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TEACHER PLACEMENT ONLY For dancers with more than three full years of dance experience and are by teacher placement only. New A fun introduction to ballet for little ones and their students, please contact Julie at 970-371-6347 for grown up. Dads, grandparents and other caregivers placement information. Ballet and tap shoes, tights are welcome! Comfortable clothing and non-skid and NCADA leotard are required. Min-1, Max-20. socks are recommended. Age 1+. Min-1, Max-20. DATES DESC DAY TIME CODE # DATES DAY TIME CODE # Jan 7-Feb 4 Int I Sat 10-10:45am 104103-01 Jan 5-Feb 2 Thu 9:30-10:15am 104100-01 Jan 6-Feb 3 Int I/II Fri 4:30-5:15pm 104103-02 Jan 7-Feb 4 Sat 9-9:45am 104100-02 Jan 7-Feb 4 Int II/III Sat 11-11:45am 104103-03 Feb 9-Mar 9 Thu 9:30-10:15am 104100-03 Jan 6-Feb 3 Int III Fri 5:15-6pm 104103-04 Feb 11-Mar 11 Sat 9-9:45am 104100-04 Feb 11-Mar 11 Int I Sat 10-10:45am 104103-05 Feb 10-Mar 10 Int I/II Fri 4:30-5:15pm 104103-06 BEGINNING TAP & BALLET Feb 11-Mar 11 Int II/III Sat 11-11:45am 104103-07 Feb 10-Mar 10 Int III Fri 5:15-6pm 104103-08 This combination tap and ballet class is for students with less than two full years of dance experience. Ballet ADVANCED TAP CLASSES shoes, tap shoes, are required. Tights and NCADA TEACHER PLACEMENT ONLY leotard is encouraged. Age 3+. Min-1, Max-20. Min-2, Max-20. DATES DESC DAY TIME CODE # DATES DESC DAY TIME CODE # Jan 7-Feb 4 Beg I Sat 10-10:45am 104101-01 Jan 5-Feb 2 Tap I Thu 6:15-7pm 104106-01 Jan 5-Feb 2 Beg I Thu 10:15-11am 104101-02 Jan 3-31 Tap II/III/IV Tue 5:30-6:15pm 104106-02 Jan 2-30 Beg II Mon 4:15-5pm 104101-03 Jan 5-Feb 2 Tap V-VIII Thu 7-7:45pm 104106-03 Feb 9-Mar 9 Tap I Thu 6:15-7pm 104106-04 Jan 7-Feb 4 Beg II Sat 11-11:45am 104101-04 Feb 7-Mar 7 Tap II/III/IV Tue 5:30-6:15pm 104106-05 Jan 5-Feb 2 Beg II/III Thu 11-11:45am 104101-05 Feb 9-Mar 9 Tap V-VIII Thu 7-7:45pm 104106-06 Jan 2-30 Beg III Mon 4:15-5pm 104101-06 Jan 7-Feb 4 Feb 11-Mar 11 Feb 9-Mar 9 Feb 6-Mar 6 Feb 11-Mar 11 Feb 9-Mar 9 Feb 6-Mar 6 Feb 11-Mar 11

Beg III Beg I Beg I Beg II Beg II Beg II/III Beg III Beg III

Sat Sat Thu Mon Sat Thu Mon Sat

9-9:45am 10-10:45am 10:15-11am 4:15-5pm 11-11:45am 11-11:45am 4:15-5pm 9-9:45am


Session Dates 5-Week Sessions Class Fees Drop-In Fee Session VI Jan 2-Feb 4 $39 $10 Session VII Feb 6-March 11 2017 Recital Important Dates Costume fees Due: Jan 28 at NOON ($10 late fee after Jan 28, and $20 late fee after Feb 11) Recital Fee Due: March 4 ($10 late fee after March 4) Picture Day: Jun 1 Tech and Dress Rehearsal: Jun 2 Performance Dates: Jun 3, 4, 2017 Apparel: Come dressed in leotard and tights. Appropriate shoes are required (e.g. tap, ballet or jazz). Min-1, Max-20. Questions? Contact Julie Propst, 371-6347 or Deb Larsen, 346-2263 Registration Deadlines Session VI Dec 30 Session VII Feb 4 Session late-fee charge $5 per class for registrations accepted after the deadline, 9pm. Greeley Recreation Center

104101-07 104101-08 104101-09 104101-10 104101-11 104101-12 104101-13 104101-14

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