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As usual right on the real and death to the fakes! Let me say I’m totally stoked to be putting out this issue. Just really excited to say we survived one year in the ruthless magazine business. I remember when I went to the release party last year and Doug handed me the first copy. I was really feeling the vision he had. And it was cool to see a MMJ magazine that had Swag to it. The party was off the chain with the super bad models and really good smoke. A couple of months after the party I get this call from Doug to take over the magazine and my life changed forever. So like Rick James I had to “Fire Up This Funk” and take LSQ to the next level. We made waves with the NJWeedman cover. It was bold with all that green on the cover. I remember handing NJ the magazine and how cool he was. That is why we put him in the issue. Now he needs our help with his gas money and legal fees. Some love him, some hate him, but he has been putting himself on the line for this cause so drop that 5 bucks on paypal. NJ put LSQ down for 20. Good luck! I had a chance to meet some real cool people and I can’t name them all but Cha Cha I love you man. You and the Nurses are so cool and keep me on my toes. You guys are the best to commune with. Thanks for letting me come to the hideout. Man you were hot on the cover last month. You are a star. And Stoner Rob for making me step up my pipe game. You keep me laughing every time we talk. I got contact just interviewing you over the phone. I can’t wait until we party in Hermosa. Thanks to Jordan and Philly for showing me a good time in Las Vegas, and my man Rob Danko for just being a space cadet and helping with my party. You rock This issue was really fun to work on but painful too. A lot of shops are closing and that’s a buzz kill. And we had the shooting of Trayvon Martin, which hurt me personally because I feel like the way his death was handled showed our country going backwards. So I hope you take something from the editorial we are running. Politics aside we need to learn how to love and respect one another. Just wanna say thank you to all our new advertisers for believing in us. Make sure you come out to our party in Hermosa Beach, because a lot of the products


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Tommy Chong and Stoner Rob reppin’ LSQ Magazine 4 | ISSUE 5: 2011

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Cultivation How to get the best clones. Big Pharma Find out why pill companies want to detour young people from MMJ. 420 Novelties Snoop Dogg drops an EP, get some Remedy and keep your air fresh when you party.


EVENTS Hang with us at Champs. EVENTS LSQ gets highlights from the Smoke Out Rally. NEWS Oaksterdam gets raided, MMJ prevents HIV spreading and federal agency recognizes MMJ prevents cancer. Pat Robertson Conservative minister comes out for MMJ. Tax Man Cometh MMJ community lobbies to change tax laws that are being used to close collectives. NJWeedman MMJ crusader seeks your support to get cross country and to fight his case.

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Higher Couchlock helps smokers get higher faster. For SmokeHers Find out how hemp help her in the Kitchen. Special Delivery Along Came Mary is delivering hope to the Los Angeles MMJ community. Trayvon Martin Will there be justice for him? Hip-Hop Gear Get the latest fashion from 8th and Olive. Far East Movement Underground phenoms prepare for Dirty Bass. Smoke-A-Lot Yuk Mouth returns with Half-Baked.

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LSQ LSQ at at Smoke Smoke Out Out Rally Rally

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NEWS Oaksterdam Raided By Researchers Find That Cannabinoids Fight HIV The Feds Oaksterdam University, was raided by federal agents Spread in the early morning of April 2, along with a dispen-

Federal Agency Recognizes Cannabis Fights Cancer

sary and the home of its founder. Sealed federal search warrants were served by US Marshals, DEA and IRS agents wielding a sledgehammer and power saws at Oaksterdam’s downtown Oakland location. Also raided were the apartment of founder Richard Lee and Coffee Shop Blue Sky, one of four licensed medical cannabis dispensaries in the city. Lee’s Coffee Shop Blue Sky had moved twice in recent months after the dispensary’s original landlord was threatened with property forfeiture by the area’s US Attorney, Melinda Haag. The Oaksterdam Gift Shop and the Oaksterdam Museum, where Coffee Shop Blue Sky is now located, were also sealed off by federal agents. Lee was detained at his apartment, as were four workers at Oaksterdam’s nursery. None have been arrested or charged. News of the raids spread quickly through social media and the ASA raid text alert system, drawing scores of protestors with signs and bullhorns to the site of the Oaksterdam raid, including ASA Executive Director Steph Sherer. Oakland police were called in to escort federal agents carrying bags of evidence, file boxes and safes from the Oaksterdam building. Sherer and other protestors blocked agents’ vehicles at the site. At least three protestors were arrested, including ASA activists Danielle Schumacher and Jose Gutierrez. At 2:00 pm that afternoon, Sherer and other activists held a press conference and rally at Oakland City Hall to denounce the raids. Targeting a leader of the movement shows the federal government is growing desperate,” said Sherer. “But they can’t silence us. Science is on our side and compassion demands action.” Lee, 49, who is confined to a wheelchair due to a spinal injury, founded Oaksterdam University in 2007 to provide professional training on medical cannabis. Since 2005, Lee has served on the City of Oakland Cannabis Regulation and Revenue Ordinance Commission. In 2010, he led the effort to pass Proposition 19, the failed initiative that would have made adult cannabis use in California legal. He has started two cannabis-related publications, and his business ventures have helped revitalize a blighted area of downtown Oakland. Oakland City Councilwoman Rebecca Kaplan called Lee an “exemplary community member” in an interview with the East Bay Express, saying, “His involvement in Oakland has been overwhelmingly positive.”

10 | ISSUE 5: 2011

Cannabinoids that activate CB2 receptors have now been shown to inhibit HIV infection at the cellular level by up to 50%. While many HIV/AIDS patients rely on cannabis to ease the symptoms of the disease or side effects of harsh anti-viral medications, this is the first indication that cannabinoids have a direct therapeutic effect on disease progression. The new research from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York focused on antiviral cannabinoid action on CD4+ T cells, which are critical to immune function and a target of the virus. Previous research has shown that the use of cannabinoid drugs in patients with HIV is associated with an increase in CD4+ T cell number and has been shown to reduce viral load in an animal model of HIV. The new study found that a synthetic cannabinoid that targets CB2 receptors produced a dose-specific reduction of HIV infection of 40% to 50%. Cannabinoids that selectively interact with the CB2 receptors can be non-psychoactive but still provide relief for the cachexia, nausea or neuropathic pain that cannabis has been shown to treat effectively. The researchers say that the therapeutic use of cannabinoids may help fight the spread of the virus to uninfected T cells in late stages of HIV-1 infection and suggest further cannabinoid research “may result in the discovery of new anti-viral drugs that can also mitigate AIDS-associated symptoms.”

