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Stephen Tomlinson (left), vice president of Operations Support for Cameron International Corporation, appeared as a guest speaker during the fall 2009 edition of the Distinguished Speaker Series.

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The Flores MBA Program · 4 – 9 A Sound Investment · 5 / Program at a Glance · 6 / Customize Your Future · 8

Our Core Faculty · 10 – 15 Flores MBA Faculty · 11 / Our Specialization Faculty · 14

Centers and Institutes · 16 – 19 Introduction · 17

Emerging Markets Initiative · 20 – 21 Globalization · 21

Student Life · 22 – 25 Connecting On and Off Campus · 23 / My LSU · 24 / University Resources · 24

Your LSU Flores MBA Experience · 26 – 35 Your LSU Flores MBA Experience · 27 / Perspectives on the Flores MBA Program · 28 / Community Involvement · 30 / Student Services · 31 / Career Preparation · 31 / Diary of an LSU Flores MBA · 32 / Alumni Spotlight · 34 / Career Development · 36 / Global Reach · 37 / Intern Spotlight · 38

Apply Now · 42 – 46 Application Process · 42 / Assistantships, Scholarships, Fellowships, and Student Financing · 44 / Life in Baton Rouge · 45 / Visit · 46

Welcome from the Deans

You are about to embark on a path that will forever change your understanding of business. LSU’s E. J. Ourso College of Business, an AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) International accredited institution for more than seven decades, has provided premier graduate education through the awarding of MBAs since 1935. Over the years, we have worked diligently with local, regional, national, and global entities to continually improve the LSU Flores MBA Program. We have done so by ensuring our students receive innovative, challenging, and relevant instruction. The evidence of our success is plentiful.

Ed Watson

Eli Jones

LSU Flores MBA Program Dean; Associate Dean for Graduate Programs

E. J. Ourso College of Business Dean; E. J. Ourso Distinguished Professor of Business

The LSU Flores MBA Program is consistently ranked among the Top 50 public programs in the nation. This is a testament to the accomplishments of our alumni, the achievements of our students, the research and insight of our faculty, and recognition by recruiters and organizations that seek out LSU Flores MBAs. We endeavor to provide a real-world education through various initiatives and events and work to attract the best candidates to our program. In fact, a limited number of graduate assistantships with tuition waiver, and meritbased scholarships are available to high performing applicants. We invite you to realize your potential. Our faculty, staff, and alumni are proven contributors to the international business community. Join us. Focus on your specialization. Achieve your goal. Just as Jim and Cherie Flores made the decision to invest in our future, we hope you will make the ultimate investment of investing in yourself.

a sound investment



Our sponsorship of the LSU Flores MBA Program at LSU has been one of the most rewarding investments that Cherie and I have ever made. National recognition and individual student contributions have been making an impact in Louisiana and throughout the entire United States as LSU Flores MBAs populate the workforce of many of the leading companies of the 21st century. We look forward to the continuation of this tradition with each graduating class.


Jim and Cherie Flores endowed the MBA program in 1997. Jim Flores is chairman and chief executive officer of Plains Exploration and Production, a national independent oil and gas company.



The Flores MBA Program

a sound investment


A Sound Investment

The LSU Flores MBA Program offers more than a degree. You will receive a rigorous educational experience that reflects the fast-paced, innovative world of business and the tradition of excellence at LSU. An LSU Flores MBA will positively impact your career long after you have graduated. If you are ready to make the ultimate investment in your success, then this is the right program for you.

Center for Internal Auditing (LSUCIA). In 2003, first-year LSU Flores MBA student Silvy Triana posted the highest student score on the international Certified Internal Auditor Exam. In all, 17 LSU Center for Internal Auditing students have achieved this designation, with the latest coming in 2009. Ten of these 17 students were LSU Flores MBAs.

LSU Flores MBA alumni are a diverse and successful group who have climbed to the executive suite in organizations like Turner Industries, Gardner Denver, LUBA, and Britton & Koontz Bank. LSU Flores MBAs can be found in a wide variety of industries and professional fields, including engineering, construction, health care, information technology, marketing, finance, and auditing.

Employers recognize the value of the LSU Flores MBA. International companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers and ExxonMobil regularly recruit our students. To further assist our graduates in the processes of meeting and interviewing with these recruiters, the program delivers important professional, career, and leadership development opportunities through seminars, workshops, business & industry involvement, advising, mentoring, and other extracurricular activities.

Considered the flagship program of the E. J. Ourso College, the LSU Flores MBA Program is a vital part of the national recognition received by the college and LSU. The program’s prestigious reputation has been reinforced through rankings consistently among the nation’s Top 50 public institutions by various outlets. These include a No. 7 national ranking overall in The Wall Street Journal by regional corporate recruiters and a ranking of 26th among public institutions based on return on investment by Our commitment to business education is unwavering. Professors in the LSU Flores MBA Program are experts dedicated to advancing the foundation of business knowledge and enhancing students’ skills. Faculty employ innovative methods to ensure their curriculum is on the leading edge. One such example of this is LSU’s world renown


The LSU Flores MBA Program is committed to providing a comprehensive business education. As the program continues to grow in prestige and strives toward national prominence, the value of the LSU Flores MBA grows in both the business and academic communities. Each year, a newly accepted class of students provides fresh, original ideas and strengthens the program through its commitment to excellence.

Program at a Glance

The LSU Flores MBA Program’s curriculum follows the traditional four semester academic schedule, requiring 22 months to complete. Courses reflect the core business principles needed for success and allow you to specialize in a field of your choosing. Through the core 12-course curriculum and your specialization, you will learn to apply modern business management principles to a wide range of problem-solving and decision-making situations in complex, dynamic environments. Additionally, you will develop the capacity to balance quantitative and qualitative aspects in this process and become more knowledgeable about the legal and ethical issues that frequently confront business managers.

For those interested, the LSU Flores MBA Program offers a dual degree program with the LSU Paul M. Hebert Law Center in which students can earn a JD/MBA in four years. If you are interested in pursuing this option, you will need to apply to both schools separately and adhere to the requirements for both programs.

