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Poems Galore By Mrs. Borden’s 2011-2012 Class

These poems were entered into the Young Writers of America Poetry Contest. The poems fit under one of the following themes: • The World as I See It… • What My Family Means to Me… • My Wish For the World… A special congratulations to Kayla, Annie, Meredith, Lucy, Mary Bradford and Katelyn whose poems were winners in the contest! 

If Everyone was Peaceful By Annie Crisler

If everyone was peaceful We would never feel left out We would never feel like we had to cry or shout We would always be invited to each other’s events We would not have enemies We would not have wars There would be no hatred

If everyone was peaceful It wouldn’t matter our skin tone Our friends wouldn’t care the color or length of our hair we would always say, “Please’’ and “Thank you” If everyone was peaceful

Free By Ben Glover

My wish for The world is for Everything to be free. Cars, boats, tables, houses, even books Everything free. Clothes, computers, pets, games, electronics, Food, crayons, toys, Legos, Everything free! Candy, chairs, pencils, school supplies, Seeds, paint, Even I am free!

Free Candy By Brodie Crisler If the candy store gave away candy, I would go to get all the free candy I want! Hershey bars and chocolate chips, Icees and candy corn, Laffy taffy and gummy fish. Lemon heads, and popcorn, Cotton candy, and cherry pops I could have candy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner Day and night Free candy all the time.

My Wish for the World‌ By Bryan Ramos

My Wish for the World Is we are all in A Mario game. We have to collect coins. We are trying to Find a mushroom So we can get big. We can jump high. We can wall jump. We need to find fire flowers To give us points. We will smush monsters On the way though. My wish for the world Is we are all in a Mario game.

My Wish for the World… By Carsyn Lee

My wish for the world is… Free candy for everyone! Free chocolate bells And caramel. Free lemon drops that make me pucker Free taffy that tastes like blueberry suckers. Free gummy bears and gooey stuff, And free marshmallows that have lots of fluff. Everybody loves candy So why not make it free? Candy is yummy Do you agree? Candy is good, candy is fun Free candy for everyone!

Peace By Colin Nelson

My wish for the world is peace. No more wars, No more fighting And no more Pain. Can we Go back in time And restart? Erase wars Like the Vietnam, Revolutionary, Civil And of course World War I and II. Freedom for everyone is what we need. My wish for the World is peace.

No Smoking By Hunter Hays My wish for the world Is no more smoking. It can give you cancer` And I’m not joking! Also, you`ll smell like smoke. It will be hard to breath. And your teeth will be yellow. So either stop the madness Or continue the sadness‌

The World as I See It… By Ian Jones

I see the world as a giant Video game Where everything is digitalized. Its is a dark place. It has black buildings, Gray grass And red skies. Everyone is evil. We fight, we hike, We shoot, we loot. But wait…it’s morning. It was all a bad dream.

My Wish for the World‌ By Jakobe Griffin

My wish for the world is peace No crime or harm Let people Be free Let all the sins In the world Be forgiven Make illegal drugs Be forbidden Then the world would Be lots of fun Lots of fun for everyone

Wishes By Jaylon Munford

A parent’s wish is for Kids to eat their veggies A teacher’s wish Is to have a robot Grade papers An army man’s wish Is to win the war A kid’s wish is to play video games for homework and hopefully their wishes will come true.

What My Family Means To Me… By Meredith Nichols

My family means everything to me. They mean more to me than... Slumber parties, Tennis balls, Ice cream sundaes, My American girl dolls… My My My My

happy days, sneaky ways, bright pink room, light blue shoes…

Apple trees, Honeybees, My funny books, My awesome looks! My family means everything to me!


By Jherilyn Dennis

The world as I see it is everyone in stylish brands and walking in and out of the mall saying, “Look at this I bought,” and “Watch how I walk in these boots.” The world as I see it is everyone looking at each other rocking the runway and walking like they’re models.

The world as I see it is people going to school in these expensive brands and saying, “You don’t have this,” Hurting everyone’s feeling’s. The world as I see it is FASHION!

The World as I See It… By Kamerin Sandlin

Everything is free unlike the Dollar Tree. My Nintendo 3DS is free My skateboard is free My house is free My water is free My car is free My clothes are free My TV is free Even I’m free Now there are no worries for me. Because everything is free.

The World as I See It By KaRon White

I see the world as a video game. Some people get the easy way out and win. Some people have to beat the whole game. They have to face some evil things. Some people survive and some people don’t. I see the world as a video game except You can’t start over and over again. Once you make a wrong move, you can’t change it.

What My Family Means to Me‌ By Katelyn Kelley

My family is loving They are there for me when I need them They help me when I am in a bad situation They are there for me when I am mad I am there for them when they are sad They take care of me when I am sick My family is not only loving But they are also funny, crazy, goofy and wild Every one of them loves me like I love them.

Peace By Kayla Wynn I wish the world was peaceful. Peace Is what I want. It would be great to have peace in the world. No fights, no wars, no divorces and no anger. Just peace. I wish the world was peaceful.

Fantasy World By Landon Terry I see the world as a video game So colorful and bright. The horses have wheels and the cars have legs. The animals are talking, Just like a human. Red roses are blue Violets are red Giants are real just like you and me. And that’s the world as I see it.

The World As I See It By Lucy Sedlak

Raining candy and singing bees All I see is walking trees I do not see reality Life-size lollipops Fancy fairies I even see a few red canaries I see rainbows all around Some are high And some are on the ground Dancing unicorns and talking flowers, I could sit in my little world For hours and hours

Super Powers By Luke McKelvy I wish I had super powers, So I would be able to fly Straight up, straight up So high in the sky. If I had super powers, I would be so strong I could lift up a car And throw it 50 miles long. If I were a super hero I would have to have a name, How about Super Luke? But there’s only one problem… Super powers aren’t real.

What My Family Means To Me By Mary Bradford Jackson

Mom and dad Are sweet and caring Like God and Jesus Or like best friends If I did not have them I wouldn’t have Anything at all Thank you God For letting me have them In my life.

My Wish for the World By Trinity Jones

My wish for the world is for kids to have jobs. If I had job, I could be a cop a mayor a governor a president a soldier a coach or an architect. It would be cool to have a job.

Poems Galore  
Poems Galore  

Poems written for a poetry contest