In March, an agency of the U.S. federal government for the first time acknowledged that cannabis has been shown to fight cancer, and said health care providers may recommend it for that purpose. But after five days of media attention, the National Cancer Institute removed from its website any mention that cannabis may be used to combat tumors. The NCI originally said that “the health care provider may recommend medicinal Cannabis not only for symptom management but also for its possible direct antitumor effect.” That directly contradicts the federal government’s oft-repeated contention that cannabis has no medical use. The NCI website still notes that “cannabis has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years,” and says people living with cancer may find cannabis effective for combating nausea, stimulating appetite, relieving pain, and improving sleep. It also classifies cannabis as a Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) and summarizes several decades of research on the potential role of cannabis and its constituent chemicals in cancer treatment. The antitumor effects of cannabinoids include reducing the spread of cancer cells, selectively cutting off the blood supply to tumors, and reprogramming malignant cells to die off. Researchers have demonstrated these effects on human cancer lines including skin, breast, bone, liver, adrenal, leukemic and brain cancers.

pat robertson stands up alcohol, but punish them if they use marijuana,” said Mason Tvert, executive director of SAFER (Safer Alternative for Enjoyable Recreation), which helped get the cannabis legalization measure in Colorado on the ballot. “No matter who the person is, it shouldn’t be In an interview with The New York Times, Robertson surprising that someone is willing to say that maricriticized the long-running and oft-criticized war on juana prohibition should end. We believe that support for ending marijuana prohibition will continue to grow drugs, saying it “just hasn’t succeeded.” in all sectors of society as we talk about this issue. ” Given that backdrop, Robertson said he believes that marijuana in particular should be legal, adding that he Robertson’s call for marijuana legalization also prosupports initiatives in Colorado and Washington State vides is a shot in the arm for the medical marijuana to allow adults to possess and use small amounts of community, though in an indirect way. It could help cannabis for whatever reasons they choose. Voters change the overall perception of cannabis in the in those states will weigh in on the matter during the minds of many Americans who share the same political and religious beliefs as Robertson. That, in turn, November elections. will help ease the stigma surrounding cannabis and “I really believe we should treat marijuana the way we medical marijuana, which over time will make it more acceptable in communities across the United States. treat beverage alcohol,” Robertson said. The marijuana community – and, by extension, the medical cannabis industry – is getting support from an unlikely source: Controversial Christian televangelist Pat Robertson.

for mmj

The support comes from an odd corner, considering most highly conservative religious leaders are adamant in their opposition to marijuana. Robertson has made a fair share of controversial comments about everything from race and homosexuality to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and Alzheimer’s, making his views on marijuana all the more surprising. While a fair share Marijuana advocates applauded his comments. of people dismiss him, he has a mountain of influence “What is most satisfying about this endorsement is over a sizable chunk of the population, and his words that it is based in part on Pat Robertson’s acknowl- could be enough to tip the balance toward both MMJ edgement that it is irrational to allow adults to use and general cannabis legalization in some states. The comments represent Robertson’s strongest statement yet on the need to reform marijuana laws. He previously voiced his support for the decriminalization of marijuana but had not publicly backed full legalization for adult use until now.

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HOW TO Get Ready? IRS Tax Audit Seminars Learn from the country’s leading tax authorities on 280E and BE READY. Henry Wykowski, Esq.

Hank Levy, CPA

hosted by: Stephen DeAngelo, Harborside Health Center Executive Director

Oakland, CA February 25


SO Seattle, WA March 10 OU T ! Are you Ready for the IRS?

Hollywood, CA Saturday, May 5 1 – 6pm The W Hotel 6250 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90028 (323) 798-1300

Upcoming Seminars: Colorado, June 16 Details to be announced

$349* Earlybird reservations through April 27th



Group discounts available. All proceeds go to fight to REFORM 280E.

CLE and CPE credits pending (small additional fee for processing). Seating is limited and includes a beverage ticket for social gathering immediately following event.

Enroll online: For more information: (206) 466-1766 * Private phone consultations available to the first 24 enrolled. Join the Reform NOW!

• •

12 Compassionate Medical Cannabis States Form National Coalition to Challenge U.S. IRS Tax Code 280E A national coalition of leaders from 12 states of the medical cannabis community, collectives, health support groups, and activists have formed the 280E Reform Initiative to stop the attacks by the IRS on legally operating medical cannabis businesses in California and the other 16 compassionate states to prevent potential future targets. In addition members of Congress Barney Frank, Lynn Woolsey and Jared Polis have recently started to draft a bill in the House to send a strong message to the IRS to address the outdated code formed 38 years ago by the Reagan administration. The IRS is using tax audits to rule that state sanctioned cannabis businesses are deemed ‘drug trafficking organizations’ under section 280E of the IRS code. Through this definition of the tax code, the IRS is denying legitimate businesses from making normal deductions such as rent payments, payroll, insurance, and other usual business expenses incurred and demanding large taxes and fines on the industry. According to an unidentified IRS agent, who would not go on record, these attacks are the primary weapon the government will be using to eliminate the medical cannabis industry as they gear up for more audits. With fear looming that these audits will eventually shut down all legally operating medical cannabis businesses who have been operating according to

their state laws, and some paying taxes for years – time is of the essence. Passed by voters, throughout the current list of 17 states plus Washington D.C. (is it more than this?? six more states are trying to initiate their own medical cannabis regulations and laws in the 2012 elections) - the 280E Reform Campaign is focusing on a new solution that will protect the millions of medical cannabis patients to continue to have safe access. “We are going to challenge this tax code to make sure that patients all over America have the ability to safely fill their health care needs with safe access from medical cannabis providers’ who are operating clearly with state laws. This is a public safety issue and a health care right” says lead tax attorney Henry Wykowski With thousands of jobs at stake, millions of tax dollars helping to balance state and local budgets, and confusion for patients looming, the 280E Reform Campaign is announcing a nationwide initiative to bring awareness to legislators, provide legal and tax council for organization threatened by the IRS audits, and prepare a grassroots campaign to enlighten the public of why this tax code must be changed. An impressive team has been assembled to lead this effort, including: Don Duncan, co-founder of American for Safe Access(ASA) and medical cannabis supporter who has been featured on 60 minutes, Dan Rather Reports, and the LA Times; Henry

Wykowski, legal tax counsel who successfully defended CHAMP in a similar IRS audit; Troy Dayton, former Senior Development Officer of the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) and current CEO of ArcView Group. Mr. Dayton also co-founded Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP); Amir Dalrie, entrepreneur and co-founder of California Cannabis Association and President of CannLobby, LLC, a medical cannabis focused political consultancy; Steve DeAngelo, Executive Director of Harborside Health Center. Workshops announced: The IRS is Coming! Are you Ready? IRS Tax Audit Seminars to aid medical cannabis businesses ‘How to Get Ready?’ will be taking place across the country. For information enroll online: or call (206) 4661766. About 280E Reform Campaign. The 280E Reform Campaign is professionally managed and is committed to open communication and transparency. A national conference line is set up every Friday and is broadly published. This time is used to share with any interested parties the progress of this group. The call is every Friday at 12:00 PM PST and can be accessed by dialing 209.647.1000 ; PW: 154639.

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NJ Weedman Seeks Financial Support from Potheads MMJ icon seeks funds for journey to New Jersey

his case. NJWeedman will be making stops along the journey to interact with marijuana supporters.

