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2013 is an especially exciting year for LST as we will be celebrating 70 years of ‘Transforming Theological Education’. This momentous anniversary offers a tremendous opportunity for us to reflect on our rich history: from humble beginnings as the London Bible College in 1943 in central London, to our move into the Northwood campus in 1970. From surviving World War II and the recession, to the Miners' strikes of the 1980s, and the double dip recession of this past year. From The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II to her Diamond Jubilee. We as a collective have had the privilege of witnessing, commenting on, experiencing and being a part of a long standing tradition of inspiring, teaching, and influencing some of the world's foremost theological thinkers. More than just history, LST has had the immense honour of being part of the lives of our students, staff and friends. Individual stories of triumph and tragedy, success and sorrow, we have loved living each moment with each individual who has passed through these doors. It is with that in mind that

we seek to reach out, connect, and engage with students and friends of LST past and future. It is my honour and privileged to invite you on behalf of the Faculty, Staff, Students and Alumni to join in celebrating with us over this next year. Join us! You are more than welcome, you are celebrated! With 70 impressive years behind us it is with great passion and hope that we look toward the next 70!

Laura Nairn Chief Operating Officer, London School of Theology • Facebook: LondonSchoolofTheology • Twitter: @LSTheology

Be sure to check out the latest issue of LST's theological magazine, INSIGHT. If you haven't got a copy call 01923 456240 and request one today.



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LST Newsletter Spring 2013


£70 FOR 70 YEARS As an alumni or close supporter of LST, I want to thank you for your ongoing encouragement and prayers as we reach this milestone. Without your generosity, passion for exploration of the Christian Bible and belief that this ancient text will bring hope to our broken society, LST would not be here today. In 2013, as we enter our 70th anniversary year we continue to be humbled by the calibre of our students as well as their hunger for advancing Christ’s kingdom. With Christianity growing across the world, demand for evangelical theological education has increased, with 37% more students studying with us now than in 2012. Over four hundred individuals are now undertaking courses at LST. As well as being a principal destination for residential students,


LST also delivers theological education via our distance-learning programme to every continent across the world. In the Philippines, we’re facilitating the training of between ten and twenty Church pastors each year while in Bangladesh, over forty students have begun a BA in Theological Studies. Many American PhD students seek supervision from LST’s faculty and around twenty African pastors are presently receiving training to establish and run their own theological colleges.

Andrew Sumner (29) started a Theology Certificate in September 2011. “I’d been doing bits of voluntary work in my hometown for over twenty years. Despite good friends and involvement in a local Church, I began to experience disillusionment. I needed a new direction and purpose.” “LST helped me to see the Bible and the Christian faith afresh. I realised I’d not fully grasped the breadth of material contained within Scripture, nor its relevancy for society today and to the questions my friends, family and colleagues were asking. Studying theology has given me greater confidence to share the Gospel • Facebook: LondonSchoolofTheology • Twitter: @LSTheology

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LST Newsletter Spring 2013


and to reflect, biblically, on situations, big and small.” “Faculty teach us to understand the Bible as a living, breathing document—sustaining the most hard-pressed faith and, yet, at the same time, inspiring new journeys towards God. It is a tool for academic debate and a builder of strong faith, an insight into Jesus’ short life, and a blueprint for how we live today. The Bible unlocks so many of the ‘big’ questions and LST helped me to renew my faith and, crucially, my love for Jesus and his Word.”

Past LST students include: Ruth Valerio, author of ‘L Is For Lifestyle’, Joel Edwards, Director of the Micah Challenge and Steve Clifford, General Director of the Evangelical Alliance, as well as thousands of diligent church leaders, teachers, youth workers, worship leaders and those in the workplace who are dedicated to Christ. Now, more than ever, and as the Church grows globally, we need theologically equipped and passionate individuals to transform our communities. Will you help us to equip men, women, young and old with the tools to confidently proclaim the Gospel of Christ across the world? Despite changes and challenges throughout its seventy-year history, LST wants to continue to equip individuals like Andrew Sumner (see left) for mission, ministry and the marketplace. Aside from the knowledge that can be acquired here, we also

believe strongly that the study of evangelical theology is not only important for the Church, but can, crucially, awake passions for doing God’s work on earth. Will you support us to deliver relevant, transformative, theological education to aspiring students in 2013 by making a donation of £70 for our 70th Anniversary? In addition to our ongoing costs to offer a range of Theology based degrees, the ‘£70 for 70 Years’ campaign seeks to raise funds for the following: » A formalised facility for students to seek pastoral or counselling support. » A range of new Masters programmes. » An additional faculty member with experience of the majority (developing) world. » A new database to respond to recent UK Borders Agency restrictions on international students.



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LST Newsletter Spring 2013

Graduation List LST AWARDS Certificate in Missional Leadership Maria Homan Steve Lamb Oliver Mantel David Forsyth Bradley Good Alister Heath Jessica Jackson Tom Kirk Jason Lock Deborah Mills Stanley Osuide Bejoy Pal Becky Phillips Kathryn Salkeld Paul Sheriffs Naomi Virgo Marina Waddington

Certificate of Higher Education in Theology & Counselling Gwyneth Jenkins Certificate of Higher Education in Theology, Music & Worship Nicolas Hill Certificate of Higher Education in Theology & Worship Jane Ajao Siobhan Gale Certificate of Higher Education in Theological Studies Philip Harvey Sharon Moulding Jonathan Sweetman

MIDDLESEX AWARDS Certificate of Higher Education in Missional Leadership Andrew Clarke Samuel Dunbar David Ikwuakolam Mike Ward Tamar De Wilde Dale Carmichael Pauline Jablonski Andrew Muchunga

