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Let Go & Let God By Pumpkin Watching the story from the beginning The stage of prayer was set “Let go and Let God” is what rang from the lips of God’s Best The heart of a family Not meek or mild, but rather bold Loving, sometimes gentle But strong all the while, Listening for Your Father’s voice As He whispered, I saw your smile… The conversation continued… And you stated your case for rest Explaining that you were tired You knew you had passed the test So humbly you stated “God I want to see your glorious face!” And those that loved you watched you transition into grace. There was no band or fireworks, There was no flashing light, but just a raising of your hands Stretching for the beauty of your loving Maker and the promised land So we that remain hold fast to the thought That you are at peace, no more pain at all We who remain relish your strength and marvel at your life Saying “Roslyn, we love you…. Sweet sleep, Precious one…Good night” Flower Bearers Sheryl Bell Joy Burroughs Jason Allen Sylvain Pallbearers Craig Cleveland Duane Ellis Audrey Simon Acknowledgments We, the family of Roslyn William Clark, sincerely appreciate all of the loving support, cards, phone calls, visits, gifts, food and prayers that have been shared with us during this time of bereavement. Jewelry made by Summer Love Stinson Designed & Printed in Love by JMBC. - LSJ,JR

Obituary “When I’ve done the best I can and my friends just don’t understand, My Lord will come to carry me home…” That is the sentiment that rang out from one of Mrs. Roslyn Clark’s closest friends at the sunset of her life journey on Tuesday, January 11, 2011 and truly that is what occurred. Mrs. Roslyn Clark entered peacefully into rest praising God with her friends and family surrounding her on that evening. Her life journey, which began on July 17, 1935, culminated with a declaration that she saw God’s “glorious face” and then gently closed her eyes in slumber. “T’Roz”, as she was affectionately called, lived a life that was full of laughter and love. Born to the late Ida and Roy Williams in Danielsville, Georgia, Roslyn was the eldest of 5 children (Claude David, Vivian, Virginia and Michael). She resided in Atlanta, Georgia and completed her education here as well. She attended Hunter Hill Elementary school and was a member of the very first graduating class of Henry McNeal Turner high school in 1953. She continued her college education at Clark College where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Secretarial Science in 1957. She worked for the Trevor Arnett Library at Atlanta University and enrolled in the Library Science program there as well. She received her Master’s degree from Atlanta University in 1959. In 1958, she married Mr. Robert Clark. They began their life together in Atlanta, Georgia and then relocated to North Carolina in 1965. By then, their lives included one beloved daughter, Charlyne Clark. Again, Roslyn entered the world of academia and became a part of the team that put together the first financial aid program in North Carolina for Black American students. The family moved back to Atlanta in 1969 and Roslyn secured a position at Morehouse School of Medicine. She was the supervisor of the library there. Her career culminated with a position with the State of Georgia Archives Department as a librarian. She retired in 1989. “T-Roz” was an active part of her community and church. She loved Fellowship of Faith and was a member of both the Unmarried and Feed the Hungry Ministries. Even after her mobility decreased, she was constantly in touch with staff and church family. Many of her “adopted” children were part of that family and served to add much joy to her life. It was there that her spiritual foundation was built and served to guide her even as her life transitioned. She literally praised God with her last breath. She will be remembered with much love by her surviving sister Vivian W. Sylvain (Julius), brothers Claude David Williams and Michael Williams (Shirley), daughter Charlyne Clark Davis (John), one grandson Albert Clark, great grandchildren, nieces, nephews, grandnieces and grandnephews, other family and friends.

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Acknowledgements Benediction Recessional Interment Southview Cemetery 1990 Jonesboro Road, SW Atlanta, GA 30315 Funeral Arrangements Alfonso Dawson Mortuary 3000 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, S.W. Atlanta, Georgia 404-691-3810


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