Hollywood, CA - On a mission that recalls the hope and ‘high’ aspirations of Cheech and Chong’s legendary “Up in Smoke” antics, Ed Forchion aka NJWeedman has announced the making of “Roadamentary,” the filming and documentation of his journey, driving across the states, from California back to New Jersey, in his infamous Weedmobil. NJWeedman hopes the trip does not end ‘up in smoke’ though, as he will be relying on donations from potheads and weed sympathizers to fuel the journey. This may well be the NJWeedman’s last hurrah. On April 10, 2012 his trial begins in the state of New Jersey for violation of the state’s drug laws. The Weedman was originally arrested in Mount Holly, NJ on April 1, 2010 when he was stopped by an officer who found a pound of cannabis in the trunk of his car. The road trip is his last gallant effort to mobilize support for his cause and raise awareness for jury nullification, a tactic he plans to employ in an effort to win

14 | ISSUE 5: 2011

This will be Forchion’s second bid to bring the issue of jury nullification to the forefront of the judicial system. He faced up to 30 years in prison back in 1997 when he was arrested and charged with conspiracy and possession of over 40 pounds of marijuana. He acted as his own defense counsel then, with a defense of religion, medical and open advocation of jury nullification. He envisions this case as another opportunity to bring jury nullification back to the forefront. A native of New Jersey, Forchion relocated to Hollywood, CA several years ago to take advantage of the more relaxed medical marijuana laws, opening his own shop, the Liberty Bell Temple. This past December however, Forchion’s temple/ dispensary was raided and shut down by the DEA. The federal seizure of his assets left the activist down - but not out. “The Feds got me for everything. But my spirit is not broken,” asserts Forchion. “I’m looking to get by with a little help from my friends. Marijuana is no longer the gateway drug it was once perceived to be. Smoking has become mainstream now. And I know there are enough smokers out there to get me across the states and back to New Jersey. If everyone who smoked weed donated just $4.20 to my cause even, we’d have enough gas to make it across the New Jersey state line.”

As detailed in his book release, “Public Enemy #420,” Forchion has a history that spans decades in his quest for his right to smoke marijuana legally. A cult figure in the marijuana legalization community, he first achieved media notoriety when he was arrested for smoking marijuana in front of the entire New Jersey State Assembly in 2000. He then garnered a national platform when he fired it up at Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, PA during the Republican National Convention. Forchion has since become one of the most vocal and recognized members of the pro-pot movement. He is the founder of the Legalize Marijuana Party of New Jersey and has run previous campaigns for Governor, U.S. Senate, Congress, the State Legislature, and the Burlington County Board of Freeholders. Donations can be made at Wells Fargo Bank under Liberty Bell Temple Inc. or on Paypal to edforchion@ If you are reading this story after April, you can donate, because he still needs our support with other expenses.

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Cultivation Tips: Cloning By Kali Smith

Taking cuttings from larger, well-established plants is a great way to easily and quickly reproduce genetics. While growing from seed will give you larger, more vigorous plants, clones will give you identical plants, with the same exact growth rates, lighting requirements, and feeding needs. Seeds are necessary to see the genetic diversity found in varieties, much like brothers and sisters are similar but different. Unfortunately, these differences are good for everything but an even canopy of growth, which is what you want to achieve, especially indoors. Start with healthy donor plants. Disease free, pest free, stress free plants will give your cuttings a good, healthy start. Mother plants generally are kept in vegetative growth, and don’t need to be fed to the extreme. Basic veg nutrients and plenty of light are what the plant needs. You might even consider a low nitrogen diet, since that may help your clones root a little faster. Although it’s possible to clone flowering plants, it’s not recommended. The hormones found in flowering plants are not as conducive to root development as vegging ones, and your results will not be as successful. If you need to clone a flowering plant, do so as early into flowering as possible, and cut off the flowers before cloning. Cuttings can be successfully taken from anywhere on a healthy plant, but the lower growth and newer growth on the tips will generally give you better results. These areas have more of the right growing hormones than older branches. The key is to take good cuttings, and treat them correctly. Once cut from the plant, immediately place the cutting into your medium of choice, or into a glass of water if you are taking several at a time. This avoids the issue of your cutting drying out, or developing an embolism (air bubble) in the stem. Keep your cuttings healthy by using clean scissors or razor blades. Whatever you use, clean it with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to eliminate contamination. In fact, if you’re taking cuttings from more

16 | ISSUE 5: 2011

than one plant, this is a great way to make sure you don’t spread any problems that you are unaware of. Make sure your blade is sharp; you want to slice through the stem, as opposed to crushing or pinching it. A clean cut will keep the stem open inside, and still allow water to travel up the stem. A forty-five degree angle cut is good if you need to poke through resistant medium, but is unnecessary if your medium has holes already. Small cuttings, 2 to 4 inches in length, are good for traditional cutting methods, while cuttings going into an aeroponic cloning machine can and should be a bit larger. Trimming excess foliage from a cutting lowers water loss due to transpiration, and will help the cutting to stay moist while it’s trying to create roots. Use your blade to scrape away the top layer of the stem to expose the cambium, where the roots are actually produced. This is where PRACTICE COUNTS! Don’t scrape the cutting down to nothing- a few light scrapes will do. Some growers, instead of scraping, will split the stem lengthwise to expose the cambium. Only practice and knowing your particular variety will increase your success. Choose your rooting medium to match your final grow medium. If you’re planning to grow in rockwool, root in rockwool. Use peat type cubes if you’re going into soil, and consider a cloning machine if you plan to use DWC or other techniques that don’t require a lot of medium. Rockwool is very high in pH, so soak it in 5-6 pH water until it adjusts. Some manufacturers say that an hour or so is fine, some say soak overnight. The less rockwool in relation to the amount of soak water will give you a shorter soak time. When you insert your cutting into the medium, make sure it is firmly secured, with all sides of the stem touching the medium. Don’t allow small cuttings to flop around in a predrilled hole that’s too big. Instead, make your own hole with a toothpick, small screwdriver, or hanger (class suggestion!). Insert the cutting most of the way through the root

cube, but take care not to smash the bottom. If possible, try to cut the stem so that you have a trimmed leaf node below the surface- roots grow from these areas too. Clones root much faster and easier if you use some sort of rooting formula. Whether in powder, liquid, or gel form, they all work to produce faster roots. Most of the formulas contain IBA (indolebutyric acid), NAA (napthalenaecetic acid), vitamins, and antifungals in some combination. Use whatever formula you’re comfortable with that gives you success. The key here is to not contaminate your rooting product. Never dip the cutting directly into the solution, but pour a small amount into a separate cup or shot glass. Throw away any unused portion, and consider keeping the unused solution in the refrigerator after opening. Proper conditions are vital to keeping clones alive in the first few days. Keep humidity high for the first few days by misting, or by using a humidome. As the beginnings of roots begin to form, the cuttings can start to water themselves, and you can begin to lower humidity. Watch out for fungus and mold- these problems thrive in high humidity environments. Keeping temperatures correct is also a key to success. Try to keep the room in the mid seventies, but the root zone likes it a bit warmer for quicker development. There are several commercially available warmers, but look for one with a controllable temperature, and don’t trust it to be perfect. A temp gun or a good thermometer with a probe are two tools to consider purchasing. New cuttings don’t need massive amounts of light, so fluorescent light is preferred over HIDs. As in veg, use lighting in the cool spectrum to help promote roots, and in a few weeks or less, you should have tiny genetic copies of your mother plant, that are the same age as the original and ready to go.

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Young Adults and the Demonization of Medical Marijuana By Lanny Swerdlow, RN LNC In a society that is permeated with social occasions promoting the use of alcohol, it becomes a health imperative to offer a safer alternative. Cannabis is that safer alternative – a far safer alternative. If a young person has problems with alcohol, the use of cannabis can have a significant impact on helping that person refrain from alcohol consumption, not to mention keeping millions of others from developing a drinking problem in the first place.

