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LSU marketing student Katlyn Boudreaux interned with The Hershey Company.

The Department of Marketing’s mission is to enhance and advance the reputation for excellence within the department, the E. J. Ourso College of Business, and the broader LSU community while contributing to the competitiveness of the state of Louisiana. We have a focused approach, maintaining a relevant curriculum that is responsive to the challenges of industry. We believe marketing is a critical part of any business plan that seeks to generate growth organically and create sustainable value by better understanding the needs of target markets and effectively delivering the appropriate products and services. Our students enjoy practical application of marketing principals through participation in several competitions outside of the classroom and the exploration of relevant industry issues within the classroom, all leading to graduates who are ready to contribute when they reach their careers. Our Professional Sales Institute is a partnership between LSU and our industry partners that offers an advanced sales education. The Behavioral Research Lab is a state-of-the-art facility that provides faculty and graduate students with the means to conduct cutting-edge, technology-based marketing research only available at a handful of universities. It all adds up to a foundation that will prepare you for a career in advertising, brand/product management, planning/research, retailing, and sales/management.

Welcome to Marketing Welcome to the Department of Marketing where we prepare you to be a productive member of the workforce through high-quality, transformative, research programs; innovative, challenging, and effective learning techniques; significant engagement in regional, national, and global organizations; and participation in programs and conferences. Our faculty members stress “hands-on” learning in their courses, where you complete real-world or simulated real-world projects. In addition, you can take advantage of two important resources within the department — the Professional Sales Institute and the Behavioral Research Lab. Come find your passion for sales and marketing with us. — Ronald W. Niedrich Department Chair and Professor

Department of Marketing faculty members strive to help you identify and get your dream job. “We believe in teaching students marketable skills, connecting students with successful marketing leaders both inside and outside of Louisiana, and inspiring students to be team leaders and team players,” said Judith Anne Garretson Folse, professor.

Instructor Monica Santaella teaches Marketing 3401 and is one of the most creative faculty members at LSU, featuring colorful and inspiring class sessions and energetic lectures. She sums up her attitude with one statement: “I love marketing!” Join her in the classroom and see if you share her passion.


Students make their final digital marketing presentations.

BS Marketing | Professional Sales Concentration | Internship in Marketing Program Establish a solid foundation for your career by focusing on the drivers of marketing, including the trends that cause existing and new markets to develop. A degree in marketing provides a variety of career paths, including management, product development, buying, and sales. In addition, the coursework features innovative topics such as Marketing on the Internet and Sports Marketing. Also, students now have the opportunity to obtain a professional sales concentration through a set of marketing courses and guided experiences designed to equip them with the practical knowledge and skill sets necessary to excel in professional selling. Companies recruiting LSU marketing majors often place special value on students who have a professional sales background, as it reduces their training time and costs. > Bachelor of Science in Marketing — A 120-hour program that focuses on training students to demonstrate an understanding of market segmentation and targeting, consumer behavior, marketing research and ethical considerations in marketing, relationship management, strategic planning, and global marketing. > Professional Sales Concentration — The professional sales concentration is a set of marketing courses and guided experiences designed to equip students with practical knowledge and skill sets necessary to excel in the dynamic domain of professional selling. Specifically, students in the professional sales concentration take courses in professional sales fundamentals and sales management. Students then engage in either a professional sales practicum or a professional sales internship, which are designed to give them experience while working in sales positions guided by a professional practitioner and overseen by a faculty member. > Internship in Marketing Program — Through the Internship in Marketing Program, students are able to earn up to six hours of course credit for practical work experience. The program is open to all students, not just marketing majors, and is a pass/fail course. The minimum requirements to pursue the program are: must be a junior, must have completed a Principles of Marketing course, must have at least 100 hours of practical work experience for three credit hours and 150 hours for six credit hours, and must complete a project term paper. 2

The Undergraduate Experience in Marketing You will learn how to pitch your ideas and products in a way that gets to the wants and needs of your target market through oral presentations, written communications, and digital media.

Keeping your target audience engaged is crucial to an effective sales and marketing program and you will learn the strategies and techniques to do so from experienced professionals with proven track records.