LSU Flores MBA students typically pursue summer internships with U.S. companies, but a greater emphasis has recently been placed on international placement. Short-term, one- to two-week, international study trips to China and Brazil are already in place, and a new study trip to India is under development. Globalization is a strategic initiative for the E. J. Ourso College, and scholarships for these During the week prior to the start of your classes, you will participate international study trips to BRIC countries are available. BRIC refers to four countries–Brazil, Russia, India, and China–that have been in Launch. This weeklong orientation prepares you for the program identified as the largest growth economies in the foreseeable future. with a series of professional development, academic, and social Many of our current alumni work in, and lead, multinationals. We activities, and it serves as an important time for you to get to know expect future graduates to find significant opportunities in the global your fellow classmates. You will be assigned to one of four cohorts, economy, and preparing for this future is important. LSU Flores MBA which will be selected in a manner that insures every cohort has a diverse set of individuals and perspectives. Each semester two cohorts alumni, recruiters, and the business community are passionately involved in fundraising for these international scholarships. are paired for the core classes. This insures that by the end of your first year you have shared classes with all of your colleagues.

a sound investment


Pre-Program Launch

1st Semester

2nd Semester

Seminar: Emerging Business Issues and Practices in a Global Economy

Summer Internship*

3rd Semester

4th Semester

Seminar: Emerging Business Issues and Practices in a Global Economy

Financial Accounting

Cost Accounting

Economic Environment of the Firm

Managing Sources of Competitive Advantage

Marketing Administration

Financial Management

Understanding Behavior in Organizations

Legal Environment of the Firm

Managerial Statistics

Operations and Supply Management

Elective II

Elective IV

Info Systems

Elective I

Elective III

Elective V

Students engage in leadership and professional development activities throughout the LSU Flores MBA Program. * Most students hold an internship over the summer to gain valuable work experience in their area of interest. Students have placed well around the U.S. in a variety of fields and, more recently, more emphasis is placed on international placement. Many students also work as graduate assistants for a unit in the E. J. Ourso College of Business or across the LSU campus. Students also find time for international study trips and vacations.


Customize Your Future Specializations are offered for you to gain cutting-edge knowledge and skills to help drive your career.

Entrepreneurship — Designed to teach necessary strategies and skills to trailblazers intent on venturing out to begin a new business.

Finance — Provides a deeper perspective and analytical capability to those who wish to understand the drivers of local, national, and global economies. Human Resource Management — Examines business practices such as compensation, hiring, performance management, organization development, communication, administration, and training. Internal Auditing — Illustrates how to help organizations achieve their objectives by utilizing systematic methodology to analyze their processes, procedures, and activities. Marketing — Identifies how to contribute to the long-term growth and success of an organization by promoting various products to various publics. International Business/Emerging Markets — Prepares individuals to conduct business with growing international economic powers.

Supply Chain Management — Readies those interested in the challenges of the development, sourcing, production, distribution, and servicing of innovative goods and services efficiently and competitively in a global economy. Systems Audit — Blends the disciplines of being an effective manager of technology systems and the principles of internal auditing.

Customized — The LSU Flores MBA Program will allow you to work with its expert business faculty to develop a specialization that provides the skills you need, regardless of your career goals. You will select three business courses from an approved list to customize your specialization. Past examples include sports marketing, management, real estate, and project management.

a sound investment


The SMART Lab provides students a simulated trading floor in a classroom setting.



Our Core Faculty

a sound investment


Faculty LSU Flores MBA faculty are recognized in business and academic circles as leaders and experts. Our faculty are advisors and consultants to businesses, thought leaders, and influencers, and are widely published in business and academic periodicals. They are dedicated to providing the best business education possible and possess the skills to teach you how to become technically sharp, analytically tuned, and business savvy. Don M. Chance, PhD, CFA Professor Chance teaches the MBA core course in finance as well as an elective in financial risk management. He is a recognized expert in derivative markets and risk management and has authored three books and numerous scholarly and applied articles on these subjects and other topics in finance. Read more about him here.

Julie C. Chenier, CIA, CPA Instructor Chenier teaches the MBA core course in cost accounting. Her teaching interests span managerial accounting, financial accounting, and intermediate accounting. Additionally, she is the internship advisor for the LSU Department of Accounting. Read more about her here.

Young H. Chun, PhD Professor Chun teaches the MBA core course in business statistics. His research focuses on business analytics, decision science, and quality management and, in 2007, he received the Best Theoretical/Empirical Research Paper award from Decision Sciences Institute. Read more about him here.


James S. Fargason, CFE, CIA, CMA, CPA, JD, LLM Instructor Fargason teaches the MBA core course in business law. His two law degrees include an advanced degree in international and comparative law. He is a certified public accountant and has been a member of the auditing and legal professions for more than 15 years. Read more about him here.

Barclay E. James, PhD Assistant Professor James teaches the MBA core course in strategy. He researches how firm-level transactional governance mechanisms interact with broader country-level institutional factors and competitive strategic investments by firms located across a range of countries. Read more about him here.

Eli Jones, PhD Professor Jones is the dean of LSU’s E. J. Ourso College of Business and teaches the MBA core course in marketing. His research focuses primarily on issues related to the changing sales force, including sales force diversity, sales force change management, and sales force technology adoption and performance. Read more about him here.

Thomas J. Karam, PhD Instructor Karam teaches the MBA core course in marketing and specializes in teaching sports marketing and personal branding. He works as a consultant with NFL and NCAA athletes and coaches on media training and personal branding. Read more about him here.

Faik A. Koray, PhD Professor Koray teaches the MBA core course in economics. He specializes in macroeconomics and international finance. Currently, Professor Koray’s research focuses on the dynamic effects of fiscal policy on the economy. Read more about him here.

a sound investment


Hettie A. Richardson, PhD Professor Richardson teaches the MBA core course in organizational behavior and is the co-chair of the Rucks Department of Management. Her expertise includes strategic human resource management. Additionally, she was named one of Baton Rouge Business Report’s “Top 40 Under 40” in 2008. Read more about her here.

Andrew Schwarz, PhD Associate Professor Schwarz teaches the MBA core course in management information systems. He specializes in enabling organizations to be more effective using technology and has been one of the Top 75 researchers in the global IT academic community for the past three years. Read more about him here.

Samuel L. Tiras, PhD, CPA Professor Tiras teaches the MBA core course in financial accounting and is the chair of the Department of Accounting. He is a certified public accountant, and his research is focused primarily on financial reporting and auditing. Professor Tiras has also taught extensively in various areas, including accounting principles. Read more about him here.