The favorite straw men and women of the opponents of medicinal marijuana are patients in their 20s and 30s. These reefer madness drug warriors beat their breasts exclaiming the horrors of marijuana use by healthy young people, the use of which clearly demonstrates that the voters of California’s were duped by their compassion when they voted for Prop. 215. Just because a person is under 30 does not mean they would not benefit from the use of cannabis any more than a person under 30 would not benefit from the use of prescription pain killers, anti-anxiety medication or antibiotics. The idea that cannabis use is only for folks with one foot in the grave is rubbish as can be easily seen if one takes a moment to read Prop. 215 and a few moments more to learn about the substantial health and medical benefits from the use of cannabis for people of all ages. Cannabis is very beneficial for treating ailments that particularly affect young people. One of the most important is stemming alcohol use. It is estimated by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration that in any given year 12% to 15% of 18-25 year olds develop serious drinking problems.

18 | ISSUE 5: 2011

Another problem affecting many young people is insomnia. Studies have shown that 10% of people under 40 suffer from insomnia. Insomnia is a major health problem causing over $100 billion annually in lost productivity as well being a causative factor in the development of other illnesses. If young people do not get a good night’s sleep, their thinking ability and reaction times will be negatively impacted. Over $3 billion is spent annually on insomnia medications like Ambien and Lunestra. Cannabis is far superior to almost all medications out there with absolutely none of the negative side effects found in medications for insomnia. Anxiety and depression affects over 20 million 18 to 54 year old Americans. For some reason it’s okay to load people up with all sorts of anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic medications from Abilify to Zoloft even though their all too common debilitating side effects can lead to weight gain, lethargy, suicidal idealizations and death. Cannabis, which has none of these debilitating side effects, is the ideal choice for people of all ages. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a severe anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to psychological trauma, can make leading a normal life nearly impossible. The Rand Corporation estimates that PTSD is found in almost 20% of young soldiers returning from Afghanistan and Iraq. Evidentiary based, peer reviewed research plus mountains of anecdotal evidence from many veterans have shown that cannabis is one of the most effective, if not the most effective treatment for PTSD. Reefer madness affected drug warrior opponents would deny these young people who have served their country in these insanity producing wars the relief marijuana provides. Many young people also suffer accidents, sports injuries and ailments that cause pain and there is no reason why they should be forced to take Vicodin and Percocet instead of marijuana just because they are under 40. Not only does marijuana safely and effectively help relieve the pain, but it has none of the constipating, liver destroying side effects that are so commonly associated with prescription painkillers.

Marijuana use is increasing amongst young people. With the increased use of marijuana comes a decrease in the use of alcohol and prescription pharmaceuticals. The next time you see a young person going into a collective to obtain marijuana or at a doctor’s office to obtain a recommendation, recognize that Prop. 215 did not put any age limits on the use of cannabis for medical and health reasons and that is a very good thing.

Over $3 billion is spent annually on insomnia medications like Ambien and Lunestra. Cannabis is far superior to almost all medications out there with absolutely none of the negative side effects found in medications for insomnia.

Lanny Swerdlow, RN, LNC, hosts Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense every Monday at 6 p.m. on Inland Empire talk radio station KCAA 1050AM and simulcast at Subscribe to the free marijuana email newsletter authored by Lanny Swerdlow, RN by going to He can be contacted at 760-799-205 or by writing to lanny@




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420 Novelties

A few things that will add to your MMJ celebration. If you are out celebrating 420 you will definitely have to clear the air and Airavida will come in handy. The little bottle packs a big punch on odors. The citrus smell will drown out smoke odors in a matter of minutes. Airavida is a pioneer in professional odor control, providing effective odor neutralizers for all aspects of modern living. Airavida treats malodors which are created from a variety of sources such as those found daily in homes, at the gym, emitted by smokers and even odors discharged by large-scale industries. Airavida Smoke Deodorizer is an exceptionally high performance tobacco odor neutralizer. It is a safe, natural, oil-based product that works by reacting with the smoke smelling molecule of the tobacco smoke compound, thereby instantly neutralizing smoke odors at the source. Airavada has been used in major hotel chains around the world for years. They recently started packaging their product for the general public.

If you need to get the party started, Snoop Dogg is the man. The West Coast rap icon has announced he will treat his fans to 10 brand new songs, via a new street EP. Snoop Dogg is planning to release the 10-track digital only Stoners EP on April 20. Snoop is releasing the digital only EP 4/20, which is also the unofficial marijuana smokers holiday Stoners EP will feature guest appearances from Tha Dogg Pound, Hustle Boyz, Indastree and Chris Starr,.Battlecat, Josef Leimberg and 1500 or Nothing round out the producers. Stoners EP is the teaser for Snoop’s upcoming solo album Reincarnated.

20 | ISSUE 5: 2011

Purgatory Vodka is the first spirit in the United States to be made with hemp seed. . Its key ingredient revolves around the best imported Canadian hemp seeds and is distilled in small batches using traditional distilling techniques. Hand-picked for purity and quality, the hemp seed used for Purgatory produces a polished neutral spirit with a crisp, clean finish. The hemp seed used in Purgatory goes through a highly scrutinized (and regulated) process to insure that no THC is contained in the product. Purgatory is true to its lineage of UltraPremium Alaska Distillery spirits! sional odor

If you are in the celebratory mode but don’t feel like firing up. Try Remedy. It’s great as a straight shot and even better if you can mix it with your coffee. The vanilla, caramel flavor blends in well. It’s smooth and gives you a nice buzz that will not slow you down.Remedy cannabis coffees free you from the negative effects of smoking by providing a safer, healthier alternative for today’s active lifestyles. no more trying to get the last bit out of a disintegrating joint, no more needing to smoke every hour and no more showing up at straight functions smelling of burnt alfalfa.

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Get Higher, Faster With CouchLock nCouchLock-Definition-When you get so incredibly stoned that you actually become a part of the couch. It becomes impossible to move. Usually followed by playing grand theft auto, eating $20 worth of taco bell, singing the entire national anthem, getting lost for 2 hours in the Wal-mart parking lot, stealing traffic cones and wearing them as hats, smoking another joint, listening to Aqueous Transmission by Incubus, eating a whole bag of Doritos, drinking 5 gallons of Kool-aid, and finally trying to watch all of Half Baked without passing out. Well someone has found a way to put this feeling in a bottle. CouchLock has all the buzz you need in a 2 ounce bottle .The ideal use of the product is take it 30 minutes before you medicate and it will help you reach your plateau in half your usual time. Below is a description of their great flavors and how they can enhance your life. What Are People Saying About CouchLock says, ”I drank mine at about 10pm and smoked around 10:30pm. After only finishing half a bowl of schwag (thanks, Ohio), I was toasted. Getting high off of a half of bowl of low-grade weed is a miracle. I felt my body melt into the chair after about a half hour. Even after eating, which usually destroys my high, I was still stoned. I stayed high off that half a bowl for about 3 or 4 hours, then smoked the rest, and stayed stoned until I went to bed. I also slept way better than I usually do.” Heather says, “Being a smoker for many years, I found my buzz didn’t last as long as it used to. I heard about Couchlock, seeked it out and tried it. IT WAS AMAZING!!!! My buzz lasted about 3-4 hours longer than normal and I truly became “couchlocked”. The flavor is great too! If you are a connoisseur of herbage, I HIGHLY recommend this product for your arsenal. I know it will be in mine!!” Crystal OG says, ”Woo I love CouchLock! When my package from CouchLock arrived I was super excited to test out this wonderful drink and see what the excitement was about. I shook the bottle well and drank at around 9:10 in the morning. You can taste all the natural ingredients like the mango flavor. It was great :) 30 minutes later I inhaled a smoke cone stuffed with Arjan Haze, one of my favorite strains :) soon I felt a permanent smile come across my face and felt the effects 10x stronger. Kanabliss totally enhanced my high that lasted long throughout my day as I did errands and even ate! The effects were still present. I absolutely love this product and would recommend it to everyone out there. I can’t wait to test out future products! Keep it up CouchLock Find out how to get your experience at