Sometimes laughter really is the best medicine, particularly when you are studying with Adjunct Faculty Jim Parr, who was recently inducted into the E. J. Ourso College of Business Hall of Distinction which recognizes individuals who make significant contributions in the areas of business, academia, government, or the community.

Learn Sports Marketing from Senior Instructor Tommy Karam, shown visiting with members of the LSU soccer team. “The main point I always try to convey is that because of their association as an LSU athlete, people watch them a little bit differently than they do everybody else,” Karam says. “It’s very important that they are careful to manage their personal brand in such a way that they are seen in a positive light, which is a good reflection of them and a good reflection of LSU.”


Greg Accardo, Director of the Professional Sales Institute and Instructor, leads a class in sales management.

The Professional Sales Institute The Professional Sales Institute (PSI) is dedicated to the education, training, and development of professional sales leaders and to the discovery and dissemination of sales knowledge. This partnership between LSU and industry is dedicated to the development of professional sales leaders. We help with your career search by maintaining relationships with companies looking for interns and full-time professional sales employees. In the future, we plan to provide opportunities for sponsors to participate in PSI events, such as sales competitions, job fairs, symposia, and other activities. Finally, we believe the PSI provides the opportunity and motivation for collaborative scholarly research that offers our students cutting-edge information that is relevant to industry.

The LSU Professional Sales Institute was named one of the 2016 top professional sales programs by the Sales Education Foundation. The list of Top Universities for Professional Sales Education recognizes programs that develop future sales professionals and advance the sales profession.


From the curriculum perspective, we offer a Professional Sales Concentration which consists of three classes: > MKT 3427 Professional Selling — Communication theory and sales principles needed for successful sales career; buyer behavior and sales tactics; sales strategies; communication in buyer-seller relationships. > MKT 4423 Sales Management — Principles of sales planning and control; organizing sales departments, developing territories, motivating sales persons; and controlling sales operations. > MKT 4478 Professional Sales Practicum — Designed for students who want to gain real-world sales experience by preparing students for professional sales competitions, or MKT 4479 Professional Sales Internship - Designed for students who want to gain real-world sales experience through a sales internship.

Students share sales experiences in the classroom in preparation for working in teams. The PSI Golf Tournament is an annual event that provides sales and networking experience (see page 11). There are multiple opportunities to meet industry professionals at PSI and college-sponsored events.

The PSI is an Education Partner of HubSpot, which is inbound marketing and sales software that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Founded in 2006, its products and services aim to provide tools for social media marketing, content management, web analytics, and search engine optimization. The LSU Professional Sales Institute is an associate member in the University Sales Center Alliance, a national consortium of sales centers that connects university faculty with different backgrounds and areas of expertise to advance the sales profession through teaching, research, and outreach. LSU is the only school in Louisiana to hold membership in the USCA and one of only two Southeastern Conference schools. 5

Undergraduate Student Organizations Pi Sigma Epsilon — PSE is the only national, professional, fraternity for men and women in the fields of sales, marketing, and management. While these business fields are our focus, we are open to all majors. PSE gives you the opportunity to gain hands-on experience, participate in conferences both regionally and nationally, and network with top executives through PSE’s corporate partners. Currently we have over 60 active chapters at universities across the United States. LSU’s Beta Xi chapter was awarded the Top Silver Chapter by PSE in 2015. Based on your interest, college-wide organizations such as Alpha Kappa Psi and Delta Sigma Pi are also available. Bottom line: be involved!

Join The Ourso Experience By getting involved in student organizations you will strengthen your leadership skills, start building your network, learn time management, apply classroom lessons in real-world situations, expand your résumé, give back to your college community, and make new friends.


The LSU Sales Team strategizes before its next competition.

Student Activities Jumping Into Business Jumping into Business is a multi-day event, hosted by the Business College Council and student organizations in the college, that features a wealth of activities and events. In addition to a food drive for the LSU Food Pantry, students have the opportunity to visit with business-related student organizations and learn more about them, as well as visit with recruiters in the Rapid RĂŠsumĂŠ Review sessions. Etiquette Dinner Undergraduate and graduate students are invited each year to attend the Etiquette Dinner, which is hosted by the Business College Council. At the event, students sit with and learn from executives who are accomplished professionals in their respective fields. They also learn proper dining and job interview etiquette from an expert certified by the Protocol School of Washington. Speakers Throughout the academic year, students have the opportunity to hear from professionals; executives; local, state, and national leaders; alumni; etc., from various professions and gain valuable insight into industry and the current job market.

