professionals in my chosen field — We can help you find those professionals so you can establish a network of mentors, referral sources, and potential employers.

Helpful Links: lsu.edu/students/careercenter/students/findajob

> Résumé/ Job Search Strategies/ Interview Prep /Networking Resources

Rana Abushamsiyeh, accounting major, interned with Deloitte: “My internship with Deloitte has been a dream come true. It allowed me to experience a more nuanced and deeper level of problem solving that is not easily accomplished in the classroom”



Olinde Career Center’s four year career guide

Expect Job-Hunting Help, Not Placement Some students think their career center will get them a job; in other words, place them. But career centers aren’t placement agencies, and their staff counselors aren’t recruiters. More realistically, your career center will help you develop the skills and contacts necessary to get a job. — Peter Vogt Monster Senior Contributing Writer


Internships Internships are a great way to take your learning outside of the classroom and get real world experience. You have the opportunity to test your skills, learn more about potential career choices, and network with professionals within your chosen industry. Your internship employer also gets a benefit from the experience: they get to see you in action before there is any discussion of a permanent position, making it a win-win. We feel so strongly about the benefits of internships that we have a full-time internship manager within OBSS who works with the Olinde Career Center to help you find something that fits your needs. Remember that we are not a placement service and that ultimately the responsibility for finding the internship is yours, but we can help you with the skills needed to land an internship and help employers find you.

The Five “W’s” of Internships:

1 2 3 4 5

Why should I do an internship? What kind of internship can I get? Who can help me find an internship? When should I start looking? Where can I find internships?

We are prepared to discuss these issues with you so you can land a great internship. Schedule an appointment with our internship manager, speak with your departmental internship advisor, or check out Careers2Geaux at the Olinde Career Center website. lsu.edu/students/careercenter/students/experience/internships

“The College of Business exposed me to several career options and helped me find my passion in real estate, allowing me to take four courses in various areas of the industry,” said 2017 graduate Garrett Choate. “Attendance at professional conferences and service opportunities were excellent ways to learn the business and contributed to my landing a great position with a real estate investment trust in Dallas.”

Rocio Pineda, a 2012 economics graduate, accepted a job offer from Goldman Sachs as a financial internal audit analyst. “One of the most valuable aspects of being an economics major in the econometrics concentration program has been the opportunity to learn from prestigious economists,” said Pineda. “With their help, I was able to develop strong empirical analysis skills that will undoubtedly help me succeed at Goldman.”


Devin DePascal graduated in 2010 in economics and a concentration in empirical economic analysis, leading to his current position as financial analyst II for the University of Texas – Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas. “On top of already being a wonderful place to live, LSU was also an incredible place to work. There are many opportunities throughout the College of Business for students to work on campus in positions that help prepare them for their future careers.”

Powerful connections are made at the Shell Networking Reception.

Events like the fall and spring Business Networking Receptions help students grow their network.

Our Dress for Success Fashion Show is a student favorite.

Nervous about eating in front of a potential employer? Don’t miss the annual Etiquette Dinner.

Network and learn about industry and current job openings at the Career Expo, sponsored by the Olinde Career Center.

Panel discussions like this one on careers in banking introduce you to professionals who offer an insider’s perspective.

Communications Skills The ability to communicate, both verbally and in writing, is one the top skills required by employers, and we want you to be prepared to meet their expectations. See the inside back cover for how we plan to help you with these valuable skills.


The Business Residential College The Business Residential College (BRC) is a living-learning community where future business leaders are introduced to the culture of the E. J. Ourso College of Business and of business in general. BRC residents learn together in reserved sections of core first-year business classes. Academic advisors and instructors hold office hours on-site. The building houses group study and meeting rooms where supplemental instruction and tutoring opportunities in economics, mathematics, and accounting are available. Residents also participate in programs — visits by business professionals, résumé and interviewing workshops, and social events — designed to introduce them to a business climate and aid in a successful freshman year. Research backs up the power of living-learning communities. Students are more engaged in their studies, strengthening academic performance, improving overall satisfaction with college, and increasing learning skills. These results are shown across a variety of institutions with diverse student populations. We want you to capitalize on these benefits. business.lsu.edu/brc


