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Journeys to Recover y

CONTENTS • Our LEARNING DISABILITY Services • Admission Criteria • Referral Process • Clinical Services • Our People • Care Planning Approach • Management of Risk • Our UNITS Pinetree court • woodlands • MOVING ON

For fur ther information visit our website Or call our Referrals Co-ordinator on 029 2039 4410 who will be happy to answer any questions.

About Us Ludlow Street Healthcare provides ver y specialist assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and education ser vices leading to recover y. We offer innovative approaches to complex problems for young people and adults with mental disorders, severe mental illness, acquired brain injur y and learning disabilities. We deliver continuity of clinical care through a seamless step-down ser vice provided by our own clinicians in our community homes.

Learning new skills, gaining confidence Our Learning Disability ser vices based at Pinetree Cour t Hospital and Woodlands Residential Unit are founded on the principles of Valuing People, facilitation rehabilitation through the Recover y Model.

Services are based on an holistic approach to meet the psychological, social and physical health needs of our service users. Our Multi-Disciplinary Teams are experienced and skilled in working with people with a learning disability and are able to provide approaches and interventions which reflect their specialist needs.

Our Learning Disability ser vices Our goal for each individual is to suppor t them on their journey

We are able to offer a unique model of seamless care when service users progress along a clinical care pathway from rehabilitation

to the greatest independence

in patient services to 24 hour community care.

possible in the least restrictive

We believe that our ability to provide continuity

environment, through step-down to community living-improving social integration and inclusion.

of clinical care increases the individual’s chances of success as they step-down. Equally if individuals do de-stabilise we are able to offer treatment within our in-patient services. The Lodge, a two-person service within the

Our Recovery Model is about helping each individual to develop new skills, self confidence, independence and self esteem that not only helps them to get their life back but builds an enhanced life with meaning as a valued member of their own community, fulfilling their potential beyond their mental health problems or learning disability.

campus of Pinetree Court can provide the first steps towards greater independence and responsibility prior to step-down to our associated specialist group homes.

Admission Criteria Our learning disability ser vices provide specialist care for both men and women

• Adults over the age of 18 with a diagnosis of learning disability who have a mental disorder requiring treatment and rehabilitation

over the age of 18 in gender specific environments, which promote rehabilitation and who meet the following criteria:

Referral Process

• Women with learning disability and personality disorder requiring specialist services including Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) • Individuals with severe and complex

Referrals are received by the Referral Co-ordinator

All new referrals are discussed weekly

and assessments will take place within 48 hours of

by the Multi-Disciplinary Referral Panel,

the referral being received in writing.

focussing on identifying need, risk

A comprehensive assessment is undertaken including nursing, clinical psychology and psychiatry.

assessment and patient compatibility. In exceptional circumstances, assessments may be undertaken as a matter of urgency.

challenging behaviours which cause significant

Following the initial assessment and discussion

impact to everyday functioning

with the Multi-Disciplinary Panel, a decision will

Referrals can be made to our Referrals

be communicated immediately to the referring

Co-ordinator on 029 2039 4410 or alternatively

professional. Detailed assessment reports including

download and complete the referral form from

treatment recommendations and care pathways

our website:

• Individuals with a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) including Asperger’s Syndrome requiring assessment, treatment and rehabilitation

for each individual referral are provided for commissioners within seven days.

• Individuals with learning disability who have also committed offences

Refer r als Hotline: 029 2039 4410

Person-centred treatment and support is delivered by our skilled and innovative,

Clinical Ser vices

qualified nursing and careworker teams,

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer a superior

offering high ratios of staff to patient care.

level of care and consideration to both our patients

Within our Learning Disability services, each

Our nurses are experienced and confident

and their families. We deliver on this promise through

hospital has its own highly-skilled and experienced

in caring for patients who are acutely unwell

only employing individuals who are committed and

Multi-Disciplinary Team offering intensive and

and have complex challenging behaviours.

passionate about improving the lives, self-esteem and

extensive clinical interventions to meet assessed individual need based on NICE guidelines, current research and clinical effectiveness.