James R. Van Scotter, PhD Associate Professor Van Scotter teaches the MBA core course in organizational behavior. His focus is currently on identifying, measuring, and understanding the predictors of success in e-commerce. Additionally, he develops and teaches innovative courses in e-commerce and web analytics. Read more about him here.

Edward F. Watson, PhD Professor Watson is the associate dean for Graduate Programs, director of the LSU Flores MBA Program, and teaches the MBA core course in operations management. His teaching and research interests include global operations and supply chain management, technology management, and IT-enabled business transformation. Read more about him here.


Our Specialization Faculty Ye-Sho Chen, PhD · Emerging Markets Initiative Director · Department of Information Systems & Decision Sciences Professor

Suzanne D. Pawlowski, PhD · Department of Information Systems & Decision Sciences Associate Professor

Barbara G. Danos, JD

Kerry S. Sauley, PhD

· Department of Finance Instructor

· Rucks Department of Management Instructor

Jamison M. Day, PhD

Glenn E. Sumners, CIA, CPA, CFE, DBA

· Department of Information Systems & Decision Sciences Associate Professor

· LSU Center for Internal Auditing Director · Department of Accounting Professor

Robert T. Justis, PhD · LSU Stephenson Entrepreneurship Institute Director · Rucks Department of Management Professor

Jianan Wu, PhD · Department of Marketing Associate Professor

Walter A. Morales, CFA · Department of Finance Instructor

a sound investment


Rucks Department of Management’s Kerry Sauley is known for his teaching style and ability to reach a vast audience.



Centers and Institutes

a sound investment



In addition to the academic departments, centers and institutes housed in the E. J. Ourso College fuel much of the research, outreach, and thought leadership. Through private donations and federal and state grants, researchers and practitioners push the forefront of knowledge development and education in their respective areas. The centers and institutes address deep issues of academic concern and address critical needs of current business and government entities. They also facilitate solutions that can be distributed and shared through various networks and mechanisms. Many LSU Flores MBA students perform critical work in these centers and institutes as graduate assistants, earning student stipends and tuition waivers in the program. Students have the opportunity to further develop knowledge and skills in a professional field as well as important professional, leadership, and career skills. Graduate assistantships are rĂŠsumĂŠ building opportunities where students are challenged to solve real-world problems and to communicate effectively verbally and through the written word.

The Louisiana Business & Technology Center Founded in 1988, the Louisiana Business & Technology Center (LBTC) endeavors to enhance economic development in Louisiana by supporting existing small businesses and developing new businesses. By serving as a proving ground for technology applications and utilization the LBTC fosters growth in the new business segment, increases diversification, and helps create jobs to further expand Louisiana's economic development.

LSU Center for Internal Auditing LSU was endorsed by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) as the pilot school in 1985 to develop an innovative educational program in internal auditing. Today the LSU Center for Internal Auditing (LSUCIA) is in the IIA Internal Audit Education Partnership Program (IAEP) and is considered the premier internal audit program in the world. LSUCIA provides training to graduate and undergraduate students and is a model program for other schools globally.


LSU Stephenson Disaster Management Institute Founded in 2007, the LSU Stephenson Disaster Management Institute’s mission is to save the lives of people and animals before, during, and after disasters by continuously improving disaster response management through research and education. Together, academic researchers, disaster managers, and experts from the private sector collaborate to study disaster management problems, develop realistic solutions, publish smart practices, and teach improved disaster management strategies.

LSU Stephenson Entrepreneurship Institute Renamed in 2007, the LSU Stephenson Entrepreneurship Institute’s mission is to promote and foster entrepreneurial practices through education, outreach, and research. The institute seeks to inspire, innovate, integrate, and implement new ways of thinking to positively impact students, the regional economy, Louisiana, and the nation. A multidisciplinary institute, the Stephenson Entrepreneurship Institute works closely with the LBTC to assist in economic development and small business development-related endeavors.

The Division of Economic Development The Division of Economic Development (DED) conducts applied economics research on a wide variety of topics. Projects include economic impact studies, program evaluations, forecasting, and a broad range of research assessing the impact of potential policies. The division also produces the annual Louisiana Economic Outlook (LEO), which analyzes the state's economy and that of major metropolitan areas to forecast Louisiana employment for the next two years.

Highway Safety Research Group The Highway Safety Research Group (HSRG) is responsible for collecting, maintaining, storing, and analyzing crash data captured from law enforcement agencies statewide. This data is used for many research studies and to produce a yearly annual crash data fact book. Fact books are used in setting policies and selecting projects and programs to improve the safety of Louisiana’s roadways. The HSRG also provides software development and support for information innovations used by law enforcement agencies around the state.

a sound investment


Real Estate Research Institute The Real Estate Research Institute (RERI) was established in 1985 with the mission of encouraging, supporting, and conducting real estate research and conducts an annual conference in conjunction with the Baton Rouge Association of Realtors. Additionally, RERI seeks and has received federal funding for spatial research. This funding helps provide students with support and research training.

SMART Lab Funded by LSU's Center for Computation & Technology (CCT), the Securities Market Analysis Research and Trading Lab (SMART Lab) simulates an interactive trading floor where students gain experience in the fast-paced world of securities analysis, research, and trading. The lab is equipped with the latest professional analytic software, which gives students significant on-the-job-style training in portfolio construction, risk management, and financial engineering.

Alex Mouton, whose specialization is finance, works as a graduate assistant for the Highway Safety Research Group and interned for them in summer 2010.



