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MIDDLE SCHOOL HOCKEY This is a Youth Hockey League for Greeley Middle Schools (6th, 7th, & 8th Graders.) Practices and games will be held at the Greeley Ice Haus. Students may sign up per school, and teams will be put together randomly to try to keep them equal in ability and size. 8 game guarantee. Min-16, Max-100. DATES DAY TIME CODE # Apr 3-Jun 5 Mon 5:30-6:30pm 207300-00 Sat 3:30-4:30pm 207300-00 Registration Deadline Apr 1 Fee $99 resident/$109 non-resident

Skate Café (50+) W

ed & Fri • (Includes sk $3 ate rental & a cup of coffee See page 2 ) 1



YOUTH RECREATIONAL HOCKEY Coaches teach fundamentals, team play, sportsmanship and FUN! These teams may be Co-Ed. Ice Haus hockey jerseys will be distributed at the first game. This is a 7-week program with 7 practices & 7 games. Age 4-13 (as of Jan 1, 2017). Min-20, Max-100. DATES/DESC DAY TIME CODE # Dec 1-Feb 5* Mini Mite/Mite Thu 5:15-6pm 106300-01 Sun 3-3:45pm Nov 29-Feb 5* Squirt/PeeWee Tue 5:15-6:15pm 106300-02 Sun 3-3:45pm Feb 9-Mar 26 Mini Mite/Mite Thu 5:15-6pm 106300-03 Sun 3-3:45pm Feb 7-Mar 26 Squirt/PeeWee Tue 5:15-6:15pm 106300-04 Sun 3-3:45pm Registration Deadline Nov 29, Feb 7 Fee $57 resident/$67 non-resident *no program Dec 20-Jan 8

This curriculum is designed to teach the fundamentals of hockey on ice. Players learn proper skating technique, while learning the necessary skating, puck and stick handling, passing and shooting fundamentals to be successful in the Novice, Over 35, or C/D League. Age 18+. Min-3, Max-30. DATES DAY TIME CODE # Dec 4-Feb 5* Sun 6:15-6:45pm 108303-01 Feb 12-Mar 26 Sun 6:15-6:45pm 108303-02 Registration Deadline Dec 4, Mar 26 Fee $57 resident/$67 non-resident *no class Dec 20-Jan 8

ADULT HOCKEY NOVICE LEAGUE Beginner league learning the skills of the game from professional coaches. Players receive instruction, both on the ice during practice and from the bench in a game setting. Includes 6 practices & 6 games. Age 16+. Min-25, Max-100. DATES DAY TIME CODE # Jan 22-Apr 9 Sun 7-8pm 108300-00 Registration Deadline Jan 15 Fee $170 resident/$180 non-resident, $85 resident goalie/$95 non-resident goalie

ADULT HOCKEY G.A.H.L. C-LEAGUE This competitive, CO-ED league is for all players over the age of 16 who play at the C-Skill Level. 10 game guarantee + playoffs. Age 16+, CO-ED. Min-40, Max-100. DATES DAY TIME CODE # Jan 10-Mar 28 Tue 7:45-10:15pm 108302-00 Registration Deadline Jan 10 Fee $170 resident/$180 non-resident, $85 resident goalie/$95 non-resident goalie

ADULT HOCKEY OVER 35 LEAGUE This league is for B/C Skill Level players, and all players must be over the age of 35. Team captains will select their teams in a draft format. 10 game guarantee + playoffs Age 35+. Min-40, Max-56. DATES DAY TIME CODE # Feb 23-May 11 Thu 7:45-10:15pm 208301-00 Registration Deadline Feb 21 Late Fee $25 after Feb 21 Fee $170 resident/$180 non-resident, $85 resident goalie/$95 non-resident goalie



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