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Welcome to the new LSU Performing Arts Academy. Conveniently located in the beautifully renovated Music & Dramatic Arts Building on the LSU campus, the Performing Arts Academy is part of the College of Music & Dramatic Art’s commitment to providing quality music and theatre educational opportunities for Baton Rouge and the surrounding communities. Formerly the Music Academy, the Performing Arts Academy is an expansion that unites music and theatre to bring you the best arts instruction in the state. The Performing Arts Academy is excited to announce that we will also be expanding our summer programs beginning summer 2011. These new summer programs create new opportunities to enrich you, your child, and your family as you share and create together. Please explore this new website to learn more about these amazing opportunities. The Performing Arts Academy office is located in Room 120 of the Music & Dramatic Arts building. Office hours are from 9 a.m.–6 p.m., Monday through Friday. You can reach my assistants, Reina Abolofia and Stephanie Archer, by phone at 5783230 or via e-mail at Sincerely, Kellie Crowder Administrative Coordinator Performing Arts Academy College of Music & Dramatic Arts

Department of Theatre FACULTY George Judy, LSU Associate Professor (Acting, Directing) Richard Holden, LSU Associate Professor (Acting) Nick Erickson, LSU Assistant Professor (Movement, Acting) COURSES My So-Called Life Tuition: $250 Instructor: George Judy Location: LSU Studio Theatre Performance Intensive Maximum 10 students Audience Performace A six-week session in which aspiring teenage actors, directors, writers, and musicians (or whomever) create an original stage show based on material from their own lives and imagination. We will create together serious and comic monologues, jams, improvised songs and scenes, written and performed by the group, and turn them into an awesome live performance for family and friends! Learn basic skills of acting, screen writing, and stage writing, and how to make a play ROCK and RULE. Acting for the Camera Instructor: Richard Holden

Tuition: $200 Location: LSU Studio Theatre Age 17 and up Maximum 10 students This intensive in-front-of-the-camera studio course designed to introduce the committed student actor to the skills and techniques needed to be truthful and effective when acting in television, film, and other electronic media. Aerial Workshop Instructor: Ashely Gieg

Tuition: $50 Location: Movement Studio Age 18 and up Maximum 16 students Basic instruction in the use of aerial fabric which would include climbs, wraps, and one or more falls. Each session will have a warmup with stretching, technical instruction, and strengthening and conditioning at the end. The instructor, Ashley Gieg, has been training and working with aerial fabric for over two years at LSU under Nick Erickson and has performed professionally with Of Moving Colors. She currently is a professional dancer, teacher, and aerialist.

Department of Music FACULTY Piano Jazz Piano Professional: Pamela Pike Professional: TBA Intern: TBA Intern: TBA Voice Guitar Professional: Dennis Jesse Professional: TBA Intern: Lauren Brown Intern: TBA Percussion Trumpet Professional: Brett Dietz Professional: Brian Shaw Intern: Sam Trevathan Intern: Sam Hermens Horn Trombone Professional: Seth Orgel Professional: Jeannie Little Intern: Matt Taylor Intern: Chris Green Tuba Professional: Joseph Skillen Intern: Brett White

Violin Professional: Lin He Intern: Cheng-Yin Lin

Viola Cello Professional: Matthew Deline Professional: Dennis Parker Intern: Simena Renia Intern: TBA String Bass Harp Professional:Yung-chiao Wei Professional: Kimberly Houser Intern: TBA Intern: TBA Flute Saxophone Professional: Katherine Kelmer Professional: Griffin Campbell Intern: Felicia Coelho Intern: Marcos Colon Oboe Clarinet Professional: James Ryon Professional: Robert DiLutis Intern: Brittney Lockman Intern: Reina Abolofia Bassoon Organ Professional: Gabriel Beavers Professional: Herndon Spillman Intern: Scott Miller Intern: TBA Lessons with a LSU faculty member listed above, may require an audition. Please see the auditions section for more details.