A wide range of psychological therapies are offered by clinical psychologists using treatment approaches based on CBT, behavioural techniques,

The Multi-Disciplinary Team at Pinetree

Family Therapy, Narrative Therapy or other

Court and Woodlands consists of:

Psychotherapeutic models. Our Occupational Therapy teams enable



people to achieve health, wellbeing and life Clinical Psychology

Occupational Therapy

satisfaction through participating in occupations to develop life, work, education and leisure skills. Speech & Language Therapy

The Patient


Creative Arts Therapy

DBT Practitioner

Physiotherapy Drug & Alcohol Counsellor

Sports Therapist


Our OT teams are augmented by educationalists, and work skills technicians. Our patients are actively engaged in community projects.

A wide range of therapies is offered at both

Our expert team of psychiatrists provide leadership

units, some examples include an established

of the Multi-Disciplinary Team and have a wealth of

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy programme

knowledge and experience in the field of learning

for women with Personality Disorder including

disability and forensic psychiatry in low secure,

skills training, individual psychotherapy sessions,

rehabilitation and community-based services.

and Substance Abuse Counsellor offers both

independence of others. In return we offer training over and above expected standards and aim to help our staff achieve their personal ambitions through providing continuous professional development opportunities. Our commitment to providing equal opportunities for all is demonstrated through our diverse staff team who excek at treating all clients with respect and dignity, offering positive experiences insafe surroundings.

Care Programme Approach The Multi-Disciplinary Team monitors and evaluates

Within our hospitals,

the individual treatment plan, risk assessments and care

a wide range of creative

pathways on a monthly basis. An initial three month

and therapeutic activities are

CPA can be held on request following admission.

available which may include

Further review of progress is based on the CPA

horticulture, education and

with six monthly formal CPA reviews.

college courses, creative writing, cooking, budgeting

staff support and training. Our Group Alcohol

O u r Pe o p l e

Management of Risk

skills, pottery, in-house newspaper, IT skills, jewellery making, health and beauty, woodwork, music making and sport including swimming, use of a gymnasium, cycling, walking and football.

We believe in taking informed therapeutic risks balanced by robust risk assessment and management strategies in order to facilitate the individual’s progress. Working in partnership with the NHS, risk management plans are agreed between our Multi-Disciplinary Teams

“We only employ people who

individual and group psycho-educational treatment

are committed and passionate

programmes and relapse prevention work.

about suppor ting our ser vice users to have quality of life”

and commissioners and locality teams.

Pinetree Court has 26 beds organised into two single gender units based on clinical need, although during the day both male and female patients may share physical and therapeutic spaces based on identification

Pinetree Cour t offers a clinical approach and care based on active treatment, rehabilitation and the belief that positive change

of need and individual risk assessments.

can be achieved for all individuals.

In addition, The Lodge offers a step-down two bed facility within the campus of Pinetree Court facilitating the development of independent life skills. Communal living spaces are large, bright and airy

There is a strong

and include homely lounges where patients can

emphasis on community access

socialise, play games, listen to music, watch films or

to meet therapeutic goals, increasing skills

television. In addition, each ward has a separate quiet

and promoting social inclusion and integration.

sitting room which patients can access for relaxation,

Many patients are supported to attend local colleges,

rest or periods of calming. Dining rooms also offer

access sporting and leisure opportunities and participate

modern kitchen facilities enabling patients to prepare

in community environmental projects. Our work skills

their own drinks and snacks to develop their skills.

coach facilitates the development of occupational skills, including voluntary work and paid work placements.

All patients have single bedrooms, some of which are en-suite. These can be personalised according to individual preferences and choices. Bathrooms and shower rooms are equipped with aides and adaptations for individuals who may require assistance.