Emerging Markets Initiative

a sound investment



Globalization is a growth initiative of the E. J. Ourso College. To be successful in today’s economy, business leaders need to understand the economic, social, political, and cultural forces that shape the way business is conducted in various parts of the world. To this end, the college is focusing on specific BRIC economies (Brazil, India, and China), and LSU Flores MBA students are afforded an opportunity to participate in annual international business study trips to China and Brazil. During their international experience, students broaden their knowledge of Chinese business by learning more about China’s history, culture, and global business practices. They meet with various business leaders across many industries to learn more about business challenges and career opportunities within the global economy, and they may also explore economic development and career opportunities with specific U.S.- and Chinese-based businesses. The China trip also includes cultural outings to important areas such as the Great Wall at Mutianyu, the Forbidden City, and Tiananmen Square. Besides understanding global business practices, students develop an understanding of the country’s history, language, and culture as it is such an important part of conducting business around the world. Students typically visit Beijing, Shanghai, and one or more additional cities. Recently, the E. J. Ourso College forged a new relationship with the University of São Paulo to also offer a weeklong study trip to Brazil during LSU’s Spring Break. Mirroring the China trip, students study Brazilian history, culture, language, and global business practices. There is a balanced mix of site visits to industry, guest business and academic lectures, and cultural and social activities to keep the trip exciting and productive. A new program, expanding upon the college’s emerging markets emphasis, is being developed with university and business partners in India. Students are encouraged to inquire for more information about this exciting opportunity. This new program expands upon academic trips past students have taken during short excursion and summer abroad programs to destinations around the world.



Student Life

a sound investment


Connecting On and Off Campus

A New Home – The Business Education Complex A nationally prominent source of business talent and education, the E. J. Ourso College of Business defines business education in Louisiana. Appropriately for this dynamic world of business education, the E. J. Ourso College will soon move into a new home—the Business Education Complex (BEC). Rising from the dirt and asphalt east of Patrick F. Taylor Hall, and designed around the themes of community and collaboration, the BEC will provide the E. J. Ourso College a physical presence suited to the needs of its students, faculty, and programs. Set to open in the summer of 2012, the BEC comprises a four-story rotunda, two classroom wings, and a large auditorium that together surround a central courtyard. Designed by nationally recognized architectural firms ikon.5 and Coleman Partners, the BEC will become the latest iconic architectural landmark of the LSU campus. More than half of the BEC is devoted to tiered interactive classrooms, collaborative breakout/project rooms, specialized spaces such as an “ideation” product design lab and the SMART Lab, quiet study areas, and a variety of community areas. A modern computer network, including audio-visual equipment, will empower faculty to videoconference with guest speakers from throughout the world, and the 300-seat auditorium will allow more students to learn from distinguished guest lecturers. The heart of the new complex is the Commons, a 4,000 square-foot central atrium, with an adjacent cyber café. Study spaces and areas for group meetings will solidify it as a place of community and daily interactions, and it can readily be transformed into a venue for hosting receptions, dinners, presentations, and career receptions. The Commons will be the memorable identity of the BEC and will most certainly be a place of treasured school memories of many generations of business students.


University Resources LSU Department of University Recreation University Recreation is a vital component of the quality of life for which LSU is known. UREC’s mission is to provide comprehensive, high quality recreational facilities, programs, and services that support learning, lifelong participation, and that meet the educational, recreational, and competitive needs of our students, faculty, and staff. To fulfill its mission, UREC employs the Student Recreation Center and the UREC Sport & Adventure Complex. Membership fees for full-time students are included with University fees.

LSU Student Union

My LSU is the e-mail and online access service used by the LSU community. Through My LSU, University students receive a one gigabyte e-mail account and 50 megabytes of file storage space that can be accessed from any Internet-capable computer on or off campus. Students also have access to many general and specialized software packages, including Microsoft Office Suites, multimedia editors and players, and presentation software available through special licensing agreements with the University. My LSU also offers students a convenient way to register for classes, check grades, pay fees, and use Moodle, a community learning tool whereby professors and students can post assignments, grades, announcements, and communicate with each other online.

The LSU Student Union in currently undergoing a renovation that includes the addition of approximately 50,000 square feet at a cost of more than $83 million. It houses the LSU Bookstore, a compacted Barnes & Noble, a branch of Campus Federal Credit Union, student art gallery, the Union Theater, and ATMs from area banks. Other general amenities include a travel agency, barbershop, Starbucks, TicketMaster outlet, meeting facilities, and a McDonald’s. Additionally, the Tiger Lair Food Court houses other well-known food providers, and the LSU Magnolia Room Restaurant offers a centrally located eatery on campus.

a sound investment


LSU Libraries The LSU Libraries, anchored by the Troy H. Middleton Library, contain more than three million volumes. Hill Memorial Library houses several special collections, including the Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, the E. A. McIlhenny Natural History Collection, the T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History, and the United States Civil War Center. A regional depository for U.S. government documents, patents, and Louisiana state documents, the LSU libraries also house an extensive collection of United Nations documents. Using My LSU, students can access the LSU libraries’ online catalog. Electronic versions of academic journal articles and selected full-length books are made available through numerous online databases available through My LSU as well.

The LSU War Memorial was dedicated in 1998 in memory of those University students who have given the ultimate sacrifice in conflicts dating back to World War II. Memorial Tower is a monument to all Louisianians who gave their lives during World War I.



LSU Flores MBA Experience

a sound investment


Your LSU Flores MBA Experience

Our success is measured by the quality of the professionals that we help to develop, not by the number of graduates we produce. As such, we are committed to keeping admission standards for the LSU Flores MBA Program high and class sizes small. The average total enrollment is 150 students, with a typical core class numbering 36 students and elective classes fewer than that. Low student-toprofessor ratios mean courses are focused, and the exchange of ideas in the classroom is abundant. LSU Flores MBAs receive a wealth of personal attention from faculty, have great interactive and dynamic learning experiences, are afforded innumerable opportunities to engage in thought-provoking discussions and debate, and participate in hands-on activities that are nonexistent in larger class settings. Classroom experiences are supplemented with out-of-class activities that include faculty, staff, and members of our business community. Due to the collaborative nature of the program, the caliber of your classmates will have a tremendous impact on the quality of your MBA experience. The LSU Flores MBA Program continues to attract an increasingly diverse, proficient, and motivated student body. Students bring a wide variety of work experience and expertise to the program, which enhances classroom dynamics. Aside from business backgrounds, LSU Flores MBAs come from the fields of engineering, natural sciences, social sciences, and liberal arts.


Working with members of your cohort will greatly enhance your LSU Flores MBA Experience.

Perspectives on the Flores MBA Program The Classes In the classroom, you will be given opportunities to develop professional skills through lectures, presentations, case studies, and group projects. You will also be given glimpses into the business world by guest speakers from different backgrounds and professional experiences. Additionally, you will benefit from experiential learning opportunities such as the aforementioned SMART Lab. Learning takes place outside of the classroom as well, and site visits are a large part of the LSU Flores MBA experience. Students have taken trips to various businesses in and around the Greater Baton Rouge area, including the Port of New Orleans. Academic credits can be earned through summer internship and co-op experiences.