PRIVATE LESSONS 30, 45, or 60 minutes of one-on-one instruction designed to nurture individual talent, provide students the opportunity to learn practice skills, develop technical skill, improve musicianship, and gain repertoire knowledge and appreciation. In addition to their 13 private lessons, students will have the opportunity to perform in a recital the last week of lessons. Dress rehearsals will be held the Thursday before the recitals. Recitals will be held in the School of Music Recital Hall. Tuition The Performing Arts Academy offers a two-tier payment schedule for private lessons: The Professional Level includes LSU professors and working professionals. Tuition includes 13 private lessons. 30-minute lessons - $610.00 45-minute lessons - $915.00 60-minute lessons - $1,218.75 The Academy Artist Level includes LSU Graduate and Undergraduate Students. Tuition includes 13 private lessons. 30-minute lessons - $325.00 45-minute lessons - $487.50 60-minute lessons - $650.00 Grandfather Clause: Students that have studied previously with the Academy will be given a discounted price over a period of two years. Beginning in the third year, they will be required to pay the new prices, and may then apply for a scholarship. All new students must pay the new prices.

From January 2011–December 2011 LSU Professor Year 1: 30-minute lessons - $377 45-minute lessons - $568 60-minute lessons - $753

From January 2012–December 2012 Year 2:

30-minute lessons - $494 45-minute lessons - $741 60-minute lessons - $986

Academy Artist Year 1: 30-minute lessons - $282 45-minute lessons - $426 60-minute lessons - $563 Year 2:

30-minute lessons - $304 45-minute lessons - $457 60-minute lessons - $606

LSU Performing Arts Academy Diploma If a student takes a private lesson, a music theory class, and an elective of their choice, they receive a 10 percent discount on tuition and an LSU Performing Arts Academy diploma upon completion of four years of study.

Bach Contest Registration Fee: $15 Bach Contest is a piano competition held every fall for pre-college piano students in the Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. Students compete in one or both of the following competitions: Baroque or Sonatina. Baroque is held in the morning and Sonatina is held in the afternoon. Judging is individual. The top five performers from each level will be chosen and invited to perform at an honors concert in the School of Music Recital Hall.Visit our website for more information. GROUP LESSONS Group Children’s Piano Tuition: $480 Ages 7-8 Lessons are for children ages seven and eight with no previous piano playing experience. This class will introduce children to beginning piano and musical concepts in a fun, educational environment where they have the opportunity to make music with their peers! Group Adult Piano Tuition: $200 Rebecca Bellelo will teach you the fundamentals of piano playing in a lab setting – a unique environment in which each participant sits at his own piano using headphones to play privately while simultaneously listening to the instructor. Upon completion of this class, you will be able to navigate the keyboard, read simple music and play some familiar tunes. Buddy Lessons Tuition: Discount 30 percent of regular lesson price per pair Buddy lessons are offered on most instruments and in composition. Generally, two friends who study the same instrument can register together for buddy lessons. Students must understand that they will spend part of their lesson time listening to their buddy. Buddy lessons are recommended as an intermediate step between school group lessons and future private lessons. Buddy lessons are not confined to any age level but generally meant to serve beginner to intermediate levels of performance. LSU Professor 30 minute lessons - $854 45 minute lessons - $1281 60 minute lessons - $1706.75

Academy Artist Year 1: 30 minute lessons - $455 45 minute lessons - $682.50 60 minute lessons - $910

Suzuki Piano Tuition: $500 This “nurture through love” class for children of all ages includes private lessons once a week as well as a group lesson and performance opportunities. In these lessons, students, along with their parents, will learn to play the violin by ear. Suzuki Violin Tuition: $500 This “nurture through love” class for children of all ages includes private lessons once a week as well as a group lesson and performance opportunities. In these lessons, students, along with their parents, will learn to play the violin by ear.

