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Promoting rehabilitation and community integration

WHO WE ARE Pinetree Hospital is a specialist locked rehabilitation service, providing person-centred care for men and women over the age of 18, with learning disabilities, behaviours that challenge, and/or mental illness. We deliver intensive treatment, therapy and active rehabilitation within a safe and therapeutic environment. Located close to Cardiff city centre, Pinetree Hospital offers 29 beds, split into single gender units. We deliver individually tailored support based around models of care including Positive Behaviour Support, Active Support and Building Better Lives.

Our patient profile Part of the established Ludlow Street Healthcare Group, Pinetree Hospital opened in 2008 to provide care for adults aged up to 65 with a primary diagnosis of learning disabilities, and who are likely to have been detained under the Mental Health Act. Patients may have complex needs and behaviours that challenge in relation to: • A dual diagnosis of mental illness and/or personality disorder • Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) • Forensic needs

Pinetree is my go to service for my most complex individuals Commissioner



Operating within a bespoke learning disability / ASC-friendly environment, our highly skilled multidisciplinary team works collaboratively to meet the mental and physical health needs of each of our service users.

Our service is outcome focused – for our service users, their families and our commissioners.

Pinetree Hospital Multidisciplinary Team • Consultant Psychiatrists • Registered Learning Disability Nurses • Registered Mental Health Nurses • Clinical Psychologists • Assistant Psychologists • Occupational Therapist

We regularly collect routine outcome measures which include: • HoNOS-LD – overall wellbeing • M aslow Assessment of Needs Scale – quality of life • V ineland Adaptive Behaviour Scales – adaptive skills functioning • B ehaviour Problems Inventory – frequency and severity of behaviours that challenge • CORE-LD – psychological wellbeing • B BL goals – achievement of BBL goals and progression through care pathway

• Physiotherapist • Speech and Language Therapist • Dietitian • Social Worker • Vocational and Activity Co-Ordinators The team supports individuals to develop the skills that will help them move into a community environment and keep them out of hospital.

100% of patients referred to the

Assessment pathway complete it within the maximum 20 weeks

91% of patients* have been discharged within 2 years

100% of patients are engaged in the I’m closer to getting to the community now Service User

Building Better Lives programme

75% of patients* have stepped down into the community within 2 years

* Excluding patients requiring MOJ or Parole Board approval


OUR MODEL OF CARE At Pinetree Hospital we reflect the Ludlow Street Healthcare belief that all those entrusted to our care are capable of progress and development and that positive change can be achieved for all.

Building Better Lives

We recognise how important quality of life is to a person’s recovery and have created an environment which promotes rehabilitation and community integration.

A focus on five different themes enables every individual to engage in bespoke activity programmes, allowing them to actively develop their own personal goals plan and ensuring they are working towards discharge from the very outset.

Experienced in working with people with learning disabilities, our highly specialised multidisciplinary team has designed our care pathways around Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) approaches, alongside our uniquely developed person-centred model of active support, Building Better Lives (BBL).

Tailored to create positive measurable outcomes, our BBL programme looks at the whole person and helps individuals to develop the skills they need to move on to a more independent life.

Our Building Better Lives themes are: • building relationships • promoting health and well-being • therapeutic engagement • community skills • looking after my home/environment

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Community/ Home Setting

TREATMENT PATHWAYS Assessment, Treatment and Discharge Pathway (0-20 weeks)

Adapted DBT Pathway

Our Assessment, Treatment and Discharge Pathway provides for individuals in crisis with rapid access to a safe learning disabilityfriendly environment, where they will receive a comprehensive assessment by our specialist multidisciplinary team.

For those with a diagnosis of emotionally unstable personality disorder, or who present with emotional/relational instability, an adapted Dialectical Behaviour Therapy informed pathway is available. This pathway is based upon delivering the DBT modules of mindfulness, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness and distress tolerance.

Rehabilitation Pathway (timescale agreed at CPA) For those with co-existing mental illness, personality disorder, forensic risks or complex behaviours that challenge, rehabilitation can require a longer period of specialist assessment and treatment in a hospital setting. Our Rehabilitation Pathway focuses on formulating and evolving an individualised, person-centred PBS plan that provides individuals with enhanced support and responds to risks, whilst maximising their quality of life.