Students attend the annual Jumping Into Business event. Business and dinner etiquette are on the menu at the annual Etiquette Dinner. Joe Hair, marketing expert and author of over 50 books, speaks with students.


Career Opportunities Internships

Your Career

Internships are a great way to interact with industry professionals, learn about potential career choices, and gain valuable experience while still in school. We encourage you to pursue an internship on your own or with the assistance of our many resources. You may be able to earn credit for your internship work as well and we want to discuss options with you.

We will work with you on your search for a meaningful career that meets your passion. You can work with the new Office of Business Student Success within the E. J. Ourso College of Business and with the Olinde Career Center at the university level to obtain career-related work experiences, develop job search skills, and find not just a job, but the right job.

“This internship was an amazing learning experience for me. I worked at the Sherwin Williams store in New Orleans on Carrollton and they taught me so much about the business world and how a business works. I was given many activities from going on sales rep ride-alongs to just learning more about products that Sherwin Williams’ sells. I interacted and formed relationships with multiple customers and learned how important customer satisfaction is in this business. I was also given the opportunity to work on a project regarding inventory expense management and presenting it in Memphis, Tennessee to 11 executives and district managers around the southeast division.” — Chelsea Slatterybeen

Elise Armand is a marketing major who interned with Emergent Method during the summer of 2017. “Having an internship has allowed me to apply what I’ve learned in the classroom, begin building a professional network, and challenge myself,” said Armand, adding “The variety of tasks I handle as an intern has helped me to identify the career path I want to pursue, and the experience I have gained has been invaluable.”


Competitions Professional Sales students recently competed in business-to-business, or B2B, sales scenarios for scholarship awards during the E. J. Ourso College of Business Professional Sales Institute’s second annual Internal Sales Competition and Career Fair. Winners are (left to right) Jack Chascin, Lyndsay LeDoux, Eric Waguespack and Del Baker.

The PSI Internal Sales Competition features one-on-one sales pitches that are live-streamed from the second floor OBSS interview rooms to a panel of industry professionals, serving as judges, on the third floor in the Ideation Lab for evaluation.

The PSI Sales Team beat stiff regional and national competition to finish first at the 2017 Bayou Sales Challenge held at Nicholls State University. The LSU Sales Team was recognized by East Baton Rouge Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome (far left) and District 8 Metro Councilman Buddy Amoroso (far right) at City Hall. Sales Team members are (left to right) Jack Chascin, Eric Waguespack, Del Baker, Sarah Grimball, Lyndsay LeDoux, and PSI Director and Instructor Greg Accardo. Eric Waguespack also took home individual champion honors.

The E. J. Ourso College of Business Diversity Diplomats team finished third among 35 schools, repeating their showing at last year’s event. “Competing was an amazing experience, overall,” said Brianna Price, a sophomore marketing major. “It was an honor to represent the E. J. Ourso College of Business and I learned so many skills that I will be able to carry with me as I enter the professional world. My teammates were all extremely hard-working and bright and we meshed so well together, which clearly benefited us in the end.”




Beyond the Classroom You can expand your learning experience by participating in activities outside of the classroom.




1. So now you know: Mike the Tiger was marketing major Brandon Borkat — the man behind the whiskers. 2. Members of the Professional Sales Institute participate in industry events to increase networking skills and broaden their personal brand appeal. 3. Pi Sigma Epsilon hosted its sixth annual sand volleyball tournament, Pi Sig Dig, at The Villas at RiverBend of Baton Rouge. The purpose of this event was to market the LSU chapter to the Baton Rouge community and LSU student body. All ages were welcomed to participate and teams had four to six participants. The tournament was double elimination giving each team at least two opportunities to compete in the tournament. 4. The members of Pi Sigma Epsilon volunteered their time at a local PetSmart in Baton Rouge to help get the pets adopted. “We loved spending time with all the cute cats and dogs and look forward to helping out again!” 5. Competitions are a fantastic way for you to hone your marketing skills and present potential employers with evidence of your abilities.