Emerging Business Issues and Practices in a Global Economy, presented as Friday morning seminars, addresses topics such as leadership, entrepreneurship, global business practices, professional development, and career development. You will benefit from the advice and knowledge of business professionals and leaders who have broad and deep experiences across many industries and in many functions. On-site visits to local business organizations, such as Coca-Cola, are also an important part of the Emerging Business Issues and Practices in a Global Economy curriculum. These guided tours offer a chance to see a business from every angle and the tangible effects of business strategy.

From the Outside There are many LSU Flores MBA Program activities that allow students to come together to learn and develop personally and professionally. Each week, first- and second-year MBA candidates convene to learn from community leaders at Emerging Business Issues and Practices in a Global Economy or at a Distinguished Speaker Series lecture. The Flores MBA Association (MBAA) and National Association of Women MBAs (NAWMBA) regularly host events involving business and community leaders.

Former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer, now president and CEO of Business First Bank, has appeared previously as part of the Emerging Business Issues and Practices in a Global Economy curriculum.

a sound investment


The LSU Flores MBA Distinguished Speaker Series (DSS) is an integral part of the LSU Flores MBA Program. Through this series, you will gain insight into the forces that shape the business world from executives who face and manage those issues daily. This forum allows you to get practical answers to questions from executives and fuel your future success. In the spring of 2010, the DSS featured Brian Ferraioli, executive vice president and chief financial officer of The Shaw Group; Teri Fontenot, president and chief executive officer of Woman’s Hospital; and Chuck Sledge, senior vice president and chief financial officer for Cameron International Corporation.

Teri Fontenot, president and CEO of Woman’s Hospital, was a DSS speaker in spring 2010.


Community Involvement LSU Flores MBA students are active in the Baton Rouge community and are recognized as assets. They give to the community through their involvement in the Flores MBA Association’s Annual Golf Tournament and the National Association of Women MBAs’ 5K race. The golf tournament’s proceeds are contributed to a local charitable organization, while the 5K race is held to support the Charlotte Murray Pace Memorial Scholarship Fund. Involvement in the Flores MBA Association and the National Association of Women MBAs also provides networking opportunities with each other as well as community leaders.

At Work

The Flores MBA Association (MBAA) is a graduate-level student organization designed to enhance the MBA experience. Since its inception, the MBAA has served as an effective conduit between our students, the community, and business leaders from around the globe. The primary goals of the MBAA are to:

Many LSU Flores MBA students are employed as graduate and teaching assistants across LSU’s campus. They are selected because students from the program have a reputation of being hardworking and disciplined. In their roles as graduate assistants, students develop specialized knowledge in many different fields while further developing their professional skills.

j Promote personal and professional growth outside of the classroom setting j Nourish a strong, lasting sense of camaraderie between our fellow students j Develop extensive professional networks to benefit both students and business leaders j Uphold a positive professional image of the Flores MBA Program In spring 2010, the MBAA presented Boys Hope Girls Hope of Baton Rouge Executive Director Meg Gerald with a check for $13,000 raised through the association’s annual golf tournament.

a sound investment


Student Services Student Services provided by the LSU Flores MBA Office facilitates a smooth transition into the LSU Flores MBA Program. Working with students to plan their specialization and their overarching career goals, the LSU Flores MBA Program staff can help students with their questions regarding class registration, financial aid and fee bill payments, and any details regarding programming.

Career Preparation As an LSU Flores MBA, you will have access to the University’s Career Services and LSU Flores MBA staff members and faculty who can assist you to develop your career opportunities. Our primary goal is to place students in exciting positions at leading companies as interns or for full-time employment. In addition to fostering relationships with corporate recruiters looking to hire LSU Flores MBA graduates, career guidance by faculty and staff and career mentoring by alumni and the business community is provided. An array of services are available, such as mock interviews, résumé critiquing, company research, salary negotiation, and interviewing advice. The National Association of Women MBAs LSU Chapter (NAWMBA-LSU) is an active organization that aims to develop and empower its members within, while assisting and supporting the community outside through informative workshops, influential speakers, exciting events, and beneficial networking. NAWMBA-LSU seeks to provide opportunities for growth and success for its members. Furthermore, by focusing outward into the community, primarily on women's causes, NAWMBA–LSU aims to elevate women in the broader social spectrum.


Diary of an LSU Flores MBA Everyone’s LSU Flores MBA Experience is different. It will be what you make of it. There are some things that are universal to all of us as LSU Flores MBAs, however, and I was glad that the program’s staff gave me a great indication of what was in store from start to finish. It was an exciting two years and now, diploma in hand, I’m happy to give you a taste of what you can expect.

Launch Week During Launch, I met most everyone I was entering the Flores MBA Program with and got to know everyone in my cohort. I also attended a welcome brunch hosted by the LSU chapter of the National Association of Women MBAs before Launch week began, and it was nice to see some familiar faces. Launch week is fun because it isn’t all about being in the classroom.

semester and certainly made it sound like it would be intense. During the week, I also worked with the LSU Flores MBA Program’s staff on improving my résumé. Many larger companies visited campus early in the fall, as they normally do, and some of my top picks for companies to work for scheduled interviews early in September.

undergraduate to graduate school was more work than I initially thought it would be. I had taken a few accounting classes as an undergrad, so I thought I would breeze through Understanding Financial Information. This accounting class, however, was from a perspective unlike any other I had taken before. On top of my school work I also worked with the LSU Flores MBA staff to find an internship for the summer. Even though I had only been in school for three weeks officially, recruiters from the big companies were already visiting campus.

entailed. The MBAA events held on the weekends were really fun, and I was able to bond with my classmates. Outside of the MBAA, I attended every home football game that I could. There is nothing like a Saturday night in Death Valley (a.k.a. Tiger Stadium). Tailgating and learning all of the cheers along with my classmates were a blast as well.

