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Lisa Hergenreter

WillPower Barre-Fusion is a hybrid of the WillPower Method® exercises infused with movements of ballet barre skills. The goal of this full-body, barefoot, muscular endurance workout is to bring local muscle groups to the point of fatigue and then stretch to lengthen them. WillPower Barre-Fusion® is done barre-less, which is helpful for creating balance from the ground up. A yoga mat is useful for the core exercises. Strong feet, strong body! Age 16+. Min-5, Max-15. DATES DAY TIME CODE # Jan 5-Feb 2 Thu 6:30-7:30pm 105218-01 Feb 9-Mar 9 Thu 6:30-7:30pm 105218-02 Registration Deadline Dec 29, Feb 2 Fee $15 resident/$25 non-resident

A full-body, intense workout using body weight and various equipment. Warm-up, workout, stretch…all in 40 minutes! Tough enough for elite athletes, yet scalable to fit EVERY fitness level. Age 16+. Min-6, Max-12. DATES DAY TIME CODE # Jan 3-Feb 2 Tue,Thu 5:15-5:55am 105205-01 Jan 3-Feb 2 Tue,Thu 7:40-8:20am 105205-02 Jan 4-Feb 1 Wed 5:15-5:55am 105205-03 Feb 7-Mar 9 Tue,Thu 5:15-5:55am 105205-04 Feb 7-Mar 9 Tue,Thu 7:40-8:20am 105205-05 Feb 8-Mar 8 Wed 5:15-5:55am 105205-06 Registration Deadline Dec 29, Feb 2 Fee $50 (2-day), $25 (1-day)

ZUMBA® CONTRACTED Charlotte Rodriguez

Zumba® is a fusion of Latin and International music with easyto-follow dance themes creating a dynamic and effective fitness system that will tone & sculpt the body, maximizing caloric and fat burning. Age 16+. Min-6, Max-24. DATES DAY TIME CODE # Jan 2-30 Mon 10:15-11:15am 105211-01 Jan 4-Feb 1 Wed 4:30-5:30pm 105211-02 Feb 6-Mar 6 Mon 10:15-11:15am 105211-03 Feb 8-Mar 8 Wed 4:30-5:30pm 105211-04 Registration Deadline Dec 29, Feb 2 Fee $20


Diana Bleignier


Jump-start your morning and step into fun with a high-intensity, yet low-impact aerobics workout using Aniela Finch the Step. You will do choreographed exercise routines A ballet-inspired workout that incorporates ballet for great cardio fitness, as well as exceptional training barre and floor work to help sculpt, lengthen and tone to shape the lower body. Step aerobics burns 30-60% your muscles. By using the barre/chair, light weights more calories than traditional aerobics with particular and mini Pilates ball, this class is designed to help build emphasis on hips, thighs, abdominals and buttocks. strength, enhance flexibility and improve balance. Classes will also include toning and abdominal work. This is a workout for all levels. No dance experience Age 16+. Min-5, Max-15. needed for this upbeat class. Age 12+. Min-5, Max-24. DATES DAY TIME CODE # DATES DAY TIME CODE # Jan 2-31 Tue 7:35-8:35pm 105223-01 Jan 2-Feb 1 Mon,Wed 6-6:45am 105206-01 Feb 6-Mar 7 Tue 7:35-8:35pm 105223-02 Feb 6-Mar 8 Mon,Wed 6-6:45am 105206-02 Registration Deadline Dec 29, Feb 2 Registration Deadline Dec 29, Feb 2 Fee $30 resident/$40 non-resident Fee $39

DYNAMIFLEX Lisa Hergenreter


Total body stretch program focusing on core strength. Improve flexibility, reduce neck, back and joint pain! For ALL fitness levels. Age 16+. Min-5, Max-20. DATES DAY TIME CODE # Jan 3-Feb 2 Tue,Thu 10:30-11am 105213-01 Jan 4-Feb 1 Wed 8:30-9:15am 105213-02 Feb 7-Mar 9 Tue,Thu 10:30-11am 105213-03 Feb 8-Mar 8 Wed 8:30-9:15am 105213-04 Registration Deadline Dec 29, Feb 2 Fee $42 (2-day), $35 (1-day)


Diana Bleignier

Start your Friday morning with a great workout before the weekend begins. Step interval training combines alternating body-sculpting moves and aerobic exercises on the step. Class includes abdominal work as well! Age 16+. Min-5, Max-15. DATES DAY TIME CODE # Jan 6-Feb 3 Fri 6-6:45am 105214-01 Feb 10-Mar 10 Fri 6-6:45am 105214-02 Registration Deadline Dec 29, Feb 2 Fee $15 resident/$25 non-resident


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