Activities in the Fall and Spring Semesters In the fall we start you off right with a convocation followed by social events to make you feel welcome. There will be visits from various groups (we call them “table sits”) including our business student organizations, the Center for Academic Success, and our study abroad program. We also have special faculty-led presentations such as “What Can I Do With this Major,” and networking events with industry representatives. Each spring we invite the Olinde Career Center to present programs on internships and employment, business etiquette, and résumé writing. We will also have a Personal Financial Literacy presentation by Campus Federal and Finance Night hosted by the Department of Finance.



BRC Benefits Suite style rooms — Two student rooms; convenient living area, located by the Quad, the Five Dining Hall, Tiger Stadium, and Middleton Library


Priority scheduling for core business classes; supplemental instructions in economics, math, and accounting; on-site advising and instructor office hours within the building


On-site resources: library, classrooms, and computer lab; wireless internet; basic cable service Security card access, 24-hour front desk


Amenities including a community kitchen, living room, music, study rooms and gated courtyard; coin and Tiger Card operated laundry


1. Community Olympics bring BRC students together. 2. Student volunteers are a welcome sight on Move-In Day. 3. Keys — check, swag — check, residents collect gear during check-in on Move-In Day. 7

4. As BRC rector, Dan Marin helps students grow as intellectuals and individuals.


5. There’s a student who knows how to dress for success. 6. Count us in for the jambalaya lunch! 7. Late night chats form lifelong friendships. 8. Learning the ropes in the Commons. 9. West Hall welcomes many volunteers on Move-In Day. 9

10. BRC residents hear from informative guest speakers.



The Business Education Complex The Business Education Complex (BEC) is where you will learn the business of business from world-class faculty in a world-class facility. Architecturally, the complex blends glass, metal, and stone with sloped gabled roofs and arches to reflect LSU’s historic Italianate style and unique beauty. The BEC has won the American Institute of Architects Rose Award, the American Institute of Architects New Jersey Chapter Merit Award, and was named to TopManagementDegrees.com’s list of the World’s 50 Most Beautiful Business Schools. This forward-looking complex sharpens our competitive edge among the top colleges in the nation, enhances the ability to recruit top faculty and students, and serves as the catalyst for economic success in the region.

The Commons

Virginia’s Courtyard

On the first floor of the Rotunda, the Commons is where you will find study space, Internet access, and areas for group meetings. Convocations, guest speakers, alumni functions, and other networking events are also held in this space.

Virginia’s Courtyard, a 20,000 square-foot greenspace, is one of the BEC’s most versatile areas. Some days it’s a quiet study space; others it’s an impromptu yoga studio for students. It is the site of our annual Jumping Into Business event, which features a wealth of activities and opportunities to learn about various student organizations. In addition, one weekend out of the year, it’s the spot where hundreds of alumni come back to the E. J. Ourso College to reconnect at the Alumni Tailgate.

Hungry? The Café offers coffee, snacks, and light fare throughout the day. We also have the Dining Room for meals and snacks during events and a dining area for the Executive and Professional Flores MBA Programs, and Executive Education.


Ideation Lab Seemingly hanging above the Commons in the Rotunda is the Ideation Lab, or “Fishbowl,” as it’s affectionately known. Here students, faculty, staff, and guests conduct classes, meetings, and presentations. Four large video screens dominate one wall and, combined with stateof-the-art technology, allow for connectivity with other business colleges around the world. At the base of the lab is a real time stock ticker.

Classrooms The Undergraduate Wing and Graduate Wing each have 40-, 60-, and 120-seat tiered classrooms designed for discussion and learning and equipped with the latest audio-visual technologies. Smaller rooms host seminars and group projects.

The SMART Lab The Securities Markets Analysis Research and Trading Lab, or SMART Lab, provides a simulated trading floor where you can gain knowledge in the fast-paced world of securities analysis, research, and trading using networked workstations that are equipped with the latest hardware and professional analytic software, including Bloomberg.

