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going to the chiropodist

This leaflet explains what happens when you go to the chiropodist

the procedure A foot inspection can be carried out by a chiropodist or a podiatrist It can be done at your location, doctor’s surgery or in a hospital This can tell your doctor a lot about your health


A healthcare professional may suggest that you need to have your feet checked. This is usually done by a chiropodist or a podiatrist.


You will be asked to sit down, take your shoes and socks off and raise your feet.


The chiropodist or podiatrist will look at both of your feet separately and will examine each part, including your toes and nails. If the chiropodist or podiatrist thinks that it is necessary they may give you some treatment during your appointment, or at a later stage. This may include: • Cutting your toe nails • Removing hard skin • Treating a veruca or corn

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For further information, advice and support you can talk to your Key Worker, Registered Manager or contact Harlech Court on (029) 2039 4410

Going to the chiropodist  

An easy read brochure for those with learning disabilities about what a visit to the chiropodist might entail

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