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NO SCHOOL PUBLIC SKATE SESSIONS Feb 6 & 20 • 12-2:45pm No school? How cool! Join us for extended public skate hours and reduced admission on no school days Fee $3, Skate Rental $2

BROOMBALL Reserve ice time for a fun game of “shoe hockey.” Games are played with tennis shoes and brooms on “dirty” ice (ice already skated on). Groups can rent the ice for $210 an hour. We provide the brooms, nets and balls! Call the front desk at 970-350-9402 to reserve your game time.

ZAMBONI DRIVING CLASS Learn how to drive the Zamboni in a classroom setting and through on-ice experience! Includes lunch. Age 16+. Min-5, Max-10. DATES DAY TIME CODE # Jan 12 Thu 12-2:30pm 113304-01 Feb 23 Thu 12-2:30pm 113304-02 Registration Deadline Jan 9, Feb 20 Fee $24

PUBLIC ICE HOCKEY DROP-IN (16+) Experience a safe, fun and exciting game of hockey. Create relationships and develop techniques playing with various skill levels. Full equipment required. STICK ‘n’ PUCK (All ages, under 8 with an adult). Practice stickhandling and puck control. Helmet, gloves, elbow pads and shin guards required. Goalies welcome for shooting practice. ADULT HOCKEY CLINICS (16+) Improve your hockey performance by enjoying some constructive drills taught by a professional Ice Haus coach. —Visit the Stix & Kix section online at or call 970-350-9402 for more information. Min-5, Max-28. Fee $6 for each activity (goalies Free for drop-in sessions ONLY)


Register online at – now there’s no service charge!

HOCKEY STICKHANDLING CLASS This class is an extension of the hockey cub program. This is an off-ice class that will provide all hockey players, young and old, help with mastering the art of stickhandling. It will help those who are in Cub Hockey succeed on the ice with passing the higher levels of cub. Participants only need sticks, gloves & shoes. Participants must have passed Cub 1 to register. Age 4+. Min-3, Max-60. DATES DAY TIME CODE # Nov 30-Jan 25* Wed 5:30-6:15pm 113307-01 Feb 1-Mar 22 Wed 5:30-6:15pm 113307-02 Registration Deadline Nov 30, Feb 1 Fee $17 resident/$27 non-resident *no classes Dec 20-Jan 8

HOCKEY CUB PROGRAM The program is designed to develop the necessary skills required to play hockey successfully: skating, stick handling, passing/receiving and shooting. Levels 1-5 represent a technical progression in which one level will provide the building blocks for the mastery of skills needed at the next level. Age 3-15. Min-20, Max-100. DATES DESC DAY TIME CODE # Dec 4-Feb 5* Cub 1 Sun 5-5:30pm 103304-01 Dec 4-Feb 5* Cub 2 Sun 5:30-6:15pm 103304-02 Dec 4-Feb 5* Cub 3 Sun 5:30-6:15pm 103304-03 Dec 4-Feb 5* Cub 4 Sun 5:30-6:15pm 103304-04 Dec 4-Feb 5* Cub 5 Sun 5-5:45pm 103304-05 Feb 12-Mar 26 Cub 1 Sun 5-5:30pm 103304-06 Feb 12-Mar 26 Cub 2 Sun 5:30-6:15pm 103304-07 Feb 12-Mar 26 Cub 3 Sun 5:30-6:15pm 103304-08 Feb 12-Mar 26 Cub 4 Sun 5:30-6:15pm 103304-09 Feb 12-Mar 26 Cub 5 Sun 5-5:45pm 103304-10 Registration Deadline Dec 4, Feb 12 Fee $57 resident/$67 non-resident *no classes Dec 20-Jan 8

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