The Auditorium The Auditorium seats 300 students and guests for conferences, guest lecturers, and student symposia in the Distinguished Leaders Lecture Hall. There is also 66-seat classroom and lab space on the second floor.


College Statistics Enrollment Statistics from Fall 2017 The E. J. Ourso College of Business is home to a diverse group of students. Here is a look at our student population.

1,989 total undergraduate students

1,989 total undergraduate students enrolled > Accounting, BS – 447



> Economics > Economics, BS – 65 > International Trade & Finance, BS – 94 > Finance, BS – 384 > General Business, BS – 242 > Information Systems & Decision Sciences, BS – 133

American Indian/Alaskan – 5

> Management, BS – 196

Asian – 69

> Marketing, BS – 408

Black – 147 Hispanic – 111

> National Student Exchange – 1

Native Hawaiian – 3

> Non-Matriculated – 6

Non-resident alien – 48

> Student Exchange Programs – 13

Two or more races – 34 Unknown – 11

481 total masters students enrolled

White – 1,561

> Accounting, MAcc – 47

Men – 1,162

> Economics, MS – 2

Women – 827

> Finance, MS – 26

433 total graduate students

> Analytics, MSA – 31 > MBA – 306 (125 online*) > Public Administration, MPA – 69

77 total PhD students enrolled > Accounting, PhD – 12 > Economics, PhD – 24 > BADM with Finance concentration, PhD – 13



> BADM with ISDS concentration, PhD – 13 > BADM with Management concentration, PhD – 6 > BADM with Marketing concentration, PhD – 9

not included in demographic chart.


American Indian/Alaskan – 1 Asian – 10 Black – 55 Hispanic – 15 Native Hawaiian – 1 Non-resident alien – 74 Two or more races – 8 Unknown – 3 White – 266

Men – 235 Women – 198


College Faculty per Department Academic Year 2017

Accounting ................................................... Tenured-Track Faculty ........ 12 | Instructors .................... 7 Economics ..................................................... Tenured-Track Faculty ........ 14 | Instructors .................... 2 Entrepreneurship & Information Systems.... Tenured-Track Faculty ........ 15 | Instructors .................... 4 Finance .......................................................... Tenured-Track Faculty ........ 11 | Instructors .................... 9 Management ................................................ Tenured-Track Faculty .......... 7 | Instructors .................... 4 Marketing ..................................................... Tenured-Track Faculty .......... 8 | Instructors .................... 3 Public Administration Institute ................... Tenured-Track Faculty .......... 6 | Instructors .................... 0

Total:.............................................................. Tenured-Track Faculty

.... 73 | Instructors .............


The E. J. Ourso College ranks

59th among public institutions in U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Business Programs” rankings released in September 2016. Percentage of business students who had internships in 2016 – 2017:


Nationally, 72.7 percent of interns will receive a job offer from their internship site.*

54% LSU Overall LSU E. J. Ourso College


Average starting salary of business graduates.


Average starting salary of business graduates with a master’s degree. *


National Association of College and Employers

Student Life One of the most important things you can do, after excelling in your studies, is to get involved in student life. In fact, getting involved can help in your studies and will definitely help with your career decisions.

Student Organizations Each department has student organizations that focus on that particular discipline. For example, the Department of Finance has the Student Finance Association, Marketing has Pi Sigma Epsilon, and Accounting has Beta Alpha Psi. These organizations and the others within each department provide you with opportunities to meet other like-minded students, learn about career options, and network with industry professionals. Two of our student organizations are oriented to any business major: Alpha Kappa Psi is the oldest and largest professional business fraternity in the country. AKPsi is recognized as the premier developer of principled business leaders. Their members have opportunities to learn about career possibilities both locally and nationally. In addition, they offer local networking opportunities through community service and professional programming as well as opportunities to network at regional and national conventions. akpsilsu.org Delta Sigma Pi (DSP) is a professional business fraternity consisting of undergraduate and graduate business majors. The fraternity’s professional programs feature prominent business leaders speaking on various business- and careeroriented topics. DSP holds a membership in the Greater Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce. Other activities focus on civic service projects, volunteer services on campus, and social occasions. lsu.dsp.org

A full listing of our student organizations is found at business.lsu.edu/clubs. And remember — you can join more than one! E. J. Ourso College of Business students helped with clean-up efforts in a nearby neighborhood.