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HighVoltage The 2oz HighVoltage supplement was created with just the right amount of caffeine, hops and other herbs for you and your bud. Contains about the same amount of caffeine as a premium cup of coffee, so the combination of these powerful proven ingredients will give you that much needed boost of energy any time you want it. Since we do not use ephedra, you only get a jolt of energy without the jitters. Need a pick up in the morning? A push in the afternoon.? Motivation to go out? Open and drink a shot about 30 minutes before your preferred activities. Designed specifically for the smokin’ enthusiast, but very effective on its own.

CouchLock The 2oz CouchLock supplement was created with just the right amount of melatonin, chamomile, hops and other herbs just for you and your bud. The combination of these powerful proven ingredients will help relieve stress, without any side effects the next day. Open and drink a shot about 30 minutes before your preferred activities. Enjoy an evening of inner calmness, better sleep and vivid dreams. Designed specifically for the smokin’ enthusiast, but very effective on its own.

MagnaHigh The 2oz MagnaHigh supplement combines just the right amount of L-thiamin with our proprietary blend just for you and your bud. Of all three formulas, we consider this our functional version without added caffeine or melatonin. The L-thenine helps you remain focused, which makes it perfect to take during the middle of the day, when you just need to deal with the little details of your life. Open and drink a shot about 30 minutes before your preferred activities. Designed specifically for the smokin’ enthusiast, but very effective on its own.

Teen sensation returns as her own woman

For SmokeHers MMJ Advice for Women In the Kitchen with Mary Jane There is strong cultural evidence to suggest that women in ancient China harvested cannabis seeds regularly and used the harvest as a grain. They would grind seeds into a meal, roast them over of a mixture of cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar, an open fire hole, and mix them into porridge. The milk, ginger, poppy seeds, pepper, caraway seeds, ancient Chinese believed in taking everything with and marijuana. This drink was enjoyed in much the them in their tombs that they would need in the afsame way that alcohol is consumed in America terlife. Excavation of these tombs has uncovered today. Machine Gun Kelly Teams vessels filled with hemp seeds. Mary Jane was, in fact, inWith the kitchenDiddy of the oldest To knownLace Neolithic culInevitably, cannabis drifted through Middle Eastern Up ture in China, the Yang-Shao. countries including Palestine, Egypt and BabyloUp The Whole World nia. Hemp was used to make fabric and in kitchens The ancient Chinese did not let the medicinal as a grain. The people of the Middle East were exqualities of cannabis go unused either. Historic tremely creative in their use of marijuana and did Chinese documents clearly show marijuana being not let any part of the plant go to waste. prescribed for such conditions as pain, menstrual cramps, constipation and even malaria. The Greek and Roman home and kitchen were always well stocked with cannabis and, it was used With great advances in technology, the Chinese for clothing, rugs and oil. Beautiful handmade rugs began to mill, heat and press the seeds of the were made from the strong and lasting hemp fiber. cannabis plant to reveal nutrient rich hemp-seed oil. Hemp seed oil has a delicious, light, nutty and As travel and trade became popular, cannabis sweet taste that is valued across the globe today. seed was a much sought after item in many culThis oil is a nutrient powerhouse containing health tures. Once the word got out about the amazing promoting omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids. properties of this sustainable resource, everyone wanted to get in on the action. Not everyone used Almost 2,500 years after the Chinese began to use cannabis as an intoxicant and, this was certainly cannabis in their kitchens, a wandering tribe known not its most useful purpose to those living in anas the Aryans brought Mary to India. The Indians, cient times. This multidimensional plant was seen who worshipped plants and animals, quickly emas a powerhouse, a single plant that could serve braced this amazing herb both in spiritual ceremomany purposes within a home. nies and also in cooking and healing practices. Marijuana was known as the great god of stress relief The first settlers in America brought many things and the magical plant that quickly brought down a with them that they valued as useful, including fever, encouraged appetite, improved judgment and cannabis. The English colonists at Jamestown culpromoted restful sleep. tivated marijuana in the 1600’s and used the fiber for rope, clothing, linen, rugs and even sails. No The Indians favored cannabis seeds as a grain for doubt cannabis seed and oil was an integral part of cooking and also blended and cooked the flowers, the early settlement kitchen. leaves and stems to make ghee butter, another useful kitchen item. Ghee is used widely in Indian As more and more people began to fully underdishes and is able to be stored for extended peristand the potential that marijuana contained for ods of time without refrigeration. The Indians also personal and household use, as well as for trade, made a spicy drink known as “Bhang” consisting plantations began to spring up all over Mississippi,

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South Carolina, New York, Kentucky, Georgia and Nebraska. The American medicine cabinet was stocked with marijuana between 1850 and 1937. Medicinal marijuana could be easily purchased in general stores and in pharmacies. Very few people used marijuana recreationally at this time. It was seen as no different than we see basil or oregano today. That is, until the government stepped in and began to suppress the use of one of the world’s most valuable herbs, but that is another story. Despite the suppression of marijuana by our “evermindful” government, the modern American cook can still enjoy the amazing benefits of cannabis just as our ancestors of yesteryear did. Marijuana is an incredibly nutritious compliment to a healthy diet and can be easily incorporated into many exciting dishes. As mentioned earlier, cannabis seeds are chock full of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Essential fatty acids found in the hemp-seed can ward off heart disease, diabetes, ease pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, help with depression and attention deficit disorder. Cannabis seeds also have a perfect balance of amino acids, magnesium, vitamin E, carotene, calcium and B vitamins. The easiest way to cook with cannabis is by combining marijuana with butter or oil. Grinding hempseeds is also a popular way to reap the health benefits and the flour can be used to make bread, cakes, cookies and pastas. Cooking with cannabis is nothing new and has proven, over the course of thousands of years, to be a practice worth keeping. If we are smart, like our ancestors, we will embrace the nutritional value of cannabis and invite Mary Jane to cook with us.