CLASSES Call for time and appropriate class level

Tuition: $170 per semester Middle School–Adult

Music Appreciation Instructor: Reina Abolofia This general introductory course is designed to enhance listening enjoyment and ability. The course includes in-class demonstrations and attendance to outside musical events. No previous musical study is required. Music History Instructor: Reina Abolofia This class provides an introduction to the critical study of Western music history, including representative composers, works, and genres, as well as significant concepts and issues. Class emphasis is on the elements of music, the characteristic styles of major historical periods, and the lives and works of key composers within the Western musical tradition. Music Theory Instructor: Brian Hansen Students will learn the basic elements or building blocks of music – clefs, pitch alteration, rhythm and meter, scales and modes, intervals and triads – through written work, ear training and sight singing – and through this work, gain some insight as to how these elements are used to enhance their music making. Jazz Theory This course introduces the foundational elements of jazz music and explores some of the more common techniques and structures. The class is performance-oriented. Students play all theoretical concepts introduced in the class on their instrument. Vocalists are expected to play everything on piano and sing everything they play. Computer Music Instructor: Jesse Alison The students will learn to record, edit, and produce CDs of their own performances that can be used for auditions, scholarship applications, and general promotion. Students will become familiar with a variety of software programs including Audacity, Garage Band, and Cubase, as well as hardware including microphones, mixing boards, and MIDI controllers. Students will listen to “classic” computer music pieces and discuss the various ways the computer is implemented by composers. No prior knowledge of recording or programming is needed to be successful in this course. Basic Conducting This class will help students develop a solid foundation in areas including technique, musical gestures, non-verbal communication, score study and aural skills. Class sessions will focus on preparation of musical excerpts and pieces from the standard choral/instrumental repertoire. Students will also have some choice in their musical assignments to accommodate individual conducting interests.

Final Cut Pro 7 Instructor: Ben Balser, Media Personality Specialist This hands-on course teaches students to perform basic editing functions while becoming familiar with the Final Cut Pro user interface. This course is divided into eight three-hour seminars. This allows working professionals to take the course without interrupting their busy schedules. In this course, you will start with basic video editing techniques and work all the way through Final Cut Pro’s powerful advanced features. Learn to mark and edit clips, mix sound, add titles, create transitions, apply filters, and more. Topics include basic setup, customizing preferences and settings, capturing video and audio, various editing and trimming techniques, ripple, roll, slip, and slide tools, audio editing and audio creation, finishing, and final output. Who Should Attend This class is designed for anyone looking to edit professional-quality video with Final Cut Pro and who prefers hands-on and interactive instruction to best explore its functionality. What You Will Learn * Marking clips, using insert, overwrite, and drag-and-drop editing * Trimming edit points * Using ripple, roll, and extend edits as well as the slip and slide tools * Applying filters and changing motion properties * Audio editing and audio creation * Finishing and final output Prerequisites Students should have the following prerequisite knowledge prior to attending the course: * Knowledge of Mac OS X and basic computer navigation * Basic knowledge of editing terminology is recommended

Basic Sound Recording/Editing Instructor: Bill Kelley Sound recording and editing is no longer the sole domain of the audio professional; everyone who deals with digital media can benefit from having some audio experience. Basic recording techniques will be covered for a variety of sound sources. Students will learn importing and preparation of audio files, audio editing and mixing techniques, basic digital signal processing, and sound design. The skills and techniques learned will translate to every audio editing software package. Music Composition Instructor: Brian Hansen Students will study music composition techniques and contemporary practice. Private lessons will start at the level of the student, progressing through music notation, harmonic and melodic theory, instrumentation and orchestration, and various compositional techniques on their own compositions to help them understand more about their craft and extend the impact of their music. Advanced students can explore contemporary styles of composition. All students receive constructive feedback. ENSEMBLES Honors Wind Ensemble Director: Dr. James Byo

Tuition: $100 plus $10 registration fee Audition may be required Comprised of the top students in a six-parish area in and around Baton Rouge, the band rehearses on Saturdays from 9:00-11:00 a.m. beginning on January 22, 2011, and gives a concert in early May. It is open to high school students currently enrolled in their school band. Students must be recommended by their band director. An audition may be required.