Volunteerism Industry professionals understand that they must give back to their communities to succeed in business, and we encourage you to get started on this path. Geaux BIG Baton Rouge is a large, one-day service experience that unites LSU students and the surrounding Baton Rouge community. Ultimately, the goal of the organization is to encourage the entire student body to serve all of our neighboring residents, as well as the local organizations that work to improve the city that we call home. Volunteer efforts focus on projects identified by Baton Rouge residents and organizations within the following areas: Old South Baton Rouge, Mid-City, and North Baton Rouge.


Jumping Into Business Student organizations set up in Virginia’s Courtyard at the beginning of the Fall semester to speak with students interested in learning more about getting involved. The fair includes a food drive for the LSU Food Pantry. Students are encouraged to donate a non-perishable item.

Special Recognition and Events A team of LSU Accounting students placed first at the 2016 Deloitte National Accounting Case Competition in tis first time competing. The Professional Sales Institute Internal Sales Competition features one-on-one sales pitches that are livestreamed to a panel of industry professionals who evaluate students from the Ideation Lab.

Five students attended a national real estate conference in Las Vegas courtesy of LSU supporters Jimmy Maurin, pictured center, and Roger Ogden. The Entrepreneurship Fellows Program offered by the Stephenson Entrepreneurship Institute is a year-long program intended to foster entrepreneurialminded students by providing an intensive, high quality educational experience to a select cohort of undergraduate and graduate students at LSU.


International Experience Overview The E. J. Ourso College of Business International Experience offers the following benefits to improve your international acumen.


> Programs for LSU business faculty and students to participate in cultural and academic exchanges with faculty and students in the world’s leading universities

> Curriculum development to educate and prepare future global business leaders


> Research best practices of our global economy that are published in leading global business research journals


> LSU non-business faculty and students add a different perspective when participating in global business programs


> Academic outreach in promoting international business education in Louisiana in order to cultivate more entrepreneurial potential

> Business outreach in helping Louisiana-based companies to build international skills and grow globally

Some of these programs are sponsored and organized by the College of Business, some come from other areas within the LSU community, and some come from third parties. International travel and study are beneficial to a business education; we encourage you to find a program that works for you.


Academic Programs Abroad (APA) APA is a part of LSU’s International Programs initiative created by the LSU Flagship Agenda. Its mission is to promote and facilitate academically sound, and culturally enriching, domestic and international exchanges, and other study away experiences that provide LSU students with a competitive edge and necessary skills to participate and thrive in the complex and ever-changing global society. LSU students can study at 170+ partner universities in 48 states, seven Canadian provinces, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Guam. Students can study away for a semester, the academic year, or the summer. Students either pay their regular LSU tuition or in-state tuition at the host campus. Financial aid and TOPS apply. This is a great option for students who wanted to study out-of-state but stayed for TOPS or out-of-state students looking to decrease their tuition bill.

You don’t have to leave campus to apply for a passport. Get your photo at the Tiger Card office; the Olinde Career Center takes applications by appointment a few days each week. lsu.edu/students/careercenter/passport

APA has nearly 400 domestic and international programs and partners, with options ranging from one week to one academic year. The courses might have business topics or could be something else. The APA staff can help find the right program for you academically, personally, and financially. lsu.edu/intlpro/apa

International Business Seminars (IBS) IBS is a third-party vendor that organizes short-term, faculty led, multi-destination study abroad programs providing an opportunity for students to:

> Network with business executives from global companies in a variety of industries.

> Experience some of the world’s most well-known attractions and destinations.

> Earn university credit while gaining a competitive advantage for their career.

