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Lee’s Summit High School Great Things are Happening...

AMERICA’S BEST! Due to the efforts of our tremendous students and amazing teachers, Lee’s Summit High School has been named one of America’s best high schools by U.S. News and World Report for the third time in as many years. For 2012, Lee’s Summit High School was recognized at the Silver Medal level whereas the past two awards were at the Bronze Medal level.




22 21.5 21.5 21.1 21

20.5 2011-12

State Avg.

Nat'l. Avg.

In addition, 37% of LSHS seniors who took the High Schools That Work asessment earned the award of excellence by virtue of their scores. Congratulations seniors!


Each year, LSHS seniors are offered millions of dollars in scholarship funds. The Class of 2012 was offered scholarship funds in excess of $4 million.

STUDENT SURVEY I am Prepared Because I Attended LSHS – The Voices of Graduates RIGOROUS COURSEWORK PAYS OFF • 96% of 2012 graduates agree that LSHS has prepared them for their post-high school plans. • 91% of 2012 graduates agree that their teachers possessed a good knowledge of the subjects they taught. • 89% of 2012 graduates believe their teachers held them to high standards & required quality work. Students Feel Connected at LSHS • 81% of 2012 graduates agree that their teachers made learning interesting. • 88% of 2012 graduates agree that their teachers truly cared about them.

TIGERS EXCEL ON END OF COURSE EXAMS Tiger students enjoyed another highly successful year in terms of state assessments. Significant gains were made on the biology end of course exam (5% improvement in freshmen scoring proficient or advanced). 85% of our sophomores scored proficient or advanced on the English II exam. All subject areas including algebra and American Government, far exceeded state averages.

STUDENTS ENROLLED IN ADVANCED COURSEWORK The following percentages of students were/are enrolled in advanced coursework at LSHS: Advanced Studies Freshmen & Sophomores Weighted Courses Schoolwide

2009-10 59.9%

2010-11 58.5%

2011-12 54.1%





Participation in the A+ Program continues to grow. Each year, tens of thousands of dollars are accepted by LSHS A+ students.

Did you know? 145 seniors from the class of 2012 signed up and successfully completed the A+ program. Key A+ requirements: 2.5 cumulative GPA, 95% attendance, avoid school discipline. [Note: Beginning with the class of 2015,

students must score proficient or advanced on the Algebra End of Course Exam to be eligle to earn A+ money.]

PREPARE YOURSELF FOR LIFE AFTER HIGH SCHOOL While it is clear that the LSHS student body soars academically as a group, it is just as important for each individual student to know the strategies for finding the pathway to academic success.

1. Enrolling in Advanced Coursework Research indicates repeatedly that the best way for a student to prepare him/herself for post-high school success is to follow an academically rigorous high school path. Specifically this means pushing one’s self to take tougher courses. Our recent ACT Scores are a prime indicator that increased rigor leads to better academic readiness. 2. When taking the ACT... • Students should understand that the ACT is a comprehension test. With practice, students can improve performance. • Students should consider taking the ACT at least twice to achieve their best score. • Students should consider enrolling in an ACT prep class. 3. Taking the PSAT The path to becoming a National Merit Scholar begins in the junior year with the PSAT. The PSAT is given as the qualifying exam for the National Merit Scholarship Program. LSHS students interested in taking the PSAT should contact their counselor. Special Note: High achieving sophomores should strongly consider taking the PSAT for practice.

4. A+ Program All LSHS students are encouraged to enroll in the A+ Program. To enroll, stop in to the A+ office located in Building B, across from the counseling office. 5. Set your path! LSHS offers access to more than 30 career education programs via Summit Technology Academy, Herndon Career Center, and Cass Career Center. Many of these programs offer professional certifications and/or instant access to good paying jobs.

6. Accessing programs and assistance at LSHS The LSHS staff is here to help and support students in each of their academic efforts through extra help programs. For more information on extra help, students should work with individual teachers or visit their counselor.

Lee’s Summit High School A Professional Learning Community 2012-2013 R7 Mission Statement We prepare each student for success in life.

LSHS Vision Lee’s Summit High School is an exemplary school striving to provide a supportive learning community that prepares each student to clarify and pursue his/her personal life vision and achieve his/her academic potential.

LSHS Goals Each student will demonstrate growth in academic achievement. Each student will explore and prepare for post high school options. Each student will increase his/her sense of belonging at LSHS.

LSHS Collective Commitments We commit to: Engaging students in research-based programs in a technology-rich environment. Embracing open, honest two-way communication. Promoting continuous improvement through collaboration and data-driven decision making. Sustaining positive relationships among students, staff, families and community members. Ensuring a rigorous and relevant learning experience that leads to success for each student. Partnering with students in identifying and achieving their learning goals. Continuing a safe and caring environment. Accepting each person as an individual. Celebrating success.

Great Things Are Happening  

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