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FAMILY CLIMBING & PIZZA The whole family can learn the basic skills of climbing together and experience great bonding time. Schedule your 2-hour slot by calling 970-350-9422. Age 5+. Min-4, Max-8. SESSION TIME Ongoing 5-6:30pm Registration Two-week notice Fee $50 per family of four; includes pizza and soft drinks for everyone. $5 each additional family member.

OPEN CLIMB All climbers are invited to join a staff member for an evening of open climb. This event is scheduled once a month. Be with fellow climbers to learn to climb, to be challenged or just to get acquainted with other climbers in the area. Equipment and materials are provided. Age 6+. Min-4, Max10. DATE DAY TIME Dec 12 Mon 6-9pm Jan 12 Thu 6-9pm Feb 8 Wed 6-9pm Registration Deadline Dec 8, Jan 9, Feb 3 Fee $3.75 age 6-15 yrs, $5 age 16+

DATES DESC DAY TIME Dec 6-27 Level I/II Tue 5-6:30pm Dec 7-28 Level III/IV Wed 5-6:30pm Jan 9-30 Level I/II Mon 5-6:30pm Jan 10-31 Level III/IV Tue 5-6:30pm Feb 6-27 Level I/II Mon 5-6:30pm Feb 7-28 Level III/IV Tue 5-6:30pm Registration Deadline Dec 2, Jan 5, Feb 3 Fee $25 resident/$35 non-resident

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Rock Wall is open during facility hours for bouldering and climbing. Top-Rope and Lead Climbers must be certified by our staff prior to climbing. Certifications are valid for one year. City classes and programs are held from M-Th 5-9pm, Fri 5-8pm, and Sat 8am1pm. Scheduled classes have priority during these times. Please call 970-350-9422 if you have any questions. Fees Belay Rides $5 (open to all, call 350-9422 to climb) Drop-In (must be certified to belay) Equipment shoes $3.50 harness $2.50 chalkless bag $1 carabiner Free helmet Free (everything) $5


Level I Learn how to climb the wall, the commands of climbing and belaying, how to wear the harness properly, the knots for climbing and basic belaying set-up. Level II Demonstrate knowledge of commands and what is said by the belayer and the climber, how to wear harness without instruction, how to tie a figure 8 knot and use a belay device without instruction. Learn how to use carabiners and an ATC device and how to belay a climber using dominant hand. Level III Demonstrate proper Top-Rope belay technique, must successfully pass Top-Rope certification test with no more than 1/2-point deduction, learn the introductory techniques of lead climbing and learn the uses of quick draws for clipping into anchors. Level IV Demonstrate the proper use of quick draws and rope placement for lead climbing, demonstrate the proper technique for lead climbing and must successfully pass lead climb certification test with no more than 1/2 point deduction. Ages 5-16. Min-3, Max-10.

These sessions will provide newcomers an opportunity to cover proper Top-Rope belay techniques, harness ware, ATC/ Carabiner component uses, commands, knot-building and more. After completing this session, climbers must wait 24 hours to take the Top-Rope Test. Age 6+. Min-4, Max-8. DATE DAY TIME CODE # Dec 5 Mon 6-7:30pm 113100-01 Jan 5 Thu 6-7:30pm 113100-02 Feb 1 Wed 6-7:30pm 113100-03 Registration Deadline Dec 2, Jan 2, Jan 30 Fee $10 resident/$20 non-resident

Enjoy a Friday evening climb at the Rock Wall with one of our fun, energetic staff members. This is not a certification class but a chance to be introduced to climbing and improve maneuvering on the wall. Age 6-14 (bring your parents). Min-4, Max-8. DATE TIME CODE # Dec 2 5-7:30pm 103103-01 COMMUNITY SET Jan 6 5-7:30pm 103103-02 DAY Feb 3 5-7:30pm 103103-03 Climbers! Come help us set new Registration Deadline routes. All skills are welcome; Nov 29, Jan 3, Jan 31 Fee $10 resident/$20 non-resident whether you’ve set routes before or not. Staff will be there to help WOMEN’S NIGHT with general instruction on routeAT THE ROCK setting for first timers. Equipment You’ll learn all there is about and materials are provided. Belay fitness, bouldering, ATC/Carabiner rides are not included. These are component uses, commands, work days on the wall. Age 6+. knot-building and more. Age 15+ Min-4, Max-10. DATE DAY TIME (or 6-14 with parent or guardian). Nov 5 Sat 1-4pm Min-4, Max-8. Dec 10 Sat 1-4pm DATE DAY TIME CODE # Jan 14 Sat 1-4pm Dec 19 Mon 6-7:30pm 113101-01 Feb 11 Sat 1-4pm Jan 19 Thu 6-7:30pm 113101-02 Registration Deadline Feb 15 Wed 6-7:30pm 113101-03 Dec 7, Jan 11, Feb 8 Registration Deadline Fee $3.75 age 6-15 yrs, $5 age 16+ Dec 14, Jan 16, Feb 10 Fee $10



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