The purpose of the IBS program is to expose participants to the business environment and practices outside of the United States while providing insight into the cultural, social, and political environments of each country visited. The goal is for participants to use their research and experience to determine trends, threats, problems, issues, and implications for businesses while developing global competency. Some IBS offerings are held in a partnership with LSU. Other trips are offered without LSU sponsorship but, again, we encourage you to find an international trip that suits your needs and go for it.


The world is at your fingertips with International Business Seminars and other study abroad opportunities.

Mitch Miller, Spring 2016 international trade and finance major, made the most of his experience at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Exchange Programs Since the 2014 spring semester, the E. J. Ourso College of Business has offered a student exchange program with Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Students have the opportunity to spend a semester in China, immersed in an emerging market while learning about business operations and taking courses at an accredited university. The program is ideal for those entering their junior year in the fall. Students pay their regular LSU tuition while studying abroad, and the college offers scholarships to those who qualify. Courses are taught in English, and students can choose from a wide range of business courses in accounting, financing, management, marketing, and supply chain management. Students can also take elective and language courses. The campus of Hong Kong Polytechnic university and the Hong Kong skyline.

Globetrotter “I went to Hong Kong because it is in Oceania, a region that is globally and economically booming. With my degree in international trade and finance, I would like to be part of the business that will be done here in the future. Additionally, LSU has a special relationship with Hong Kong Poly U, located in the heart of the city. I was able to get into the program relatively easily and spent four months taking courses that pertain to my major.” “If you’re on the fence about studying abroad, I understand. It’s a big step to commit to be out of the country for a whole semester. But my advice is drop your pride, pick up some courage, and just do it. Take the opportunity to gain that new perspective of the world. You will be exposed to ideas, cultures, and beliefs that are different from yours. It gives you a better understanding of how the world works and how others view the U.S.” — Mitch Miller from Lexington, Kentucky. Spring 2016, International Trade and Finance


Those studying at EM Strasbourg Business School have the option of taking business courses in English or French.

LSU is a partner university with EM Strasbourg Business School in Strasbourg, France where students interested in doing an exchange semester or an exchange year can take business courses in both English and French. Interested students should have completed at least two years of higher education prior to arriving in Strasbourg. Prior knowledge of French is not required for students who take only courses taught in English. Those taking courses in French should meet their language requirement before beginning the program. The International Relations Office at EM Strasbourg Business School helps students transition to their studies and life in Strasbourg by offering a comprehensive orientation for exchange students at the beginning of each semester. Students also complete their administrative registration during the orientation.

European Expeditionist “My academic experience was incredible. I took interesting, yet challenging, courses that I would have never come across at home. All of my finance classes were from the European perspective so I had to write my numbers differently and think in terms of a different home currency. That was extremely enriching. The coolest courses I took were wine tasting, global business negotiations, and entrepreneurship. It’s a once in a lifetime experience that will change the way you see the world.” — Alexis Gahn Finance


The EM Strasbourg Business School and a view of the scenic Ponts Couverts in Strasbourg, France.

Diversity and Inclusion Overview LSU has a major initiative called our Flagship Agenda that lays out who we want to be and how to achieve our identity as a top university. Diversity is listed as being critical to our success. We aspire to strengthen the intellectual environment by

> Increasing diversity among faculty, staff, and students.

> Increasing the number of students who work with or live in diverse communities.

> Expanding supportive communities for minority, international, and first generation students.

Diversity is important to both LSU and the E. J. Ourso College of Business. But what does this mean to you as an individual? It means that you will find a welcoming space where you will be supported and celebrated as an individual. In short, you can be you. As the corporate world faces global demographic changes, we actively embrace diversity and help to build an inclusive campus culture. The college emphasizes the recruitment and retention of unconventionally diverse students, staff, and faculty and provides an environment free of intolerance or discrimination. Diversity and Inclusion staff help ensure that the E. J. Ourso College reflects the diversity of its many students and that all individuals feel welcome and equal.

LSU awarded the Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award The INSIGHT Into Diversity HEED Award, open to all colleges and universities across the U.S., measures an institution’s level of achievement and intensity of commitment in regard to broadening diversity and inclusion on campus through initiatives, programs, and outreach; student recruitment, retention, and completion; and hiring practices for faculty and staff. LSU received the HEED Award in 2016.