Forensic Pathway (timescale dependent upon individual need) For those with specific forensic risks a Forensically-Informed Psychological Intervention Pathway is available. This pathway is available to individuals who present with the following risks: • Verbal threats to harm • P hysical aggression (inc. environmental damage) • I ntimate partner violence (emotional, verbal and physical) • S exually harmful behaviour (threatened/ attempted/actual assault, inc. possession of indecent images) • Fire-setting

(timescale dependent upon individual need)

Complex ASC Pathway (timescale dependent upon individual need) For individuals diagnosed with an Autistic Spectrum Condition, or presenting with traits related to this condition, the following interventions are available based on individually assessed need: • An ASC-friendly environment • S peech and Language Therapy assessment and intervention • Augmentive communication • Structure and predictability • Sensory assessment and intervention • S ocial stories to promote engagement in activities of daily living, community participation, and understanding of social situations • Visual Aids to support routines

Complex Behavioural Pathway (timescale dependent upon individual need) Individuals placed within Pinetree Hospital who are identified at initial assessment / preadmission as presenting with high levels of behaviours that challenge (including multiple or complex behavioural issues, significant psychological distress or unstable mental health difficulties) are placed on this pathway for input from nursing, psychiatry, psychology and multidisciplinary professionals i.e. OT & SALT.

Thank you, you’ve given my daughter back to me Family Member


OUR STIMULATING ENVIRONMENT Key to Pinetree Hospital’s success in encouraging patients to develop their independence and integrate back into the community are our location and our Activity and Vocational team. Rumney, a vibrant suburb of Cardiff where the hospital is located, is an established community with a wide range of leisure activities available, and Pinetree residents are actively encouraged to take full advantage of the opportunities on offer. From use of the large local leisure centre just across the road, with its swimming pool, health facilities and sports clubs, to shopping on the traditional local high street. As confidence grows there are excellent doorstop transport links into the centre of Cardiff to enjoy an even wider range of experiences; popular choices being concerts, sports matches, bowling and cinema trips. There is plenty to engage and inspire. With a bespoke design and internal fittings adapted for specific patient needs, the hospital offers: • Outdoor fitness trail • Entertainment and games rooms • K itchen and life skills area to develop home living skills

Pinetree is very respectful of its clients Commissioner

Within the Hospital the dedicated Activity and Vocational Team has developed a unique Building Better Lives programme aimed at encouraging the development of the skills that will be important to our patients as they progress towards greater independence. Daily planned activities include vocational classes such as community involvement projects, animal care, DIY, cooking, computer skills, and gardening and ground maintenance both onsite and offsite at the Hospital’s own allotments.

• Multi-functional sensory room • Woodworking room • Computing room • Sensory garden • Multi-faith room

Whilst leisure activities on offer include pedal power, hobbies, photography, art and crafts, and swimming. Each service user has their own private room and is activey encouraged and supported to peronalise the environment to create a homely space which creates feelings of individuality and wellbeing. 6

Pinetree Hospital also recognises that it is very important for patients to maintain contact with their relatives and friends whilst in hospital. All visitors are welcomed and made to feel comfortable in a dedicated visitor area.

MOVING ON At Pinetree Hospital we aim to ensure that every service user who comes through our doors develops the life skills and independence to ultimately move on to community living. Working in collaboration with commissioners, we can offer a seamless continuity of care through the provision of step-down and rehabilitation within our specialist community-based residential service, Ocean Community Services. With homes throughout South Wales and the South West, they offer support to both men and women with mental health needs, learning disabilities and acquired brain injury, including those with forensic history.

Located in areas which encourage positive integration with local communities, our familystyle homes cater for individuals at every stage of their journey; offering them a secure base, supportive relationships, social inclusion, empowerment and the development of coping strategies that promote progress and recovery.

To find out more about Ocean Community Services visit

HOW TO REFER Please contact our Referral Co-ordinator on 029 2039 4410 or Assessments are undertaken free of charge.

LUDLOW STREET HEALTHCARE Pinetree Hospital is part of the Ludlow Street Healthcare Group Ludlow Street Healthcare is a specialist provider of care for adults over the age of 18 with complex mental health problems, autism, learning disabilities, and neurological conditions including dementia and acquired brain injuries. It provides transition-focused healthcare and bespoke step-down services, including specialist assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and education, throughout Wales and the South West of England. For over a decade, it has worked in partnership with the NHS, developing services and investing in the necessary health infrastructure and staff training, to support patients on their journey to recovery and a more independent and fulfilling life, through step-down to community living - improving social integration and inclusion. All of Ludlow Street Healthcare’s care pathways are tailored to create positive measurable outcomes, helping individuals to develop the skills they need to move on to a more independent life. Bespoke activity programmes allow our service users to actively contribute to their own care and attainment of their own personal development goals. Ludlow Street Healthcare believes that all those entrusted to our care are capable of progress and development and that positive change can be achieved for all. We recognise how important quality of life is to a person’s recovery and have created environments which promote rehabilitation and community integration.

Pinetree Hospital 904 Newport Road Rumney Cardiff CF3 4LL

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