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Along Came Mary

Delivering green relief and hope to the patients of Los Angeles

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When I first heard of Along Came Mary I was at Hemp Con in Los Angeles. They had this super cool booth with these wicked models in red wigs. The outfits were a throw back to the waitress look of the 60s but really catchy. Just had to go see what they were selling. I found out they were a delivery service for MMJ patients. Well I wouldn’t mind having a pretty redhead bring me a bag of Kush. I thought what a great marketing ploy. A few months later I got chance to meet the brains behind this marketing scheme. For the purpose of this article we will call him Jay. Jay is this laid back guy who has a passion for the MMJ community that keeps him busy in many aspects. When he is not running his business he is growing, teaching others how to start their businesses and raising money for charities. LSQ took a minute to get inside the head of Jay and see what makes this MMJ renaissance man tick. When did you get the ideal to start Along Came Mary? I was doing corporate sales for a few Fortune 500 companies around Oklahoma in 2008. I saw a lot of people getting laid off, losing their 401ks and thought about moving to California and getting into the medical marijuana industry. A roommate of mine actually came up with ACM, we created the logo and then we grew the business from the grassroots. You grew it by word of mouth? Yeah, face to face interactions, word of mouth and just being out there promoting the advocacy of MMJ. We reached out to the patients and we had handfuls of them who needed our help. Some had cancer, some were terminal or disabled. What was crazy is my first delivery ever turned out to be someone that was terminal. Did that delivery make you feel even better about your cause? Absolutely, it does change you a little. I wish people could see people who really need marijuana. The sick people who need it for their appetite or they are in pain. And I believe they should have the right to ask for it in a safe environment and not in a back alley from someone they don’t know. They should be able to call a service and get it discreetly.

With the current raids going on with the brick and mortar businesses, do you feel delivery was the best move for you? Well, we wanted to grow from delivery to a storefront. That was our goal for 2012 but with the crackdowns we have to put that on hold. We might revisit it after the election. The environment is still stressful, it’s on my mind when I go to bed. I’m constantly working with attorneys and accountants to make sure everything is appropriate. The crackdown is because they have not figured out how to regulate and tax it yet. So they are pulling the leash because they can. What they need to do is regulate it and tax it like alcohol and we wouldn’t have all these problems. They say the raids are to crack down on illegal shops? There are a lot of people out there still breaking the law. Not us. You still have the cartels out there growing and selling. Let’s take the money out of the cartels hands and put it in the hands of legit growers, so we can pay taxes and keep it in the American economy. How do patients contact you, by phone or internet? Mainly by phone, but we have all of our patients register online first so we can verify them. The driver has to have a picture of your recommendation and state ID then you can join our collective. Do you worry about your safety when doing deliveries? Well security is big in the stores because you have different people that come in and out with all kinds of motives and backgrounds. With delivery you get a different kind of clientele. You have people who are doctors and lawyers who want to be discreet . We like to meet our customers and establish a relationship with them. So we don’t have worries. What is the most popular strain you sell?’ Everybody wants an OG. Pure OG, Platinum Kush. Mike Tyson is popular and of course always Bubba Kush. I noticed you do a lot of fundraisers around town. Tell me about this side of your business. We have done fundraisers for the Los Angeles food bank and we are registered with the American Cancer Society. You can donate to the American Cancer Society through our website. We don’t keep any of it. Most third parties take a percentage, we don’t. What did you think about Pat Robertson coming out for MMJ? Being from the Midwest it’s huge. It is going to help with the older conservatives who lived through the era when all they showed were people going crazy after smoking marijuana. All they know is Reefer Madness. And it just goes to show that people are starting to see that the marijuana laws take more from society than they give back.

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Justice For

Tra yvon Martin The world waits for a resolution in the killing of an unarmed teen-ager By Charlie Braxton The senseless slaying of 17 year-old Trayvon Martin has sent shockwaves throughout the AfricanAmerican community and the world. Many people are outraged at how George Zimmerman, a 28 year-old Hispanic male who has a history of calling the Sanford Florida Police (SPD) to report “suspicious Black males” in his exclusive gated community, can slay an unarmed child with a gun and not be arrested and charged with murder. But, in the State of Florida it is possible if the shooter feels like his life was in danger or he or she felt that the person they shot was going to cause them great bodily harm. Under Florida’s controversial “Stand Your Ground Law,” a shooting under said circumstance would be deemed legally as “justifiable homicide.” According to the law a person has the right to use deadly force if they “reasonably believe it is necessary to prevent death or great bodily harm to him or herself or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.” On the surface the law seems reasonable, after all, everybody has the right to defend themselves and their loved ones. But according to reports this is not the case with Trayvon Martin. When Zimmerman first saw Trayvon, the neighborhood watch captain was armed with a loaded gun and sitting in the safe confines of his car following Martin, who was unarmed and on foot. Zimmerman disregarded authorities request not to pursue Martin. Instead Zimmerman got out of his car and pursued Martin on foot, not vice versa. Exactly what happened in the few minute between Zimmerman confronting Martin up until the time of the teenager’s death nobody knows except God and Zimmerman. Zimmerman claims that Martin was the aggressor in the situation; that Martin wrestled him to the ground, straddled him and slammed his face into the concrete, breaking his nose and leaving a laceration on the back of his head. Fearing for his life Zimmerman told police that he reached for his concealed weapon, which he was licensed to carry and shot Martin. To the police it appeared an open and shut case based upon Zimmerman’s account. But if the police would have taken the time to look at it from Martin’s point of view then perhaps the outcome would’ve been much different. Think about it.

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Here’s Martin, an unarmed minor who is a good 100 pounds lighter than 28 year-old Zimmerman, walking to his father’s apartment in the rain. He’s talking on the phone to his girlfriend, minding his own business when he spots a stranger in an unmarked vehicle following him. According to his girlfriend Martin walks faster hoping to avoid contact with the stranger, but his effort was to no avail. Within minutes the stranger gets out of his car and pursues Martin on foot. At this point, if you were Martin wouldn’t you perceive that person as a potential threat to your life? Unfortunately, the police in Sanford Florida elected not see the incident from Martin’s point of view and apply the law accordingly. If they had, Zimmerman would have been arrested and charged with shooting Martin.

Instead, it appears the Sanford Police viewed the case solely through the eyes of Zimmerman. And what they saw about the man whom Zimmerman shot was a Black male, a potential threat who couldn’t possibly be innocent. The truly tragic result of the SPD’s

skewed vision of young African-American males is that Trayvon’s family is forced to live with the painful fact that not only is their beloved son dead, but his killer remains at large. This is very disappointing. What is even more disappointing is how the SPD has treated the entire investigation so cavalierly. And though the SPD police chief has temporarily stepped down amidst the controversy, there are

still some issues with how the SPD handled this incident that continue to raise some suspicion. According to law enforcement expert Rod Wheeler speech on the 911 call was slurred, which is an indication that he may have been intoxicated. Anytime a person involved in a crime shows signs of intoxication, an alcohol and drug test is standard police procedure. According to the UK newspaper, The Guardian, the SPD failed to check Zimmerman for drug and/or alcohol use, yet they tested Martin’s corpse for traces of drugs and alcohol. The test came up negative. Secondly, the police failed to contact Martin’s girlfriend in Miami. She was the last person Martin talked to minutes prior to his demise. According to her, the last word she heard Martin say was “Why are you following me?” This contradicts Zimmerman’s claim that Martin approached him. The SPD also failed to notice Zimmerman’s possible use of a racial epitaph to describe Martin. This would’ve been a possible motive for Zimmerman to kill Martin and potential grounds to arrest Zimmerman for a hate crime. Again this is a crucial piece of evidence for a trained police investigator to “overlook.” There are some very disturbing reports alleging that when witnesses tried to tell the police they heard Martin scream, the officers either ignored or disregarded their assertions altogether. Later two audio experts confirmed that the voice screaming for help on the 911 tapes is not Zimmerman’s. Again this is enough to raise any good detective’s suspicions. It would certainly merit questioning. if not arresting and charging Zimmerman with a crime. So far, neither one of these things has happened. As of this writing George Zimmerman remains a free man.