National Diversity Case Competition In January 2017, on its second visit to the National Diversity Case Competition, the E. J. Ourso College of Business Diversity Diplomats team — dubbed Tiger Paw Solutions — finished third among 35 schools, repeating their 2016 showing. “Competing was an amazing experience,” said team member Brianna Price. “It was an honor to represent the E. J. Ourso College of Business and I learned so many skills that I will be able to carry with me as I enter the professional world. My teammates were all extremely hard-working and bright and we meshed together so well, which clearly benefited us in the end.”

From left to right: Teja Dabney, Brianna Price, Irielle Washington, and Carmen Calderon

The team members were Carmen Calderon, a sophomore international trade & finance major from Cecilia, Louisiana; Teja Dabney, a junior accounting major from New Orleans, Louisiana; Price, a sophomore marketing major from Ocean Springs, Miss.; and Irielle Washington, a senior marketing major from New Orleans, Louisiana.

Bridge to Success is one of the college’s premier diversity initiatives. This program is geared toward underrepresented first-year and sophomores who desire admittance to the E. J. Ourso College of Business. Through a series of learning skills workshops, social activities, and peer-mentorship, students will become academically ready for admission to the college.

Outreach Initiatives Diplomats for Diversity is a student organization that assists Diversity and Inclusion staff with the recruitment and retention of underrepresented undergraduate students. Working with the director, Diplomats develop and implement programs that support and create community among underrepresented business and pre-business students. Additionally, they attend recruiting events on and off campus. Recently, the Diplomats sought to increase undergraduate participation in case competitions. “The College of Business Diversity and Inclusion helped me to develop myself professionally and provided opportunities that I would have otherwise been unaware of or unable to participate on my own,” said Tegan Billiot of Bourg, Louisiana (MAcc May 2018). “As a Diversity Diplomat I had the opportunity to attend worthwhile conferences such as the 2016 Texas Diversity & Leadership Conference in Houston. Since I will be moving to Houston after graduation, I felt inspired by meeting all levels of businesspeople from that area and listening to how they achieved promotions and overcame various struggles in their careers.”

From left to right: Tegan Billiot, James Wi-Afedzi, and Tranika Strauder


Conferences Texas Diversity & Leadership Conference — This three-day event affords the opportunity to explore tools and resources necessary to build diverse workforces and remain competitive on the global stage. The conference also provides a valuable opportunity for students to network and grow in their knowledge of diversity and leadership.

Associate Professor and faculty advisor for Diversity and Inclusion Sonja Wiley (standing) presents at the SEC Business School Diversity Officers Conference. The purpose of this conference is to identify, advocate, and disseminate best practices with other SEC diversity officers, as well as promote new ideas about diversity and inclusion in business.

Women in Leadership Symposium — Presented by the National Diversity Council, this annual event brings together a diverse mix of successful female leaders for a discussion of topics relevant to todayís issues. From left to right: Kayla Walter, Sarah Brown, Lyndsey Naquin, Margaret Price, Caitlin Crafton, Sandi Neely, and Eryn Arrington.


Diversity and Inclusion Events Dress for Success Fashion Show As part of the annual Jumping into Business Week, Diversity and Inclusion hosts this fun and informative showcase of business fashions. Students model ensembles that demonstrate the difference between business casual and business professional attire. Attendees have a chance to win raffle prizes and are invited to enjoy free refreshments following the show.

Résumé Review Workshop Writing an effective résumé is the first step toward landing an exciting internship or job. We train students to better understand the basic components of a résumé and identify ways to improve its marketability. Additionally, the workshop helps students create an organized, errorfree résumé that will lead to an interview.

Interview Skills Workshop Preparation is the key to a successful interview, and as a result, researching a potential employer is a must. This workshop gives students insight into how they can connect their skills, abilities, and goals to the right employer. Students have the opportunity to learn the following objectives—understanding how to prepare for an interview; learning the differences between types of interviews; practice successfully answering common questions; distinguishing yourself from other candidates; communicating your ability to do the job; highlighting experiences, skills, and knowledge related to the job; developing a follow-up plan after the interview; learning interview DOs & DON’Ts; and knowing what to wear/ what to bring.

