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Manship School of Mass Communication

Read All About It! The LSU Manship School of Mass Communication trains tomorrow’s influencers to craft the stories important to the world’s citizens, organizations, and businesses. This is accomplished through awardwinning news programs and stories, advertising and public relations campaigns, work on major political campaigns, and emerging media outlets. The school focuses on two critical skills for students: developing content and information – news, advertising, political communication, and public relations – and using new and traditional media to share that information. The Manship School provides hands-on experience with state-of-theart equipment – the same equipment used by professionals in the field. Our faculty combine outstanding academic backgrounds with real-world experience in major corporations, government positions, and media organizations. Graduates of the Manship School hold positions at national and regional media, government and communications organizations, and companies. From Pulitzer Prize winners, to digital media frontrunners, to political communication experts, our alumni are active in advertising, public relations, journalism and political communication positions.

Making An Impact Manship students don’t have to wait until graduation to make their mark on society. Beneficial research and studies are conducted daily on campus and our students can take part.

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Standard Bearer Associate Professor Lance Porter Lance Porter has focused on digital media for nearly two decades, when he built his first commercial website. Before coming to LSU, he spent four years as executive director of Internet marketing for Disney. There he oversaw the creative and media strategies for more than 80 films and won a Clio Award for excellence in advertising.

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The Manship Research Facility includes two labs that are involved in leading edge research for faculty, universities, outside organizations and government agencies: The Public Policy Research Lab conducts the Louisiana Survey every year. State and local governments use it to understand the needs and opinions of citizens and to help set priorities for policy decisions. The Media Effects Lab is one of the largest, most sophisticated of its kind within a mass communication program in the country. The lab measures audiences’ physical responses such as heart rate, eye movement, and brain activity to media messages. In addition, the Reilly Center for Media & Public Affairs generates thoughtful programs, dialogue and research about mass communication and its relationships with social, economic, and political issues. The center conducts research that impacts policy on such issues as juvenile justice reform and workforce development, and is dedicated to tackling ideas and issues that explore the role of the media and democracy.

Standard Bearer Associate Professor Jinx Broussard Jinx Broussard has held numerous academic and professional positions before coming to LSU, including serving as a facilitator/faculty member for the New York Times Summer Journalism Institute, running Jinx Broussard Consulting and Public Relations, Inc., serving as the Louisiana Press Secretary for the ClintonGore Campaign in 1992, and as press secretary to Mayor Sidney J. Barthelemy in New Orleans for seven years.

The Daily Reveille was selected by Princeton Review’s best colleges publication as 10th best student paper in the nation

Political Communications Available Majors

Apple Award to Tiger TV earned an Apple Award at National College of Media Advisers’ Convention in New York for best television broadcast, special broadcast “Your Source.”

The LSU Manship School of Mass Communication offers a Bachelor in Mass Communication through four areas of concentration. As technology has blurred the lines of traditional news and communications outlets, our students learn how to share content across all areas (print, broadcast, online) and how the areas are related while they specialize in one concentration.

Advertising The advertising curriculum allows you to learn by writing, planning, executing and evaluating campaigns and events. Building up to the final capstone course in campaigns, which allows you to work with local and national clients.

Available Majors


• Journalism

Writing is king in this field, even in broadcast journalism and digital media. Journalism students develop the necessary writing and visual skills that allow them to produce stories across media – print, broadcast, and digital.

• Political Communication

Public Relations

• Advertising

• Public Relations

PR students need to build good writing skills, understand the innerworkings of various forms of media, and be good all-around communicators. The best professionals in this field move easily from writing a news release, to planning a product launch, to damage control in the media. We expose students to as many different public relations scenarios as possible.

Students learn the skills necessary to work in political campaigns, run for office, cover politics as journalists, handle press relations, evaluate policy proposals, and lobby government and policy makers. Political communication is also one of the best majors if you are thinking of attending law school after graduation.

