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RIFLE & PISTOL RANGE Please DO NOT bring firearms into the Recreation Center Lobby! All activities are coordinated by the Columbine Rifle & Pistol Club on an individual program basis at our 50-foot indoor target range for firearms. Shooting is limited to firearms chambered for non-magnum .22 caliber rim-fire cartridges and center-fire pistols up to .45 caliber with target loads. Lead bullets only; no magnums, no bottle-necked cartridges, no full-metal-jacket bullets are allowed. Please call Chuck Holt at 970-214-1307 for more information.

COLUMBINE RIFLE & PISTOL CLUB Prospective members must attend a range orientation session prior to using the facilities. Persons new to bulls-eye-style target shooting are encouraged to take our safety and marksmanship class. Please call Chuck Holt at 214-1307 for more information. Age 18+. SESSION DAY TIME Ongoing M/Th 5:30-6:30pm Fee $50 annual membership, $3 per night

GREELEY JUNIOR SHOOTING CLUB This is a competitive NRA and Olympic style shooting club, run by a certified coach/instructor. No prior firearm experience required. Participation fee required before training. Please make checks payable to Greeley Junior Shooting Club. For more information, call Robert Oberle 720-670-6818. Age 9-20. SESSION DAY TIME Ongoing Tue 5-7pm Fee $30 + $3 daily fee


This course is presented in the standard classroom format, and students must attend all five sessions of the class to receive certification. All materials are provided, yet students are asked to bring a pen or pencil. Parental approval is required for minors. Age 10+. Min-20, Max-45. DATES DAY TIME CODE # Jan 17, 19, 24, 26 Tue,Thu 6-9pm 113104-01 Jan 28 Sat 8am-1pm Feb 14, 16, 21, 23 Tue,Thu 6-9pm 113104-02 Feb 25 Sat 8am-1pm Registration Deadline Jan 17, Feb 14 Fee $10


Learn from an NRA-certified instructor the basic skills and attitudes for owning and safely using a pistol. Firearms and ammunition are provided. This class is recommended but not required for shooters at the GRC Indoor Range or for anyone wanting to improve their pistol marksmanship. Call Chuck Holt at 970-214-1307 to register. Age 18+ DATE DAY TIME Dec 17 Sat 9am-3pm Jan 21 Sat 9am-3pm Feb 18 Sat 9am-3pm Fee $60


The Greeley Recreation Center has an indoor archery range; facility use is through class registration and/or club membership. For more information, call Jim Flores at 970-576-8950. The club is familyoriented and offers a wide range of archery opportunities including: • Youth Lessons • Junior Olympic Archery Development Program HUNTER EDUCATION (INTERNET CONCLUSION COURSE) • Target Leagues For students who have completed a Colorado approved online internet • 3-D Tournaments course ( Please • Outdoor Range (Evans) bring proof of completed approved course, as well as a pencil or pen. For Age 6+. Must be a member to information, call Doug Round at 352-9190 or Eric Croatt at 371-0152. Age 10+. participate. Min-20, Max-35. SESSION DAY TIME Greeley Recreation Center Ongoing Mon-Sat 5-7pm DATES DAY TIME CODE # Fee $80 per year for family Jan 7 Sat 8:30am-4pm 113108-01 Feb 4 Sat 8:30am-4pm 113108-02 membership. Registration Deadline Jan 7, Feb 4 Fee $10


Brenda Flores


Learn proper techniques, safety, marksmanship, and range etiquette. Classes will be offered for beginner and intermediate archers. All equipment is provided. Age 6-15. Min-6, Max-10. DATES DESC DAY TIME CODE # Jan 9-30 Beginner Mon 5-5:50pm 103101-01 Jan 9-30 Intermediate Mon 6-6:50pm 103101-02 Feb 6-27 Beginner Mon 5-5:50pm 103101-03 Feb 6-27 Intermediate Mon 6-6:50pm 103101-04 Registration Deadline Jan 6, Feb 3 Fee $20 resident/$30 non-resident


Members have an opportunity to shoot in USA and NFAA tournaments. Please call Brenda Flores at 970-576-8960 or email her at with any questions regarding registration and fees. Program at outdoor range in Evans SESSION DAY TIME Ongoing Thu 6-8pm


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