Pinetree Cour t

Reasons for choosing Pinetree Court • Specialist learning disability consultant psychiatrists (including forensic psychiatrist for people with a learning disability) • Specialist learning disability nursing team • In-house full Multi-Disciplinary Team • Excellent inspection reports • No use of seclusion • Wide range of on-site facilities to

At Pinetree Court there are purpose-built therapy and activity rooms where the experienced multi-disciplinary team offer, an extensive range of

Pinetree Cour t hospital, which opened in Januar y 2008, is set in an urban area of Cardiff ideal for promoting rehabilitation with excellent access to community facilities, and with good public transpor t links both by bus and rail.

therapeutic interventions and occupational therapy programmes. Facilities include arts and crafts studio, OT rehabilitation kitchen, group rooms, IT and education suite, juice bar, games room and polytunnel for horticultural work and activities.

develop life, leisure and work skills • Excellent community links with education and work opportunities • Continuity of clinical care and seamless services through step-down to The Lodge and Ocean Community Services community homes. • An environment which promotes rehabilitation and community integration

Woodlands at Beechwood College Woodlands offers a ver y specialist ser vice

Both our physical environments and our staff teams are able to support individuals with levels of challenging behaviour that may have prevented

to individuals with a learning

them in the past from developing their skills and

disability, who may also have

accessing community facilities.

mental health needs, challenging behaviours or a physical disability. Woodlands, as par t of Beechwood College, is unique in its ability to provide residential care with

Woodlands provides individually-tailored care and educational plans through one-to-one

Reasons for choosing Woodlands • Skilled nursing team with experience in working with the most challenging individuals • Environments that can support individuals with very complex physical health needs • Access to education for those who may have been excluded in the past

sessions delivered by a dedicated tutor. We create

• Excellent education inspection report

opportunities to enhance quality of life, to increase

• Specialist Multi-Disciplinary

independence and adaptive behaviours, improving confidence and self esteem. Therapeutic opportunities available at

in-house clinical team • Proven track record of success • Promotion of integration and social inclusion

nursing in an environment

Woodlands include access to psychology,

As part of our learning disability services,

which facilitates access to

psychiatry, physiotherapy, speech and language

Beechwood College provides specialist further

therapy and dietetics. Facilities are available for

education for young people from the age of 18

individuals to access sensory environments and

with a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder

engage in music, art and craft, drama, work

and Aspergers Syndrome. Beechwood College

experience, IT, cooking and domestic skills,

offers a unique model of education, social

literacy and numeracy. Students can also

care and multidisciplinary working

participate in a variety of sports and outside

in line with the 2008 Autistic

activities within the beautiful grounds of the

Spectrum Disorder Strategic

College and the local community.

Action Plan for Wales.

education, lifelong learning and social integration.

w w w. b e e c h w o o d c o l l e g e . c o. u k

Physical Health The physical health needs of people with a learning disability are often overlooked and unmet. Our staff are committed to maintaining and improving physical health and well-being. We employ an independent GP ser vice which holds a weekly clinic on site and appointments can be made at the surger y off site when necessar y.

Health Awareness Days and a healthy living programme reinforce the impor tance of good physical health and its

Keeping fit

relationship to psychological well being

and having fun

Taking responsibility: looking after myself and others

Improving my education: going to college

Moving on We believe that integration and social

The journey to recovery for our

inclusion within the local community is of

clients can be continued within

paramount importance in steps towards recovery.

our other hospitals and specialist

In order to facilitate active rehabilitation we

group homes.

provide frequent community access and a wide range of education and leisure opportunities which cater for a variety of personal interests.

These homes offer continued clinical care and intensive support for patients with a range of complex needs, by

Our focus is on supporting people according to

our teams of experienced and highly

their individual needs by providing opportunities

motivated professionals. You can find

which lead to the development of independent life

out more information about all of our

skills and continuing therapeutic opportunities.

community homes at

Ludlow Street Healthcare - Learning Disability Services  

Learn more about the services we provide to individuals with a Learning Disability.

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