Second Semester

I felt much more comfortable at the start of my second semester than I did at the beginning of my first. A new year had begun, literally, and being in the program truly felt like a fully integrated I met with my classmates almost every part of my life. In my classes, I was weeknight to work on different reunited with my cohort, and the presentations. My group members were familiarity of having recognizable faces The Saturday prior to the start of from a variety of different academic in my next slate of classes was classes I went tubing down a river backgrounds. Some had graduated comforting. with the Flores MBA Association. It We learned about teamwork, was fun meeting second-year students from their undergraduate programs We went to Brazil as part of the college cooperation, and other business recently, and some brought with them a and getting great advice about the and program’s emphasis on essentials through activities and handful of years from being in the first semester. globalization. The country has such a participated in great socials and workforce. It was great to interact with rich culture and continues to be an First Semester networking opportunities. such a diverse group. important emerging market for The first few weeks of class were really After the first couple of months I grew My professors previewed what we American businesses. The experience would be covering during the upcoming difficult, and transitioning from accustomed to what my new life was amazing.

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had learned my first two semesters in a help ensure I had a job before real-world setting, and I could not have graduating in the spring. asked for a better experience. Of course the fall meant another Repeatedly my company coworkers and season of LSU Football, and a perk of bosses told me how impressed they being a second-year MBA student is were with me, and I was very hopeful my that you get to sit with your classmates internship would lead to a full-time offer. in a reserved section in the stadium to cheer the Tigers on to victory. Besides Third Semester the fun I had learning even more with Summer my cohort, I really enjoyed getting to One year down, one year to go. As if Brazil had not been incredible know many of the first-year students. enough, I had the opportunity to I returned for Launch and even helped squeeze in the program’s annual two- the program staff organize some Fourth Semester week study trip to China before aspects of it. It was exciting to meet the After a mild winter, spring returned to beginning my summer internship. The incoming students and to catch up with Baton Rouge. The weather was experience was packed with outings to my classmates and find out what their beautiful, and that only added to various businesses and cultural events. I internships were like. Imagining that keeping me busy. The MBAA hosted its learned a great deal about doing just one year ago I was in the same annual charity golf tournament, and the business in China and was inspired to place as the new first-year students local NAWMBA chapter hosted its pursue opportunities with multinational was difficult, especially when I took into annual 5K run to help fund a memorial corporations that have interests there. account everything I had learned since I scholarship. I participated in both. first stepped foot on campus and how My internship was with a Fortune 500 much I had developed professionally. That final semester was really devoted company headquartered in Texas, but to my specialization and going through my duties for the company took me to My focus that semester was two-fold. I my last few elective classes. All of my Virginia. Many of my classmates was trying to find a job while electives taught me so much about my accepted internships all over the U.S., concentrating on my classes. Certainly it field of study. Additionally, that final including Baton Rouge, but a few went was a bit of a juggling act, but I knew it semester presented me with a life overseas. It was great to apply what I would be best to start applying early to changing decision to make. The Even without football in the mix, the semester flew by. The classwork was challenging but manageable, and I definitely felt my professional skills were developed further in those few months. The fall could not get here soon enough for me, but it would have to wait until my busy summer was over.


company I had interned with the previous summer offered me a position in its home office, and I accepted. Thankfully, the program’s Student Services staff aided me greatly when it came time for me to negotiate a salary with my new employer. For the final two months of the program I found myself looking forward to starting my new position, but my classes were still engaging and kept me grounded in the present. April and May of that year flew by. Honestly, the two years of the program flew by. It was an enjoyable experience, I made wonderful friends, and I know I can count on the program to be there for me even though I am no longer a student. Keeping in touch with what is going on back in Baton Rouge is easy thanks to the college's Web site, Facebook, and Twitter. Many of my cohorts and fellow LSU Flores MBAs are even on LinkedIn. Additionally, there are even MBA Alumni Association chapters in some cities that get together often for various events.

LSU Flores MBA Alumni Spotlight Erica Aucoin Class of 2005 Project Manager · Entergy Corporation How did the program prepare you for the future? Having an engineering background, the LSU Flores MBA Program provided me with the diversity of knowledge needed to succeed in today’s corporate environment. I learned how to apply my analytical point of view to a broader set of challenges and therefore added more value to my employer. Did you have any “Eureka!” moments while in the program? I don’t recall any specific moments, but one of the most valuable things you learn in the program is how to function and thrive in a team environment. So much so that you develop lasting relationships with those teammates. I even married one.

Devin Harrison Class of 2006 Assistant Director, Business Expansion and Retention Group · Louisiana Economic Development How did the program prepare you for the future? The LSU Flores MBA Program exposed me to people and ideas that I otherwise would not have experienced. Did you have any “Eureka!” moments while in the program? It's been a while since I've been in school, and I do not particularly remember any specific moments. However, what I do recall is the group work, and the camaraderie built by working in various teams. This experience proved invaluable when working in groups and dealing with many different personalities throughout my professional career.

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Abby Vidrine McCurry, CPA, CIA, CFE Class of 2001 Consulting Associate Director · Postlethwaite & Netterville How did the program prepare you for the future? I was continually afforded the opportunity to work on a variety of projects with a variety of team members. We were challenged to develop our interpersonal and presentation skills, to learn how to work under tight deadlines, and to think critically to complete our projects and provide solutions. Did you have any “Eureka!” moments while in the program? The closest thing to a “Eureka” moment happened during my internal audit internship. I really started appreciating the real world projects and situations that I had been put in during school. I started understanding why we were not taught strictly out of a textbook and why thinking out of the box and communication skills were such a focus.

Gaines Garrett Class of 2010 CEO · KC Kayaks How did the program prepare you for the future? The LSU Flores MBA Program gave me the technical skills and, in turn, the confidence to start my own company. Also, having the chance to hear other great entrepreneurs speak inspired me to follow my dreams. Did you have any “Eureka!” moments while in the program? My “aha” moment came during a presentation from one of our speakers in my entrepreneurship class. It wasn’t until then that I realized that in order to achieve something great, you must be willing to take the risk. I learned that day that you must be willing to fail before success is even an option.