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8th and Olive: The Hip-Hop Clothing Shop

By Wendell Graves Photos By Lamont Sanders Hip Hop music has taken over the world and influenced a wide array of listeners from all parts of the world and many different cultures. Urban clothing and hip hop fashion have spread just as virally across the globe engulfing all who embrace the culture. Here in Los Angeles, where there’s no shortage of fashion designers and hip hop trendsetters, there is one group of young brothers making a name for themselves and etching out their mark in the hip hop fashion world. For those that love to dress in the latest hip hop fashion trends but may not always have the bank to go along with their trendy taste, the 8th and Olive Fashion Headquarters is the place to be. With high-end quality clothing at affordable prices, the brothers of 8th and Olive have a little something for every budget. Two of the premier lines offered are in-house designs Deep Pockets and Yatab clothing, which are the brainchildren of cofounders Richard, aka Mr. 360, and H Mark who firmly believe that their products offer the quality that the consumer wants at prices they can afford. Shop owner H Mark started designing clothing in 2001 with the dream of making Yatab (pronounced Yawtab`) which means to be good, to be pleasing, or well, into a household name. “I believe that with hard work comes prosperity and Yatab is a motivational word that drives me to get the money,” stated Mark. “I got it tatted on my arm.” The brothers’ second baby, Deep Pockets Clothing, is also taking on a life of its own due to the lines eye-catching slogans and one of a kind designs that fit every body type. Forever the eager entrepreneurs, the brothers also have other irons in the fire from hosting their own fashion shows and indie music/poetry nights to poking around in the world of advertising just to keep their grinding game sharp. From shoes to jackets and everything in between, 8th and Olive has everything that one might need to jump feet first into the hip hop nightlife no matter where they’re partying or who they party with. H. Mark sums up the purpose of the store. ”We’re a showroom for independent clothing lines to come and network and have fashion shows. We also host mixers and you can rent the store for private fashion events.”

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The store is also a hub for start-up clothing lines that need a place to display their clothes. You can get gear from Yatab, Deep Pockets, T.G.T.B, Money Gang, Flaucy Gear, Havin’Thangs, Bud Coalition, Bud Head, Kushtown and Elite Shoes. The store is growing and Mark just wants to thank his backers BG and Rich for believing in his dreams. Get more information at Facebook maderightfashions.

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Underground Pop

Far East Returns With

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Movement Dirty Bass

Far East Movement (also known as FM) has bridged the gap between underground party records and mainstream hip-hop and pop. They blend elements of hiphop, pop, electro and dance to create an original sound and lifestyle they call ‘Free Wired’. The group translates this ‘Free Wired’ way of life by constantly staying interactive and living the lifestyle it promotes. Whether it’s their weekly music show on, blogging everyday on www. or uploading a series of FM Satellite webisodes they shoot on the road with their ‘spy cams’ they always stay free to “’geek out’ 25 hours a day, 8 days a week.” Kev Nish, Prohgress, J-Splif, and DJ Virman, always donning stylish shades, skinny ties, and shiny blazers and fresh kicks have taken the current Los Angeles club scene global, already having to their credit two world tours, numerous song placements on television and film, and a # 1 song on Los Angeles radio all before they even dropped their debut album, appropriately titled, Free Wired. Cherrytree Records head, Martin Kierzenbaum, was inspired with the direction FM was taking with their careers. “Martin told us, ‘You guys have a lifestyle and party that we want to be invited to, we not only like your songs, but love your sound and movement,’” Kev Nish said of Kierzenbaum, who oversees the careers of Cherrytree Records artists Lady Gaga, Keane, La Roux and Tokio Hotel. Martin was moved by FM so much that he passed their music on to mega-star Lady Gaga’s camp that led to an invitation out on her overseas Monster Ball tour dates in April 2010. FM call it, “a ‘Free Wired’ moment and incredible learning experience…she puts 200 percent into 2-hour shows, back to back nights, every night, it’s inspirational.” While on the road they say they got some key advice from one of today’s most exciting and theatrical live performers. They went back overseas the following month when they were invited out by N*E*R*D*. It is FM’s stage energy and the ‘Free Wired’ lifestyle that started to change the way people reacted to their music. Not just the energy and lifestyle, but fashion and technology play a huge part. “We’ve played at every club in southern Cali and thrown parties, ‘geekin out’ at friends lofts and rooftops in downtown LA until the sun came up.” “Our routine and fashion allow us to party all night, then head straight to an important business meeting in the morning, we always stay business fresh, plus we keep shades on to hide the lack of sleep,” jokes Prohgress. It was at those allnight parties that the group honed their sound and performance skills. “We felt like when we

started messing more with hard electro synths, 4 to the floor drums and upbeat Daft Punk-type production it just seemed to connect better with the type of performance we do,” Prohgress said. “And once we had ‘Girls On The Dance Floor’ that was just like the bazooka ammunition that we needed.” “Girls On The Dance Floor” became an undeniable, high-energy track that prompted women from all over to record videos of themselves dancing to the song and upload the clips online. The song exploded the latter part of 2009 in nightclubs and topped the playlists in L.A. The requests and heavy rotation earned Far East Movement a spot on a prestigious L.A. concert headlined by Jay-Z. The follow up record “Like A G6” received an even more rabid reaction from listeners. “That one had over a million hits on YouTube before it even had one play on the radio,” Kev Nish said about the song they put together in two hours with Los Angeles producers The Cataracs. “The Far East Movement reps the diverse music fan that hits up 3 clubs playing all different music in 1 night, with a flossy and stylish fashion interest, low ridin’ around LA in a fresh set of rims and a fresher pair of kicks, then hits the after- after party in the early a.m. and finally stumbles home to go on the computer and live all that online” the group says. Far East Movement all grew up together in Los Angeles. They were influenced by the thriving downtown LA scene and a wide array of music from fellow West Coast classics like the Pharcyde and Dr Dre, to the dance music of DJ Tiesto and Daft Punk, to LA rockers like Guns N Roses, Linkin Park and Blink 182. “Our musical inspiration is as large as what we can hold on our iPods.” After graduating from high started taking seriously, shows wherever