UNDERGRADUATE MIDDLESEX AWARDS Certificate of Higher Education in Theology Phillip Bryant Ann Bourdois Elsa Caleb Helen Cook Fiona Marsh David Turner


Diploma of Higher Education in Theology Andy Kench Diploma of Higher Education in Theology & Counselling Deborah Nessim Diploma of Higher Education in Theological Studies Judith Bell Douglas Jones Bachelor of Arts in Theology Jill Adkin Mark Bowdery Hannah Brandon Anya Briggs Rachael Costa Hannah-Kate Derrett Paul Desai David Ginns Lucy Hardaker

Andrew Hutchinson Kwok Lam Alastair Maughan Leona Mavunga Peter Moore Deborah Newson Albert Ngan Jordan Palmer Steve Parker John Reynolds Zachary Spencer Mark Tatton Jonathan White Mario Zerbin Bachelor of Arts in Theology & Counselling Rahani Buenaventura Lydia Caryer Lee Martin Sophia Morton Philippa Oliver-Dee Grace Oludoyi Amy Orr Laura Robinson Phillip Wield Bachelor of Arts in Theology, Music & Worship Heather Chivers Nick Collard John Cook Nabeel Mohan Tom Rawling Amy Snaith Rebekka Ziemann Theological Studies Award Jim Bathgate


Master of Arts in Aspects of Biblical Interpretation Roger Amos Susan Arthur Maureen Barnes Janet Barrie David Chronic Solveig Fylling Nygard Eva-Maria John Joseph Lenton Timothy Miller Mark Whiting Master of Arts in Transformation: Scripture, Church and World Dongbin Choi Timothy Goodall Dirk Hoffman Michael Madden Lail Peeradina Jonathan Rogers Master of Arts Integrative Psychotherapy Sheila Green Jane Robson Allan Varghese Meloottu Philip Waine Master of Theology Sharon Dick Richard Judd Doctor of Philosophy Pontien Batibuka Holly Beers Andrew Cinnamond Adrian Creighton Brian Ebel Lanuwabang Jamir Mark McConnell David Miller Carol Walker

Postgraduate Diploma of Higher Education in Transformation: Scripture, Church and World Byung Choi • Facebook: LondonSchoolofTheology • Twitter: @LSTheology

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LST Newsletter Spring 2013



BY BY LO LOVE VE THE DEO GLORIA LECTURE LECTURE • Facebook: LondonSchoolofTheology • Twitter: @LSTheology

6 May May 2013 Free Free Lecture Lecture Doors Doors open at 6pm for for a prompt prompt 7pm start start Emmanuel Emmanuel Centre, Centre, Westminster Westminster For For further further details and to reserve reserve a seat go go to


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LST Newsletter Spring 2013

Something new from LST. An event like none before. Graduation. Music Festival. A day celebrating graduates, alumni, friends and family with music, food and so much more.

For more information, visit

London School of Theolo Theology gy Green Lane, Northwood, ood, HA6 2UW tel: 01923 456000 email: Registered Charity ity No. No 312778

6 • Facebook: LondonSchoolofTheology • Twitter: @LSTheology

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LST Newsletter Spring 2013

How to liikne Paul aga ew y u never kn e yo postle The ap

There's a secret to liking somebody who's difficult...

mpf Conrrad Ge ’& esus Asked author of ‘J ’ e Messiah th o of its ab H ‘Mealtime

Get to know them in their own environment. With characteristic wry humor and a playful style, LST's Conrad Gempf helps us to see Paul’s writings for what they are. They’re letters – letters written to real people who had real needs and real blind spots. Letters written to people like us.

Warning: Reading this book will make you want to read the Bible again. “Conrad Gempf has the gift of taking complex tasks and making them seem simple, enjoyable and relevant.” Craig Blomberg, Distinguished Professor of New Testament, Denver Seminary

“The warmth of this book thaws the awkward frostiness that currentlyy exi exists xis xi ists t around Paul…I like him more now. And I like this book a lot." Jeff Lucas, author, speaker, broadcaster

“Okay, yeah, maybe I said some things that I shouldn't have." Joseph aka Barnabas, apostle and ex-workmate of Paul's (Acts 15:39)

“How to Like Paul Again is the best thing on Paul written for nonacademics that I have ever read.” Leonard Sweet, author and professor (Drew University, George Fox University), and chief contributor to

“If you think Paul is inflammatory, infuriating, incomprehensible, and insensitive, then Conrad Gempf’s new reader-friendly guide is just the book for you.” Ben Witherington III, Amos Professor for Doctoral Studies, Asbury Theological Seminary; Doctoral Faculty, St. Andrews University, Scotland • Facebook: LondonSchoolofTheology • Twitter: @LSTheology

Pre-order at the LST book shop for a

25% discount

e: booksho k t: 01923 4 56130


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New Staff MIRIAM BIER, LECTURER LST is thrilled to welcome Miriam Bier as our newest Lecturer in Old Testament. Miriam studied at the University of Otago in New Zealand, where she completed If you want to be the first to know what is going on at LST please follow us on Twitter and get up-to-the minute news.

her PhD on the book of Lamentations. Having recently relocated from New Zealand, Miriam is enjoying becoming familiar with some great British institutions, including Radio 4, Real Ale, and rambles in the countryside. She’s a keen swimmer and also loves to get out and about, exploring London and surrounds. LST is already enjoying the benefits of Miriam’s wisdom, humour and compassion. Join us in welcoming her to London as well as LST! There is also a LST Facebook page where photos, news and debates can be found.

London School of Theology Green Lane, Northwood, HA6 2UW t: 01923 456000 e: w: Facebook: LondonSchoolofTheology Twitter: @LSTheology Registered Charity No. 312778

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