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Step up to experience a fun workout in the morning or over the noon hour. You can control your workout by duplicating a very challenging trek or be able to go on a ride with a friend. It all depends on how easy or difficult you want to work to burn those calories. Come to class with a smile, and leave with a content heart! Age 16+. Min-5, Max-8. DATES TIME CODE # Dec 5-14* Mon,Wed 6-6:45am 105109-04 Dec 6-15* Tue,Thu 12-12:45pm 105109-01 Jan 2-30 Mon,Wed 6-6:45am 105109-05 Jan 3-24 Tue,Thu 12-12:45pm 105109-02 Jan 31-Feb 23 Tue,Thu 12-12:45pm 105109-03 Feb 1-27 Mon,Wed 6-6:45am 105109-06 Registration Deadline Dec 2, Dec 30, Jan 27 Fee $30, *pro-rated $15


Performing classical yoga postures in seated and standing positions for adaptive yoga to help increase flexibility, develop better balance and coordination, and gently strengthen the muscles, deepen the breath, and relax the mind. The yoga postures will precede warm-up movements to improve circulation and prepare muscles for yoga exercises. This is a slow-paced, gentle yoga class aimed at individuals who need modifications to fit their various physiological abilities and for those who have special needs and want to practice yoga. Age 15+. Min-5, Max-25. DAY TIME CODE # Dec 7 1:45-2:45pm 102100-01 Dec 21 1:45-2:45pm 102100-02 Jan 4 1:45-2:45pm 102100-03 Feb 1 1:45-2:45pm 102100-05 Feb 15 1:45-2:45pm 102100-06 Registration Deadline Dec 2, Dec 16, Dec 30, Dec 27, Feb 10 Fee $2.50 with Adaptive Rec Certification/$7 without certification


Stretch and tone your body while you learn this ancient and beautiful dance art: increase your stamina and grace, all without stress and fatigue. Class will include warm-up, basic moves, techniques, choreography, costuming and performing if interested! All body types welcome.. check your inhibitions at the door! Age 16+. Min-5, Max-18. DATES TIME CODE # Dec 6-27 Tue 5:30-6:20pm 105102-01 Jan 3-24 Tue 5:30-6:20pm 105102-02 Jan 31-Feb 21 Tue 5:30-6:20pm 105102-03 Registration Deadline Dec 2, Dec 30, Jan 27 Fee $40

BARRE RENEW Aniela Finch

Lengthen and tone your muscles. By using the barre/chair, light weights, and mini Pilate’s ball, this class is designed to help build strength, enhance flexibility and improve balance. This workout is for all levels. No dance experience needed for this upbeat class. Questions? Call Julie at 970-371-6347. Age 12+. Min-4, Max-20. DAY TIME CODE # Jan 5-Feb 2 Thu 9:30-10:30am 104113-01 Feb 9-Mar 9 Thu 9:30-10:30am 104113-02 Registration Deadline Dec 30, Feb 4 Fee $39

TAI CHI Bienaime Louis

Tai Chi is the art and study of appropriate change in response to outside forces, the study of yielding and sticking to an incoming attack rather than attempting to meet it with opposing force. Tai Chi is both an internal Chinese martial art and health exercise. Most people practice Tai Chi for the health benefits which are stress reduction of the mind, physical fitness, strong immune system, strong bones and increase in cardiovascular health. It is also a good form of meditation due to the deep breathing focus, promoting overall well-being. Age 16+. Min-5, Max-25. DAY TIME CODE # Dec 17-31* Sat 11-11:45am 105107-02 Jan 7-28 Sat 11-11:45am 105107-04 Feb 4-25 Sat 11-11:45am 105107-06 Registration Deadline Nov 28, Jan 5, Jan 30 Fee $20 resident/$30 non-resident *pro-rated $15 res/$25 non-res


FRONT ROW CYCLE Amanda Lalonde

Performing classical yoga postures utilizing free weights, resistance bands and yoga balls to help improve and maximize muscular development, strength, sense of balance, endurance and overall flexibility. Students need to be able to lie on the floor and on the yoga ball to be able to participate in this class. Please bring a yoga mat. Age 15+. Min-5, Max-15. DAY TIME CODE # Dec 5-28 Mon,Wed 12-12:45pm 105104-01 Jan 2-25 Mon,Wed 12-12:45pm 105104-02 Jan 30-Feb 22 Mon,Wed 12-12:45pm 105104-03 Registration Deadline Dec 2, Dec 30, Jan 27 Fee $30 resident/$40 non-resident

ARNIS Bienaime Louis

Arnis is the Philippines’ national martial arts and sport. The primary weapon is the rattan stick, called a cane or baton, which varies in size but is usually about 28 inches in length. Both single- and double-stick techniques are taught with emphasis on hand-to-hand techniques. Training covers empty-hand self defense (striking, locking, throwing, etc, and espada y daga (sword and dagger) fighting. Age 13+. Min-5, Max-10. DATES TIME CODE # Dec 17-31* Sat 12-12:45pm 105108-01 Jan 7-28 Sat 12-12:45pm 105108-02 Feb 4-25 Sat 12-12:45pm 105108-03 Registration Deadline Dec 15, Jan 5, Jan 30 Fee $20, *pro-rated $15



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