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REPRESENTATIVE PAYEE PROGRAM Helping Seniors Be Aware, Be Alert, Be Safe More than six million people who get monthly Social Security or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, need someone to help them manage their money. WHAT IS REP PAYEE?


The mission of Lutheran Social Services’ (LSS) Representative Payee Services Program is to provide clients with prudent financial management and counseling from qualified fiscal coordinators.

Seniors are often susceptible to those who might seek to steal their identity and others who simply want to steal their money. To keep seniors safe, the Representative Payee program helps protect financial resources by asking necessary questions and providing important advice for the use of funds, in addition to easing the burden of managing everyday expenses.

WHO IS HELPED? More than six million seniors are victimized each year through the following: • Identity theft • Cyber/Internet crime • Telemarketing fraud • Home repair contractors This program is the only one of its kind in northeast Florida that manages Social Security checks for people who might otherwise be taken advantage of by neighbors, friends and, even at times, family members. Other benefits handled by the program include Veterans Administration, railroad retirement pensions, private pensions, and widow annuities.

Things You Can Do: Quick Tips For Avoiding Fraud 4 Don’t give out personal information 4 Don’t be intimidated 4 Give yourself time to make decisions

FOR MORE INFORMATION Representative Payee Program Lutheran Social Services of Northeast Florida, Inc. 4615 Philips Highway, Jacksonville, FL 32207 904.730.8282 | |

HOW IT WORKS The LSS Accounting Office receives funds on behalf of those people enrolled in the Representative Payee Services Program each month. The program’s fiscal coordinators are then responsible for making payments for basic living expenses, such as shelter, utilities, food, medical bills, and personal expenses. Once the basic needs are met, the remaining funds are held in individual client accounts to be distributed for necessary purchases as requested by the client.

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Monitor your accounts Use a shredder If necessary, hang up Sign up for the National Do Not Call Registry, 1-888-382-1222

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HOW IT WORKS WHY? Representative Payee Program WHO IS HELPED? WHAT IS REP PAYEE? The mission of Lutheran Social Services’ (LSS) Representati...

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