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Awards & Accolades

his year, one of the Culture, Parks and Recreation Department (CPRD) staff members received a prestigious award that we would like to share with you. Here are the highlights…

Congratulations to Greeley Parks Superintendent, Eric Bloomer, for winning the 2016 Colorado Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA) Parks Professional of the Year! Eric began his career at the City as a Parks Technician back in 1997. He personally maintained the Butch Butler Baseball Stadium and in 2004 was given the honor of that field being named the Colorado Sports Turf Manager’s Association’s “Field of the Year.” In 2015, this time under Eric’s leadership, his staff once again received this same top honor for the Twin Rivers Softball Complex in Greeley. Eric has been recognized as a local expert in automated water conservation practices and in 2008 was named as the sole Parks Division Irrigation Project Manager. This meant Eric had tackled all RainBird Maxicom™ communication and installation issues. Since that time, he has reviewed new projects on all public properties in Greeley for correct irrigation specifications and standards, as well as installation. Due to Eric’s tenacity and professionalism, he was promoted to the level of a Parks Manager in 2009. As a part of his duties, Eric also took on sole responsibility






of Maxicom™ management, as well as being the City’s only certified backflow prevention inspector (over 80 backflows in our systems). Eric has saved the City of Greeley literally tens of thousands of dollars in private contractor inspection and repair fees. In 2015, Eric was promoted to Parks Superintendent. During that year, he restructured the Parks Division to create a new Irrigation Technician who now, under Eric’s tutelage, solely maintains our Maxicom™ system. Eric also developed the City’s “no mow” policy for public lands to embrace self-propagation and healthy stands of native grasses in the City’s burgeoning inventory of natural area acreage (now at over 700 acres). With only a little more than a year as Superintendent, Eric has established himself as a leader and the perfect fit for the job. Eric is communicative, engaged and pro-active, and he takes the lead in creating an air of excellence in the management of our parks system. CPRD Director, Andy McRoberts, stated “I believe Eric’s own words sum up his professionalism and his intent for the field of Parks Operations when he applied for the Greeley Parks Superintendent position early last year.” Says Eric, “…I am…vested in this community and I strive to make it the best place to live and raise a family, and I feel the Parks are a vital part of this community and I think I can make a difference in practices and goals and objectives of the staff.” Thanks for all you do, Eric, and congrats!



On Another Note…Centennial Village won Best Hitch/Horse Entry for their Stage Coach in the Greeley Independence Stampede parade this year – congratulations to Museum staff!


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