Student Focus

Aly Neel Senior, Political Communication Aly has served on the Mass Communication College Counsel for two years and is a Manship ambassador. How did you choose LSU? A friend convinced me to visit the campus. I fell in love with LSU immediately – the passion and the people. How did you choose political communication as your concentration? I started out in PR, but I always had a passion for politics as a vehicle for change. In political communication, I have learned the power of a compelling story. What are your post-graduation plans? I have learned the power of taking risks and dreaming big. It is absolutely essential to success not just in the Manship School, but also in life. So, as of now, I am either moving to DC to work on Capitol Hill or going to Istanbul to work in an international policy think tank. After all is said and done, I plan on returning home to Louisiana to help bring our state to its greatest potential. As cliché as it sounds, I want to change the world!

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Michelle Gallien (second from left) was selected for American Association of Advertising Agencies multicultural advertising internship program. She worked for 10 weeks at Arnold Worldwide in Washington, D.C.

Internship Requirements • 60 hours or more of course credit • Overall GPA of 3.0 or better • Completion of 12 hours in the Manship School not counting MC 2000, but including the primary course in your concentration area:

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Internship Opportunities Internships are critical in the communications field, where employers value the work you complete while training in your field of study. Internships give students the opportunity to produce and publish content and to gain hands-on experience. The Manship School has a large network of alumni and partners who regularly provide internships. We also have a searchable online database where students can search for internships and an on-site coordinator who helps students find the right internship to gain the experience they want. Students have held all types of internships with local, regional and national companies. A few who have hired our student interns include American Red Cross, CNN, MSNBC, New Orleans Hornets, Nike, PepsiCo, USA Today, and National advertising agencies, production companies, public relations agencies, and political campaigns.

Student Organizations LSU offers students more than 350 organizations with which to get involved. A few specific to the Manship School include the Association of Black Communicators, the LSU chapter of the American Advertising Federation, the Public Relations Student Society of America, the Society of Professional Journalists, and SPIN, an organization dedicated to political communication students.

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Study Abroad Studying abroad is a great way to expand your horizons, while learning more about your field of study, other cultures, and most importantly learning about yourself. A few study abroad opportunities include:

• Magical Media Tour - A trip to London, Paris, Edinborough, and Prague to study all aspects of mass communication • Hidden Treasures – Recently 17 students on the Manship School’s Hidden Treasures summer academic program held discussions with the president of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, the senior editor for the Russian news service, and the senior editors for the Iranian news service. • Political Communication in Washington – Students went to Washington, D.C. as part of the “Political Communication in Washington” program, visiting with prominent reporters, pundits, public officials, and interest groups. The course provided students with an overview of the role of the media in Washington politics and how the news media are critical to the governing process.

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The Mass Communication Residential College The Mass Communication Residential College (MCRC) in Jackson Hall is specifically designed to offer an educational and social community for the next generation of communication professionals by providing them opportunities to engage in activities that strengthen both their educational and professional careers. The program is open to first- and second-year students, and any undergraduate international exchange students who are enrolled in the LSU Manship School of Mass Communication. In addition, they have on-site academic advisors with scheduled office hours, and students have priority scheduling for their mass communication classes.

Honors Courses An honors program is available to eligible Manship students, allowing them to work closely with professors to complete additional assignments and projects in a more close-knit college setting. For Manship student convenience, we allow students to take many of their honors hours within the Manship School. Requirements may be obtained from the Honors College. To learn more, visit

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Scholarships MCRC students got a speical treat when David Pogue, a musician and Emmy Award-winning technology journalist stopped by to have breakfast with them on a recent media tour to LSU.

Best of the Best In its attempt to recruit the best and brightest students, the Manship School has the highest admission standards among the senior colleges at LSU.

The Manship School of Mass Communication takes pride in helping outstanding students through a strong scholarship program for entering freshmen and continuing students. The School offers more than $100,000 in scholarships each year in addition to other university awards, and has no fewer than seven scholarships set aside solely for incoming freshmen.