PSI Golf Tournament PSI hosts an annual golf tournament that provides you with a unique opportunity. “The PSI Golf Tournament serves two goals — students engage in ‘real-world’ sales before graduating, and companies and students have the opportunity to network and discuss professional sales careers,” says Director Greg Accardo.

By the time the event comes around, the group has been busy for months with more than just the production of a golf outing.

Students are split into groups prior to the event and tasked with selling tournament sponsorships — which gives them valuable experience and interactions with industry representatives.

Each four-person team in the tournament is made up of three sponsors and one student, ensuring interaction between students and industry professionals.

At the center of this photo and at the heart of the PSI is Jim Parr, a constant supporter of our students. Jim and Laura Parr’s financial contribution made the institute possible and we will be forever grateful for their generosity.


Hard work pays off. Patrick Fennell, seen here working on his dissertation, recently completed his PhD.

PhD Program The Department of Marketing offers a PhD in business administration with a specialization in marketing designed to produce collegial scholars for academic careers in research, teaching, and service at universities. A strong emphasis is placed on research and a collaborative research environment. Doctoral students receive opportunities to participate in research projects during their first semester of the program and continue to work closely with fellow doctoral students and faculty members on various projects targeted for conference and journal publication while they are in the program. Doctoral students can expect to be in residence year-round and full-time for four years. Students focus on their coursework the first two years and on their dissertation the second two years. Upon completion of major marketing coursework, students must pass a written comprehensive (qualifying) exam and an oral exam. Each PhD candidate is also required to design, implement, and complete an original dissertation under the supervision of a marketing faculty member.

Daryl McKee Doctoral Study in Marketing Scholarship The scholarship was created in memory of departed LSU Marketing Professor Daryl McKee. McKee was a longtime LSU marketing professor and an important contributor to the PhD Program. He passed away in 2007 after a six-year battle with cancer. After his death, faculty members and PhD students donated money to establish the scholarship bearing his name, which is awarded annually. Pictured on the right: Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies Dan Rice presents Jordan Moffet with the 2017 Daryl McKee Doctoral Study in Marketing Scholarship. Moffet’s research interests include relationship marketing, communication strategy, and customer engagement marketing.


Research Journal Editors Areas of Research

Professor Judith Anne Garretson Folse, Associate Editor, Journal of Consumer Marketing (Since 2014)

> Attitude and persuasion

Research Highlights

> Brand choice

Alvin C. Burns, Professor

> Consumer judgment and

> An Investigation of Brand-Related User Generated Content

decision making

on Twitter. Burns, A., Liu, X., and Hou, Y. (2017). Journal of Advertising, 46(2), 236-247.

> Corporate social responsibility

Judith Anne Garretson Folse, Professor

> E-commerce and Internet

> The Effects of Negatively-Valenced Emotional Expressions in Online


Reviews on the Reviewer, the Review, and Product. Folse, J., Porter III, M., Godbole, M., and Reynolds, K. (2016). Psychology and Marketing, 33(9), 747-760.

> Marketing analytics > Marketing models

Andrew Kuo, Assistant Professor

> Brave New World of Warcraft: A Conceptual Framework for

> Marketing strategy

Active Escapism. Kuo, A., Lutz, R., and Hiler, J. (2016). Journal of Consumer Marketing, 33(7).

> Relationship marketing and

Dan H. Rice, Associate Professor


> How Fitting! The Influence of Fence-Context Fit on Price

> Sales management and

Discrimination Fairness. Kuo, A., Rice, D., and Fennell, P. (2016). Journal of Business Research, 69(8).


Learn more at

Behavioral Research Lab The Behavioral Research Lab is located in the Business Education Complex and features 28 networked computer workstations equipped with multimedia research equipment and one control computer. The lab also possesses physiological measurement devices and eye-tracking equipment, enabling faculty and students to conduct innovative behavioral research that would not be possible otherwise. Students conduct research in the state-of-the-art Behavioral Research Lab.

Each semester, approximately 2,000 LSU students have the opportunity to participate in research performed in this facility, creating one of the largest student-based, behavioral research participant pools in the country.

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