Clarinet Choir Tuition: $100 Director: Robert DiLutis This class will cover music from the standard and original clarinet choir and chamber music repertory, as well as transcriptions from all styles and periods. Students will learn how to blend within an ensemble while focusing on intonation, rhythm, tone, technique, historical context, and performance practice. Jazz Combo Tuition: $100 Director: TBA Students will learn more about jazz styles, improvisation, and ensemble musicianship. There are two primary focuses in the course: the development of aural skills in relation to individual improvisation and the exploration of standard jazz repertoire by ear; and the promotion of an excellent “big band,” with music from traditional and contemporary jazz composers. Hand Bell Choir Tuition: $100 Director: Sarah Bartolome This group provides a lab setting for the study, rehearsal, and performance of English hand bell music literature, and the practice of hand bell performance techniques. Percussion Ensemble Tuition: $100 Director: Daniel Heagney Students would normally be expected to play in all three major areas of orchestral percussion: snare drum, timpani, and keyboard percussion. On occasion, students will be accepted who are at an advanced level in only two of the areas.The ensemble repertory will include traditional drumming skill based ensembles, keyboard percussion ensembles, body percussion, and hand drumming. Attention will also be given to developing good tone and techniques on triangle, tambourine, bass drum, and cymbals. Girls Choir Tuition: $100 Director: Sarah Bartolome The LSU Girls’ Choir is a new vocal ensemble serving girls ages eight to12. Under the direction of LSU faculty member, Dr. Sarah J. Bartolome, choristers will learn a variety of engaging and age-appropriate choral repertoire including folk, classical, multicultural, and Broadway pieces. The girls will also be taught basic vocal technique, fundamental music theory, and sight singing. The choir will perform at the LSU Performing Arts Academy’s winter and spring recitals. The Girls’ Choir represents a wonderful opportunity for girls to develop their singing ability, make friends, and learn about music in a fun, non-competitive atmosphere.

EARLY CHILDHOOD Music Together Tuition: $170 Ages newborn–7 This class groups children of a variety of ages to foster natural, family-style learning. Younger children enjoy watching and imitating older ones; older children learn by leading younger ones. Each child participates at his or her own level in singing, moving, chanting, listening, watching, or exploring musical instruments. A class for children with special needs also offered. Kindermusik Tuition: $150 This course combines singing, musical games, movement, story time, family jam sessions, musical concepts, and home learning. Music Therapy Tuition: $150 Ages 6–adults This course is for children with special needs. Students may develop musical skills and awareness as they work on physical, emotional, or developmental goals.

AUDITIONS FOR MUSIC STUDIOS In order to receive lessons from an LSU faculty member, students must have the administrative coordinator set up a time to audition with that faculty member. The student must prepare a piece for the audition and bring an extra copy of the sheet music for the faculty member. The student will play the piece and be rated. The faculty member will later notify the student as to whether they have become a member of the studio or not. If the student has not made it into the studio, they will be taught by one of the top graduate students (Academy Artists) in the studio. REGISTRATION AND TUITION To register for lessons and/or classes at the Performing Arts Academy, please fill out the registration Form located at cmda.lsu/paa. This form gives you the ability to pay with a check or credit card. The registration fee is $10. SCHOLARSHIPS Scholarships are available on a need and talent basis. To apply for a need-based scholarship, fill out the scholarship application on our website, To apply for a talent-based scholarship, inform your Academy teacher that you would like to audition for a scholarship. The teacher will then inform the acting director and administrative coordinator, who will set up the audition. After playing the audition for the acting director, administrative coordinator and another Academy teacher of the same instrument, the student will step out, so that those who heard the audition can discuss. The student will later be contacted and informed of the outcome. PARKING After 4:30 p.m., all gates on campus are open and no tickets are given. From this time on, parents and students can park anywhere. Before 4:30 p.m., parents and students will need to visit the parking office on South Stadium to get a parking pass and should park in the spaces designated to that pass. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY CLAUSE The LSU Performing Arts Academy shall not discriminate against any person for any reason, including race, religion, color, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, handicap, age, or political affiliation. No division or group that is governed by the LSU Performing Arts Academy shall discriminate against any person because of race, religion, color, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, handicap, age, or political affiliation.


January 10 – Spring Registration begins March 7 and 8 – Mardi Gras Holidays April 18-24 – Spring Break May 5 – Dress Rehearsals May 7 – Recitals

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