Acceptance to The LSU Manship School Of Mass Communication LSU students must complete the following to be considered for admission to the Manship School: • 30 hours of college-level course work • A grade of “B” or better in MC2010 (Media Writing) • Students with a 3.00 LSU grade point average and a 3.00 cumulative grade point average will be given admission priority on a space available basis.* • 250-word essay on development and career goals *Grade point average is the primary factor for admission, but secondary evaluative criteria will be considered.

Student Resources The LSU Manship School of Mass Communication is only a small part of a campus experience that includes many more things you should know about. Here are some of them.

Campus Life LSU offers a variety of residence hall options all within walking distance of campus activities and two all-you-care-to-eat dining halls. In addition, we have the Tiger Trails bus service that has frequent spots for highly populated student areas as well as campus transit that provides free rides to and from campus locations after dark. LSU also hosts a Student Health Center comprised of the Medical Clinics, Mental Health Service, and the Wellness Education Department that provide comprehensive assessment, education, and treatment. As for campus safety, LSU Police Department operates 24 hours each day and patrols the entire campus. Emergency call boxes are located throughout campus as well. LSU’s online safety resources detail a range of safety issues from hurricane preparedness to bicycle safety. Students can also sign up for LSU’s emergency text messaging service to receive notifications in the event of a crisis situation. These among many other resources are just a few examples of how living on campus is ideal, especially for incoming freshman. For more information on any of these specific areas, visit the following links: visit,,,,,

Programs for First-year Students LSU has many programs in place to help students acclimate to college life and thrive. Among those are: (S.T.R.I.P.E.S) – a four-day, three-night retreat designed to prepare first-year students for the transition to LSU Center for Freshman Year – an academic unit that provides a fulltime counseling staff and helps prepare incoming students for success and helps them define their academic and career goals First Year Experience – provides programs for first year students such as Bengal Bound, the official welcome week for new students before classes start each fall, Bengals Beyond the Bayou, which helps out-of-state students find out about life in Baton Rouge, and First Impressions, a photo project set up for students to document their first year at LSU.

Scholarships & Student Aid LSU awards scholarships and offers student aid to entering freshmen in a variety of forms. Learn more at

Educational Opportunities There are limitless educational opportunities for students at LSU, a few of the most attractive ones are: The LSU Honors College offers a curriculum focusing on community service, study abroad, undergraduate research, and a senior thesis project. Its small seminar classes bring together faculty members from around campus to teach a variety of topics. This multidisciplinary approach allows Honors College classes to fulfill multiple requirements in all majors while creating a setting where learning is enhanced by student contribution and peer discussion. Learn more at Communication Across the Curriculum integrates writing, speaking, visual, and technological communication projects into existing courses and recognizes participating students as “Distinguished Communicators.” The Center for Community Engagement, Learning & Leadership (CCELL) is dedicated to building partnerships between the classroom and the community through service learning projects that help develop classes in which students provide community service to nonprofit organizations.

Other Student Resources Comprehensive Academic Tracking System (CATS), encourages academic success and progression towards timely degree completion by helping students determine the most effective route through their curricula, alerting them when they get off track, and directing them to resources that can help them stay focused and develop good study habits. Learn more at Disability Services provides appropriate auxiliary aids and services for students with disabilities in an effort to ensure their full participation in all activities, programs, and services to LSU. In addition to working with students, the office consults with LSU administration on development and revisions of policies and procedures relevant to students with disabilities. Learn more at www. LSU’s national award-winning Center for Academic Success helps students develop effective, efficient, college-level learning strategies that result in greater understanding, higher grades, and maximized learning potential. Learn more at The staff members at Student Advocacy & Accountability provides support for students in their personal, academic, and social development and makes appropriate referrals to provide them the skills and resources needed to succeed. Career Services assists students and alumni in choosing careers, obtaining career-related work experiences while in school, developing job search skills, and securing employment or admission to graduate or professional school.


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