Career Development According to a Graduate Management Admission Council survey of more than 1,250 corporate recruiters representing 737 companies, LSU Flores MBAs are set apart by their superior skills in critical areas, including strong work ethic, leadership skills, interpersonal and people management skills, and the ability to think strategically and analytically. Our staff is dedicated to insuring a one-on-one relationship in which you receive valuable career coaching as you search for internships and full-time, post-graduate positions. Once you are admitted to the program, our staff will contact you to discuss your goals and to begin working on helping you realize them. Part of this process will be revising your résumé so that it is eye-catching to recruiters in your field. You will also learn how to be more confident and self-aware when looking for a job or while on the job. Our program places strong emphasis on professional development, offering training in résumé building, interviewing, and interpersonal skills. We have an exceptional record of assisting our MBAs obtain positions with local, national, and international companies in a variety of industries. There are substantial opportunities for you to meet with potential full-time employers through programs such as On Campus Interviewing, MBA Information Sessions, networking receptions, career fairs, executive luncheons, evening presentations, and alumni events. Twice a year the E. J. Ourso College, along with LSU’s Career Services, hosts the E. J. Ourso College of Business Networking Reception. This is a companion event to LSU’s Career Expo that is designed specifically for LSU Flores MBAs and business undergraduates. More than 70 organizations attend the reception each semester in search of interns and full-time employees. Our staff partners with the reception to offer an area just for LSU Flores MBAs to meet with employers looking for MBAs for internships and as full-time employees. You can combine the career services help you receive in our office with the tools offered by LSU’s Career Services. These tools include individual on-campus interviewing, teleconferencing, and long-distance conferencing capabilities for telephone interviews. LSU’s Career Services also offers one-day recruiting events throughout the academic year that cater to specific industries and majors.

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Global Reach LSU Flores MBAs have accepted internships and full-time positions with companies from around the world. Each year, the LSU Flores MBA Program establishes new relationships that lead to more opportunities for students and graduates, and that trend will only increase as the program and E. J. Ourso College continue to venture out to emerging markets such as China, Brazil, and India. Listed here is a sampling of the companies that LSU Flores MBAs have interned with or have been hired by in recent years.

ExxonMobil Corporation PricewaterhouseCoopers Deloitte & Touche LLP

Nestle Liberty Mutual Group

Ernst & Young KPMG

Humana Inc.

Shell Oil Company

BHP Billiton

Plains Exploration and Production Company

The Shaw Group Inc.

Tyco Electronics Ltd.

Compass Bank

Amedisys Inc.

Conestoga-Rovers & Associates


Entergy Corporation Capital One Financial Corp JP Morgan Chase & Co. Chase Bank Altria Group Inc.

Chevron Corporation

McDermott International Inc.

Northrop Grumman Corporation

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association


Freddie Mac Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation

FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Grant Thornton LLP

IBM International Business Machines

Cameron International Corporation

Fannie Mae Federal National Mortgage Association

Nielsen Media Research Protiviti Citibank Inc.

LSU Flores MBA Intern Spotlight Ashley Jones Company Interned For: Halston in New York City What were you doing for Halston? “Product development. That included line development, fabric and notions sourcing, and linelist maintenance.” What specifically did you find yourself applying to your internship that you learned in year one of the Flores MBA Program? “Many of the marketing principles I learned in my first semester core marketing class were reinforced through my internship this summer. Designing the perfect product for a specific demographic is very important, and with each decision, our target market was always at the forefront of decision making.” What aspect of the program has translated almost exactly to your internship? “Product development requires a lot of collaboration and teamwork among all the different areas within the company. As a result, the teamwork skills I learned in the MBA program were very important as I worked with design, technical design, merchandising, and production on the Halston Heritage line.”

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Riley Landry Company Interned For: IBERIABANK What were you doing for IBERIABANK? “My main role was to assist the branch's commercial and private bankers with client portfolio management. I worked directly with four commercial bankers and three private bankers to make sure that they had all required financial documentation from their clients and then often used that documentation to determine whether clients were in compliance with the terms of their loans. My other duties included compiling monthly reports for each officer so they could gauge their performance and creating a Power Point presentation on the bank's performance at the end of each quarter that the Baton Rouge Market President presented to the bank's Advisory Board.” What specifically did you find yourself applying to your internship that you learned in year one of the Flores MBA Program? “Part of my job involved the analysis of clients' financial data in order for our officers to make better-informed banking decisions. The skills I learned in my accounting classes about how to read and interpret financial statements was beneficial during my internship. I also worked with Microsoft Excel daily and would have been lost if not for the projects we completed in my statistics class that were intended to teach us how to better use Excel.”


What aspect of the program has translated almost exactly to your internship? “The LSU Flores MBA Program expects professionalism from all of its students, and that translated to my internship. Working at IBERIABANK's main branch in the Baton Rouge area, I had the opportunity to work directly with many of the highest-ranking individuals in the bank's Baton Rouge market on a daily basis. That helped me realize how important it is to present myself in a professional manner at all times—in my actions, how I address people, and the way I dress and carry myself.”

LSU Flores MBA Intern Spotlight Grace Xu Company Interned For: Lewco Specialty Products Inc. What were you doing for Lewco Specialty Products? “As a marketing intern, I assisted in the design and maintenance of the website, the creation of company brochures, and the development of marketing strategies.” What specifically did you find yourself applying to your internship that you learned in year one of the Flores MBA Program? “Without question, I found myself putting into practice all of the teamwork skills and lessons about professionalism that were taught to us. Everyday brought with it the challenge to work cooperatively and calmly with fellow employees.” What aspect of the program has translated almost exactly to your internship? “Honestly, everything from my marketing classes has been applicable. The instruction I received in my first year of the Flores MBA Program helped me tremendously while I was at Lewco.”

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Ron Courville Company Interned For: The Shaw Group What were you doing for the Shaw Group? “While working for Shaw in China this past summer, I helped the China Country Manager determine the expected revenue from new nuclear power plants being constructed in Sanmen and Haiyang.” What specifically did you find yourself applying to your internship that you learned in year one of the Flores MBA Program? “While projecting expected revenue for upcoming nuclear projects, all of my work was done in Excel. This was a very complicated project that processed known revenue and price variables from several known sources. Techniques I learned in the program enabled me to produce additional functions in Excel that were required to complete this task.” What aspect of the program has translated almost exactly to your internship? “Dr. (Ye Sho) Chen's business in China classes—Sourcing in China and Entrepreneurship in China—helped me to understand the business culture of China.”