school the group music more doing

they could at Los Angeles bars, clubs and lofts. One of their earlier shows was a successful benefit show that raised money for a drug rehab center that helped a lot of their friends in the community. This came before the group even had their first song recorded. The group loved to perform and perfect their stage presence wherever they could. “Another big part of our movement is how we stay connected to the fans ourselves,” states J-Splif. “They demanding our songs on radio and at the clubs, so we’re always listening and try to give back. We used to go to a club and watch all night just to see how the crowd would react to certain songs the DJ played and soak it in.” ”It’s important that we translate to everyone what we’re about on this album,” Kev Nish added. “We want people to feel free to ‘geek out’ however they feel comfortable and stay wired with us whether partying or home online. Live Free and Stay Wired is where is stems from.” Another influence came when they saw Kanye West live and the kind of performance he achieved. “I remember we saw a Kanye show,” Prohgress said. “He threw a towel into the audience and people were fighting for it. We wanted to give that type of energy.” “It’s always been about that energy and that lifestyle at our shows.” Far East Movement is now anxious to take advantage of all the opportunities their fast-rising career will afford them. Considering their independent, go-getter mindset, talent, and willingness to break out of the box, Far East Movement is indeed setting themselves up for the next level on Dirty Bass. FM is currently touring the world while working hard to finish up Dirty Bass. They started to develop the album’s sound while on the I Am Music tour with Lil Wayne last summer. They are finishing the album on the Canadian and European Cherrytree Pop Alternative tour with LMFAO while radio airwaves continue to play their worldwide smash singles “Like A G6” and “Rocketeer.” “We’ve been performing the “Live My Life” Party Rock remix with Redfoo on the CherryTree Pop Alternative tour and the reaction has been met with hands in the air and hype energy, declares Prohgress. “We’re looking forward to the song at radio and everybody partying wherever they’re listening.” Dirty Bass has a dynamic universal party sound that brings elements of booming trunk bass to the dancefloor. Far East Movement shaped and co-produced the sound with The Stereotypes and assistance from the above-mentioned RedOne along with other chart-topping producers Bangladesh, Dallas Austin and Cherry Cherry Boom Boom.

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As one-half of the East Oakland, California, multi-platinum Hip-Hop duo Luniz, Jerold Dwight Ellis, professionally known as Yukmouth, is definitely a legend in his own right. Luniz initially hit pay dirt thanks to their, still-to-this-day, popular weed anthem, “I Got 5 on It,” an interpolation of the Club Nouveau classic, “Why You Treat Me So Bad,” which appeared on their 1995 million-plus selling group debut, Operation Stackola [Noo Trybe/ Virgin]. Nearly two and a half years later, the rap twosome returned with their gold certified sophomore set, Lunitik Muzik. Following their second release as a collective, Yuk inexplicably split from his, then, partner-in-rhyme, Numskull, taking his burgeoning Smoke-ALot imprint down south to Mr. J Prince’s Rap-A-Lot Empire. “I think when I signed with J Prince, it started the beef between me and Numskull,” Yuk believes wholeheartedly. Reassessing the situation, he recalls, “I don’t know why, but Num started dissin’ me outta nowhere and I was feelin’ funny about the contract when I left C-Note Records saying they can get a new member of the Luniz, and I’m kicked out the group. [...] But, shit squashed [now] [...] me, Numskull and C&H did another Luniz album on Rap-A-Lot called Silver & Black.” Yukmouth’s first solo outing, “Thugged Out: The Albulation,” at that particular time, a ground-breaking double CD, emerged in November of ’98, moving well over 500,000 units, and garnering favorable reviews from fans and critics alike. Flash forward…Over the course of the last eleven years, and four hit records later, and Yuk, who also moonlights as a member of the Thug Lordz, alongside Sac-town’s own C-Bo, returned this past summer with, arguably, his most well rounded project-to-date, the aptly named, “Free At Last.” “I’m no longer on Rap-A-Lot Records, I’m signed to my own label, Smoke-A-Lot Records. It’s no problem with me and Rap-A-Lot Records, we just decided to part ways,” Yuk clarifies, when asked about the sudden dissolution from his former parent company. Reiterating, the self-proclaimed “Worldwide Mobb Figga” is humbled, “[...] I grew up on Rap-A-Lot music, so to be signed was a dream come true. Shout out to J Prince for lettin’ me do my thang and supporting my solo career through all the years — One hunid!” “In the future, I’m droppin’ more movies. My DVD game is about to step back up to an all-time high. Also, look out for the movies I’m starring in like, FIVE-K-ONE, starring Clifton Powell and Melvin Jackson Jr. from HBO’s THE WIRE — The future lookin’ real bright for da kid!” Yukmouth announces excitedly, and then, sounding very grateful, reflects on his storied history, “I wouldn’t change nothin’ because the shit I went through as an artist made me and gave me the game I needed to start and run my own record label.” Yukmouth has a new CD titled “Half Baked” which will be in-stores and online 4-24-12... It boasts all new music featuring heavyweights: The Jacka, Lee Majors, Berner, Ampichino, Joe Blow, Stevie Joe, J-Stalin, Philthy Rich, C-Bo, B-Legit, Clyde Carson, Cellski, Freddie Gibbs, Young Noble, Styles P & Many More. Look out for the single “Step Ya Weed Game Up” with Daz and Jayo Felony. In closing, Yukmouth, who has nothing but love for those millions of devoted followers who have had his back, literally, from his whole inception into music, graciously concludes, “Shout out to all my fanz dats been holdin’ a ni99a down since day one, without Y’all I’m nothin’. Check me out on, myspace. com/yukmouth, and

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Yukmouth Yukmouth is is Half-Baked Half-Baked Bay Bay Area Area legend legend returns returns with with marijuana marijuana themed themed CD. CD.

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Meet Ivie Damone Good Smoke Model So tell us a little about yourself Hello my name is Ivie. I’m from St. Louis, MO. I currently attend Harris Stowe State University, which is the only HBCU in St. Louis, studying Mass Communication Radio and Television. I work for BeBe clothing as a stylist, which is a bonus because I shop there all the time lol. Why did you become a model? That’s easy. Simply because I love the camera and the camera loves me! I tried high fashion modeling when I was younger however my body was not made to be a size 2 so I gave glamour/urban modeling a shot. I love modeling its always been a passion of mine. What are your aspirations (Film, acting, spokesmodel)? I love modeling however it is just a stepping stone for me. I’m an aspiring actress. I’d love to see myself on the big screen one day, I also would like to host my very own talk show or have a sitcom. I would like to express myself and give people an inside look at what my life is like. Where have you been featured already? ShyGirl Magazine, DELUX Magazine, Elegant Belles, and recently SWEETS will be released soon. I’m working on Straight Stuntin and DymePiece Magazine. I’m excited to be shooting for both. Who inspired you? Honestly I inspire myself. I see a lot of models killing the game, but I’m not just a model or a pretty face with a big butt so I look up to myself. What do you look for in a man? A man that isn’t insecure. Someone who is strong minded, educated, tall, with an athletic build, nice smile, a family man. I love men that can show affection without being too needy, are financially stable, an all-around BOSS and I’m single so if you know any …lol …I’m playing. What can a man do to put you in the mood? Kiss me slowly with a lot of passion. Or a nice pair of shoes Who’s your celebrity crush? Derrick Rose, he’s everything I want in a man! Do you indulge in Marijuana? No but my friends and family members do. So it’s been part of my life, all my life.

ISSUE 5: 2011 | 41

42 44 || ISSUE ISSUE 5: 4: 2011 2012

ISSUE 5: 2011 | 43

Legal Smokers Quroum  

April/ May issue on LSQ Magazine. Far East Movement on the cover. Featuring Along Came Mary and CouchLock

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