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The National Housing Endowment, the philanthropic arm of NAHB, recently awarded approximately $100,000 through their Homebuilding Education Leadership Program (HELP) grant to LSU. Construction Management (CM) faculty Carol Friedland, Emerald Roider, Stephanie Heumann and Isabelina Nahmens were members of the team who represented and placed LSU among only 21 Universities in the country that received this award since its inception in 2006. HELP’s key goal is to increase the number of qualified college graduates entering the residential construction profession and becoming future members of NAHB.

1) Partner with Local, State, and National Home Building Associations to expand our program’s emphasis in residential construction and offer residential opportunities to our students at different levels during their college career. LSU and Capital Region Builders Association have created a hybrid program to offer our students the opportunity to get a NAHB designation. At the senior level, students will be encouraged and sponsored to take the Builder Assessment Review (BAR) exam, providing motivation to continue their education post graduation.

The HELP grant will give the Construction Management Department the resources to develop a Residential track, by increasing residential opportunities for CM students while at LSU and give them a competitive advantage upon graduation. This residential initiative entails NAHB certifications, industry experience and access to a network of residential professionals throughout 3 critical efforts:

2) Establish a formal Residential Mentoring Program to increase students’ exposure to residential construction, and 3) Creating a Residential Industry Advisory Board tasked with overseeing our residential initiative.

Chair’s Corner This past July, the CM Department became independent as it is no longer a part of the Industrial Engineering program. Recruited from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, I became their first permanent CM Department Chair under this new organizational structure. One of my decision points to make this big move was the residential involvement of faculty and industry within LSU and LSU is a “good fit” me.

Dr. Charles Berryman LSU CM Department Chair

For over two decades I have been involved with the NAHB, student chapters & competitions. This new CM Department has huge

potentials to be international leaders in various construction areas, and residential construction is among them. Using the H.E.L.P. grant along with strong industry support and student/ faculty involvement, we will be able to better define a path for residential construction including revised curriculum with a solid core of construction classes with separate (but aligned) focused construction industry concentrations. Plans are to eventually create a concentration in residential construction. In the meantime, faculty and industry are working hard to develop a CM master program, a CM Certificate

program, and a new CM laboratory in the ELAB building. In addition, LSU has firm plans to completely renovate the Patrick F. Taylor building into state-of-theart construction management and engineering complex. It is anticipated that this project will be complete by August 2016. The future is bright for all the CM stakeholders. With an energetic faculty, a dedicated industry, and an engaged student population, I can only foresee success. As for me (and I hope the same for you), it is exciting to be on the ground floor of something big!

Residential Advisory Board

Residential Advisory         


Roy Domangue Gerald Bordelon Robert Carroll Lynda Evans John Holmes Matthew Holmes Randy Noel Emy Roider Frank Bohn

The official LSU Construction Management Residential Advisory Board was formed at the May 9, 2012, HELP Grant Kick-Off Meeting held at the office of Capital Region Builders Association. The members of the board are: Roy Domangue, (Chairman), Frank Bohn, Gerald Bordelon, Robert Carroll, Lynda Evans, John Holmes, Matthew Holmes, Randy Noel, and Emy Roider. At the kickoff meeting, Roy Domangue was elected Chairman of the board and Denise Emmons was elected official correspondent. The board later held meetings on July 31, 2012, and on August 9, 2012. The board selected three items to focus on for this semester at LSU: Class presentations, NAHB Student Competition, and LSU CM Residential mentoring program. With the help of Stephanie Heumann, the residential estimating class was selected as the featured class for presentations. On August 22, 2012, four members of the board attended both sections of the residential estimating class and delivered a message about the residential industry, CRBA, volunteer opportunities, and the mentorship program. The board also agreed to assist Ms. Heumann as needed for the NAHB student competition. The LSU CM mentorship program held the official kick-off meeting on September 11, 2012. The board will meet again in the spring semester.

Residential Mentoring Program The Residential Mentoring program will focus on students in the residential development and residential estimating classes. The mentoring program involves a series of field trips to job sites throughout the semester and guest lectures by the committee members and other interested professionals. On September 28, 2012, a group of residential industry leaders met with 8 CM students to kick off our first mentoring meeting. This meeting was held and co-sponsored by Capitol Region Builders Association (CRBA). After introductions and lunch, each student had an opportunity to visit the industry leaders. They were able to make their

mentor selections and schedule meetings and field trips as part of their semester-long learning. The students experienced a wide range of residential businesses. Local realtors, drafting services, home builders, Habitat representatives and building supply leaders came out to support the students and encourage their active participation in the program. The program has been a success throughout the semester. We have a tracking mechanism in place whereby students check in with Stephanie Heumann on a monthly basis and report on their activities with their mentor. The mentors have been as excited as our students are.

Residential Mentor kick-off with Students at Baton Rouge CRBA on September 28, 2012

Residential Mentor kick-off with Students at Baton Rouge CRBA on

September 28, 2012

Resilient Workshop

Building a Resilient Louisiana Workshop

Speakers                           

Patrick Forbes Karim Belhadjali Wayne Berggren Mart J. Black Lynne M. Carter Carey Chauvin Russel “Joey” Coco, Jr. Windell Curole Jerri Daniels Rachel Beech Darla Duet Rick Dupont Carol Friedland Foy B. Gadberry Malanie Gall William Hajjar Kevin Harris Joseph P. Johnson Lynn R. Mitchell Randy Noel Ed O’Brien Emily Powell Eric D. Shaw Pat Skinner Joe Sloan Elizabeth Smythe Billy Ward

In May 2012, Construction Management Assistant Professors Carol Friedland and Emy Roider hosted a hazard-resistant design and construction workshop, “Building a Resilient Louisiana” with Dr. Melanie Gall, an Assistant Professor of Research in the Department of Geography and Anthropology. The workshop brought together planners, architects, engineers, builders, and representatives from the insurance industry to explore the unique challenges of designing and building in Coastal Louisiana and to discuss recommended coastal construction practices. The forum targeted practitioners to better understand the needs each party faces in the planning-design-construction process and how disciplines can work more collaboratively toward a common solution. Notable speakers representing the construction industry included Mr. Carey Chauvin, the Chief Building Official for the City of Baton Rouge, Parish of East Baton Rouge Department of Public Works; Rick Dupont, Woodward Design+Build; Foy Gadberry, Inspections Unlimited, LLC, and Chairman of the Louisiana State Uniform Construction Code Council (LSUCCC); Randy Noel, Reve Inc. and a Louisiana Builders Hall of Fame Inductee; and Billy Ward, Champion Builders LLC and VicePresident of the Louisiana Homebuilders Association. Recordings from both days of the workshop are available at the link below:

CM Fall 2012 Newsleter  
CM Fall 2012 Newsleter  

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