Apply Now

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Application Process

Admissions policies for the LSU Flores MBA Program are designed to insure that incoming classes will be composed of highly qualified individuals representing diverse academic, professional, and cultural backgrounds and accomplishments. Through our personalized admissions process, each applicant is evaluated on academic and professional accomplishments, GMAT performance, undergraduate gpa, individual career goals, an application essay, and interview. Previous professional, full-time work experience is preferred for entry into the program but is not required. Open to graduates of accredited four-year universities and colleges, the LSU Flores MBA Program accepts applications on a rolling admissions basis. Prospective students are encouraged to apply early and to visit the LSU campus and the LSU Flores MBA Program office. Campus tours, class visits, and meetings with faculty and administrators are scheduled on an individual basis upon request.

4. Acceptance to the LSU Graduate School. 5. Acceptance by the LSU Flores MBA Academic Admissions Committee 6. International students must display proficiency in English 7. At least two but no more than three letters of recommendation in support of your readiness for graduate education as well as personal, professional, and academic accomplishments.

How to Apply Admission to the LSU Flores MBA Program is a two-step process that involves both the LSU Graduate School and the LSU Flores MBA Program.

Applying to the LSU Graduate School

1. Visit the LSU Graduate School and complete the online Graduate Admissions Application form. 2. Remit $50 application fee. For international candidates the Admissions Requirements application fee is $70. The following minimum admissions requirements must be met: 3. Submit an official transcript of all previous college or university work. 4. Submit official GMAT score. 1. A bachelor's degree from an accredited U.S. institution or the 5. Send in completed immunization form. equivalent from a foreign institution 2. An acceptable score on the Graduate Management Admission Test 6. Submit two or three letters of recommendation. 7. Complete and submit financial statement (international students (GMAT) only). 3. An acceptable grade point average on undergraduate work 8. Submit TOEFL scores (international students only). Please view the completed and a grade point average of 3.0 or better on any Graduate School Standards for exceptions. graduate work attempted


Applying to the LSU Flores MBA Program Once your information has been received from the LSU Graduate School, you will be sent an e-mail with the LSU Flores MBA Program’s supplemental application. Applications are processed only after the following actions have been completed: 1. Current professional résumé submitted and received 2. Personal statement(s) received 3. On campus interview conducted

Assistantships, Scholarships, Fellowships, and Student Financing Anyone applying for admission to the LSU Flores MBA Program may be eligible for assistantships, scholarships, and fellowships. Financial assistance is awarded to certain LSU Flores MBA students each year. Once accepted into the program you will automatically be considered for any financial support that you are eligible to receive. Separate applications are not required. The Office of Student Aid & Scholarships is also able to provide information on affordability and access for all students to obtain their educational goals.

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Life in Baton Rouge

As the state capital, Baton Rouge can be considered the hub of this dynamic and growing state. Located on the Mississippi River just 70 miles northwest of New Orleans, and 270 miles east of Houston, you’ll find Baton Rouge to be business-friendly, economically diverse, and thriving with artists and entrepreneurs. Home to two major universities, Baton Rouge has all of the amenities of a big city with the charm and character of a tight-knit community. Archaeologists have dated the habitation of the Baton Rouge area to 8,000 B.C., and the name of the city dates to 1699, when French explorer Sieur d’Iberville was leading an exploration party up the Mississippi River. The party came upon a reddish cypress pole adorned with bloody animals and fish that marked the tribal hunting grounds between the Houma and Bayou Goula Native Americans. Promptly, the pole and the location were dubbed le bâton rouge—the red stick. Due to its central location in the state, Baton Rouge has a strong mix of South Louisiana cultures. Students from LSU and other institutions of higher learning make up approximately 20% of the population. Additionally, there is an international flavor as nearly 12,000 of Baton Rouge’s approximately 800,000 residents hail from outside of the United States. The 1950s and 1960s saw a boom in the petrochemical industry in Baton Rouge, but more recently the city has developed into one of the South’s fastest growing cities in terms of technology. Video game giant Electronic Arts (EA), publisher of the popular John Madden football franchise, opened a testing center in Baton Rouge, and the city has served as the backdrop for various major motion pictures as of late and will continue to do so in the near future. In addition to an expanding visual arts scene, Baton Rouge hosts a varied assortment of events throughout the year, including Mardi Gras, the Pennington Balloon Festival, an annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade, the Red Stick International Animation Festival and, of course, at least seven LSU home football games in the fall. While Tiger Stadium—LSU’s football home—has an official capacity of 92,400, the crowd on campus for some football Saturdays exceeds 150,000.


Schedule a Visit! We know you want to make an informed decision, so come visit us! Ask questions about requirements or the application process with a staff member. Sit in on a Friday morning seminar and visit with current students. Meet with faculty to discuss your interest in a certain specialization. To schedule a visit, contact the LSU Flores MBA Office. We’ll be happy to make the arrangements. The LSU Flores MBA Program E. J. Ourso College of Business Louisiana State University 3176 Patrick F. Taylor Hall Baton Rouge, LA 70803 Phone: 225-578-8867 Fax: 225-578-2421 E-mail: Web: Digital campus map:

The LSU Flores MBA Program is committed to sustainable communications. This digital publication has conserved 488.75 pounds of paper, which is equivalent to saving 56 gallons of gasoline. To reduce your online carbon footprint, we encourage you to adjust your computer’s power settings maximum efficiency.

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Edward F. Watson Director and Associate Dean for Graduate Programs 3176 B Patrick F. Taylor Hall Phone: 225-578-2502 E-mail:

Dana C. Hart Assistant Director of Enrollment and Student Services 3176 A Patrick F. Taylor Hall Phone: 225-578-8892 E-mail:

Justine Alvis-Dochterman Program Coordinator 3176 Patrick F. Taylor Hall Phone: 225-578-8867 E-mail:

Lisa S. Smith Business Manager 3176 C Patrick F. Taylor Hall Phone: 225-578-6758 E-mail:

Seth M. Thibodeaux Assistant Director of Corporate Relations and Career Development 3168 Patrick F. Taylor Phone: 225-578-0018 E-mail:

Excellent Return on Your Investment

Flores MBA Program Excellent Return on Your Investment

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LSU Flores MBA Program Viewbook 2011  

You are about to embark on a path that will forever change your understanding of business.LSU’s E. J. Ourso College of Business, an AACSB (A...

LSU Flores MBA Program Viewbook 2011  

You are about to embark on a path that will forever change your understanding of business.LSU’s E. J. Ourso College of Business, an AACSB (A...