Other opportunities: Approved: Where Good Credit Takes You Workshop It is never too early to be fiscally responsible, this workshop ingrains good financial habits. Social Media Workshop This Lunch & Learn Workshop teaches students to use social media as a tool to enhance and promote their personal brand.


A Guide for Young Business Professionals Hosted by Diversity & Inclusion

A blend on old and new — a class in the recently renovated Roger Hadfield Ogden Honors College.

Roger Hadfield Ogden Honors College The Roger Hadfield Ogden Honors College offers a specialized path for your business education. Courses are arranged within an Honors curriculum designed to develop, over four years, your ability to think analytically and critically, communicate effectively, solve problems, and conduct long-term independent projects and research. In the first two years of the Honors curriculum, you will focus on exploring your interests through general education or foundational courses, including discussion-based special topics seminars. As you begin to take more specialized upper-level courses, the focus shifts to The French House is home to the Ogden Honors independent learning and research. The curriculum College and was designed in the 1930s in the style culminates in the Honors Thesis, a scholarly of a Norman French chateau. contribution appropriate for the major area of study. The Honors academic path prepares you to grapple with issues, to rise to meet and conquer challenges, and to achieve professional success and accomplished leadership. The Ogden Honors College curriculum is flexible; it can be followed in conjunction with any major offered by LSU. Honors enrollment ensures that, for whatever field of interest, the academic experience at LSU is enriched and expanded. Rigorous and interactive academic engagement is at the heart of the Ogden Honors College student experience. Honors courses provide a dynamic classroom environment in which students discuss, debate, and explore compelling topics and challenging issues — both with their peers, and with renowned faculty members. Honors courses also encourage independent work and student-faculty collaboration outside the classroom. An Ogden Honors course is not just piled-on reading assignments or longer term papers. What makes a course an Honors course is its focus on gathering together top faculty and motivated, intellectually-curious students who inspire and challenge one another.

Speak with one of the OBSS counselors about your options in the Ogden Honors College and be sure to visit honors.lsu.edu for additional information. 28

Communication Communications Across the Curriculum (CxC) As the first program of its kind in the nation, Communication across the Curriculum (CxC) works with LSU faculty to advance the communication skills of all LSU undergraduate students. Through enhanced learning experiences inside and outside the classroom, CxC initiatives help improve your written, spoken, visual, and technological communication skills while deepening your learning of course content. Communication skills are important. The 2017 Corporate Recruiters Survey Report from the Graduate Management Admission Council, a non-profit organization of leading graduate business schools, asked employers to designate the proficiency level for 25 specific skills that they would require of a candidate being considered for a mid-level position. Of the five top-ranked skills, four fall within the communications category: oral communication, listening skills, written communication, and presentation skills. CxC offers resources to faculty who incorporate communication-intensive components to their courses; operates communication studios that support students working on communication-based projects; and champions the annual TEDxLSU program which provides a year-round experiential learning platform for students while also promoting communication of creative and intellectual ideas throughout the South Louisiana region. Several faculty members in the College of Business have been trained by CxC and have had their courses certified as communications intensive. In addition, the Office of Business Student Success has dedicated communications specialists who can help with your communications needs and refer you to the many resources available through CxC. lsu.edu/academicaffairs/cxc

Distinguished Communicator certification program You can distinguish yourself from other students by pursuing the LSU Distinguished Communicator certification program, a unique academic excellence program where you work to refine your communication skills and learn discipline-specific approaches to communication that will enable you to excel in your chosen profession. You will undergo a variety of training experiences and be required to build a digital portfolio, demonstrating proficiency in written, spoken, visual, and technological communication. You must also show successful use of your communication skills in leadership roles and community service. Jacques Petit, spring 2017 Distinguished Communicator Certification, honored at the May 2017 E. J. Ourso College of Business Diploma Ceremony.

LSU E. J. Ourso College of Business



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